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									                                                                                     University at B uffalo


                                     ELDER LAW
                                                                                                       * NY Alcove
                                                                              # Availab le to law studen ts via Lexis
                                                                           % Available to law students via Westlaw
Frolik              Elder L aw in a Nutshe ll, 4th ed.                              Reserve KF 390 A4 F752 2006
Lynn                Introdu ction to E state Pla nning in a Nutshe ll, 5th ed.             Reserve KF 750 L9 2004
Menne ll            Wills and Trusts in a Nutshe ll, 3d ed.                          Reserve KF 755 Z9 M38 2007
Bove                The Medicaid Planning Handbook                                       Ref KF 3608 A4 B68 1992
Clifford            Nolo s Simple Will Book, 7th ed.          (Forms in Koren)                Ref KF 755 C54 2007
Clifford            The Quick & Legal Will Book, 5th ed.         (Forms in Koren)         Ref KF 755 Z9 C55 2008
Fleming             Estate Planning & Administration                                          Ref KF 750 F59 2001
Matthews            Social Security, Medicare & Pensions, 6th ed                           Ref KF 390 A4 M3 1996
Schurkman & Beane   Elder Law Q & A                                                        Ref KFN 5111 A33 S38
Shenkman            Estate Planning Step By Step                                         Ref KF 750 Z9 S484 1997
Weisman             A Guide to Elder Planning                                                KF 390 A4 W45 2004
Coyle & Haman       New York Power of Attorney Handbook: With Forms                       Ref KFN 5336 C69 1997
Goldfarb            New York G uide to T ax, Estat e & Fin ancial P lanning for the E lderly
                          (Forms in Koren)                                            KFN 5111 A 33 G6 5 1999 * #
Kassoff             Elder Law and Guardianship in New York            (Forms in Koren)     KFN 5111 A 33 K3 7* %
NYS                 Law Guardian Program R esource Directory           

NYSBA               Guardianship Practice in New York State, 2 v.                            KFN 5134 G84 1997*
PLI                 New York Elder Law                                              KFN 5111 A33 N488 1995 # %
Russo & Rachlin                                                                   KFN 5111 A33 N488 %
                    New York Elder Law a nd Special Needs Practice (Forms in Koren)
ABA                 The Lawyer s Guide to Elder Injury and Accident Compensation                 KF 1257 O73 2004
ABA                 Legal Guide for Americans Over 50, 2d ed.                                 KF 390 A4 A43 2006
ABA                 A Pra ctical Gu ide to M edicare A ppeals                                KF 3608 A4 C57 2007
ALI-ABA             Counseling Older C lients, 2d ed.                                         KF 390 A4 B37 2005
Begley              Representing the Elderly Client: Law & Practice
                          (Accompanying CD in Koren)                                       KF 390 A4 B44 1999 %
Jordan              Dura ble Pow ers of At torney & He alth care Directiv es, 4th ed.
                          (Forms in Koren)                                                 Ref KF 1347 D7 2004 %
Doukas              Planning for Uncertainty , 2d ed.                                   Ref KF 3827 E87 D68 2007
Edelstein                Attorney's Guide to Home Equity Conversion, 1992                        KF 1035 Z9 E34 1992
Frolik                   Residence Options for O lder and Disabled Clients
                             (Accompanying CD in Koren)                                          KF 390.A4 F755 2008
Frolik                   The Law of Later-Life Health Care and Decision Making                         KF 3608 A4 F76
Hunt                     Understanding Elder Law                   (Forms in Koren)               KF 390 A4 H86 2002
Hunt                     A Lawyer s Guide to Estate Planning (Forms in Koren)                        KF 750 H85 2004
Helewitz                 Elder Law                                                                KF 390 A4 H45 2001
Jasper                    Guardianship, Conservatorship and the Law                                   KF 553.J37 2008
Krauskopf                 Elderlaw: Advocacy for the Aging 2d ed. (cancelled 2007)              KF 390 A4 K7 1993 %
PLI                       Annual Elder Law Institute (2002-2003, 2005-2007)                           KF 390 A4 E425
Rozovsky                  Consent to Treatment (cancelled 2005)                                   KF 3827 I5 R69 2000
Weisman                   A Guide to Elder Planning                                              KF 390 A4 W45 2004
Zimny & Grossberg         Guardianship of the Elderly: Psych iatric & Judicial Aspects               KF 553 G83 1998

CCH                       Medicare and Medicaid Guide                                                 KF 3608 A4 M43

Margo lis                  The ElderLaw Portfolio Series                                             KF 390 A4 E429 1993
            1. Practical Aspects of Managing an Elder Law Practice
            2. Med icaid Eligibility
            3. Med icaid Tru sts: Self-Settled an d Spou sal-Settled T rusts
            4. Tax Im plications of T ransfers of Ass ets
            5. Housing Options
            6. Medicare
            7. Guardianship: Its Nature and Basic Processes
            8. Long-Term Care Insurance: Its Role in the Elder law Practice
            9. Medicaid: Strategies for Resource Planning
            10. Planning for Retirement Benefit Distributions
            11. Me dicaid T rusts: Estate P lanning Usin g Non-M edicaid D isqualifying Self-Se ttled Trusts
            12. Rights o f Long-Te rm Care F acility Residen ts
            13. Nursing Home Litigation

Margo lis                 ElderLaw Forms Manual          (Accompanying CD in Koren)          Ref KF 390 A4 M37 1992

Voice of Experience: A Publication of the ABA Senior Lawyers Division                               KF 297 A1 S46%
The Elder Law Journal                                                                                    K 5 L34 # %
New York Elder Law Newsletter                                                                     KFN 5111 A33 A17*

Legal assistanc e to older p eople
Old age assistance Law and legislation
Older people Legal status, laws, etc. United States
Older people Long-tern care Law and legislation United States
Older people Medical care law and legislation United States
Older people Taxation Law and legislation United States

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