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					    The Annals of
The New York Academy

V O L U M E 1 3 • I S S U E 1 • J A N U A RY 2 0 1 0
                                                                                                  Gordon Christensen, DDS, MS, PhD, NFDH Board Member, DDS Volunteer

                                                                            Mr. P.
What is Donated Dental Services?                                           Dr. M.
DDS allows dentists to reach out to our                                    DD S is
                                                                                        a lifesa
nation’s elderly, disabled and medically                           Mr. P. de
                                                                                                v       er!
                                                                  dental in rately needed
compromised people who desperately                                           fec                    a kidney
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cannot afford it. The goal of DDS is to                                   od job a             off. He
                                                                                                         hoped, “            emely p
                                                                                     nd live a                       to get a        ainfu
bring these patients to good oral health,                     Thanks
                                                                        to the D
                                                                                                         life aga             transpla l,
                                                                                  r. M                              in.”              nt,
                                                             get a ne
enabling them to reach an affordable                                   w kidne .’s generosity, M
                                                                                 y, and a                   r. P. is n
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level of maintenance.                                      happene ositive thing th                               fe.
                                                                     d to me                 at
                                                           was my               since I b
                                                                    particip               ecame il
Making a difference is made easy.                         program             ation in               l
                                                                   . It’s tru           the DDS
You are in complete control.                                                 ly a life
• choose which and how many
  patients you treat
• determine your own treatment plan
• can decline any patient for any reason
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Start by helping just one DDS patient!                                                                   We also have thousands of patients awaiting treatment.

                                              DDS is grateful to the New York Academy of Dentistry for being its first endorsing organization in New York.
                                              Additional New York DDS Endorsing Organizations:
                                              American College of Dentists, New York Section                                   Ninth District Dental Association
                                              Bronx County Dental Society                                                      Queens County Dental Society
                                              Nassau County Dental Society                                                     Second District Dental Society of New York
                                              New York County Dental Society                                                   Suffolk County Dental Society
                                              New York State Academy of General Dentistry
                      OF DENTISTRY
Presidential Address
Dr. George W. Sferra, Jr., DDS

During the past several years, as members of the House and Archives Committee, my colleague Neal Cronin and I have
reviewed the minutes and reports of the New York Academy of Dentistry that havee been compiled since our last published
history in 1974.

In that capacity I have had the opportunity to review numerous Presidential
acceptance speeches. Most have been delivered by individuals far more
eloquent than I. Many have quoted the purpose of the Academy as elucidated                        The Annals
by those visionary founders who chartered the Academy in 1921. Some have
discussed singular issues that would earmark their terms as President over the                    of Dentistry
course of the Academic Year. While there are several items that will preoccupy
my term as President, it is not my intent to discuss those items tonight.                             OFFICERS
Instead, I would like to make an observation. In reviewing the Academy
history, or any history for that matter, one is impressed by the number of
                                                                                              Dr. George W. Sferra, Jr.
issues that seem of crucial importance at the time of their occurrence, but                          President
which viewed in retrospect, turn out to be quite insignificant. Often, these
seemingly seminal events are accompanied by calls for drastic changes lest we                     Dr. Henry Chalfin
lose relevance in the changing world or fall into obsolescence. Thankfully,                        President Elect
calm voices usually surface counseling adherence to our core principals and the
ideals formulated by our founders, and as the crisis passes the wisdom of those                Anthony J. Curinga
voices is vindicated. Conversely, often seemingly insignificant events lead to               Immediate Past President
a major movement or shift on the part of the Academy and as the future
unfolds, it becomes clear that these ideas become so dominant because they
correspond with those same sentiments and principals.                                           Dr. Jonathan Roberts
                                                                                                   Vice President
Our profession and our Academy have endured many challenges and changes
over the years. Despite this, an adherence to those principals outlined by our                   Dr. Amy L. Ludwig
founders has served to keep the Academy relevant as a force for good within                           Treasurer
our profession and our community.
                                                                                                Dr. John J. Young, Jr.
In the past several months our nation has witnessed changes of historic
magnitude and it remains to be seen what future affect they will have on our
profession. While no institution can sustain viability if it is fixated on the past,
history has shown that with our eyes on the future and the vision of our                         Dr. Guy N. Minoli
founders fixed in our minds, we shall continue to uphold those ideals which                            Editor
advance the “dignity and honor of the Dental Profession” and allow us to
continue to be a force for good within our community and our world.
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  The mission of the New York Academy of Dentistry is “To uphold the dignity and honor of the dental profession; exalt
  its professional and ethical standards; extend its sphere of usefulness and promote the advancement of dental science;
  encourage publication in professionally controlled refereed journals; elevate the standards of dental education; promote and
  support dental research; encourage membership activity in community service; promote camaraderie within the fellowship;
  and exert its influence toward placing the activities of the profession and its members upon the highest ethical plane”.

                                 MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR
When a candidate is given consideration for Fellowship in the New York Academy of Dentistry, certain
criteria must be evaluated. Education, knowledge, skill, talent, ability to get along with others, and leadership
capabilities are all qualities that build a strong curriculum vitae. However, the final judgment of an individual
candidate must be based on character.

In recent years, we have witnessed a myriad of skilled and talented individuals at the pinnacle of their respective
fields, falling short of character and freefalling to self-destruction of all that is important in life. We are in an era
when pleasure is considered over integrity, when responsibility for one’s actions is denied and when excuses
(ie: “everyone else is doing it so that makes it okay” or “I am not perfect, I am only human”) qualify unethical
rationale. We have seen a dramatic decline in personal accountability, ethics, and civility. Increasingly, we are
ethically challenged to evaluate individuals for more than their popularity, skill and talent… and for more than
their celebrity or office.

I think that proponents of character would applaud the New York Academy of Dentistry for being a stable,
unyielding force and a courageous example when it comes to protecting the integrity and character of our
profession. Many agree that by adhering to the principles of the Academy’s Mission Statement, we stay constant
and steadfast. Consider the familiar quotation “Our thoughts become words, our words become actions, our
actions become habits, and our habits determine our character.” The national organization, Character Counts,
describes character with six core ethical values: citizenship, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, caring,
and fairness.

Let us examine our actions, habits, and character over the last year highlighting these six core ethical values:

   The Academy demonstrates CITIZENSHIP by reinforcing the privileges of Fellowship.- At the start of
   our academic year, President Anthony Curinga challenged the Academy to “act as mentors to the dental
   profession in general” and asked “each and every fellow to do what they are able to do to promote the
   idealism that created the founding of this great Academy of Dentistry”. Based on the strength of his own
   magnanimous personality, he encouraged “the camaraderie of the fellows….to be an integral part of
   accomplishing these goals”.

   The Academy exemplifies TRUSTWORTHINESS with reliable and faithful actions. Treasurer Amy Ludwig
   more than met the challenges of these financial times by securing the Academy’s assets. She did this by
   researching rates of interest, confirming the soundness of our banks, and by maximizing the FDIC security of
   our accounts. Treasurer Ludwig figuratively hand quilted a security blanket to help us all sleep better at night.

   RESPECT is at the core of the Academy as we honor eminent Fellows.- Secretary Jonathan Roberts, who
   consistently elevates the status of our Academy, granted certificates to our new Life Fellows: The very
   distinguished Drs. Joel Goldin, Richard Lichtenthal, Joseph Pianpiano, Joseph Spector, Ronald Topal and Ira
   Zinner. Secretary Roberts also awarded certificates to our new Active Fellows: Drs. Gregory Browne, Larry
   Dober, Lawrence Dobrin, James Fine, Joel Friedman, Howard Glazer, Michael Goodman, Charles Kaner,
   Steven Mondre, Maitreya Padukone, Frank Pappas, and Albert Thompson. New Associate Fellows were also
   formally introduced and recognized: Drs. Neal Auerbach, Sara Babich, Edward Goldin, Edward Gottesman,
   Michael Leifert, Michaek Mistretta, David Shipper and Michael Soloway. Congratulations to all the
   respected honoraries!

   The Academy exhibits RESPONSIBILITY by being accountable for the status of its members. - The
   Fellowship Committee, driven by Thomas Connally (who must have previous experience as a Recruitment
   Officer) reported that the Academy is strong with 408 members: 237 Active Fellows, 63 Associate Fellows, 7
   Active Life Fellows, 5 Retired Fellows, 59 Life Fellows, 28 Retired Fellows, and 9 Non-Resident Fellows.
   (I checked the math- correct as usual) Please give Tom a salute the next time you see him! Dr. Greg

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                                          MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR
continued from page 2

   Monterosso of our Dinner Committee hosted 153 members in October, 153 members in November, 106 members in
   January, 157 members in February , 139 members in March and 160 members in April.

   The main concern of the Academy is CARING for the future of ethical dentistry. - Robert Miner , who tirelessly
   orchestrates the Education Committee at Columbia and NYU, proved that in addition to Ethics and Education, he also
   knows how to “facilitate” a party. A reception was held at the home of Dr. Colleen Cournot for all Facilitators who have
   participated over the last five years. All the more reason to facilitate! Our previous Editor, the forever young and eloquent
   John Young, hasn’t stopped smiling since last January. (All previous Editors understand why.)

The evidence of FAIRNESS is present in the recognition of outstanding accomplishments. - Ethics Awards sponsored by the
Academy were presented to the graduating seniors at the local dental schools. This years winners were from Columbia,
New York University, Stony Brook and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

The Research Awards Committee announced the $4000
Grant Winners for 2009. Congratulations to Nana Odoom                 Thank you to Fellows and some of their colleagues who
from Columbia and Paria Goodarzi from NYU.                            volunteered for the Ethics Programs at New York
                                                                      University and Columbia in 2009:
The Academy’s habitual highlights included wonderfully
                                                                        Columbia:                  NYU:
entertaining Guest Speakers throughout the academic year.
At the Annual Social meeting in April, New York City Police             Fred Bergamo               Debra Castro
Commissioner Ray Kelly recognized the efforts of our                    Charles Berman             Chris Chondrogianis
membership in the fight against terrorism. The Golf                     Edgar Buehler
                                                                        Dory Calev                 E. Mitchell Greenstone
and Tennis Outing in June at The Cherry Valley Country
                                                                        Debra Castro               Arthur Hazlewood
Club was a tremendous day and a grand finale to a
spectacular year.                                                       Julie Connolly             James Hudson
                                                                        Thomas Connolly            William Hurwitz
                                                                        Colleen Cournot
In summary of this past year for the New York Academy of                                           John Lanzetta
                                                                        Anthony Curinga
Dentistry, the ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitis, said                                         Jenny Lee
                                                                        Joseph Fink
“Character is destiny.” I believe that the actions, habits, and                                    Sebastian Lentini
                                                                        Stanley Freeman
character of our Academy will continue to set the highest               Malcolm Graham             Michael Liefert
standards for our profession.                                           Robert Iovino              Jorge Matos
                                                                        Joyce Johnson
                                                                        Andrew Krieger             Steven Moss
                                                                        Anne Kossewan              Sheldon Nadler
                                                                        Akshay Kumar               Stephen Sovich
                                                                        Gabriela Lee               Kathy Udell-Martin
                                                                        Jenny Lee
                                                                                                   John Young, Jr.
                                                                        Alan Lubaar
                                                                        Robert Miner
                                                                        Louis Rubins
                                                                        John Scarola
                                                                        Gail Schupak
                                                                        David Schwartz
                                                                        Jeffrey Senzer
                                                                        Charles Solomon
                                                                        Peter Strife
                                                                        Robert Tauber
                                                                        Alex Tsui
                                                                        Kathy Udell-Martin
                                                                        Nicholas Vero
                                                                        Christina Vozzo
                                                                        Robert Wein
                    Board of Different Directions                       Wayne Yee

                                       RESEARCH GRANT ABSTRACT

                            DENTAL SERVICES AT HARLEM UNITED:
                           THE INFLUENCE OF CLIENTS’ DENTAL FEAR
 Nana Kraah Odoom1, Tanya Darlington1,2, Moussa Sanogo1, Burton Edelstein1, Carol Kunzel1,* 1College of Dental Medicine,
     Columbia University, New York, NY; 2Harlem United Community AIDS Center, New York, NY *Faculty Mentor

