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                “Effective and caring advocacy for clients has
                 earned Lieff Cabraser its first-class reputation.”
                                                             Daily Journal

                                             Personal Injury
The Brief
Largest and most effective plaintiffs’ firm in the nation,
recovering more than $42 billion in verdicts and                                Best Lawyers and U.S.
settlements for clients, plus an additional $206 billion                        News selected Lieff
in multi-state tobacco litigation                                               Cabraser as the national
                                                                                “Law Firm of the Year” for
Successfully resolved thousands of individual, personal
                                                                                2011-2012 in the category
injury, and wrongful death cases across the U.S.
                                                                                of plaintiffs’ class actions
Handles serious injury cases involving                                          and mass torts.
    Auto, SUV, truck & recreational vehicle crashes
    Aviation accidents
    Catastrophic injuries, including those caused by
    medical malpractice
    Contaminated food & medical products
    Faulty medical devices
    Fires & burn injuries
    Prescription drugs with dangerous side effects
    Toxic exposures & environmental disasters

Restoring Balance
Achieving Justice
A severe injury or the loss of a loved one can               Lieff Cabraser’s trial lawyers will work hard
be overwhelming. If the loss or harm is the                  to achieve the justice you deserve. We have
result of carelessness or wrongdoing, you                    brought thousands of individual cases and
probably feel not only deep sadness, but also                hundreds of class and group actions to trial,
anger toward those responsible. It’s important to            and have an outstanding record of success.
first care for the injury or mourn your loss, but if
you believe an unsafe or defective product—or                With so many law firms, how do you choose?
wrongful conduct—caused the harm suffered                    It’s important to choose a law firm that has
by you or a family member, you may want to                   a record of success in personal injury and
take legal action.                                           wrongful death cases. Your firm should also
                                                             show you sensitivity and respect, assure
Most states allow people to bring personal
                                                             that your case receives personal attention
injury or wrongful death lawsuits. When
                                                             throughout the time it will take to resolve, and
successful, these suits require companies
                                                             have the talent and financial resources required
or other responsible parties to financially
                                                             to take on powerful corporations.
compensate people they have harmed.
“When something happens that isn’t fair,
 that is wrong, that harms us, it is our duty
 and our right to bring claims forward and
 have them resolved. All of us have an
 instinct for justice, but we have to act on it.”

                                       Elizabeth J. Cabraser,
             Partner & Chair of Personal Injury Practice Group
          Selected three times by the National Law Journal as
         one of the “100 Most Influential Lawyers in America.”

 Top rankings, year after year
 The results Lieff Cabraser achieves for plaintiffs place our litigators among the nation’s best.
 We have been recognized in:

 Best Lawyers                                          National Law Journal’s 100 Most Influential
                                                       Lawyers in America
 California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year
                                                       National Law Journal’s Plaintiffs’ Hot List
 Daily Journal’s Top 100 Attorneys in California
                                                       National Law Journal’s Plaintiffs’ Hot List Hall of
 Daily Journal’s Top Women Litigators
 Lawdragon’s Top 500 Plaintiffs’ Lawyers
                                                       Super Lawyers
 Lawdragon Finalists
                                                       U.S. News/Best Lawyers Best Law Firms
 Martindale Hubbell AV Preeminent Peer Review
Passionate Lawyers
Extraordinary Results
Lieff Cabraser has played a leading role in many of the largest, most important personal injury and
wrongful death cases in the United States. The class actions and individual personal injury cases
we have tried have involved a vast variety of defective products—from dangerous prescription
drugs to defective vehicles and consumer products.

                                      $4.75 billion initial
                                      settlement fund.
                                      We continue to represent persons
                                      who developed valvular heart
                                      disease from Fen-Phen, received
                                      payment under the settlement,
                                      and are entitled to additional
                                      compensation due to a progression
                                      of their disease.

                                      $54 million verdict.
                                      In a wrongful death lawsuit, we
                                      showed that a known defect in a
                                      Dodge Dakota pickup truck killed
                                      a young father. The jury returned a
                                      $54.4 million verdict for the family.

 Guidant Cardiac
 Defibrillator Implants
 $240 million global settlement.
 These devices were recalled
 after failures and patient deaths.
 We served on the Plaintiffs’ Lead
 Counsel Committee in federal
                                                                                  Toxic Coal Ash Spill
$850 million settlement.
We served as Plaintiffs’ Liaison                                                  We represent residents of Kingston,
Counsel and chaired the Plaintiffs’                                               Tennessee, in a lawsuit against the
Steering Committee in litigation                                                  Tennessee Valley Authority for its
against drug manufacturer Pfizer                                                  role in the catastrophic failure of a
for injuries due to its pain-relief                                               dike and retention pond that held
medicines.                                                                        one billion gallons of coal fly ash.

                                       Sulzer Hip and Knee
                                       $1 billion settlement.
                                       We played a significant role in
                                       negotiating a settlement with Sulzer
                                       after it recalled tens of thousands of
                                       hip and knee implants.

