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Meet Maddy - St. Louis Children's Hospital


									      Showing the positive
      impact your gifts make
      in the lives of children.

A    P u b l i c a t i o n        o f   S t .       L o u i s       C h i l d r e n ’s     H o s p i t a l       F o u n d a t i o n

Join the Circle                          Making a Difference                                 Little Wishes.
Help us fulfill our                      Bill Sunderland’s legacy                            Big Impact.
mission and become                       will live on through his                            Learn how you can make

                                  3                                        6        10
a Circles of Commitment                  generous gift to                                    wishes come true for
member today.                            Children’s Hospital.                                patients at Children’s Hospital.

Surgical                                                                  Meet Maddy
Research Holds
Promise of Better                                                         In November 2007, Angie Levy and her husband, Eric,
                                                                          eagerly anticipated the 20-week pregnancy ultrasound of their
                                                                          baby. The ultrasound revealed they were having a girl whom
Treatments                                                                they named Maddy. But the ultrasound also showed a hole in
                                                                          the baby’s diaphragm that allowed some of the organs
                                                                          normally found in the abdomen, such as the intestines and
                                                                          liver, to move into the chest cavity, preventing normal lung

                                                                          This life-threatening condition is known as congenital
                                                                          diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). Sadly, half the babies born with
                                                                          CDH die shortly after birth and few pediatric surgeons have
                                                                          the skills or expertise to treat CDH successfully.

                                                                          As a newborn intensive care unit (NICU) nurse at St. Louis
                                                                          Children’s Hospital, Angie was well aware of the danger her
                                                                          baby was in. “I just cried and cried,” she says. “In the NICU,
                                                                          I’ve seen many babies with CDH not make it.”

                                                                          On April 6, 2008, Maddy was delivered
                                                                          at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and immediately transferred to
                                                                          Children’s Hospital. Because Maddy needed to be put on
                                                                          a ventilator immediately, Angie didn’t even get to hold her.
                                                                          Surgery was Maddy’s only hope with a 50 percent chance
While direct patient care is the most immediate and impactful             of survival.
way to restore health and heal sick children, research is also
important. It’s key to discovering novel treatments and                   Four days after birth, Maddy was ready for
improving outcomes and survival rates for children.                       surgery. Brad Warner, MD, surgeon-in-chief
                                                                          at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, who has
At St. Louis Children’s Hospital, research is growing in the              researched CDH, performed the surgery to
area of pediatric surgery, thanks to the Children’s Surgical              move the wayward organs back into the
Sciences Institute (CSSI).                                                abdomen and put a patch over the hole
                                                                          in Maddy’s diaphragm.
CSSI research will lead to new treatments in major areas
of children’s surgical care. These treatments will improve                continued on page 3
survival rates and equip pediatric surgeons with better, more
sophisticated, and less invasive surgical techniques.
continued on page 2

                                                gifts – Fall 2009                                          
Surgical Research
continued from page 1

These advances will bring new hope to families as Children’s
Surgical Sciences Institute-originated surgical methods are
adopted in other surgical programs around the globe.
Children’s Hospital has an opportunity to greatly advance
its role in surgical research and innovation through CSSI.
                                                                      Jun Guo, PhD, Brad Warner, MD, and Christopher Erwin, PhD,
CSSI’s physician leader is Brad W. Warner, surgeon-in-chief
                                                                      view western blot results in the Intestinal Adaptation Lab.
at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Jessie L. Ternberg, MD, PhD,
Distinguished Professor of Pediatric Surgery, and division
director of pediatric surgery at Washington University School
of Medicine. He is a top pediatric surgeon and a widely
published researcher.                                                CSSI we can do that. The Institute’s research will directly
                                                                     translate to better care for children.”
“Through CSSI, we’ve assembled a group of surgeons in
a brand new lab to facilitate discussion and bring research          For more information on how you can participate in this
under one roof to focus on specific pediatric surgical               life-saving, hope-raising pediatric surgical care through
conditions,” Dr. Warner says. “Research will benefit from            CSSI, please contact Julie Reinke at 314.286.1072 or
the synergy of our ideas. Currently, there’s nothing like CSSI I
anywhere else in the United States.”