Introduction: Harlem United                 experiences in receiving dental care,        Discussion: Our research indicates a
Community AIDS Center (HU) is               and perception and definition of             high rate of dental service utilization
a community-based organization              dental fear. Responses were entered          within a sample largely composed
in New York City that provides              into a computer-based data set and           of established HU patients. Despite
comprehensive dental, medical,              analyzed using SPSS. 15.0.                   their fear, as measured by their
and supportive health care to over                                                       self-reported physiological response,
3,500 clients annually. Most HU             Results: Sample members were                 the likelihood of these clients having
clients are HIV/AIDS positive;              predominantly established patients           received dental care within the past
some have a history of substance            (76%) at HU Dental Clinic; 17% of            six months was high. We believe
abuse, homelessness, and mental             sample members were new patients.            clients are supported in this effort by
illness, and most have a history of         Seventy-five percent of the sample           the holistic approach employed by
limited or no access to quality             had been to the dentist within the past      HU in delivering comprehensive
health care.                                6 months while 41% of the sample             health care. The high percentage of
                                            reported going to the dentist more           HU clients who visit the dental clinic
Objectives: In an earlier intake            than twice a year. Less than 10%             without pain, and the frequency with
survey, reported at Birnberg 2008,          reported the presence of pain while          which they visit the clinic, further
new patients at the HU dental clinic        22% stated their main reason for             supports our claim. The high level of
identified “fear of the dentist and/or      visiting the dentist was the presence        utilization of dental services also
pain” as the most prevalent reason for      of a problem/something bothering             potentially serves as an indicator of
not going to the dentist regularly.         them. The reported level of dental fear      the numerous dental needs of
Building on this finding, the goal of       was modest with 57% of participants          HIV/AIDS patients, since many utilize
the present study was 1) to describe        reporting no fear of having dental           dental services for routine follow up
new and established HU patients’ oral       work done. Extramural (45%) referral         visits, as well as a potential reflection
health-related habits, 2) to describe       patients generally reported lower            of previous histories of limited access
the extent of their dental fear and         levels of fear relative to intramural        to, or lack of, oral health care.
anxiety, 3) to identify and understand      (39%) referral patients. Mean level of
the relationship between their dental       fear of dental equipment (2.3 on a           Conclusion: Greater understanding
fear, perceived quality of oral health,     scale of 1-5) was the highest mean           of the role of dental fear can help
and their patterns of dental services       level of fear among the four types of        frame future delivery of dental care at
utilization, and 4) ultimately to use       dental fear identified using factor          HU, bringing into focus consideration
the results of this study, as warranted,    analysis: fear of the dental setting, fear   whether new programmatic initiatives
to target the delivery of better dental     of dental equipment, fear associated         are necessary to address the level and
care to HU dental clients.                  with anticipating the appointment,           types of fear expressed.
                                            and presence of physiological signs of
Material and Method: Of 107                 fear. In cross-tabular analyses, fear of     Supported in part by HRSA grant
candidate dental patients, 103 English-     dental work was most associated with         H65HA00014 (CK, TD, MS, BE)
speaking patients (response rate = 96%)     dental service utilization and               Nana Kraah Odoom was supported
were recruited and participated in the      self-assessed status of oral health          by a New York Academy of Dentistry
study while seated in the dental clinic’s   (OH) and OH quality of life. In              Predoctoral Summer Research Fellowship
waiting area. (Nine patients preferred      multivariate analyses, the likelihood
to speak in Spanish and were not            of having a dental visit within the past
eligible to participate in this phase of    6     months       was     significantly
the study). Two student research            associated with level of fear of having                                    Tom Connolly,
assistants interviewed the patients         dental work done, extent of the                                          Nana Kraah Odoom
using a pre-coded questionnaire asking      self-reported physiological sign “my                                      and Carol Kunzel
about their oral habits and perspective     heart beats faster”, and being a
on their current health care status,        new patient.
reasons for their dental visit, past

                                            RESEARCH GRANT ABSTRACT

                                             Paria Goodarzi, Zhou Chen, and Yihong Li
                                  Dept. of Basic Sciences, New York University College of Dentistry

In-vivo dental plaque composition over           were amplified using a PCR approach        clinical evidence of the advantages of
a three-week period was analyzed.                with two gene-specific primer sets for     maintaining good oral health using such
                                                 oral lactobacilli and oral streptococci.   products. Supported by an Award from
Objective: The objective of this study           DGGE was performed to generate the         the New York Academy of Dentistry
was to determine and quantify changes            bacterial profile of the plaque.           and Research Funds of the Colgate-
in the cariogenic microbial community            Fingerprinting II InformatixTM soft-       Palmolive Company.
in d e n t a l p l a q u e b e t w e e n t w o   ware (Bio-Rad) was used to compare
mouthwash uses. This was done using              the differences in bacterial profiles
polymerase chain reaction-based                  between baseline and post-rinsing,
denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis          based on the Pearson correlation
(PCR-DGGE) approaches.                           coefficient. Non-parametric statistical
                                                 tests were used to evaluate the
Methods: Thirty (30) healthy adults              variation in bacterial composition
participated in a double-blind study             between the products.
using two commercially available
mouthwashes (F and Z). The treatment             Results: Our preliminary results
regimen was 60 seconds of rinsing the            showed changes in the total bacterial
whole mouth, with a 1 week washout               profiles after using the two
period prior to the study, and a 1 week          mouthwashes, particularly product F.
washout period between products.
Supra-gingival plaque samples were               Conclusion: We anticipate that the
collected at baseline and 24-hours               results of our analysis will demonstrate
post-rinsing for each product. Total             the antibacterial benefits of both
bacterial genomic DNA was isolated               mouthwashes. The findings of the
(Epicenter). Targeted 16S rDNA genes             study will provide the public with         Yiong Lee, Paria Goodarz and Tom Connolly

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I did not delude myself into thinking            President Curinga for completion of        probably were not too many
that you all chose to attend tonight’s           tonight’s meeting.                         remaining who would recall him.
meeting so that you could listen to my
thoughts. I know my wife did not                 First, I would like to thank the           Next, I would like to call on Past
attend tonight’s meeting so that she             members       of     the   Nominating      President Dennis Morea to present
could listen - yet again - to my                 Committee and the Fellowship for           Dr. Curinga with a certificate of the
thoughts, but it was required by                 their confidence. I shall be proud and     Academy’s appreciation for his
protocol and tradition.                          honored to serve as your President -       outstanding year as president.
                                                 but not, I think, as proud as my father
I would like, therefore to move the              whose name I share. He too stood at        Finally, I would like to sincerely thank
meeting forward to the real reason we            this same podium and held this same        all of you for your kind attention to
are all here tonight and that is to listen       gavel as he delivered his Presidential     my remarks this evening.
to the comments of our distinguished             acceptance speech in this very room
speaker. There are however, several              some 28 years ago. He called today         George W. Sferra Jr., DDS
items I would like to touch upon                 and asked to be remembered to
before I surrender the gavel to                  you all, although he admitted there

                          SPEED AND SIMPLICITY
                                                  L. Stephen Buchanan, DDS, FICD, FACD
                                                              October 2, 2008

The balance of safety and efficiency can           In 1989 he established Dental Education        Dr. Buchanan is a diplomate of the
be tenuous, with radical differences in            Laboratories, and subsequently built a         American Board of Endodontics and a
file function resulting from apparently            state-of-the-art teaching laboratory devoted   fellow of the International and American
minor changes in file geometry. When               to hands-on endodontic instruction, where      Colleges of Dentistry. He also serves as an
coupled with new methods for treating              he continues to teach today. Through Dental    assistant clinical professor at the
nickel-titanium, the results can be                Education Laboratories, he has lectured and    University of Southern California School
revolutionary. Research will be presented          conducted participation courses around the     of Dentistry and at the University of
that are the results of the development of         world, published numerous articles, and        California, Los Angeles School of
the GT Series X Files.                             produced an award-winning video series,        Dentistry. Dr. Buchanan also maintains a
                                                   The Art of Endodontics.                        private practice limited to endodontics and
Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan was valedictorian                                                         implant surgery in Santa Barbara, CA.
of his class at the University of the Pacific      In addition to his activities as an educator
School of Dentistry and completed the              and practicing clinician, Dr. Buchanan
Endodontic Graduate program at Temple              holds a number of patents for dental
University in Philadelphia, PA in 1980. He         instruments and techniques.            Most
began pursuing 3-D anatomy research                notably, he was the first to introduce vari-
early in his career, and in 1986 he became         ably-tapered shaping instruments for use
the first person in dentistry to use micro         in endodontic therapy and pioneered a
CT technology to show the intricacies of           system-based approach to treating root
root structure.                                    canals.

                                                          Paul A. Fugazzotto, DDS
                                                            November 13, 2008

The atrophic posterior maxilla presents            of maxillary molar extraction will also be     International Team of Implantology.
unique challenges to implant reconstructive        carried out.                                   Dr. Fugazzotto is Senior Editor of Implant
therapy. Poor quanity and quality of                                                              Realities and lectures nationally and
available bone, significant ridge atrophy          Dr. Paul Fugazzotto received his DDS           internationally on a multitude of topics.
resulting in non-ideal location of the residual    from New York University in 1979 and a
ridge, significant sinus pneumatization, and       certificate in advanced graduate studies in
documented higher failure rates of implant         periodontology from Boston University in
therapy in the posterior maxilla unite to          1981. Since that time, Dr. Fugazzotto has
form a unique challenge. However, there is         maintained a private practice limited to
no doubt that predictable means exist by           periododontics and implant therapy in
which to perform successful reconstructive         Milton, MA. Dr Fugazzotto has authored
therapy in these areas. The question               or co-authored over 8 articles in refereed
becomes not what therapies are available,          scientific journals, as well as authoring a
but which treatment approaches are                 monograph entitled “Guided Tissue
indicated in different situations.                 Regeneraration: Maximizimg Clinical
                                                   Results” and a textbook entitled
This presentation will discuss, through the        “Preparation of the Periodontium for
review of the data from thousands of cases         Restorative Dentistry”. A second book,
treated by the speaker, the most appropriate       “Decision Making in Regenerative and
means by which to effect reconstruction of         Implant Therapies”, is in press.
the atrophic posterior maxilla. A detailed         Dr. Fugazzotto is an active member of
discussion of implant placement at the time        many organizations, and is a fellow of the

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                                 OPTIONS IN BREAST RECONSTRUCTION
                                                       Mark R. Sultan, MD, FACS
                                                            January 8, 2009

Breast cancer, unfortunately, strikes one in     the same institution, where he was chosen      Society of Plastic and Reconstructive
every eight American women. Therefore,           as Chief Resident. He received the Allen       Surgery and participates in the American
essentially families will be affected at         O. Whipple award for Outstanding               Society of Plastic and Reconstructive
some time by this devastating diagnosis.         Performance in Surgery and he was also         Surgeons Scientific Program.
                                                 elected to the prestigious Alpha Omega
Although breast conservation methods are         Alpha Society while at Columbia.               As a leading expert in facial cosmetic
utilized often in the treatment of breast        Dr. Sultan was also awarded a fellowship       surgery and cosmetic and reconstructive
cancer, mastectomy remains a mainstay of         in Head and Neck Surgery and                   surgery of the breast, Dr. Sultan has been
therapy. Therefore, successful breast            Microvascular Reconstruction at Emory          called on to lecture extensively on these
reconstruction is critical to the well being     University Affiliated Hospitals in Atlanta.    and other topics at national medical
of multitudes of breast cancer victims and                                                      conferences. He has published numerous
their loved ones.                                Since 1990, Dr. Sultan has held teaching       papers on esthetic and reconstructive
                                                 appointments and has trained residents in      techniques in the medical literature, and
There are multiple options currently             plastic surgery. He has served as Associate    has written many textbook chapters on
available for breast reconstruction, including   Professor of Clinical Surgery at Columbia      various topics in Plastic surgery. Due to his
the use of implants or autologous tissue.        University and is currently an Attending       special interest in breast reconstruction, he
A review of these options, along with their      Surgeon at Beth Israel Medical Center and      frequently lectures to women’s groups and
realistic expectations and risks, will be        St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital, as well as      devotes his time to programs of the
presented.                                       the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. He         American Cancer Society for breast cancer
                                                 is certified by the American Board of          awareness.
Dr. Mark Sultan is a board certified plastic     Plastic Surgery and a Fellow of the
surgeon and the Chief of the Division of         American College of Surgeons. Dr. Sultan       Dr. Sultan has been listed in New York
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Beth       is an active member of the American            Magazine as one of ’The Best Doctors in
Israel Continuum Health Care System. He          Society of Plastic and Reconstructive          New York’ and in the Castle Connolly
graduated with Phi Beta Kappa honors             Surgeons, Northeast Regional Society of        Medical Guide., ‘The Best Doctors of the
from Brandies University and received his        Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, New       New York Metro Area.’ He is a native of
MD from Columbia University College of           York Head and Neck Society, the Society        New Jersey and specializes in aesthetic
Physicians and Surgeons. He completed            of Reconstructive Microsurgery and the         and reconstructive plastic surgery of the
his internship and residency in general sur-     prestigious American Society for Aesthetic     face, breast and body.
gery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical            Plastic Surgery. He holds the position of
Center and his plastic surgery residency at      Secretary for the New York Regional

