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									I   Dissemination of
    information found
                               Annotated Bibliography of Relevant Journals for Possible
    during research is
    paramount. Finding          Publication of Advocate and Communication Research
n   the journal which best
    addresses a given target
    audience for the results of
                                                                            Samantha Munday, Carolyn LaPlante, Sandi Smith, Chuck Atkin
                                                                                                       Michigan State University

    a study is a critical part of
    this process.                   Cancer                                                                                                                                  Health Communication
    The objective of this                                                                                    • Purpose : “Seeks to improve practical communication between caregivers and patients and between
                                    • Purpose : “To provide an
    research was to help breast

                                    interdisciplinary forum for the exchange                                 institutions and the public. “
    cancer advocates and            of information among oncologic
    communication researchers       disciplines concerned with the etiology                                  • Style Format : APA
    find the right journals in      and course of human cancer. CANCER                                       • Audience : Scholars and practitioners in communication, psychology, sociology, public health, medicine,

    which to submit their work      accomplishes this objective by publishing
                                                                                                             nursing, dentistry, physical therapy, dietetics, pharmacy, and the allied health professions.
                                    original articles, as well as other scientific
    for publication.                and educational documents, that support the mission of the               • Space Limitations : No longer than 25 double-spaced pages
    Two searches were               American Cancer Society by facilitating the transfer of
    completed in the search         knowledge from the laboratory to the bedside; contributing               • Publisher website :

d   engine WorldCats. One
    search used the keywords
    “breast cancer
                                    to cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis, cure, and
                                    rehabilitation; and diminishing suffering from cancer.”

                                    • Style Format : AMA, Index Medicus
                                                                                                             • Example Article Titles :
                                                                                                             “Emerging trends and future directions in patient communication skills training”

    communication” and the                                                                                   “Use and impact of eHealth system by low-income women with breast cancer”
    second used the keywords        • Audience : Professionals in the oncologic field, radiologists,
                                    gynecologists, urologists, epidemiologists, pathologists,                “The impact of communication on cancer risk, incidence, morbidity, mortality, and quality of life”
    “breast cancer media.”
                                    cytopathologists, cytologic technicians
    From these two searches,

c   articles of interest and the
    journals they were from
    were composed into a
                                    • Space Limitations : Less than 6000 words including the
                                    title page, abstract, text, references, figures, figure legends,
                                    and tables. Abstracts are limited to 250 words.
                                                                                                                                            Journal of Health Communication
    document. Each article,

                                    • Publisher Website :                  • Style Format : APA
    along with the journal it was
                                    • Example Article Titles :                                                • Purpose : “It presents the latest development in the field of health communication including research in
    from, was placed into four
                                                                                                              risk communication, health literacy, social marketing, communication (from interpersonal to mass media),
    non-mutually exclusive          “Communication between patients with breast cancer and                    psychology, government, policy-making, and health education around the world.”

    categories to describe the      health care providers: Determinants and implications”
    type(s) of communication                                                                                  • Audience : Designed to give concise information to practitioners and academics.
                                    “When the diagnosis is cancer: Patient communication
    they addressed; mass media,     experiences and preferences”                                              • Space Limitations : 5,000 words with a 200 word abstract.
    new media, interpersonal,

o   and/or doctor-patient. After
    the search, two more
    journals were added to the              Women & Health
                                                                                                              • Publisher Website :
                                                                                                              • Example Article Titles :
                                                                                                              “Effect of media coverage and physician advice on utilization of breast cancer screening by women 40 years

    list upon the advice of other                                                                             and older”
    experts in the medical and      • Purpose : “The journal covers material involving
                                    the physical and psychological well-being of women,                       “Cancer information scanning and seeking behavior is associated with knowledge, lifestyle choices, and
    dietetic fields. Then each                                                                                screening”
                                    the sociocultural factors that lead to health problems,
    journal’s style format,
                                    and issues of prevention, early diagnosis and treatment,
    purpose, audience, author       the limitation of disability, and rehabilitation.”
    types, communication
    type(s), space limitations,
                                    • Style Format : APA                                                                               Patient Education and Counseling
    and a link to their             • Audience : Researchers, policy planners, and all
    submission guidelines for       providers of health care for women.                                           • Purpose : “To explore and elucidate educational, counseling and communication models in health
    authors were also collected                                                                                   care. Its aim is to provide a forum for fundamental as well as applied research, and to promote the
                                    • Space Limitations : The paper should not exceed                             study of the delivery of patient education, counseling, and health promotion services, including training
    into the document.              23 pages and the abstract should contain around 100                           models and organizational issues in improving communication between providers and patients.”
    A total of 30 possible          words.
    journals for breast cancer                                                                                    • Style Format : Format required by biomedical journals
                                    • Publisher Website :
    advocacy and                                                                                                  • Audience : Patient education and health promotion researchers, managers,
    communication research                                                                                        physicians, nurses and other health care providers
    were documented in this         • Example Article Titles :
    way and included in an                                                                                        • Space Limitations : 4,000 words for text and 100-150 for abstracts
                                    “Using the Internet to identify women's sources of
    annotated bibliography.         breast health education and screening ”                                       • Publisher Website :
    Five of the journals            “Patient-blaming and
    researched are                                                                                                • Example Article Titles :
                                    representation of risk factors in
    highlighted here, but all       breast cancer images”                                                         “Patient proactivity enhancing doctor-patient-family communication in cancer prevention and care
    are included in the                                                                                           among the aged”
                                    “Women's approaches to the use
    handout available from          of new technology for cancer risk                                             “Cancer communication patterns and the influence of patient characteristics: Disparities in information-
    the researchers and             information”                                                                  giving and affective behaviors”
    online at

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