MET ROPOLITAN RICH MOND
                                         WOMEN’S BAR ASSOCIATION
                                                       SPONSORED BY:               IKON OFFICE SOLUTIONS


    Hugh Gouldthorpe, the head cheerleader of Owens & Minor, a fortune 500 company
and the nation’s largest supplier of branded medical and surgical supplies, will be the
featured speaker at the September luncheon on September 8, 2004. Mr. Gouldthorpe is
also the co-author of the book, “I’ve Always Looked Up to Giraffes.” The book focuses on
leaders and organizations that stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Mr. Gouldthorpe
is a talented motivational speaker, writer and teacher in sales, marketing, communication,
leader, customer service, and total quality management.

    The luncheon will be held at the Capital Club beginning at 12:30 p.m. Please refer to
the Notice below for reservations details.          The deadline for reservations is Friday,
September 3, 2004. Cost to attend for members is $17.00 and cost for non-members is $20.00. Please mail payments
in advance to MRWBA, Post Office Box 538, Richmond, Virginia 23218-0538. MRWBA will validate parking up to
two hours in the James Center parking deck.

    To kick off the MRWBA year, which will focus on lawyers as leaders, Mr. Gouldthorpe will speak about leadership
in his presentation entitled “Are You Pushing or Pulling the Rubberband?” Discover the attributes of great leaders and
what it takes to be an effective leader in your workplace and in the community.

                       LUNCHEON NOTICE                                                      LUNCHEON DATES
All luncheon reservations must be made by the deadline specified. Reservations may be           October 6, 2004
cancelled prior to this deadline. You must make a reservation even if you mail your            November 3, 2004
check. No reservations made after the deadline are guaranteed. Limited walk-in spaces
are available for each luncheon on a first-come-first-served basis. If you do not attend
                                                                                               December 1, 2004
the luncheon after making a reservation and do not cancel prior to the deadline, you will      January 12, 2005
be charged for the cost of the luncheon. If you have made a reservation and cannot             February 2, 2005
attend the luncheon, you may substitute someone in your place. However, you (or your
substitution) must advise Hannah Lauck, Finance Chair at 819-5400 or
                                                                                                March 2, 2005 of such substitution prior to or at the luncheon. If you have             April 6, 2005
any questions about the billing process, please contact Lisa T. Hudson, Treasurer at 783-        May 4, 2005
7234 or
                      METROPOLITAN RICHMOND WOMEN’S BAR ASSOCIATION                      Page 2

                    L AW Y E R S A S L E A D E R S
         I hope that you are having a pleasant summer and that you are finding a
little time to enjoy a vacation or get some relaxation away from the hectic practice
of law. We hope that you will return to the MRWBA in September, revitalized
and ready to dive into MRWBA activities for the 2004-2005 bar year!

       We have a full list of committees ready to plan and put together luncheon
programs, CLEs, membership drives, mentorship programs, domestic relations
pamphlets and other public service projects. Please take some time to look at this
year’s wonderful team of committee chairs and contact the committee you feel
would be most rewarding for you.

        Some of our committees are already hard at work. The membership                    Clair Harrington
committee has distributed renewal application forms to all 2003-2004 members. 2004 2005 MRWBA President
Since our old database contained some inaccurate information, we are asking you
to complete all areas of a clean form. It is our hope to have our membership list corrected and updated prior to
the September luncheon meeting. Please help us to do this by completing the application form and returning it
with your check for $60 as soon as possible. In addition, please feel free to copy an application form and
invite your colleagues and associates to become members of the MRWBA. (Additional application forms can
also be downloaded from the web site.)

       I am very pleased to announce that Carolyn Grubbs has joined the MRWBA as its Administrative
Assistant. Carolyn will be joining us for both luncheon programs and Board meetings. She is already helping
us in many ways as we complete the membership application process and make arrangements to mail out
thousands of domestic relations pamphlets. Please join me in welcoming Carolyn at the September luncheon.

        Our first meeting of the year will take place on September 8. This is the second Wednesday of the
month and this will be a change for this month only (due to the fact that Labor Day fell so late this year.) We
are thrilled that nationally renowned, Hugh Gouldthorpe, of Owens & Minor has agreed to be our speaker. I
cannot think of a better way to kick-off our “Lawyers as Leaders” bar year.

