Index to Rib Lake History by yaohongm


									                   Index to CDs of Rib Lake History by Robert P. Rusch
                               Updated to March 15, 2010

L = Letter
P = Photograph
W = Writing
RLH=Rib Lake History
RLHe = Rib Lake Herald (newspaper)
RLLC = Rib Lake Lumber Company
RPR = Robert P. Rusch
STH = State Trunk Highway
CTH-County Trunk Highway
~ = Westboro
! = Chelsea
UN = Unidentified
MRPA-McComb’s Racing Park Addition to the Village of Rib Lake

Volume (Disc) I - #10000-10100
10000-P. Aerial 8-28-1938, Village of Rib Lake & environs
10001-P. Aerial 8-28-1938, Village of Rib Lake & NW
10002-P. Aerial 8-28-1938, Village of Rib Lake & SW
10003-1896 ‘Largest Load of Bark ever hauled to Fayette Shaw’s Tannery’ Rib Lake data
10004-Back side Teamster Herman Wagler
10005-McComb Ave. 1900 to North [from Tram Bridge]
10006-McComb Ave. & Landall to N business brick bank building
10007-Camp #4 NE Wood Lake, Shay Locomotive
10008-Loading Logging Sleigh
10009-RLLC locomotive 67 McGiffert Loaders, camp # unknown
10010-RLLC camp # unknown c. 1940
10011-Steam hauler “Bob Hess” “1920” Camp 12
10012-Steam haulder at Rib Lake
10013-2006 Rib Lake Community Map
10013A-Map yellow is location photo 12
10014-P. Steamhauler & peeled hemlock c. 1920
10015-P.unidentified Minn. Logging camp c. 1900
10016-L. RPR to Star News 5-27-05 Steam hauler operations at Rib Lake, 3 pgs
10017-P. Rib Lake steam hauler
10018-P. Rib Lake steam hauler ‘cat bird seat’ photo by Frank Hass, Jack Heindl has negative
10019-P. Bob Hess 1920 in car McComb Ave., Rib Lake
10020-McComb Ave, Rib Lake to north, west side c. 1920
10021-backside of 10020. LB33 to H. Schmittfranz, Chelsea
10022-P. steam hauler & 4 sleigh loads of logs
10023-A Pictorial History of the Rib Lake Area, 211 pgs.
10024-Shaw’s Bark Camp 6-11-1893

10024A-Shaw’s Bark Camp 6-11-1893 complete photo
10025-emails re 10024-Phil Piazza, Renton, WA
10025A-Reply by Phil Piazza 10-6-06
10026-Plat map-T33 R3E [2003]
10027-L. Roger L. Emmerich 9-29-06 ‘German Immigration’ by RPR
10028-P. Sandy Hare & [R] Barbara Moon nee Nelson
10029-P. Father Peter Dickoff Nels ‘Ewald’ Nelson
10030-P. Interior St. John’s Catholic Church
10031-P. Lumber Yard c. 1949, Mill sawed last log 6-1948 view NW
10032-P. ‘Last [truck] load of lumber from the old mill’ c. 1948, Claude Peterson, Medford, WI
10033-P. Matty Janish, Musky 10-17-1948, 46 in. long, 38 lb, North Harper Lake
10034-P. ‘16 lb. musky caught at Harper Lake, Rib Lake’ L. Herb Curran & Frank [Mat] Jarish
or Yarish
10035-P. Postcard ‘Ewald Nelson Village’ 3-7-1941.
10035A-Rib Lake Fish & Game Assoc. meeting
10036-P. Leo Stiel
10037-Business card Ronald G. Rusch
10038-James Peterson; Rib Lake logger c. 1930 article ‘My History Is America’s History’
10039-Star News; Railroads in Taylor Co. by Everett A. Rusch with railroad map, 1-5-2000
10040-1913 Taylor Co. Railroad Map
10041-1929 Wis. Railway Comm. – Wis. Map
10042-c. 1905 Railroad map of Wis.-World Atlas, NB line west of Whittlesey not built
10043-Chicago, St. Paul & Pacific Daily interchange report of cars, form 104
10044-Pine Line Map & Brochure
10045-Guide to The Pine Line RPRusch 4-1997
10046-RLH dams 1914 Report of Railroad Comm to Wis. Legislature-T.C. Dams-
10047-Names of Rib Lake Old Timers
10048-RLH camps, Pine, How logging camps were operated, 1868 to 1900 by Ray Bundick, 7
10049-RLH history c. 1990 by Robert Lucia
10049A-Burton Road Map
10050-Rib Lake & Taylor Co. History by Ray Bundick, Westboro c. 1965, 18 pgs, ‘Official list
of First Logging Operators in What is Now Taylor Co.’ (see 12607 for expanded and updated
version of this document)
10051-Disappearance of Father Menard, by Harry Curran, 9 pgs
10052-History of Rib Lake by Guy Wallace, 11 pgs
10053-History of Rib Lake by Elsie M. Beck, 9 pgs, 1938
10054-‘Railroads-Original Document’ L. 7-21-2005 Jim Welton to RPR
10054A-L. Edwin H. Abbot 8-24-1883
10054B-L. Isaac Biscornet to Edwin H. Abbot 8-30-1883
10054C-L. Edwin H. Abott to Peter Cullen, 8-30-1883
10054D-L. J.C. Wheelock to T.L. Kennan, 9-8-1883
10054E-… to J.C. Wheelock , 9-19-1883
10055-History of Wisconsin Central title page
10055C-Edwin Hale Abbot biography

10056-‘Railroads-Land Grants’, History of Wisconsin Central title page
10056A-G- Text, W.C. Land Grants
10057-Map-T.C. land grant lands 1881
10058-Railroad ‘time table’ 1-3-1892
10058A-time table 1904
10058B-time table 1909
10058C-time table 1920
10058D-time table 1936
10058E-time table 1941
10058F-time table 1960
10059-L. Charles H. Stats to RPR
10060-Railroads-Wis. Central-Governor Wm. Taylor, title page, History of Wisconsin Central
10060A-pg 18 ‘Into the Deep Woods’
10060B-10-1872 inspection
10060C-pg 20
10061-The Westboro Story, 1996, by Ruby Evelyn & Harrold Hatlestad
10062-P. Herman C. Peterson homestead,
10063-P. Alexander Stewart Lumber Company, Wausau, WI 1910
10064-P. Atwood Plant, Park Falls, WI 1910
10065-P. Interior photo blacksmith, Stevens Point, WI 1911
10066-P. Saw filer c. 1910
10067-P. Main Street, Park Falls, c. 1900
10068-P. Neillsville, WI c. 1911
10069-P. Putting in sidewalk at Westboro
10070-P. ‘Wheeler’ STH 13, Westboro c. 1900 ‘George Tombs’
10071-P. Cook shanty-interior-Central Leather Co, Knowlton, WI. 3-24-1910
10072-P. Log Decking & locomotive, Knowlton, WI c. 1910
10073-P. Steam log skidder c. 1910
10074-P. Paul Whitefish Family c. 1900
10075-P. Highway 13 South, Westboro ‘1912-1917’
10076-P. Shovel gang STH 13, ‘South of Westboro’
10077-P. Slusher in up position c. 1912, STH 13
10078-P. Slusher in up position, STH 13, c. 1912, team with fly nets
10079-P. ‘Westboro 13’ c. 1912
10080-P. ‘North of Hannibal’ roadbuilding c. 1912, STH 73
10081-P. Seven teams north of Hannibal c. 1912
10082-P. Breaking plow Horses ‘Kit & Rowdy’ c. 1912
10083-P. Stetsonville-horse pulled roller c. 1912
10084-P. STH 13, N. of Medford, 4 mi. north
10085-P. Wheeled slushers STH 13, c. 1912, Mahner’s swamp
10086-P. Highway building between Jump River & Hannibal c. 1912
10087-P. ‘Hannibal’ wheeled slushers c. 1912, double teamed horses
10088-P. ‘Westboro rd’ STH 13, c. 1912
10089-P. Roadbuilding, 1 mi. s of Westboro, STH 13
10090-P. STH 13, Westboro, double team
10091-P. Team with blankets

10092-P. Claude C. Peterson c. 1940
10093-P. unknown camp Rib Lake, c. 1936
10094-P. Logging locomotive Rib Lake New Wood Country c. 1936
10095-P. Pete Peterson, Emma, Jim Peterson, wife Anna, Wm. Leader, wife Mary nee Peterson,
Herman Peterson and wife Ella, c. 1944
10096-Obit. Otto W. Steffeck
10097-Title Page; Clarkson Publishing, Wis. Co. Maps 2002
10097A-Western Taylor Co.
10097B-Middle Taylor Co.
10097C-Eastern Taylor Co.
10097D-SE Price Co.
10097E-Western Lincoln Co.
10097F-Eastern Lincoln Co.
10097G-NW Marathon Co.
10098-2006 Wis. highway map
10098A-Central Wisconsin-Rib Lake
10099-RLH 1907 ‘Ten Years Ago’ History of Rib Lake from 1897-1907
10100-L. Martha Krugel c.1947 [Great Aunt of Susan Thums nee Marschke]

Volume (Disc) II - #10100-10200
10101-RLHe 1-3-1902 ‘Logging by Rail’
10102-McComb Ave c. 1960 view north, Perkins Ice C. sign on Pharmacy, ‘Upjohn’s Store’
10103-RLH History 3-1886 by Edgar T. Wheelock
10104-June 23, 1900 American Lumberman, The Home of the Hemlock, J.J. Kennedy Lumber
10105-Feb. 10, 1900 American Lumberman, J.J. Kennedy Lumber Co.—A pg. 2, Winchester
Hotel, Medford, Lumber-Hemlock from Rib Lake
10106-Mississippi Valley Lumberman, 4-14-1916, ‘Work on the New Saw Mill at Rib Lake Will
Commence at Once’, Camps 9, 11 & 13 –A pg 2
10107-L. Mike Weckworth ‘Bob’—A, Star News 1930 –B, RLLC articles –C, RLLC articles
10108-Map c. 1910-plat
10109-Map c. 1910-plat
10110-Polk’s Wis. S. Gazetteer Rib Lake 1895
10111-Polk’s Wis. S. Gazetteer Rib Lake 1903
10112-Polk’s Wis. S. Gazetteer Rib Lake 1907; 2 pgs
10113-Polk’s Wis. S. Gazetteer Rib Lake 1924
10114~Polk’s Wis. S. Gazetteer Westboro 1895
10115~Polk’s Wis. S. Gazetteer Westboro 1903
10116~Polk’s Wis. S. Gazetteer Westboro 1907
10117~Polk’s Wis. S. Gazetteer Westboro 1924
10118-Modern Woodmen of America, Camp 890, Rib Lake, Pass Report Book 1909 cover page,
see RLH-Modern Woodmen Camp 890, Note; 3-2-07-Galen Scharer has extensive file of camp
10119-Modern Woodmen of America Social Membership Application; 2 pgs

10120-Modern Woodmen of America 1-27-1909 to Chas Whittlinger & envelope with 1 cent
10121-Modern Woodmen of America camp 890, multiple page members
10122-Deed A.C. McComb, et ux, to Modern Woodmen of America camp 890, $375, 2-21-
1901-2 pg
Galen Scharer collection:
10123-RLLC mill c. 1910
10123A-RLLC mill c. 1910 & hot pond
10124-Mill fire 1914
10125-Mill fire 1914-view from north
10126-Mill fire 1914-view from north
10127-RLLC Mill reconstruction 1916
10128-RLLC mill c. 1920
10129-RLLC mill c. 1920 & hot pond
10130-RLLC mill-west side; foreground elevated tramway c. 1920
10131-RLLC McComb Ave “Boss’ Office” & first aid, back; planer building
10132-RLLC mill c. 1948, Bull chain, possibly last log
10133-RLLC McComb Ave. “Boss’ Office” foreground, Tramway
10134-RLLC tramway; right “Boss’ Office”; view from Railroad Street, Opie Freeck “team
drivers Smokey Schopper, Gus Rusch” c. 1940
10135-RLLC mill c. 1920 aerial, McComb Ave commercial district, H.E. Rusch house
10136-RLLC dry yard & tramway, Ward School, aerial
10137-RLLC Mill, hot pond, Rib Lake Village, view to NW c. 1920 aerial, hemlock bark piles,
biplane strut in foreground
10138-RLLC tramway over McComb Ave, view to north from Railroad St, R; planing mill
10139-RLLC tramway & dry yard view from Railroad St.
10140-RLLC dry yard-high piles, dried lumber on tram cars, pile base c. 1925, “Louis SEkadlo,
317 N. 2nd St, Medford”
10141-RLLC “Last load of lumber from old mill” 1948
10142-RLLC half empty dry yard about 9-1948
10143-RLLC half empty dry yard about 9-1948, steeple center, Meth. R. Catholic Church
10144-RLLC half empty dry yard c. 1940, steeple center, Meth. R. Catholic Church
10145-RLLC dry lumber-beneath tramway
10146-RLLC log train along Rib Lake c. 1940
10147-RLLC boom divides Rib Lake c. 1920
10147X-hot pond
10148-RLLC logs along Lake Shore Drive, background Bokath house & Village Park; L, tavern
“Lakeside”, peeled hemlock logs c. 1920
10149-RLLC log rolling into Rib Lake c. 1920
10150-RLLC Rib Lake filled with logs, perhaps peeled hemlock c. 1920
10151-RLLC hot pond c. 1940
10152-RLLC railroad turntable c. 1940
10153-RLLC log train along Rib Lake, NE to Fayette Ave.
10154-RLLC “round house” & water tank
10155-RLLC Water tank-RR on mill north side c. 1920 winter
10156-RLLC mainline to mill

10157-RLLC McComb Ave. view north, “Look Out for the [rail] cars” c. 1920
10158-RLLC locomotive 101 at water tank c. 1940 “Chester Curran” may be atop
10158X-locomotive at roundhouse
10158X1-Chester Curran & locomotive
10158X1A-back 1913
10158X2-Caboose behind caboose is the flats
10158X3-Train along Rib Lake from Fayette Ave.
10158X4A-back, Signed “Anna May” perhaps Kennedy
10158-X5-“National Pole & Treating Company” locomotive
10159-Rib Lake Depot c. 1940
10160-Rib Lake Depot, background St. John’s Catholic Church
10161-Rib Lake Depot-locomotive “3” snow covered
10162-Rib Lake Depot view SW
10163-text Adeline Walbeck explaining 10164, 1927 RLLC reconfigured RR track that had gone
to tannery to expand hardwood dry yard
10164-West Rib Lake Village-seen from water tower, red & blue lines orig. route of RR track,
yellow line is RR route after 1927, R side of panoramic photo
10165-“Rib Lake in 1910” left side
10165A-Longer version of 10165
10165B-Longer version of 10165 from north
10166-Bird’s Eye View of Rib Lake c. 1926, former bark yard
10167-former tannery headquarters, Fayette Ave.
10168-Camp 2, “US Leather Co. Camp 2” Jim Hedington [foreman] T33N R3E, Sec. 33 [on
Wood River]
10168A-Backside, text by RPR for 1981 “Pictorial History of Rib Lake”
10169-1913 plat T33N, R3E showing possible location of Camp 2
10170-1997 plat T33N, R3E
10171-Camp 4
10171A-Backside, typed text by RPR
10172-Camp 26
10173-Camp unknown [no I.D. on photo]
10174-Unidentified camp
10175-Unidentified camp
10176-Unidentified camp
10177-McGiffert Loader, “1905 Camp 4, Frank Diesing with Dog”
10178-RR in woods-log pile
10179-Wood RR with lath
10180-Not RLLC other mill in Rib Lake c. 1915
10181-Decking logs NB; overlead pulley
10182-decking logs-cross haul method, NB chain
10183-Tan bark & sleigh c. 1910, “1 Frank Diesing, 2 Bert Aitkens L to R”
10184-Woods workers, man on left carries scaling stick & large pencil on right sleeve
10184A-backside, Charlie Talbot & Bert Aitkens
10186-2 horse team-sleigh of logs

10187-2 horse team-sleigh of logs
10188-sleigh load logs McComb Ave “Modern Café-Eat Anytime” “Geo Braun-Real Estate
10189-Skidding poles with team
10190-C. Hunter’s camp, 20 logs, 7270 board feet
10191-Jammer “Copper River Camp 1912”
10191A-2 teams
10192-Steam Hauler from Camp 12 c. 1920 Bokath Home in back
10193-Steam Hauler & 5 sleighs “Brown Studio”
10194-Filing the tank
10194A-back; Albert Aitken with horse, tank held 125 barrels, tank used to make ice roads
10195-tanker being filled with water
10196-Steam Hauler
10197-Elmer Timm & fire wood, tipping sleigh
10198-decking with chains c. 1910
10199-skidding with crawler c. 1940

Volume (Disc) III - #10200-10299
SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING VOLUME III-A: Photo #10200-10258, when originally
scanned, resulted in faulty “blotched” images. To correct this, on July 28, 2009, these
photos were re-scanned and placed onto Volume III-A, with the exception that the
following photos could not then be located: 10244, 10245, 10248, 10249, 10254-10258. The
original assigned photo numbers have been maintained.
10200-teamster & team
10201-teamster & team
10202-Camp bunkbeds c. 1940
10203-“logging scene Rib Lake, Wis”
10204-McCormick-Deering crawler
10205-Jammer Loading RR flatcar
10206-Rollways & McGiffert Loader Camp 18
10207-McGiffert Loader
10208-McGiffert Loader
10209-McGiffert Loader
10210-4 men atop boom
10211-armed man on speedster
10212-armed man on speedster
10213-RR track thru snowbank “after plowing May 4, 1920” at Kelnhofer farm; NW 34, 33 2E
10214-star load of logs
10215-2 teams & log sleigh
10216-Last log ceremony 2-1948
10217-felling “last pine” 2-1948, 3 wood wedges stand ready
10218-Rib River, NW SW 28, 32, 3E, “Eastbank-Interwald Wis”
10219-Bateau on Rib River, in 2007 this bateau is at Rhinelander logging museum, tent atop
square bottom boat, served as cook shanty; log drive on Rib River
10220-family portrait, “Mr. & Mrs. Henry Ziegler and their sons; Mr Ziegler was superintendent
of the Rib Lake Tannery at one time”

10221-unknown couple c. 1900
10222-8-19-1908 Rib Lake Ladies Club
10223-unidentified dinner group
10224-John Herrem & unknown
10225-1944 women with Holsteins
10226-house moving c. 1910
10227-paving McComb Ave.
10228-paving McComb Ave.
10229-store interior “John, Nina, Vern, Jim”
10230-National Hotel – McComb & Railroad Streets, SW corner
10231-Tauber’s Tavern, 2007 Last Chance Tavern, 832 McComb Ave, 427-5546
10231A-Campaign flyer-Frank Tauber for Sheriff
10232-Village not “City Hall”, 741 McComb Ave; “Herb Curran” standing in front “1921”,
“Truck is [now] at Slinger, WI”; “Fire Dept. organized 1902”
10233-“Electric Lighting Plant at R.L.” c. 1910; SE corner of Railroad & Church Streets, Later
Heindl’s Store;
10234-“Rib Lake Community Map” c. 2005 Village street map
10235-Ward School, Church Street, razed c. 1960 Ken Mannel
10236-Ward School south side
10237-High School from McComb Ave., c. 1930; L; blacksmith shop, 2000 “Otter Forge”
Landall & Mill Ln.
10238-High School c. 1905, E & N side
10239-1928 RLHS basketball team
10239A-back Rudy Kaske, Peter Mathias, Harold McCallough, Principal McBridge, Carl
Marschke, Eyventd Hagen, Bill [William] Schaack, Orville Peterson, Francis [Franny] Schaack
10240-c. 1983 burning high school, front-left bus garage, 2007 Camp 28 restaurant, 720 Hwy
10241-Unknown mill
10242-“Interwald, Wis” George Kower home-store perhaps
10242A-back side
10243-Inside A.H. Krause & Co. veneer factory, Interwald c. 1910
10244-STH 102 & 13 signs c. 1958; view south to Scott farm
10245-Shoe Factory c. 1960; Glov-Ett Shoes, Gem Products, Inc.
10246-6-9-1935 confirmation class, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Rv. F. Kammholz
10247-“German Lutheran Church” interior photo, “St. John’s Lutheran”
10248-St. John’s Lutheran Church exterior photo
10249-St. John the Baptist Roman Cath. Church SE side c. 1960
10250-United Methodist Church, view east-Church St. c. 1920
10251-United Methodist Church c. 1960
10252-Public Library c. 1960 SE corner of Landall & Pearl
10253-Rib Lake from Rib’s Resort c. 1960, proprietor George Buksa, 720 Holden Rd.
10254-Residents of Village of Rib Lake by Milton McRae; A-C c. 1915
10255-Star News 7-9-1981, “Rib Lake Celebrating 100 years of Progress”; SF; RLH History
End of Galen Scharer Collection

10256-Brochure “Rib Lake Telephone Company & Cellcom” c. 1995
10257-P. McComb Ave. c. 1995; Ice Age Days parade float
10258-P. McComb Ave c. 1995 “Gehrt’s Bar” “Westboro Warriors” float
10259-Rib Lake Phone Book 10-2004 to 9-2005
10260-Map 1975 “Existing Land Uses” Taylor Co., WI, Rib Lake Area
10260C-Medford Area
10260D-Jump River Area
10260E-Lublin Area
10261-Rib Lake Herald v. 66 #37, Aug. 9, 1962 ‘Historical Souvenir Edition’ ‘How-de-do in 62’
10262-Map Taylor Co. 1948; A-Rib Lake area [8-9-1962]
10263-P. RLHS Class of 1925; 1. Agnes Schaack, 2. Prof. Wagner, 3. unknown, 4. Verl Gummo,
5. unknown, 6. Myrtle Taylor, 7. unknown, 8. unknown Radtke
10264-P. RLHS – west side c. 1925, foreground “the flats”
10265-P. RLHS 1924 Boys basketball team, Photo owned by Veril Gummo; L-R; 1. unknown, 2.
Art Taylor, 3. unknown Seidel, 4. Millard “Satch” Kapitz, Veril Gummo, Walt Mathews, [I.D.
uncertain from photo back]
10266-P. “Rib Lake Citizen’s Cornet Band” Taylor Co. Fair 1922
10267-P. Rib Lake Herald Office c. 1900; Herald founder seated, John J. Voemastek, boy in
back Herman Talbot
10268-P. Unidentified tavern interior, [bar appears to be the one in 2007 “Last Chance” 832
McComb Ave.
10269-P. Old Central Hotel, 1100 Railroad St., c. 1950 Golden Age Nursing Home; c. 1960
Roger Johnson made into apartments; c. 1980 Rollie & Sue Thums purchased; built c. 1910 by
Eliz. Matthias
10270-P. 1900 McComb Ave. north from Railroad St., Tannery smokestacks, photo from
10271-Article “The Good Old Days” Rib Lake Herald c. 1970, work rules, Zachary U. Geiger
10272-Rib Lake Co-operative Creamery Co. stock certificate, 11-30-1926, “W.S. St. Claire”
owner, Pres. R. A. Kolb. Sec. Treas. Perry C. Headstream
10272A-Backside, Transfer to John McCrae [or McRae]
10273-Article Rib Lake First National Bank robbery c. 1925
10274-P. c. 1910 McComb Ave.; NB Lutheran Church faces south
10275-P. c. 1920 McComb Ave. – from tramway
10276-P. McComb Ave. “Main St” c. 1950
10277-P. 7-24-1914 Sawmill file, “Started at 9;20 a.m.” view to south
10278-P. Mill c. 1900 view north
10279-P. 1916 new mill under construction
10280-P. 1916 new mill south side; hold for transfer chain; NB right; boilers
10281-P. aerial, lower right-new mill, lower left-transfer bldg, upper left-Machine bldg at 670
McComb, upper right-“roundhouse”, upper center-RR water tank
10282-P. transfer bldg upper left, “# of days without lost time accident” sign, right tramway
10283-P. c. 1920 tramway, center-machine bldg
10284-P. Planing mill SW corner, foreground McComb & Railroad St, then STH 102
10285-P. Planing mill west side c. 1935

10286-P. Finishing mill chimney c. 1915; FD transfer bldg
10287-P. Hotpond c. 1925
10288-P. Hotpond view east
10289-P. Hotpond view north, cupola RLHS
10290-P. Rib Lake “The Landing” by Village Park [end of Ice Road from Camp 9] view west c.
10291-P. Mill-S. side; from Holden’s Resort [The Ribs] c. 1920
10292-P. Mill east side c. 1940
10293-P. Mill NE side c. 1949
10294-Camp 28 Restaurant 10-1995, “Old garage becomes restaurant, museum”, Hasty
10295-L. 1-27-1993 RPR, RL History 1886
10296-Ribbon Cutting at Camp 28 Restaurant
10297-Camp 28 Restaurant to add 12 motel units
10298-Camp 28 Restaurant advertisement 8-29-1995
10299-P. Camp 28 Restaurant c. 1995

Volume (Disc) IV - #10300-10399
10300-P. Camp 28 Restaurant Bar c. 1995-Allen Zondlo with beer, RPR Historical mural on
10301-P. Camp 28 Restaurant unidentified couple c. 1995
10302-P. Camp 28 Restaurant unidentified people c. 1995
10303-P. Camp 28 Restaurant motel room c. 1995
10304-Star News editorial c. 1994, Rib Lake is small town America at its best by Laurie Meyer
10305-Star News “in the shadow of ‘Ugh’” c. 1995
10306-unidentified author recalls many incidents
10307-P. Herb Curran 16# fish 1941
10308-P. Herb Curran 16# Fish [musky]
10309-P. Andrew Berg c. 1910 hunter
10310-P. c. 1962 parade Tauber’s Tavern
10311-P. c. 1962 parade bowling alley
10312-P. c. 1962 parade, in back 832 McComb, Tauber’s Tavern, [2007 Last Chance]
10313-P. Arlene Minarciny & Pat Hohl c. 1960
10314-P. Parade McComb east side c. 1950
10315-P. c. 1930 “Everything to eat & wear”
10316-P. c. 1920 McComb Ave, west side view north, FWD fire truck c. 1920
10317-P. 1967 Leggy Stewart-RL Lion President & Patricia Hohl
10318-P. 1967 Mink Princess & court, Arlene Minarciny, Barb Wudi, Pat Hohl now Gilge [Mrs.
Jerry Gilge], Mary Haenel, Sharyn Schneider now Thompson
10319-P. “Eunice Island” Pine Island view from north c. 1910
10320-P. Unidentified Rib Lake baseball team c. 1915
10321-P. RLHS c. 1910 & students, bank along the flats
10322-P. 9-20-1939 Rock Garden
10323-P. McCormick-Deering Tractor, c. 1938 winter logging, Opie Freek wrote on back
“Ernie & Carl”
10324-P. Steamhauler & 8 sleighs, 4 unidentified men, NB tarp over steersman c. 1920

10325-P. Steamhauler & 6 sleighs “Brown’s Studio” “Rib Lake”
10326-P. Steamhauler from Camp 9 proceeds SW to RR crossing, NB string of flatcars, on left
2007 STH 102, view looks east
10327-Map 2006 Rib Lake Village, Arrow marks site of 10326
10328-P. “The road monkey” Ice Road c. 1910
10328A-back side-text 1981 by RPR
10329-P. Water tank & 2 teams on ice road c. 1910, on top barrel to fill tank with water
10330-History of Rib Lake 7-12-1993 by “the owners of Camp 28, Inc” 6 pgs [originally
misidentified as 7-11-1993, correct identification is 7-12-1993]
10331-History of Rib Lake 1938 by Elsie M. Beck, A-G
10332-Rib Lake Herald Sept. 21, 1945, entire paper, “$100,000 fire…Planing mill, warehouse,
main office go up in smoke” [9-21-1945]
10333-History of Rib Lake “Vocational Agriculture of Rib Lake” by Orrin Meyer c. 7-1940, 14
10334-Star News History of Rib Lake 7-15-1976-“Bicentenntial events…”
10335-Last Log, Star News 7-15-1976, account of 1948 cutting final log for Rib Lake Lumber
Co., “End of Lumbering Era in ’48 recalled” A-C
10336-Poem “Rib Lake is the place” c. 1930 by Nehls Swanson
10337-P. Logs in Rib Lake-Lakeshore Drive in rear, c. 1920
10338-P. Logs in Rib Lake, rear; boom across lake from Upjohn’s hill
10339-P. team & sleigh with logs c. 1905, “Camp 4 Ed Wilson with ax, Bert Aitken, Frank
10340-P. Swamp logging “Camp 4 area c. 1905”
10341-P. “A famous Wisconsin industry”
10342-P. team logs “near Camp 4”
10343-P. “Charlie Talbot with scale [stick], Bert Aitken next to horse, near Camp 4 [Wood
Lake]” c. 1912
10344-P. Decking crew c. 1910 [chains to roll logs up to top]
10345-P. 2 teams unidentified camp c. 1925
10346-P. 3 skid teams c. 1925
10347-P. crawler skids 7 logs c. 1938 “George Sieker”
10348-P. team of oxen pulls wagon c. 1900
10349-P. 4 teams pull tan bark sleigh, Fayette Ave, Rib Lake c. 1910, view from “The Flats”
northward, tannery in back
10349A-map, arrow shows photo direction
10350-P. “51,600# tan bark 20 cords” Fayette Ave. view east, possibly Herrmann E. Rusch
home on hill
10351-P. bark pilers “in what is now Stan’s mink yard” (pile c. 24’ high; 4 piles behind first)
10352-P. frames
10353-P. loading logs small woods jammer c. 1920
10354-P. Peaker load c. 1920
10355-P. 1912 bears taken on New Wood 250 & 400#
10356-P. Railroad washout on Spirit River c. 1910
10357-P. “on old (railroad) line to Spirit Falls”
10358-P. Chester Curran Engineer #101 locomotive c. 1940
10359-P. railroad coach #1310 stuck in snow, Kelnhofer’s cut

10360-P. train at old oil tanks (Former S.A. Konz mill site) c. 1945
10361-P. McGiffert Loader getting water from tender c. 1940 “Chester Curran”
10362-P. McGiffert & loading crew c. 1930
10363-P. McGiffert loader “Rollways” c. 1920, Rear right; boom of loader
10364-P. Rollways into Rib Lake, mill in back c. 1920
10365-P. McGiffert Loader
10366-P. Flatcar & logs half unloaded at hotpond, “5-27-1948 last log load”
10367-P. Man’s best friend
10368-P. “Prince Albert”
10368A-back side text
10369-Postcard “Souvenir of Medford, WI”-Winchester Hotel (made of Rib Lake Hemlock) –
Taylor Co. Courthouse & Jail – Holy Rosary Church c. 1911
10369A-back side addressed to Anna (Mae) Kennedy 9-27-1911
10370-P. Camp unknown, “Kitchen Crew 1937”
10371-P. Camp unknown, “1937 Rose-When I was 19”
10372-P. camp unknown, stable
10373-P. camp unknown, stable
10374-P. camp unknown, crew lined up for chow
10375-P.”Lumber Camp between Rib Lake & Merrill” camp unknown
10376-P. camp unknown
10377-P. camp unknown, R; locomotive tender, NB elevated walkway
10378-P. Camp 10, 7 buildings-some frame-some log
10379-P. Camp 26 & visitor, 11 buildings, upper left, McGiffert loader
10380-P. Mill & rollways into Rib Lake c. 1920
10381-P. “Corner in Lumber yard” c. 1920
10382-P. Perfectly piled lumber c. 1920 NB rain caps
10383-P. snow covered “steps” in piles
10384-P. teamster with tramcar
10385-P. tramcars from McComb Ave – view west
10386-P. lumber piles, NB different lengths, RR tracks in foreground, r; tramway view west
10387-Employee’s Guide, 1946 Rib Lake Lumber Co., Rib Lake, WI, A-M
10388-Statement “193_ The Owl Service Station Louis Daus”
10388A-backside signed LP Daus 1-31-34, NB
10389-P. Harper’s Lake – from beach [aka Harper Lake]
10390-P. “South Harper Lake” view NE from beach
10391-P. “West Spirit Lake”, aka Big Spirit Lake, aka North Spirit Lake
10392-P. Old STH 102, Stone Arch Bridge, Little Spirit Lake
10393-P. Little Spirit Lake, STH 102, northward along east side, c. 1930
10394-P. Little Spirit Lake, view north; background Price Co. c. 1940
10395-Rib Lake Herald 8-1962 How-de-do in ’62 supplement, see 10261, 8 pgs
10396-P. “To Camp 9 1912 steam hauler” probably sec. 1, denuded land
10397-P. “Camp 2 perhaps” quote from unknown source on back of photo, 5 buildings-log &
10398-P. “Camp at Copper River 3-20-1912” foreground; RR track & telephone wires
10399-P. “John Specht foreman, Copper River Camp-east of Athens, 1912”