                                                      David M. Sarver, DMD, MS
                                                          February 12, 2009

The plastic surgeon is associated with           principles are also critical in improving      Dentistry in 1973 and his MS in
restoration of youthfulness, but dentists        interdisciplinary planning by anticipating     Orthodontics from the University of North
and their teams are extremely important in       these changes and producing outstanding        Carolina in 1979. He is a diplomate of the
planning overall restoration of a youthful       cosmetic treatment results, and will be lib-   American Board of Orthodontics, a mem-
appearance. This presentation will cover         erally demonstrated with case presenta-        ber of the Edward H. Angle Society of
how the face and smile age, and present          tions.                                         Orthodontists, and a fellow in both the
new concepts in orthodontic treatment                                                           International and American College of
planning that enhance our patient’s              Dr. David Sarver received his DMD from         Dentists.
appearance for the long haul. These              the University of Alabama School of

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In addition to his private practice,              Orthodontics”. In 2003, his two part           NBC’s “ The Today Show”, ABC’s “The
Dr. Sarver has authored or co-authored            article, co-authored with Dr. Marc             View” and Fox News.
over 60 scientific articles and 12 book           Ackerman, on smile analysis won the 2004
chapters.       His book, “Esthetics in           B.F. Dewal Award for the best clinical
Orthodontics and Orthognatic Surgery”             article in the American Journal
was published in September 1998. He is            of    Orthodontics      and    Dentofacial
also co-author (with Drs. Proffit and             Orthopedics. He has given more than 250
White) of the new surgical text                   professional presentations in the United
“Contemporary Treatment of Dentofacial            States, Europe, Australia and the Middle
Deformity”, published by Mosby, Inc.,             and Far East, including both the Salzmann
and is co-author of the 4th Edition of            and Mershon Lectures at the AAO.
Profitt’s classic textbook “Contemporary          Dr.. Sarver has recently been featured on

                             SUCCESSFUL MANAGEMENT OF ACUTE PAIN
                                                   Kenneth M. Hargreaves, DDS, PhD
                                                            March 2, 2009

A conflict exists for many practitioners in the   Washington DC in 1983, and his PhD             Health Science Center at San Antonio.
area of pain control. Many of our patients        (Physiology) from the Uniformed Services       He also maintains a private practice limited
remain fearful of dental procedures and this      University of the Health Sciences,             to endodontics. His primary research
fear is often translated into neglected care.     Bethesda, MD in 1986. From 1986 to             interests are in the areas of pain and
On the other hand, effective strategies for       1990, he was a Staff Fellow and Senior         inflammation, and he and his research
acute pain management are available to all        Staff Fellow at the Neurobiology and           team have published more than 100
practitioners and are based on high levels        Anesthesiology Branch of the National          papers and two books (Selzer and Bender’s
of clinical evidence. This presentation will      Institute of Dental Research (now NIDCR)       Dental Pulp, co-edited with Harold Goodis
focus on practical, evidence based studies        at the NIH. He completed his residency in      and the 9th Edition of Pathways of the
that provide compelling new strategies for        Endodontics at the University of               Pulp, co-edited with stephen Cohen and
diagnosing, preventing and treating acute         Minnesota in 1993 and is a Diplomate of        Karl Keiser).
dental pain.                                      the American Board of Endodontics.

Ken Hargreaves received his BA in                 Dr. Hargreaves is currently Professor and
neurobiology from the University of               Chair of the Department of Endodontiocs
California at Berkeley in 1977, his               and professor in the Department pf
DDS from Georgetown University in                 Pharmacology at the University of Texas

           Bows, Ovation and Applause - Job Well Done!                                 The Very Presidential - George and Barbara

Report of the President:                   The Academy continued to explore
                                           the concept of Overseas Service. Dr.
One of the very first obligations of       Mark Bronsky and his Humanitarian
the presidency is to deliver the           Mission Committee examined a large
presidential address at the April          number of opportunities to serve and
meeting. This seemed a daunting task       is close to presenting a plan to the
because the past presidents had done       membership.
such a marvelous job and, because I
was the program there would be no          Many thanks to Dr. David Pitman
guest speaker. I decided to reiterate      and the Program Committee. The
the goals and objectives and to present    members and I thought that the             The Now Famous Double-Fisted Dignitary Bow
to the audience the way in which           speakers were truly fantastic and held
these are fulfilled by the Academy.        the interest of the audience. This        Report of the President Elect:
The address seemed to go very well,        year’s guest speaker at the April
no one booed and it was generally          Meeting is to be Police Commissioner      The President Elect fulfilled the
well received. That function out of the    Raymond Kelly. It should be a             obligations of the office as delineated
way, the organizational meeting was        fantastic evening.                        by the constitution and bylaws,
next on the agenda. Filling a myriad                                                 attending all Board and Fellowship
number of committee vacancies,             Our research grants have been             meetings of the Academy, recording
though a big undertaking, worked out       expanded to include the Stony Brook       pertinent actions of the Board of
to be not so difficult a task. The         School of Dentistry. They will add to     Directors and reporting them to the
support of the past officers and           the already wonderful table clinics       membership of the Academy at the
committee chairs made the task not         and articles that were presented by       corresponding Fellowship meetings,
exactly easy but manageable. Carol         the students from NYU and Columbia        assisting the Program Committee in
Bensky’s input gave me another             at the last meeting. The moneys spent     its choice of speakers for the ensuing
perspective on selections. All the seats   by the Academy are well spent and         year, and convening and presiding
were filled and we were ready for the      are in step with the goals and            over a meeting of the Officer’s
New Year.                                  objectives off the Academy. I have to     Committee for Strategic Planning.
                                           thank Dr. Thomas Connolly for his
At the organizational meeting I            tireless work on the Grants Program.      Respectfully submitted,
proposed that a committee for Dental                                                 George W. Sferra, Jr. DDS
Care Delivery be instituted as an ad       I want to thank the Board for their
hoc committee. The purpose was to          hard work and inspiration at the          Report of the Vice President:
examine and report the state of            Board meetings. The Board is an
delivery care, both real and perceived,    exciting group of Fellows, who’s          The duties of the Vice President have
and to report to the Academy.              selfless work sometimes goes              been fulfilled during the 2008/2009
                                           unmentioned. The Board truly directs      academic year, as delineated in the
I did not want to institute many           the path the Academy follows. Thank       constitution and bylaws of the
changes in the running of the              you again.                                Academy.
Academy. It was my wish to continue
the fine works that proceeded my           It would be remiss not to thank           Respectfully submitted,
term as president. We would continue       Ms. Carol Bensky for her friendship       Henry E. Chalfin, DDS
to publish the Annals. Dr. John Young,     and hard work with the Academy as
our Editor, published a wonderful          Executive Secretary. Carol provides a     Report of the Secretary:
Annals of Dentistry this year. With        sense of continuity to the Officers and
the hard work of Drs. Hudson and           Members.                                  The 2008-2009 Academic Year
Connolly, the Donated Dental Service                                                 consisted of five regular meetings
Program      continued    and    some      I thank all of you for the honor to       and one social meeting.
important changes in screening             serve as your President.
patients were made. They kept the                                                    Our CERP application was successful
program in the attention of the            Respectfully submitted,                   and we have three more years of full
fellows. We have many volunteers for       Anthony J. Curinga, DDS                   accreditation. We will need to file a
Donated Dental Services but need                                                     full application again in three years.
many more to be truly effective in this
fine endeavor.
                                                                                                     continued on page 10

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All CERP guidelines are being             Report of the Editor:                       Report of the Audio Visual
followed so it should only be a                                                       Committee:
question of filing the paperwork.         The Editor attended the meetings of
                                          the Board of Directors of the New           The following expenses were incurred
Membership total as of May 2008 was       York Academy of Dentistry. He               f o r AV s u p p o r t o f t h e l e c t u r e
408. The total number of members as       fulfilled his duties under the bylaws of    component for the monthly meetings:
of February 2009 was 384. We lost 24      the Academy to prepare and publish
members in the past year as               transactions of the Academy in the          In 2008, Acer laptop with speaker
follows: 8 deceased, 5 resigned, 11       “Annals of Dentistry”.                      backup $430.     In 2009, headset
were dropped (failure to pay dues).                                                   microphone SAD $349 with Mackie
                                          Respectfully submitted,                     compact PA system $299.
Our current membership of 384             John J. Young, Jr., DDS
consists of:                                                                          Total Expenses were: $1,078.
Active Fellows                   220
Associate Fellows                  60     Report of the Fellowship                    No other expenses incurred.
Non-Resident Fellows                7     Committee:
‘Grandfathered’ Life Fellows       54                                                 Respectfully submitted,
  (age 70, 15 years active, no dues)      The Fellowship Committee discharged         Joseph F. Morales, DDS, Chair
Active Life Fellows                13     its duties as proscribed in the bylaws.     Arnold M. Cochin, DDS
  (age 70, 15 years active ? dues)        The committee received nominations          Frank Pappas, DDS
Retired Life Fellows                6     from the fellowship and reviewed the
  (age 70, 15 years active, no dues)      credentials of the nominees. Eight
Honorary Fellow                     1     nominees were presented to the              Report of the Budget and Finance
Retired Fellows                    23     fellowship for election to Associate        Committee:
Seven new Associate Fellows and one                                                   The members of the Budget and
Active Fellow were inducted into the      The committee also reviewed and             Finance Committee met in person to
Academy in October 2009.                  approved, from the Associate                review the financial status of the New
                                          Fellowship Committee, the elevation         York Academy of Dentistry. The
Respectfully submitted,                   of 12 Associate Fellows to Active           committee recommended that the
Jonathan Roberts, DDS                     Fellowship.                                 current assets remain in appropriately
                                                                                      safe investment vehicles. It was
                                          Respectfully submitted,                     recommended that the dues be
Report of the Treasurer:                  Thomas J. Connolly, DDS, Chair              increased by $50, starting in the
                                          Susan Karabin, DDS                          2009-2010 year.
The duties of the Treasurer were          Dennis N. Morea, DDS
carried out as defined by the bylaws.                                                 The committee presented the budget
                                                                                      for the fiscal year 2009-2010 to the
A review of the financial status of the                                               Board of Directors where it was
New York Academy of Dentistry                                                         accepted as presented.
shows a balance of $247,709.30 as of
February 28, 2009.                                                                    Respectfully submitted,
                                                                                      Amy L. Ludwig, DMD, Chair
A review of the status of the                                                         James D. Hudson, DMD
New York Academy of Dentistry                                                         Claudia Kaplan, DDS
Endowment Fund shows a balance of                                                     Charles A. Lennon, DDS
$22,880.65 as of February 28, 2009.                                                   Guy N. Minoli, DDS
                                                                                      George F. Sferra, Jr., DDS
Respectfully submitted,
Amy L. Ludwig, DMD
                                           Members Socializing with Celebrity Guest
                                              from the Hit Series “Madmen”