Tobacco Litigation
$206 billion settlement.
We represented the Attorneys
General of Massachusetts,
Louisiana, and Illinois, and other
states, cities, and counties against
cigarette manufacturers in the
landmark litigation.

                                                                                Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein LLP | 03
Fairness Motivates Us
Like you, we believe in justice and fairness,     Substantial financial resources
so when companies make unsafe products or         Personal injury and wrongful death suits can be
engage in unfair practices that cause harm, we    costly to litigate. Lieff Cabraser can challenge
stand up for you and work hard to make them       rich, powerful corporations because we have
pay for the damage and correct the wrong.         the funds to cover the costs of these cases—
                                                  however long they take.
The deep talent and experience of our lawyers
and staff may be the most important reason for    Nurses, medical specialists, and other experts
our successful record, but other aspects of the   Proving the cause of a defect or accident is often
firm are also important to our clients.           a highly technical undertaking. Our in-house
                                                  legal nurse consultants, scientific and medical
Personal attention and respect
                                                  analysts, and investigators have expert skills in
We treat our clients as people, not numbers.
                                                  evaluating cases and determining causes and
Whether you are an individual with a single
                                                  monetary values.
claim, or one of many involved in a large case,
you will have a relationship with our attorneys
who will regularly communicate with you.
Recent individual personal injury cases
Result    Action
$54.4 million   Defective transmission in Chrysler pick-up truck. Jury verdict included $50 million
                in punitive damages
$12 million     Passengers killed in aviation accident by international airline
$7.5 million    Undisclosed prescription drug side effects caused life-threatening injuries
$7.2 million    Auto defect case against Chrysler in which infant died. Jury verdict
$6 million      Passenger killed in aviation accident by U.S. airline
$5.95 million   Improper design of vehicle fuel tank led to explosion, severely burning driver
$4.8 million    Prescription drug injuries required a heart and lung transplant
$4.25 million   Prescription drug caused life-threatening condition
$3.8 million    Medical malpractice for failure to perform surgery in a timely manner
$3.2 million    Improper design of SUV led to rollover accident and severe injury
$3 million      Defective medical device killed patient
$3 million      Negligent failure to diagnose congenital condition led to near-death of patient

                                           “Despite their vast resources, we take on the
                                            most powerful corporations in the United
                                            States and the world. Our attorneys make
                                            sure the truth is told and convince judges
                                            and juries that our client’s case is righteous.”

                                                                                                Robert J. Nelson,
                                                                           Partner, Personal Injury Practice Group
                                                                 Two-time “California Lawyer Attorney of the Year”
                                                                 award recipient from California Lawyer magazine.

                                                                                        Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein LLP | 05
There are things that matter
more than money.

Aircraft Risk Reduced
We obtained an injunction
requiring Mobil to notify aircraft
owners that a dangerous synthetic
oil it produced caused premature
cylinder wear. Affected aircraft
owners also received free engine

                                                                           Minivan Latches
                                                                           Chrysler was required to recall
                                                                           3.8 million minivans to replace
                                                                           rear latches. Prior to the recall, an
                                                                           estimated 37 passengers—more
                                                                           than half of them children—died in
                                                                           accidents when they were ejected
                                                                           from the rear of the minivans.

                                     Fuel System Safety
                                     Researched                            Defective Baby Cribs
                                     To settle a class action involving
                                     4.7 million owners of 1973–1987       The Consumer Products Safety
                                     GM C/K pickup trucks with side        Commission recalled 650,000
                                     fuel tanks vulnerable to explosion,   drop-down Doral Asia cribs after we
                                     GM had to provide funding for         alerted it to entrapment and
                                     independent fuel system safety        suffocation hazards.
                                     research projects.
A focus on our clients
Clients appreciate our sharp legal skills, but they often tell us that our
personal concern and kindness mean just as much.

“Thank you for your hard work and superior expertise in our time
 of need. You were professional, personable, honest, and timely
 in your responses. You answered our questions, kept us well-
 informed and made sure we clearly understood your processes.”
Ryan in California
Client in defective vehicle and burn injury case

“I couldn’t be more pleased with how the case resolved. What stands
 out is your professionalism, personal attention, and concern. This has
 been a long road, and I am so grateful.”
Cheryl in Utah
Client in dangerous prescription drug case

“You were responsive to my questions and concerns at all times. The
 quality of representation was excellent.”
Jill in Indiana
Client in dangerous prescription drug case

“I’m so thankful to you for my settlement. I now can afford to start
 college. I have a future again and I’m feeling hope and joy for the first
 time since the accident.”
Jessica in California
Client in defective vehicle case

“All of our clients have suffered major
 losses. We never lose sight of their need
 to hold those responsible for their losses
 accountable. Our interest in reaching a
 just resolution is personal and genuine.”
                                       Wendy R. Fleishman,
                        Partner, Personal Injury Practice Group
                      Recognized as a New York Super Lawyer
                                        for the past five years.

                                                                             Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein LLP | 07
                                           Q: What is a personal injury action?
                                           A: This is a lawsuit brought by an individual
                                           who has suffered physical or mental harm as

Your questions
                                           the result of the wrongful conduct of another.

