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					   “Brush up on Good

  Colgate and the Canadian
Cancer Society: Working together
   in the fight against cancer

         August 27, 2008
 The need has never been greater
 for the Canadian Cancer Society
 to lead the fight against cancer

• Cancer is the leading cause of premature death in
• Two in five Canadians will develop some form of
  cancer in their lifetime
• A growing, aging population means the number of
  new cancer cases will increase by an estimated 60
  per cent over the next 20 years
The Canadian Cancer Society is a
   national, community-based
organization of volunteers whose
mission is to eradicate cancer and
  enhance the quality of life of
    people living with cancer
What we do
• Thanks to the generosity of our donors and the work
  of our volunteers and staff, the Canadian Cancer
  Society is leading the way in cancer control to
  actively prevent, cure or manage cancer
• The Canadian Cancer Society takes the role as
  steward of donor dollars very seriously and makes
  every effort to allocate these dollars where they will
  make the most difference in making cancer history
• We are working towards achieving our mission by:
   – Funding excellent research on all types of cancer
   – Offering comprehensive information about cancer
   – Providing support to people living with cancer
   – Speaking out to prevent cancer and help those
     living with it
   – Promoting healthy lifestyles and strategies for
     reducing cancer risk
2007-8 Mission spend





• The Canadian Cancer Society is the largest
  charitable funder of cancer research in Canada
• We allocate research dollars through a strict
  review process which ensures that the money is
  directed only to excellent cancer research across
• This research helps Canadians to understand,
  prevent and reduce their risk of cancer by
  transforming research knowledge into powerful
  information, programs and services
• In 2008/9, we are funding over $49 million in
  leading edge cancer research
• The Canadian Cancer Society helps Canadians take
  control of their health with reliable information
• Through our toll-free Cancer Information Service,
  our website at and a wide selection
  of publications, we offer up-to-date, accessible and
  credible information
• This information empowers people to make good
  decisions when it comes to their health
• The Canadian Cancer Society believes that no one
  need face this disease alone
• A cancer diagnosis can be difficult to understand
  and coping can be stressful
• We are here to help and support you and your
  family from the time you’re diagnosed, throughout
  your treatment and after treatment is completed
• We offer individual or group support programs for
  caregivers, family and friends
• We also offer a range of services, such as
  transportation to cancer treatment and support in
  quitting smoking
• The Canadian Cancer Society advocates on behalf
  of Canadians and people living with cancer
• We mobilize Canadians to create social and
  political change to help control cancer in Canada
  and to create environments to reduce people’s
  risk of cancer
• We use our influence to encourage governments
  to pass public policies that will help prevent
  cancer and help people living with cancer
• These changes will lead to fewer cases and deaths
  of cancer
• The Canadian Cancer Society encourages
  Canadians to choose healthy lifestyles and
  advocates for healthy environments to support
  them in their choices so that fewer Canadians will
  be diagnosed with cancer
• Risk reduction tactics include:
   –   Being a non-smoker and avoiding second-hand smoke
   –   Eating well
   –   Being active
   –   Protecting yourself and your family from the sun
   –   Following cancer screening guidelines
   –   Visiting your doctor and dentist if you notice any changes in
       your health
We are making progress….
• More than half of the people diagnosed
  with cancer today will survive
• Overall death rates for all cancers have
  fallen by more than 50% since the 1950s
• Death rates for both breast and prostate
  cancer have declined significantly
• Research shows that at least 50% of
  cancers can be prevented through healthy
  living and policies that protect the public
…But we need to do more
• 166,400 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer
  this year and 73,800 will die from the disease
• Cancer will cost the healthcare system
  approximately $175 billion over the next 30 years
  will be
• Market research tells us that cancer is the number
  one health concern and number one fear of
• Research holds the key to a world where no
  Canadian need fear cancer, yet we are currently
  able to fund only 28% of projects deemed worthy
2007 Research opportunities lost

      Approved but NOT    28%

                                  Strongly Recommended
                                      but NOT Funded
Why should Colgate-Palmolive support
the fight against cancer?