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Report of the Constitution and           parties and spouses from the NYU and           prize. The prize could be raised from
Bylaws Committee:                        Columbia Ethics Programs met in late           possibly $150 to three or four hundred
                                         October. The tasteful setting, warm            dollars. The selection among a half
The committee meets to review and        camaraderie, fine food, and superb             dozen ethics book was:
word all changes to the bylaws at the    wine were all conducive to a fruitful
direction of the Board of Directors.     discussion and the emergence of                   “The Ethical Brain”, Michael S.
This past year, there have been no       some plausible ideas that may be                  Gazzaniga (Director of the Center
proposed changes to additions to the     incorporated into the dental ethics               for Cognitive Neuroscience at
bylaws.                                  program sponsored by the New York                 Dartmouth College), 2005, $25
                                         Academy of Dentistry and the New
Respectfully submitted,                  York Section of the American College             “Kluge, The Haphazard Construction
Steven H. Cho, DDS, Chair                of Dentists.                                     of the Human Mind”, Dr. Gary Marcus
Chris Chondrogianis, DDS                                                                  (NYU Psychologist), 2008, $24
Gail Schupak, DMD                        There was also discussion concerning
                                         the prospect of the dental school at              “In Search of Memory, The
                                         Stony Brook under the new dean, Ray               Emergence of a New Science of
Report of the Dinner Committee:          C. Williams, coming back into the                 Mind”, Eric R. Kandel, University
                                         Ethics Program. Logistics has been a              Professor, Columbia University
The 2008-2009 Dinner Committee did       problem in the past. However, there               Medical School, Director of the
an exceptional job arranging the         has been a recent infusion of new                 Kaveili Institute for Brain Sciences,
dinner menus, collecting money and       fellows in the American College of                Senior     Investigator,    Howard
distributing drink tickets for each of   Dentists who practice near Stony                  Hughes Medical Institute, Nobel
the dinners held by the Academy this     Brook and may be able to assist as                Prize, Physiology and Medicine,
year. The implementation of new          facilitators. I spoke with Dean Debra             2000, 2006, $30
rules, including the acceptance of       Cinotti (Dean of Academic Affairs).
credit card payments and a more strict   The school has been developing a               If selected, these will total about
reservation policy went a long way to    program and plans to expand it. They           eighty dollars per student.
making the year run much more            are considering the offer of assistance
smoothly.     The co-chair persons       from us.                                       The Education Committee was also
would like to thank the members of                                                      recently given the charge of overseeing
the dinner committee for their help.     The Education Committee has                    the NYAD student Summer Research
                                         recently been given the responsibility         Award of $4000 that was begun
Respectfully submitted,                  of coordinating the New York                   during Tom Connolly’s administration.
Gregg Monterosso, DMD, Co-Chair          Academy of Dentistry Award for                 The grant has been going to Columbia
Gail Schupak, DMD, Co-Chair              Professionalism and Ethics that has            and NYU for a few years, but Stony
Julie Connolly, DDS                      been presented at the Columbia and             Brook has now requested a form to
Colleen K. Cournot, DDS                  NYU gradations for a number of                 also apply. The Board recently
Scott O. Kissel, DMD                     years. The award had originally
Michael M. Woloch, DDS                   consisted of a certificate along with a
                                         large “coffee table” book on dental
                                         history that, unfortunately, went out
Report of the Education                  of print a few years ago. Since then,
Committee:                               we have been giving a copy of the
                                         History of The New York Academy
After discussing the idea of an Ethics   o f D e n t i s t r y, w h i c h i s n o t a
workshop for a few years, the            particularly appropriate prize.
Education Committee finally accepted
the gracious invitation of Colleen       The committee has been polling its
Cournot and her husband Pierre to        members over the web for alternative
gather at their beautiful Greenwich      suitable selections for the prize.
Village flat. About 30 participants,     Members were given choices among               Carol, I Reserved a Great Table for Two in the
comprising facilitators, interested      DVDs and books on ethics or a cash                        American History Section

                                                                                                           continued on page 12

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approved the additional $4000              Endodontic Files in October 2008,
funding for Stony Brook. The student       Dr. Paul Fugazzato on Changing
grant recipients, selected by the          Paradigms in Reconstruction of the
respective schools, will present a         Posterior Maxilla November 2008,
poster or table clinic on their research   Dr. Marc Sultan on Options in Breast
at the February meeting and submit an      Reconstruction in January 2009,
article for publication in the Annals.     Dr. David Sarver on the Aging Face in
The arrangements for this are to be        February 2009, and Dr. Kenneth
coordinated by the committee with          Hargreaves on Pain Management in
Carol Bensky and the respective            March 2009. All successfully made
schools. All duties of the Education       their presentations. Arrangements for           Courting Before the Doubles Match
Committee have been accomplished,          introductory speakers were made and
especially in successfully organizing      all speakers were enthusiastically          As per the decision of the Board of
and producing the 16th year of the         received. The Executive Secretary was       Directors, the publication of the
Dental Ethics Programs at Columbia         contacted prior to each meeting to          updated history will be targeted
and NYU.                                   determine the status of the speakers.       to coincide with the ninetieth
                                           Alternate back up speakers;, including      anniversary of the founding of the
Respectfully submitted,                    Dr. Steven Syrop and Dr. Edward             Academy and hopefully will include
Robert D. Miner, DDS, Chair                Miller were arranged for each               accounts of Academy activities up to
Colleen K. Cournot, DDS                    meeting. A final speaker for the April      that year.
Ashraf Estefan, DDS                        social meeting, New York Police
Stanley P. Freeman, DDS                    Commissioner, Mr. Raymond Kelly,            Respectfully submitted,
Alan J. Kucine, DDS                        has been arranged for with the              George F. Sferra, Jr., DDS, Chair
Steven S. Moss, DDS                        assistance of Dr. Eugene LaSota, who        Neal J. Cronin, DDS
Howard A. Rodin, DDS                       will introduce him.                         Quentin M. Murphy, DDS
Mark Schachman, DMD
John J. Young, Jr., DDS                    I am grateful for the opportunity given
                                           to me and my committee to arrange           Report of the Nominating
                                           for and follow through with this            Committee:
                                           year’s program.
                                                                                       The Nominating Committee met and
                                           Respectfully submitted,                     has proposed the following slate for
                                           David P. Pitman, DMD, Chair                 membership consideration:
                                           Margo Jaffee, DDS
                                           Mark Schachman, DMD                         President: Dr. George W. Sferra, Jr.
                                                                                       automatically elected according to the
                                           Report of the House and Archives            President Elect: Dr. Henry E. Chalfin
          Celebrity Cruise Time
                                           Committee:                                  Vice President: Dr. Jonathan Roberts
Report of the Executive                                                                Treasurer: Dr. Amy L. Ludwig
Committee:                                 The House and Archives Committee            Secretary: Dr. John J. Young, Jr.
                                           met 21 times since the last Annual          Editor: Dr. Guy N. Minoli
The Executive Committee for                Meeting of the New York Academy of          Member of the Ethics
2008-2009 consisted of Dr. Mark            Dentistry. To date, outlines of the         Committee: Dr. Egidio A. Farone
Schachman, Dr. Margot Jaffee and           Academy’s activities have been              Member of the Fellowship
Dr. David Pitman, Chair. Its activities    compiled up to the spring of 1989.          Committee: Dr. James D. Hudson
were primarily to support the
program activities for 2008-2009 and       It is anticipated that outlines up to and   Respectfully submitted,
participate in the planning of the         including the 1995-1996 Academic            Dennis N. Morea, DDS, Chair
2009-2010 speaker presentations.           year will be compiled by June of 2009,      Fredric E. Goodman, DDS
                                           thus completing a comprehensive             Susan Karabin, DDS
Scientific speakers included Dr. Steven    review of the organization’s activities     Joseph E. Rowan, DDS
Buchanan on The New GT Series              up to its seventy-fifth anniversary.        Steven B. Syrop, DDS

                                                                                                        continued on page 13

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                                           University, will be our February          Report of the Public Relations
                                           speaker, and Dr. J. William Robbins,      Committee:
                                           from Texas, will be our March speaker.    As Chair of the Public and
                                           At the time of this report, our April     Professional Relations Committee, I
                                           2010 meeting is expected to be a          was charged with getting the list of all
                                           purely social gathering.                  incoming Board members, with or
                                                                                     without accompanying photo, to the
                                           Respectfully submitted,                   ADA and the NYSDA for timely
                                           Egidio A. Farone, DMD, Chair              publication in the JADA and the
                                           John J. Lanzetta, DDS                     NYS Dental Journal, respectively. For
              Team Young
                                           Guy N. Minoli, DDS                        the NYS Dental Journal, I contacted
                                           David P. Pitman, DMD                      Ms. Mary Stoll, who will be the
Report of the Program                      Jonathan Roberts, DDS                     person to whom I will send the
Committee:                                 Steven B. Syrop, DDS                      appropriate information.
                                           Clifford Williams, DDS
The Program Committee of the New           Daniel L. Zedeker, DDS                    Respectfully submitted,
York Academy of Dentistry met on                                                     Egidio A. Farone, DMD, Chair
numerous occasions during the latter                                                 Michael Dill, DDS
half of 2008, to establish a program for   Report of the Publications                Aleksander Iofin, DMD
the 2009-2010 meeting year. The first      Committee:                                Charles J. Perruzzi, DDS
meeting was held on September 22,
2008 in the office of Dr. Egidio           The Publications Committee of the
Farone. A second meeting was held in       New York Academy of Dentistry             Report of the Reception
late October in the same location.         fulfilled its obligation under the        Committee:
                                           bylaws by assisting and advising the
At the first meeting, the protocols and    Editor about suitable essays for future   The Reception Committee successfully
procedures for the committee, as           issues of the Annals of Dentistry.        carried out its charge and met its
established in the bylaws of the New                                                 responsibility of attending to the
York Academy of Dentistry, were            Respectfully submitted,                   welfare of our guests and speakers
reviewed and discussed.                    John J. Young, Jr., DDS, Editor/Chair     invited to the New York Academy of
                                           George W. Sferra, Jr., DDS House and      Dentistry. The committee members,
The committee worked on assembling         Archives Committee Representative         Drs. John Lanzetta, Adrienne Spiegel
a schedule of speakers who would be        Henry E. Chalfin, DDS                     and Gregory Browne, performed
stimulating, authoritative, and of         Scott O. Kissel, DMD                      their tasks well in making sure the
interest to the membership. Various        Michael Dill, DMD                         speakers were greeted and their
potential speakers were discussed.                                                   needs taken care of.
Dr. George Sferra, Jr., the President
Elect, was present at all meetings to                                                Respectfully submitted,
offer advice and counsel.                                                            Chris Chondrogiannis, DDS, Chair
                                                                                     Gregory Browne, DDS
During the second meeting and                                                        John J. Lanzetta, DMD
subsequent committee conversations,                                                  Adrienne Spiegel, DDS
the speakers for the upcoming year
were finalized. Dr. Michael Block, an
oral surgeon from Louisiana, will be
our speaker for the October meeting.
Dr. John Daveliakos, a prosthodontist,
will be our November speaker. Dr.
Antonio Urbina, a physician, will be
our January speaker, discussing recent
updates in HIV treatment. Dr. Jeremy
Mao, a researcher at Columbia                           Tony in Action

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Report of the Senior Advisory                   • A general review and update of all       Report of the Humanitarian
Committee:                                        committee protocols.                     Mission Committee:

During this year, there were no                 • The creation of a general outline of     The NYAD Humanitarian Mission
problems or charges given to the                  annual events and their impact on        Committee has been busy finalizing our
committee, and we therefore did                   the agenda of the Board of               recommendations for the membership
not meet.                                         Directors and Fellowship meetings.       regarding our recommended projects.
                                                                                           The current projects will be endorsed by
In the previous two years that I was            Respectfully submitted,                    the committee:
on this committee, there was only one           George F. Sferra, Jr., DDS, Chair
situation each year, and therefore only         Henry E. Chalfin, DDS
one meeting each year. This seems to            Anthony J. Curinga, DDS                    1. Donated Dental Services (DDS) –
me to demonstrate that the Academy              James D. Hudson, DMD                          to be undertaken in every
is running smoothly.                            Amy L. Ludwig, DMD                            doctor’s own office.
                                                Jonathan Roberts, DDS
Respectfully submitted,                         Louis I. Rubins, DDS                       2. Programs in the Dominican
Louis I. Rubins, DDS, Chair                                                                   Republic – including “Somos
Henry E. Chalfin, DDS                                                                         Amigos” and other programs in
Egidio A. Farone, DMD                           Report of the Toast Committee:                the DR through Columbia
James D. Hudson, DMD                                                                          University.
Lois A. Jackson, DDS                            The purpose of the Toast Committee
Joyce M. Johnson, DDS                           of the New York Academy of                 3. Dental University of Guyana –
Robert D. Miner, DDS                            Dentistry is to serve at the pleasure of      under the supervision of
Stanley M. Weinstock, DDS                       the President and to offer toasts,            Dr. Arthur Hazlewood.
                                                poetry or poetic prose in an effort
                                                to broaden and challenge the               Dr. Jerry Halpern has been working
Report of the Officers Committee                intellectual curiosity of our Fellows      with Dr. Ken Trietel and others to
for Strategic Planning:                         and their guests.                          establish more domestic programs
                                                                                           and he will be providing us with local
The Officer’s Committee for Strategic           During the past year, presentations        alternatives to donating care.
Planning met and discussed an array             were made by Drs. Charles Solomon,
of topics concerning the Academy and            Robert Miner and Edgar Buehler.            Dr. James Hudson has spearheaded
its future. These included but were                                                        the creation of an online newsletter
not limited to:                                 Respectfully submitted,                    that will be posted on the NYAD
                                                Edgar L. Buehler, DDS, Chair               website highlighting all available
• Suggestions on reducing                       Robert D. Miner, DDS                       opportunities to the membership and
  e x p e n d i t u r e s for the publication   Charles S. Solomon, DDS                    this will be updated periodically.
  of “The Annals of Dentistry”.
                                                                                           We also propose five minutes at the
• Strategies to improve the humani-                                                        beginning of each meeting to discuss
  tarian mission of the Academy                                                            the opportunities to get some
  through expansion of the DDS                                                             momentum.
  program and the international
  volunteer programs.                                                                      Respectfully submitted,
                                                                                           Mark J. Bronsky, DMD, MS, Chair
• Expansion of the summer research                                                         Frank C. Andolino, DDS
  grant program for undergraduate                                                          James W. Farer, DDS
  dental students.                                                                         Arthur Hazlewood, DDS
                                                                                           James D. Hudson, DMD
• Improvement and expansion of the                                                         Michael K. Diamond, DDS
  Academy website.                                       A Fine Body of Men

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Report of the Dental Care                        feasibility basis.                        NYAD remain interested in the topic
Delivery Committee:                                                                        of delivery and make contributions to
                                                 It was felt that although this is a       the national discussion when it will be
The members of the committee met                 very timely topic, the input by the       useful.
to examine the various methods of                NYAD would not be of a significant
dental care delivery in today’s society.         contribution because the ADA and the      Respectfully submitted,
Alternative methods of delivery                  DSSNY are involved in the same            Anthony J. Curinga, DDS, Chair
were discussed and evaluated on a                issues. It was recommended that the

                          Board of Directors 2008                                                A New Standard
                                                                                the Presidential Double Fist Bump and Handshake

                          Board of Directors 2009                                              Might Meets Right

                                Active Fellows                               New York’s Finest, AKA - The Three Tenors

                                        DONATED DENTAL SERVICES
                                                    Thomas J. Connolly, DDS

Medically Essential Dental Care               Among people in that category are those      treatment if they have chronic
                                              requiring prerequisite treatment of oral     periodontal infections potentially
One manifestation of the difficult            inflammation and infections to be            compromising medical management.
economic circumstances challenging the        approved for organ transplantation.
country is the reduction in support for       Tragic but true, individuals have            We need your help! DDS volunteers are
publicly financed health care programs.       experienced unique morbidity and             seeing these very vulnerable patients as
The unmanageably large number of              some have died because they were             quickly as possible, however there is
people who needed extensive but               unable to obtain dental clearance for        a shortage of general dentists and
unaffordable and uncovered dental care        a transplant. Similarly, chemotherapy        prosthodontists, and a waiting list of
before state and local governments            for individuals with cancer and              180 needy individuals in New York
began eviscerating social and public          autoimmune       diseases     such      as   City alone.
health programs has increased                 rheumatoid arthritis and multiple
substantially. That is creating a dilemma     sclerosis has been delayed because of        Please join the other Fellows of the
for the Donated Dental Services (DDS)         concerns that the resulting immuno-          NYAD and volunteer for DDS so you
program and its network of generous           suppression would facilitate the seeding     can make an important difference in
volunteers as people in ever increasing       of septicemias from oral lesions.            these needy patients’ lives!
numbers seek help. One option being           Orthopedic and cardiac surgeries have
considered to address is the problem          also been deferred until dental infections   Thomas J Connolly DDS
of developing a medical history               could be resolved. People with               NYAD Representative to the New York
triage system so applicants with              uncontrolled diabetes are at risk of         DDS Leadership Council
medically-essential dental treatment          serious co-morbidities may also be
needs can be prioritized for help.            considered for medically-essential dental

                                                           Ethical Golfers

                                            GOLF AND TENNIS OUTING
The annual golf and tennis outing             to overpower Tom Connolly to win the         at next year’s event! Dennis Morea
was another successful event at the           tennis event. Ted is still looking for the   demonstrated his pin point accuracy
beautiful Cherry Valley Club in               correct directions to Long Island!           by winning closest to the pin.
Garden City. The weather was sunny
and our fellows enjoyed a delicious           The golf competition was closely             The day’s events concluded with a
buffet lunch prior to the afternoon           fought with John Sobel once                  relaxing cocktail hour and dinner
recreation.                                   again winning the lowest gross and           during which the awards and prizes
                                              miraculously, the longest drive as           were presented.
Jim Verna used his powers to convince         well. Our host, Steve Sloane, has
Ted Sewich not to attend this year’s          assured us that the club will be             Richard Gray is still looking for the
competition. As a result, Jim was able        checking the use of illegal equipment        shirt he won last year.

                                            2009 Golf Outing

                    The Young and the Restless

                                                                Very Active Life Fellows

The Objects in Your Rearview may be Closer Than They Appear

                                                               Perfect Alignment
          Captain of Columbia’s Golf Team

                           2009 Golf Outing

 5 Way Tie for Closest to the Hole

                                              Best Drivers

      Serve, Volley and Mingle

Just a Little Torque

Active Fellows               Dr. Fred C. Bergamo           Dr. Michael Bral
                             500 N. Fairview Avenue        30 Central Park South
Dr. James Abjanich           Paramus, NJ 07652             New York, NY 10019
60 East 42nd Street          201-261-0212                  N/A
Suite 1656
New York, NY 10165           Dr. Sidney R. Berger          Dr. Lawrence E. Brecht
212-986-4830                 57 West 57th Street, #803     275 Madison Avenue
                             New York, NY 10019            Suite 2900
Dr. H. Lee Adamo             212-753-9513                  New York, NY 10016
200 West 57th Street, #808                                 212-557-1300
New York, NY 10019           Dr. Charles Bertolami
212-333-3373                 NYUCD 345 East 24th Street    Dr. Mark J. Bronsky
                             New York, NY 10010            530 Park Avenue
Dr. Frank C. Andolino        212-998-9898                  Suite 1G
41 East 57th Street                                        New York, NY 10021
Suite 2600                   Dr. Marc J. Beshar            212-758-0040
New York, NY 10022           40 Central Park South
212-753-5575                 New York, NY 10019            Dr. Jerry M. Brown
                             212-753-2240                  19 West 44th Street
Dr. Darrick E. Antell                                      Suite 400
850 Park Avenue              Dr. Jed M. Best               New York, NY 10036
New York, NY 10075           180 West End Avenue, #1DE     212-840-2056
212-988-4040                 New York, NY 10023
                             212-362-5517                  Dr. Gregory Browne
Dr. Lisa R. Antonoff                                       515 Madison Avenue
17 Park Avenue               Dr. David S. Binder           Suite 715
New York, NY 10016           551 5th Avenue, #1114         New York, NY 10022
212-213-1897                 New York, NY 10176            212-355-4444
Dr. Michael G. Arvystas                                    Dr. Edgar Buehler
24 Washington Sq. North      Dr. Mitchell J. Bloom         630 Fifth Avenue, #1814
New York, NY 10011           880 Fifth Avenue, #1-G        New York, NY 10111
212-777-9977                 New York, NY 10021            212-581-8892
Dr. Kenneth W. Aschheim                                    Dr. Patrice M. Buonocore
44 East 67th Street          Dr. Dennis Bohlin             1110 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10021           200 West 57th Street, #1110   New York, NY 10025
212-988-2955                 New York,, NY 10019           212-751-8530
Dr. Paul Barabas                                           Dr. Steven P. Calawa
88 West Ridgewood Avenue     Dr. Stephen P. Bowne          630 Fifth Avenue, # 1815
Ridgewood, NJ 07450          509 Madison Avenue            New York, NY 10111
201-447-0855                 Suite 2100                    212-969-9490
                             New York, NY 10022
Dr. David Behrman            212-753-3723                  Dr. Dory Calev
60 Overhill Road                                           310 West 94th Street
New Rochelle, NY 10804       Dr. Alvin T. Boyd             Apt. 1D
212-746-5175                 515 Madison Avenue, #1616     New York, NY 10025
                             New York, NY 10022            212-305-4659
Dr. David Beller             212-755-9055
200 Central Park South                                     Dr. Henry E. Chalfin
New York, NY 10019           Dr. Norman Boyd, Jr.          515 Madison Avenue, #715
212-245-3292                 515 Madison Avenue, #1616     New York, NY 10022
                             New York, NY 10022            212-355-4444

Dr. Anthony E. Chillura     Dr. Martin Davis                 Dr. Cecile Feldman
67 Wall Street              Columbia Dental                  UMDNJ 110 Bergen Street
Suite 2508                  630 West 168th Street            Suite B-815
New York, NY 10005          New York, NY 10032               Newark, NJ 07101-1709
212-344-9317                212-305-3890                     973-972-4633

Dr. Steven H. Cho           Dr. Dino M. De Filippis          Dr. Jonathan Ferencz
121 East 60th Street        110 Lockwood Avenue, #100        275 Madison Avenue, #2900
Suite 7A                    New Rochelle, NY 10810           New York, NY 10016
New York, NY 10022          914-637-9600                     212-557-1300
                            Dr. Joseph C. De Lisi            Dr. James Fine
Dr. Chris Chondrogianis     130 Ft. Washington Avenue, #1B   415 Ackerman Avenue
501 Madison Avenue          New York, NY 10032               Mountainside, NJ 07092
22nd Floor                  212-568-1035                     201-792-7666
New York, NY 10022
212-755-1144                Dr. Michael K. Diamond           Dr. Arnold Fink
                            115 East 61st Street             41 East 57th Street
Dr. Joseph Ciccio, Jr.      New York, NY 10065               New York, NY 10022
1 Pondfield Road            212-486-6096                     212-421-6895
Bronxville, NY 10708
914-337-4700                Dr. Larry Dober                  Dr. Joseph M. Fink
                            119 West 57th Street, #415       4660 Iselin Avenue
Dr. Arnold M. Cochin        New York, NY 10019               Bronx, NY 10471
47 East 64th Street         212-757-1457                     212-744-6655
New York, NY 10065
212-288-0103                Dr. Lawrence Dobrin              Dr. Allan J. Formicola
                            471 Westfield Avenue             2 North Oak Court
Dr. Michael J. Collura      Roselle Park, NJ 07204           Madison, NJ O7940
1 Joy Drive                 908-298-1300                     212-304-5214
Manhasset Hills, NY 11040
212-980-7857                Dr. Robert J. Doherty            Dr. Joel M. Friedman
                            280 Mamaroneck Avenue            525 East 68th Street, F-2132
Dr. Thomas J. Connolly      White Plains, NY 10605           New York, NY 10065
654 Madison Avenue, #1005   914-948-3883                     212-746-5175
New York, NY 10065
212-888-7477                Dr. James Doundoulakis           Dr. Luis J. Fujimoto
                            53 East 66th Street              800A Fifth Avenue, #303
Dr. Colleen K. Cournot      New York, NY 10021               New York, NY 10065
30 East 40th Stt, #900      212-517-3365                     212-315-3138
New York, NY 10016
212-682-0770                Dr. Christopher J. Duffy         Dr. David C. Furnari
                            10 Baltusrol Drive               14 Harwood Court, #211
Dr. Burney M. Croll         Purchase, NY 10577               Scarsdale, NY 10583
901 Lexington Avenue        914-381-7208                     914-723-4707
New York, NY 10065
212-794-1100                Dr. Arthur Elias                 Dr. Peter C. Furnari
                            101 East 79th Street             14 Harwood Court, #211
Dr. Neal J. Cronin          New York, NY 10075               Scarsdale, NY 10583
630 Fifth Avenue            212-737-2990                     914-723-4707
New York, NY 10111
212-246-2436                Dr. Egidio Farone                Dr. Paul Galitisis
                            115 East 61st Street             21 Shelbrooke Court
Dr. Anthony J. Curinga      15th Floor                       Saddle River, NJ 07450
2118 Albany Post Road       New York, NY 10065               201-664-0787
Montrose, NY 10548          212-751-1132