Volume (Disc) V - #10400-10499
10400-P. 2 teams & log sleigh “1912”
Photos 10396 to ___ from black unidentified 2 ring binder of Galen Scharer collection, may be
from Surveyor Clausen
10401-P. “1912” log sleighs approach rollways
10402-P. “Copper River Camp 1912” Jammer loading sleighs
10403-P. “Camp 5 on Wood Lake branch” wood railroad & rollway
10404-P. “Back of Kelnhofer farm May 4, 1920” NW quarter, Sec. 34 T 33N R2E
10405-Map 1913 stand atlas of Taylor Co., shows location of photo #10404
10406-P. “May 4, 1920” snow flying from plow on railroad
10407-P. “May 4, 1920” railroad locomotive stuck in snow, Kelnhofer farm, view to SW
10408-P. “Starting the cleanup May 4, 1920 tel 73285 R.L. Herald” left, locomotive, upper left,
St. John the Baptist Church, right R.L. Depot view SW
10409-P. 5-4-1920 snow at tramway, above McComb Ave, view north
10410-P 5-4-1920 “watch out for the cars” sign-west side of McComb Ave.
10411-P. 5-4-1920 similar to 10410
10412-P. 5-4-1920 “looking north McComb Ave”
10413-P. c. 1915 mill reconstruction south side “building the transfer [chain]”
10414-P. c. 1915 “Boiler room construction” rear, mill superstructure, NB unidentified man
10415-P. c. 1915 “the finishing touches to the stack” caboose in front of transfer, view NE
10416-P. “air plane view north side of Rib Lake 1918” sawmill brick chimney-smoking-in
foreground, center, hemlock bark stacks at tannery, Lutheran Church faces south
10417-P. east side of McComb Ave. c. 1915, Left to right-motor bike, view SSE, sign
“Millinary” perhaps Millinery store maybe
10418-P. c. 1925 McComb Ave, may be July 4; left-“Drugs”-Upjohn’s drugstore
10419-P. c. 1910 “Looking north of S. Forest St.” 2007 map shows no Forest St in Rib Lake, in
2007 is S. Front St., corner of Landall & S. Front St., rear-log pile along tannery railroad spur
10420-P. c. 1920 hotpond, “Boom at hotpond” view north, smoke from “train just pulling out of
10421-P. “Cabin at New Wood 1912 Williams homestead Good place to hunt”
10422-P. c. 1910 “Old dam on Little Spirit Lake” view east
10423-P. c. 1920 “Hy 102 Little Spirit” view SE, from county line
10424-P. “going to New Wood after Bear, Bill Welle, Charles Talbot, C.R.C” [Cy Clausen
maybe]=former Rib Lake area surveyor
10424A-back side
10425-P. 1912 Wood Lake log landing
10426-Rib Lake Herald 2-21-1947 – Title Page – partial
10427-Rib Lake Herald 1-21-1971 Title Page-partial; Steamhauler photo, ‘Camp 9’
10428-Rib Lake Herald 2-4-1971 title page-partial; photo of Hedwig “Hattie” Rusch
10429-Rib Lake Herald 7-8-1971 title page-partial; Indian loco-Timm’s Hill; photo of Timm’s
10430-Map plat 1995 T34 2E, “Tim’s Lake” Price Co.
10431-bylaws (handwritten original) Rib Lake Camp 890 Modern Woodmen of America, May 9,
        A-page 2
        B-page 3

       C-page 2 ½ pin attached to B
       E-backside of D “Approved 5-12-1903”
10432-Soo Line Railroad track map Rib Lake – date unknown
End of Dr. Galen Scharer Collection

10433-Merrill Daily Herald “Lumber Company at Rib Lake Has Changed Hands” – largest
sawmill in state- US Leather Co. sells-1936
10434-Merrill Daily Herald-RLLC ad for workers, 2 camps will run all summer-1936
10435-Merrill Daily Herald-Ad; RLLC wants men for peeling [perhaps tan] bark & pulpwood-
10436-Merrill Daily Herald 9-17-1945 fire destroys planning mill, dry shed & office, RLLC
10437-Book, “Wisconsin Central Railroad Lands in Northern WI, “A farm for every industrious
man”, land dept.-WI Central Railroad c 1903, [hard copy 65 pgs filed RLH-Railroads-Wis.
       C-photo S.M. Haight Farm near Rib Lake
       D-May 1898 T.C. WI Central Railroad Lands
       E-F-T.C. The Garden Spot
       G-H-Rib Lake
Joyce Summers collection
10438-Tribute of Julia Hultman by Joyce Summers 2003, A-P
10439-P. Julia Hultman c. 1935
10440-Title Page-Julia Hultman album, Elaine Vanderhoof & Joyce Summers
10441-P. Julia Hultman 2-14-1937
10442-“Julia’s Story”
10443-A-The Hultman Homestead; B-Julia & Fritiof Hultman
10444P. Fritiof Hultman
10445-A-Arland Hultman July 30, 1935; B-Melvin and Arland Hultman
10446-P. A-Julia’s Flowers; B-Iris Garden in bloom, Hultman Lake
10447-P. same woods scene A-winter; B spring
10448-P. A-pasture; B-May 4, 1939 exposure 1 hour 9pm
10449-P. A-winter porch; B-ice damage
10450-P. A-Hultman Farm, 1938; B-The Henning Bergeson Farm
10451-P. A-Arvid Blomberg place Oct. 1929; B. Carl Blomberg Place
10452-P. A-Benny Bergeson Place; B-George Blomberg Place, Oct. 1929
10453-P. A-Fred Anderson House, Levine Rd; B-excavating the basement 6-1931
10454-P. A-Ogema with 2 churches; B-J.A Larson store 8-2-1941
10455-P. Hultman Hill, CTH C
10456-P. A-Price Co. snow plow Jan. 1937; B-car in snow cut
10457-P. A-Lydia & Howard Cutts, Arland & Melvin Hultman 1938; B-plowing snow with old
A-frame plow, Martin Johnson drives horses, Fritiof Hultman & Malcolm Cutts on back of plow,
Gust Swanson standing by horses Mar 1, 1940
10458-P. A-snow cut; B-hand shoveling snow
10460-P. A-car in ditch CTH C 1938; B-John Lundberg’s car 1938

10461-P. A-WPA (Works Progress Administration) rebuilding CTH C Arthur Swanson as Boss
Oct. 1938; B-“Steamshovel” Hultman’s Corner
10462-P. A-Fred Ahrens truck pulling Hultman’s car out of mud 1938; B-Fritiof Hultman’s 1928
Chevrolet on a Sunday drive
10463-P. A-Arthur Bergeson’s Oct. 1929; B-LeVerne Cutts leaving after week vacation June
10464-P. A-Edwin Blimberg hauling hay; B-Rib Lake school bus CTH C 1940
10465-P. A-Fred Matson delivering mail 1937; B-Fred Matson, mail carrier
10466-P. A-Albert Johnson’s gas truck; B-Howard Berquist’s truck
10467-P. A-W.D. Stevens fixing phone line; B-Emil Soderbeck mechanic Ogema, Mar. 1937
Ford Garage
10468-P. A-Alvin Birkholz milk truck; B-Karl Christoffersen stone mason 1931
10469-P. A-Our stone wall; B-Hultman farm
10470-P. A-Henning Bergeson’s sawmill, run by George Helvey; B-Henning Bergeson’s logs
10471-P. A-sawing lumber, steam tractor, B-pine logs – 3 trucks
10472-P. A-decking logs, Fritiof Hultman on right; B-Fritiof Hultman and Gust Swanson sawing
wood cross cutting firewood by hand
10473-P. A-Ford pickup powered saw 5-1930; B-“Sawing at Cutts” John Lundbert, Gust,
Malcolm Cutts
10474-P. A-Henning Bergeson’s Sugar Bush, run by Ray Norlin; B-“Henning’s Sugar Camp”
10475-P. A-“Ginseng Garden”; B-“Sorting Ginseng”
10476-P. A-“digging Potatoes”; B-“Refreshments at haying time-1929”
10477-P. A-Haying for Martin Johnson on the Brown Place, July 22, 1936; B-Howard Cutts
haying on the Brown place
10478-P. A-Melvin Hultman raking hay; B-Making hay on Stone Lake meadow, Gust Swanson
launching boat 1934, Marsh hay-man with scythe
10479-P. A-Stacking hay; B-hunting, Alex Johnson & Arthur Bergeson
10480-P. A-Demo by professor on pruning apple trees at Hultman’s Apr. 12, 1930; B-Fritiof
Hultman, Howard, Gust, Melvin and Adella Hultman
10481-P. A-fox pelts; B-fox pelts
10482-P. A-process fox pelts in Wausau; B-sorting fox pelts in Wausau 1935
10483-P. Cal Johnson demos casting at Kelly’s ball diamond in Ogema; B-Cal Johnson on Stone
10484-P. The Bee 1938 article on Cal Johnson
10485-P. Ernest Heden, State Senator from Ogema
10486-P. Railroad Platform prop, Clarence Helm, Fritiof Hultman & Harry Magnuson
10487-P. A-unidentified politician; B-Norman Thomas, Socialist 9-1934
10488-P. A-Gov. Phillips LaFollette campaigning at Phillips, WI 10-16-1938 -He Lost-; B-
10489-P. A-pensive politician; B-Band shell
10490-P. A-Funerals; B-Garden of Memories cemetery
10491-P. A-Irene Anderson internment July 10, 1929; B-John Levine’s funeral 1929, Norlin
School, CTH C, Town of Hill
10492-P. A-funeral of Carl Joel Sander; B-funeral from Norlin School
10493-P. A-funeral of Mrs. Kenneth (Mary) Price Aug. 9, 1931; B-funeral of Mrs. Leonard
(Edith) Risberg Oct. 22, 1933 from Ogema Lutheran Church

10494-P. A-Oscar Swan, Herman Nelson, George Blomberg, Charlie Bergeson, Sven Sander; B-
funeral of Elmer Anderson Dec. 27, 1936
10495-P. A-“School Days; B-“On the School trail” 1929, second growth white birch, old pine
10496-P. A-Norlin School, Nellie Cutts, teacher 1934; B-Easter program Norlin School, Apr.
10497-P. A-Norlin School Picnic; B-Enid Blomberg (Carlson) teacher
10498-P. A-Norlin School students 1938; B-Arland & Melvin Hultman dinner pails
10499-P. A-taking 8th grad test at Spirit Center School; B-Melvin Hultman & Wilbert Blomberg
1940, last class to graduate at Norlin School

Volume (Disc) VI - #10500-10599

10500-P. A-county graduation for 8th graders, Phillips Normal School; B-Herbert Magnuson &
Arland Hultman 8th grade graduation, Phillips Normal School 1942
10501-P. A-Stone Lake School merry-go-round; B-Stone Lake School Orvin Wilkens teacher
10502-P. A-Hillbillies 4-H club 1939; B-Timm’s Hill fire tower June 18, 1939
10503-P. A-Hultman Lake 1931, Melvin Hultman farm; B-boat house 1929
10504-P. A-Lois Cutts, Alice Wallgren, Gladys Johnson & Nellie Cutts; B-shore
10505-P. Winter sports A-fallen skier; B-sonny & sled 1928
10506-P. A-Irene Briant skiing Feb. 11, 1931; B-Hike & Irene Briant & Sidney on sled
10507-P. A-Arland and Melvin Hultman skiing homemade; B-on sled
10508-P. A-winter port on CTH C; B-wobbly skier
10509-P. A-Billy Ahrens at Hultman’s; B-Melvin Hultman’s icehouse
10510-envelope 10-30-1974, from Julia Hultman, Health Care Center, Menomonie, WI 54751 to
Mrs. Ella Lundberg, Ogema
10511-Letter of Julia Hultman to Ella Lundberg 10-29-1974; 10 pages
10512-cover page Price Co. Plat book 1995
10512A-index-site of Town of Hill
10512B-Town of Hill
Album 2 of Joyce Summers collection
10513-P. photo inside Hultman home-“Playing the Victrola” Irene Briant & Mildred Motley
10514-P. A-Mildred Motley; B-Mr. Brown playing accordion
10515-P. A-boy doing puzzle; B-Arland Hultman, cream separator
10516-P. A-Irene Briant; B-1929 Ogema Hardware calendar
10517-P. A-Xmas tree with candles 1931; B-Xmas tree 1936
10518-P. cows Bonnie & Belle “Butchered Nov. 24, 1934”
10519-P. A-Heifer calves in 1929 “This calf choked to death in stall same year”; B-cows at the
10520-P. A-cows at spring; B-pet dog
10521-P. A-cows; B-cows
10522-P. A-Julia Hultman feeding chickens; B-Arland Hultman feeding chickens
10523-P. A-Art Bergeson with his sheep 1938; B-1933 bear in trap near Hike (Briant)
10524-P. A-Elmer Johnson teamster; B-Gust Swanson & Howard Cutts
Moms & Babies
10525-P. A-Julie and Arland Hultman Dec. 1928; B-Julia & Arland Hultman June 1929

10526-P. A-Emilia Krans et al; B-Ladies Aid 8-8-1929
10527-P. A-Mable Johnson & son Ed; B-Irene Briant
10528-P. A-Minne Brown and Lowell Bergeson 1930; B-Mrs. Harry [Jennie] Magnuson & son
Herbert Oct. 21, 1929
10529-P. A-Adella Ahrens & Grace 5-8-1934; B-Adella Ahrens & Billy 1937;
10530-P. A-Phoebe Cutts & kids; B-Adella Ahrens
10531-P. A-Adella Ahrens 1938; B-Arland Hultman, Billy Ahrens, Grace Ahlens, Adella
holding Stanley and Mildred Motley, now known as Dixon
10532-P. A-Irene Briant with children Joan, Sidney & Melvin Hultman, black spruce Xmas tree;
B-Irene Briant
The Kids
10533-P. “Sonny on his 3rd birthday, July 22, 1929”
10534-P. A-Arland Hultman with chickens 1929; B-Melvin Hultman on tricycle & Arland
Hultman in buggy 1929
10535-P. A-“Sonny playing the phonograph; B-Melvin & Arland Hultman
10536-P. A-Arland Hultman; B-Arland Hultman
10537-P. A-Arland Hultman 1930; B-Arland Hultman & puppies
10538-P. A-Arland Hultman; B-Melvin Hultman’s 5th birthday, July 22, 1931
10539-P. A-Melvin & Arland Hultman on peeled cedar posts; B-apple picking time 1931
10540-P. A-Xmas presents – perhaps strap on skates; B-Arland Hultman
10541-P. A-Billy Ahrens 1945; B-Grace Adella Ahrens 1934
10542-P. A-Grace Ahrens 1934; Billy Ahrens 1935
10543-P. A-Melvin Hultman with turkey 1935; B-Lowell Bergeson, Adelle Anderson & Elaine
10544-P. A-“Sonny” Melvin Hultman 10th B-day July 22, 1936 & Louise Johnson; B-Melvin
Hultman, Louis Johnson & Arland Hultman peeking in back 1936
10545-P. A-Arland & Melvin Hultman in center with sling shot; B-Grace Ahrens & Sidney
10546-P. A-Grace Ahrens 3rd B-day 1936; A-Arland Hultman on 8th B-day, July 30, 1936
10547-P. A-Billey Ahren’s 5th B-day, Sidney Briant, Arland Hultman & Billy 1937; B-Louise
Johnson & Alice Peterson 1937
10548-P. A-Elmer & Louise Johnson; B-Melvin & Arland Hultman
10549-P. A-Joan and Sidney Briant 1939; B. Billy Ahrens, Grace Ahrens & Sidney Briant 1939
10550-P. A-Arland Hultman holding Stan Ahrens; B-Dewey & Douglas Ames, Arland Hultman,
Herb Magnuson, Lowell Bergeson & Lester Magnuson
10551-P. A-Arland Hultman 13th B-day 1941; B-Elmer Johnson, Louise Johnson, Everett
Johnson, Stanley Ahrens, Grace Ahrens, Arland Hultman & Billy Ahrens in back 1941
10552-P. A-Melvin Hultman & Lydia Cutts; B-playhouse
10553-P. A-Stanley & Gracy Ahrens; B-Arland Hultman on raft “Duck” at Harper Lake
Hill Folks
10554-P. A-Hill Folks; B-Claus Berlin July 1930
10555-P. A-August Johnson Jan. 8, 1939; B-Mrs. Levine
10556-P. A-Fritiof Hultman & Harry Magnuson; B-“In Harry Briant’s motorcycle 1927”
10557-P. A-Lydia Cutts, lived to be 98 years old; B-Lydia Cutts at 91
10558-P. A-Howard Cutts in mask; B-Howard Cutts by mail box 1938

10559-P. A-Melvin Hultman & Adella Ahrens 1929 with “A Pickeral”; B-Gotfred Enander &
Adella Ahrens 1930
10560-P. A-Gust Swanson, Adella Ahrens & Gotfred Enander 1930; B-“When Malmquist was
visiting here in 1932”
10561-P. A-Ida Swanson, Fannie Noelin [Norlin] & Ella Lundberg; B-Alice Fredrickson & her
10562-P. A-Gust Swanson & Ida Hultman on wedding day, Mar. 18, 1929; B-Mr. & Mrs. Matt
Johnson a week after wedding, Apr. 2, 1936
10563-P. A-Mr. & Mrs. Carl Blomberg silver anniversary; B-Christofersens 1935
10564-P. A-Oscar & Fanny Norlin; B-Ida Swanson, Anna Fredrickson, Ella Lundberg; Julia
Hultman, Melvin & Arland Hultman & Elaine Lundberg
10565-P. A-Families, Oscar Swan family 1928; B-Fred Strombom family 1929
10566-P. A-Floyd Tripp family 1931; B-Lloyd & Jenny Tripp with Robert Tripp
10567-P. A-Lloyd, Willard, Jenny, Robert, Donald Tripp; B-Magnuson family, Harry Briant &
Hultman boys
10568-P. A-Nellie Schmidt, Phoebe Johnson, Martin Johnson, Louis Schmidt, 1933; B-Phoebe
Johnson holding Louise, Nellie Schmidt holding Wayne & Martin Johnson holding Elmer
10569-P. A-Phoebe, Louis, Martin & Elmer Johnson; B-Fanny & Oscar Norlin, Bert, Janet,
Edith Weckstrom
10570-P. A-Donaldson family; B-Warren Clark family
10571-P. A-George Blomberg family & Sophie; B-Lilly Blomberg with some of her children
10572-P. A-Palmer, Betty & Roy, Wilbert & Lyle Blomberg; B-Alan Blomberg & brother
George, Jr.
10573-P. A-George, Mable, Eddie & Alan Johnson; B-George & Mable Johnson
10574-P. A-Swen Sander family; B-Soderbeck family
The Parties
10575-P. A-Harry Magnuson 6-14-1936; B-Arthur Bergeson
10576-P. A-Mrs. Carl Blomberg 1931; B-H. [perhaps Harry] J. Bergeson
10577-P. A-Harold Blomberg; B-Mr. & Mrs. Harold Blomberg wedding
10578-P. A-Harold Blomberg B-day; B-Carl Blomberg party
10579-P. A-Hultman party; B-Julia Hultman, Ella & Elaine Lundberg, Julia Cutts & Sophie
10580-P. A-Oscar Norlin’s B-day party 1931; B-Ladies at Oscar Norlins 1935
10581-P. A-Lilas Roche, Bertha Hoase, Rekla Johnson, Rita Roche, Janet Wickstrom; B-Part at
10582-P. A-Gust Swanson B-day party; B-Gust Swanson’s B-day 1938
10583-P. A-neighborhood party 1937; B-Hultman party 1937
10584-P. A-Lydia Cutts’ 91 B-day 1938; B-day party at Levin’s neighbors
10585-P. A-John Lundberg party; B-Ella Lundberg party
10586-P. A-silver anniversary party Mr. & Mrs. John Westberg; B-Mr. & Mrs. John Westberg
10587-P. A-“party on the stone pile” at Cutts’ home 1934; B-basketball players in barn at Carl
Blombergs, 1931
10588-P. A-Sunday school picnic at Stone Lake; B-picnic at Stone Lake
10589-P. A-gunny sack race at Fox Farmer’s Picnic at Bradley Park in Tomahawk; B-Ladies Aid
at Henning Bergesons 1931, Lilly Blomberg with Palmer, Mrs. Axel Larson with Eddie, Elsie
Larson, Gladys Norlin, unknown, Jeanette Larson, Sophie Blomberg, Clara Levin, Anna

Fredrickson, Ella Lundberg with Elaine, Augusta Bergeson, Edith Bergeson, Christina Bergeson,
Jennie Magnuson with Aileen and Herbert, bottom row, unknown, Ida Swanson, Fannie Norlin,
Ellen Bergeson, Minnie Brown
collection of Deb & Joseph Tomandl
10590-Deb (Tabor) & Joseph Edward Tomandl address
10591-A Tabor Saga by Clifford Clark Tabor, page D is Spirit Lake History, How Spirit Lake
was named
10592-P. Tabor Island on Big Spirit Lake, WI 5-30-1937
10593-P. Tabor Island cabin c. 2000
10594-P. Tabor Island cabin c. 2000
10595-P. Tabor log cabin c. 2000, across from Tabor Island
10596-Westboro; P. Westboro Liberty Bankd, “Nelt’s Westboro Bank” “George Tabor Center”
10597-P. Nelt’s Westboro Band” 1915, blind Alf Emmet in front row seated 3rd from left
10598-P. Park Falls High School band c. 1915
10599-P. Main Street Dorchester, WI c. 1950

Volume (Disc) VII- #10600-10699
10600-P. 1917 Soo line wreck, Dorchester WI
10601-P. 1917 Soo line wreck, Dorchester WI
10602-P. snow scenes 3-17-1917 Abbotsford-Dorchester, locomotive stuck
10603-P. shoveling out
10604-P. a morning [locomotive] plunge
10605-P. after the plunge “mostly snow 3-17-1917
10606-P. 3-18-1917 snow plow at work north of Dorchester
10607-P. 3-18-1917 railroad snow plow north of Dorchester
10608-P. The boys on the Soo Line-not in the trenches (of WWI)
10609-P. shoveling snow-Soo Line
10610-P. “going through a snow drift” Soo Line
10611-P. “in the snow” 3-18-1917
10612-P. Just out of the snow 3-18-1917, locomotive #2401
10613-P. “A plunge in the snow”
10614-P. snow plow that did the work 3-18-07
10615-P. snow plow that did the work 3-18-07
10616-P. snow cut, railroad tracks 3-18-1917
10617-Rib Lake History-forest fires, Wood Lake burn 1931, data from Lawrence Schneidger to
Data from Taylor County Historical Society files:
10618-P. c. 1916 CTH C crossing Rib River, view SE to Fritz Martin farm, Rib River Stats
Graded School on hill, farm & school in NW NW 18-T32N R3E, “PO 4-4-3 (249)”
10619-P. c. 1950 St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Rib Lake, South side “P 85-23-15 (o)”
10620-P. postcard “Interwald, WI”, unidentified farmstead “P85-12-1 (63)”
10621-P. postcard, log sleigh on Rib Lake c. 1910, teamster in skin coat, Rib Lake High School,
S side “P84-21-21 (69)”
10622-P. c. 1910 firewood dump wagon with team “P84-21-19(69)”
10623-P. UN lumber sleighs & teamsters not RLLC, possibly at other Rib Lake mill

10624!P. Grocery, Dry Goods & Feed Store, Chelsea, WI c. 1928
10625~P. “The (deer) Hunters” 11-1909 Westboro, WI
10626-P. 1927 Rib Lake Lumber Co. mill crew, panoramic view at transfer chain
10627-List by Mr & Mrs. Victor Kohn “some of the crew are identified”
10628-P. 1916 RLLCo planing mill-west side, under construction, photo from tramway above
McComb Ave.
10629-P. c. 1950 “Main St” Rib Lake, actually McComb Ave. view north
10630-Map-Taylor Co- Plat c. 1894, Bogk & Rowland, Milwaukee, title page – entire map under
10630A-T33N R1E
10630B-T33N R2E
10630C-T33N R3E
10631-Map, Taylor Co. Plat c. 1901
10631A-T33N R1E
10631B-T33N R2E
10631C-T33N R3E
10632-Map, Taylor Co. Plat c. 1910, Paetzold & Koehler
10632A-T33N R1E
10632B-T33N R2E
10632C-T33N R3E
10633-P. 1908 Rib River Log Drive, “Interwald, WI rolling in” Town of Greenwood, Taylor Co,
10634-P. “Camp No. 3, H. Bonneville foreman, Rib Lake, Wis., Feb. 8, 1891” “Scene in
Wisconsin Pinery” on back “Logging Camp east of Rib Lake, from Wm. Westberg of Westboro”
10635-“Specifications on First National Bank at Rib Lake, Wis” Paul Oppermann, General
Building Contractor c 1900
10636-Centennial Plate, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, 6-11-1972, Diamond Jubilee
10637-“Reminiscence of a Lumber Town” by Kevin Mannel 12-1976, SF-History-RL 12-1976
10638-P. Mill from lake c. 1940, “Rib Lake and Saw Mill”
10639-History of Rib Lake 1902-2002, “Village of Rib Lake Centennial Celebration”
10640-Map of Rib Lake and environs, by Everett A. Rusch, c. 1995
       P-Map center, tannery, RLLC Mill, McComb Ave.
10641-Twentieth Century Club 1900-1960
10642-Twentieth Century Club 1960-1990
10643-Naida E. Wallace Straub (NES) biography
10644-RLH “Historical Society-Early Rib Lake Families” wood front piece Naida E. Straub
10645-John Worthington History by Naida E. Straub
10646-John Worthington grave rubbing
10647-P. John J. Kennedy a.k.a. J.J. Kennedy
10648-Biography of John J. Kennedy by Naida E. Straub

10649-P. John J. Kennedy house c. 1900, Rib Lake filled with logs
10650-P. McComb Ave, new North c. 1900, bark piles in back, smokestack from tannery, church
Lutheran (facing south)
10651-P. bark piles, view Northwest c. 1900
10652-P. High School c. 1905
10653-P. Pine Island c. 1905
10654-P. Catholic Church, southeast side, & rectory c. 1905
10655-History of John Henry Curran family by Harry Curran 5-1991
10656-Biography John J. Voemastek
10657-Note by Lillian Clifford (Mrs. Eugene Clifford)
10658-Biography of John A. Taylor Family
10659-Biography Patrick Family, by Annette (Patrick) Jahnke 1-1992
10660-Biography John A. Taylor and children
10661-P. Flossie (Page) Wallace, Mother of Naida E. Straub
10662-RLHe Miscellaneous articles c. 1960
10663-P. Roy Meier & Ye Olde Sugar House
10664-Milwaukee Journal, Shirley Martin article “Snitz wants to bring home a national AAU
title for its leader” daughter of Ed Martin of Rib Lake c. 1960
10665-Charles Franklin Gummo family
10666-RLH history 7-1981 by Star News
10667-L. 4-22-1902 letterhead of W.H. Osburn Lumber Co. to Edward Van Gliessin [Van
Giesen], Esq, signed by Donald Kennedy
10668-statement of W.H. Osburn Lumber Co. signed by Wm. Pringle, 7-27-1901
10669-obit Clifford L. Curran
10670-obit John Dolezalek, Sr.
10671-obit Raymond L. Becker
10672-Autobiography of Adeline (Kaske) Walbeck
10673-Autoiography Edwin Thums
10674-P. Water fight, Rib Lake McComb& Railroad, July 4, 1920s
10675-P. Enola Walty nee Headstream, mother of Roland Walty
10676-P. 1923 6th Grade at Rib Lake Ward School with names
10677-P. 1909 Ward School class, including Hedwig “Hattie” Rusch
10678-P. Mr. Pfeiffer [perhaps Joseph] cutting hay with oxen
10679-P. McComb Ave., view north “in year 1900”
10680-P. c. 1930 Methodist Episcopal Church (2007 United Methodist Church, 1300 Church St.,
427-3670) south side
10681-Centennial Book – Methodist Church, 1892-1992
10682-Rib Lake United Methodist Ch. 9-13-1992 bulletin
10683-Centennial Book-St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church 1886-1986 by Blossom Mae
Sheehan, A-P. c. 1930 St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church northwest (sawmill RLLC in
10684-Bulletin, St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church 6-22-1986
10685-A history of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, unknown author, (within Naida E.
Straub scrapbook)
10686-P. 2-1948 train leaving McComb Ave for last tree cutting at Camp 28
10687-text, 2-1948 last pine out

10688-P. RLLC razing mill chimney c. 1950
10689-P. c. 1950 RLLC mill chimney remains, foreground-old mill cement floor
10690-John Eckhoff interview
10691-Biography of Ferdinand and Eda Frank
10692-Biography of Mike and Elsie (Krause) Schmidt
10693-Biography of E.C. Getchel, A-E.C. Getchel home, now Kniewel Funeral Home, 933 West
10694-P. First Rib Lake Village Hall
10695-A History of Rib Lake by Naida E. Straub c. 1988
10696-P. 6 men, peeled hemlock logs c. 1900-Ring marks don every 4 feet apart, length of bark
10697-Accident report, 11-15-1938, RLLC of Delaware
10698-Rib Lake Bicentennial festival 1976
10699-P. “1888 Jumbo 4 horse load, 22, 291 ft-21 logs-hauled 5 miles, J.J. Kennedy lumberman
Rib Lake”, board feet written on each log, eastern white pine logs

Volume (Disc) VIII- #10700-10799

10700-Biography Edwin Forrest Van Giesen to Naida E. Straub-niece of Van Giesen,
10700A-Photo, Edwin Forrest Van Giesen
10700B-see 10700
10700C-P. c. 1893 Wellington Lake (then Worthington Lake) railroad filled in foreground
engineered by Edwin Van Giesen, fill deposited 1883
10701-Biography Dio Walty 1877-1964
10702-Students 1896-1897 at Ward School
10703-Students 1893 at Ward School
10704-Students 1915, high school, A-Students 1891, high school
10705-History of Rib Lake 8-4-1933, Mrs. Gustav Bielenberg [this was originally misidentified
as 8-14-1933, the correct date is 8-4-1933]
10706-Biography of Meinrad Kathrein, Sr. & Mary Ann Kathrein, by Marie Kathrein Krolnik 3-
10707-Biography of William & Marie (Schmidt) Silbernagel
10708-Biography of Jake Janda
10709-Biography of Frank Skon
10710-Biography of Ed Prien; obit of Beda C. Prien
10711-P. Beda C. Prien
10712-Biography Beda Caroline Skon Gaspard Prien
10713-Autobiography of Naida E. Wallace Straub
10714- Autobiography of Naida E. Wallace Straub
10715-obit Guy Wallace & Albert F. Prahl
10716-memorial cards for John William Eckhoff and Luthera Mary Neville
(end of Naida E. Straub collection)
10717-P. “U.S. Tannery, Rib Lake, Wis” View from south c. 1900, left, 2 bark piles, Fayette
Ave in foreground
10717A-backside of 10717 1 cent stamp

10718-P. “Depot Scene Rib Lake, Wis” c. 1910, left is Kolz Mill, right is a cattle loading ramp,
combination caboose & passenger car, train facing SW-heading to Chelsea, Wisconsin Central
(additional material from Naida E. Straub collection)
10719-bulletin; Post Office dedication 9-18-1966, c-Rib Lake postmasters since 6-12-1883
10720-Biography of James Downs, A P. James & Cora Downs
10721-P. c. 1920 Rib Lake Fire Dept., Fwd truck spraying water, x= Jim Downs, Chief
10722-P. The Commercial Hotel at Railroad & Lake (Main) St. c. 1900
10723-Map of Village of Rib Lake c. 2000
10724-Map of Village noting site of Commercial Hotel
10725-P. Rib Lake Creamery c. 1920, at Elm St. & State Rd., “Al Schroeder, Last Buttermaker”
10726-Map of Village noting site of Creamery & Commercial Hotel
10727-P. c. 1910 view South from tannery, Lutheran Church, Foreground is Railroad along
Fayette St.
10728-History of Rib Lake, 1936, by Guy Wallace, A-U annotations by his daughter, Naida E.
10729-P. Guy Wallace, age 16
10730-Biography of “William (Guy) Wallace”, a.k.a. William L. Wallace or Guy Wallace
10731-Diploma RLHS Guy Wallace 5-29-1917
10732-P. c.1910 Rib Lake High School, May pole, foreground; shed roof of Tannery & “The
10733-Biographies of 11 people
10734-“Odd Bits of (Rib Lake history) info by Naida E. Straub
10735-P. Marlin “Shoes” Walback, with sons, L-Kurt, R-Kent, #30 his stock car
10736-Story-Essay by Naida E. Straub “Wisconsin the Best of 50, Rib Lake a friendly town”
10737-Biography of Henry Mathias
(end of Naida E. Straub collection)
10738-Map, Railroads of Taylor County, copyright RPR 4-18-1999
10739-History of Rib Lake 12-13-1907, “Ten Years Ago” Rib Lake Herald
10740-Rib Lake Herald 12-13-1907, German Language Stories
10741-Rib Lake History, 12-27-1907
10742-Sketch of Rib Lake Lumber Company mill c. 1920
RPR negatives from Pete Enders collection:
10743-P. c. 1918 Star Load-Camp 9, End of season-load contest winner
10744-P. unidentified mill crew, c. 1926, possibly Rib Lake
10745-P. c. 1925, Log rollway & crew
10746-P. sleight & tanker, 4 horse team, making ice road c. 1925
10747-P. c. 1925 4 log rollways, decking crew, “Rib Lake, Wis #27”
10748-P. c. 1925, Rollway & crew, railroad track
10749-P. c. 1925, (same building shown in 10743) ice road maintenance shack, with 5 person
crew, possibly Camp 9
10750-P. possibly Camp 5, 6 buildings, c. 1909 [special note: 7-1-2008 – In 1984 Peter Enders
identified this photo as Camp 13. He was a highly reliable source and RPR believes the photo to
be Camp 13 rather than Camp 5.]
10751-P. RLLC camp c. 1930, elevated walkway
10752-P. c. 1920, 4 horse team, star load of logs

10753-P. aerial c. 1945, Rib Lake Village, mill & dry yard & tannery pond
10754-P. aerial c. 1945, Rib Lake Village, mill & dry yard
10755-P. aerial c. 1945, Rib Lake Village, mill & dry yard & tannery pond
10756-P. aerial Rib Lake Village c. 1950, STH 102 reroute
10757-P. aerial Rib Lake Village 8-28-1938 & environs
10758-P. aerial Rib Lake Village 8-28-1939 & environs
10759-P. aerial Rib Lake Village 8-28-1939 & environs, south shore
10760-P. aerial Rib Lake Village 8-28-1939 & environs
10761-P. aerial Rib Lake Village c. 1950 & Muddy and Little Rib Lakes
10762-P. aerial Rib Lake Village c. 1950 & Muddy and Little Rib Lakes
10763-P. McComb Ave. c. 1980, village water tower, view north, left; Village Hall
10764-P. McComb Ave, John Schreiner c. 1980, L; Post Office
10765-P. C. 1980, Earl Thums sharpening-filing circle saw
10766-P. c. 1980 interior Earl Thums sawmill, Westboro-circle saw & carriage
10767-P. c. 1980 Earl Thums in his sawmill, Appaloosa Ln, Westboro
10768-P. c. 1980 log pile; big tooth aspen, comb for perspective
10769-P. door panel Earl Thums Westboro, WI
John Heisler collection (10770-10804)
(8 x 10 positives & negatives filed under RLH P. by #)

The Heisler collection and the Eileen collection (10805-10825) are the result of the 1981
centennial history work by RPR. RPR had selected photographs processed by Ray Lemmermann
and negatives made. The positives were returned to a variety of owners. About 2007 RPR had
these negatives digitalized at Duluth and a CD/DVD and positive made. On Mar. 17, 2008,
Cindy uploaded each image but could not imbed a number to the photo image. A number was
assigned to each photo as shown on the index. The Heisler and Eileen negatives and positives
are filed under Photo-Heisler and Photo-Eileen.

