THE BIRTH OF THE GAME DUDES The idea for The Game Dudes by pengxuezhi



The idea for The Game Dudes struck like one of Mario’s fireballs—hot and fast. It was
one of those powerful ideas that makes perfect sense right from the start. For decades,
the popularity of video games has escalated. In good economic times and bad, video
games have evolved and audiences have grown, not just among kids and teens, but
cutting across all demographics. And why not? Video games are cool. They’re a great
way to chill out, relax and have fun with friends, parents…even grandparents. And in
fact, they’re a pretty low-cost form of entertainment. But what The Game Dudes
founder, Michael Carter, realized was that gamers—whether hardcore or casual—really
crave a more interactive experience. Not more interaction with the games themselves,
but more interaction with their friends and fellow gamers. And that’s where the idea of
The Game Dudes was born. You see, while kids (and adults) may love sitting on their
couches immersed in the video game experience, The Game Dudes brings a bigger,
better, bolder gaming experience to parties, events, celebrations and all types of
environments and gives people an opportunity to share the passion, the competition and
the fun of gaming with others.

Today, The Game Dudes is taking the gaming experience to a whole new level and has
already proven to be a success. Within its first year of existence, The Game Dudes has
already established a solid following in Florida, booking all types of parties and events
week after week. And what makes The Game Dudes a success…that’s obvious—it’s cool!
It’s an opportunity to get away from the solitary gaming experience by bringing the
games to the gamers—hundreds of games—for kids, teens or adults to share with
friends or family at just about any event or celebration you can imagine.

       “My goal was to have a concept that provided something for everyone. My
       dream was to have something that would allow kids to have a great party, or a
       way for adults to recall days when they could have fun without responsibilities.
       From a business standpoint, I envisioned something that would allow franchisees
       to take control of their future by becoming their own boss. The Game Dudes lets
       everyone get what they want.”

       - Michael Carter The Founding Game Dude

The Game Dudes literally brings all your favorite games directly to you. When our state-
of-the-art mobile video game arcade rolls up, people’s faces light up. The Game Dudes’
custom-designed vehicles feature a radical paint job, fog machines, laser lights and an
interior game room totally decked out with three high-def screens featuring the most
current, most awesome and most popular video games you can imagine. On the outside
of The Game Dudes’ vehicle, eight or more gamers can immerse themselves in their
favorite version of Guitar Hero, as well as the most challenging Wii games, broadcast via
two 47-inch high-definition screens.

It’s truly a party on wheels featuring music, sports, shootout or racing games, tailored to
the desires of the party host.

And the games don’t just happen in and around the vehicle.
One of The Game Dudes’ most popular games, laser tag, gets the adrenaline pumping
for people of all ages. We come with all the equipment and accessories necessary for up
to sixteen players to get engaged in this clean, energetic, and paint-free pastime. And
our gigantic hamster balls are, well, a gigantic hit. Climb inside and kids or adults roll
and race their way through the yard or around the parking lot. The smiles always get
bigger when we break out these balls. Meanwhile, for those who love to be in the
spotlight, our 5.1 surround sound system amps up the karaoke fun during outdoor
dances and parties.

       “We can be at a birthday party for a teenager, or hosting a business event for
       professionals, and the one word we hear over and over is ‘Wow!’ I love the fact
       that we provide a product that gets people to smile. Whether it’s dancing,
       watching a movie or playing laser tag or video games, this is an activity that
       brings everyone—moms, dads, kids, co-workers, neighbors—together.”
       - Michael Carter, The Founding Game Dude

The Game Dudes makes a splash at:
   -  Birthday parties
   -  Tailgate parties
   -  Youth sporting events (e.g. Little League, soccer tournaments)
   -  Bachelor parties
   -  Church events
   -  Charity Fundraisers
   -  Store openings
   -  Block parties
   -  Festivals
   -  Corporate Retreats
   -  Conventions and Trade Shows