Dr. David M. Gallin          Dr. Malcolm S. Graham        Dr. Andrew Hauser
654 Madison Avenue           170 Maple Avenue             101 East 79th Street
Suite 1706                   White Plains, NY 10601       New York, NY 10021
New York, NY 10065           914-949-3329                 212-737-2990
                             Dr. Irving R. Grauer         Dr. Arthur Hazlewood
Dr. Eric Gibbs               654 Madison Avenue           467 Crown Street
40 East 84th Street          Suite 1501                   Brooklyn, NY 11225
New York, NY 10028           New York, NY 10065           646-773-4982
212-535-4111                 212-758-3240
                                                          Dr. Joel A. Hirsch
Dr. Ana B. Giglio            Dr. Richard Gray             570 Park Avenue
16 East 52nd Street, #1200   488 Madison Avenue           New York, NY 10021
New York, NY 10022           Suite 200                    212-758-5858
212-486-6622                 New York, NY 10022
                             212-223-0320                 Dr. Mark Hochberg
Dr. Graziano D. Giglio                                    192 East 75th Street
16 East 52nd Street, #1200   Dr. Alex M. Greenberg        New York, NY 10021
New York, NY 10022           18 E 48th Street             212-570-2221
212-486-6622                 Suite 1702
                             New York, NY 10017           Dr. Paul J. Hoffman
Dr. Howard Glazer            212-319-9700                 203 East 62nd Street
810 Abbott Boulevard                                      New York, NY 10065
Fort Lee, NJ 07024           Dr. E. Mitchell Greenstone   212-355-4300
201-224-2705                 923 Fifth Avenue
                             Suite 1C                     Dr. R. Denise How
Dr. Joel T. Gluck            New York, NY 10021           340 West 57th Street, #7H
700 Hillside Avenue          212-734-3421                 New York, NY 10019
New Hyde Park, NY 11040                                   212-750-4590
516-352-2445                 Dr. Alyssa A. Gursky
                             328 Pondfield Road           Dr. Joy Hudecz
Dr. Steven I. Gold           Bronxville, NY 10708         142 Joralmon Street
501 Madison Avenue           212-888-2833                 Brooklyn, NY 11201
22nd Floor                                                718-625-2299
New York, NY 10022           Dr. John Halikias
212-758-4300                 2101 Brown Street            Dr. James D. Hudson
                             Brooklyn, NY 11229           630 Fifth Avenue, #1810
Dr. Jay P. Goldsmith         718-891-4243                 New York, NY 10111
535 E. 86th Street, #3A                                   212-246-2682
New York, NY 10028           Dr. Jerry L. Halpern
212-838-5895                 119 West 57th Street         Dr. Lois A. Jackson
                             Suite 914                    505 LaGuardia Place, #L4
Dr. Michael Goodman          New York, NY 10019           New York, NY 10012
30 Central Park South        212-246-4593                 212-995-8888
9th Floor
New York, NY 10019           Dr. Wesley Halpert           Dr. James Jacobs
212-319-3444                 413 East 53th Street         30 Central Park South, #2A
                             New York, NY 10022           New York, NY 10019
Dr. David Gottlieb           212-755-5411                 212-371-5250
10 Mott Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06850            Dr. James N. Harbo           Dr. William E. Jacoby, II
203-853-1120                 60 East 42nd Street          119 First Street
                             New York, NY 10165           Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423
                             212-370-9283                 201-652-7711

Dr. Margot Jaffe              Dr. Andrew S. Koenigsberg    Dr. Melvyn M. Leifert
110 East 87th Street          24 W. 57th Street            30 Fifth Avenue
Suite 1A                      Suite 701                    New York, NY 10011
New York, NY 10128            New York, NY 10019           212-533-7880
212-369-2213                  212-246-8700
                                                           Dr. Enrique Lenchewski
Dr. Peter W. Jankowski        Dr. Irwin Kolin              488 Madison Avenue
121 East 60th Street          185 Montague Street          Suite 200
New York, NY 10022            8th Floor                    New York, NY 10022
212-838-5289                  Brooklyn, NY 11201           212-223-0320
Dr. Joyce M. Johnson                                       Dr. Charles A. Lennon
34 Jennifer Place             Dr. Steven Kornhaber         654 Madison Avenue, #904
Glen Rock, NJ 07452           30 South Bayles Avenue       New York, NY 10065
201-652-8875                  Port Washington, NY 11050    212-752-1664
Dr. Charles Kaner                                          Dr. Sebastian J. Lentini
30 East 40th Street.                                       121 East 60th Street
                              Dr. John F. Kosinski
New York, NY 10016                                         11th Floor
                              115 East 67th Street
212-683-2066                                               New York, NY 10022
                              New York, NY 10065
Dr. Claudia Kaplan            212-628-4188
121 East 60th Street                                       Dr. Howard I.A. Lieb
Suite 7A                      Dr. Anne C. Kossowan         3200 Victory Boulevard
New York, NY 10022            880 Fifth Avenue             Staten Island, NY 10314
212-838-5895                  New York, NY 10021           718-761-3200
Dr. Susan Karabin                                          Dr. Jeffrey W. Linden
218 East 61st Street          Dr. Allan J. Kucine          170 West End Avenue
New York, NY 10021            122 Kettles Lane             Suite 1-L
212-756-8890                  Medford, NY 11763            New York, NY 10023
                              631-632-8951                 212-595-1161
Dr. Neil Karnofsky
1 Rockerfeller Plaza, #2212   Dr. Akshay Kumar             Dr. Richard Low
New York, NY 10020            274 State Street             26 Marks Road
212-969-9999                  Hackensack, NJ 7601          Riverside, CT 06878
                              201-489-5155                 212-662-4887
Dr. Robert Karsten
121 East 60th Street, #9A     Dr. Ira Lamster              Dr. Alan R. Lubarr
New York, NY 10022            430 Carlton Road             115 East 67th Street
212-838-5289                  Wyckoff, NJ 07481            Suite 1D
                              212-305-4511                 New York, NY 10065
Dr. Mitchell A. Kellert                                    212-628-4110
515 Madison Avenue, #715      Dr. Lloyd S Landa
New York, NY 10022            595 Madison Avenue, #1208    Dr. Amy L. Ludwig
212-355-4444                  New York, NY 10022           630 Fifth Avenue, #1810
                              212-755-9882                 New York, NY 10111
Dr. Syngcuk Kim                                            212-246-7808
45 Rockefeller Plaza
                              Dr John J. Lanzetta
Suite 1863                                                 Dr. Anthony L. Maganzini
                              501 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10111                                         558 Sparrowbush Road
                              New York, NY 10022
212-757-1000                                               Wycoff, NJ 07481
Dr. Hiroshi Kimura
30 Central Park South         Dr. Gabriela N. Lee          Dr. Michael Z. Marder
Suite 3D                      1 Rockefeller Plaza, #2223   119 West 57th Street
New York,, NY 10019           New York, NY 10020           New York, NY 10019
212-486-1121                  212-581-2442                 212-265-8291


Dr. Irena K. Mausner          Dr. Joseph F. Morales         Dr. Sheldon Nadler
30 Central Park South         1901 First Avenue             25 West 54th Street
Suite 6D                      Room 2D8A                     Suite 1D
New York, NY 10019            New York, NY 10029            New York, NY 10019
212-308-9660                  212-423-8977                  212-757-3745

Dr. Andrew S. Melinger        Dr. Frederick More            Dr. Matthew J. Neary
1414 Avenue of Americas       3 Washington Square Village   501 Madison Avenue
19th Floor                    Apt. 15B                      22nd Floor
New York, NY 10019            New York, NY 10012            New York, NY 10022
212-832-1414                  212-998-9981                  212-755-1144

Dr. Frank L. Mellana          Dr. Dennis N. Morea           Dr. Ralph K. Neuhaus
16 Lori Court                 130 Ft Washington Avenue      10 Moffatt Lane
Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677      New York, NY 10032            Chester, NY 10918
212-928-9000                  212-928-9000                  845-469-2833

Dr. Edward Miller, Jr.        Dr. Elliot M. Moskowitz       Dr. Ferdinand G. Neurohr III
121 East 60th Street          11 Fifth Avenue               60 E. 56th Street, #501
Suite 7A                      New York, NY 10003            New York, NY 10022
New York, NY 10022            212-477-3871                  212-755-8322
                              Dr. Steven S. Moss            Dr. Olivier F. Nicolay
Dr. Robert D. Miner           17 Park Avenue                133 East 58th Street, #912
88 West Ridgewood Avenue      Ground Floor                  New York, NY 10022
Ridgewood, NJ 07450           New York, NY 10016            212-207-8028
201-652-8875                  212-486-1199
                                                            Dr. Ronald Odrich
Dr. Guy N. Minoli             Dr. Letty Moss-Salentijn      532 Park Avenue
115 East 61st Street          560 Riverside Drive, 20K      New York, NY 10065
5th Floor                     New York, NY 10032            212-838-0940
New York, NY 10065            212-305-8334
212-888-4140                                                Dr. Folarin Odusola
                              Dr. Edmond O. Mukamal         325 Main Street
Dr. Alan L. Mintz             150 Irving Pl                 West Orange, NJ 07052
119 West 57th Street          Woodmere, NY 11598            973-731-8160
Suite 415                     516-374-9100
New York, NY 10019                                          Dr. Ira H. Orenstein
212-757-1457                  Dr Quentin Murphy             18 Interlaken Avenue
                              72 Pondfield Road             New Rochelle, NY 10801
Dr. David M. Momtaheni        Bronxville, NY 10708          914-682-9096
630 Fifth Avenue, #1868       914-337-1004
New York, NY 10111                                          Dr. Philip Pack
212-969-9133                  Dr. James P. Murphy, Jr.      30 East 40th Street
                              44 East 67th Street           Suite 1102
Dr. Steven Mondre             New York, NY 10065            New York, NY 10016
136 East 57th Street, #1604   212-717-5475                  212-683-4476
New York, NY 10022
212-752-8181                  Dr. Ronnie Myers              Dr. Maitreya Padukone
                              630 West 168th Street         253 West 72nd Street, #206
Dr. Ronald A. Montana         New York, NY 10032            New York, NY 10023
118 Prospect Street           212-305-5199                  212-874-2212
Ridgewood, NJ 07452-4406

