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									Chemical Bonding RAFT (Role, Audience, Format, Topic)

    ROLE—assume a role              AUDIENCE—consider your             FORMAT—write in one of the               TOPIC—examine the topic
                                              audience                       following formats
Mother/Father of the bride       Subscribers to the Birmingham        Marriage announcement                 Sodium-Chlorine wedding

Cook                             Interns                              Recipe                                How to make a chemical bond

Talk show host                   Studio and television audience       Daytime talk show                     She really wants out; he won’t
                                 hungry for classic daytime talk                                            break their bond
                                 show violence

Ionic Bond OR covalent bond      Covalent Bond OR Ionic bond          Venn diagram                          Reasons why I am better than

Directions: Choose ONE of the above assignments. You will create a story, script, diagram, etc. that follows the topic and format for that role.
Include an illustration, picture or graphic with your product. Your product should answer the following questions:

    1.   What is chemical bonding?
    2.   Why do atoms form bonds?
    3.   What is an ionic bond and how does it form?
    4.   What is a covalent bond and how does it form?

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