                                           Q: What is negligence?
answered                                   A: Negligence is the failure to act with
                                           reasonable care under the circumstances. A
                                           negligence claim focuses on the conduct of the
                                           party being sued (the defendant). If negligence
You are likely to have many questions      was severe and the defendant highly
                                           irresponsible, an award for punitive damages
about the legal process and your
                                           can be justified.
individual case. We want you to be fully
informed, so we are happy to answer        Q: How quickly should I hire an
them. If you have questions that do not
                                           A: Each state has a deadline for filing lawsuits,
appear here, please let us know.           which is known as the statute of limitations. In
                                           some states, it is one year from the date of the
                                           accident or injury. Other deadlines imposed
                                           by state law may require you to take action
                                           sooner than within one year. It is very important
                                           to preserve all relevant evidence, such as a
                                           defective vehicle or medical device.

                                           Q: What are my legal rights after an
                                           accident or injury?
                                           A: In most states, an injured victim may
                                           bring a case for negligence and other legal
                                           claims. Spouses can also join cases or make
                                           independent claims, because they are entitled
                                           to compensation for loss of support and other
                                           benefits of marriage. In wrongful death cases,
                                           most states entitle the spouse and children of
                                           the deceased to sue those responsible.

                                           Q: Will I have to pay a fee for your
                                           initial review of my case?
                                           A: No. We review cases free of charge and
                                           without any obligation on your part.
Q: How much will I be charged if you                 Q. What recovery will I receive?
take my case?                                        A: In most jurisdictions, if the defendant
A: We will discuss our contingent fees (a            (the company being sued) is found liable,
percentage of the recovery we obtain) and            you are entitled to full compensation for your
agree to terms in a written contract. We do not      financial loss. If you suffered a personal injury,
charge hourly fees, and we earn nothing until        the defendant must pay for past and expected
you receive a recovery.                              future medical care, your past and future lost
                                                     earnings, and an amount to compensate you
Q: Who will I sue?                                   for pain and suffering. Your spouse may also
A: This depends on the facts of your case.           be entitled to an award. If a loved one died, the
To increase your chance of recovering                recovery is usually based on the amount of lost
damages, we investigate the conduct of all           economic support and services, plus, in some
potential defendants. For example, if a case         jurisdictions, compensation for grief and mental
involves prescription drugs, we examine the          anguish. In some states, very bad conduct can
conduct of the manufacturer, the pharmacy,           also entitle survivors to punitive damages.
and the prescribing physician. In vehicle injury
cases, we thoroughly review the car or truck         Q: Why shouldn’t I just work things
design for safety defects.                           out with the defendant’s insurance
Q: How long will a lawsuit take?                     A: Resolving a case involving catastrophic
A: We cannot predict the time required to            injuries or a death without legal representation
resolve a case. Typically, many months pass          is not wise. Accidents raise complex questions
before conclusions can be reached. Sometimes         about what happened, who was legally
cases settle shortly after filing, or perhaps even   responsible, and how the matter should be
before. In other cases, final resolution may take    resolved. Corporations and their insurers
two years or more.                                   naturally want to minimize their payments to
                                                     victims and families. Our duty is to identify
Q: How do I select an attorney to                    responsible parties and strive for full, fair
represent me?                                        compensation for your losses. Lieff Cabraser
A: The best choice is an attorney with               investigates complex cases thoroughly and can
substantial experience successfully handling
                                                     help ensure that the guilty party will not be able
similar cases, combined with a passion for
                                                     to hide misconduct.
achieving justice for each client. It is also
critical to choose a firm with the large financial
resources required to conduct a case through           Every year since 2003,
                                                       the National Law
trial and, if necessary, any appeals.
                                                       Journal has selected
                                                       Lieff Cabraser as one
                                                       of the nation’s top

                                                                         Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein LLP | 09
Champions of Justice
A fundamental drive to fight unfairness and achieve justice for our clients
has characterized Lieff Cabraser since our founding in 1972. With powerful
determination, we have fought to promote safer products; ensure fair competition;
advance the rights of consumers, employees, patients, investors, and small
business owners; safeguard the environment; and remedy civil rights violations

Blending the highest quality legal skills and investigative acumen with
deep financial resources, the firm has prevailed in complex cases involving
the world’s largest corporations. Many of our cases have resulted in landmark
decisions and precedent-setting rulings, including:

The Attorney General litigation against the tobacco industry

Litigation against European banks and businesses to recover the assets of
Holocaust victims and survivors

A successful class action lawsuit against Walmart that reformed its pay
procedures and employment practices

The third largest settlement ever in a stock-options backdating lawsuit
A $54 million jury verdict against an auto manufacturer for failing to correct a
known defect in millions of its vehicles
Over $1 billion in cash payments to homeowners in the Masonite defective
siding and roofing cases
An award of $203 million against Wells Fargo Bank for manipulating the
processing of customer debit card purchases to maximize overdraft fees
Antitrust litigation against natural gas and electricity companies for
manipulating prices in California resulting in settlements valued at $1.3 billion

Disclaimer: The outcome of your legal matter will depend upon the facts and
applicable law of your case. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.


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