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									                 MINUTES OF A REGULAR MEETING OF THE
             AT 12:00 NOON ON THE 2nd DAY OF NOVEMBER, 2011

The Board of Park Commissioners of Decatur Park District, Macon County, Illinois, met in
a regular session on Wednesday, the 2nd day of November, 2011 at the hour of 12:00 Noon
at the Decatur Park District Administration Office, 620 E. Riverside Avenue, Decatur,
Illinois at which time and place there were present the following officers and members of
said Board:

                      Don Luy, President
                      Chris Riley, Vice President
                      Jack Kenny, Commissioner
                      Bob Brilley, II, Commissioner
                      Cindy Deadrick-Wolfer, Commissioner

A quorum of the members of the Board of Park Commissioners being present, President
Luy called the meeting to order and declared the Board to be in session for the transaction
of business.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States was recited.

Jerry Lee Harvey, 250 S. Lake Shore Drive, stated that he has written several letters to
local Congressmen because of the road closure through Nelson Park. In order to leave his
home and travel in town he now has to take Wood to 29th to Main St. and Main to 27th to
get to Route 36 or go all the way to William St. He stated that these are unacceptable
roads. Recently Mr. Harvey met with Commissioner Brilley in an attempt to give ideas for
re-opening the roadway. He attended a Board meeting to see how things are done before he
decides to write more letters to the local Congressmen.

NO. 15288 A motion was made by Commissioner Riley and seconded by Commissioner
Kenny to approve the minutes from the previous meeting. Upon call of the roll all of the
Commissioners voted aye.

NO. 15289 Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer made a motion to nominate Vice President
Riley to represent the Decatur Park District as a delegate at the IAPD Annual Business
meeting in January, 2012 at the IAPD/IPRA “Soaring to New Heights” Conference in
Chicago. Vice President Riley is on the IAPD Board and will be attending the Conference
and the Annual Business meeting. Executive Director Clevenger was named as the
alternate. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Kenny and upon call of the roll, all
voted aye.
NO. 15290 Larry Livergood, Architectural Expressions, presented bids received last
Friday for the new Scovill Zoo Gateway building. Of the six bids received, the low bid was
from English Brothers Company in the amount of $562,714 with a completion date of 157
days. English Brothers Company is a well-established contractor out of Champaign, IL and
has a long history in Central Illinois including the building of Memorial Stadium. They
have listed three subcontractors, two of which have offices in Decatur and the other in
Urbana. Upon approval of the bid, a pre-construction meeting will be held as early as next
week. Allowing 157 days for completion, the project could be done in early April, 2012.

A motion was made by Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer to approve the low bid received
from English Brothers Company seconded by Commissioner Riley. Upon call of the roll
all of the Commissioners voted aye.

NO. 15291 Airport Director Joe Attwood explained that air service proposals have been
received from Cape Air and Air Choice One. Cape Air only offers air service to St. Louis
while Air Choice One currently provides Decatur Airport with service to St. Louis and
Chicago. Air Choice One offered six options for continued air service including a 2 vs. 4
year contract. There was discussion regarding keeping flights at three per day to St. Louis
and three per day to Chicago. With the current ratio of 40% ridership to St. Louis and 60%
ridership to Chicago it was decided that it would be best to leave flights at three per day to
each destination. Air Choice One agreed to add a flight to Chicago at a later date if
ridership continues to improve. A motion was made by Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer to
approve the Air Service Agreement with Air Choice One for a 4-year term including three
flights per day to each Chicago and St. Louis; seconded by Commissioner Riley. All voted
aye upon call of the roll.

NO. 15292 Executive Director Clevenger explained that it is a statutory regulation that a
public body completes an ADA transition plan and an ADA accessibility audit is the
beginning of this process. Risk Manager Ryan Raleigh stated that new standards were
adopted in 2010 with a deadline to comply by March 15, 2012. Of the two proposals
received, Recreation Accessibility Consultants, LLC was the low bid in the amount of
$46,104. RAC, LLC previously did an audit for the Springfield Park District and for the
Macon County Conservation District both of which were pleased with the results. Funding
for this project is budgeted in the capital project bond fund and will come from the
District’s Special Recreation Association fund, as well. This is a Federal Mandate without
government funding. Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer made a motion to approve
Recreation Accessibility Consultants, LLC to proceed with the ADA accessibility audit
seconded by Commissioner Riley. Upon call of the roll, all voted aye.