       I’ll sign off with a few words of wisdom on the subject of leadership from the former prime-minister of
the United Kingdom and fellow native of Lincolnshire and I look forward to seeing you soon at a luncheon
meeting. “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren t.” - Margaret
                                                                                                                   2004-2005 MRWBA
                                                                                                                BOARD OF DIRECTORS
MRWBA NEW ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                                                                             Officers
                                                                                                               President, Clair Harrington
                                                                                                               288-3600 or
                                       Welcome to Carolyn Grubbs!                      Please join us in
                                                                                                               President-Elect, R. Jill Wells
                                       welcoming Carolyn Grubbs on board as the 545-8814 or
                                       MRWBA’s new administrative assistant. Carolyn was Vice President, Anne Marie Cushmac
                                       hired in June to help the MRWBA keep track of its 225-3211 or
                                       membership records and domestic relations pamphlet Secretary/Historian, Julie Whitlock
                                       project, as well as various other administrative tasks. 225-4918 or
                                       Carolyn currently works at Capital One and previous Treasurer, Lisa Hudson
        Carolyn Grubbs                 to that, worked as a commercial loan officer and 783-7234 or
     Administrative Assistant
                            branch manager in First Virginia Bank. Look for Past President, Stephanie E. Grana
                                                                                    343-4372 or
Carolyn at the monthly luncheons at the Capital Club, and please introduce yourself
to her. We are looking forward to working with her, and I know she would like to            Committee Chairs
                                                                                 Awards, Sakina Page
meet each of you. Thanks!                                                        819-1953 or

                                                                                                               CLE, Bridget Long
                                                                                                               282-0999 or
METROPOLITAN RICHMOND WOMEN’S BAR ASSOCIATION                                                        

                      2004—2005 BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                             Finance, Hanna Lauck
                                                                                                               819-5400 or

                                                                                                               Judicial Endorsement, Tracy Spencer
                                                                                                               414-1609 or

                                                                                                               Legislative, Ashley Beuttel
                                                                                                               343-5032 or

                                                                                                               Membership, Tara Casey
                                                                                                               819-5506 or

                                                                                                               Mentorship, Jayne Pemberton
                                                                                                               648-0064 or

                                                                                                               PR/Newsletter, Vanessa Jones
                                                                                                               414-1611 or

                                                                                                               Programs, Kim Daniel
                                                                                                               967-9604 or

                                                                                                               Programs, Leslie Haley
                                                                                                               775-0549 or

                                                                                                               Public Service, Catherine Hill
                                                                                                               786-8199 or

Seated from left to right: Vanessa Jones, Clair Harrington, President, Ashley Beuttel, Leslie Haley, and Kim
                                                                                                               Public Service, Ali Silva
                                                                                                               646-6642 or
Daniel. Standing from left to right: Stephanie Grana, Past-President, Julie Whitlock, Jayne Pemberton, Jill
Wells, Anne Marie Cushmac, Lisa Hudson, Catherine Hill, Sakina Paige, Ali Silva, and Bridget Long.             Admin. Assistant, Carolyn Grubbs
Not pictured: Tara Casey, Hanna Lauck and Tracy Spencer.                                                       746-0669 or
                       METROPOLITAN RICHMOND WOMEN’S BAR ASSOCIATION                           Page 4

LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE                                           ASHLEY C. BEUTTEL, CHAIRPERSON

        The Legislative Committee is proud to announce that its Annual Legislative Luncheon and Panel
Presentation Program has won a Certificate of Achievement from the Virginia State Bar Conference of Local Bar
Associations again this year. The Legislative Committee extends its warm thanks to Senator John Watkins,
Delegate Frank Hargrove and Delegate Viola Baskerville for participating in our panel discussion of recent
developments at the General Assembly. Feedback from attendees has been entirely positive. Members are
encouraged to bring additional comments and suggestions to the attention of the Committee.