• CCS-funded research into cancer prevention
  identifies modifiable lifestyle factors and indicates
  there are steps that can be taken to reduce risk of a
  cancer diagnosis
• However, the majority of Canadians are not adopting
  healthy lifestyles as a means to help prevent cancer
• Together, we can build on your current marketing
  campaign and work towards long-term prevention
  strategies to educate Canadians on how they can
  reduce their risk of a cancer diagnosis
• When Colgate-Palmolive takes a leadership role in
  the fight against cancer, you show your employees,
  your customers and your community that you care
Benefits of partnership with
the Canadian Cancer Society
Brand benefits
• Enhance your corporate image and add value to
  your brand
• Create a meaningful relationship with consumers -
  more than just logo placement
• Stand apart from your competition

Financial benefits
• Increase sales
• Protect the future of your business
Benefits of partnership with the
Canadian Cancer Society (con’t)
Internal benefits
• Engage employees with a cause that is important to
• Encourage employee goodwill and teamwork
• Help to attract and retain employees and partners –
  89% of those familiar with their company’s cause
  program feel a strong sense of loyalty to their employer
• Provide value-added cancer information to employees to
  help them improve their health and reduce their risk

Consumer benefits
• Empower consumers to make a difference
• Help Canadians reduce their risk of cancer
Benefits of partnership with the
Canadian Cancer Society (con’t)
Benefits of association
• CCS:
   – Is a well-known brand with tremendous equity, mass
     public support and instant brand recognition
   – Has the highest ‘top of mind’ awareness of any
     charity in Canada - 95% of Canadians know
     about our organization
   – Is associated in the minds of Canadians with cancer
     research and support services
   – Provides excellent return on investment to our
   – Will create a tailored campaign tailored that builds
     on your strengths
Brush up on Good Health

 The “Brush Up on Good Health” program
 seeks to raise awareness about the simple
   changes people can make in their daily
      lives by encouraging them to get
  proactive about protecting their health,
   while raising funds for the fight against
Campaign Objectives
• Build on current Colgate-Palmolive marketing program -
  “Oral health as part of overall health”
• Highlight key Colgate products
• Provide valuable cancer prevention and healthy lifestyle
  information to your customers
• Reinforce Colgate-Palmolive’s commitment to health and
  wellness through association with the Canadian Cancer
• Increase profile for Colgate-Palmolive as a good
  corporate citizen and enhance your corporate image
• Demonstrate Colgate-Palmolive’s dedication to a cause
  your customers and employees care about
• Support vital cancer research to make a real difference
  in the health and wellbeing of Canadians and help the
  Society make progress against cancer faster
Partnership Elements

1. Cause related marketing campaign
2. Awareness building and promotion
Cause related marketing:
What is it?
• CRM is a partnership between a for-profit company
  and a non-profit organization that increases the
  company’s sales by aligning with a charitable
  cause to influence buying decisions
• CRM bolsters sales though enhancing corporate
  image, fostering customer loyalty, targeting new
  markets and differentiating a company from its
• The goal of these campaigns is to begin a dialogue
  and relationship with stakeholders so they become
  ambassadors for the cause, the product/service
  and the company running the campaign
Cause related marketing:
Does it work?
• Cone LLC, a leading strategy and communications
  agency engaged in building brand trust, conducted
  a study in 2007 looking at the success of CRM
• Key findings include:
   – Consumers have become more likely to consider a
     company’s reputation when making purchase, investment
     and employment decisions
   – Doing good has become an expected business strategy
   – 92% of consumers have a more positive image of a
     company that supports a cause they care about
   – 87% of consumers are likely to switch from one product to
     another (price and quality being equal) if the other product
     is associated with a good cause
   – Among American participants, 73% had recently
     participated in a CRM campaign
   – 75% of men and 84% of women consider a company’s
     commitment to social issues when deciding what to buy
“Brush up on Good Health” CRM
• We propose a cause related marketing campaign
  tied to the sale of key products in Colgate-
  Palmolive’s oral care portfolio
• For a pre-determined period of time (eg. April –
  Cancer Awareness Month and Oral Health Month),
  the purchase of participating Colgate products
  would trigger a genuine and meaningful donation
  to the Canadian Cancer Society
• Funds raised would be allocated towards general
  cancer prevention research
Awareness building and promotion
• In addition to the donation element of the
  campaign, we encourage Colgate-Palmolive to
  incorporate awareness-building activities and key
  health messaging into the campaign
• This will:
   – Add value for consumers
   – Demonstrate a long-term commitment to building healthy
     communities while also providing external audiences with
     valuable cancer prevention information that will make a
     difference in their lives
   – Increase the public’s awareness of the program and drive
     sales of your products
• The Society will support Colgate-Palmolive’s
  marketing efforts through its own internal and
  external marketing vehicles and work with you to
  best leverage unique and creative ideas for
  publicizing and marketing the campaign
Awareness building and promotion

