T     he Systemic and Family Constellation
                                      work of Bert Hellinger allows us to look at
                                                                                           How Family Constellations Work in Groups:
                                                                                           A sacred space is created where deep, often
                                      how events that occurred in past generations         unspoken truths about our families and
                                      impact our life experience in the present. This      other relational groups may be acknowledged
                                      is a highly effective phenomenological approach       and honored.
                                      experienced on a deeply felt energetic level that      Participants describe the issue or problem
                                      can lead to long-term and often life changing        they want to solve and provide some factual
                                      results. It is most effective for those who can       information about their family system. They
                                      trust that solutions may be simple and happen        then choose workshop participants to represent
                                      in a short period of time– as if stepping from       family or group members, living or dead, and
                                      shadow into light.                                   physically place these representatives, within
                                        Hidden family issues or events may create          the sacred circle, in spatial relationship to each
      SYSTEMIC                        imbalance or disharmony in the family “field”,        other, according to their inner image. In this
                                      and these disturbances frequently lead to illness,   constellation, an energy field is created where
     AND FAMILY                       depression, suicides, relationship difficulties,       those involved experience physical sensations,
   CONSTELLATION                      accidents, or career problems in the present. We     emotions, and thoughts related to the people
                                      discover the nature of these hidden dynamics by      they are representing.
      THERAPY                         setting up constellations using representatives to     The workshop leader facilitates an unfolding
                                      stand in the place of family members, living or      process where painful losses, family secrets,
                                      dead. A constellation provides a “living map” of     and harmful connections are revealed and
                                      key impactful issues. A progressed constellation     honored. The constellation can then be
                                      follows which moves towards the restoration of       restructured into a more balanced system
                                      balance, order, harmony and healing.                 where love and energy flow freely.
                                        Participating as an observer or representative       Participants leave with a more nourishing
                                      is often as valuable as creating one’s personal      picture that inspires freedom, clarity and love.
                                      constellation. Our temporary workshop                   “As long as our ancestors are still suffering
                                      community provides a safe place for the soul                 within us, we can not be truly happy.
Healthy Tao Center for Well-Being     shifts that often occur when all parts of the
                                      family system are acknowledged and given their
                                                                                                 If we make a step with awareness, free,
    250 west 49th street, suite 503   rightful places. Everyone, both participant and       happily touching the earth, we do this for all
     new york, new york 10019         observer, taps into the information that exists                    the past and future generations.
tel 212•586•2100 fax 212•586•1676     in the field and may benefit from the knowledge.       They all arrive at the same moment we arrive                                                                   and we all find peace at the same time.”                                                                                          — Thich Nhat Hahn
                                                                                                                  WHAT SOME
                                                                                                                HAVE SAID ABOUT
                                                                                                              SYTEMIC AND FAMILY
                                                  Work with Individuals and Couples:                  .......This work is based on the idea that things
                                                  A similar approach is taken in work with            that have happened to members of our family
                                                  individuals and couples. Privately, however,        in the past can still be carried around with
                                                  we may use specially created “Playskool”            us and affect our lives. These things are not
                                                  figures or other symbolic elements as                necessarily “our stuff” but the stuff of our
                                                  representatives in our system. As the system        loved ones that we continue to hold for them
A    nnie Block Pearl, M.S., is an Integrative
Therapist and teacher, practicing energy-based
                                                  dynamics emerge, we may then use inner
                                                  imagery, as well, to complete the resolution
                                                                                                      because we care about them. I’ve participated
                                                                                                      in one of Annie’s workshops and found it to
                                                  picture. Energy work on the massage table           be a powerful and profound experience. If
therapies in New York City. She maintains         also may be helpful to facilitate the emergence     you are like me and believe that the spirits of
a private practice at Healthy Tao Center for      and integration of the deeper soul messages         our loved ones are still connected with us and
Well Being and facilitates workshops and                                                              want to connect with us for our mutual
                                                    Individual sessions are also helpful to clarify
Master Classes in various Mind/Body/Spirit                                                            healing, then please check this workshop out.
                                                  questions prior to and subsequent to group con-
topics. Annie holds a Master of Science                                                               E.C., Administrator, The Open Center of NY,
                                                  stellation work.
Degree in Counseling Psychology and will                                                              November, 2004
be ordained as an Interfaith Minister in
August, 2006. Her spiritual practice is derived   Who Might Benefit
                                                  ❚ Persons struggling with serious life issues,      This was a great workshop. Thank you very
from the Kabbalah and Elemental Buddhism.                                                             much. I respect the presence, poise and love
                                                    including health problems, depression or
                                                    anxiety, chronic “survival mode”, painful         with which you held the group. It definitely
                                                    relationship patterns, or career challenges.      was worth the journey.
                                                                                                      IC, Psychotherapist, February, 2004
                                                  ❚ Couples wanting to create healthy and
                                                    satisfying relationships.
                                                                                                      I would like to once again thank you for
• Certified Advanced Practitioner of Process      ❚ Those seeking to deal positively with severe      including me in your workshop. The work
  Acupressure, Process Acupressure Unlimited        illness and death of family members.              that you do is nothing short of miraculous...
                                                  ❚ Professionals— physicians, therapists, body       I have felt a great sense of release. I think that
• Graduate of the HellingerUSA Training
  (NY) and International Intensive Advanced         workers, clergy – seeking to enrich their         it will only help me in my healing... it freed more
  Training (Germany) in Systemic and                practices with new insights about health          energy that I can invest in my recovery work..
  Family Constellations                             and human behavior.                               AM, Personal Trainer, March, 2004.
                                                  ❚ All those desiring more love and connection
• Certified Holistic Health Counselor               in their lives and relationship and those         Extraordinary! More valuable than 35 years of
  American Society of Alternative Therapists        who want greater understanding of the             therapy. Words cannot describe the power of
                                                    “bigger picture”.                                 this experience!
• Certified Bach Flower Therapist
                                                                                                      JP, LCSW, , February, 2005
  Dr. Edward Bach Foundation

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