2011 TAX LEVY DISCUSSION – Chief Financial Officer Buhr explained that staff is
proposing to keep the tax levy rate the same as last year ($1.03791). In working with the
County, staff had been using declining equalized assessed valuation (EAV) figures for the
new tax year. New information however showed the District’s EAV is now projected to be
3.20% increase over last year. Part of the projected increase is due to the discovery this
past spring of a number of parcels of property that should have been on the District’s tax
roll that were left off. Per the County, although the overall value of residential properties
went down slightly, the EAV figure for commercial property in the District’s boundaries
increased over last year’s figure. For levy purposes, the EAV figure has been computed at
a 3.97% increase (for a total of $943,245,755), so that in the event the actual EAV comes
in higher than the County estimates, the District will collect additional tax revenues which
will help provide needed funding to sustain our programs, services and facilities. The
preliminary revenue figure for the 2011 tax levy is $9,790,000. The additional tax revenue
from the 2011 tax levy is estimated to be $301,000 to $374,000 over the 2010 taxes
collected. This additional revenue will be used primarily to cover increases in health
insurance, utilities, petroleum and wage increases. Other costs likely to increase in the new
fiscal year are supplies/materials, contract service payments and repair and maintenance
expenses on aging equipment, facilities and vehicles. Staff will prepare an abatement
ordinance for Commissioners to vote on at the same time the tax levy ordinance is
presented and voted on. This abatement ordinance will cap the tax levy rate at the targeted
rate used to compute the tax levy amount.

Commissioner Riley commented Chief Financial Officer Buhr in working with the County
Clerk. He also stated that leaving the rate unchanged is key however it is a struggle.

Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer stated that Park District employee wages have only had a
2% increase for the last two years. Park District employees work hard and work long
hours. With a 15% increase in petroleum costs it is hard to justify a 2% employee wage
increase. She is concerned that good employees may leave the District. Approving this
levy would not leave much flexibility for increasing staff wages in the spring.

Chief Financial Officer Buhr stated that the budget number is preliminary and although the
levy would be locked in the budget will still be open for discussion. He explained that as
commercial property reassessments and appeals to the county are made the EAV can still
go up or down.

Attorney Ed Booth reiterated that the Park District gets notice when people or companies
file an appeal asking for more than $100,000 reduction in their tax rate. Appeals can take
up to two years.

A consensus was taken and Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer and Commissioner Brilley
asked that Chief Financial Officer Buhr bring another option in regards to employee
wages. Commissioner Kenny and Commissioner Riley were satisfied with the tax levy as
stated. President Luy asked that staff present another option at the next staff meeting.

NO. 15293 Staff requested approval of Ordinance No. 2011-25 for payment in the 2010
Debt Certificate Issue relating to construction costs related to the Steven’s Creek Bike
Trail (Phase I) project. The payout request (work contract) total is $65,875.88 as follows:

  Construction Costs        Treasurer, State of Illinois            $ 65,875.88
      (Reimburse IDOT for Stevens Creek Bike Trail Construction Costs – Phase I)

                                                     TOTAL            $ 65,875.88

A motion to approve Ordinance No. 2011-25 was made by Commissioner Riley and
seconded by Commissioner Brilley. Upon call of the roll all voted aye.
NO. 15294 Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer moved that the bills be approved and the
checks issued in payment of the same; seconded by Commissioner Brilley. All
Commissioners voted aye upon call of the roll.

FOUNDATION – President Locke announced that Team Soy is a new partner of Scovill
Zoo. While many zoos are experiencing a decline in attendance, Scovill Zoo is not.

