Job Aid 350-70-11 by 51IOf8


									                                                                                       Job Aid 350-70-8c
                                                                  Sample Sensitive Test Material Sign Out and Inventory Sheet

Each time sensitive test material is removed from the positive control of a secured container/system or is inventoried and returned to the container, an entry must be made.
Print all entries except for signature.
                                           SENSITIVE TEST MATERIAL SIGN OUT AND INVNTORY SHEET
                                                (FOR USE OF THIS FORM, SEE TRADOC PAM 350-70-5; PROPONENT IS DCSOPS&T)
               (of Sign Out/Inventory)                                                                                          Sign In Information (N/A for Inventory)
                                                    PURPOSE OF
                                                        (Sign out,           DESCRIPTION OF MATERIAL                        TIME/DATE
  (TTTT)                     PRINTED NAME/         inventory, transfer,      SIGNED OUT/INVENTORIED                           (TTTT/                   PRINTED NAME/
(DD/MM/YY)     RANK            SIGNATURE             destruction, etc.)   (Include description and number, if applicable)   DD/MM/YY)    RANK            SIGNATURE

HQ TRADOC Form 350-70-5-1 (Apr 04)                                             Destroy 1 year after last entry.                                                       Page _ of __

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