If you’re looking for a smart and fun business opportunity, The Game Dudes may be just
the thing for you. This is a great franchise opportunity because it requires minimal
investment relative to most branded franchises, but that’s just one reason The Game
Dudes is a great way for you to become a business owner today. You can understand
just how easy it is to run a successful business as a franchisee of The Game Dudes
when you realize that this concept requires:
    1. No Site Selection
    2. No Lease
    3. Minimal Overhead
    4. Minimal training
Plus, The Game Dudes is simple to operate and manage, and employees are relatively
low wage, requiring no special skills other than an interest in gaming and strong
interpersonal skills

       “No one can absolutely guarantee the success of a company, but in this case I
       think that history is on our side. During economic downturns and recessions,
       people have always turned to entertainment. I believe that family entertainment
       like The Game Dudes will continue to thrive even in a tough economy. Our goal
       is to provide a business system that is affordable to own, profitable for everyone,
       and ends up with franchisees saying that this has been the best business
       decision they’ve ever made.”
       - Michael Carter, The Founding Game Dude

The Game Dudes Stand Behind You
Our goal is to assist our franchisees in becoming successful. With that in mind, The
Game Dudes management team is prepared to support franchisees in a number of
   1. MANAGEMENT SUPPORT – We will guide you through the process of setting up
       your franchise and taking those key steps in developing a successful business
       plan. Once you’re up and running, our management team will make itself
       available to answer questions and provide guidance every step of the way.
   2. HUMAN RESOURCES SUPPORT – We will provide assistance in recruiting, hiring
       and training. We will share our unique and proven strategy for hiring the right
       team, as well as tactics for motivating and rewarding your people.
   3. TECHNICAL SUPPORT – While the gaming business doesn’t require tremendous
       technical know-how, we will be available for any problem solving or trouble-
       shooting as it relates to the vehicle, equipment or game consoles. We will also
       share with you insight as to what games are popular and successful for specific
       markets and audiences and how to equip your vehicle to be as appealing as
   4. MARKETING SUPPORT – We will share strategies for successful marketing
       campaigns that include public relations, promotions, advertising and social
       media. We will also provide templates for key communication material, including
       brochures, print ads, logos, direct mail, etc. We will also provide templated press
       releases and brand material. Maintaining a strong and consistent brand identity
       through the franchise network is the key to growing the success of the company
       at every level and generating the maximum revenue for each individual
   5. COPYRIGHTED CHARACTERS—Everyone loves Flash and Bang, The Game Dudes
       characters. They have been copyright protected, are core to our brand and are a
       valuable tool to promote your business. They’re even being animated to come to
   6. CENTRAL RESERVATIONS—While you focus on running your business, new
       customers can call our central reservations line to book their event, speaking
       with a live person.
   7. CUSTOMIZED VEHICLES—Our vehicles generate excitement wherever they go.
       The company that builds our equipment has over 30 years experience building
       mobile command centers and military and emergency vehicles. They make sure
       our vehicles work well and look awesome!

We also host a monthly conference call with all franchisees. This is an opportunity to
share news about what’s happening at the corporate level, to brainstorm ideas and to
ask questions of your fellow franchisees.

       “My goal is to have our franchisees tell me that buying a The Game Dudes
       franchise was the best decision that they made!”
       - Michael Carter, The Founding Game Dude
Now that you’ve learned about The Game Dudes story, if you are interested in becoming
a franchisee, please complete the enclosed request for information form, and our
Franchise Department will contact you directly, or call 407-456-0415.

None of the information in this Franchise Opportunity Package should be understood as
an offer to sell a “The Game Dudes” franchise.

The Game Dudes will not offer a franchise to any resident of any such jurisdiction until
the offering has been exempted from the requirements of, or duly registered in and
declared effective by, such jurisdiction and the required Uniform Franchise Offering
Circular [if any] has been delivered to the prospective franchisee before the sale in
compliance with applicable law.