Foundation Board members, zoo donors, Zoo-rific attendees, the City Council and Mayor,
and Team SOY have been invited to the November 9 reception, featuring a visit from AZA
President & CEO Jim Maddy. An e-blitz was also sent to 400 individuals.

The Foundation newsletter/annual appeal which will be sent to a targeted list this year to
reduce costs will be going out sooner than in previous years.

President Locke, Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer, and Director Lisa Gillen are having
lunch tomorrow with Nancy Eichenauer to discuss the gift of “wolf” artwork which has
been donated from Bill Eichenauer’s extensive collection. These original paintings and
numbered prints are being donated for their artistic and educational value to Scovill Zoo.

AIRPORT – Per Airport Director Attwood the terminal roof project is moving along with
the first H/VAC unit being lifted up on the roof yesterday. Although daylight could be seen
when the old roof was removed, the roof is watertight now. There were places where the
roof was not safe for a person to walk on indicating this was a much-needed project.

Staff built a sanitary sewer drop station for lavatory products for use by Gaitros Aviation
when servicing the needs of incoming aircraft. Having this facility is a first for the Airport
and supports adjunct services.

The autocross race was quite a hit last Saturday at the Airport with nearly 100 cars
participating. It was a nice, well organized event with no accidents. The group would like
to come back and hold another race. The Corvette Club has contacted staff and are
interested in using that piece of asphalt as well. A fee structure may need to be determined.

OPERATIONS – Director Kiefer stated that the greenhouse at Sportsman’s Park is finally
finished. Staff has some sodding to do to the grounds and an open house is being planned

Staff is working along the bike trail putting up fencing. Striping the trail will begin next
Monday. Commissioners and staff have been receiving many positive comments regarding
the new trail extension.

Executive Director shared that many positive comments were also received at the IHSA
Cross Country Meet last weekend at Hickory Point Golf Course.

GOLF – Director Rick Anderson said that with the outdoor golf season winding down,
staff still hopes for more rain. The indoor golf room will open next Monday.
With the wrap up of the IHSA State Golf Tourney, staff has received many nice letters of
thanks from coaches and participants. There are three years to go on the current five year

RECREATION & FACILITIES – Director Newton shared that there were over 11,000
in attendance during the month of October for Boo-at-the-Zoo.

Last Saturday marked the grand opening of the Nelson Park Dog Park. Thank you to the
Decatur Macon County Animal Shelter for coordinating this event.

The grand opening and first ever disc golf tournament were held in Nelson Park last
Saturday, with approximately 90 participants. The Convention and Visitors Bureau
provided lunch for this event.

The softball showcase which was held on October 21-23 hosted over ninety teams.

Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer stated that it was a great day at the dog park last
Saturday. She heard many people say they are glad to have something on that side of town.

President Luy shared that it was a neat experience when approximately 90 flying discs
were thrown all at once to open the disc golf tournament. The participants and spectators
were very appreciative to have the course and this event.

Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer commented on the economic impact to Decatur as many
of the disc golf players came to town the night before the tournament, staying in local
hotels/motels. President Luy added that many cross country runners and coaches stayed in
hotels/motels, as well.

Executive Director Clevenger stated that the Park District touched a lot of people last
weekend with the dog park, disc golf, autocross event, cross country meet, not to mention
regular golf and dance and drama programs. It was a good weekend for local businesses.

There is a need for an executive session for the discussion of the sale and/or lease of real

Commissioner Kenny stated that the past weekend put quite a strain on staff, but it was a
good weekend and a lot of people were happy.

President Luy added that there was a nice diversity of activities which attracted a lot of
different folks. The District seems to “be as much to as many people as possible”.

Commissioner Kenny made and Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer seconded a motion that
the meeting move into closed session to discuss the sale or lease of real estate. Upon call of
the roll, all of the Commissioners voted aye and the meeting went into closed session at
approximately 1:10 p.m.
When the Commissioners returned to open session, Commissioner Riley made and
Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer seconded a motion that the meeting adjourn. All of the
Commissioners voted aye and the meeting adjourned at approximately 2:20 p.m.

                                          President, Board of Park Commissioners

Secretary, Board of Park Commissioners

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