Dr. Panos N. Papapanou        Dr. Anthony Randi           Dr. Stephen A. Sachs
630 West 168th Street         233 Seventh Street          2001 Marcus Avenue
PH 7E-110                     Garden City, NY 11530       Suite N-10
New York, NY 10032            516-742-2961                Lake Success, NY 11042
212-342-3008                                              516-775-1818
                              Dr. Steven Ratner
Dr. Frank Pappas              1011 Richmond Rd            Dr. Clifford E. Salm
33-03 Bell Boulevard          Staten Island, NY 10304     30 East 60th Street
Bayside, NY 11361             718-981-1800                Suite 608
718-224-4646                                              New York, NY 10022
                              Dr. Richard Rausch          212-308-3222
Dr. Jean M. Perri             1 Rockefeller Pl, #2201
501 Madison Avenue            New York, NY 10020          Dr. Mark Schachman
29th Floor                    212-581-5877                256 Columbia Turnpike
New York, NY 10022                                        Suite 205
212-688-2820                  Dr. Morton C. Rennert       Florham Park, NJ 07932
                              30 East 60th Street, #603   973-765-0011
Dr. Charles J. Perruzzi       New York, NY 10022
88 West Ridgewood Avenue      212-355-5640                Dr. Andrew Schenkel
Ridgewood, NJ 07450                                       205 Third Avenue, #17N
201-652-8875                  Dr. Scott A. Resnick        New York,, NY 10003
                              654 Madison Avenue, #1706   212-998-9722
Dr. Jonathan Perry            New York, NY 10021
488 Madison Avenue            N/A                         Dr. Morton R. Schoenberg
Suite 200                                                 630 Fifth Avenue, #1870
New York, NY 10022            Dr. Jonathan Roberts        New York, NY 10111
212-223-0320                  501 Madison Avenue          212-246-9070
                              24th Floor
Dr. Rawle F. Philbert         New York, NY 10022          Dr. Andrea Schreiber
234 East 149th Street         212-758-9690                366 Fifth Avenue, #709
Bronx, NY 10451                                           New York, NY 10001
718-579-5957                  Dr. Howard A. Rodin         212-421-1850
                              321 Middle Country Rd
Dr. David P. Pitman           Smithtown, NY 11787         Dr. Jeffrey S. Senzer
57 West 57th Street, #707     631-360-0090                1414 Avenue of Americas
New York, NY 10019                                        19th Floor
212-888-2833                  Dr. Vincent Romano          New York, NY 10019-2514
                              501 Madison Avenue          212-832-1414
Dr. Peter H. Pruden           Suite 2106
10 Cherry Lane                New York, NY 10022          Dr. Theodore Sewitch
Huntington, NY 11743          212-753-9299                60 East 56th Street
631-421-2471                                              5th Floor
                              Dr. Jack S. Roth            New York, NY 10022
Dr. Charles E. Puglisi        133 East 58th Street        212-753-7672
39 Fifth Avenue               Suite 308
New York, NY 10003            New York, NY 10022          Dr. George W. Sferra, Jr.
212-529-2929                  212-838-2011                115 East 61st Street
                                                          New York, NY 10021
Dr. Jeffrey Rabinowitz        Dr. Joseph E. Rowan         212-838-7208
120 East 56th Street, # 610   630 Fifth Avenue, #1860
New York, NY 10022            New York, NY 10111          Dr. David E. Sheinkopf
212-826-2322                  212-765-7340                57 West 57th Street
                                                          Suite 1004
Dr. Robert B Raiber           Dr. Steven M. Rubin         New York, NY 10019
630 Fifth Avenue, #1809       488 Madison Avenue, #200    212-765-5030
New York, NY 10111            New York, NY 10022-5702
212-315-0377                  212-223-0320

Dr. Margaret M. Smith Farrel   Dr. Paul J. Tannenbaum       Dr. John Varoscak
303 Main Street                218 East 61st Street         116 Central Park South
Madison, NJ 07940              New York, NY 10065           New York, NY 10019
973-966-6997                   212-756-8890                 212-581-4646

Dr. John Sobel                 Dr. Paul Tanners             Dr. Michael Vassallo
630 Fifth Avenue, #1854        515 Madison Avenue           121 East 60th Street, #10C
New York, NY 10111             Suite 1212                   New York, NY 10022
212-541-6220                   New York, NY 10022           212-832-8966
Dr. Robert M. Sorin                                         Dr. James L. Verna
425 Madison Avenue             Dr. Leslie Z. Taynor         551 5th Avenue, #1114
Suite 405                      595 Madison Avenue           New York, NY 10176
New York, NY 10017             Suite 2500                   212-753-0500
212-355-3533                   New York, NY 10022
                               212-759-1093                 Dr. Nicholas A. Vero
Dr. Alan J. Sosnay                                          756 Cedar Lane
35 East 38th Street            Dr. Albert Thompson          Teaneck, NJ 07666
New York, NY 10016             119 W. 57th Street           201-692-1919
212-599-0708                   Suite 1001
                               New York, NY 10019           Dr. Alan J. Wasserman
Dr. Stephen N. Sovich          212-581-3440                 550 Park Avenue
162 East Avenue                                             New York, NY 10065
New Canaan, CT 06840           Dr. Ira R. Titunik           212-355-6660
203-972-0588                   121 East 69th Street
                               New York, NY 10021           Dr. William Weber
Dr. Ernest Spergel             212-650-0035                 41 East 57th Street
132 East 35th Street                                        Suite 1204
Suite 1                        Dr. Michael Toffler          New York, NY 10022
New York, NY 10016             116 Central Park South       212-593-0303
212-734-1723                   Suite 3
                               New York, NY 10019           Dr. Stanley M. Weinstock
Dr. Patricia Sukmonowski       212-581-4646                 654 Madison Avenue
30 Central Park South                                       Suite 1601
Suite 6A                       Dr. Kenneth H. Treitel       New York, NY 10065
New York, NY 10019             918 Pelham Parkway South     212-759-4715
212-688-3535                   Bronx, NY 10462
                               718-823-7312                 Dr. Theodore West
Dr. Edward Swain, Jr                                        97 North Dean Street
47 East 77th Street, #216`     Dr. Alexander Tsui           Englewood, NJ 07631
New York, NY 10021             551 5th Avenue, #1114        201-567-7766
212-861-7979                   New York, NY 10176
                               212-753-0500                 Dr. George S. White
Dr. Steven B. Syrop                                         25 West 132nd Street
630 Fifth Avenue, #1857        Dr. Steven J. Tunick         Apt 16P
New York, NY 10111             119 West 57th Street         New York, NY 10037
212-969-9166                   Suite 914                    N/A
                               New York, NY 10019
Dr. Michael R. Szabatura       212-246-4593                 Dr. Clifford Williams
424 Madison Avenue                                          1 Rockefeller Plaza, # 2229
New York, NY 10017             Dr. Farhad F. Vahidi         New York, NY 10020
212-753-7400                   205 East 64th Street, #403   212-757-7075
                               New York, NY 10065
Dr. Donald Tanenbaum           212-753-7000                 Dr. Louis R. Wolf
630 Fifth Avenue, #1857                                     488 Madison Avenue, #200
New York, NY 10111                                          New York, NY 10022-5702
212-265-0110                                                212-223-0320

Dr. Michael M. Woloch        Dr. Dorline Bosboom          Dr. Michael Goldberg
30 East 40th Street          140 East 56th Street         24 W 57th Street
New York, NY 10016           Suite 1B                     Suite 701
212-685-3212                 New York, NY 10022           New York, NY 10019
                             212-752-8151                 212-246-8700
Dr. John J. Young, Jr.
30 East 40th Street          Dr. Konstantinos Cherpelis   Dr. Edward B. Goldin
Suite 502                    33-03 Bell Boulevard         60 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10016           Bayside, NY 11361            Suite 1656
212-684-6520                 718-224-4646                 New York, NY 10165
                             Dr. Julie Connolly           212-986-4830
Dr. Daniel L. Zedeker        654 Madison Avenue
18 Ashford Avenue            Suite 1005                   Dr. Edward Gottesman
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522        New York, NY 10065           218 East 61st Street
914-693-6656                 212-888-7477                 New York, NY 10065
Dr. David J. Zegarelli       Dr. Steven DeCrescenzo
380 South State Road         140 East 56th Street         Dr. William Hurwitz
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510   Suite 1B                     630 Fifth Avenue
212-305-4599                 New York, NY 10022           Suite 186v
                             212-752-8151                 New York, NY 10111
Associate Fellows            Dr. Nicholas C. DeRobertis
                             354 Old Hook Road            Dr. Aleksander Iofin
Dr. Carlos Alfonso           Westwood, NJ 07675           45 Rockefeller Plaza
100-102 Post Avenue          N/A                          Suite 1863
204th Street, Ground Floor                                New York, NY 10111
New York, NY 10034           Dr. Michael Dill             212-757-1000
646-796-2727                 1776 Martine Avenue
                             Scotch Plains, NJ 07076      Dr. Robert Iovino
Dr. Yakir Arteaga            908-889-8382                 351 Meeting House Lane
44 East 67th Street                                       Southampton, NY 11968
New York, NY 10065           Dr. Richard Elias            631-283-5626
212-988-2955                 101 East 79th Street
                             New York, NY 10021           Dr. Kenneth W. Judy
Dr. Neal Auerbach            212-737-2990                 122 East 42nd Street
57 Belleau Avenue                                         Suite 2511
New Rochelle, NY 10804       Dr. Ashraf Estafan           New York,, NY 10168
718-579-5691                 10 BriarCliff Drive          212-697-0047
                             Port Washington, NY 11050
Dr. Sara B. Babich           516-883-6199                 Dr. Steven Jutkowitz
111 East 80th Street                                      785 Park Avenue
Suite #1A                    Dr. Terese Fay               New York, NY 10021
New York, NY 10075           630 Fifth Avenue, #1865      212-535-1218
212-988-4070                 New York, NY 10111
                             212-759-1383                 Dr. Paul Kamen
Dr. Lawrence Bailey                                       532 Park Avenue
43 West 61st Street          Dr. Robert S. Glickman       New York, NY 10065
Apt. 15-F                    345 East 24th Street         212-838-0940
New York, NY 10023           Clinic 2A
212-932-6596                 NYU College Of Dentistry     Dr. Cheryl Kantor-Goldenberg
                             New York, NY 10010           515 Madison Avenue, #3303
Dr. Charles Berman           212-998-9672                 New York,, NY 10022
211 Central Park West                                     212-751-1333
Apt. 17H
New York, NY 10024

Dr. Andrew K. Kim            Dr. Geraldine A. McManus       Dr. Daniel M. Schweitzer
41 East 57th Street          114 Wentz Avenue               133 East 58th Street, #803
Suite 1204                   Springfiled, NJ 07081          New York, NY 10022
New York, NY 10022           718-474-6500                   212-759-4969
                             Dr. Michelle Mirsky            Dr. Bernard Shakter
Dr. Scott O. Kissel          104-110 East 40th Street       22 Polo Field Lane
501 Madison Avenue           ST502                          Great Neck, NY 11020
Suite 2101                   NY, NY 10016                   718-883-4046
New York, NY 10022           212-687-3808
212-702-9088                                                Dr. David M. Shipper
                             Dr. Michael C. Mistretta       101 Central Park West
                             200 Central Park South, #105   New York, NY 10023
Dr. John F. Kruse            New York, NY 10019             212-877-0405
630 Fifth Avenue, #1818      212-245-3929
New York, NY 10111                                          Dr. Michael Soloway
212-246-1260                 Dr. Gregg Monterosso           425 Madison Avenue, #405
                             One Rockefeller Plaza          New York, NY 10017
Dr. Kunal Lal                Suite 2223                     212-308-7504
501 Madison Avenue           New York, NY 10020
24th floor                   212-581-2442                   Dr. Adrienne Spiegel
New York, NY 10022                                          300 East 33rd Street
917-304-1034                 Dr. Jay M. Neugarten           Apt. 16J
                             110 East 55th Street           New York, NY 10016
Dr. Michael F. Leifert       15th Floor                     212-889-3731
30 Fifth Avenue              New York, NY 10022
Suite I.J.                   212-308-9200                   Dr. Kathy Udell-Martin
New York, NY 10011                                          20 Dogwood Road
212-533-7880                 Dr. Lawrence Passarelli        West Orange, NJ 07052
                             172 Franklin Avenue            973-972-3367
Dr. Marc Lemchen             Ridgewood, NJ 07450
553 Park Avenue              201-444-4050                   Dr. John D. Ward
New York, NY 10065                                          104 East 40th Street
212-755-2333                 Dr. Steven N. Rosenberg        Suite 806
                             30 East 60th Street, #608      NY, NY 10016
Dr. Jack Levi                New York, NY 10022             212-986-8151
185 Cedar Lane               212-486-6668
Teaneck, NJ 07666                                           Dr. P. Deborah Weisfuse
201-385-5400                 Dr. Esther S. Rubin            12 E. 41 Street, #1100
                             18 East 48th Street            New York, NY 10017
Dr. Richard J. Lewenson      Suite 1101                     212-685-4730
25 Central Park West         New York, NY 10017
Suite1B                      212-593-7272
New York, NY 10023                                          Life Fellows
212-581-2212                 Dr. Rodolfo Sanchez
                             150 East 58th Street           Dr. Robert N.S. Adamson
Dr. Robert Lipner            Annex Building, 10th Floor     9 Montgomery Pkwy
12 East 41st Street, #1100   New York, NY 10155             Branford, CT 06405
New York, NY 10017           212-661-2192                   203-488-2481
                             Dr. Gail E. Schupak            Dr. Stanley J. Antonoff
Dr. Jorge Matos              30 Central Park South          9090 Alexandria Drive
2 Colony Lane                Suite 6C                       Weeki Wachee, FL 34613
Manhasset, NY 11030          New York, NY 10019             352-597-0810
212-758-0040                 212-753-5540