10770-P. “Rib Lake 1881!”, cutover & burned over, stump filled farm, NB 4-strand wire fence
10771-P. “Laying out McComb Ave.” c. 1885, Tannery complex in background, 1)A.C.
McComb, 2)W.E. Hughes, 3) John J. Kennedy, 4)E.C. Getchel, 5) J. Logan, 6)B.J. Landaal (aka
10772-P. McComb Ave. looking south from Fayette Ave. c. 1900, R; Bank’s Livery barn, back-
tramway over Avenue
10773-P. John J. Kennedy home c. 1900, SE corner of Lake & Second Street, burned Feb. 16,
10773A-Map of Rib Lake showing location of John J. Kennedy home
10774-P. “George Clark House & Restaurant” Clapboard c. 1900, Block 1, Lot 5, original plat of
Rib Lake, view west; foreground is 2nd Street, Corner of Church & 2nd Street
10774A-Map of Rib Lake showing location of 10774
10775-P. Clapboard house-same as 10774, view to north, R; 2nd Street.
10775A-Map of Rib Lake showing location of 10775
10776-P. Rib Lake Parade c. 1900
10777-P. Rib Lake Municipal Power Plant, smokestack installation, c. 1910, view SE, Church &
Elm Street
10777A-Map of Rib Lake showing location of 10777

10778-P. May pole at High School, view to east c. 1910
10778A-Map of Rib Lake showing location of 10778
10779-P. unknown general store interior, 3 customers & merchant c. 1910
10780-P. firewood wagon & Commercial Hotel c. 1900
10780A-Map of Rib Lake showing location of 10780
10781-P. Commercial House c. 1900, south side
10781A-Map of Rib Lake showing location of 10781
10782-P. mill complex east side c. 1902, L; John J. Kennedy house
10782A-Map of Rib Lake showing location of 10782
10783-P. new lake fill c. 1902
10783A-Map of Rib Lake showing location of 10783
10784-P. “Rib Lake Lumber Co.s mill & landing” c. 1910
10784A-camera orientation map re 10784
10785-P. W.A. Osburn Lumber Co. #3 locomotive, 16 flatcars of logs, c. 1903
10785A-camera orientation map re 10785
10786-P. Teamsters on ice-Rib Lake, c. 1900
10786A-camera orientation map re 10786
10786B-camera orientation map re 10786
10787-P. RLLC Mill from tramway, L; Round house, foreground McComb Ave.
10787A-camera orientation map re 10787
10788-P. “Tannery Row” US Leather Co. office, view west, down present Fayette Ave. c. 1900
10788A-camera orientation map re 10788
10789-P. Tannery c. 1900, view from north, 1) Power plant, 2) Liquor vats 3) dry loft
10789A-camera orientation map re 10789
10790-P. Tannery; liquor vats building c. 1900
10790A-camera orientation map re 10790
10791-P. “Osburn Lumber Co’s Camp No. 3, Duncan A. McDonald, Foreman. Rib Lake, Wis,
Feb. 1901
10792-P. “US Leather Company Camp 2, Township 33 N, Range N 3 E, Sect. 33”, Jim
10792A-camera orientation map re 10792
10793-P. RLLC Camp 5 (maybe) [special note: 7-1-2008 – In 1984 Peter Enders identified this
photo as Camp 13. He was a highly reliable source and RPR believes the photo to be Camp 13
rather than Camp 5.]
10793A-camera orientation map re 10793
10794-P. RLLC Camp 7
10794A-camera orientation map re 10794
10795-P. Rollway & Derrick c. 1925
10796-P. Dog in mill yard, view east to RLLC mill c. 1925
10796A-camera orientation map re 10796
10797-P. Snowclad locomotive at Rib Lake depot c. 1910
10797A-camera orientation map re 10797
10798-P. Peeled hemlock on flatcar, McGiffert Loader c.1915
10799-P. “Arbor Vitae Logging-1898” McGiffert Loader, side view

Volume (Disc) IX- #10800-10899

10800-P. 6 men with pickeroons, peeled hemlock logs, c. 1900, NB; 4 foot bark peel cuts on log
10801-P. Graduated but not Educated 1902 Rib Lake Class play
10802-P. Mr. and Mrs. George Clark, c. 1900, early Rib Lake residents
10803-P. Dr. E.A. Lapham, Capt, US Army, Rib Lake physician & surgeon
10804-P. Spoof, west from Medford mill pond
10804A-camera orientation map re 10804
(end of Heisler collection)
(Eileen’s collection-negatives exist for these photos, See SF: RLH P. “Eileen’s collection)
10805-P. McComb Ave., view north from STH 102, c. 1950, NB; RLLC Railroad tracks
removed from foreground, Gene’s Variety was Old RLLC store
10805A-camera orientation map re 10805, location of Hintz Town & Stumpville
10806-P. Wanigan, cook shanty raft, & Rib River Log Drive c. 1910
10806A-The “Wausau” drive poem from Rib Lake Herald
10807-P. Hintz Town, starting pulpwood log drive to Rothschild Paper Mill (maybe),
background Hintz Town sawmill, view probably from “Trout Ave” bridge looking south
10807A-camera orientation map re 10807
10808-P. steam hauler & log sleighs c. 1910
10809-P. RLLC locomotive #3 “1913”
10810-P. RLLC Railroad Tracks, unsawn hardwood ties
10811-P. RLLC Railroad Tracks, uncut hemlock forest
10812-P. RLLC Camp 25
10813-P. RLLC Camp 10, foreground; log barn, fire barrels on tar paper roof
10814-P. unidentified cabin
10815-P. Dan Pilon-RLLC Camp Cook
10816-P. RLLC mill fire 7-24-1914, left; hog feed loading device & railroad car of hog feed
10817-P. RLLC 1914 mill fire, view to south
10817A-camera orientation map re 10817
10818-P. RLLC 1914 mill fire, foreground McComb Ave., view to east
10819-P. RLLC new planing mill, view from tramway-eastward, R; stakes in ground; planned
10820-P. Peter Clendenning drives team to planing mill, c. 1920, elevated tramway system
10820A-camera orientation map re 10820
10821-P. RLLC Lumber pilers, NB; horse on tramway
10822-P. top; Carl Yorde, Carl Olson, Walt Mathias, piling lumber from tram cart, NB; jack
posting 2 boards at a time
10823-P. Rib Lake tannery, view to north, left; bark piles
10823A-camera orientation map re 10823
10824-P. 4 men atop McGiffert loader boom
10825-P. unidentified man & child
(end of Eileen’s collection)
10826-Article from Rib Lake Herald 3-24-1916, Rib Lake Gets the New Mill, RLLC will rebuild
its sawmill at Rib Lake
10827-Map 2-1887 Wis. Central Railway Lands Feb. 1887
10828-Map 3-1-1896, Wis. Central Railway Lands
10829-Map 9-1-1897, Wis. Central Railway Lands
10830-Map Taylor County c. 1908, Soo Line Lands

10831-Map Taylor County 1909, Koehler Land Company
(10827-10831 maps are oversize and only a portion of the map was scanned, only northeast
Taylor County)
10832-envelope from Christopher N. Barney, Wisconsin Postal History Society, 3913 Dory
Court, Franklin, WI 53132-8298
10833-L. Post Office, Report of site locations 1837-1950, Public. #1126, A-B, C-Taylor County
map info on post offices
10834-Post office history, Sama & Whittlesey, A-Rib Lake, Urquhart, Brehm & Konz
10835-1913 Plat Book – General location of Sams Post Office, Sec. 18, T 32-3E
10836-Sams Post Office data, A-Konz Post Office data, B-Stephen A. Konz postmaster data
10837-Polk’s Wis. Gazetteer, Konz Town – 1907, A-1909, B-1913
10838-Map-Brehm Post office, SW-SW, 4-32-2E, 1913 Plat Book
10839-Brehm Post Office data, A-Thomas Brehm Post Office
10840-Brehm-1907 Polk’s Wis. Gazetteer, A-Brehm 1909, Josef Probst, ice; John Obowa,
carpenter, F. Wudi, teacher; B-1913
10841-Map, John H. Schaack farm, Sec. 20, 33N-3E, Site of Schaack Post Office
10842-Schaack Post Office data
10843-Polk’s Wis. Gazetteer 1907, Schaack Post Office
10844-Map, site of Urquhart Post Office, 28-32N-2E, North side of CTH M
10845-Urquhart Post Office data
10846-Urquhart, Polk’s Wis. Gazetteer, 1907, A-1913
10847-P. July 4 parade, 7-4-1919, Rib Lake Village, from 7-11-1919 Rib Lake Herald
10848-P. 1919, Taylor County State Aid Road Map from Rib Lake Herald
10849-P. Roll of Honor, World War I, Rib Lake, servicemen, Rib Lake Herald, Jan. 11, 1918
10850-tax roll, personal property, Rib Lake Town 1902, alphabetical list of taxpayers
       A,B,C, etc.
       P-Herman Rusch value $25
       F-Osburn Lumber Co. value $84,254
       US Leather Co value $103,600
       J-Albert Knop value $30
       Y-Herm Rush value $25
       Z-Herman Rousch
10851-tax roll, real property, Rib Lake Township 1902, about 100 pages, page 1 only scanned
10851A-Property-personal & real, types e.g. gold watches & values
10851C-7 School Districts, Total tax $5796.79
10851D-Warrant-state tax $1744.62
10851E-Roll, Sec 1, T33N R3E, left side
10851F-Roll, Sec.1, T33N R3E, right side
10852-L. Karen Peterson Baumgartner to RPR 2-15-2008, 20th Century Club disbanding 7-21-
10853-Map, Rib Lake Village 1913
10853A-Map, Rib Lake Village, Northeast Portion, 1913
10854-Map, Chelsea, “Village” 1913
10855-Map, Taylor County NE Portion 2008

10856-Map, Marathon Co. NW 2007, Big Rib River log drive route to Rothschild Paper Mill
10857-Kennedy Family Data, A-P
        A-John J. Kennedy “J.J.”
        B-John J. references from Rib Lake Herald 1903-1909
        C-Angus [B possible middle initial] Kennedy
        D-Hugh J. Kennedy
        E-William [J-possible middle initial] Kennedy
        F-John S. Kennedy
        G-Louis Kennedy
        H-Hugh A. Kennedy
        I-Allan Kennedy [Allen]
        J-Dan B. Kennedy [Long Dan] – probable son of Angus
        K-John E. Kennedy – son of Angus
        L-Jerry Kennedy-1902 census only
        M-John Kennedy [J.M. perhaps]-1902 census only
        N-Donald A. Kennedy – son of J.J.
        O-William G. Kennedy – son of J.J. [went to law school]
        P-Bert Kennedy – unknown, 1907 writes from Meadows, B.C.
10858-tax roll – real property, Rib Lake Village 1903, comprehensive list of real property
owners & land descriptions & tax values, first page scanned
10859-Plat Map, Rib Lake Village c. 1900, McComb Ave. & Environs
10860-Plat Map, Rib Lake Village c. 2002, McComb Ave. & Environs & lot owners names
10861-tax assessment roll, Rib Lake Village, 2001, McComb Ave. west side
10862-tax assessment roll, Rib Lake Village, 2001, McComb Ave. east side
10863-Audio-Visual VCR tape of RPR’s interview with Walter “Wimpy” Wilhelms and George
Thums, Isabelle Wilhelms, Marlene Thums (nee Gengler), McComb Ave. history, landowners &
business owners, 1-27-2002
10864-L. Karen Baumgartner, nee Peterson to RPR 3-8-2002, granddaughter of Ole A. Peterson
10864A-P. First National Bank of Rib Lake; Church Street, view west c. 1910 with list of home
occupants; unidentified store, “grocery & meats”
10864B-P. Stationery “The Busy Bee Café” Oscar Peterson, proprietor; interior photo; Busy Bee
Café exterior, Lot 9, Block D, McComb’s Racing Park Addition
10864C-P. interior of Ma Dodge’s Café, Lot 15, Block D, identification by Karen Baumgartner
10864D-P. “interior of Oscar Peterson’s Restaurant” May be Busy Bee Café, 729 McComb Ave.
10864E-Reverse side of D
Data from Marathon Co. Historical Society
10865-Marathon Co. Historical Society brochure, 715-842-5730
10866-Obit of Mylrea, John “Jack” P. 1885-1963, his invaluable notes & papers of RLLC in 15
volumes at Marathon Co. Historical Society
10867-Autobiography of John D. Mylrea, 1936 Purchased RLLC with others, A-C
10868-Biography of John “Jack” D. Mylrea, A-C
10869-Autobiography of John “Jack” D. Mylrea “The Mylrea Family”
10870-L. 8-11-1939, John D. Mylrea to Albert S. Puelicher, Marshall & Ilsey Bank, “Rib Lake is
largely a hemlock operation”
10871-L. Frank Handeyside, Central Pennsylvania Lumber Company, 1-23-1935, to Mr. J. D.
Mylrea, Pres, Thunder Lake Lumber Co, “This was the beginning of our purchase of RLLC”

10872-RLLC statement, taxes paid to Lincoln County, 1922-1931, average $42,285.99
10873-RLLC statement, taxes paid to Lincoln County, 1935-1938, total $82,340.51
10874-Article “State’s Largest Sawmill Changes Hands this Week”, A.P Woodson, J.D. Mylrea,
R.G. Brownell, Frank Handeyside, new owners,
10875-2-5-1936 Art “Rhinelander Men Buy 61,000 acres, Take over U.S. Leather Rib Lake
Tract Near Wausau” Chicago Journal of Commerce
10876-“RLLC timber 7-30-1943, hemlock 54.93%, pine 1.8%”
10877-diagram T31 R4E, Land status
10878-diagram T32 R4E, Land status
10879-diagram T33 R4E, Land status
10880-diagram T34 R4E, Land status
10881-RLLC Price of lumber FOB railroad car 1936-1940
10882-RLLC log prices delivered at landing, 11-1-1941
10883-L. H.W. Johannes, General Manager, RLLC, to J.D. Mylrad, V.P. 11-27-1941, buy more
logs in Michigan
10884-RLLC labor rates 1943
10884A-RLLC inventory of logs, lumber shipments, by-products
10884B-RLLC store sales, sales-costs-profits of forest products, dry kiln data, 1944 tax data
10884C-Last year RLLC purchased 5,019,569 ft of logs, signed H.W. Johannes, General
10885-RLLC valuation of stumpage, 1-1-1944 for timber logged during 1944, % of logs from
10886-RLLC daily report, $1,359,614.51 in bank
10887-P. “Right Way to Log” “Wrong Way to Log”
10888-P. John D. Mylrea commentary on illustrated logging practices “this teamster could easily
get his leg broken”
10889-P. swamper or road monkey
10890-P. commentary on taking lunch to lumber jacks
10891-P. 1940 RLLC bull slide
10892-P. RLLC building, RR bridge over New Wood River c. 1940
10893-P. RRLC office, tramway, loading dock
10894-P. mill, camp, 114,800 # of bark
10895-P. six photos, mill & camps
10896-standard contract RLLC & log supplier, 1940s
10897-P. “Good yellow birch logs”
10898-P. “skidding logs with tractor” c. 1940
10899-P. 1940 Logs on skidding pan

Volume (Disc) X- #10900-10999
10900-P. 1940 pan skidding by tractor
10901-P. skidding pan logs to branch logging railroad
10902-P. Ken Mayer, office manager, Thunder Lake Lumber Co, & 1940’s camp scene
10903-P. “Camp 1”, not Camp 1 from 1906-RPR
10904-P. RLLC camps c. 1940
10905-P. C.C. Lord, RLLC “Head Office Man”
end of Marathon Co. Historical Society data

Data from Taylor County Star News Collection by Michael Weckwerth
10906-L. 2-18-2008 Michael D. Weckwerth to RPR
10907-Clippings from Taylor Co. Star News 1922, 1-5-22 to 4-7-22
10908-Clippings from Taylor Co. Star News, 4-7-22 to 11-9-22
10909-Clippings from Taylor Co. Star News, 1-12-23 to 12-14-1923
10910-Clippings from Taylor Co. Star News, 3-28-1924 to 11-24-1924
10911-Clippings from Taylor Co. Star News, 1-19-1925 to 4-16-1925
10912-history-1924 Alphonse Bonneville, from Taylor Co. Star News 2-12-1924
10913- Clippings from Taylor Co. Star News 2-12-1925, RLLC logging heavily, Camp 19
moved; 5-11-1925 fire destroys Jim Peterson’s camp
10914-Clippings from Taylor Co. Star News, 1-14-1926 to 5-20-1926
10915-Clippings from Taylor Co. Star News, 12-3-1926, RLLC off income roll, RLLC is not
listed on this year’s income tax roll. Last year company pd $16,988.78 income tax
10916-Taylor Co. Star News, 1-13-1927 to 3-20-1927, RLLC burns waste wood to make
10917-Taylor Co. Star News, 8-24-1927 to 11-24-1927, 18 jobbers
10918-Taylor Co. Star News, 4-12-1928, J.J. Kennedy dies in Portland, Oregon, age 82, born in
10919-Taylor Co. Star News, 3-29-1928 “Jim Peterson says lumberjack as good today as 40
years ago”; A-list of employees in camp, 105 men; description of jobber camp; B-camp photos
10920-Taylor Co. Star News, 1-10-1929 to 4-18-29, RLLC record cuts, 10 hrs, 100,965.17 ft
hardwood, 171,008 ft softwood “there is probably not another mill or crew in Wis. that can
match this record cut”; Frank, Ferdinand, RLLC accident; L.P. Lamberty jobber camp; 4 ¾
million ft cut
10921-Taylor Co. Star News, 7-23-1929 to 10-29-1929, RLLC fire train; new planing mill; new
dry kiln
10922-Taylor Co. Star News, 7-19-1930 to 5-8-1930, Goodrich (Gill Co) mill burns
10923-Taylor Co. Star News, 2-19-1929, Camp 21
10924-Taylor Co. Star News, 8-7-1930 to 12-11-30, Great Depression hits RLLC
10925-Taylor Co. Star News, 2-12-1931 to 11-17-1931, RLLC mill runs part time; RLLC claims
it is income tax exempt as a Delaware Corporation-asks for hearing
10926-Taylor Co. Star News, History of Rib Lake, 3-5-1931, Edgar T. Wheelock, editor of Star
News; Rib Lake 1886; excellent history
10927-Taylor Co. Star News, 1-28-1932 to 3-10-32, Walter B. Patrick dies; RLLC owes income
tax $38,246.08; text of decision from tax commission
10928-Taylor Co. Star News, 3-31-1932 to 10-27-1932, Court rules RLLC owes income tax;
RLLC closes due to Great Depression
10929-Taylor Co. Star News, 7-20-1933 to 10-5-33, RLLC wins tax case in Wis. Supreme Court;
planing mill reopens
10930-Taylor Co. Star News, 1-11-1934 to 6-12-1934, RLLC will reopen
10931-Map T32N 4 E, Camps 22, 23 & jobbers & railroad lines, Lincoln County
10932-Taylor Co. Star News, 4-18-1935 to 11-7-35, RLLC to lay 14 miles of new railroad track,
Camp 23 operating; RLLC employs estimated 470 men
10933-Taylor Co. Star News, 1-30-1936 to 10-15-36, RLLC changes hands; RLLC safe blown
10934-Taylor Co. Star News, 2-25-1937 to 10-7-37, Camp 25, RLLC safety record
10935-Taylor Co. Star News, 12-9-1937, RLLC deeds 3,360 acres to Taylor County

10936-Taylor Co. Star News, 1-20-1938 to 8-4-38, [NB; 1-1-1939, Rib Lake Herald copies are
available – RPR 2-29-08]
(end of collection)
10936-RLLC v. Conway 212 Wis. 412, (RLLC v. Wisconsin Tax Commission)
10937-2007 County forest income data
10938-L. Milton E. Reinke to RPR 3-1-2008
10939-Village incorporation data
10940-Petition for incorporation of Village, April 19, 1902;
        B-Notice of Hearing 4-21-1902 in City of Ashland, legal description of Village of Rib
        C-Surveyors certificate
        D-signed John A. Logan, Surveyor
        E-Map, Exhibit A, proposed Village boundaries
10941-Census Data, Village of Rib Lake 1902
        A-signed John A. Logan 2-28-1902
        B-census 1-36
        C-census 37-78
        D-census 79-120
        E-census 121-163
        F-census 164-206
        G-census 207-248
        H-census 249-291
        I-census 292-333
        J-census 334-376
        K-census 377-418
        W-887-929 – Arthur W. Pollatz
        Y-972-1015 – Herrmann Emanuel Rusch
        Z-1016-1046 – end
10942-Order for Incorporation of Village of Rib Lake, 4-28-1902, by Hon. John K. Parish – data
        A-Clerk’s Minutes & order
        C-Notice of qualified electors of referendum on proposed village, signed L.L. Taylor,

               M.D., John J. Voemastek, F. [Frank] J. Hintz & proof of publication
        D-Oath of inspector of election
        E-Oath of election clerks
        F-Oath of ballot clerk & statement of result of election, 105 yes, 7 no
        G-Affidavit of inspectors
10943-McComb’s Racing Park Addition to Rib Lake plat
10944-L. Suzanne Bamonte to RPR 2-27-2005, re Coeur D’Alene, Kennedy family
10945-10-10-1904 article, Kennedy Bros. Coeur D’Alene
10946-8-29-1903 article, Kennedy & Co. building sawmill at Coeur D’Alene
10947-7-30-1907 Angus & son, John E. Kennedy, Idaho ad
10948-P. “Steam Hauler” Brown’s Studio, Rib Lake c. 1910
10949-P. 4 giant white pine logs-sleigh on McComb Ave., George Braun Sr. real estate office, c.
10950-P. locomotive “67” RLLC, string loaded log flatcars, 2 McGiffert loaders, Camp 22, 1934,
NB electric wiring & cattle chute
10951-P. loading yellow birch log on flatcar, stationary jammer, top loader with cant hook, c.
10952-P. massive log piles along wood railroad track, logs ready for rail shipment to Rib Lake,
Town of Corning, c. 1930
10953-P. 16 log flat cars, RLLC mill & hot pond in back, view SW from Fayette Ave. c. 1940
10954-“Wisconsin Loggers Meeting” 3-10-1919, Hardwood Record, Northern Wis. Loggers
Assoc Meeting at Rib Lake & steam hauler trip to Camp 9 & 8 photos, 2 pgs
        Photos:        AA-At Camp 9
                       B-Group photo at Camp 9, Cook Daniel Pilon
                       C-4 horse team-Not steam hauler-takes loaded sleigh into Rib Lake
                       D-empty sleighs on ice road to Camp 9, NB cut-over
                       E-hardwood section of RLLC yard
                       F-Steam Hauler
                       G-Swan explains that 30 below isn’t col
                       H-RLLC mill from tramway
10955-Annual meeting of Hemlock & Hardwood Men, 2-10-1919, Hardwood Record, P. George
N. Harder, reelected President of Hemlock & Hardwood Manufacturers, 3 pgs
10956-Deed, John McCoy to J.J. Kennedy, 12-19-1881, N half, NW quarter, 14-33-2E, First
Taylor County deed to J.J. Kennedy from Sara Nuernberger, Asst. Register of Deeds
10957-Deed, Wayne Ramsey et us to J.J. Kennedy “Kenneday”, Lot 9, Sec. 26-33-2E, Lot 9
became Kennedy Town, 12-26-1881
10958-map showing location of 10956 & 10957, Kennedy parcels, from 1894 plat book
10959-Deed, G.F. Andrae to J.J. Kennedy “of Village of Spencer, Marathon Co”, 14 parcels, 4-
10960-American Lumberman “Wisconsin Loggers Inspect Modern Plant” 3-1-1919, steam
hauler to Camp 9, 3 photos, A-Alley in hemlock yard; B-The party; C-“Phoenix centipede
Material from Marathon County Historical Society
10961-P. Thunder Lake Lumber Company mill, 1919-1946, list of personnel, Pres. John D.
Mylrea, VP Aytch P. Woodson, Sec. Rudy J. Miller, Woods Super. Edward Synnott; * Mylrea
simultaneously VP of RLLC 1936-1948

10962-Colloquialisms of logging & sawmill operations by Jack Mylrea
10963-P. Jack Mylrea, Presque Isle River Bridge, RLLC bought pine & hemlock in U.P. 1936-
10964-L. 1-5-1944, Jack Mylrea to Bank
10965-L. 1-7-1944, Bank to Jack D. Mylrea
10966-L. 8-13-1946, Aytch P. Woodson & John D. Mylrea to Bank
10967-RLLC 4-1-1947 daily report
10968-RLLC 4-30-1947 daily report
10969-RLLC 10-1-1947daily report
10970-L. 10-17-1947 to Aytch P. Woodson, John D. Mylrea & Mary T. Mylrea, liquidation of
RLLC, Woodson $913,210; Mylrea $447,790
10971-L. 4-6-1948 Wis. Dept of Taxation to RLLC
10972-PRR notes from Chester Curran interview of 5-11-1971, Chester was RLLC train
10973-L. 9-17-1986 John R. Gray to RPR
Bios of Commemorative Biographical Record of the Upper Lake Region, J.H. Beers & Co,
Chicago, IL
10974-Bio, O.E. Werner, M.D.
10975-Bio, William Martin
10976-Bio, J.L. Taylor, M.D.
10977-Biol, John A. Logan, Surveyor
10978-Bio, Thomas Brehm
10979-Bio, Hermann M. Koehler
10980-Bio, John J. Voemastek
10981-Bio, John Gamper
10982-Bio, George Braun, Sr.
10983-Bio, Elias L. Urquhart
10984-L. Donald Kennedy (son of J.J.) to Edward Van Giesen, 4-22-1902, on stationery of W.A.
Osburn Lumber Co
10985-Receipt, W.A. Osburn Lumber Company, 7-27-1901 to Edwin Van Giesen, $22.45
“Dealers in Lumber; timber, lath & shingles”
10986-Cover page 1905 Commemorative Biographical Record, Bio, Hugh A. McDonald, p. 406-
10987-L. Univ. of Wis. Eau Claire to RPR, 3-10-2005, has Taylor Co. civil case files, 1877-1925
10988-J.J. Kennedy-Manufacturer of and dealer in Lumber, Lath & Shingles, receipt 4-22-1886,
to E. (Ernest) Gerstberger
10989-Museum of North Idaho winter 2001 newsletter
        A-B.R.Lewis bought mill from Kennedy Bros. 2-20-1904, [Angus & J.J.?], partially
        constructed mill on Blackwell Island
        B-Map of Lake Coeur D’Alene
10990-Cover page, White Pine, King of Many Waters, by Clarence C. Strong & Clyde S. Webb,
        A-Kennedy Bros..were in process of constructing large sawmill [in Coeur D’Alene], sold
to B.R. Lewis Lumber Company
10991-info, Kootenai Co, Idaho, Recording Supervisor Cheryl Reed,
10992-Envelope 10-17-1986, Mrs. W. Kennedy, 139 W. Gray Ct. 103, Spokane, WA 99205 to
RPR, A-L. 10-16-1986, Susan Lacy Kennedy to RPR, spouse is William Kennedy, son of Angus

10993-RLHe 5-15-1903, 2 [Kennedy] families leave for Coeur d’Alene [Angus, son John E, J.J.
or son Donald?] – Angus Kennedy came to Rib Lake the 9th of August 1882 with his brother, J.J.
Kennedy and several men. “Year had wet fall & work on sawmill progressed very slowly.”
         Summary: J.J. buys mill site, Lot 9, Dec. 1881, and with Angus builds mill in 1882.
10994-Spencer Tribune 4-10-1885, “New band saw at J.J. Kennedy’s mill at Rib Lake…”
10995-Articles of Incorporation, W.A. Osburn Lumber Company, 10-27-1900
10996-Articles of Incorporation, W.A. Osburn Lumber Company, 2-13-1901, Railroad for hire
10997-Articles of Incorporation, W.A. Osburn Lumber Company, 2-13-1901, Railroad
exclusively private
10996 & 10997 both filed with Taylor Co. Register of Deeds, Railroad language irreconcilable
10998-W.A. Osburn Lumber Company, 5-15-1901, capital stock limit $400,000, signed Donald
Kennedy, Sec.
10999-5-6-1902 W.A. Osburn Lumber Company name change to Rib Lake Lumber Company,
first use

Volume (Disc) XI- #11000-11099
11000-3-10-1903, Amended Articles of Incorporation, Rib Lake Lumber Company, NB; Donald
Kennedy not secretary
11001-3-8-1904 RLLC Articles of Incorporation, new date for annual meeting, third Tues in Aug.
11002-9-5-1906 RLLC Articles of Incorporation, new date for annual meeting, third Tues in July
11003-Post Office Data; Rib Lake, Sams, Schaack, Urquhart
11004-Postcards to Brehm, Wisconsin
11005-Map; site of Brehm, Urquhart, Interwald Post Offices
11006-Urquhart Post Office data & postcard
11007-Brehm Post Office data & photo
11008-Brehm Post Office data & photo 14-32-2E
Karen Baumgartner nee Peterson collection
11009-Karen Baumgartner address
11010-P. O.A. Peterson “Ole” c. 1909
11011-Descendants of Peter Pederson, aka Peterson, father of Ole
11012-Batzer, Taylor, Radtke, Haase connections
11013-P. Rib Lake Cheese Factory, built c. 1919 by Ole A. Peterson, Knute Moen on wagon,
route started in Fawn Valley
11014-P. Oscar Peterson
11015-Map, Town of Spirit, site of Peterson farm, later Ole’s golf course
11016-P. Spirit Lake, Ole Peterson in his launch c. 1920
11017-P. Ole Peterson & brother Oscar Peterson cookees inside cook shanty c. 1899, Rib Lake
area, washing dishes, great photo
11018-P. “Mondeau’s camp 1910”
11019-P. Margie Minn (left), Nettie Dodge, nee Peterson, and Mr. Mondeau, sawing at Mondeau
camp c.1910
11020-P. A. McLeod Livery Stable, Rib Lake, c. 1910, rail boxcars in rear
11021-Envelope “Busy Bee Café”, Lot 9, Block D. McComb’s Racing Park Addition
11022-P. Busy Bee Café, left, Oscar Peterson, right Charles Dodge, c. 1920, upstairs was used as
practice basketball court, upstairs also “Opera House” 2008 “Bird’s Nest Bar”,
11023-P. Inside of “Busy Bee Dining Room”, left, Oscar Peterson, right Joe Brown