Dr. Warner continues, “Surgical research is so important
because we deal with so many conditions in surgery. This
                                                                      CSSI’s Focus
research is an opportunity to understand underlying congenital        Children’s Surgical Sciences Institute research will lead to
disorders so we can develop new surgical practices to better          new treatments in major areas of children’s surgical care.
treat these problems. Experienced doctors are working in a            Initially, CSSI is focusing on four specialty areas:
leading-edge facility, creating new knowledge, and seeking
to improve the way we care for children. These doctors are            I Fetal repair
invested in a specific disease, creating the likelihood of better      Surgeons are more frequently able to correct life-
outcomes for children based on research evidence.”                     threatening defects before a baby has even been
                                                                       born through in-utero surgery. Dr. Warner has recently
Finding the Right People to Move Forward                               recruited a pediatric surgeon to bolster his team’s
Dr. Warner says one of the biggest obstacles to surgical               capabilities in fetal procedures, as well as conduct
research is the short supply of pediatric surgeons available to        clinical research into congenital birth defects.
perform the research. Recruitment is a pivotal component of
Dr. Warner’s efforts to build the Institute.                          I Childhood cancer
                                                                        Surgery plays a key role in cancer treatment, yet many
“Under Dr. Warner’s leadership, CSSI will recruit other gifted          types of childhood cancers still can’t be cured. Research
pediatric surgeons who have demonstrated clear potential for            in this area could change that by developing new surgical
achieving significant research breakthroughs,” explains Lee             treatment options. Dr. Warner is carefully building this
Fetter, president of St. Louis Children’s Hospital. “The Institute      area and searching for the best and brightest cancer
will then give these talented surgeons the laboratories,                surgeon researcher to lead this initiative.
technical support, and funding required to pursue medical
miracles. Ultimately, CSSI will help us provide better ways           I Trauma
to treat children for better outcomes.”                                 St. Louis Children’s Hospital is a leading referral
                                                                        center for regional trauma cases. The program is rapidly
Dr. Warner emphasizes that he’s very selective in who he                developing, with an increase in staff members to help
brings into CSSI. “I’m holding out for those committed to it.           investigate better treatments for childhood trauma to
Our success is a breeding ground for future pediatric                   improve survival rates and to prevent trauma in the
surgeons. We want to inspire them. We’re the tree that                  first place.
drops the seeds for the future.”
                                                                      I Pediatric gastroenterology
In the future, CSSI will grow to focus on other areas as                Dr. Warner has a special interest in pediatric
well, such as pediatric urology, pediatric neurosurgery,                gastroenterology and continues his research through CSSI.
otolaryngology, and cardiology.                                         Necrotizing enterocolitis and short bowel syndrome are
                                                                        two areas of current research. Congenital conditions, such
The growth of the Institute is exciting, yet the needs to help it       as diaphragmatic hernias, are also a focus. Children’s
achieve its potential are great. “Through CSSI, we’ll be able to        Hospital surgeons not only diagnose and treat
offer patients more expertise,” Dr. Warner says. “Our goal is           diaphragmatic hernias (protrusion of abdominal contents
to add evidence-based care to the important experience we               into the chest through a weakness in the respiratory
already have. It’s time to make more advances, and through              diaphragm), but have investigated and carried out new
                                                                        surgical methods to improve outcomes.

gifts – Fall 2009

Join the Circle                                                    Happy Birthday
We invite you to become our partner in surrounding                 Olson Family
children with world-class pediatric care by becoming
a member of the Circles of Commitment. The Circles
of Commitment represent our generous leaders in
philanthropy who make annual contributions of
$1,000 or more.                                                    For 10 years, the Olson Family Garden has been providing
                                                                   patients and families with a peaceful place for reflection,
Circles members’ contributions are the lifeblood of the            solace and healing. Named for Bruce and Kim Olson, the
hospital. In 2008, nearly one third of the funds that the          garden is home to more than 7,000 plants and flowers.
Children’s Hospital Foundation put to work toward
excellence in care for children came from Circles member           In addition to a variety of places to sit and rest, including a
support. With your help, we can care for children who              swing, benches and small coves, children enjoy crafts, puppet
are uninsured and underinsured, provide the best medical           shows and performances by magicians and storytellers. Other
               equipment available, ensure that children’s         features include waterfalls, winding paths and steppingstones
                  social and emotional needs are met while         that take garden visitors from fountains to flower beds to
                    at the hospital, and give families access      ponds filled with goldfish and views of nearby Forest Park. I
                     to the support and resources they need        I
                      to help their children heal.