Dr. Edward B. Armstrong             Dr. Robert Gottsegen         Dr. Francis V. Panno
2800 South Ocean Boulevard, 15A     3301 Theall Road             PO Box 479
Boca Raton, FL 33432                Rye, NY 10580                69 Mead Street
N/A                                 N/A                          Waccabuc, NY 10597
Dr. Marshall A. Brothers            Dr. Alvin J. Grayson
4302 Alton Road 845                 415 East 52nd Street         Dr. Chris Philip
Miami Beach, FL 33140               New York, NY 10022           4915 Broadway
305-532-9740                        212-744-0606                 New York, NY 10034
Dr. Anthony S. Caruso               Dr. Frank R. Hopf
10321 Trellis Crossing Lane, #12C   33 Old Field Hill Road, #7   Dr. Alfred Pollack
Richmond, VA 23238                  Southbury, CT 06488          6310 Evian Place
N/A                                 N/A                          Boynton Beach, FL 33437
Dr. David H. Coelho                 Dr. James P. Jones
26910 Grand Central Parkway         5420 Connecticut NW          Dr. Samuel P. Pritz
Suite 24K                           Washington, DC 20015         870 Fifth Ave
Floral Park, NY 11005-1010          202-966-8438                 Apt 4E
516-484-8877                                                     New York, NY 10021
                                    Dr. Ralph S. Kaslick         N/A
Dr. Milton Cooper                   136 East 76th Street, #10B
563 Lee Court                       New York, NY 10021           Dr. John J. Putnam
Wyckoff, NJ 07481                   N/A                          121 East 60th Street
N/A                                                              New York, NY 10022
                                    Dr. Anthony La Forgia        212-832-5966
Dr. Kenneth C. Deesen               1952 Kwansan Court
32-27 167th Street                  Toms River, NJ 08755-0892    Dr. Alfred J. Raccuia
Flushing, NY 11358-1257             N/A                          40 Willow Pond Road
N/A                                                              Staten Island, NY 10304
                                    Dr. Angelo R. Lombardi       718-259-5912
Dr. Anthony DiMango                 533 Nordhoff Drive
135 77th Street                     Leonia, NJ 07605-1010        Dr. Arthur S. Rasi
Brooklyn, NY 11209                  201-944-5215                 10015 West Royal Oak Road
718-630-8816                                                     Apt. 105
                                    Dr. John J. Lucca            Sun City, AZ 85351
Dr. Morton L. Divack                524 East Gate Road           623-974-5564
166-25 Powells Cove Boulevard, 3H   Ridgewood, NJ 07450
Beechhurst, NY 11357                N/A                          Dr. Jules Roistacher
N/A                                                              2500 Parkview Drive
                                    Dr. Howard B. Menell         Hallendale, FL 33009
Dr. James W. Farer                  223 Weaver Street            N/A
One Lincoln Plaza                   Apt. 20B
Apt 14K                             Greenwich, CT 06831          Dr. Sheldon J. Ross
New York, NY 10023-7131             N/A                          136 East 36th Street, #1B
212-877-2612                                                     New York, NY 10016
                                    Dr. Henry I. Nahoum          212-683-3337
Dr. Robert L Fisher                 26846 Oak Hollow Road
30 Park Avenue                      Laguna Hills, CA 92653       Dr. Gordon H. Rovelstad
Apt. 7G                             N/A                          5400 Vantage Point Road, 706
New York, NY 10016                                               Columbia, MD 21044
212-685-4103                        Dr. John J. OKeefe           410-992-1130
                                    4241 201st. Street, #527
Dr. Stephen F. Goodman              Bayside, NY 11361            Dr. J. Gordon Rubin
28 Franklin Road                    718-229-1749                 724 Tropical Circle
Scarsdale, NY 10583                                              Sarasota, FL 34242
914-723-2740                                                     N/A

Dr. Jerome Schweitzer            Dr. Gerald S. Wank            Dr. Joseph Pian Piano
PO Box 908                       40 Bayview Avenue             10 East 40th Street, #1210
Westhampton Beach, NY 11978      Great Neck, NY 11021          New York, NY 10016
N/A                              516-487-7877                  212-686-6644

Dr. George W. Sferra, Sr.        Dr. Robert M. Wein            Dr. R. Chester Redhead
115 East 61st Street             6 Summit Avenue               2225 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10021               Bronxville, NY 10708          New York, NY 10037
212-838-7208                     N/A                           212-368-6700

Dr. Mortimer L. Shakun           Dr. Richard I. Wiggs          Dr. John M. Scarola
6 Labaw Drive                    600-07 Pine Hollow Road       501 Madison Avenue
Cranberry, NJ 08512              E. Norwich, NY 11737          24th Floor
609-860-1921                     212-391-1385                  New York, NY 10022
Dr. David Shelby                 Dr. Tobias Yospin
500 E. 77th Street               4 Pine Drive North            Dr. Joseph K. Spector
Apt 1804                         Roslyn, NY 11576-2016         25 Steven Lane
New York, NY 10162               516-621-8079                  Great Neck, NY 11024
212-995-4241                                                   N/A
                                 Dr. Jerome A. Zane
Dr. Marvin Simring               203 East 72nd Street          Dr. Kenneth L. Siegel
2501 NW 21st Avenue              Apt 26D                       1 East 69th Street
Gainesville, FL 32605            New York, NY 10021            New York, NY 10021
N/A                              212-826-0777                  212-772-7730

Dr. Jerome M. Sorrel                                           Dr. Charles S. Solomon
7 Doral Greens Drive East        Active Life Fellows           515 Madison Avenue
Rye Brook, NY 10573                                            Suite 715
212-998-9513                     Dr. Stanley P. Freeman        New York, NY 10022
                                 22 Imperial Avenue            212-355-4444
Dr. Peter Strife, II             Westport, CT 06880
53 E. 66 Street, #5D             203-227-3709                  Dr. Ronald Topal
New York, NY 10065                                             2109 Broadway
                                 Dr. Joel Goldin               Suite 201
Dr. Norman P. Tanz               60 East 42nd Street           New York, NY 10023
715 Park Avenue, #10D            New York, NY 10165            212-874-0030
New York, NY 10021               212-986-4830
N/A                                                            Dr. John E. Walsh
                                 Dr. David Hendell             1070 Boston Post Road
Dr Robert W. Tirrell, Jr.        110 West 34th Street, #1203   Rye, NY 10580
PO Box 37                        New York, NY 10001            212-247-6018
1999 Shadow Lake Road            212-947-6418
Lower Waterford, VT 05848-0037                                 Dr. Ira D. Zinner
802-748-8538                     Dr. Eugene P. LaSota          115 East 61st Street
                                 1 Rockefeller Plaza, #2233    New York, NY 10065
Dr. Norman Trieger               New York, NY 10020            212-421-8118
55 Lakeside Drive                212-581-2442
Larchmont, NY 10538
914-834-9441                     Dr. Richard M. Lichtenthal    Retired Life Fellows
                                 630 West 168th Street
Dr. Edwin C. Van Valey           7th Floor                     Dr. Lillian H. Bachman
PO Box 118                       New York, NY 10032            1065 Park Avenue
Red Hook, NY 12571               212-305-9898                  New York, NY 10128-1001
845-758-6182                                                   212-369-0632

Dr. Brendan J. Boylan      Dr. John H. Duxbury          Dr. Richard D. Mumma, Jr
2051 County Route 21       2683 Pine Street             670 Plantation Drive
Valatie, NY 12184          San Francisco, CA 94115      Titusville, FL 32780
212-753-5575               N/A                          407-269-8209

Dr. Alfred Carin           Dr. Bert D. Gaster           Dr. Peter J. Notaro
121 East 60th Street       100 Bleecker Street, 28E     12278 Colony Preserve Drive
Suite 7C                   New York, NY 10012           Boynton Beach, FL 33437
New York, NY 10022         212-529-2416                 N/A
                           Dr. Jay I. Glat              Dr. Henry John Sazima
Dr. Fredric E. Goodman     52 Summit Street             c/o C. Cortese
301 East 75th Street       White Plains, NY 10607       P.O. Box 21302
Suite 18D                  914-761-4443                 South Euclid, OH 44121-0302
New York, NY 10021                                      301-229-1508
N/A                        Dr. Walter A. Gutstein
                           8184 Collingwood Court       Dr. Leslie W. Seldin
Dr. Jack Hirsch            University Park, FL 34201    40 East 66th Street
336 West End Avenue        941-355-9267                 New York, NY 10021
Apt. 12A                                                N/A
New York, NY 10023         Dr. John Iacono
212-893-9848               169 Eakins Road              Dr Abbe J. Selman
                           Manhasset, NY 11030          14 Washington Place
Dr. Martin S. Levitt       N/A                          New York, NY 10003
2 Westgate Lane, #2D                                    N/A
Boynton Beach, FL 33436    Dr. Arthur Ihle
201-768-4121               PO Box 949                   Dr. Robert Tauber
Dr Louis I. Rubins         Sag Harbor, NY 11963-0949    3906 Victoria Drive
9 Westview Lane            561-276-0264                 Mt. Kisco, NY 10549
Scarsdale, NY 10583                                     N/A
914-472-6678               Dr. Bertram Josephson
                           3 Easthaven Lane             Dr. Russell J. Vanacek
Dr. Robert A. Saporito     White Plains, NY 10605       PO Box 639
835 South Drive            N/A                          Stratton Mountain, VT 05155
Brick, NJ 08724                                         802-297-1587
N/A                        Dr. Gerald M. Kelner
                           10069 Shadywood Place        Dr. Allen M. Weinert
                           Boyton Bch, FL 33437         PO Box 520
Retired Fellows            N/A                          Grantham, NH 03753
Dr. Herbert N. Appel       Dr. Joseph S. Lavinio, Jr.
1150 Park Avenue           2616 NE 35th Street
Apt. 8D                    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33306     Non-Resident Fellows
New York, NY 10128         954-568-4227
N/A                                                     Dr. D. Walter Cohen
                           Dr. Morton A. Loring         Drexel University
Dr. Roy Boelstler          22 Pond Lane                 1601 Cherry Street
284 Elderfields Road       Armonk, NY 10504             Suite 1050
Manhasset, NY 11030        N/A                          Philadelphia, PA 19102
516-627-2599                                            215-253-7385
                           Dr. Terence J. McGrath
Dr. Gerard P. Cloney       67 Shinnecock Road           Dr. Joshua M. Greenberg
Box 567- 15 Herrick Road   Hampton Bays, NY 11946       99 November Drive
Sharon, CT 06069           631-728-5845                 Suite 301
860-364-0811                                            Camp Hill, PA 17011

Dr. Richard A. Greenberg      Dr. Steven M. Roser
13 Raindance Court            1365 Clifton Road
Santa Fe, NM 87506            NE Bldg. B
203-869-2884                  Suite 2300
                              Atlanta, GA 30322
Dr. Renee W. Joskow           404-778-5883
PO Box 83024
Gaithersburg, MD 20883-3024
301-435-0961                  Honorary Fellows
Dr. Stuart Lieberman          Dr. Charles A. McCallum
3250 NW 63rd Street           2328 Garland Drive
Boca Raton, FL 33496          Birmingham, AL 35216
N/A                           205-978-3674

Dr. William E. McManus
1185 Harbor Links Circle
Vero Beach, FL 32967


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