11024-P. Inside of “Busy Bee”, left, Oscar Peterson, proprietor c. 1920
11025-Stationery “The Busy Bee Café”
11026-P. Inside Ma Dodge’s Café, Lot 15, Block D. McComb’s Racing Park Addition, left
Jennie Burke, center “Ma Dodge”, right Charles Dodge
11027-P. “Home Bakery”, Oscar H. Peterson, cook & owner, location unknown as of 3-14-08
11028-P. “Elmer V. Johnson, 11-12-1926”
11029-P. c. 1930, 2 sawyers, double bit axes, probably Ole Peterson camp, Taylor County
11030-P. “Charlie Talbert with scale, Lamberti on right” probably Lambert Lamberty’s camp
11031-P. lumberjack lunch c. 1930
11032-P. jobber camps, possibly Charles Dodge
11033-P. Oscar Peterson and Einer Skon, (lived behind Ole in Village of Rib Lake)
11034-P. 6 men
11035-P. Oscar Peterson “cooked in Libby, Montana in army” c. 1918
11036-P. pumping water c. 1920
11037-P. A flat
11038-P. sawyers ax & band saw
11039-P. “tote wagon in background. Used to take groceries to camp”
11040-P. 7 building jobber camp, log & tarpaper buildings, sleigh with hay c. 1930
11041-P. 5 building jobber camp, 1 auto, probably Town of Corning
11042-P. sawyers with cross cut, measuring pole in foreground, “Oscar Peterson”
11043-P. “in the tunnel”
11044-P. auto crash
11045-P. Oscar Peterson, Model T, c. 1924
11046-P. Oscar Peterson – waiter
11047-P. chopping firewood, right Oscar Peterson, perhaps at Busy Bee
11048-P. Oscar Peterson plucked chickens
11049-P. Oscar Peterson jobber camp, screen house for meats, horses are Prince & Queenie
11050-P. Oscar Peterson, deaf-mute in WWI uniform, “no evidence he served, his brother Ed
11051-P. jobber camp – cookee
11052-P. jobber camp, plank sidewalks
11053-P. Oscar Peterson sawing red oak
11054-P. Men on gin poles, used to deck logs
11055-P. pet dog in jobber camp
11056-P. I.P. Kiger camp 7-1925, 25 men, 1 woman, 1 girl, buildings covered in tar paper held
on by nailer wood strips, “jobber camp” “Westboro”
11057-RLHe “Chair Factory Assured”, Rib Lake Wood Products, Co, Rib Lake Chair &
Manufacturing Company, 2. shipping logs to Rib Lake, O.A. Peterson buys Port Edwards logs,
Oct. 21, 1921
11058-Twentieth Century Club 1899-2000, Taylor County Genealogical Society
11059-Twentieth Century Club 40th Anniversary
11060-Twentieth Century Club 25 (Silver) Anniversary
11061-P. 1960 Twentieth Century Club members;
11061A-identification (names) of members of 11061
11062-1934 RLHe ad “Henry’s Wedding” show

11063-P. McComb Avenue c. 1905, left 1. George Braun Sr. real estate & telephone (Lot 4), 2.
Upjohn Pharmacy (Lot 5), 3.Restaurant (Lot 6), 4. Millinery (Lot 7), 5. Tailor (Cy Claussen)(Lot
8), 6. Dr. Wickman’s office (Lot 9), 7. Busy Bee Café & Opera House (Lot 10), Block D,
McComb’s Racing Park Addition
11064-P. Bank, Lot 1, Block D, McComb Ave., c. 1910
11065-P. Church St., Catholic Church in back;
11065A-ID of building owners, Rib Lake c. 1920
11066-P. “Grocery-Meats”, Rib Lake store
11067-P. “The Landing” c. 1906, Rib Lake Village, Right High School, center, Railroad track on
logs over lake, left, rear water tower & Commercial Hotel
11068-P. Central Hotel on Railroad ST., aka Mathias Hotel
11069-P. 1903 High School & 1927 High School
11070-data re 11069 by Karen Baumgartner
11071-P. Ward School, May Pole c. 1930
11072-P. RLLC c. 1930 tramway over McComb, “Green chain goes off to right large timber
goes off flat cars”
11073-P. RLLC tramway taken from Central Hotel, left Pete Carson, setter on carriage, x, center
Oscar H. Peterson, NB lumber piled 16 ft high
11074-P. Oscar H. Peterson with pan of bread, right, west side of National Hotel, view north to
11075-P. Oscar H. Peterson with huge loaves of bread c. 1920
11076-P. RRLC spreading hog feed “Gravel” in dry yard of mill
11077-P. “Oscar Huldar Peterson 1880-1933 playing dinner horn (garbie), played “Redwing” on
it to call for dinner, every camp had one.” jobber camp c. 1920
11078-P. back bar (Last Chance maybe) from Arthur Grassman
11079-P. house moving
11080-P. “Al Herchen had bowling alley. Did wall papering. Looks like Rib Lake tourist park.
Ole Peterson building with cedar logs –Rib Lake Village contracted” c. 1920
11081-P. Ole, aka O.A. Peterson, dairy barn 1936, on SE-SE, 22-23-2E, 2008 owned by Desris
family, 10 x 20 silo from St. Clair farm near Spirit Lake, foreground is scraper, aka dirt mover
11081A-description on back of 11081
11081B-plat map showing location of 11081
11082-P. Interior of John J. Taylor’s Hardware Store, 1912, (it was sold to Ed Prien c. 1938),
probably Lot 9, Block A., McComb’s Racing Park Addition, left is Herman Batzer, right Ed
11083-P. Interior Taylor Hardware c. 1913, left Herman Batzer, center John J. Taylor, right the
Rev. Arthur Sydow, Lutheran Pastor
11084-1924 Confirmation class, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Rev. F. Kammholz, Pastor, 15
confirmands, back row right, Orville Peterson, father of Karen Baumgartner
11085-P. Orville Peterson 1914 at Spirit Farm
11086-P. Orville Peterson in red knit suit c. 1915
11087-P. Orville Peterson c. 1911
11088-P. Orville Peterson and mother, Jennie, nee Batzer
11089-P. Ward School class, 4th grade c. 1920, 30 students & teacher, NB 2 people in one desk
Nancy Ann Kroll collection:
11090-address & phone number of Nancy Ann Kroll

11091-P. c. 1950 Second Street view north, Right; building “Bob Gums Apts”
11092-P. c. 1940 Rib Lake, Railroad, Fayette Ave. view east, background – park & cemetery
11093-P. c. 1935 Tramway over McComb, view north
11094-P. c. 1930, RLLC roundhouse, view east
11095-P. c. 1930, RLLC turn table view south, (site in 2008, Camp 28 restaurant parking lot)
11096-P. c. 1930 NE part of tram, RLLC mill in back view east
11097-P. c. 1910 The Fair Department Store, P.E. Marcus, proprietor, view east, Block A, Lot 13,
McComb’s Racing Park Addition
11098-P. c. 1910, Rib Lake Village, Lutheran Church facing south, view from tannery;
foreground, Bark pile
11099-P. c. 1910, Rib Lake Village, view northwest; top; bark piles, background; hills NW of
Village, foreground: West Street

Volume (Disc) XII- #11100-11199
11100-P. c. 1910 Ward School, view northwest
11101-P. Rib Lake depot, c. 1914, view northeast, “Ballard’s Ford”; background; west end of
RLLC dry yard (Does this refer to A.J. Allard, Rib Lake Village businessman?)
11102-P. c. 1928, McComb Ave. view south from Fayette St., L. Swanson D-X Gas Station,
Block B, Lot 12, McComb’s Racing Park Addition; right-building on right, 2-story is Block C,
Lot 8 & 9, McComb’s Racing Park Addition, was Brehm Feed Store, Al Hirchen Saloon, Schlais
Clothing (to c. 1980), in 2008, Bob Frombach apartments, 749 McComb Ave.
11103-P. c. 1928, Rib Lake Village “Maine Street” McComb Ave., view south; left-building
with awning, Lots 9 & 10, Block B, McComb’s Racing Park Addition, in 2008 “Last Chance
Tavern”, 832 McComb Ave.; 1905 Albert & Martha Marschke Saloon, 1907 Edward Heinrich,
1920 Phillip Goelz, 1939, Mathilda Tauber (see 10231), 1947 Leon W. Olsen, 1950 Gordon L &
Virginia M. Gehrt, 1982 Kenneth A. & Carol J. Floyd, c. 1990 Holy Werner
       left; building #2, “Ice Cream Parlor”, Lot 8, in 2008 owned by Jan Deaton, “Little Rib
       Antiques”, 828 McComb Ave.
       left, building #3, Block B, Lot 7, in 2008 Genesis Youth Center, 818 McComb Ave.,
       background; Nation Hotel, on Railroad Street

11104-P. c. 1910 McComb Ave, view north, buildings, left #1; Dr. Lapham, #2, Niggeman Store,
Block D, Lot 13 McComb’s Racing Park Addition, 1980 “Nancy’s Family Store”, #3 (future)
Ma Dodge’s Café; right, #1 unknown, #2 open awning, P.E. Marcus “The Fair”, #3 bank
11105-P. c. 1949 McComb Ave. view south, buildings, right; Rib Lake Herald office, (Block C,
Lot 3) “The Sunny Side” of the street, #1 Zielke IGA (Block B, Lot 1); left Lake Movie Theater
(Block A, Lot 13) Construction began Nov. 1945 opened 4-20-1946, seating capacity 394
11105A-P. 4-horse team-wagon of baled hay or straw, c. 1920, background buildings, left 1. Ma
Dodge’s Café, 2. Kelnhofer IGA, 3. Rib Lake Herald office & shoe repair & Dr. Baker upstairs;
cf remodeling of upstairs in P. 11105
11106-P. c. 1915 McComb Ae. View north, “Main Street G558”, buildings; left, 1. Patrial
George Braun Real Estate, 2. Upjohn Pharmacy (Block D, Lot 5), 3. Piano Store, 4. First Rib
Lake Herald office, dry cleaners, doctor’s office, (in 2008 American Legion, Lot 8), saloon (Lot
9) “Shoes & Furniture & funeral parlor” (according to Nancy Ann Kroll); right, 1. RLLC store
(Block A, Lot 2), 2. Post Office, upper was Modern Woodmen of America & dance hall 7
Gilbertson Watch Maker, 3. Lieg’s Store –later Peter Bogumill’s

11107-P. McComb Ave. view north c. 1950, buildings, right-1. Sinclair Gas Station, (2008
Hanke Mobil, Block A, Lot 1), 2. C.C. Lord Bookkeeping, 3. old post office, 4. Mobil Gas
Station, 5. Bogumill’s Store (aka The Big Store), left-1. Boy Scouts, 2. old George Braun real
estate (Block D, Lot 3), 3. Pharmacy (Lot 5), NB; railroad tracks removed from McComb Ave.
11108-P. McComb Ave. view north c. 1946, right, 1. RLLC store, 2. small office (possibly
Braun real estate & later C.C. Lord Bookkeeper), 3. old post office, 4. Bogumill Store “Rib
Lake, Wis No. C-16”
11109-P. Crew Chief McCloud leading horses; foreground McComb Ave. view northwest, rear-
George Braun, Sr. Realty & pharmacy c. 1920
11110-P. inside of Kelnhofer IGA store (Block C, Lot 1, McComb’s Racing Park Add) (in 2008
Ed’s IGA Store) c. 1930, Ruth McCloud & Verl Bokath
11111-P. c. 1910, “The Flats”, old high school, Rib Lake filled with logs, view southeast from
tannery chimney
11112-P. c. 1930, “High School & grade school Rib Lake, Wis. 7” view south
11113-P. Ward School, c. 1930 view north
11114-P. 7-4-1909 festival, McComb and Landall Streets, Building with balcony is Ma Dodge’s
Café & Boarding House, view north-northwest
11115-P. c. 1910, McComb Ave.; building 1. George Braun Realty “Farms Cheap”, 2. Pharmacy,
3. 4. 5. X=Print Shop, First Rib Lake Herald Office (in 2008 the bank)
11116-P. McComb Ave c. 1930, Block D., McComb’s Racing Park Addition
11117-P. “Rib Lake’s leading barber shop” car float c. 1940, in front of Block D, Lot 9 (in 2008
Bird’s Nest Bar)
11118-P. car float c. 1940, in front of Block D, Lot 9 (in 2008 Bird’s Nest Bar), building to right,
Lot 10, torn down for Rib Lake Village Garage, McComb Ave.
11119-P. McComb Ave. c. 1940, buildings, right; in 2008 Bird’s Nest Bar, Lot 10, middle, Lot
9-“Dr. G.L. Baker”, left, Lot 8 “The Tourist Tavern” “On Tap Gettleman 1000 Beer” in 2008 the
Frosted Mug
11120-P. “Gustafson Lumber Co” buildings c. 1930
11121-P. RLLC c. 1940, foreground, planing mill
11122-P. RLLC planing mill fire, 1945, “Rib Lake Lumber Co Quality Lumber”, west side of
11123-P. RLLC planing mill fire, firemen 1945
11124-P. RLLC planing mill fire, boy 1945
11125-P. National Hotel 1945
11126-P. Public Library 1950, NW corner of Landall & Pearl St.
11127-P. RLLC c. 1944, right is National Hotel
11128-P. RLLC “lumber yard” center is Methodist Church, right is Catholic Church, c. 1940
11129-P. “Last Load of Lumber from the old mill” #56, c. 1948, Claude Peterson Trucking,
11130-P. RLLC complex, east side c. 1940
11131-P. Old 102 Tap flood, Sept. 1941, STH 102
11132-P. Sept. 1941 Rib Lake Village, Kennedy Street, standing Robert Bleck, Sr., standing in
house Anna Bleck, nee Rusch, boat rowing north on Kennedy Street
end of Nancy Ann Kroll collection
11133-P. McComb Ave. south from Fayette Ave. c. 1910; left, 1. Lot 9 & 10, Block B, Last
Chance Tavern; 2. Lot 8, Janda’s Store

11133A-back of 11133 postcard, 3-12-1914, Bertha P. Rusch (Mrs. Kurth) to “Liebe Momma”,
Mrs. Ida Rusch
11134-biography Cornelius S. Curtis
11135-biography Cornelius S. Curtis, Wausau paper
11136-Richie, James data
11137-Adams, Abraham A. data
11138-L. 3-20-2008, Karen Baumgartner to RPR, re O.A. “Ole” Peterson timeline
11139-Plat map, T34, R3E, 1890, Price County, Wis
11140-Plat map, T34, R3E, 1910, Price County, Wis, Ole Peterson’s hand drawn “discovery” of
Spirit Point, text by Karen Baumgartner
11141-Plat map, T34, R3E 1920, Price County, Wis
11142-Plat map, T34, R3E, 2008, Price County, Wis
11143-History of Rib Lake by Nancy Ann Kroll, 4-17-1994
11144-Rib Lake history notes, 2-15-1946 by Nancy Ann Kroll
11145-“Businesses of Rib Lake” 4-17-1994, Bob Keegan, Adeline Walbeck, Kay Kleihn &
Nancy Ann Kroll
11146-History of Rib Lake from Naida Straub 1991
11147-P. RLLC office door, 3 unidentified women, c. 1940
11148-P. 1940 Robert Bleck, Sr., standing on flooded Kennedy Street, Anna Louise Bleck, nee
Rusch on porch of Bleck home, 754 Kennedy Street, Village of Rib Lake
11149-Rib Lake Herald 1939, “Poland Again Battles for National Existence-6 maps of Poland
11150-obit. “Herman Emmanuel Rusch” (Herrmann Emanuel Rusch), Rib Lake Herald 1-12-
11151-Rib Lake Herald 12-29-1911 “Locals” Mrs. Frank Pollatz visits brother Herman Rusch
(Herrmann Emanuel Rusch)
11152-booklet “The Story Behind Historic St. Ann’s Church and Cemetery” by Walter L.
Gojmerac, 1996
11153-L. Walter Gojmerac to Pat Gojmerac 9-10-2002 re Orrin Meyer
11153A-Pat Gojmerac address
11154-“Vocational Agriculture at Rib Lake” by Orrin Meyer
11155-“A Chronology of the Rib Lake School Forest” by Keith Zintz
11156-email, James A. Welton to RPR 12-5-2007, RLLC Railroad locomotives, WC 52 &
Nancy Hanks
11157-L. Geraldine Strey to RPR 3-22-1008,
11158-obit, Albert W. Sanborn
11159-Map, 1926, Rib Lake Village, Sanborn Map Company
Clippings of Anna Mae Kennedy, all from Rib Lake Herald unless otherwise noted
11160-RLHe 12-8-1955
11161-RLHe 7-17-1936, obit, Edward Talbot
11162-RLHe 12-4-1936 obit, William F. Rudy
11163-RLHe 1946, obit, Carl Yorde
11164-RLHe obit, Martin Krushat
11165-RLHe 1945, obit, Herman W. Johannes
11166-RLHe 11-25-1946, wedding announcement, Polacek-Olson
11167-RLHe 11-6-1944, wedding announcement, Langendorff-Tuvey
11168-RLHe obit, Minnie Conrad

11169-RLHe Pvt. Harrison Talbot, 10-13-1944
11170-RLHe-Obit, Victor Rudolph Gustafson, 3-10-1938
11171-RLHe-Golden Wedding anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. William Banks, 4-5-1937
11172-RLHe-obit 1945, Nick Clerk
11173-RLHe-2-3-1933 Cemetery Assoc. reorganized
11174-RLHe-3-28-1948 Wilderness Fire Tower, Peter A. Kauer
11175-RLHe-1934-1935, Twentieth Century Club officers and members
11176-RLHe-Allen Kennedy, fire hose wagon, 11-20-1936, Map shows location of blacksmith
11177-RLHe-Rib Lake Village history, 12-13-1937, Rib Lake “with the largest sawmill in
11178-RLHe-P. 5-8-1936, Rib Lake Lumber Company sawmill “looking east”, McComb Ave. in
11179-RLHe-6-14-1932, Rib Lake Lumber Company sawmill started up, shut down since 4-14-
1932, 150 men employed
11180-RLHe undated (c. 1938) NB forest fire damaged wood from Town of Corning in Lincoln
11181-RLHe-8-14-1936, RLLC buys warehouse
11182-RLHe-10-23-1936 “3 Spot” derailed
11183-RLHe-3-6-1936, C.C. Lord to Rib Lake
11184-RLHe-P. 4-17-1936 John McRae
11185-RLHe-9-23-1945 RLLC loses planing plant to fire
11186-RLHe-2-6-1948 Last of standing timber being cut
11187-RLHe-2-25-1948 Notice of “Last Log” ceremony, All Rib Lake Village Business shut
11188-RLHe-2-20-1948, Rib Lake business places to close next Wednesday for woods outing
11189-Milwaukee Journal-2-18-1948, “Rib Lake will close to watch fall of tree and end of era,
1,750,000,000 board feet of lumber cut
11190-RLHe-RLLC fells last pine tree, crowd of 400 watch as “timber” is called for last time
11191-Wausau Daily Record-Herald-P. 2-25-1948 RLLC train loading spectators to go to Last
log ceremony, background, McComb Ave., Lot 1, Block A, McComb’s Racing Park Addition,
2008 site; Hanke Mobil Gas Station
11192-Wausau Daily Record-Herald-P. 2-26-1948, P. cutting up last log
11193-P. Dio Walty helps fell last log, 2-26-1948, Wausau Daily Record-Herald
11194-P. left to right; R.J. Miller, Manager RLLC, Elmer Taylor, Rib Lake Village President,
George Seidel, former Rib Lake Village President, Edward Synnott, RLLC woods
superintendent, Wausau Daily Record-Herald, 2-26-1948 plan “wake” of lumber era
11195-RLHe “over 300 at outing to watch last tree fall” 2-1948
11196-RLHe-3-19-1937, P. Frank W. Smith “Rib Lake Mail Man’s Snowmobile”
11197-RLHe-2-9-1946-Fire Destroys Lake Theatre
11198-RLHe-12-27-1946, Emil’s Standard Station sold
11199-RLHe-12-27-1946, Little Bohemia restaurant to open 1-2-1947

Volume (Disc) XIII- #11200-11299
11200-RLHe-Little Bohemia tavern being built
11201-P. Millard “Satch” Kapitz

11202-RLHe-“With the Bowlers at “Satch’s” Little Bohemia
11203-RLHe-1-2-1937 Rib Lake Commercial Club meets
11204-RLHe-1-10-1947, Commercial Club holds first meeting of new year with large attendance
11205-RLHe-1945, Victoria Clothing Collection, list of Rib Lake businesses
11206-RLHe-9-17-1947, Lindal’s Station sold
11207-RLHe-9-17-1947, Jorgensen sells shoe store
11208-RLHe-9-17-1947, Olsen Purchases Lot
11209-RLHe-10-21-1938, Bank directors find shortage in bank accounts
11210-RLHe-Lehman-Clendenning new name of post, 2-7-1946
11211-RLHe-Lakeland Shoes, Inc. will begin operation within 4 weeks, 3-18-1948
11212-RLHe-2-13-1948, Curran named to Lakeland Board, Thompson Re-elected President;
11213-RLHe-2-13-1948, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Talbot to Observe Golden Wedding anniversary
11214-RLHe-10-24-1946-Eighth test well fails to produce sufficient water; drilling stopped
11215-RLHe-10-11-1946, Taxpayers interested in test wells and cost
11216-RLHe-12-22-1949, “the commercial club has missed the boat so far”
11217-RLHe-Catholic Herald Citizen 1-30-1954, History of our parishes, “St. John the Baptist
Church, Rib Lake”, P. Fr. Staab, P. The Parish Church
11218-Bulletin 1952, Rib Lake Methodist Church
11219-RLHe-John J. Kennedy photo info
11220-Autobiography George Tlusty, Star News 3-16-1990
Photographs from RPR collections
11221-P. Herman A. Rusch 1982 wearing deer hunting red wool
11222-P. 1982 West Street, former tannery company houses, background is Rib Lake High
11223-P. 1983 East side of West Street, ex. Tannery houses, 3 houses were identical when built c.
11224-P. 1983, Mihalko’s Clothing Store, 749 McComb Ave., Lot 9, Block C, McComb’s
Racing Park Addition
11225-P. 1983 Michael Bernard Kolecheck & Greenwood Baseball Team at the flats
Volume III c. 7-1983
11226-P. 1983, Sunny Hill Resort, STH 102, by Little Spirit Lake
11227-P. Historical Marker for Rustic Road #1, STH 102, 1983
11228-P. McComb Ave. south from Fayette, 1983 Center-Coast to Coast Store, Lot 7, Block B,
run by Thomas Carroll; foreground Kristin K.B.L.M. Rusch
11229-P. McComb Ave. Coast to Coast Store; background, movie theater “The Lake”, Lot 12.5
and 12, Block A, McComb’s Racing Park Addition
11230-P. 1983, McComb Ave. south from Fayette
11231-P. Mihalko’s Clothing Store, “Final Markdown”, Lot 9, Block, McComb’s Racing Park
Addition, view northwest
11232-P. 1983, 821 McComb Ave. “Mr. Joseph’s Family Hair Styling”, Lot 7, Block C,
McComb’s Racing Park Addition
11233-P. 1983, Chet Hierlmeier, Lot 5, Block C, McComb’s Racing Park Addition, Gas Station,
2008 Parking Lot for Zondlo’s IGA
11234-P. 1983, SE corner, Zondlo’s IGA, Lot 1, Block C, McComb’s Racing Park Addition
11235-P. 1983, far left, corner of Village Hall, Lot 12, Block D; center Lot 13, Block D, Former
Patrick Shoe Store; right Lot 14, Block D, Nancy’s Family Store, Nancy Ann Kroll proprietor

11236-P. 1983, old Rib Lake Village Hall and fire station, Lot 11 and 12, Block D, McComb’s
Racing Park Addition
11237-P. 1983, The Bird’s Nest, Lot 9 and 10, Block D, McComb’s Racing Park Addition, 729
McComb Ave, in 2008 “B & A’s Birds Nest” tavern
11238-P. 1983, American Legion, Lot 8, Block D, McComb’s Racing Park Addition
11239-P. 1983, “Virginia’s Basement”, 723 McComb Ave., in 2008 Frosted Mug Tavern, Lot 7,
Block D, McComb’s Racing Park Addition
11240-P. 1983, State Bank of Medford, 717 McComb Ave., Lot 6, Block D, McComb’s Racing
Park Addition, 2008 Mid-Wisconsin Bank
11241-P. 1983, Rib Lake Pharmacy, 713 McComb Ave., 2008 “Ultimate Illusion” beauty salon,
Lot 5, Block D, McComb’s Racing Park Addition
11242-P. 1983-John Schreiner, McComb Ave., rear, left-post office, center, old George Braun,
Sr. real estate office, Lot 3, Block D, McComb’s Racing Park Addition, in 2008 Mann-Made
Pizza, 709 McComb Ave.
11243-P. 1983, Post office, 705 McComb Ave., Lot 2, Block D.
11244-P. 1983, old RLLC machine shop, SE corner of STH 102 & McComb Ave.
11245-P. 1983, population signed, 945, 1983
11246-P. 1983, old C.C. Lord Accounting Building, 710 McComb Ave., Lot 1, Block A,
McComb’s Racing Park Addition; right; partial Hanke Gas Station
11246A-P. old C.C. Lord Accounting Building; right, RLLC store 1-27-1939
11247-P. 1983 old gas station, Lot 2, 3 or 4, Block A, McComb’s Racing Park Addition, Left-
partial Bogumill Building
11248-P. 1983, Bogumill Building, Lot 6 & &, Block A
11249-P. 1983, 740 McComb Ave., 2008-Rib Lake Music Center, Old Gamble’s Hardware,
Block A, McComb’s Racing Park Addition
11250-P. 1983, Bakery “Rainbow Pastry Shop”, Louis Heglmeier proprietor, Lot 11, Block A,
McComb’s Racing Park Addition, girl is Kristin K.B.L.M. Rusch
11251-P. 1983, girl is Kristin K.B.L.M. Rusch, Left-Bank, left-2-Lake Theater, Lot 12 & 13,
Block A, left-3-The Wonder Bar, right Bakery
11252-P. 1983, old bank, Lot 1, Block B.
11253-P. 1983, left-Little Bohemia, 806 McComb Ave, Lot 2 & 3, Block B, right-on door glass
“Office, Rib Lake Lumber Co”-office upstairs 1946-1948,
11254-P. 1983, Left-Olde Town Gift & Liquor, 814 McComb Ave, Lot 5, Block B; right-
unidentified, Lot 4, Block B, McComb’s Racing Park Addition
11255-P. 1983, “Coast to Coast Stores”, Tom Carroll Hardware, Lot 5 & 6, Block B, McComb’s
Racing Park Addition
11256-P. 1983, “Maudie’s Food and Eats”, Lot 8, Block B, 828 McComb Ave.
11257-P. 1983, Gehrt’s First Chance Tavern, Lot 9 & 10, Block B, 832 McComb Ave., 2008
Last Chance Tavern
11258-P. 1983, Barry’s [Anderson] Body Shop and Mobil Gas Station, 840 McComb Ave., Lot
11 & 12, Block B
11259-P. 1983 Fire ruins old Rib Lake High School
11260-P. 1983, fire ruins old Rib Lake High School, in the rear is Lutheran church
11261-P. 11-1983, Camp 28, view to east
11262-P. 11-1983, Camp 28, view to northwest
11263-P. 11-1983, Camp 28 bunkhouse

11264-P. 11-1983, Camp 28 bunkhouse interior
Plat maps from Taylor County Register of Deeds
11264A-Cover request for Taylor County plat maps
11265-Plat map, prior to 1900, T33-1E
11266-Plat map, 1901, T33-R1E
11267-Plat map, 1920, T33-R1E
11268-Plat map, 1925, T33-R1E
11269-Plat map, 1930, T33-R1E
11270-Plat map, 1950, T33-R1E
end of collection

11271-L. 4-1-2008, Geraldine Strey of Wisconsin Historical Society to RPR showing website for
Wisconsin Economic Inventory Maps c. 1938
11272-Map 1938, Economic Inventory T33-2E
11272A-Map 1938, Economic Inventory T33-3E
11272B-Map 1938, Economic Inventory T32-2E
11272C-Map 1938, Economic Inventory T32-3E
11273-L. Karen R. Baumgartner nee Batzer to RPR 3-31-2008 re O.A. “Ole” Peterson
11273A-Biography of Ole A. Peterson
11274-info, “Spirit Lake” name origin & change Town of Brannan to Town of Spirit
11274A-Letter by C.B. Nelson, Postmaster
11274B-Prentice News Calumet, 30 year #51, Town of Brannan name change
11275-History of Price County, by William Gumaer, info; Major Isaac Stone
11275A-Town of Brannan [Spirit] history
11275B-Spirit Lake history, by Janet MacDonald Cole, Pioneer Teacher
11276-German Settlement History by Roy R. Meier
Photos from Karen Baumgartner nee Batzer
11277-P. Aerial (from tannery smokestack) view SW, McComb Ave. c. 1910
11278-P. 1922 Ward School, 2nd Grade class, Ruth Batzer, center front row
11279-P. 1928 St. John’s Lutheran Confirmation Class, Pastor Kammholz, left front-Ruth Batzer
11279A-List of Confirmands from #11279
11280-P. 1915 Wooden sidewalk, Village of Rib Lake, Ruth Batzer, view east, Landall & Pearl
11281-P. 1925, O.A. “Ole” Peterson and family
11282-P. 1946 O.A. “Ole” Peterson family, Ruby, Emily, Ruth, John, Orville & Wiley
11283-P. O.A. “Ole” Peterson 1950
11284-P. 1922 Ward School, Orville Peterson, Carl Marschke in front row
of John D. “Jack” Mylrea collection from Marathon County Historical Society
Volume I NB; Rib Lake and non-Rib Lake
11285-P. 1907 Monico, WI camp
11286-P. reverse side of 11285
11287-P. Hand operated peed
11288-P. Jack Mylrea & George Hale, Partners 1908
11289-P. Popple River Camp #1, John “Jack” Mylrea & Partner George L. Hale, Good Camp
11290-P. 1908 Galloway, WI
11291-P. backside
11292-P. Long Lake, WI 1910
11293-P. Ice Road, 4 house team
11294-P. Long Lake, Jack’s note; Crew walked 2 miles from camp
11295-P. Rail logging in Woods
11296-P. backside, Jack’s notes
11297-P. Tom Sampson “A Real Man”
11298-L. 7-24-1912, Flood at Rothschild
11299-P. 1915 Bark peelers

Volume (Disc) XIV- #11300-11399
11300-P. huge pine log, Keopenic, WI

11301-Map, Fox & Wolf River, c Jack’s notes
11302-L. 7-13-1916 Funny letter on conditions of living in camp
11303-L. 1-1915, National German American bank, Wausau
11304-Back – lumber prices
Volume II of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection
11305-P. Camp Deerbrook 1909
11306-P. Snowshoe
NB: RPR note; Lots of good text & photos not scanned, info excellent for next book!
11307-L. Railroad velocipedes 1910
11309-P. 1910 Sleigh accident site, NB; earth moving on sleigh route
11310-P. 1911 Pine River, RR ties without rail, camps, Long Lake, WI, logs & camps are typical
11311-Map Florence County 1941, Jack’s notes
11312-L. Spring forest fire, 1911, Forest County 3 pgs
11313-W. WI lumber jacks by Chester S. Wedberg
11314-P. Hotel Bowler 1913
11315-P. pilings
11316-P. Thunder Lake Lumber Co. office (TLLC) 1910-1946, Rhinelander
11317-P. Danger, Logs unloading, Rhinelander maybe
11318-P. Harry Deering log camp, Gleason, WI c. 1940
11318A-P. teams in camp
11319-P. pilings
Volume III of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection
11320-Table of contents for volume III
11321-Newspaper article, O’Melia Recalls Pioneering in Forest
11322-P. Huge white pine, Neopit, WI
11322A-Master white pine, Neopit, WI
11323-Map, Minnesota, Jack’s Notes on 10 million feet of pine sawed in Minnesota and
transported to RLLC c 1943
11323A-Aerial photo, Boundary Water Canoe area where RLLC pine was cut
11324-P. Wausau, Big Bulls Falls 1860
11325-Diagram, Kilbourn Dam
11326-P. 1886, booms & sorting works, Eau Claire, WI
11326A-P. Joseph Dessert Lumber Company, Mosinee
11327-P. Joseph Dessert Lumber Company, Mosinee, WI planing mill
11327A-P. Joseph Dessert Lumber Company, Mosinee, WI 1880-1890
11328-Map Drainage area, Wisconsin River, location of Rib Lake is shown
11329-P. Log jam, Wisconsin River, Grandfather Falls, Lincoln Co. c. 1890
11330-P. 50,000 cedar shingles
11330A-P. inside planing mill
11331-P. Arbor Vitae, WI 1906-09
11332-P. Hazelhurst, WI
11332A-P. Hazelhurst, WI unloading works
11333-P. Old RR logging bridge, St. Germain Dam
11334-W. Chequamegon & Nicolet National Forest map & Jack’s notes 3 pgs

Volume IV of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection
11335-table of contents for Volume IV
NB: much invaluable non-Rib Lake data not scanned on 4-10-2008
11336-P. John “Jack” D. Mylrea, on temporary logging road bridge, Presque Isle River, RLLC
bought “few million” feet of logs from Ahonen Lumber Company for RLLC 1943-44
11337-P. Long Lake camp
11337A-Backside, Police Chief Help
11338-P. 1912 Hale & Mylrea locomotive #1 & excellent woods photo
11339-Map, Menominee River Drainage Locations & camps
11340-P. Peeled hemlock tree
11341-P. Cookee, Hale & Mylrea Company, c. 1915
11341A-P. back, data on sleigh technique
11342-P. surveying 1910
11343-P. Railroad, Hand made grade
11344-P. Pearson, WI
11345-P. Virgin Pine
11346-P. Hardwood piling
11346A-Forest Fire, Three Lakes, 1925
11347-P. Camp RLLC, 1930-1940; P-RLLC camp-winter supply of firewood; P. RLLC Camp,
probably Camp 28-RPR
11348-P. RLC Hot Pond & bull chain into mill
11349-P. Log rafts, Thunder Lake Lumber Co
11350-P. The right way & wrong way to carry an axe
11351-P. Trout Fishing & US Forest Service timber deal
11352-P. “Good stand of Hemlock & Hardwood”
11353-P. wrong way to skid
11354-P. The Ram pasture
11355-P. Inside cook house
11356-L. 7-23-1932 Governor Phillip F. LaFollette to John D. “Jack” Mylrea
11357-L. Wisconsin Supreme Court Mervin B. Rosenberry, Justice 10-30-1925 to John D.
“Jack” Mylrea “Dear Jack… with warm regards to yourself and Mary”
NB: 192? Decision in Wisconsin holding RLLC tax exempt
11358-L. Walter J. Kohler 12-10-1928
11359-L. The Milwaukee Journal’s Fred Luening to John D. “Jack” Mylrea 5-29-1918 re
Wisconsin National Forest
11360-L. William Mauthe 1-3-1930 to John D. “Jack” Mylrea
11361-L. George Vits, Republican Committee 1-15-1930
11362-L. Philip F. LaFollette 12-11-1931
11363-L. 1-15-1932 S.A. Campbell
11364-L. 3-24-1932 National Forest Reservation Commission
11365-Promissory note 12-30-1941 “Sundry Collateral” signed John D. “Jack” Mylrea $2000
11366-Promissory note 12-30-1941 “Sundry Collateral” signed John D. “Jack” Mylrea $180,000
11367-L. 4-17-1940 John D. “Jack” Mylrea VP of RLLC, Jerry Cook of US Forest Service, New
England blowdown salvage 2 pgs
11368-L. 4-23-1940 G.D. Cook to John D. “Jack” Mylrea, NB; Jack’s candid notes re DEAL