                     Please join this special family of
                    community leaders and demonstrate
                                                                                                             Children’s Hospital
                  your commitment to our mission—we
                                                                                                             patient, Rainey, helped
               do what’s right for kids—with your gift                                                       Bruce Olson cut the
         through the Circles of Commitment this year. You                                                    cake at the birthday
may send your check in the envelope provided or contact                                                      party on September 24.
the Foundation office at 314.286.0988 or toll-free at                                                        Patients, families, staff
                                                                                                             and Foundation board
888.559.9699 for more information.                                                                           members enjoyed the
                                                                                                             celebration which
Circle   of   Champions     $25,000 or more                                                                  included the Clown
Circle   of   Care          $10,000–24,999                                                                   Docs, TOUCH
Circle   of   Promise       $5,000–9,999                                                                     (Therapy Of Unique
                                                                                                             Canine Helpers)
Circle   of   Hope          $2,500–4,999                                                                     therapy dogs and flower
Circle   of   Love          $1,000–2,499 I                                                                   pot painting.

Meet Maddy
continued from page 1
                                                                   The next day, nurses removed Maddy’s breathing tube.
                                                                   A week later, the Levys took Maddy home.

                                                                   “I know she is a miracle,” Angie says. “She also survived
Maddy was hospitalized and on a ventilator for weeks after         because of Dr. Warner. He is an amazing doctor and is so
surgery. “Finally, three weeks after she was born, I got to hold   passionate about what he does.”
her for the first time,” Angie says. “That’s when I truly
felt like a mom.”                                                  Today, Maddy is a healthy, active toddler. “Maddy wakes
                                                                   up smiling and goes to bed smiling,” Angie says. “She’s
                                                                   such a joy.”

                                                                   Angie knows many other parents who have lost their babies
                                                                   to CDH. “Research on CDH is so important because we don’t
                                                                   know the exact cause of it, and there is not consistency of
                                                                   treatment and outcomes at any one children’s hospital. Too
                                                                   many babies are dying from CDH,” Angie says.

                                                                   Under the leadership of Dr. Warner, CDH is being researched
                                                                   through the Children’s Surgical Sciences Institute.

                                                                   “We feel so fortunate to have Maddy with us. We thank God
                                                                   everyday for her and to Dr. Warner and the other physicians
Maddy received her life-saving surgery when she was just four      and nurses who treated her. We couldn’t imagine our lives
days old. She remained in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit for
                                                                   without Maddy.” I
several weeks after the procedure.

The 2nd Annual
Children’s Discovery
Institute Symposium
Could a child with heart failure benefit from a drug
that controls blood sugar? Can we find a treatment
for muscular dystrophy targeted to the genetics of the

Those were just some of the questions discussed when
scientists, investors, and friends of the Children’s                        Lee Fetter, Debbie Tarlow, and Chris and Megan Frank attended
Discovery Institute gathered on September 30 at the                         the 2nd Annual Children’s Discovery Institute Symposium.
Eric P. Newman Education Center for this year’s investor
symposium. The symposium showcased the work of
Institute investigators, who presented posters of their                  Lee Fetter, President of St. Louis Children’s Hospital,
research or gave talks during breakout sessions.                         “many applications of basic research to childhood illness
                                                                         just wouldn’t be happening without funding from the
Investigators described how advances in “bench”                          Children’s Discovery Institute.”
research—basic lab studies in cells or in mice—could be
harnessed to improve pediatric medicine, and how the                     To read more about the symposium and the Children’s
Institute helps make this possible. In the words of                      Discovery Institute visit I

Record-Breaking Success at Carousel Gala
                                                                                            More than 430
                                                                                            people celebrated
                                                                                            with the Friends of
                                                                                            St. Louis Children’s
                                                                                            Hospital at The
                                                                                            Ritz-Carlton for their
                                                                                            biennial black-tie Carousel
                                                                                            Gala on November 7.
                                                                                            Through donations, tickets and a live auction,
                                                                                            the 2009 event raised $560,000 for 454-TEEN
                                                                                            and Healthy Kids Express.