National radio, TV and print advertising
• Colgate would have the opportunity to tag
  current TV, print and radio advertising, for the
  duration of the program with:
   – Messaging that acknowledges the “Brush Up on Good
     Health” campaign along with mention of the
     donation that will be made as part of this campaign
   – The Society’s website and toll-free phone number as
     further sources of cancer prevention information
Awareness building and promotion
Retail support
• By promoting the campaign at point-of-purchase,
  customers will make a direct association between
  participating Colgate brands and the Canadian Cancer
  Society when and where it counts
• Retail promotions will also enable Colgate to reinforce
  the risk reduction messaging
• The Society will provide Colgate-Palmolive with key risk
  reduction tactics that can be included in co-branded
  promotions, such as:
   –   Signage
   –   Co-branded information pamphlets
   –   Hang-tags for shelves where products are displayed
   –   In-pack information
   –   Retailer flyers
Awareness building and promotion

• Recognition and promotion of the program on the:
   – Canadian Cancer Society national website, with a specially designed “Brush Up
     on Good Health” page in the corporate partners
     section, featuring a description of the partnership
     and a link to the Colgate website
   – Colgate website with messaging related to the
     campaign and a link back to Canadian Cancer
     Society website and potential for interactive
Awareness building and promotion

Media relations
• Opportunity for Colgate-Palmolive to issue a
  national media release announcing the partnership
• The Society would electronically distribute news
  release to community offices
• Opportunity for Colgate-Palmolive to create a
  media and/or customer event and photo
  opportunity to launch the campaign
• Opportunity to write and distribute templated
  news stories to local community papers (News
Awareness building and promotion

Professional outreach
• Specially designed trial size packages for sampling
  with healthcare professionals that include value-
  added healthy lifestyles and cancer prevention
• Information sheet or co-branded brochure
  regarding our partnership and cancer prevention
  for distribution to healthcare professionals
Recognition benefits
• The Canadian Cancer Society tailors the benefits that
  partners receive based on the return to the Society
• Based on this proposal, the following is a sample of
  benefits that we would offer:
   – Use of CCS logo on product packaging and promotional
   – Mention of support in internal communications to Society
     staff and volunteers
   – Acknowledgement on the Society’s national website
   – Acknowledgement on and in CCS media kit
     with other corporate campaigns that take place during April
     (Daffodil Month)
   – Opportunity for Colgate to promote the partnership through
     your own communications vehicles
   – Recognition in the National Annual Report
Successful cause related
marketing partnerships
• Johnson & Johnson
  – “Working Together to Fight Skin Cancer”
• Procter & Gamble
  – “Pantene Beautiful Lengths”
• Energizer
  – “Inspired to Keep Going”
Case study - Neutrogena

• “Working Together to Fight Skin Cancer” – a
  comprehensive promotional and fundraising
  campaign with J&J surrounding skin cancer
  and sun protection through their Neutrogena
  brand sun care products
• Neutrogena’s goal was to raise their profile in
  the competitive sun care market by aligning
  with the leader in the fight against skin
Program elements
• National advertising campaign (consumer and
• Donation of $200,000 to skin cancer research and
  almost $250,000 in sunscreen samples
• PR activities, including distribution of media kit
  and interviews featuring a Society spokesperson
• In-store advertising and POP materials
• Co-branded suncare information brochure
  distributed to healthcare professionals
• Sunscreen samples distributed at Society events
• Employee support, including team participation in
  Relay For Life
• Increase in product sales
• J&J received overwhelmingly positive internal and
  external feedback after the first year of the
• In year two, the program grew to include
  partnership identity on product with CCS contact
• New opportunities to increase profile of CCS and
  for the dissemination of valuable sun safety
• Based on the success and profile of the campaign,
  three of J&J’s key competitors sought a similar
  relationship with the Canadian Cancer Society
Case Study – Procter & Gamble’s
Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign

• Three-year campaign to raise funds and awareness
  in support of the fight against cancer while
  encouraging women to donate their hair to create
  wigs for women who have lost their hair through
  treatment for the disease
• Launched in October 2007 as an extension of the
  American campaign by the same name
• Procter & Gamble made a leadership gift of
  $100,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society in
  support of cancer research
Case Study – Procter & Gamble’s Pantene
Beautiful Lengths campaign (con’t)

Program elements
• National marketing campaign, which included the
   dissemination of key cancer prevention and risk reduction
   information, and featured the following activities:
     –   Television and print advertising
     –   An interactive website
     –   Public relations activities
     –   In-store displays
     –   Email blasts
•   To drive broad-scale awareness, P&G aired a 45-second TV
    commercial called "Dolls," in which a little girl cuts off her
    dolls' hair to give to her mother, who has lost her own due
    to cancer treatments
•   Pantene also encouraged Canadians who were unable to
    donate their hair to make a monetary donation to the
    Society through a special online fundraising website
Case Study – Procter & Gamble’s Pantene
Beautiful Lengths campaign (con’t)

• At retail, from October to December, 2,000
  Pantene displays featured the program message -
  more than any other Pantene initiative in the past
• Donation of over $1.5 million in services and
  media space from agency and media partners,
  including the creation of the website, and space in
  newspapers and theatres
• P&G quadrupled its original goal of 10 million PR
Case Study – Procter & Gamble’s Pantene
Beautiful Lengths campaign (con’t)

Results (con’t)
• P&G surpassed its first-year goal of 1,000 ponytails
  within three months, receiving over 1,300 ponytails in
• The program was also key in driving a share growth of
  0.7%, from 15.2% to 15.7%, during the period the
  program was executed
• P&G was honoured with a 2008 cause+effect award
• Consumers felt more affinity for the TV spot than for
  any other P&G commercial ever created
• Pride in the program has been great for internal morale
  and Beautiful Lengths has become a key part of the
  Pantene brand
“Inspired to Keep Going”
• Partnership with Energizer Canada to raise funds
  in support of cancer research

Program elements
• Retail promotions in April and October
• Products feature bonus item (pin, bookmark) and
  added value cancer information for customers
• Relay For Life “Inspired to Keep Going” contest –
  consumers encouraged to share inspirational
• Employee teams at Relay For Life and community
“Inspired to Keep Going” (con’t)

• 2nd year for October campaign, launched April
  as a result of previous success
• High level of client satisfaction
• Wal-Mart buy-in
• Great employee engagement
Colgate and the Canadian
Cancer Society
• By working together to encourage Canadians to
  “brush up on good health,” we can reinforce
  healthy habits and teach consumers to make
  changes to protect their health
• This partnership will:
   – Raise funds for the fight against cancer
   – Position good oral health in the context of overall
   – Making a clear connection between Colgate-
     Palmolive and the Canadian Cancer Society
   – Provide you with the opportunity to further
     distinguish yourself in the marketplace while
     supporting our efforts in the fight against cancer
Healthy living as a method of risk reduction
• Adami et al. Primary and secondary prevention in the
  reduction of cancer morbidity and mortality. Eur. J.
  Cancer. 37:S118-127. 2001
• Harvard Centre for Cancer Prevention. Harvard report
  on cancer prevention. Cancer Causes and Control, 7:
  S3-59. 1996
• Harvard Centre for Cancer Prevention. Harvard report
  on cancer prevention, Volume 5. Cancer Causes and
  Control, 13:199-212. 2002.
• WHO, Cancer: diet and physical activity's impact
• Willett WC, Colditz GA, Mueller NE. Strategies for
  minimizing cancer risk. Sci Am 275: 88–91, 94–95.
References (con’t)
The success of cause related marketing
• Cone: 2007 Cone Cause Evolution & Environmental
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Canadian Cancer Society
• Canadian Cancer Society/National Cancer Institute of
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• Environics Research Group: Canadian’s Perceptions and
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     Together, we can make
         cancer history

Janna Miller
Manager, Corporate Development
Canadian Cancer Society
(416) 934-5965

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