11369-L. 8-9-1941 George W. Mead to John D. “Jack” Mylrea re 10,000,000 feet of pine from
Minnesota to RLLC “We netted $30,000 profit on 2 rafts”
11370-L. 12-8-1941 John D. “Jack” Mylrea to L. D. Crusoe, Duluth, South Short & Atlantic
11371-L. Fisher Body Division of GM 12-12-1941, Jack’s note “They wanted to sell very
bad…”A; sold it for $780,000, bought for $300,000, see below
11372-Contract of RLLC & Fisher Body 12-26-1941
11373-L. 1-3-1942 RLLC’s John D. “Jack” Mylrea to Kimberly-Clark Corporation of Neenah
11374-L. 1-3-1942 Kimberly Clark Corporation from Aytch P. Woodson
11375-L. 1-15-1942 Kimberly Clark Corporation from Aytch P. Woodson
11376-L. 9-23-1943 John D. Mylread to A.S Puehlicher, Marshall & Ilsley Bank “I am out of
Debt of any kind”
11377-L. John D. Mylrea to Herman W. Johnannes, G.M. of RLLC 1-25-1944, “It seems
11378-L. 8-11-1939 John D. Mylrea as President of Thunder Lake Lumber Co to A.S. Puelicher
“Possible sale to US Forest Service”
11379-L. “Employees of RLLC 11-15-1944 Wisconsin State Labor Board “on 6-13-1944 C.I.O
was certified”
11380-L. 12-15-1941 John D. Mylrea to L.D. Crusoe
Volume V of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection
11381-table of contents for Volume V
11382-P. Thunder Lake Lumber Co. business card
11383-P. Ted Tinker & John D. Mylrea
11384-P. TLLC 1919-1940 Rhinelander, John D. Mylrea President, Woods Superintendent is Ed
Synnott, Secretary is Rudy Mueller
11385-P. TLLC yard c. 1930
11386-P. Ken Mayer, TLLC, later RLLC
11387-P. RLLC Camp c.1940
11388-Article “State’s Largest sawmill changes hands this week”, Wisconsin men buy U.S.
Leather Co. stock in Rib Lake plant 1936, Milwaukee Journal
11389-Article, Rhinelander men buy 61,000 acres 2-5-1936, Chicago Journal of Commerce
11390-7-3-1943 RLLC, timber volumes, 54.93 hemlock, 1.83 pine
11391-Diagram T31N-R4E RLLC history
11392-Diagram T32N-R4E RLLC Land sale date
11393-Diagram T33N-R4E RLLC Land sale date
11394-Diagram T34N-R4E RLLC Land sale date
11395-W. Collquialism (rest scanned previously)
11396-RLLC 1922-1931 taxes paid to Town of Corning, Lincoln Co. $422,859.95
11397-RLLC taxes paid to Town of Corning 1933-1938 $82,340.51
11398-P. RLLC camp
11399-P. RLLC camp

Volume (Disc) XV- #11400-11499
11400-P. RLLC caterpillar log skidding c. 1940 “pan skidding”
11401-P. Ted Tinker, John D. Mylrea and white pine stump
11402-obituary of Ted Tinker

11403-P. Sleigh accident site; P. Frank Robbins of Robbins Lumber Co & Railroad sold to
11404-P. John Puelicher, Sr. “Our Company Banker..” Tom Sampson-lumberjack
11405-P. “Ole Peterson, Station Man 1920”; Was this Rib Lake’s O.A. “Ole Peterson?
11406-P. Ed Synnott, Wood Superintendent RLLC c. 1940
11407-P. John D. Mylrea with wife Mary & family c. 1930
11408-P. RLLC office c. 1940 view to NE; Rib Lake in back
11409-P. RLLC tram & west side of mill
11410-P. RLLC planing mill & office
11411-P. John D. “Jack” Mylrea temporary logging road, Upper Peninsula, Presque Isle River
11412-P. TLLC Locomotive #5
11413-P. TLLC railroad, Ed Synnott & C.C. Lord
11414-P. George Smith, TLLC Railroad history
11415-P. 30 ton Geared engine locomotive, accident tip over in swamp TLLC
11416-P. 5 Spot TLLC & “Pullman”
11416A-Article re 11416
11417-P. Railroad excavations & fill, TLLC
11418-P. TLLC locomotive #9
11419-P. “narrow gauge line…” Milwaukee c. 1945, History of TLLC railroad
11420-P. RLLC “Caterpillar diesel” logs on skidding pan c. 1940
11421-P. RLLC pan skidding – backside view
11422-P. RLLC pan skidding – side view, in back, logs on railroad car
11423-P. building bridle New Wood River, Lincoln County 1940, Pine (Bents) driver on
Railroad track
11424-L. 1-7-1944 A.B. Nichols, Marshall & Ilsley Bank to John D. Mylrea, $1,950,000
debentures (bond) to $2,220,000 accounts receivable
(note Marshall & Ilsley Bank = M&I (of Milwaukee, WI0
11425-L. 1-5-1944 John D. Mylrea to M&I $250,000 personal line of credit
11426-L. 8-13-1944 RLLC by John D. Mylrea to First National Bank, RLLC sells U.P. land for
11427-P. Harold Collins (right), Chet Cone (sp)(left), Giant White Pine, North Wisconsin c.
11427A-P. Close-up of 11427 with identification
11428-Poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling, notes by John D. Mylrea
11429-L. 1-17-1945, M&I to John D. Mylrea “you are so close to $1,000,000”
11430-L. O.T. Swan to John D. Mylrea on Mylrea’s retirement “You have always been most
11431-L. RLLC’s Aytch P. Woodson, President, to self, John D. and Mary Mylrea, 10-17-1947,
RLLC cashes out at $913,210 to Woodson, $354,380 to John D. Mylrea, $95,410 to Mary
11432-L. Wisconsin Dept of Taxation, 4-6-1948 re to RLLC re audit
11433-RLLC Daily Report 4-1-1947,
11434-RLLC Daily Report 8-30-1947, NB; bark sales 625.95 cords
11435-RLLC Daily Report 10-1-1947
Volume VI of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection
11436-table of contents for Volume VI

11437-P. Curtis & Yale Company 1912
11438-P. Wisconsin River flood, Wausau 7-24-1912
11439-P. Dells of Eau Claire
11440-P. Dam – Grandfather Falls
11441-P. Big Logging Wheels
11442-P. C.M. Christianson Lumber Co., Phelps, WI, view north; C.M. Christianson Lumber Co.
view west, back North Twin Lake; Paul Abenrothe
11443-P. C.M. Christianson Lumber Co Railroad log cars,
11443A-P. dry yard
11443B-P. train
11444-telegram to John D. Mylrea 1915; form new Langlade Lumber Company
11445-TLLC financial information 12-4-1941
11446-TLLC 12-4-1941 Personnel, bio of John D. Mylrea, bio Aytch P. Woodson
11447-P. RLLC summer skidding
11448-P. C.C. Lord, head of Manufacturing RLLC, Gasoline Pede RLLC railroad
11449-P. RLLC “Good Yellow Birch logs”, tractor skidding in winter; back is McGiffert Loader
on Railroad c. 1940
11450-L. A.L. Osborn Lumber, Oshkosh, WI 9-19-1938 to John D. Mylrea
11451-Tariff, Robbins Railroad Co. 1-1-1905
11452-Article, Milwaukee Journal “Nicolet Forest” Jack’s proud notes
11453-L. 6-6-1934 Chicago & Northwestern Railroad
11454-L. 9-19-1944 Ahonen Lumber Co. to John D. Mylrea
Volume VII of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection
11455-table of contents to Volume VII
11456-P. Log Raft, Pic River, Canada (illustrates type of boom used in RLLC operations-RPR)
Volume VIII of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection
11457-table of contents for Volume VIII
11458-Map Nicolet National Forest railroad of TLLC
11459-L. 1-7-1958 John D. Mylrea to Carl Sachse; A-bio “VP RLLC cutting 30 million yearly”
11460-L. 1-8-1958 A.E. Swanke, Tigerton Lumber Co. to John D. Mylrea
11461-L. 1-6-1961 John D. Mylrea to George Kenote – 4 pgs; bio; data on RLLC
11462-L. T.S. Dvorak to Harvey Huston 5-15-1961
11462A-Thunder Lake Narrow gauge railroad book review
11463-L. Harvey Hustin to John D. Mylrea, 7-10-1961
11464-Map T41N R8E, Railroads & camp sites
11465-L. 1-19-1946 A.S. Puelicher to John D. Mylrea, “You are certainly a grand, loyal friend”
11466-L. 6-3-1941 John D. Mylrea to Arvey Ahonen “For $875,000 cash”
11467-P. Marvin Rosenberry, Chief Justice, Supreme Court, “A good friend”-says Jack
11468-P. Tractor & ice road plow, John D. Mylrea’s comments
11469-W. John D. Mylrea, May 1963 re bankers
11470-L. Jack Puelicher to John D. Mylrea 6-4-1963
11471-L. Jack Puelicher to John D. Mylrea 10-6-1963
11472-RLLC 11-1-1946 “Daily Report” $1,359,614.51 in bank “I am sleeping better”-says John
D. Mylrea
11473-P. 7 photos RLLC 1946 planing mill fire “Oh Hum!!” John D. Mylrea

11474-P. Mosinee paper mill logging c. 1940, Gogebic County, Michigan, 2 sleighs pulled by a
11475-L. 11-24-1947 John D. Mylrea to O.T. Swan, autobiography
11476-L. 1956 John D. Mylrea “Jack Mylrea collection” his goals
Add’l material from Volume VI of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection
RE Chief Justice M.B. Rosenberry
NB: He participates in decision which determines RLLC exempt from Wisconsin income tax
11477-Deerfoot Lodge brochure; A-“Rosenberry days in Camp 10”; B-miscellaneous photos; C-
“Ceasar” = M.B. Rosenberry; D-P. memories of Deerfoot Lodge; E
11478-“Apologia” by M.B. Rosenberry, Histody of Deerfoot Lodge
Volume IX of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection
11479-table of contents for Volume IX
11480-P. Langlade Lumber Company – LLC c. 1920, interior mill photo
11481-Map 1956 Wisconsin Public Forests
11482-Info Minnesota operations, Mosinee paper mills by John D. Mylrea
11483-P. Ely, Minnesota pulp
11484-John D. Mylrea treasurer, Mosinee paper mill, P. Minnesota
11485-P. Tomahawk Timber Company mill and pond
11486-Data by John D. Mylrea re Tomahawk Timber Company
11487-History of US Forest Fires
11488-P. 1911-1931-1940-1954 “Natural Regeneration”
11489-P. “Side Ass Jammer”
11490-P. McGiffert Log Loader, excellent front view with John D. Mylrea comments
11491-P. decking logs with John D. Mylrea comments
11491A-“Correct position for Puppers to stand”
11492-P. c. 1940 2 man chainsaw
11493-P. c. 1940 2 man chainsaw in operation
11494-L. 11-11-1925 C.C. Yawkey to John D. Mylrea, “is no question it costs more to log
hardwood than hemlock”
11495-P. huge white pine, T40-R12E, left-John D. Mylrea age 25, near Butternut Lake, WI
11496-Note by John D. Mylrea, “March or April 1932, About the bottom of the depression
which started October, 1929” “Babson’s Reports” 4-25-1932
Volume X of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection
11497-table of contents for Volume X
11498-L. 5-26-1952 Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad to John D. Mylrea
11499-L. 6-28-1944 Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad to John D. Mylrea,
pulpwood rates from Montana, 2 pgs

Volume (Disc) XVI- #11500-11599
Continued from Volume X of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection
11500-L. 12-13-1933, J.S. Weidman, President of Northern Hemlock & Hardwood
Manufacturers Assoc., to John D. Mylrea “You are the outstanding northern operator of the
younger generation.”
11501-L. 7-27-1933 Chief Justice Marvin B. Rosenberry to John D. Mylrea
11502-L. 2-22-1944, Robert M. LaFollette to John D. Mylrea re WWII labor shortage
11503-L. 10-18-1956 John D. Mylrea note “I had a heart attack”

Volume XI of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection
11504-table of contents for Volume XI
11505-Thunder Lake Lumber Company (TLLC) history 4-1929 by Baldwin Locomotives, 4 pgs
11506-P. Rudy J. Mueller, “Tops in my estimation”-says John D. Mylrea, presided over closing
out RLLC
11507-P. Hot pond, TLLC
11508-P. TLLC carriage
11509-P. TLLC edger
11510-P. TLLC horizontal resaw
11511-P. TLLC cutting maple blanks
11512-P. TLLC chunk wood
11513-P. TLLC store
11514-P. TLLC camp #1
11515-P. TLLC Old 6 Spot
11516-P. 3 photos TLLC & John D. Mylrea comments
11517-P. John D. Mylrea comments “It was the custom”
11518-P. RLLC c. 1940 caterpillar, Winter skidding, nice hardwood logs
11519-John D. Mylrea writing “White Pine Logs decked on Lake Superior at Havland, MN,
Winter 1941-42” 2 pgs; A-our total profit on rafts was $30,000, logs to RLLC
11520-John D. Mylrea comments on Minnesota white pine for RLLC c. 1940, T63N-R3E; A-
Photo of railroad track X=Bear accident site; B-Ed Synnott, John D. Mylrea inspecting
Minnesota pine
11521-P. White pine decked on Lake Superior for rafting from Ashland to RLLC, John D.
Mylrea notes 1942
11522-P. 1942 “Putting hardwood blocks on white pine boom sticks”
11523-P. 1942 Havland, MN beach with white pine decked for RLLC
11524-P. “5 million feet white pine decked near Havland, MN 1941-42
11525-P. Raft of logs, Lake Superior, notes by John D. Mylrea
11526-P. Soo Line flat car, white pine logs, from Havland, MN, 1942 to RLLC
11527-P. Louis Maier, Land and Lake Salesman, TLLC, 2 giant white pine at Butternut Lake,
Forest Co, Wisconsin c. 1930
11528-Map, Butternut Lake, WI area, Railroads lines in red
11529-Railroad passes issues to John D. Mylrea
11530-P. RLLC “Main Line Locomotive” at McComb Ave., Rib Lake, left RLLC store, right
Rear of “Round house” c. 1940
11531-P. RLLC steamhauler, vertical pistons
11532-P. RLLC peeled hemlock on sleigh c. 1920
11533-P. RLLC “Main Line Locomotive” c. 1935; left-Round house; right-north side of mill
11534-P. McGiffert Loader, TLLC c. 1940
11535-P. Left-George Smith “Head man TLLC” Railroad dismanteling c. 1940’s,
11536-Map TLLC railroad, Lake Julia
11537-Article, Rhinelander Logging Magazine (has much TLLC stuff)
11538-TLLC “over run” data by John D. Mylrea
11539-L. John D. Mylrea to Lincoln Co. Board 4-19-1939 “We offer for sale $54,000 acres of
land..for $1 per acre”; these acres were cut over RLLC lands in Town of Corning

11540-L. John D. Mylrea of RLLC to Walter John Chilsen 6-19-1939, “This offer was turned
11541-L. General Manager of RLLC to M&I Bank 4-8-1939, “We owed US Leather Co
11542-L. John D. Mylrea 8-27-1936 to Wisconsin Industrial Commission (financial issues, his
role)-3 pgs “We carried our own risk instead of buying insurance…”
11543-L. 10-31-1935 John D. Mylrea to A. P. Woodson, Timber Cruise estimates prior to
purchase for RLLC “We actually cut over 70% more...”-says John D. Mylrea 2 pgs NB; 137,000
ft hemlock of 184,000 total
11544-RLLC balance sheet 9-11-1939 “We purchased rest of stock [of RLLC] from [Frank]
Handeyside and Brownell, Spring 1935”, [This left Woodson & John D. Mylrea, et us, sole
owners of RLLC – subject to mortgages to US Leather Co], value to stockholders $1,440,344.94
11545-“1935” notes by John D. Mylrea on RLLC purchase “Bankers Trust Co was forcing sale
of RLLC to reduce indebtedness to US Leather Co, which owned both Central Pennsylvania
Lumber Co & RLLC..” [NB: letter offers RLLC for sale in 1936 – from Pennsylvania Lumber
Co.] See Document #11554; page 2-“We spent many days checking, cruising..”;
11546-9-11-1939 RLLC “what we thought we might make..”
11547-9-11-1939 RLLC stumpage depreciation charged to cost of production
11548-9-11-1939 RLLC statement #1 and #2
11549-L. 4-22-1936 Aytch P. Woodson to John D. Mylrea, 2 pgs. [codifies deal to buy RLLC]
11550-Contract 11-9-1937 John D. Mylrea and A.P.W. [Aytch P. Woodson] “This was very
helpful to me in 1937 about the time the First Wisconsin National Bank was getting tough with
11551-11-9-1937 Promissory note, John D. Mylrea to M&I Bank for $60,000; A-Assignment of
RLLC stock to John D. Mylrea
11552-9-16-1939 John D. Mylrea note to Ed “Bookkeeper” [finances of wife Mary re RLLC]
Volume XII of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection
11553-table of contents for Volume XII
11554-L. 1-23-1935 Frank Handeyside of Central Pennsylvania Lumber Company (CPLC) to
John D. Mylrea “This was the beginning of our purchase of the RLLC..”
11555-L. 1-26-1935 John D. Mylrea to Frank Handeyside “The start of the purchase of RLLC”
11556-L. 1-28-1935 Frank Handeyside to John D. Mylrea “Handeyside used to be sales manager
of Chas. Fish Lake, Elcho, WI”
11557-L. 2-1-1935 John D. Mylrea to Frank Handeyside
11558-Logging contract of RLLC & Harold Roberts 9-1939 “The logger went into the hole”
11559-L. 2-26-1939 John D. Mylrea to Aytch P. Woodson
11560-Contract R.G. Brownell and Aytch P. Woodson, “All my interest sold to Mary T. Mylrea”
signed John D. Mylrea
11561-Contract Mary T. Mylrea and R.G. Brownell 12-22-1939; A-Exhibit A
11562-Sale receipt, RLLC stock by R.G. Brownell to Aytch P. Woodson & John D. Mylrea 9-
11563-Contract John D. Mylrea and Aytch P. Woodson & M&I Bank 12-19-1939
11564-Line of Credit, RLLC & M&I Bank 12-19-1939
11565-RLLC average price per million feet of hemlock, hardwood pine 1939-1940
11566-RLC pine logs cut 1-12-1940 “Pine from near Rib Lake”
11567-12-3-1941 timber data to government by John D. Mylrea re “Ceiling prices”

11568-Comparative report on hemlock realization 8-31-1938, RLLC
11569-L. 1-17-1940 RLLC by John D. Mylrea to C.C. Yawkey re “U.P. logging as compared to
11570-10-16-1940 RLLC price list
11571-L. John D. Mylrea to Dun & Bradstreet 1-19-1940
11572-L. 1-29-1940 H.W. Johannes to Lake Superior District Power Co “RLLC furnished steam
to Lake Superior Power Plant in our engine room for which we were paid”
11573-Frank Handeyside, Sales Contract to John D. Mylrea and Aytch P. Woodson for $9000
for Frank Handeyside’s RLLC Stock, 2-13-1940
11574-RLLC promissory note for $9,000 to Frank Handeyside
11575-L. RLLC 9-18-1940 to Herman W. Johannes re Oliver Mining Co
11576-L. 3-20-1041 H.W. Johannes to John D. Mylrea re Ahonen Lumber Co-2 pgs “RLLC
bought lumber from other mills” (emphasis added)
11577-L. 7-14-1941 General Motors to John D. Mylrea, offer U.P. timber for sale
11578-L. 7-31-1941 Arvey Ahonen to RLLC “We actually worked out several timber & log
11579-L. RLLC to A. Ahonen 8-4-1941
11580-L. 8-1-1941 General Motors to John D. Mylrea “Our horse trading”
11581-L. 8-4-1941 John D. Mylrea to General Motors
11582-L. 8-6-1941 General Motors to John D. Mylrea
11583-L. 8-18-1941 John D. Mylrea to General Motors
11584-L. RLLC labor rate changes 10-15-1041
11585-L. 8-14-1941 RLLC to Dun & Bradstreet “We have $209,000 cash on hand”
11586-Notes by John D. Mylrea-timber deal with Oliver Mining Co, TLLC & RLLC 9-1940
11587-L. 8-29-1941 Peterson log purchase in U.P.
11588-11-1-41 RLLC log prices delivered at landing in Rib Lake
11589-L. 11-27-1941 RLLC by Herman W. Johannes to John D. Mylrea re U.P. log buy
11590-L. 12-1941 John D. Mylrea to M&I Bank
11591-L. 12-4-1941 M&I Bank to John D. Mylrea “Paid up – first time in 33 years I have not
owed money to banks”
11592-L. 1-29-1942 John D. Mylrea to Ahonen Lumber Co
11593-RLLC 12-14-1942, Minnesota Pine Grade Averages, white pine from Havland, MN,
profit $61,344.52
11594-L. 6-22-1942 Keweenaw Land Assoc. to John D. Mylrea re Office of Price
Administration (OPA)
11595-RLLC sales contract from “Tank Division” 8-27-1942
11596-L. 9-10-1942 RLLC to John D. Mylrea re costs at RLLC
11597-L. 10-2-1942 John D. Mylrea to E.J. Synnott re Lawrence Peterson & Sons. U.P. log offer
2 pgs
11598-RLLC 10-4-1941 to 6-12-1943, operating costs & realization
11599-RLLC 10-1942 Lawrence Peterson logs & timber estimates by Ed Synnott

Volume (Disc) XVII- #11600-11699
Volume XII of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection – continued
11600-Note, John D. Mylrea 3-6-1936 deal with Woodson “Aytch”
11601-writing, “Lawrence Peterson timber, sheet 2

11601A-Sheet 3 Rib Lake, 10-30-1942, recapitulation Peterson timber
11602-L. RLLC by H.W. Johannes, General Manager 10-6-1942 to Peter Stone, office of Price
Administration, John D. Mylrea “War Time”- 3 pgs
11603-L. 10-19-1942, Herman W. Johannes to John D. Mylrea, timber estimates, Sec. 25, 29, 31,
49 and 43
11604-L. 10-30-1942, H.W. Johannes to John D. Mylrea, “Peterson Timber Matter” Logs from
Tula, Michigan
11605-L. 10-24-1942, John D. Mylrea to “Mr. Hambly” General Traffic Manager, Duluth South
Shore & Atlantic Railroad
11606-L. 11-16-1942, H.F. Schmidt, Superintendent of DSS&A to John D. Mylrea,
“Construction of side track” in UP
11607-L. 11-10-1942, John D. Mylrea, “Lawrence Peterson & Sons” $90,000 timber deal at Tula,
Michigan; timber for TLLC
11608-L. 11-24-1942, contract, RLLC & Lawrence Peterson & Sons, Ontonagon County,
11609-L. 12-4-1942, John D. Mylrea to L.D. Crusoe, Fisher Division, General Motor “GMC”
“Several thousand acres of timber NE of Ironwood, Michigan”
11610-L. John D. Mylrea 12-12-1942 to R.O. Hambly, DSS&A Railroad, logging in UP
11611-L. L. Peterson to John D. Mylrea 5-20-1943 “net loss $2000”
11612-L. 5-22-1943, “Lawrence Peterson logs” “2,042,220 feet”
11613-L. 5-24-1932, John D. Mylrea to Lawrence Peterson & Sons “the present OPA is not
going to grant any increase in lumber ceilings” WLB = War Labor Board
11614-L. 7-24-1943 Regional Lumber Advisory Committee
11615-L. 5-2-1944, H.W. Johannes to Local Board #1, Selective Service, RLLC normally
employs 215 men in the woods, 225 men needed for plant; “consider giving all our men a 6
month deferment [from drafting”
11616-RLLC cost of production 8-16-1943 Hardwood and softwood chips
11617-RLLC wage schedule 7-8-1943; Connor Land & Lumber
11618-L. John D. Mylrea to Lawrence Peterson 8-2-1943, “War time government controls”
11619-L. 8-3-1943 John D. Mylrea to L.D. Crusoe, “would you like to sell more sections of
timber west of Porcupine Mountains, Michigan”
11620-RLLC L. Peterson job, costs since 12.5 cent increase “115”
11621-L. 8-14-1943, John D. Mylrea to H.T. Smith, Office of Price Adminstration (OPA), “116”
11622-L. 8-13-1943, L.D. Crusoe to John D. Mylrea “118” “Fisher Body Division” shows logo
“I am not inclined to believe that the block of timber you inquire about would contribute very
much to your poverty”
11623-Estimate, Fisher Body, UP, tract, John D. Mylrea note re his “horse shoed” this land
11624-L. 8-16-1943, H.W. Johannes to Goodman Lumber Co, offer to buy slab wood “120”
11625-L. 8-21-1943 H.W. Johannes to Georg Houghton, “121”
11626-Realization-fiscal year 1943, RLLC “122”, lumber sawed 28,973,117 feet
11627-RLLC Woods Wage Scale 7-14-1943, “125”
11628-Logs sold to RLLC, Ahonen Lumber Co. 1-1-1943 to 1-1-1944
11629-RLLC operating statement to board of directors of RLLC, 3-1-1944
11630-L. 3-9-1944 John D. Mylrea to Arvey Ahonen, “we can help you work out a plan for
taking over Rib Lake’s interest in your company”

11631-RLLC 4-8-1944 payroll, 198 named employees, job title and rate per hour
11632-Cedar pole quote 5-18-1944, RLLC to Page & Hill Co
11633-L. 6-5-1944, John D. Mylrea to L. Peterson & Sons “it would be much pleasanter for me
to agree to your request”
11634-L. 7-14-1944, John D. Mylrea to H.W. Johannes, “Can you make any money on these
logs at this cost”
11635-L. 9-1-1944, RLLC. H.S. Morrison to John D. Mylrea re bonds, NB; letterhead “RLLC”
Box 719, Wausau”
11636-Logging contract, RLLC & John Ahonen, Ironwood, Michigan, 10-22-1944
11637-L. 10-4-1944, Walter Gorman, President, of Lake Superior Lumber Co. to John D. Mylrea
11638-L. 12-1-1944, H.W. Johannes of RLLC to O.T. Swan, Northern Hemlock & Hardwood
Mfr’s Assoc., Menomonee Indian Reservation
11639-White Pine logs purchased from Mead Timber by RLLC, 5,404,480 ft decked on Lake
Superior shoreline, Hovland, Minnesota, spring 1943, volume of lumber sawn e.g. 1x4; A-Pg. 2
“profit $4.50 per thousand feet”
11640-L. 6-22-1944, John D. Mylrea to A.H. McBeam, Edward Hines Lumber Co., offer to sell
timber lands
11641-RLLC, white pine lumber produced from Minnesota pine logs, 8-6 to 8-26-1945,
1,266,772 feet
11642-L. 3-8-1946, John D. Mylrea to Rudie Mueller, 30 cars of birch veneer
11643-L. 5-18-1946, John D. Mylrea to Arvey Ahonen
11644-L. 5-21-1946, Ahonen Lumber Co. to John D. Mylrea (NB; page 2 of letter missing on 4-
11645-L. 5-27-1946, John D. Mylrea to Arvey Ahonen
11646-L. 5-28-1946, Arvey Ahonen to John D. Mylrea
11647-L. 12-9-1941, John D. Mylrea to Mr. Hambly, DSS&A railroad, negotiation re rail rates,
A-DSS&A eventually put in a satisfactory rate for us and we shipped a lot of logs to RLLC
11648-L. 4-18-1932, J.F. Sisley, VP of RLLC, to TLLC “It looks like murder in the first degree”
11649-L. 4-8-1932 W.A. Holt, President of Holt Lumber Co. to John D. Mylrea “A fine
gentleman and a good operator”
Volume XIII of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection
11650- table of contents for Volume XIII
11651-L. 7-14-1948, RLLC be Gen. Manager Rudy Mueller to Elmer Taylor of Village of Rib
Lake, land sales
11652-L. 7-15-1948 Rudy J. Mueller of RLLC to John D. Mylrea “Question of logs in Rib Lake”
11653-Agreement, RLLC and Village of Rib Lake 7-14-1948, Advance on personal property
11654-Bid, 4-29-1947, L.B. Foster Co. for scrap of RLLC rail, note by Rudy J. Mueller “rail
made in 1885”; B. bid by Paper Calmerson Co. Duluth; C. bid on locomotive #3, 65 tons at
$34.50 per ton is $2,242.50 “3-Spot”; D. Locomotive 67 c. 90 tons “101 c. 65 tons”; E. Kilroy
Harris bid,
11655-L. 12-28-1950, Rudy J. Muller of RLLC to John D. Mylrea “RLLC made many thousands
of dollars by grinding its slabs and edgings”
11656-Report by Herman W. Johannes, General Manager of RLLC, c. 1944, RLLC finances, 3
pgs, page 1 is missing
11657-RLLC valuation of stumpage 1-1-1944

11658-L. 2-22-1945, John D. Mylrea to H.W. Johannes re RLLC land sales, RLLC by mistake
deeded still timbered 40 instead of cut-over land in Town of Corning. This letter discusses
safeguards to prevent future mistakes
11659-L. 3-8-1945 John D. Mylrea to Wis. Valley Trust Co.
11660-P. 6-7-1945, John D. Mylrea to Roddis Lumber Co.
11661-L. 6-14-1945, Roddis Lumber Co. to John D. Mylrea
11662-L. 7-12-1945 John D. Mylrea to Roddis Lumber Co
11663-RLLC timber estimates, R2E, Town 49-44
11664-L. 7-21-1945 John D. Mylrea to Roddis Lumber Co. re option to buy RLLC land
11665-L. 7-25-1945 John D. Mylrea to Roddis Lumber Co
11666-L. 10-18-1945, John D. Mylrea to Forest Himes, Mylrea offers up land for sale
11667-L. 12-12-1945 L. Peterson and Sons to John D. Mylrea
11668-L. 12-18-1945, L. Peterson and Sons to John D. Mylrea
11669-Note, Rudy J. Mueller to John D. Mylrea, 1948 sale of RLLC lands in Town of Corning,
to National Container Corp, e.g. T33N-R3E
11670-Notice RLLC to Mary Mylrea and John D. Mylrea 12-6-1946, re $260,000 for RLLC
11671-Notice, RLLC 12-6-1946, to Mary Mylrea
11672-RLLC notice of special meeting of stockholder, 10-7-1946, signature of Aytch P.
11673-RLLC Notice of special meeting 9-25-1946
11674-L. 7-13-1946, Roddis Lumber Co. to John D. Mylrea
11675-L. 4-2-1946, RLLC to North Wisconsin [Insurance] Agency
11676-L. 10-16-1946, RLLC, H.S. Morrison to Wisconsin Valley Trust Co.
11677-Note by John D. Mylrea 7-5-1946, “$300,000 to be paid on RLLC debentures”
11678-undated RLLC “cost of operating 48 hrs per week under 40 hr per week”; document split
in two
11679-General Log purchase contract [fill in the blanks] RLLC 1940-1946
11680-L. 6-10-1946 John D. Mylrea to Arvey Ahonen “our abstract burned last fall”, refers to
1945 RLLC fire
11681-L. 7-1-1946, RLLC notice to Mary Mylrea et al
11682-L. 7-2-1946 John D. Mylrea and Mary Mylrea to RLLC “We offer for retirement and
11683-L. 7-3-1946 John D. Mylrea to Wisconsin Valley Trust
11684-L. 7-1-1946, John D. Mylrea to Arvey Ahonen “you will be able to take care of yourself,
without waiting for Lady Luck to bring it to you on a silver platter.”
11685-Notice, RLLC 3-18-1946, Mary Mylrea et al
11686-L. 3-18-1946, Notice to Mary Mylrea et al by RLLC
11687-L. 3-20-1046 John D. Mylrea to Wisconsin Valley Trust
11688-L. 3-20-1046 Mary Mylrea to Wisconsin Valley Trust
11689-L. 3-20-1946 John D. Mylrea to R. J. Mueller
11690-L. 3-20-1946 Mary Mylrea to R.J. Mueller
11691-Cremation certificate; 12-21-1945
Volume XIV of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection
11692-table of contents for Volume XIV
11693-L. 11-1-1943 H.W. Johannes to Office of Price Administration re costs of production