                                                                                            A record number of corporations and individuals
                                                                                            supported efforts at the sponsorship level, which
                                                                                            was led by platinum sponsors; Anheuser-Busch;
                                                                                            Alberici Healthcare; The Imbs and Parriott
                                                                                            Family; Mrs. Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. and Steve
                                                                                            and Michelle Trulaske.

                                                                                            “We received outstanding support from our
                                                                                            chairs, the committee, auction donors and the
                                                                                            community,” said Lisa Imbs, Carousel event
                                                                                            chair. “Thanks to their efforts and dedication,
                                                                                            we are able to help more children through
Van and Marion Black, Honorary Chairs, Steve and Michelle Trulaske, Patron Chairs,
Chris and Lisa Imbs, General Chairs, Drs. Steven and Danny Plax, Physician                  454-TEEN and Healthy Kids Express community
Chairs. Not pictured is Physician Chair Dr. Katie Plax                                      programs.” I

gifts – Fall 2009

Great News!                                                          St. Louis Children's Hospital
                                                                     Receives Nearly $1 Million
                                                                     in Grants to Enroll Under-
Award-winning Website                                                Insured Children
                                 St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s
                                                                     HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has announced $40
                                 website received two 2009
                                                                     million in grants to 69 grantees in 41 states and the
                                 WebAwards for “Healthcare
                                                                     District of Columbia to help them find and enroll children
                                 Provider Standard of Excellence”
                                                                     who are uninsured but eligible for either Medicaid or the
                                 and “Non-Profit Standard of
                                                                     Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).
                                 Excellence” from the Web
                                 Marketing Association.
                                                                     As part of the grant release, $985,373 will go to St. Louis
                                                                     Children’s Hospital Foundation. The Foundation will use
Award entries from 47 countries were judged against a
                                                                     the funds to partner with Metropolitan Organizations
standard of excellence and then against other entries in a
                                                                     Strengthening and Empowering Society (MOSES), a group
category. A minimum score was required to qualify for an
                                                                     of St. Louis churches that will mobilize a grassroots
award. All entries were judged on the following seven criteria:
                                                                     community-wide enrollment effort utilizing church-affiliated
design, innovation, content, technology, interactivity, copy
                                                                     advocates. The hospital will also collaborate with other
writing and ease of use.
                                                                     community groups that target teens, immigrants and
                                                                     the underserved. “St. Louis Children’s Hospital is
The website also won big at the Healthcare Internet Conference
                                                                     thrilled to receive this grant, which will enable our

in Las Vegas. The site took three first place gold awards—best
                                                                     hospital, MOSES, and our other community partners
redesigned site, best use of web analytics and best promotion of
                                                                     to help the children and families who need it most
online health content. The site took second place for best overall
                                                                     by enrolling them in these insurance programs,”
web site. There were over 100 entries in 12 categories in the
                                                                     said Lee Fetter, Children’s Hospital president.
Best-In-Class Awards from healthcare sites all over the country.
                                                                     Recognizing that millions of children are eligible for
Our website was also selected from more than 1,100 entries to
                                                                     Medicaid or CHIP, but are therefore needlessly uninsured,
receive an Award of Distinction for Best Site Design from the
                                                                     the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization
eHealthcare Leadership Awards.
                                                                     Act of 2009 (CHIPRA) set aside $100 million for fiscal
                                                                     years 2009-2013 expressly to help find and enroll eligible
Take a look at I
                                                                     children. I