If you have any questions concerning the registration status of The Game Dudes
franchise system in your jurisdiction, please contact The Game Dudes Franchise
Department at (321) 397-5005.

A native of Arkansas, Michael Carter worked in the timeshare industry for both Wyndham
and Hilton before he made that decisions to move into an entirely new field. Looking for an
opportunity to own his own business and to go to work with a smile on his face everyday,
he and his father, Bill Carter, bought the rights to two Monkey Joe’s franchises in the
Orlando area in 2005. The two built the franchises into successful businesses that Bill
continues to manage today. Michael has worked closely with the Monkey Joes corporate
team and found success with his two locations. Building on the success and recognition of
the two locations, Michael began developing Monkey Joe's Togo, a party rental business.
Michael’s experience with home delivery parties was the spark that led to his developing
The Game Dudes concept. With his background in sales, marketing and management and
his knowledge of the entertainment industry, Michael was able to take The Game Dudes
from concept to successful implementation in less than a year. While perfecting the business
model in the Orlando market, Michael sought input and expertise from some of the
members of the Monkey Joes management team and fleshed out a plan to franchise The
Game Dudes. Today, Michael continues to take a hands-on approach both to building his
Orlando-based businesses and supporting franchisees as they take the concept nationwide.

The Game Dudes was organized in February 2010, and at the same time, Daryl Dollinger
was brought on as director of franchise marketing. Daryl’s expertise has served The Game
Dudes well, helping the company to establish a solid business plan and an ambitious yet
realistic vision. Daryl’s experience is what makes him such an asset to the team. Since 2008,
he has served as president of Monkey Joe’s Franchising, LLC, Doc Green’s Gourmet Salads,
Inc., Flying Biscuit Franchising, Inc., Raving Brands Holdings, Inc., and RB&S Venture, LLC.
He also served previously as president of Bonehead’s Seafood, Inc., Planet Smoothie
Franchises, LLC and S&Q Shack, LLC. Daryl also led the way in franchise sales and
development for Flying Biscuit, Raving Brands and PSF, IBI Coffee USA, Inc. (formerly
known as P.J.’s USA, Inc.) (“IBI”), S&Q Shack and Moe’s Southwest Grill, LLC. Working from
his office in Atlanta, Georgia, Daryl helps ensure the success of The Game Dudes

Kevin Brock came on board as director of franchise operations when The Game Dudes
organized in February 2010. Kevin previously served as Monkey Joe’s director of operations
and brand leader from 2008 to 2010 and as Monkey Joe’s Secretary during that same
period. From 2005 to 2008, Kevin served as director of franchise support for Doc Green’s
and from 2003 to 2005, he also served as director of franchise support for MSWG. Kevin’s
extensive experience in brand management and franchising is a tremendous benefit to The
Game Dudes team. He supports the organization from his office in Atlanta, Georgia.

“The kids loved The Game Dudes and I loved that the party came to us! We enjoyed
the variety of games both inside and out of the truck and I felt like there were enough
activities going on at the same time to keep everyone satisfied. The men that came to
the house were very friendly and nice with the kids. My son was thrilled to celebrate his
10th birthday with the Game Dudes. I give the experience an A+++.
Susan Avella

“Absolutely Cool!!! The kids loved the Mobile Gaming Van!”
Jacob from Belle Isle

“My son along with 12 other boys just had a blast!! My son said it was the best birthday
ever. The Game Dudes were very professional and really hands-on with the boys. My
younger son now wants a Game Dude Party too!”
Donna from Sanford

“We hired The Game Dudes for our corporate tailgate event and they were
phenomenal. The Game Dudes’ attention to detail was impressive. We had the pleasure
of using their Hamster Balls, Van and Laser Tag options and everyone had an amazing
time! The games were set up in a timely manner and the organizers did an awesome job
handling everything. We are definitely looking forward to using The Game Dudes’
services again in the very near future! You guys rock! Keep up the outstanding job!”
Evelyn Perez, PBS&J, Orlando

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