11694-L. 12-9-1942, Harold E. Holman, Chief, War Production Board, Lumber Production
Section to Local Ration Board re gasoline shortage
11695-L. 4-29-1944 USMC to RLLC re labor
11696-L. National War Labor Board to RLLC 10-4-1944 re union issues
11697-newspaper clipping, John D. Mylrea named company director, Forest Products Division,
Economic Stablization Adminstration
Volume XV of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection
11698-table of contents for Volume XV
11699-L. 4-19-1951, J.B. Veach to John D. Mylrea re Mylrea’s heart attack

Volume (Disc) XVIII- #11700-11799
Volume XV of John D. “Jack” Mylrea’s collection- continued
11700-L. 4-20-1951 to John D. Mylrea from Joe McCarthy
11701-L. 5-22-1951 Theodore T. Kibler to John D. Mylrea
11702-L. 5-24-1951 M.C. McIver to John D. Mylrea
(end of collection from Marathon County Historical Society)
11703-The Wanigan-newsletter of the Marathon Co. Historical Society, 2008, #1, board and staff
11704-Star News 1928, “Jim Peterson says Lumberjack as good today as 40 years ago”; A-102
names of men in camp
11705-Star News 5-20-1992, Laurie’s Corner, Biography of Iona (Pacourek) Heisler
11706-L. RPR to Marie Krolnik 4-17-2008, 427-5702
Rib Lake High School Commencement programs and announcements
11708-1901 Twentieth Century Club, list of programs and annual programs; 10-4 to 5-11

11735-L. Karen R. Baumgartner to RPR 4-28-2008
11736-Plat map c. 1880, T34N, Range 3 East, Spirit Lake
11736A-Plat map 2007, T34N, Range 3 East, Spirit Lake
11737-Plat of Spirit Point 2-18-1911
11738-Plat of Spirit Point revisions c. 1985
11739-Map, c. 2000, Spirit Lakes and Spirit Point
11740-P. Oscar H. Peterson (brother of Ole A. Peterson) mowing Peterson golf course, c.1930
11740A-Map, arrow shows direction of camera-NW- up Spirit River valley
11741-P. Peterson Golf Course c. 1930, Golfers golfing
11742-P. c. 1910 Ole A. Peterson in launch “Lovisa” on Spirit Lake. The card is addressed to his
future wife “Miss Jennie Pederson, Suring, Wisc.” “say Jennie when you come out here I’ll give
you a ride in this boat. I ride in it every day when I’m at the camp as the picture was taken from
the side of the camp so you see the camp is close to the lake” – per Karen Baumgartner
11743-P. Peter Pederson (later Peterson) homestead c. 1900, on site of late Peterson golf course
11744-P. c. 1912, brand new stone double arch bridge at mouth of Little Spirit Lake; second
from left, Simon Danielson, had contract to build bridge from township. View NNW, 2008 STH
102, stone bridge razed c. 1975 – see also 10392
11745-P. summer 1907 Ole A. Peterson’s bark camp on Spirit Point, Ole is standing by tree,
postcard reads “very busy logging, have got over 600,000 [hemlock bark] skidded already and
have got about 300,000 more to skid”, Ole to his brother in Canada
11746-P. Hemlock bark pile near Spirit Lake c. 1907. L-R, Charlie & Ed Peterson, August
Enander, Victor Larsen, Arvid Enander, [also at p. 26 of Pictorial History of Rib Lake]
11747-L. 4-25-2008 to RPR from Suzanne Bamonte of Tornado Creek Publications re John J.
11748-1910 census, J.J. Kennedy (age 63) & household; Jeanette (34), Donald A. (32), William
G. (26), Elbert C. (23), Spokane, Washington
11748A-B 1910 Census photocopy re J.J. Kennedy & household
11749-8-8-1919 Spokane Chronicle article re J.J. Kennedy & Black Diamond Rescue
11750-8-24-1920 article, J.J. Kennedy of Spokane Medical and Safety Board
11751-1920 Census of J.J. Kennedy (John J. Kennedy), Portland, Multnomah, Oregon; J.J. (74),
Donald A. (42), Janette (sic) (40), William G. (37), Elbert C. (35),
Photographs donated by Marion Parks:
11752-P. c. 1910 Rib Lake-from tannery; foreground-top of bark piles and tannery houses; left-
north end of McComb Ave.; text “Dear Emily, the wood shed is open…”
11752A-backside of 11752, to Miss Emily Kerswill, Camp Cleghorn, Waupaca, WI
11753-P. c. 1898, unknown party writes on back “Opera House” [NB-McComb opera house was
wood frame-not brick construction-RPR]
11754-P. old high school on Fayette Avenue & 1927 Rib Lake High School addition, north side
of buildings

11755-P. “Pine Island” “Rib Lake #29” c. 1930
11756-P. “Scene on Rib Lake”
11757-P. “Scene near Rib Lake R45” Midsize white pine trees
11758-print “Rib Lake Lumber Co-early 1920’s” view to west northwest from lake
end of Marion Parks collection
11759-Attorney RPR when Village of Rib Lake attorney stationery; 1972-1980, RLV “since
1902, a creative community”
data from Michael Weckwerth
11760-RLLC & Camp articles from Taylor Co. Star News, 1-5-1922; 1-12-1922 log hauler, 4-7-
1922 railroad fire apparatus, 3 tank cars
11761-RLLC & Camp articles from Taylor Co. Star News, 6-13-1922 camp 18, Joseph Spoke
11762-RLLC & camp articles from Taylor Co. Star News, 11-1-1923, Camp 19, C.R. Peterson,
foreman; 4-26-1923, Ole A. Peterson has camp near Wood Lake; 11-15-1923, locomotive #67 of
11763-L. 1988, Michael Weckwerth to RPR
11764-Feb. 1925, Merrill Daily Herald “RLLC logs heavily”, Camp 18-jobbers along STH 64,
Camp 19-jobbers along CTH M, Single white pine contains 8963 board feet, 467 growth rings
11765-Merrill Daily Herald 3-2-1925, Edward Scheu jobber camp
11766-Merrill Daily Herald 5-15-1925, forest fires burn 4 section of RLLC-Copper River Land
Co cutover land
11767-Merrill Daily Herald 1-23-1929, Lamberty jobber camp
11768-Merrill Daily Herald 1-26-1929, Merrill loses trade
11769-Merrill Daily Herald 4-25-1929, logs in decks escape taxes
11770-Merrill Daily Herald 5-1-1929 jobber camp
11771-Merrill Daily Herald 7-12-1929, RLLC Edward Burgoyne building, 9 miles of railroad
into New Wood area; 8-27-1929, RLLC builds new 31 x 60 dry kiln
end of Michael Weckwerth data
11772-Autobiography of Herman Arthur Rusch 1974
Michael Weckwerth data
11773-Judgment of Conviction, Joseph Nevua 3-18-1897
11774-Judgment of Conviction, Mike Schenke, 5-5-1899
11775-Judgment of Conviction, Joseph O’Brien, 5-8-1899
11776-Camp Chronology chart by Michael Weckwerth 5-6-2008, includes info on Camp 9,
Camp 10, Camp 11, Camp 12, Camp 13, Camp 14, Camp 15, Camp 16, Camp 17, Camp 18,
Camp 19, Camp 20, Camp 21, Camp 22, Camp 23, Camp 24, Camp 25, Camp 26, Camp 17 and
Camp 28
11777-Camp 20 data by Michael Weckwerth
11778-Map, Camp 22 & Camp 23 RLLC, Morgan Peterson, Lambert Lamberty, William “Bill”
Natzke, Herman Kleinschmidt, Carl Krueger, Gus Luedtke jobber camps
11779-William “Bill” Natzke interview by Michael Weckwerth c. 1980; B-Camp 21, Gus
Luedtke camp, Morgan Peterson camp, Lambert Lamberty camp; C-trucks as sleigh haulers; D-
move to Michigan
11780-Natzke jobber camp #1 by Michael Weckwerth
11781-Natzke jobber camp #2
11782-Natzke jobber camp #3

11783-Natzke jobber camp #4
11784-Natzke jobber camp #5
11785-Taylor County Star News 1934 articles,
       4-19-1934-RLLC personnel T.M. Berfield, Supt, Wm. Lemke, Yard Supt, Wm. Radtke,
       Sawmill foreman, W.C. Funk, Master Mechanic, John Shepherd, Planing Mill, Anton
       Klister, Section crews, James Peterson, Woods Supt;
       5-10-1934-Six jobbers, Morgan Peterson, Lambert Lamberty. William “Bill” Natzke,
       Herman Kleinschmidt, Carl Krueger, G. “Gus” W. Luedtke;
       6-12-1934, F.W. Warrington, General Manager of RLLC;
       5-10-1934, Camp 22 & Camp 23 of RLLC, location & data
11786-L. Michael Weckwerth to RPR 9-14-1988
11787-Taylor Co. Star News entries; 5-3-1945, RLLC “The Largest capacity operating sawmill
in Wisconsin”
11788-Taylor Co. Star News, 9-30-1945, “Rib Lake loses planing plant Saturday”
11789-RLHe 2-6-1948 Last of Standing Timber Being Cut
11790-RLHe 2-25-1948, Last Log J.A. Crowley
11791-RLHe 6-4-1948 Sawing of Last Log
end of Mike Weckwerth data
Photos from Star News files– Did they accompany article #11704 – Jim Peterson – 1928?
11792-P. c. 1925, 14 giant rollways, 2 teams “jammer” [for decking logs], in center track of
RLLC railroad, probably Town of Corning, Lincoln Co, Wisconsin
11793-P. c. 1925, “The boss, Jim Peterson, showing ‘em how to use an axe”
11794-P. c. 1925, “good hemlock in RLLC timber”, probably Town of Corning, Lincoln Co.,
Wis, virgin eastern hemlock
11795-P. c. 1925 virgin hemlock stand
11796-P. c. 1925 “good hemlock recently felled”
11797-P. c. 1925 9 teams of horses
end of Photos from Star News files
11798-P. Postcard - Wisconsin
11799-P. Postcard – Wisconsin, deer & sunset

Volume (Disc) XIX- #11800-11899
11800-P. Postcard – Wisconsin, Camp Randall c. 2000
11801-P. Postcard – Wisconsin, “The Wisconsin Northwoods”
11802-P. Postcard – Wisconsin, wood barns in Coolee County
11803-P. Postcard – Wisconsin, autumn view from Timm’s Hill, WI-Longseth home in back.
Swan Bros. balsam Christmas trees in fields c. 2007
11804-L. 5-9-2008 Mike Weckwerth to RPR
11805-Title page; RLLC Camp 20 “A hardwood & hemlock camp in Lincoln Co., Wis.” by
Michael Weckwerth, c. 1920
11805A- RLLC Camp 20 “A hardwood & hemlock camp in Lincoln Co., Wis.” by Michael
Weckwerth, c. 1920
11806-Article “William Natzke’s 3rd Logging Camp – a Jobber Camp for the RLLC” by Mike
Weckwerth, c. 2000; H-Map-location “Natzke Camp”; I-location of Natzke camp & sleigh roads;
J-tote road to Natzke Camp #3; K-camp buildings;

11807-L. Karen R. Baumgartner to RPR 5-14-2008
11807A-partial abstract – Peter Pederson homestead, Spirit Lake, NW-NW, 32-34-3E, Price Co.,
11808-deed, J.W. Perry, et ux, to Donald A. Kennedy & Bernard Assmann, 5-14-1904 $930, 3
acres mill site on Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
11808A-Deed, Lucius W. Braman ex ux to Donald A. Kennedy & Bernard Assmann, 8-19-1903
$2500, .23 acre mill site, West Bank of Spokane River
11808B-Notes by RPR 5-15-2008
11808C-recording data, Kootenai County, Idaho, 5-24-1901 to 8-11-1905, Sec. 14, Town 50,
Range 4
11809-P. 1959 L-R; Herb Curran, Eddie Mathews (star home-run hitter, Milwaukee Braves)
and Frank Becker
11810-L. Dave Webster to RPR 9-29-1983
11810A-history of CCC Camp Mondeaux 1933-1937
11811-Application, Historic St. Ann’s, Inc. c. 1980
11812-P. St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, c. 1940, South side, razed 1972 – as of c.2008
“Good Shepard” parish
11813-History of our parishes-St. John the Baptist, Rib Lake, Catholic Herald Citizen 1-30-1954
11814-Pamphlet “St. John the Baptist Parish” Diamond Jubilee, 1896-1971
11815-Pamphlet “The Sixtieth Anniversary of St. John’s Ev. Lutheran Church”, Rib Lake, WI,
11816-P. St. John’s Ev. Lutheran Church, SW corner c. 1-2007, left is parsonage
11817-1967- “A brief history of St. John’s” [Ev. Lutheran Church of Rib Lake], author unknown
11818-Pamphlet, “United Methodist Church of Rib Lake” c. 1980, author unknown
11819-Baptism records 1-9-1890, etc. circuit including United Methodist Church in Rib Lake, pg.
142-143, 8-26-1891 Catherine Ann Clendenning, daughter of Peter & Ida Clendenning, 6-9-1895,
Anna May [Mae] Kennedy, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Kennedy
11820-Church of Christ typed report by Raymond J. Voemastek c. 1973, church property deeded
to Village of Rib Lake c. 1973, East side of Pearl St. 2 doors south of Landall
11821-P. St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, east side, c. 1900, RPR collection
11822-typed report “St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Rib Lake”, author unknown, c. 1978
11823-Bio. Hugh A. McDonald with source
11824-L. 8-18-1989 Donald J. Simerson to RPR
11825-RLHe 11-2-1906 P. Hugh A. McDonald & P. Frank J. Hintz
11826-RPR Interview notes 8-3-1983 with Clifford L. Curran
11827-obit, Clifford L. Curran, Star News 2-21-1990 & P. 12-30-1908 to 2-15-1990
11828-Article, History of Forest Fire Protection in Wisconsin, Chips & Sawdust, 11-1981
11829-“Taylor County Forest; A gift to everyone” Star News 12-8-1982
11830-L. De Lorr A. Hayward to Vox Pop in Star News 12-29-1982, Taylor Co. welfare and
county forest
11831-L. De Lorr A. Hayward to RPR 6-13-1984
11832-“Picnic 1915 style” by De Lorr A. Hayward
11833-L. UW-Madison, A.H. Smith to De Lorr A. Hayward 9-22-1927
11834-L. 2-4-1927, Ann Schwanzle to De Lorr A. Hayward & envelope with 2 cent stamp
11835-P. 5-28-1926, l-r, Reuben Wick, Viola Taylor and De Lorr A. Hayward
11836-P. 1925, Little Rib Lake, Orville Peterson splashing De Lorr A. Hayward

11837-P. c. 1915, Rib Lake Village, l-r, Ruth McLeod, Viola Taylor, Henry Wagner, back-east
side of McComb Ave, center, Nick Clerf Blacksmith, back right, RLLC roundhouse; foreground,
water hydrant
11838-P. Ruth McLeod
11839-P. “Andy Karkula & Helen Sekadlo” Rib Lake Village, McComb Ave c. 1926 Kelnhofer
Food Store, now Ed’s IGA, 801 McComb Ave.
11840-P. Gordon Funk, Viola Taylor, Anna Jarosh, Vernon Schroeder
11841-P. 1927 Vernon “Sonny” Schroeder, car plates Wis 92-530D27
11842-P. 1927 Helen Sekadlo, Vernon “Sonny” Schroeder, Viola Taylor, Anna Jarosh, RLT
barn in back
11843-P. Viola Taylor “Ole”, Helen Sekadlo “Sek”, Anna Jarosh “Beans”
11844-P. 1927, Anna Jarosh, Helen Sekadlo, cigarette, Viola Taylor, great 1920’s flapper clothes
11845-P. 1927, Viola Taylor on fence post
11846-P. 1926, Esther Christianson, Clara Service, Armella Martin, Helen Wick, Ruth Radtke
11847-P. c. 1926, Walt Mathias, Henry Gorsica, Arnold Krueger, back-Shaw Town house on
Fayette, men standing on McComb Ave., store front at 818 McComb Ave.-Genesis Youth Center
in 2008
11848-typed report, “Economies Resulting from Highway Improvement”. c. 1925 (may be by De
Lorr Hayward)
11849-L. De Lorr Hayward to RPR 7-14-1983, Lignum Vitae paperweight from RLLC wood
saw guide-12x20x3 lignum vitae guide for band saw-steel could not be used (5-2008-RPR has
paper weight)
11850-L. 4-30-1990, De Lorr Hayward to RPR, Rib Lake history
11851-RLHe 8-9-1962, “Former teacher tells of earlier Rib River Days” by Joseph Jantsch,
teacher at Rib River School 1915-1917
11852-RLHe 8-9-1962, “Fire Department Early History is Recalled by Vets”
11853-RLHe 8-9-1962 ad “How-de-do in ‘62”
11854-RLHe 8-9-1962 Gem Products ad & photo
11855-RLHe 8-9-1962 “We Remember When”, C.R. Claussen
11856-RLHe 8-9-1962 “History of Rib Lake 1904-1925”, by Joseph Clerf
11857-RLHe 6-21-1973 top, front page
11858-RLHe 9-20-1973 final issue
11859-RLHe 8-9-1962 “How-de-do-in 62” front page
11860-RLHe rate card 9-1-1973
11861-Pamphlet “Welcome to Rib Lake, Wis” “Where the Ice Age ends & your adventure
begins” c. 2006
11862-P. c. 1910, Rib Lake House Hotel, Lot 10, Block B, McComb Ave., Charles Dodge and
horse, back-tannery smokestack
11863-P. 2-1907, Charles Dodge & horse Norvalis
11864-P. locomotive 101, “Little Dunc, Thomas T. Gray & Henry Rosenfeldt” at Rib Lake
Depot c. 1910
11865-L. 7-31-1986, John R. Gray toRPR
11866-P. Village of Rib Lake from RLLC chimney, right-lumber piles; center-Railroad Street;
left-National Hotel, a.k.a Bonneville Hotel; view west c. 1920 “K-680 “
11866A-handwritten notes on back
11867-P. c. 1908 Sac Nowak & sleigh, team of oxen and 1 horse, back-cutover land

11868-P. c. 1915 Gray’s Buffet-Thomas T. Gray
11869-P. c. 1915 RLLC locomotive 3, a.k.a 3-Spot, at Rib Lake Depot “Scene at Rib Lake Depot
11870-L. 7-8-1983 John R. Gray to RPR, A-back, B-Map RLV, C-Map RLV, D-Map Tannery &
McComb Ave., E-envelope
11871-P. c. 1915, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Gray & family in living room, L-R; Loretta, Frank,
Dad (Thomas T.), John R., Margaret, Isabel and Mom
11872-P. Ward School pupils c. 1910;
11872A-Names of Ward School pupils c. 1910, L-R, front row, Michael Karkula, Willie Wolffe,
Arthur Hintz, Frank Novak, Irving Prentice, John R. Gray, Willie Van Dorn, Fred Simon,
Herman Brandt, Albert Schlicker, Oscar Hanke, Herman Marschke, Norman Halverson, Willie
Christianson, Dorothy Trantow, Julia Yaranda, Lucille Prentice, Mary Burseck, Mattie Steare,
Jeanette Martin, Ada Radtke, Margaret Clendenning, Gladys Allen, Ella Kolecheck (later Mrs.
Headstream), Marion Develski, Rose Hoffmann, Mattie Kennutke, Hanna Winkler, Bertha
Ungerer, Martha Sturdder, Martha Marschke, Irene Patrick, Anna Stylles, Hattie Krueger, Esla
Bertslauff, Mary Novak, Bertha Pauline Rusch (later Mrs. Walter Kurth), Arleen Rousseau
11873-L. 11-25-1986 Congressman Henry S. Reuss to RPR re Ice Age Trail
11874-typed report “Push & Pulls; German Migration to Taylor County, Wis” 10-21-2006, by
RPR for First Annual Dinner Presentation to Taylor Co. Hist. Society
        A-P. Wilhelm Gebauer
        B,C,D – P. Herrmann E. Rusch & Ida Hedwig Rusch nee Lange
        F-1881 Map, Wis. Central Railway lands in Taylor Co.
        G-Der Wahreits Freund 29 Oct. 1884
        H-Translation of Der Wahreits Freund (does this refer to St. Ann’s Church?)
        I-end of English translation, by Hildegard & Loretta Kuse
11875-12-8-1996 German service, Athens
11876-Newspaper fragment –Marshfield Democrat
11877-Little Black Mutual Life Insurance – German policy, 1886
11878-Certificate of Naturalization, Edward Gerstberger
11879-Deed, Wis. Central Railroad to Edward Gerstberger 2-21-1895
11880-Bill of Sale-Henry W. Stelling Manufacturing Lumber, etc. 4-19-1918, to E. Gerstberger
“by (sic) 66,750 ft. hemlock logs at $9.50” is $634.03
11881-Bill of sale, “J.J. Kennedy, Manufacturer of and dealer in Lumber, Lath and Shingles”
Rib Lake, Wis. 4-22-1886, $25 received of E. Gerstberger for NE-NW, Sec. 31, T33, R3E,
signed W.C.R.R. (Wis. Central Railroad) by A.J. Perkins, Agent – (land just north of 2008
Gerstberger Pines, Taylor Co. Park-Preserve)
11882-6-1-1901 order for 8 ft rake for E. Gerstberger
11883-Heimat Schein 4-18-1884, Edward Gerstberger born 1847
11884-Obit, Ernst Gerstberger, 4-8-1915 in German
11885-Baptism Certificate E…Gerstberger, 8-20-1876, place of birth, Hirschberg
11886-P. McComb Ave. c. 1900 view north from tramway; L-building-George Braun, Sr. Real
estate; R-building-Nick Clerf, Blacksmith
11887-P. RLLC railroad row composite view 1897-1948, black square is 1 square mile, blue spot
is Rib Lake
11888-Map-log railroad route, RLLC Camp 1 to Rib Lake

11889-History of Rib Lake 3-18-1948 by Guy Wallace
11889A-History of Rib Lake 4-2-1948 by Guy Wallace, part 2
11889B-History of Rib Lake by Guy Wallace, typed version of entire report 3-1948
11890-Article; Steam in the Hills; RLLC & Wisconsin’s Last Logging Railroad by RPR 11-29-
1985, 16 pgs
11891-L. FHAW to All FHAW members 8-20-1983
11892-RPR notes from Edwin Martin, A-Camp 1 & RLLC locomotives; B-RLLC camps 1-22,
RL tannery closes 1-22-1922; C-RLLC depression era excess inventory 60,000,000 board feet;
D-RLLC steamhauler camps; E-RLLC camps without railroads; F-Map-general route 1897, First
RL logging railroad route
11893-Info re Hillcrest cabin on South Harper Lake – 2008 owned by Dr. Ray & Elaine Hanson;
L-7-1-2004 Ray & Elaine Hanson to Ann Kloehn;
       B-L-6-22-2004, Ann Kloehn to Hanson;
       C-tele 7-12-2004;
       D-L. 8-22-2004;
       F-P. Hillcrest 1958;
       G-P. Hillcrest 2003;
       H-Obit, Louise Perschbacher nee Harder 6-9-2005;
       I-Obit, George N. Harder 5-11-1946, Escanaba Daily Press;
       J-Bio, George N. Harder 11-10-1934, American Lumberman;
       K-Resolution; George N. Harder;
       L-P. George N. Harder 1913;
       M-George N. Harder data; George N. Harder 1-2-1878 to 5-10-1946;
       N-P. c. 1923 George N. Harder & wife (Beryl Crisman Harder) 7-27-1876 to 1-8-1963;
       P-P. Hillcrest c. 1920, R-South Harper Lake
       R-P. Playhouse
       T-P. L-R; Evelyn Harder, George N. Harder, Louise Harder “Swimming in Harper Lake”
       V-P. Harder kids in Spirit River
       X-P. Louise Harder Perschbacher, daughter Ann Kloehn, Elaine Hanson 8-2004
       Y-P. Louise Harder Perschbacher & Dr. Ray Hanson
       Z-P. Louise Harder Perschbacher 8-2004
       AA-P. “The playhouse in 8-2004
11894-RLHe 12-27-1907 “From Camp 2” poem
11895-RLHe 1-24-1908 “From Camp 2” poem “We are a jolly set of fellows” by J.B.A.
11896-RLHe 2-28-1908 tannery improvements sponsored by U.S. Leather Company
11897-RLHe 3-13-1908 “Will the W.C. [Wisconsin Central Railway] do it”
11898-Star News 8-5-1974 History “Recalls Log Drive on Rib River” by Samuel H. Thut
11899-Star News 4-14-1966 “Watersong” Landmark in Interwald Leaves Scene, Former George
Knower Store at Interwald

Volume (Disc) XX- #11900-11999Lucia
11900-P. 6-20-1982 concrete mill base at Interwald
11901-L. Lyle Kraus to RPR 10-13-1983 re Albert Kraus sawmill on CTH M, NB; P. 11900 60
ft No. on CTH M
11902-Light Plant article, author unknown c. 1980
11903-History 1-1977 Mrs. Ed Prien
11904-Taylor Family History by Hattie Taylor (Mrs. Elmer Taylor) c. 1980
11905-Schaack Family History, A-F.P. Schaack “Franny”
11906-P. 5-19-1884, J.J. Kennedy Hotel & Boarding House
11907-Wallace Family History by Naida E. Straub nee Wallace
11908-Autobiography of Barbara Schreiner nee Pfeiffer c. 1980
11909-Autobiograhy of Marie Schmidt nee Silbernagel, a.k.a. “Ma Schmidt”
11910-Star News 7-31-1952, History by Mrs. Fred Niggemann, nee Edith Curran
11911-RLHe 6-21-1946 History, St John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
11912-P. “Stanley Gacek Inquest” c. 1940 wrecked car, McComb & Fayette Ave.
11912A-P. back of c. 1940 old garage, McComb Ave.
11913B-Back old D-X station McComb Ave.
11912C-L-Tauber’s Tavern, in 2008 Last Chance Saloon, R-Antique Store in 2008
11913-L.-Wis. Motor Vehicle Dept to David H. Ruesch, Coroner of Taylor County
11914-List of Groceries, Lambert P. Lamberty 1928, for jobber camp along CTH M, Town of
Corning, Lincoln Co.
11915-Bio, William H. Natzke
11916-Article “Natzke Donates tract of Newwood Land to UW-SP”
11917-P. c. 1912 Jobber camp of Lambert Enders & Joseph Kauer, logged one 40-North c 1-4
mile of Mud Lake School; top R-Joseph Kauer, Sr., Second; Lambert Enders
11918-RLHe Conservation Club ordered to drop Spirit Lake Water Level” c. 1960
11919-Map c. 1970 Little Spirit Lake
11920-Map c. 1970 Big Spirit Lake
11921-Map c. 1970 North Harper Lake
11922-P. c. 1910 North Harper Lake view west
11923-Map c. 1970 South Harper Lake
11924-Map c. 1980 Rib Lake
11925-L. Marvin Lueck to RPR 3-18-2004
11926-Notice of Entry of Judgment, Taylor Co. Circuit Court, 4-19-1898, E.J. Anderson v. J.J.
Kennedy [John J. Kennedy] $90 plus $37.65 costs, see SF: “Law-J.J. Kennedy” for entire file
including offer of judgment.
11927-Hoffman v. RLLC, Wis. Supreme Court 8-1908, 136 Wis. 388, Court sustains money
judgment against RLLC – personal injury
11928-Graves v. RLLC, 10-10 to 10-29-1912, 151 Wis. 99, personal injury judgment
11929-Rib River Lumber Co. v. Ogilvie, 113 Wis. 482, ambiguity in contract
11930-File of Taylor County Circuit Court, American Biscuit & Manufacturing vs. J.J. Kennedy,
        A-Clerk’s fees $4.90
        B-Promissory note $200.00 signed by J.J. Kennedy, original signature, due 7-5-1896
        C-back of promissory note “for collection”

        D-Statement – 912-1896 $173.17
        E-back of D, plaintiff’s Exhibit A
        F-Summons – served on J.J. Kennedy 11-16-1896
        G-Plaintiff’s Bill of Costs $37.63
        H-Plaintiff’s Bill of Costs, signed E.H. Schweppe
        I-Certificate of Service
        K-Certificate of Substitute Service on “Miss Kennedy” by Sheriff William A. Warren
        M-Complaint, pg 2
11931-Abstract of Title NW-NW 9-32-3E – map
        A-title chart-Dates and ID of owners, J.J. Kennedy, corporations, etc.
        B, C,
        D-Requirement to ship lumber off land via Wisconsin Central,
        E, F, G
11932-Abstract of Title, NE-NW 9-32-3E – map
        A-Title Chart
11933-Abstract, Lots 1-8, Government lots around Wood Lake, 23-37-3E, Entry 17, U.S.
Leather Co., A New Jersey Corporation
11934-Abstract of Title, Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12,13, 14, 15, 16, Block A, Plat of Subdivision of
Unplatted part of Block A, original plat of Rib Lake; RLLC sawmill site
        B-Map “Main Street”
        E-Kirk W. Ingham
        F-#10, Tax deed 10-25-1880
        G-George W. Curtis 2-1-1881
        H-John J. Kennedy 8-21-1892, Lot 10
        I-John J. Kennedy, 12-26-1881, Lot 9
        J-Wayne Ramsay tax deed 2-20-1882
        K-Original Plat of Rib Lake 5-23-1895, Lot 9 to J.J. Kennedy 10-6-1900
        L-J.J. Kennedy mortgages – 4 of them all in 1896
        M-J.J. Kennedy mortgages – 4 of them in 1896
        N-3 mortgage satisfactions 1899
        O-4 mortgage satisfactions 1899
        P-4 mortgage satisfactions 1899
        Q-J.J. Kennedy & Flora M. Kennedy to J.J. Kennedy Lumber Co, Lots 1, 2, 3 & 4,
Original Plat of Rib Lake, 6-29-1899
        R-J.J. Kennedy to W.A. Osburn Lumber Co, 11-13-1901, #58, W.A. Osburn Lumber Co
shall be known as Rib Lake Lumber Company [RLLC] 5-6-1902
        S-Deed to RLLC of Delaware, 1-16-1925; #61 mortgage $950,000.00 to U.S. Leather Co
        T-Deed to Rudolph J. Mueller, et ux, 1-10-1949, Rudy Mueller was last superintendent of
        U-G.A. Gowey Certificate 9-7-1949

        V-to Curtiss C. Lord, 5-29-1951
        X-to Potaczek Brothers, Scrap dealers
        Y-to Olin R. Thompson
11935-Abstract, Lot 9, Block 4, Original plat of Rib Lake, part of Govt. Lot 9, 26-33-2E, Linda
Stellbrink home, Village of Rib Lake; title chart
        B-Abstract of Title, Lot 9, Block 4, Original plat of Rib Lake
        C-to J.J. Kennedy 12-26-1881
        D-tax deed
        E-original plat of Rib Lake by J.J. Kennedy & Flora M. Kennedy 5-23-1895
        F-4 mortgages
        G-4 mortgages
        H-Satisfactions of mortgages - 1899
        I-4 satisfactions of mortgages – 1899
        J-4 satisfactions of mortgages – 1899
        K-to J.J. Kennedy Lumber Co, 6-29-1899
        L-to W.A. Osburn Lumber Co, 11-13-1901
        M-to W.A. Osburn Lumber Co, renamed Rib Lake Lumber Co [RLLC]; #41 to RLLC of
        N-Mortgage $950,000.00 U.S. Leather Co. 1-31-1936
        O-to Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert & Jennie Schnelle 7-16-1946
11936-Map 1881 Northern Wisconsin
11937-Map 9-30-1885 “Kennedy’s mill”
11938-Map c. 1-1886
11938A-Map RLLC camp sites, General camp locations by RPR, 5-29-2008
11939-Map 8-1890
11940-Map c. 5-1893 O.K. Queary
11941-Map, Wis., c. 1911
11942-Map topo c. 1-1949
11942A-color version of map topo, c. 1949;
        B-Village of Rib Lake
        C-Wood Lake
        D-Harper Lake
        E-Tim’s Lake
        F-Spirit Town Hall
11943-Map, Price County 1-1976
11944-Map & brochure “Rib Lake” c. 1985, A-4 photos of Rib Lake Village, “Cabinet factory”-
Roger Johnson, Gem Products, Bros. 2 wood novelties; B-Map, west half; C-east half
11945-Map c. 1945, C.R. Claussen-South Harper Lake
11946-Map c. 1945, C.R. Claussen-North Harper Lake
11947-Map c. 1-1913 Spirit Falls, WI & environs
11948-Map-topo Spirit Falls c. 1940; A-Camp 25; B-Camp 27; C-Tomahawk, D-Grand Mother
School; E-Grand Father Dam
11949-Map c. 19-1948 Village of Rib Lake