Michael R. DeBaun, M.D.,                                             Charlotte Smock Brooks, RN,
Elected to Institute of Medicine                                     Honored by St. Louis Business
Michael R. DeBaun, M.D.,                                             Journal as Health Care Hero
has been elected to the Institute
of Medicine of the National                                                               Charlotte Smock Brooks, RN, a
Academy of Sciences, one of the                                                           pediatric cardiac care nurse, has
highest honors medical scientists                                                         special compassion for children with
in the United States can receive.                                                         heart problems. Realizing that many
                                                                                          of these children are deprived of
DeBaun was recognized for                                                                 normal childhood experiences like
his major contributions to the                                                            summer camp, Brooks was inspired to
advancement of the medical                                                                help them find a way. She worked for
sciences, health care and                                                                 over two years to organize the camp
public health.                                                       concept and gain funding—including a $50,000 grant
                                                                     from the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation—to form
DeBaun holds the Ferring Family Chair in Pediatric Cancer and        Camp Rhythm. It began in 2005 with 35 campers and
Related Disorders and is a professor of pediatrics, biostatistics    welcomed 120 children in 2009.
and neurology at Washington University School of Medicine.
He runs the sickle cell program at St. Louis Children’s Hospital     “You just realize life is a gift, and these kids make the
and has established an internationally renowned program for          most of it,” says Brooks. “When they come back every
treatment, education and research into the complications of          year and I see how they’ve grown and changed, it is
sickle cell disease.                                                 incredible. It is like they are my children now because I’ve
                                                                     seen them do all these incredible things. I think I get more
He was one of 65 new members and five foreign associates             from camp than they do.” I
elected to the Institute of Medicine. As a member, DeBaun
makes a commitment to devote a significant amount of volunteer       Article reprinted with permission of St. Louis Business Journal,
time on committees engaged in a broad range of health-policy         Ellen Sherberg, publisher.
issues. I

Making a Difference
Bill Sunderland led a modest life. Born in 1919 in Carthage,      money,” Mike says. “He
Missouri, Bill moved to St. Louis as a young man to work as       would read the paper
an electrical engineer, which he did until his early retirement   everyday, find out the best
at age 55. He lived alone in an unpretentious home in North       place for his money and
St. Louis County; he never married or had children of his         move it accordingly, but it
own. Bill may have lived a simple life, but his impact on         was never about trying to
children treated at St. Louis Children’s Hospital has been        make more money, it was
far from ordinary. Bill’s estate gift to Children’s Hospital      just a game he played.”
was the largest bequest the hospital received last year.
                                                                  It may have been just a game to Bill, but the real winners
Mike Cappelli and his family lived across the street from         were the kids served at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Bill left
Bill, whom they always considered a friend. Mike came to          his “game winnings” to two charities, St. Louis Children’s
know him very well over the years. “I remember Bill as a true     Hospital and the Salvation Army. No one can say for sure
gentleman with a tremendous personality,” says Mike. “His         why he chose these two organizations, but Mike theorizes,
pants were always creased and his shirts always ironed.”          “I think he knew Children’s Hospital would use his money
                                                                  well to help kids and the Salvation Army would use his money
“He was a highly intelligent man,” Mike recalls. “He read the     well to help adults. He read everything, so I’m sure he did
paper from front to back everyday. After he died, we found        research before making his decision.”
the detailed research and building plans for his garage. He
drew the plans and built the garage himself. He knew              Bill will never know the full impact of his generosity. But for
everything about everything.”                                     the patients and families who come to the hospital for life-
                                                                  saving treatments, his decision will have an extraordinary
He loved dominoes and played the game every Friday with           and lasting impact. Bill Sunderland made a difference.
his friends and a glass of wine. He loved old cowboy movies
and knew every line to every one he watched. “He enjoyed          For more information about gift planning please call
many things, but his greatest hobby was managing his              314.286.0988 or visit I

Turn Your Car
Into Care                                                                         Order Papa
                                                                                  John’s Online
Donating a car is an excellent way to get rid of an old unwanted vehicle
and help the kids at St. Louis Children’s Hospital!
                                                                                  to Help Kids!
                                                                                  Now, when you order Papa John’s pizza online,
We’ve partnered with Charitable Auto Resources, Inc. (C.A.R.S.) because
                                                                                  you can help St. Louis Children’s Hospital!
they have years of experience, and have helped thousands of satisfied
                                                                                  Visit, enter the promotion code
people donate cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and other vehicles nationwide.
                                                                                  CHILDRENS when you place your order, and
                         We trust them to make your car donation
                                                                                  Papa John’s will donate 20% of your purchase
                         convenient and hassle-free.
                                                                                  to the hospital. Proceeds will be used to help
                                                                                  fund new medical equipment,
                          When you pledge your vehicle, a customer
                                                                                  community outreach
                          service representative from Charitable Auto
                                                                                  programs, medical
                          Resources, Inc. will take your information and
                                                                                  research and
                          handle everything from processing documents,
                                                                                  more. I
                          vehicle pick-up, charity auction sale, and
                          distribution of proceeds to St. Louis Children’s
                          Hospital. Donating your car frees you from
                          the hassles of selling and proceeds from the
                          sale of your vehicle will help us continue our
                          mission of doing what’s right for kids.
                          Visit and
                          click on vehicle donations for more
                          information. I

