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					                NEAMTAN & ASSOCIATES Chartered Accountants
                            PERSONAL INCOME TAX CHECKLIST 2009
 1. Personal information (Not required if information is on file with us.)
    Name                                       .
     Telephone (Business) (     )               (Residence) (___)_________         Fax (___)___________
     Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY)           /   /      SIN # ____________
     Marital Status Married         (   )       Common-law (   )      Divorced           (   )
                    Single          (   )       Separated  (   )      Widowed            (   )
     Name of Spouse ________________ Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY)                  /    /        SIN # ____________
     Please provide names and dates of birth of your children.
 2. Information slips: T3- Estate or Trust Income, T4 - Employment Income, T4A - Pension, Annuity & Other Income,
     T4A (OAS) - Old Age Security, T4A (P) - Pension Income, T4E - Employment Insurance Benefits, T4RSP/RRSP
     Income, T4RIF (RRIF Income), T5 - Investment Income, T5008 – Securities Transactions, T5013 (Partnership
     Income), T5007 (Social Assistance/WCB), T600 (CSB’s redeemed) RC62(Universal Child Care Benefits), RRSP
     Contributions, Union and Professional Dues, Political Contributions, T10 -Pension Adjustment Reversal.
3.   Other Income (for which no T slips have been received)
     Canada Savings Bonds, Deferred Annuities, Foreign Pensions, Strip Bonds, Directors Fees, Scholarships.
4.   Capital gains/losses
     Disposition of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, land, cottage, rental property, art, stamps and coins.
     Please provide broker statements, details of transaction including date, purchase costs and sale proceeds.
 5. Business Income and Expenses You can access 2009 Business Income Tax Checklist online at Tax Checklists
 6. Rental    income    and    Expenses – You            can access     2009       Rental Income    Tax    Checklist   online   at Tax Checklists
 7. Interest charges Please provide carrying charges and interest paid for investment purposes including safety deposit
     box fees, investment counsel fees, management fees paid, accounting fees, and interest paid on line of credit.
 8. Medical expenses
     a) Receipts for medical expenses paid in 2008 (if not claimed in 2008) & in 2009 including medical bills, dental bills
       to the extent that you were not entitled to be reimbursed by a medical plan.
     b) Prescriptions - Ask your pharmacy for a summary of all prescriptions purchased in 2009.
     c) Details of premiums paid by you to any medical plan during the year.
     d) Modifications to new or existing homes for medical purposes and travel expenses for medical purposes.
9.   Disability – If you or any of your dependents are disabled, please provide T2201.
10. Charitable donations - Please provide official receipts for donations, including contributions/ dues paid to religious
     schools & organizations and donations of publicly traded securities.
11. Alimony & maintenance - Amount received                        Amount paid __________
     Name of person amounts received from or paid to                                    SIN ____________
     Please include any agreement or revisions to agreements with spouse if not previously provided.
12. Tuition fees – Forms T2202, TL11A and TL11D (for yourself or for dependants)
    Tuition fees credits not required by dependant to reduce income tax can be transferred to supporting parent.
    Form T2202. Please send us official education deduction certificate from education institution which must
    be signed by student authorizing transfer of tuition credits.
13. Public Transit Passes
    Please provide receipts and total cost of transit passes incurred from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009.
14. Child care and Fitness credit
    a) For each child, please list amounts paid for childcare and please provide receipts from childcare provider.
    b) Summer camp – Please provide receipt from camp.
    c) Receipts for physical activity programs for children under the age of 16.
15. Employment Expenses - If you are entitled to a deduction your employer should provide you with a T2200. If you
    were required to use your vehicle for your employment, please provide total automobiles expenses incurred.
    Gas & oil                 ______________ Repairs & maintenance                 _______________
    Insurance                 ______________ Car wash                          _______________
    Parking                  ______________ Cellular phone charges                 _______________
    Interest on Car Loan      ______________ Lease payments                        _______________
    Please provide purchase, loan and or lease contract if automobile was purchased or leased in 2009.
    Kilometers driven in the year _________ % Business Kilometers                  _______________
    Car allowance received ______________ (please let us know if it is included in your T4).
16. Home Office – Please provide property tax, utilities, internet, office repairs, insurance, and percentage of home used
    for business. If home rented, please provide the amount of rent paid.
17. Ontario Tax Credit Information (generally not required if net family income exceeds $50,000).
    Please provide final property tax bill or rent paid.
18. RRSP Home Buyer's Plan & RRSP Lifelong Learning Plan - Amounts withdrawn or repaid in 2009.
19. Tax instalments - Please provide CRA’s statement indicating 2009 instalments paid.
20. Assessment Notices from Revenue Canada for 2008 (Assessment notices are the attachment to refunds
    received from Revenue Canada in previous year.)
21. Foreign Assets If you own any Foreign Real Estate, Foreign Investments or if you are the Beneficiary of a Foreign
    Trust, please provide us with the details.
22. Home Renovation Tax Credit (HRTC) – Please complete attached checklist and include receipts for eligible
    expenses incurred between January 27, 2009 and February 1, 2010. You can also access HRTC form online at Tax Checklists
23. First-Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit – If you purchased your first home after January 27, 2009 and did not own a
    home within the last 4 years, please advise us.
24. Elections Canada – Do you authorize us to provide info to Elections Canada, please circle - YES / NO
25. Please provide copy of last 3 years tax returns if we did not do them for you

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