        It is anticipated that the following persons will comprise the Legislative Committee for the 2004-2005 bar
year: Ashley C. Beuttel, Chair, Laura Alridge, Addlyn Brugger, Kari Lou Frank, Andrea Geiger, Katja Hill, Kiva
Pierce, Sharon Stuart and Jennifer West. If you are also interested in serving on the Committee, please contact
Ashley at 343-5032 or The 2004-2005 General Assembly promises to be another
exciting year, albeit with less emphasis on taxes and the Budget. As always, we plan to monitor and report to the
membership developments at the General Assembly and to host the 2005 Legislative Luncheon on March 2, 2005.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE                                            TARA CASEY, CHAIRPERSON

        Attorneys throughout the greater Richmond area are drawn to the Metropolitan Richmond
Women’s Bar Association because of its holistic approach toward serving its membership. The MRWBA
offers a forum to nurture new attorneys, as well as draw upon the wisdom of veterans. The MRWBA
sponsors monthly luncheon programs that highlight recent developments in the law, as well as focus upon
personal development. In short, the MRWBA provides its members with the tools they need to succeed
both at home and at the office.

Members of the MRWBA enjoy a host of benefits, which include the following:

                -Networking opportunities
                -Involvement in judicial candidate endorsements
                -Monthly luncheons and newsletters,
                -CLE programs,
                -Attorney/Attorney or Attorney/Law Student mentorships,
                -Public Service projects,
                -Legislative updates,
                AND MORE!

       Join today and see why the MRWBA continues to be the bar association with a personal touch!
For more information about becoming a member, or leadership opportunities with the MRWBA, please
contact Tara Casey at 819-5506 or
                    METROPOLITAN RICHMOND WOMEN’S BAR ASSOCIATION              Page 5

                     MRWBA PUBLIC SERVICE
               HABITAT FOR HUMANITY MAY 22, 2004

      On Saturday, May 22, 2004, members and friends of the MRWBA volunteered at the
Richmond Metro Habitat for Humanity's Crawford Street worksite. Many thanks to everyone
who came out to support this worthy cause, including Sangeeta Darji, Carrington Dugger,
Catherine Hill, Lisa Hudson, Susan Siegfried, Jill Wells, Carole Yeatts, and especially Jayne
Pemberton, who coordinated this event.

     In July, Jayne Pemberton and Jill Wells answered Habitat's last minute plea for help
when another group cancelled. Thanks!

       Due to the overwhelming success of these projects, the Public Service Committee is
planning to participate in another build this fall or next spring. Details to follow.
                      METROPOLITAN RICHMOND WOMEN’S BAR ASSOCIATION                     Page 6

PUBLIC SERVICE COMMITTEE                                          CA THERINE C. HILL, CHAIRP ERSON

Understanding Your Domestic Relations Rights in Virginia
The Public Service Committee has been hard at work all summer getting the 2004-2005 version of the
MRWBA's award-winning booklet published. With help from Julia Adair, the editing team revised the
booklet to incorporate new laws and changes to existing laws. The booklet is going to print in August and
will be distributed throughout the Commonwealth in August and September. To date, we have received or-
ders totaling over 16,000 booklets. Again this year, the booklet is published with support from donations
and money raised by selling advertising space in the booklet. Our goal this year is to install a print and
reader-friendly version of the booklet on the MRWBA's website and possibly have the booklet translated
into Spanish for the 2005 bar year. To place on order or for additional information, please contact
Catherine Hill at 786-8199 or

The year ahead
Thanks to your help, the MRWBA collected and donated car loads of supplies to Safe Harbor, books and
tapes to the Massey Cancer Center and canned goods to the Central Virginia Food Bank last year. The
Public Service Committee plans to continue these highly successful monthly drives to collect items needed
by local charities. The first drive will be announced at the September luncheon.

The Public Service Committee needs your help!
The Public Service Committee is gearing up for another busy year and we need your help! There are many
leadership and volunteer opportunities and we welcome anyone who has energy and ideas to help us serve
our community. For more information, please contact Catherine Hill at 786-8199 or


I look forward to working with the Judicial Candidate Endorsement (“JCE”) Committee this year. We
have some familiar faces and some new faces on the committee. I will be looking to you for your support
and guidance. We should have an exciting year.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions regarding the judicial candidate endorsement process, please
let me know. We are always looking for ways to improve on the process.