gifts – Fall 2009

Make a Purchase                                                                                                                  7
to Make a Difference
Children of all ages are sure
to enjoy the Kohl’s Cares for
Kids merchandise for the
2009 holiday season,
                                                               In Memory of a
which is available now at and all area Kohl’s
stores! This season features
                                                               Special Friend
four special-edition plush
animals—a mouse, a cat, a
pig and a moose—plus, four
books: If You Take a Mouse to
the Movies; If You Give a Pig
a Party; If You Give a Cat a
Cupcake; and If You Give a
Moose a Muffin. Each item
is just $5, with net profits
benefiting health and
educational opportunities for
children, including programs and
services at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. I

                                                               The First Annual Rosemary Finn Memorial Golf
                                                               Tournament was held August 11 at Norwood Hills
                                                               Country Club. Proceeds from the event benefit
 Golfing for a                                                 The Rosemary Finn Pediatric Oncology Fund at
                                                               St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

 Good Cause                                                    The event, organized by Rosemary’s daughter,
                                                               Jennie Picha was a tremendous success. Ninety-six
                                                               golfers and more than 150 dinner and auction
                                                               guests helped raise $38,000 for St. Louis
                                                               Children’s Hospital.

                                                               Rosemary was a tremendous Friends member
                                                               and dedicated many hours to helping St. Louis
                                                               Children’s Hospital do what’s right for kids. Her
                                                               involvement and impact with the Friends of St. Louis
                                                               Children’s Hospital will be remembered by all. I

 Ed Alexander and a group of dedicated patrons of his
 O’Fallon, Missouri restaurant, Rizzo’s, raised nearly
 $2,500 through their golf tournament. The funds have
 been added to the Marion, Kate, Micki and Ed Alexander Fund
 for Child Life Services which honors Marion’s 32 years of
 volunteer work at Children’s Hospital. The Alexanders have
 made plans to further enhance this fund by including a
 charitable gift in their estate plans. I

Dining 4 Kids
is a Success
More than 60 St. Louis area restaurants participated in
Dining 4 Kids on September 22 to benefit St. Louis
Children’s Hospital. Thanks to thousands of people who
chose to eat at partner restaurants that day, the third
annual event raised more than $35,000, which will be
used to fund medical equipment, innovative research and
creative therapies for children. Extra-special thanks to our              Capture a
dozens of volunteer Ambassadors who helped spread the
word throughout the community and represented the
hospital at the restaurants. I
                                                                          Memory in the
                                                                          Season of Giving
                                                                          Capture the beauty of your family this year in a
                        PROUDLY PRESENTS                                  beautiful heirloom portrait from Strauss Peyton.
                                                                          For a minimum donation of $100 to Children’s
                                                                          Hospital, Strauss Peyton will schedule a
                                                                          complimentary portrait sitting (a $150 value).
                                                                          Strauss Peyton also will donate 10 percent of any
                                                                          additional purchase you make back to the hospital.
                                                                          Visit or call 314.997.8966 to
                                                                          schedule your sitting. Promotion ends December 31,
                                                                          2009 and is not valid with any other Strauss Peyton
                                                                          certificates. I

$33,000 Raised at Kickball For a Cause
The Young Friends of St. Louis Children’s Hospital held their    Thank you to all sponsors, players, and volunteers for making
annual Kickball for a Cause event in Shaw Park on August 29.     this year’s event such a wonderful success and we look
Led by event co-chairs, Graham Goldwasser and Jeff Sackman,      forward to Kicking it for a Cause again next year! I
over 400 people and 32 teams came together on a beautiful
Saturday in St. Louis to raise more than $33,000 for the SPOT.
The SPOT (Supporting Positive Opportunities with Teens), is a
community drop in center for youth funded through support from    Three Cheers For Our Sponsors
St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation.
                                                                  Grand Slam

