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					                    Canape / Cocktail Affair
   The Finn Catering Company can provide for your next event, canapés to suit every occasion and
  budget, from 20 to 400 guests. Our comprehensive selection of canapés are designed to ensure the
       best, possible produce the market can offer and prepared at our purpose built kitchen.

 If you find that the items proposed are not what you had in mind for your event, The Finn Catering
  Company are happy to work with you to design a customised menu. This may involve some of the
                          menu items offered here and also some of your ideas.

         When selecting a menu to suit your function we recommend the following amounts:

1 Hour Function
6 items from the canapé list.
This will allow six canapés per person for a 1hr service period

2 Hour Function
12 items from the canapé list
This will allow twelve canapés per person for a two hour function

Cold Selection

    Avocado corstini w/ cream cheese & sweet chilli peppers                             $2 each

    Polenta corstini w/ blue cheese & balsamic red onion                                $2 each

    Peking seared duck rolls w/ plum sauce                                              $2.50 each

    Crepe roulade w/ smoked salmon, pine nuts & chives                                  $2 each

    Crepe roulade w/ marinated lamb, pine nuts & mint                                   $2 each

    Tequila & lime infused seared scallops on rice cracker                              $3 each

    Assorted tartlets including: smoked salmon & chives; leek & pancetta; walnut, mushroom,
     prosciutto; fig & gorgonzola cheese; sweet potato & sage                           $2 each

    Foccacini pockets w/ raisins fennel & grapes                                        $2 each

    Baby bagel w/ cream cheese, lox & dill                                              $2.50 each
    Pumpkin damper served w/ burnt fig jam, caramelised red onion, glazed leg ham & local brie
     cheese                                                                           $2.80 each

    Vegetable frittata cubes w/ homus & black olives                                        $2.50 each

    Tomato & red onion bruschetta                                                           $2.50 each

    Mini steak sandwiches                                                                   $2.50 each

    Crunchy thai chicken peanut cakes                                                       $2.50 each

    Selection of vegetable, pork & prawn fresh Vietnamese rice paper rolls served w/ a selection of
     dipping sauces                                                                       $2.50 each

    Grilled scallops w/ sweet chilli & crème fraiche                                        $3 each

    Selection of sushi rolls w/ a range of fillings served w/ wasabi, pickled ginger & soy dipping sauce
                                                                                              $2 each

Hot Selections

    Mini country chicken & vegetable pie                                                    $2.50 each

    Harvey beef Sheppard pies with crispy potato top                                        $2.50 each

    Homemade individual sausage rolls w/ tomato basil sauce                                 $2.50 each

    Coconut prawns w/ mango & mint dipping sauce                                            $2.50 each

    Tempura prawns w/ wasabi mayo                                                           $2.50 each

    Citrus fish skewers w/ pomegranate reduction                                            $2.50 each

    Tender pieces of squid dipped in an authentic Asian style salt & pepper batter served on a
     skewer                                                                               $2 each

    Classic Vietnamese pork & prawn spring roll                                             $2.50 each

    Korma lamb & potato samosas                                                             $2.50 each
 Macadamia crusted chicken strips w/ mango salsa                                        $2.50 each

 Spicy lamb koftas w/ mint yoghurt dip                                                  $2.50 each

 Saffron chicken skewers w/ sweet tomato jam                                            $2.50 each

 Lemongrass & beef skewers w/ sticky cucumber & peanut sauce                            $2.50 each

 Rosemary lamb cutlets w/ fresh mint & parsley sauce                                    $3 each

 Saffron feta filo triangles w/ preserved lemon & onion                                 $2.50 each

 Roasted pine nut, basil risotto balls filled w/ buffalo mozzarella a served w/ a chunky tomato
  sauce                                                                                   $2 each

 Grilled beef fillet wrapped in crispy bacon w/caramelised onion sauce                  $2.50 each

 Spicy pork empanaditas w/ chunky avocado relish                                        $2.50 each

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