In addition, please contact me at or 414-1609 if you hear of any judicial
openings. We want to make MRWBA’s voice heard.
                                                           Tracy H. Spencer, 2004-2005 JCE Chair
                          METROPOLITAN RICHMOND WOMEN’S BAR ASSOCIATION                                    Page 7

2004 WOMEN OF ACHIEVEMENT AWARD                                                  SAKINA PAGE, CHAIRPERSON

The Awards Committee seeks nominations for the annual Women of Achievement Award, which recognizes
a woman who exemplifies legal professionalism. MRWBA was proud to present last year's award to Phyllis
C. Katz. The deadline for nominations is Monday, November 1, 2004 at 5 p.m. Please help the Awards
Committee find and recognize the lawyer who is deserving of this tribute.


The Awards Committee is also seeking volunteers to serve on the committee and assist with the nominations
process. For more information, please contact: Sakina Paige at 819-1953 or


 If anyone is interested in coordinating networking events with the Richmond Women’s Business
 Consortium (SmartConnect), please contact MRWBA representatives to SmartConnect, Anne Marie
 Cushmac at and Kim Daniel

 SmartConnect is supporting the Accessible Playground at the Virginia Treatment Center for Children and is
 asking members of SmartConnect organizations such as the MRWBA to consider participating in a 3 mile
 walk on Saturday, September 25, 2004 at the Picnic/Lake Area at Innsbrook. SmartConnect hopes to have
 at least 50 people participate and obtain pledges of $300. At least $7,000 more is needed to finalize
 equipment and landscaping at the project. Anyone interested in walking or pledging support for this event
 should contact Ashley Hines at
JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Corporate Counsel                      Post Date: 08/02/2004
LandAmerica - Richmond. VA
Job Description/Responsibilities: Provide general corporate legal advice to principal business partner, Agent Services, and serve
as primary legal contact for national agents. Render legal counsel consistent with acceptable legal practice, company policy, ethics,
and business practices. Review contracts, endorsements, and agreements related to areas of specialization to ensure they will result
in no undue risks/problems for the corporation or its subsidiaries. Identify potential legal issues related to business practices and
policies and advise clients. Provide legal services related to corporate mergers, acquisitions and joint venture arrangements or other
strategic partnerships, loans, and commercial law matters. Draft, review, and negotiate legal documents, such as contracts, endorse-
ments, letters of intent, asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, and joint venture agreements, to complete company
acquisitions, divestitures, joint venture arrangements, and other strategic partnerships and investments. Draft, negotiate, and review
documents for the confidential exchange of information. Conduct and supervise due diligence examinations of acquisition targets
and prepare reports for senior management. Defend legal actions against the company or render legal actions by the company on
suits as directed by General Counsel, engaging outside legal counsel as appropriate and keeping General Counsel informed on the
progress of such legal actions. Initiate, cultivate, and maintain professional relationships; represent the company and ensure suc-
cessful resolution of complex legal matters with company managers, outside counsel, outside parties involved in the company's
potential business combinations, and others. Direct, mentor, and develop a highly professional staff of Associate Corporate Coun-
sels, paralegals, and secretarial staff. Position involves approximately 20% travel. Search Firms/Agencies - Please do not directly
contact hiring managers or recruiters. Inquiries about open positions should be directed to (804) 267-8721 or
LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer M/F/D/V. Background investigation required as a condition
of employment.
     IKON Legal Document Services
     Traditional Reproduction Services        Ali Silva, Public Service Committee
      Off-site legal production services      Co-Chair, on the birth of her son, Jack
        Complete digital photocopying         Fannon, on August 4. The MRWBA
             and binding services             sends well wishes to Ali and her family
    Color and Black & White Trial exhibits
     Large national project management

       Scan-to-File Imaging Services         Dress for Success Richmond seeks
            Document imaging                 attorney(s) as co-tenant for elegant office
        Optical character recognition        space at 200 W. Franklin Street.
             Document Coding                 Call Joanna at 615-5839
         Electronic Data Discovery
            Conversion Services
                                             COPYING AND MAILING OF THE
     Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week      MRWBA NEWSLETTER PROVIDED
                                              BY IKON OFFICE SOLUTIONS
         Free pick up and delivery
                                                   707 East Main Street
    Please call John or Andy at 644-1500         Richmond, Virginia 23219
                                                      (804) 644-1500

Post Office Box 538
Richmond, Virginia 23218-0538

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