                                                                  Home Run                      A Special Thanks To
                                                                  Brown Shoe Company, Inc.      Centric Group
                                                                  Roger and Fran Koch           CJ Muggs
                                                                  RubinBrown LLP                Markwort Sporting Goods
                                                                  The von Gontard Family        Molly Darcy's
                                                                    Foundation                  Summit Distributing
                                                                                                Susie and Peter von
                                                                  Base Kick                       Gontard
                                                                  Hancock Securities Group      TKO DJs
                                                                  J.W. Terrill                  Vess
                                                                  Lounge Concepts
                                                                  Massage Luxe
                                                                  Maverick Technologies
                                                                  The Private Bank
                                                                  The Tenderloin Room
gifts – Fall 2009

“Thanks To You!”
The following is a list of some of the recent fundraisers held by
various organizations, businesses and individuals to support
Children’s Hospital’s mission. If you’re interested in doing your own
fundraiser, please contact the Foundation office 314.286.0988.
                                                                          Steve Moore presents St. Louis Children’s Hospital
                                                                          with a check for $1,200 which was raised on August
                                                                          19 at the 8th Annual PJ Moore Paintball
The 4th Annual Chip in for Children was held on                           Tournament, held at the Xtreme Paintball Park in
                                                                          Millstadt, Il. The proceeds will support the Olson
August 7, at the Columbia Golf Course in Columbia, IL.                    Family Garden at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.
Immediately following play, golfers enjoyed dinner, an
awards ceremony, and silent auction. The tournament raised
$8,830 for the Hailey Norman Endowment Fund to benefit
Congenital Heart Disease at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.              children with heart problems; and Families in Need, an
                                                                        organization for parents of children with congenital heart
Daniel’s Farm and Greenhouses in St. Peters, Mo                         defects.
raised $1,000 on October 10 at their 2nd Annual BBQ to
benefit St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Guests enjoyed great             The 5th Annual Puttin’ For Down Syndrome charity
food and family fun.                                                    event was held on September 25 at Clinton Hill Golf Course
                                                                        in Swansea, Il. In addition to the tournament, a free golf
On September 18, at Quail Creek Golf Club, 98 golfers                   clinic was offered for individuals with Down Syndrome. The
participated in the 8th Annual Jacob Urschler Golf                      tournament raised $3,750 for the Down Syndrome Center
Tournament. The benefit raised $7,500 for the Newborn                   at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.
Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital.
                                                                        Music, Music, Music, the 7th annual KIDS Caring for
Madison’s Carnival of Hearts was held on September                      Cancer Production was held on August 21 at the Katy
19 in honor of Madison Marie. The day was filled with                   Cavins Center. Guest enjoyed delicious treats and cool
great food, games, and entertainment for all. The carnival              beverages from the soda shop while they laughed and sang
raised over $2,500 for St. Louis Children’s Hospital.                   along with the performance. This event raised $7,100 for
                                                                        the cancer research at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.
The 3rd Annual Averi Budde Foundation Family
Fun Day and Trail Ride was held at Blue Springs Ranch                   A special toast to Tracy Czarnec, owner of Wild Flower
in Bourbon, Mo on October 3.The $16,000 raised will go                  in the Central West End, who donated $500 in lieu of
towards a nursing scholarship for St. Louis Children’s                  participating in the Dining 4 Kids event because the
Hospital; Camp Rhythm, a summer camp dedicated to                       restaurant was closed that day. Cheers! I

Big Win for Kids
This year’s “Teaming Up for Kids” scratch-and-win ticket
promotion was another success, raising nearly $150,000 to
benefit St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Retail partners were
Walgreens, Jack in the Box, Autotire, Chevys Fresh Mex, Penn
Station East Coast Subs and Slackers. Prizes came from all
retail partners, plus the St. Louis Cardinals and Sportservice,
Great Clips, The Magic House, Massage Envy, Papa Murphy’s
Take-n-Bake Pizza and Six Flags St. Louis. Tickets and
promotional materials were designed courtesy of Cfx
Advertising, and TV advertising was generously provided by
FSN Midwest. Thanks to all these partners and to everyone
who purchased tickets this year! I

                                                                          Walgreens manager Matt Malone and Walgreens employee
                                                                          Chelsi Davis from store #1124 in Florissant proudly display
                                                                          the award recognizing their location for selling the most
                                                                          scratch-and-win tickets during the three-week “Teaming Up
                                                                          for Kids” promotion.


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