11950-Map & brochure 1996, “Rib Lake – Were the Ice Age Ends & Your Adventure Begins”;
A-History & “Lifestyle”; B-Business directory; C-Business directory; D-Wisconsin’s Ice Age
shaped the landscape; E-Map, North; F-Map, South; G-Calendar of events
11951-Map c. 1965, Rib Lake Mobil Service, Fred Klein, owner
11952-P. Aerial RLLC, c. 1925
11953-flyer – “Henry’s Wedding” 1934, A-List of Rib Lake businesses
11954-“Humor for Every Occasion” by Matt Lamberty
11955-P. Henry S. Reuss
11956-Rib Lake business, RPR notes
11957-Church, Methodist, List of pastors 1892-1923
11958-“The Tree, The Axe and the Plow” by Eldon Marple, 6-1890, “Visitor”
11959-letterhead, Fayette Shaw, Phillips, WI, 1890 Manufacturer & dealer in non-acid hemlock
sole leather
11960- 11-2-1898 envelope “United States Leather Co” Rib Lake Tannery, Rib Lake, Wis.
11961-P. 1895 roll crew in Shaw Tannery, No. 1, Rib Lake, Wis by Dake (from photocopy)
11962-“Rib Lake Theatre Owners seek bids for property sale” Star News 1968
11963-P. RLLC store c. 1948
11964-P. RLHS 1908 graduating class & number
11965-P. 1933 car in snow cut
11966-Emma B. Viegut memorial card-Mannel Funeral Home, 12-23-1903 to 1-30-1980
11966-1-Beda K. Gessert memorial card-Mannel Funeral Home, 6-12-1898 to 4-8-1980
11967-P. sailboat on Rib Lake c. 1910, left-Ward School
11968-P. 1-1959, “Ma Dodge’s Restaurant” razed
11969-9-9-1955 RLLC store razed
11970-Map c. 1981
11971-P. c. 1920 McComb Ave. & Fake street car, old lodge hall & text IDing buildings
11971A-same without annotations
11972-Map, plat 1914 Koehler Land Co.
11973-L. 2-8-1978, Richard A. Erney to Gene A. Meier
11974-Note by Roy Meier c. 1982
11975-1920 plat map T34N-3E
11976-11-1978“Our Yesterday House” by Wisconsin Weekend
11977-P. RLLC locomotive 101 on turntable
11978-RLHe 7-24-1952, “New Industry is Considered for Old Mill Building”
11979-Abstract, Lot 7, Block 1, Getchel’s addition to North Rib Lake
11980-Star News 10-30-1897, “J.J. Kennedy’s mill at Rib Lake was totally destroyed by fire
Monday night”.
11980A-Phillips Bee 10-30-1897 & other data on Rib Lake
11981-12-16-2004 Star News “Guess what he found from the mill today”
11982-Memo; RLHe clipping, RPR 5-10-02
11983-Map 8-30-1921
11984-P. Joseph Pfeiffer, aka Pfeifer, at his farm, SE-SE, 26-33-2E, cutting hay with team of
oxen, c. 1900
11985-P. c. 1910 Andrew Hoffmann (father of Anna aka Mrs. Lawrence Schneider), sleigh &
team, NB-box car in rear
11986-P. 1914 RLLC mill fire – flatcars

11987-P. 1914 RLLC mill fire – hopper cars
11988-P. 1914 RLLC mill fire – view south, back-Rib Lake; right-firewood; company windmill
in back
11989-P. c. 1920 new RLLC mill, left-machine shop-railroad wheels in front; center-sawmill-
west side; right-transfer chain; foreground-standard gauge railroad track to planing mill;
sidewalks parallel to McComb Ave.
11990-P. c. 1920 view from Rib Lake to west; right-RLLC & bull chain; center-brick boiler
room & brick chimney; left-transfer chain; foreground-steam from hot pond
11991-P. boiler room – interior, left-Joe Probst; right-Frank Diabl, far right-“hog feed”, waste
wood chips used as fuel for boilers
11992-P. c. 1925, taken from Upjohn (James) roof, foreground-Fayette Ave.; 2 RLLC railroad
tracks, string of empty Russell cars, logs in lake crossed by temporary railroad; vegetative
peninsula at mouth of Tannery Creek; rear-pilings in lake to prevent log drifting
11993-P. c. 1920 lumber piles in dry yard, “K957”, photo from tramway-view west, standard
gauge railroad in center
11994-P. c. 1942, RLLC dry yard, steeples in rear; left-Methodist Church; right-Catholic Church
11995-P. “M.E. Church” “1917”
11996-P. c. 1920, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, South side
11997-P. c. 1950, McComb Ave.-view north, A-“Gene’s Variety” in old RLLC Store, B-later,
C.C. Lord accounting, C-unidentified, D-old post office & lodge, E-H.G. Landall gas “Good
Will” station, F-Peter Bogumill locker plant
11998-P. Clearview School c. 1966, right-old RLLC machine shop, view NNE
11999-P. c. 1970 Rib Lake, STH 102, & north shore of Rib Lake

Volume (Disc) XXI- #12000-12099

12000-P. c. 1940 “Bridge over Spirit River” STH 102, rear-Mohr’s Tavern [hidden]
12001-P. c. 1965 Little Spirit Lake & STH 102, right-Albert “Happy” Marschke farm
12002-P. 2-1969 Nursing home under construction, right-McComb Ave.
12003-P. RLLC locomotive 101 on turntable c. 1930
12004-P. RLLC turntable - in 2008 parking lot site of Camp 28 restaurant
12005-P. RLLC “roundhouse” and water tank, view east
12006-P. “RLLC mill” by Elster-Waupaca – right- “Roundhouse” c. 1930
12007-P. D-955 RLLC tramway, white yard office c. 1928
12008-P. gas powered jammer loading flatcar, left-peeled hemlock; right-yellow birch
12009-P. “Tannery switch engine” c.1915
12010-Amended Articles of Incorporation, W.A. Osburn Lumber Co., 5-6-1902 renaming itself
“Rib Lake Lumber Co” RLLC
12011-Map 4-18-1952, Railroads, including “Kunz Mill spur”
12012-P. RLC chimney, 165 feet
12013-RLHe 7-24-1952 “New industry is considered for old mill building”
12014-RLHe 1-21-1949 “R.J. Mueller buys Lumber Co. property”
12015-11-5-1983 RPR sketch maps, RLLC mill site; A-Boiler room; B-Railroad track remnants;
C-Steam tunnel
12016-L. 7-27-1987, M. Beckwith re 1922-1930 missing gap in Rib Lake Herald
12017-L. 8-5-1987 Wis. Historical Society to Mike Weckwerth – status of Rib Lake Herald

12018-Diagram of RLLC buildings, RPR 1-1989
12019-Note-Ed Thums reports maximum dry yard storage capacity 60,000,000 board feet, notes
by RPR
12020-L. Rudy J. Mueller c. 1950 on RLLC stationery, signed by Rudy to George L. Straub
12021-P. Tramway over McComb Ave., view north c. 1935
12022-P. tramway; left-roundhouse; center-machine shop c. 1930; view east
12023-P. 7 people & 7 buildings – Camp 10
12024-P. aerial photo c. 1920, Lutheran Church, north McComb Ave.
12025-P. Aerial c. 1920 RLLC, South McComb Ave.
12026-P. Aerial c. 1920 RLLC; left-strut of biplane
12027-P. McComb Ave. c. 1910 view north
12028-P. McComb Ave. c. 1935, blurred man “No C-16 “Main Street” foreground-Railroad
tracks, view north
12029-P. 1930 “K681” from RLLC chimney – NW
12030-P. c. 1930 “K682” from RLLC chimney – SW; center-Central Hotel (Mathias)
12031-P. RLLC “18” mill chimney; foreground-McComb Ave.; right-National Hotel
12032-P. c. 1920 steam hauler & 3 man crew, probably at Camp 9
12033-P. c. 1915 steam hauler, steersman in leather jacket
12034-P. c. 1915 sleigh of hardwood
12035-P. c. 1930 from RLLC chimney, all of McComb Ave businesses, view northwest
12036-P. 7 loaded tram cars c. 1940 in dry yard
12037-P. 3 log cars, RLLC c. 1940
12038-P. 1916 RLLC under construction, hole is portal for to-be-built transfer chain
12039-P. Bull chain, 3 jets of water
12040-P. bull chain & catwalk
12041-P. bull chain; back-hog feed conveyor; view NW
12042-P. Hot pond c. 1940 view NE
12043-P. worker using cant hook – bull chain
12044-P. horse pulling log to hot pond, 3 men
12045-P. hot pond; Left-George Straub with bent pike pole; NB-steam from hot water
12046-P. c. 1920 Anna Mae Kennedy & John Heisler at bull chain
12047-P. c. 1940 south side of bull chain, hot pond-wood pilings separated hot water from lake;
marsh grass grows in Rib Lake in rear
12048-P. c. 1940 Railroad track on north side of RLLC
12049-P. c. 1940 RLLC mill, center-Timber loading dock, right-machine shop, view SE
12050-P. c. 1944 planing mill, west side
12051-P. Camp 10, 2 log buildings, 4 buildings of lumber
12052-P. Camp 22, Left-Fred Unger, Chris Winkel
12053-P. inside camp bunk house, metal bunk beds, probably Camp 28, left-bench-now in
possession of RPR (RPR picked up at Camp 28 c. 1988)
12053A-P. Camp 22, rear-McGiffert Loader
12054-P. Camp 26
12055-P. “Logging Scene” Camp, left-huge rollway
12056-P. “rollways”, rear-McGiffert Loader
12057-P. “RL K-685” McComb Ave. from chimney, view NW
12058-P. Wood Lake – 5 men on logs, c. 1920, peeled hemlock

12059-P. steam hauler – umbrella over steersman
12060-P. c. 1910 Tanbark piles – pilers at tannery
12061-P. McComb Ave. c. 1910, NW from mill, right-Nick Clerf’s blacksmith
12062-P. “mill tramway” 4 track yard at transfer chain, c. 1928, NB-1926 room extension to
transfer chain
12063-P. Log splashing into hot pond
12064-P. McComb Ave. from Railroad St. c. 1930, tramway over McComb Ave, view north
Photos from RPR collections:
12065-P. Steam hauler “5” & 3 sleighs
12066-P. RLLC locomotive 3 – at roundhouse c. 1948
12067-P. RLLC North side of machine shop c.1940
12068-P. RLLC yard office c. 1940
12069-P. RLLC dry kiln, railroad shed protects lumber while loading c. 1940
12070-P. RLLC catwalk – c. 1946, west of transfer chain & temporary planing mill after 1945
12071-P. RLLC load of lumber on way to planing mill – white yard office c. 1940
12072-P. RLLC planing mill under construction c. 1916
12073-P. RLLC complex on McComb Ave. c. 1940
12074-P. RLLC c. 1920 transfer chain, fire hose wheel “RV 035”
12075-P. RLLC “sawmill at Rib Lake, Wis 31” planing mill, Railroad loading shed on McComb
12076-P. 1945 planing mill fire ruins, left-south wall of transfer chain
12077-P. 1946 aftermath of planing mill fire, left-south wall of dry kiln; center-south wall of
transfer chain, horizontal pipe form temp. planer over transfer chain to boiler room
12078-P. c. 1950 McComb Ave. after removal of tramway; left-McGiffert Loader
12079-P. c. 1920 McComb Ave from tramway, photographer wage with pair of white horses
12080-P. c. 2-1948, passenger loading railroad for trip to Camp 28 for last log ceremony
12081-P. c. 1949 depleted dry yard, rear-RLLC wood storage shed
12082-P. dry yard in its hay day, lower-Archie Clendenning leading team with lumber to planing
mill c. 1920
12083-P. RLLC mill c. 1903 newly built railroad, north side of Rib Lake “RV 048”
12084-P. RLLC prior to 1914 fire; left-transfer chain; right-brick boiler room [special note: 7-1-
2008. This photograph has been rescanned as #12325; the rescanning produces a superior image.]
12085-P. tannery grounds “Dinky”, right-Lutheran parsonage “EM12”
12085A-P. tannery grounds “Dinky”, right-Lutheran parsonage “EM12”
12086-P. top-tannery buildings; back-Rib Lake High School
12087-P. tanbark piles, back-RLLC mill c. 1920
12088-P. top-buildings along Church & Main Street; bottom-RLLC complex from the lake
12089-P. “Camp 2” 1906
12090-P. Camp 9, Star load
12091-P. “Loading” sleigh – cross hall method
12092-P. 2 men on flying log, McGiffert Loader
12093-P. McGiffert Loader from empty rollway
12094-P. c. 1910 “sawmill & landing” log rollways into Rib Lake
12095-P. baled hay wagon & 4 horse team, McComb Ave., c. 1915
John Gene Peterson collection:

12096-John Gene Peterson, DOB 9-9-1931 data
12097-P. Herman Christian Peterson & wife Ela, nee Steffeck, 11-1868 – parents of John Gene
12098-P. Herman Christian Peterson & wife Ela, nee Steffeck, c. 1930 – parents of John Gene
12099-P. Jim Peterson jobber camp c. 1942, probably Bear Island

Volume (Disc) XXII- #12100-12199
12100-P. c. 1935 at Herman Christian Peterson jobber camp for RLLC, Town of Corning,
Lincoln Co, Wis, cooks, Mr. and Mrs. Alwin Frahmann, middle boy – John Gene Peterson
12101-P. RLLC woods train c. 1935
12102-P. Andy Gerlicky with probable Allis-Chalmers cat skidding logs, Town of Corning
12103-P. camp-Herman C. Peterson 1941-42, 10 miles west of Ogema, left-camp home of Mr.
and Mrs. Herman C. Peterson & kids
12104-P. truck “Kermit Lee, Ogema, Wis”, logs for RLLC
12105-P. 1941-42 Claude Peterson truck load of logs for RLLC
12106-P. 1941-42 overloaded truck – rear jim pole loader
12107-P. 1941-42 James Peterson truck “Medford” trailer of logs from Peterson camp, Ogema
for RLLC
12108-P. 1941-42 loading logs on truck trailer, Herman C. Peterson camp – Ogema
end of John Gene Peterson collection
12109-docket 82-2-5 resolution protecting Taylor County camp sites
12110-L. Janet Massey to RPR 4-1982, J.J. Kennedy’s first wife was a McDonald [or
12111-L. RPR 12-19-1982 to Malcolm Rosholt A-F, 1906 Prentice Tannery grounds
12112-L. RPR 2-22-1982 to Malcolm Rosholt
12113-L. RPR 6-23-1981 to Ken Mannel
12114-“Start of Tour” Rhinelander Logging Museum data sheet
12115-Star News 11-4-1998, “Store closing is the end of an era for Rib Lake; Nancy’s Family
Store to close after 31 years”, Nancy Kroll, owner, former Zielke Store
12116-Star News 4-27-1983 “Rib Lake History is not forgotten”; A-P. RPR
12117-RLHe RLHS Redmen basketball team goes to state; A; B-cartoon
12118-Rib Lake History 1936 by Guy Wallace – 5 parts – NB-typed version is 10728
12119-Rib Lake History c. 1941 by John Doe
12120-Merrill Daily Herald “Sawing of last pine brings note of sadness as crowds gather to pay
tribute to men of woods” 2-25-1948; A-photo
12121-RLHe Rib Lake History 8-4-1933 by Mrs. Gustav Bielenberg, “The same year of 1881,
J.J. Kennedy, Sam Hagen, Mr. Hildreth, Angus McDonald and Frank Johnson came from
Spencer…” camped on shores of Rib Lake, rains, next day estimated timber & chose mill site, in
Dec. 1881 first log sawed
12122-RLHe Rib Lake History 3-5-1948 by Mrs. E.E. Van Hecke, nee August May Lindsay “
The first mill in Rib Lake was built and running the first day of October, 1881. Timber was
supplied from two tracts of land – Weyerhauser and Curtis – extending northeast and a little of
the stand west.”

12123-RLHe 3-5-1948 partial list of real estate tax delinquency, Town of Rib Lake; A-Village of
Rib Lake
12124-Map 2-2-1983, “Thums’ Terror Trail”
12125-Star News 11-17-1888 Wisconsin Central Railway timetable-Rib Lake-Chelsea, 2 trains
12126-“The Saga of New Wood Country” by M.N. Taylor, Wisconsin Academy Review 3-1978
12127-L. M.N. “Mully” Taylor to RPR 2-18-1981
12128-L. 2-11-1981 William “Bill” Natzke to Mully Taylor; A-List of men-former jobber camp
12129-“Tales of New Wood” by Mully Taylor, Part 2, The Daily Herald, Merrill
12130-“Tales of New Wood” by Mully Taylor, Part 3, The Daily Herald, Merrill
12131-“Tales of New Wood” by Mully Taylor, Part 4, The Daily Herald, Merrill
12132-“Tales of New Wood” by Mully Taylor, Part 5, The Daily Herald, Merrill
12133-Map, New Wood c. 1960
12134-Map, New Wood c. 1980
12135-Map, Owens-Illinois “hunting” c. 1970; A-New Wood Industrial Forest
12136-L. 3-27-1989, Myra L. Hill to RPR, A-D, 1930’s fore fire – New Wood
12137-L. 5-27-1981 Merrill Shopper & Foto News “The East of the Big Ones” 12-29-1939
12138-Plat Book, Lincoln Co. 1906 by F.L. Mead;
       A-T31N R4E;
       B-T31N R5E;
       C-T31N R6E;
       D-T32N R4E;
       E-T32N R5E;
       F-T33N R4E;
       G-T33N R5E;
       G1-T33N R6E
       H-T34N R4E Spirit Falls
       I-T34N R5E
       J-T34N R6E Gilberts
       K-T35N R4E
       L-T35N R5E Somo Lake
       M-T35N R6E No. Tomahawk
12139-Wis. Academy Review-title page, Volume 25 #2 3-1979; A-P. & Bio M.N. “Mully”
12140-1994 Lincoln Co. Plat Book; A-12 T34, 33, 32, 31-4E
12141-U.S. Leather Co. v. J.J. Kennedy, Volume G, Misc. 134, Taylor Co. Register of Deeds
12142-Public Records, Eau Claire Area Research Center, Taylor County Civil-Circuit Court
Records 1877-1925
12143-“Golden Nuggets” Golden Age Nursing Home 10-1983
12144-Obit 4-5-2007, Frank J. Zondlo 1913-2007
12145-Map, sawmills of Rib Lake Village 6-11-2008 by RPR
12146-Invoice – H. [Henry] W. Stelling to E. [Ernest] Gerstberger $319.13, shingles and other
sawing 4-19-1918
12147-Map c. 12-28-1951 remaining railroad trackage – Rib Lake Village

12148-Map3-6-1922 railroad of Rib Lake Village, NB-tracks of RLLC not shown. Tracks shown
are Wis. Central-Soo Line
12149-Star News May, 1990, “Century-old logging campsite can be seen on the Ice Age Trail” –
McGillis Pine Camp, by RPR; A-Ski Trail Map; B-Map, McGillis Pine Camp, on SE-NW 13-33-
2E; C-P.
12150-P. (from negative in Photos-Negative), RLLC – locomotive 101 c. 1946, probably Camp
12151-P. (from negative in Photos-Negative), RLLC – locomotive 101 c. 1946, probably Camp
28 – probably same as 12150
12152-P. c. 1940 RLLC diverging railroad tracks in Town of Corning, appears freshly built-new
ties without ballast
12153-Abstract of Title to Lot 3 and the N 15 feet front and rear of Lot 4, Block 1, original plat
of Village of Rib Lake
12154-Email, Frank Brush to RPR 6-8-08
12154A-P. Aretas Brush
12154B-P. Lily Brush
12155-P. c. 1910 view NW from tannery smokestack; foreground-tanbark piles; next-West Street,
NB-4 identical tannery company houses; next-North Front Street; next-(in 2008) CTH D
(Kennedy St); back-horizon-glacial hills-max extent of Wis. glacier, c. 12,000 years ago
12156-P. “A skidway” c. 1910, NB-peavey leaning on timber, logs at least 16 ft long “Rib Lake”
12157-P. “steam hauler, Rib Lake, Wis, Browns’ Studio” steersman holding steering wheel, at
least 7 log sleighs, c. 1910
12158-P. c. 1940 log railroad flatcars just NE of Rib Lake sawmill; back-Upjohn hill on Fayette
12159-P. c. 1940 “Round House” west side; Right-RLLC sawmill & water tower
12160-P. c. 1900 “McComb Ave., Brown’s Studio, Rib Lake, Wis”; left-Upjohn Drug Store; left
#2-furniture; right-“Wisconsin House” hotel “Liquors”-Lot 4, Block A, right nearest-partial-Post
Office, Lot 3; rear-tanbark pile-North of Fayette; above-Street Light fixture, NB-4 cross arms of
telephone wires
12161-P. c. 1950 McComb Ave., Sinclair and Mobil Gas Stations; foreground-STH 102, view
north, Right-Boy Scout building
12162-P. “B. Hoye Co. Clothiers” c. 1910; foreground-McComb Ave.; left-unidentified man &
dog-sidewalk is 6 sided paving block
12163-P. c. 1910 unidentified cabin & 3 women-screen door lays against building
12164-P. “in the woods” 2 white tail deer “photo by Brown” Rib Lake
12164A-backside of 12164, June 29, 1908 to Miss Emma Danforth, Omro, Wis. 1 cent stamp
12165-P. c. 1940 “Tourist Park” Rib Lake, Wis, wood pavilion & wood picnic tables; Right-Rib
12166-P. “Harper Lake Resort” “Rib Lake #39”, back-east arm-North Harper Lake, center-1936
12167-P. Rib Lake –east side of RLLC mill complex c. 1930
12168-P. Rib Lake-east side of RLLC mill complex c. 1940
12169-P. Rib Lake-east side of RLLC mill complex c. 1930, steam obscures “Rib Lake 11”
12170-P. c. 1960 Rib Lake – old RLLC machine shop, then Stewart’s Lumber Co; Right-STH
102 along Rib Lake
12171-P. c. 1985 Camp 28 Restaurant; foreground-Rib Lake & dock

12172-P. c. 1910 “M.E. Church” Methodist Episcopal Church, foreground-Church St.; above-
electric light fixture
12173-P. c. 1906 Ward School – south side, “Dear Father, this is a picture of the building in
which I teach. Emma”
12173A-backside of 12173, to “J.A. Danforth, Omro, Wis”
12174-P. unidentified grammar school students outside of Ward School, 43 students, probably
one class
12175-P. c. 1980 “Clearview School, Rib Lake, Wis 59-466”, east side, 655 Pearl St, in 2008
Rib Lake Village Hall & Library, on former RLLC lumber dry yard
12176-P. c. 1960 “High School, Rib Lake, Wis” north side-Fayette Ave.; right-older building,
12177-P. c. 1930 “Lutheran Church, Rib Lake, Wis”, north & west sides, left-fragment of
12178-pamphlet, 10-1977 “Taylor County; The Log Cabin Country” by Roger L. Emmerich,
County Clerk;
        A-township map
        B-“Early Settlement”
        C-pg 2
        D-pg 3
        E-pg 4-Townsip of Rib Lake
        F-Population & Immigration; Agricultural & Industrial Development
        G-1970 census, 16,958
12179-Map, plat, c. 1940 Taylor County (data is mixture from 1930-1940) – cover page
        A-T33N 3E
        B-T33N 2E
        C-T33N 1E
        D-T32N 3E – Interwald
        E-T32N 2E
        F-T32N 1E – Whittlesey
        G-Pocket map - “Taylor County 1948” NE corner
12180-Map, plat, 1953, Taylor County – cover page
        A-Taylor County, Marathon Atlas publishers
        B-Legal descriptions-illustration
        C- Legal descriptions-text
        D-Wis. Map, county populations, tax assessment by county, 4th principal meridian
        E-T33N R3E
        F-T33N R2E – Village of Rib Lake
        G-T33N R1E – Westboro
        H-T32N R1E – Whittlesey (Ranges 2 East and 3 East are missing from book)
12181-Map, plat, c. 1957, Taylor County – cover page, Marathon Atlas Publishers
        A-T33N R3E – Spirit Lake
        B-T33N R2E – Village of Rib Lake
        C-T33N R1E – Westboro
        D-T32N R3E – Interwald
        E-T32N R2E
        F-T32N R1E – Whittlesey

        G-T31N R3E – Goodrich
12182-Map, plat, 1967, Taylor County – cover page
        A-Taylor Co. “highway map”
        B-T33N R3E – Spirit Lake
        C-T33N R2E – Village of Rib Lake
        D-T33N R1E – Westboro
        E-T32N R3E – Interwald
        F-T32N R2E – 1970 land sale data
        G-T32N R1E – Whittlesey
        H-T31N R3E – Goodrich
12183-Map, plat, 1970, Taylor County – cover page
        A-T33N R3E – Spirit Lake
        B-T33N R2E – Village of Rib Lake & Queenstown
        C-T33N R1E – Westboro
        D-T32N R3E – Interwald
        E-T32N R2E
        F-T32N R1E – Whittlesey
        G-T31N R3E – Goodrich
12184-Rib Lake area lake names 1913
12185-Rib Lake area lake names c. 1940
12186-Camp 8 site & railroad connection
12187-Camp 8 site on 1913 plat map
12188-Camp 8 site on 1913 map of county
12189-1913 map-Brehm & Urquhart Post Offices
12190-Map – RLLC railroad operations by Dave Tlusty, 12-2007, sites of numbered camps of
RLLC after 1905 (purchased by U.S. Leather Co.) – dates of camps being researched and will be
updated, RPR – 6-20-08
12191-P. c. 1915 “Drug Store Jas [James] Upjohn Apotheke” [German for Drug Store], 713
McComb Ave., adult on right is James Upjohn, popcorn stand on wood sidewalk; left-window
reflection – Nick Clerf Blacksmith Shop across street on Block A, Lot 1, McComb’s Racing
Park Addition
12192-P. c. 1905 probably Dr. L.L. Taylor, M.D. and office
12193-P. c. 1900 “George Braun dealer in timbered and improved lands” “local agent for
WCRR” [Wisconsin Central Railway] land, rear-stumps, left-firewood (slabwood) & bicycle,
Block D, Lot 2, McComb’s Racing Park Addition
12194-P. c. 1905 “Commercial House” Hotel, built by J.J. Kennedy to house mill workers, south
side of Railroad Street, NB-fire ladder to roof – building burned; then largest hotel in Taylor
12195-P. c. 1950 former RLLC hemlock dry yard, view west to partially razed lumber dry shed;
foreground-Railroad tracks from machine shop across McComb Ave.
12196-P. c. 1949, remnants of lumber piles in RLLC hemlock yard, view west from tramway;
center-loaded railroad flatcar
12197-P. c. 1940 RLLC railroad tracks through hemlock-hardwood stand, Town of Corning
12198-P. c. 1915 “Down the Rib, the drive, Interwald, Wis”, 2 men with cant hooks riding
peeled hemlock log on Rib River, Town of Greenwood
12199-P. c. 1915 “The Drive” 9 men on log drive in Rib River, left-log rollway

Volume (Disc) XXIII- #12200-12299
12200-P. c. 1910 “sawmill-lumber lath & shingles, Interwald, Wis”; left-piles of cedar shingles;
right-burned stump, Vic Meyer collection
12201-P. “U.S. Tannery, Rib Lake, Wis” tannery complex from south; foreground-Fayette Ave;
Naida Straub Collection
12202-$10 bill “The First National Bank of Rib Lake”
12203-P. 9-1982 McComb Ave., left-Mobil Station; Gordie & Virgie Gehrt “Last Chance”
tavern; Janda Store; vacant lot; Coast to Coast; Olde Town Gift & Liquor store; unknown, Little
Bohemia “Bowling Bar & Café”
12204-P. 9-1982 old bank, NE corner of McComb & Landall – upstairs was old RLLC office
post, 1946
12205-P. 9-1982 door “RLLC office” in old bank building
12206-P. 9-1982 door “RLLC office” in old bank building
12207-P. 9-1982 “Tannery Lane Company” old tannery building
12208-P. 9-1982 tannery pond, view to north
12209-P. 9-1982 old railroad row, NE NW 28-33-3E, view south from Wilderness Ave.
12210-P. c. 1951, RLLC being razed, right-dry kiln; left-boiler room; view to north from
Railroad Street
12211-envelope 4-28-1981 Matt Lamberty to RPR
12211A-Letter, Lamberty was Lamberti
12211B-P. Matt Lamberty
12212-P. Rib Lake Masons Bottle Band
12213-P. 1910 South Harper Lake, view south from 2008 Rustic Road 1
12214-P. 1920 Rib Lake; left-Fayette Ave, view east “Scene on Rib Lake, Elster Photo Waupun”
12215-P. c. 1905 “City Park, Rib Lake, Wis” Copper Creek bridge, view south
12216-P. c. 1920 “City Park, Rib Lake, Wis” Copper Creek bridge, new cement bridge over
Copper Creek
12217-P. c. 1935 “Bird’s Eye View of Main Street” “12” east side of McComb Ave.; left-bank,
on Landall, P.E. Marcus former store “The Fair”; vacant lot; Bakery “McRae”, hardware store-
later Gamble Store-Block A, Lots 8, 9, 10, McComb’s Racing Park Addition; “J.A. Taylor
Heating & Plumbing”; “The Big Store”- later Peter Bogumill’s locker plant – Block A, Part of
Lot 5, 6 & 7, McComb’s Racing Park Addition
12218-P. Bird’s eye view from RLLC smokestack, c. 1920 south side of McComb Ave.; left-
George Braun; next-Upjohn Drug Store;
12218A-annotated version of 12218
        1. George Braun
        2. James Upjohn Drug Store
        7. Bird’s Nest

        12. Niggemann Food Store
        13. Ma Dodg’e Café
        14. Seidel Food Store
        18. RLLC store
        19. Haas building
        20. “The Big Store” aka Bogumill’s
        21. Hardware – later Gambles, on side “Merchandise”
        ---Data subject to confirmation---
12219-P. c. 1940 “Spirit River Bridge Rib Lake, Wis. 38” STH 102 over Spirit River, stone
12220-P. c. 1910 “B1657A1 Interwald, Wis” former Interwald Store – founded by Henry Faust
before he moved to Rib Lake; left-George Knower; right-Mrs. George (Cora) Knower
12221-P. c. 1910 “A skidway” loading logs onto sleigh, NB-2 front logs looped by chains on
both ends – lifted by jin pole, top loader holds cant hook
12222-P. c. 1910 loading logs onto sleigh, 4 horse team & teamster wait
12223-P. c. 1910 steam hauler & 4 loaded sleighs, steersman sits in front of vertical pistons
12224-P. 1918 Rib Lake “nurse corps”
12225-P. c. 1920 rollway at Camp 16, 2 men decking logs, foreground-cant hook
12226-P. c. 1910 “EM5” tannery complex from west; back-“flats” & Rib Lake High School
12227-P. c. 1910 “hay harvest Interwald, Wis”, Team pulling hay wagon and loader, Ed Klein
farm; center on ground-“Old Grandma Johanna Wittke”
12227A-text on back by George Knower, “Bertha Wittke was my only pupil”
12228-P. 5-19-1884, J.J. Kennedy’s sawmill, “view of J.J. Kennedy’s lumbering horses, 47 head,
Rib Lake, Wis” photograph by C.H. Locke May 19th, view north; right-bull chain into Rib Lake,
RPR collection – oldest dated Rib Lake photo
12229-P. c. 1885, “Jumbo four horse load” “Canadian Peaker” sleigh load, fur coated teamster &
4 horses, c. 22 logs of white pine, butt label with board feet, e.g. “1210”
12230-P. c. 1920 “Corner in lumber yard, Rib Lake, Wis” rear-main smoke stack of RLLC,
professionally piled lumber and strips between boards for air drying, tall lumber piles c 20 feet
12231-P. c. 1980 Alan Blomberg inspecting big cut made for steam hauler in the hills separating
the Hultman Lake & Copper Creek watershed. Just north of Ritchie Lake, 1-33-2E. This site
marked on Timm’s Hill National Trail
12231A-text – RPR collection
12232-P. c. 1930 McGiffert Loader “No. 2” RLLc, unloaded flatcar being pulled by loader from
track behind to loading position; rear-wood water tank; rear beneath tank-railroad trucks to be

lowered onto railroad track after flatcar is moved, NB-this type of machine is open for public
viewing at the Minnesota Museum of Transportation, Duluth, Minnesota
12233-P. at Camp 18, McGiffert loader and 2 loaded flatcars
12233A-text on back of 12233, 6,000 -8,000 feet per car, 10 man crew assisted Frank Erdman,
McGiffert loader master, his goal was 25 ends per day, 2 ends per car, RLLC sawed-on average-
16-18 ends of softwood or 14 ends of hardwood per day. RPR interview of Frank Erdman 1980
12234-P. c. 1930 L-Frank Erdman with cant hook and his “hooker” aka loading helper – who
wood hook the logs prior to loading
12235-P. 9-1974 abandoned farm home, SW-SW, Sec. 14, T33N R2E, east side of CTH D
12236-P. c. 1980, “Rib Lake Population 782”, STH 102 west side of Village of Rib Lake, left-
Robin Ann Paulina Rusch, nka Riggs; right-Kristin Karen Bethany Leona Martha Rusch, nka
12237-P. 1-1975, remnants of ice road
12237A-text on back of 12237
12238-P. c. 1947 Camp 28
12239-P. c. 1947 Camp 28, speeder top in front on railroad track
12240-P. c. 1947 McGiffert loader at Camp 28
12241-P. c. 1947 The cutover at Camp 28
12242-P. c. 1947 4 loaded lumber cars in hemlock yard, rear-white building is RLLC store
12243-P. c. 1947, 2 men on tramway decline
12244-P. 1947 RLLC hemlock yard, tramway declines to ground level
12245-P. c. 1980, Marinette, Tomahawk & Western Railroad Company boxcar
12246-Map 5-1981 “Early roads, trails and mills” by RPR includes ice roads, tote roads
12246A-Map Ritchie Lake – Sec. 1, T22 2E, Ice road excavation – site
12247-P. 11-1980 Ritchie Lake ice road cut
12248-P. 11-1980 Ritchie Lake ice road cut, Alan Blomberg
12249-P. 11-1980 Ritchie Lake ice road cut, Alan Blomberg
12250-P. 11-1980 old ice road to Camp 9, north side of Ritchie Lake
12251-P. 11-1980 old blaze – witness tree to section line of Taylor-Price County boundary
12252-P. 11-1980 Ritchie Lake, Sec. 1, T33 2E
12253-L. 8-24-1982, Martha H. Rusch to RPR re steam hauler
12254-RLHe 1-8-1904 “Largest in the World” RLLC is the largest hemlock manufacturer in the
12255-Map 6-2008 Camp 9, ice road cut, tote road route, 1-33-2E, site of Ritchie Pine Camp
12256-Timm’s Hill Trail logo, 1986 version
12257-Star News 6-13-1984, “Area railroad logging operations chronicled” by RPR; B&C – 6-
12258-Rib Lake High School [RLHS] dedication program, 11-15-1964
12259-Star News 3-19-1986 “Rib Lake Redmen earn trip to state”
12260-1986 WIAA Boys Basketball Tournament Program; A-Scheduled games; B-P. Rib Lake
High School team & data
12261-Abstract of Title; part of Government lot 4, 32-T34-3E, Price County, [Spirit Lake-river
dam site] entry 4, 3-11-1880, Wisconsin Legislature ok “flooding dam”, deed to James
McCrossen; A-entry 10, pine stumpage contract
12262-2007 Price County Plat Map, ID of Government Lot 4

12263-Star News 6-19-2008, “Williams; No hope ahead for reform of school funding system”; P.
RPR; P. Mary Williams, State Representative
12264-Memo 6-24-2008, RPR re Thums Store ledger from Carl Thums 1981
        A-Andreas Hoffmann
        B-William-Wilhelm Martin
        C-Josef Dums
        D-Josef Dums
        E-John Obowa
        F-Josef Dums
        H-Louis Bruno
        I-Lorenz Thums
        J-Josef Dums
        L-Lorenz Thums
        M-Joseph Dums
        SF-“Thums Ledger”
12265-P. 8-1970, left-Thums Store building; right-Highland School; behind-St. Ann’s Church,
view east
12265A-Joseph Thums Store, pg 103 of Pictorial History of Rib Lake 1981
12266-Star News 7-14-2005, “Steam powered the logging dream in Rib Lake” by RPR
12267-P. John Taylor Hardware Store – interior, c. 1910, Star News 4-27-2006
12268-Star News 4-25-2002 L. 1910 Simon Kortenkamp to John & Annie Holscher re Rib Lake
12269-Article, 12 pgs “RLH; Movers & Shakers; Cast of Characters to Early Rib Lake History”
Updated to 6-25-2008, by RPR & Cindy A. Sommer
12270-Map-Sketch by RPR 1-1985, Rib Lake Tannery
12271-Abstract of Title, Lot 16, Block H, Surveyor’s Plat of North Rib Lake [part of former Rib
Lake Tannery] 3-13-1959
12272-Abstract-part-SW-NE, 18-32-1E, Stumpage contract for “All the hemlock timber” 7-1-
1897 to Fayette Shaw
12273-1909 “Hide & Leather Year Book” by Jacobson Publishing; A-List of Wisconsin
tanneries, e.g. U.S. Leather Co in Medford, Mellen, Prentice, Rib Lake, Stanley, Tomahawk
12274-Article, George Corrigan “Tanneries & hemlock bark industry in Wisconsin” 9-9-1978
proceedings of Forest History Assoc. of Wisconsin
12275-Milwaukee Journal “Surviving tanneries are doing better now”; A-tanning steps
12276-1901 bark ledger, pg 150 “Westboro Tannery; A-Pg 143 “Weidrick & Matson Lumber Co.
jobbers bark; B-1902 “Camp 2 bark shipped to Prentice tannery; C-1901 Pg 45 “Westboro,
Joseph Trippner; D-Pg. 18 “Camp 3-John R. Davis Lumber Co. trains; E-Pg 44 “Bark at Ogema
shipped to Phillips tannery – as of 1988 original is in the possession of Harry Curran
12277-Deed 6-25-1891 J.J. Kennedy, et ux, to F [Fayette] D. Shaw, Lots 14 & 15, Block H,
Surveyor’s Plat of Rib Lake, This conveyance made on condition that [Fayette Shaw] agrees to
build…a tannery for the manufacture of leather upon the premises…of the capacity & dimension
of the tannery now owned…by T.F.M. & F.D. Shaw at Medford, Wis…the same to be
completed & in operation by 1-1-1893. Logging roads to be kept open…

12278-tannery map 12-8-1987 of Rib Lake Tannery complex c. 1924 by Brother Augustine
12279-L. 12-8-1987 Brother Augustine Koffler to RPR
12280-Taylor Co. Zoning Map 7-29-1937, forestry & recreation districts, [repealed c. 1975]
12281-WWII “Sugar Ration Book”
12282-“Public Auction” sale-auction notice c. 1935 Peter Perusek farm, SW-NW 18-T33N-R3E,
2008 owners are Jay and Cindy Thums
12283-“Push for Rusch” bumper sticker, 1972, Marlin Walbeck, Chairman
12284-L. RPR to Mike Weckwerth 11-4-1987
12285-History 1-1970 by Ray Voemastek
12286-L. John R. Gray to RPR c. 8-1986
12287-L. Mary Williams to RPR 7-8-1985
12288-Quit Claim Deed 3-2-1916, Carl Gruening to RLLC, o.k. water level in Rib Lake
12289-“Wisconsin Central Railroad Lands” by Charles L. Colby c. 1882; original-possibly John
Van Der Hudf, Spirit, first page scanned, see RLH – Wis. Central
12290-“Railroads of Wisconsin 1827-1937”, Railway & Locomotive History Society, 8-1937
title page;
         A-1873 WC Colby to Worchester-Price Co.
         1883-Chelsea to Rib Lake
         1809 Abbotsford to Athens
         1899 Goodrich Junction to Goodrich
12291-History of “Soo Line” Jim Smith 3-1970
12292-L. 12-22-1983, Ray E. Pendergast to RPR
12293-L. Wayne Johnson to Ray E. Pendergast 11-30-1983, Railroad line-Chelsea-Rib Lake
abandoned 1951
12294-Soo Line time table 5-31-1925; A-Athens-Goodrich & Rib Lake-Chelsea; B-Spencer-
Ashland East; C-Spencer-Ashland West
12295-Ad; Free Show Gem Theatre c. 1930, List of Merchants
12296-Ad; c. 1934, “The World’s All Right” at Rib Lake Armory, List of Merchants
12297-RLHe 3-13-1936 “Many Changes in Lumber Company’s [RLLC] office”, List of office
12298-RLHe 11-13-1936 “Lake Shore Project Finished”
12299-Star News quotes re J.J. Kennedy et al, 11-7-1881, etc.

Volume (Disc) XXIV- #12300-12399
12300-P. c. 1900 locomotive “12”, left-RLLC mill – straight bull chain ramp, right-elevated coal
dock, far right-piles of “hog feed”, sawdust & wood chips, view to southwest
12301-P. Commercial Hotel & addition c. 1900, 8 men, left-fire escape from 3rd floor to ladder
12302-P. Upjohn Pharmacy interior & Anna Mae Kennedy c. 1920, Thelma Upjohn Collection
12303-P. c. 1920 James Upjohn & Anna Mae Kennedy, back of drug store
12304-P. c. 1910 Rib Lake High School with tower, northwest side
12305-P. c. 1920 interior of Ward School, unidentified primary grade & teacher, 34 students, fly
paper hangs on string?
12306-P. 3-26-1928, Cast of “The Womanless Wedding at Rib Lake, Wis.”; A-RLHe
“Womanless Wedding-A Big Scream”

12307-P. unidentified minstrel show at Rib Lake c. 1930, NB-A-Advertisements above stage, B-
3 cowlings cover foot lights
12308-P. aerial, Rib Lake 9-7-1951, “BSC-3H-118”, STH 102 has been renovated thru former
RLLC dry yard
12309-P. 2-25-1948 bucking last log, man with dobble-bitted axe driving wood wedges to keep
saw cut from closing
12310-P. 2-25-1948 at “last log ceremony excursion” interior of Camp 28 cook shanty-visitors
eating, NB-A-Non-insulated exterior walls, B-3 bare electric bulbs, C-Kerosene lamps stand
ready on back wall, left-Elsie Wolff, then Anna Mae Kennedy
12311-P. 2-25-1948 at “last log ceremony excursion” interior of Camp 28, cook, Louis Fleming,
shows guest his cook stove, kettles hang from ceiling, strainer, fry basket, potato masher hang on
wall, far right-Thelma M. Upjohn (Richard), right-Gertrude Dewcz (Gerald)
12312-P. c. 1940 from Rib Lake Village water tower, tannery pond, view northeast
12313-P. c. 1940 from Rib Lake Village water tower, view west; center-homes on North Front
Street; back right-town road to Little Rib Lake
12314-P. c. 1960 “South Harper Lake”, view south from Rustic Road
12315-P. “Methodist Church, Rib Lake, Wis. 1”south side c. 1935
12316-P. RLLC “41” c. 1940, east side
12317-P. c. 1905 teamster & 4 horse team with 2 sleighs
12318-P. c. 1905 firewood (slabs) dump sleigh
12319-P. c. 1905 Rib Lake baseball team, upper right-Bob Hess; upper right #2-Fred Curran;
middle right #2-Chester Curran
12320-P. c. 1910, Rib Lake High School baseball team with pennant “RLHS”
12321-P. c. 1906 “a logging camp” “Rib Lake” 3 wood frame structures, 18 men
12322-P. 4th of July, see flag on locomotive, foreground-McComb Ave.; center-First
“roundhouse”; right-chute to load hog feed from RLLC mill
12323-P. “The Ice Road” c. 1908; note-ruts cut into ice to guide sleigh runners, may be ice road
to RLLC Camp 2
12324-P. c. 1930 Ward School, painted white with merry-go-round
12325-P. J.J. Kennedy mill with 2 smokestacks, left-transfer; center-brick boiler room; right on
horizon-2 tannery smokestacks, view north
12326-P. 7-24-1914 RLLC mill fire – bull chain, note-curved bull chain ramp, lower right-
fireman with hose, hand tinted red smoke
12327-P. 7-24-1914 RLLC mill fire, view from south, 3 smokestacks, upper right-tannery sleigh
storage building; center-steeple, St. John’s Lutheran Church
12328-P. c. 1920 2 teams with sleigh; rear-jammers for log loading; note-cant hook in rear left
log; note-3 layers of chain wrappers
12329-P. c. 1970 “Spruce dormitory, Camp Forest Springs, Rib Lake, Wis”
12330-Deed #8603 1-26-1904, J.J. Kennedy & Flora M. deed Lot B of J.J. Kennedy’s original
plat of Village to Jennette Kennedy; This is J.J.’s home parcel, home burned in 1903
12331-Deed #33753 J.J. Kennedy et ux, 10-15-1906, deeds “Block B” Jannette Kennedy,
same as 12330
12332-c. 1890, plat map, Price County index; A-notes; B-T34 3E Spirit Lake; C-T34 2E
Hultman Lake, NB-Curtis Bros. Co.; D-T34 1E Ogema
12333-Plat book Price County c. 1895; A-ads, Wis. Central Railway; B-T34 3E, Spirit Lake,
NB-no Spirit Poin; C-T34 2E Hultman Lake;

12334-Plat book Price County c. 1910; A-Price Co. townships, copyright 1910 Foust & Jungblut,
map of Town of Brannan; B-legend; C-T34 3E Spirit Lake “Ole A. Pederson”; D-T34 2E
Hultman Lake
12335-Plat book Price County c. 1920; A-T34 3E Spirit Lake “A.O. Peterson”; B-Ads, Rib Lake
Store & Cheese Factory, O.A. Peterson, proprietor, Retail lumber, farm implements & Delco
electric light plants; C-T34 2E Hultman Lake
12336-Plat book Price Co. c. 1950; A-town maps “Spirit”; B-T34 3E Spirit Lake; C-T34 2E
Hultman Lake
12337-Star News 9-20-1945, “Lake Theatre will be built by midwinter”
12338-1930 census of Village of Rib Lake, p. 161, #42 Aretas Brush, #43 Lily Brush, #44 Alfred
Brush; A-RPR L. 5-29-08 to Frank L. Brush
12339-List of available editions of Rib Lake Herald
12340-Booklet 12-1-1943 RLLC “Sawdust” published by accident prevention committee, RLLC
Vol. 1, No. 3
12341-Map 4-4-1981 by RPR “McGillis Pine Camp” SE-NW 13-33-2E
12342-P. 11-1972 Herman A. Rusch (in deer hunting garb) at McGillis pine camp well
12343-3-28-1924 Taylor Co. Star News, re Camp 14
12344-L. 5-15-1989 RPR to Emery “Pete” Peterson
12345-transcript of interview of Morgan Peterson re Rib Lake History by RPR 4-14-1988
12346-L. 2-24-1988 RPR to Richard & Karen Rindt; A-1902 bark ledger, Herman Rendt
12347-L. 2-24-1988 RPR to Harry Curran re bark ledger
12348-sketch map Camp 14
12349-Map 1984
12350-Memo 5-23-1985, agreement of 4-26-1900 authorizing Fayette Shaw to pump tannery
waste into Silver Creek at Westboro, Wis.
12351-“Form 104 Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Company, Daily
Interchange report of cars”
12352-History 7-24-1908 “What sort of a place is Rib Lake” from RLHe
12353-History 1909, “The Hard Times” RLHe re depression of 1909
12354-History-1920 Chapter “Rib Lake” from “Reminicenses & Anecdotes of Taylor County”
by Arthur Lattan, pg 194-207
12355-History – 1950, by Milton E. Reinke & autobiography, 9 pgs
Gerome & Marilyn Sjostrom collection, Box 62, Athens, WI 54411, 715-257-9033, Athens,
12356-P. Rietbrock Sawmill, c. 1900, Athens, WI
12357-P. Rietbrock Sawmill
12358-P. Rietbrock Sawmill, Athens, 294
12359-P. Rietbrock Sawmill & tramway
12360-P. Stave & Heading Factory, Athens, WI, c. 1908
12361-P. Steam hauler, Athens, WI “1924”, Rietbrock Land & Lumber Co.
12362-P. “Logging near Athens” “2337” steam hauler
12363-P. Athens “East Main Street” “looking north” c. 1913
12364-P. Opera house, Athens, WI c. 1910
12365-P. c. 1910, “Business Street” Athens
12366-P. c. 1912 “Street Scene” Athens, left-Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, center-firehall,
right-Trinity Lutheran Church

12367-P. “West Main Street, Athens, Wis”
12368-P. c. 1920, Athens Village Square, view north
12369-P. “Black Creek Dam” Athens, dam c. 1911
12370-P. “Athens 6-3-1909”, buildings identified
12371-P. “Market Day at Athens, Wis” c. 1910
12372-P. “Street Scene, Athens, Wis” 2330, right-The Athens Printing Co”
12373-P. c. 1907, “Helendale Farms”, breeders of fine guernseys
12373A-Back side of 12373-postdate 10-13-1907
12374-P. “Black Creek, Athens, Wis”, 6-14-1914, Wyle Bridge
12375-P. 1967, GP 9 Soo Line locomotive at Athens Depot
Jim Welton collection
12376-P. Northwest Lumber Company Mill at Stanley, Wis., Paul Nagel collection, view north
across Soo Line tracks
12377-P. c. 1910, Stanley, Merrill & Phillips Railroad motor car Polley, Wis, left-grasshopper
12378-P. “Polly” depot sign on depot, John Clark collection
12379-P. Jump River depot, Stanley, Merrill & Phillips Railroad, locomotive #4
12380-P. Stanley, Merrill & Phillips depot, Jump River, from the south
12381-P. Stanley, Merrill & Phillips Railroad”, locomotive & 2 men
12382-P. steam skidder & 8 men, horse & mess of logs
12383-P. Northwestern Lumber Co. mill, Stanley, Wis, NB round roofs, left-transfer
12384-P. Northwestern Lumber Co. mill, Stanley, Wis, Stanley, Merrill & Phillips, (S.M.& P.
Railroad) line of loaded logging cars on side of logging pond
12385-P. Athens Depot. C. 1960
Gerome & Marilyn Sjostrom collection, Box 62, Athens, WI 54411, 715-257-9033, Athens,
Slide Collection
12386-P. logging train at Braun Lumber Co. arriving from Goodrich c. 1920
12387-P. end of railroad line in Goodrich, A-Jammer
12388-P. Lumber mill at Milan, Wis
12389-P. Locomotive #7, at Athens, Wis, unidentified woman in white
12390-P. Locomotive & tank care on bridge
12391-P. “Logging train going from Athens through Corinth to Abbotsford”
12392-P. snow derailed locomotive
12393-P. Wisconsin Central boxcar “George Stoughton & Louis Weber employed by Stallman
5000 cords loaded in one winter”, sleigh load of split cedar posts
12394-P. 4 men on handcar loaded with railroad ties
12395-P. 3 women on railroad bridge overhang
12396-P. “1901 Corinth store, saloon & post office John Stallman & sons Anton & Herman now
Sky Lite”
12397-P. “Market place” Athens, c. 1890’s
12398-P. “1900 looking west from north side of cemetery” Athens
12399-P. c. 1990 former railroad right of way crossing STH 97, view northwest
End of Sjostrom collection

Volume (Disc) XXV- #12400-12499
12400-RLHe 11-29-1951

12401-USA Registration card of alien female (under proclamation of the President dated April
19, 1918), issued to Mrs. Wilhelmina Ziermann; A-her mark “X” 7-10-1918; B-fingerprint &
12402-P. Westboro, Wisconsin Central depot, 9-15-1964 by William Dreschler, SE side, NB-
derail device & sign
12403-P. Westboro, Wisconsin Central depot, 9-15-1964, NE side & 1958 Chev. Left-privy
12403-Booklet “Spirit Lakes Centennial” by Spirit Lakes Improvement Association
         A-Table of Contents
         B-Text & photo “The Peterson home” (Peter)
         C-P. Patrick Cullen
         D-P. Emma Olson et al
         E-P. P. Bark camp on Spirit Lake
         F-P. Ole A. Peterson
         G-P. William “Bill” Maes
         H-P. c. 1910 route of STH 102 on east side of Little Spirit Lake & 2 arch stone bridge
         I-P. Frank Haas, Exxie Schaus, Pat Cullen, Charles Schaus
         J-P. family & 4 photos,
         K-P. Great boulder in Spirit River
         L-P. Fritz Mohr, LeRoy Ziembo cat accident.
12404-Title Page-“Abbotsford & Northeastern Railroad Co.” by Larry Easton
12404A-Mile posts – Goodrich extension by Larry Easton 8-16-1982, Copper River Junction
[line to Camp 1 – spur removed]
12404B-Contract 6-12-1899 Upham-Wis. Central RR-Copper River Land Co., notes by Larry
12404C-9-5-1917 Summary of Rail and Other track material on the old Copper River Spur,
Athens to Goodrich line to be purchased by the RLLC
12404D-Map 1915, Copper River spur railroad lines. Statement of track material loaned Copper
River Land Co with [or to] RLLC, “This line not used at present. Bridges burnt & brush grown
over track. Information from RLLC [line] will be repaired and used again.” Main line length 28-
627 ÷ 5280 = 5.421 miles.
12404E-Map of Athens & A&NE RR 4-25-2006, Thomas Becher
12404F-Map, Athens, Wis. c. 1900
12404G-Map topo, Athens ROW A&NE (Abbotsford & Northeastern), Copper River junction &
half mile of spur by James P. Kaysen
12404H-Rib Lake area railroads “retirement of Athens to Goodrich line”
12404I-Map, Goodrich, Wis., railroad north of STH 64 “Proposed extension of Main track to
service Wausau Lumber Co.
12404J-Map 5-1-2006 Town of Halsey T30N R4E, Historical notes, Copper River junction
12404K-timetable 4-29-1917, Abbotsford-Goodrich
12404L-Marshfield Land & Lumber Co. v. The John Weeks Lumber Co. p. 27 & 31 of brief
12404M-litigation map
12404N-8-14-1900 lawsuit notes
12404O-Taylor County 1-1972
12405-Index to Wis. topo maps, NE-Wisconsin; A-index, Rib Lake Area
12406-Ogema A-E

12407-Westboro A-E
12408-Timm’s Hill A-D; A-site of Camp 9 RLLC
12409-Rib Lake A-D, site camp #6 RLLC, NB-Center of Kaysen map missing; D-Rib Lake
Village enlargement
12410-Spirit A-D, D-“Wes Meier” RLLC right of way railroad source – unknown to Kaysen
12411-Wood Lake A-E, D-Camp 4 of RLLC; NB-sites shown as RLLC camps 5 & 10 not
accurate-RPR 8-26-08; [Kaysen was outside of his area of expertise, i.e. railroad right of way
12412-Goodrich A-E
        1.60 mi in Marathon Co.
          .72 mi in Lincoln Co.
        2.32 miles is distance of Copper River Land Co. spur – Copper River junction to Rib
        River; B-Goodrich junction [Athens] a/k/a Hemlock junction; C-Copper river junction;
        “1899 Upham Lumber Co. reorganized as Marshfield Land & Lumber Co. 1906
        Marshfield Land & Lumber Co sold to Copper River Land Co, a subsidiary of US
        Leather Co.”
12414-Spirit Falls A-E; D-“Ville” of Spirit Falls, MT&W=Marinette, Tomahawk & Western
12415-Natzke Camp A-E, Averill Creek junction; D-site Camp 25, site of Camp 27
12416-Fromm Lookout tower A-E; note by Kaysen “Note-pictures without 1000’ crossties-need
verification on aerial photographs-not complete”; C-Camp 20 location
12417-Hamburg; A-.56 mi RLLC 34-31-4E, NB; RLLC railroad touched Marathon Co. North
12418-Paper; RLLC numbered logging camps; dates of operation from newspaper references by
RP Rusch & Michael Weckwerth, updated to 7-31-2008
12419-Poor’s Register of Directors & Executives p. 856 RLLC of Delaware c. 1945; A-ibid c.
1946, B-ibid c. 1948
12420-L. Daniel T. Mayer to RPR 8-21-2008 re RLLC v. Conway
12421-Rib Lake Herald 5-11-1950 “Rib Lake’s Businessmen are happy to greet the tenth district
federation of women’s clubs”, list of nearly all Rib Lake Village businesses
12422-Map Soo Line Railroad c. 1887
12423-L. 8-30-2008 Karen Baumgartner to RPR; A-Part of Rib Lake Village map lot owners
1920-30, Kennedy Town; B-ibid-McComb’s racing park addition
12424-L. 8-28-2008 Larry E. Easton to RPR
Lillian Thums, nee Kurek, DOB 8-23-1917, collection
12425-Mailing label, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Kurek, (parents of Lillian) Route 1, Box 292, Rib
Lake, WI 54470
12426-2003 plan map, location of Kurek farm, N-half, SW-quarter, 18-33-3E
12427-P. Anton & Francisca Kurek farm, Oct. 1964, view to north
12428-data, Anton Kurek family & children
12429-P. Anton Kurek-Francisca Bialek wedding party 1914, Minneapolis
12430-P. Polish Christmas Card
12431-P. Mszana Dolna, Polska, City near Anton Kurek’s birthplace, Zaokopane, Polan, near
Czech borner

12432-P. c. 1960 Anton Kurek’s brother, Ludwig, Kurek farm in Poland, NB-back-Carpathian
12433-P. Anton Kurek’s sister, Leona, and husband, Josek Lupa
12434-P. 1963 Ludwig Kurek & buggy in Poland
12435-P. Josia Kurek First Communion with candle, Poland
12436-P. Lillian Kurek in Chicago c. 1932
12437-P. Francisca Kurek c. 1930; A-text on porch old Rib Lake home
12438-P. Francisca Kurek in fur coat – “1927” on inside of outer door
12439-P. L-R, Frank, Lillian, Fran, Arthur, Peter, Adolph Kurek
12440-P. old Kurek farmhouse, new northeast
12441-P. old house left-new on right; foreground-CTH C, (gravel)
12442-P. Anton Kurek & new farmhouse, west side
12443-P. doorway & hall into new Kurek farmhouse, Anton was a master stair-builder. NB-
curved stairway 9-1964
12444-P. kitchen-Anton built cabinets from home-sawn hardwood 10-1964
12445-P. Anton Kurek sitting on stairs to level two; photos on wall of grandsons, L-R, Ray, Greg
& Rolland “Rollie” Thums 10-1964
12446-P. c. 1935 CCC camp #3663, Camp Pattison, WI; Lillian, Frank, Anton & Francisca,
Frank & Anton were in CCC-Civilian Conservation Corps
12447-P. c. 1935 L-R Lillian, Frank, Francisca Kurek, Pattison, WI S. Park
12448-P. 1932, Lillian & Frank Kurek graduate from Chicago, IL grade school
12449-P. Kurek farm yard c. 1972, L-R Lillian, Uncle Jack, Anton, Ciotka & Francisca Kurek;
Right-blacksmith shop view to north
12450-P. Uncle Jack, Anton, Fran, Ciotka Kurek,
12451-P. Anton & Fran Kurek, c. 1938 car
12452-P. Anton & Fran Kurek c. 1974
12453-P. Herman Arthur Rusch, L-Anton Kurek holding wooden handrail for Bob Rusch
(RPR),home, N4863 CTH C 1975, back-outhouse
12454-P. Anton Kurek & Herman A. Rusch sawing firewood at RPR home c. 1976
12455-P. Left-Anton Kurek & Herman A. Rusch – piled polewood awaiting sawing into
firewood at RPR home c. 1976, Anton Kurek’s tractor
12456-P. Stephania Kurek funeral 1969 in Poland
12457-P. Brother Ludwig (Ludwika) Kurek, mourning over coffin in Poland, c. 1960, A-Polish
End of Lillian Thums, nee Kurek, collection
12458-Pamphlet, Medford, Wisconsin Historic Downtown Walking Tour
       B-U.S. Leather Co, Tannery, Medford
       C-P. Depot area c. 1912
       D-Winchester Hotel, etc., key to walking tour
       E-P. State St, view East
       F-P. Depot c. 1975
       G-P. Spoof streetcar on Main Street-info on “Friends of the Downtown-Medford, Inc.”
12459-P. Former Walter “Wimpy” & Isabelle Wilhelms farm, aerial view c. 1950, east side of
Timber Dri., 2-32N-2E, Wilhelms farm 1911-1963

12460-10-2-1969 Eugene “Gene” Clifford “Hail & Farewell” he sells Rib Lake Herald to Dale
Troman-Hauser of Athens
12461-Rib Lake Herald front page (partial) 10-2-1969 “Athens man new publisher of The
12462-The Star News 12-11-1975 “Tenants Move into Housing Complex”, Rib Lake Hometown
Village; P. Gene Clifford, former publisher of RLHe; A-Isabelle Wilhelms & Marie Wilhelms
12463-RLHe 9-20-1973, final edition (part of front page); A-“Finale” editorial; B-Top of page 3;
C-p. 3 ad Dale’s Market (Dale Strobach); D-Classified Ads; E-Spirit Lake Resort ad; F-Real
estate sale & legal notices; G-1974 car ad, Buick LeSabre, Luxos hardtop coupe; H-German
Settlement; I-J.A. O’Leary, Editor & Publisher RLHe [final edition]
12464-RLHe 9-20-1973 Church of Christ real estate conveyed to Rib Lake Village; A-photos
“get keys” George Buksa, Ray Voemastek, Gordon “Gordie” Gehrt, Vernon Bruegl, Walter
12465-c. 1975 Star News “Rib Lake Boasts New & Spacious Nursing Home”; Photo of
McComb Ave. – aerial; from Railroad Street to Tannery Pond, NB-LR-National Hotel, Upper-
mink pens
12466-Star News 4-6-2000 P. Leroy Stewart, Bernard Strobach; A-Adeline Walbeck nee Kaske,
Isabelle Wilhelms nee Hoffmann
12467-Agreement for Purchase & Sale, 3-4-1911 Hugo M. Lea & George Heringklee, N ½ - N
½ - SE ¼, 2-32N-2E; A-Recording Data
12468-2007 plat map of above description
12469-P. Wilhelm Wilhelms, wagon & 3 horses on same land
12470-P. Walter “Wimpy” Wilhelms, c. 1985, son of Wilhelm Wilhelms
12471-Catholic Herald V. 129, #16, “Corpus Christi”
Pat Hanson of Westboro collection
12472-P. Soo Line at Westboro, last mail car; L-Earl Grittner, Soo Line Train #118
12473-P. Earl Grittner, station agent, Westboro, 5 a.m. c. 1960, rear-telegraph
12474-P. c. 1970 r-Harry Jacquith, Soo engineer of Westboro, compares time with unidentified
12475-P. c. 1945 Earl Grittner’s Soo Line bridge crew at work between Westboro and Ashland,
12476-P. Westboro Lumber Co locomotive #3, Vina Evans, R-Mayme Kibbey (Mrs. Harry
End of Hanson collection
12477-Taylor Co. Forest Revenues 1998-2007, average annual net received $111,356.39
12478-Taylor Co. Forest 2004 financial report
12479-Taylor Co. Forest 2005 financial report
12480-Taylor Co. Forest 2006 financial report
12481-Taylor Co. Forest 2007 financial report
12482-County Forest Anniversary dates, Taylor 11-15-1932, #6 in Wisconsin
12483-P. c. 1912 Peterson construction crew & horse teams building STH 13, Westboro, WI
12484-RLHe 10-12-1961 P. old Modern Woodman [Woodmen] Hall being razed. John Haas
sport shop recent owner, Lot 3, Block A, McComb’s Racing Park Addition
12485-RHLe 1-1-1963, “Happy New Year” lists Rib Lake Businesses; A-Westboro, Medford,

12486-Map “Rib Lake Depot Grounds” Ex. X V34 of Deeds, P. 357, Taylor Co. Reg. of Deeds.
W.R. Osburn Lumber Company to Wis. Central Railway Co. 8-26-1901, [SW part – match to
NE for full map] – mill along Kenney “burned”; - RR line Kennedy to McComb “temp”
12486A-ibid NE part “Exhibit X” shows; A-dry kilns, 1-23x90.5; 2-19.4 x ?; 3-19.4 x ?; 4-? X
92.7; B-planing mill (partial); C-tramway platform; D-“Unplatted lands owned by J.J. Kennedy;
12487-34 Deeds p. 353, 8-26-1901, W.A. Osburn Lumber Co., a Wisconsin Corporation,
Wisconsin Central Railwau Co., a Wisconsin Corporation, Lots 1 & 2, Block D, McComb’s
Racing Park Addition to Village of Rib Lake & 100 foot wide strip shown on map “Exhibit X”,
Rib Lake depot grounds 8-26-1901, [12486 & 12487]
12488-P. RLLC c. 1930, view northwest from lake, left-office, planing mill; right-3-story
sawmill “fire hole”-boiler room at chimney base; NB-A-unloaded log sleighs on frozen Rib Lake
next to hot pond where sleighs were unloaded. B-blower pipe-horizontal- at roof line-center
Conveys planing chips to fire hole
12489-Front page of scrapbook “Twentieth Century Club” Rib Lake, WI, Membership Twenty
Honorary Membership One c. 1956 – original at Rib Lake Public Library
12490-Citation 1956-1958 Community achievement award
12491-Summary report blank, 1956-1958 community achievement, signed by Mrs. C.J. Tippelt,
12492-Rib Lake, WI village population-900, thumbnail sketch c. 1955
12493-P. “RLLC A-215 Excel & Co. Milw.” Dry yard & tramway incline, c. 1920, from
Railroad St – view north- in vicinity of Pearl Street
12494-P. c. 1955, view north – right-of-way for Pearl Street north from Railroad Rib Lake Ville
– through former RLLC dry yard
12495-P. “Clinic, Rib Lake, Wis. 94” 1957 Rib Lake Clinic North and east sides, from McComb
12496-Newspapers clippings, “Work on New Clinic Building Progresses After Quick Start” 11-
1-1959; “Shoe Factory Employees Give $150 to Clinic Fund” 12-15-1956
12497-Handout “Rib Lake need a doctor & dentist” [flyer solicites medical doctor and dentist] 1-
24-1957; A-backside clinic floorplant & graphics
12498-P. Rib Lake Clinic Building c. 1958, N & E side –view from McComb Ave., 657
McComb Ave. [in 2008 Hope Hospitce & Palliative Care, Inc.]
12499-P. clippings, “Construction of Village Clinic will be started in near future, bids let” 10-25-
1956; “Oh what a beautiful day” 10-25-1956, P. Gottlieb Widmer, Donald W. Meyer, John W.
Eckhoff, Eugene A. Clifford [“Geno”], Mel Sequist, Edmund F. Stamm

Volume (Disc) XXVI- #12500-12599

12500-Clippings re clinic
12501-Leaflet “project” re “Our Phoenix” “A community-voted clinic”
12502-P. “RLLC, Rib Lake, Wis. K957” massive lumber in dry yard, view west, NB-partially
hidden tramway railroad 10 ft above ground level c. 1920
12503-P. 3 four-horse teams with sleigh load of logs on frozen Rib Lake c. 1910 “crossing the
12504-Auction of State Senator “Tiny” Krueger, a clinic fundraiser, 4-6-1957, 432 lbs = $4.58
bid by Walter B. Chilsen, Merrill Daily Herald

12505-Rib Lake “Rindless” cheese labels
12505A-“medium aged-Miss Wisconsin”
12505B-Rib Lake Rind
12506-Rib Lake Herald 4-11-1957, “Going, Going, Gone” for $955.20” [auction for benefit of
clinic at Rib Lake]
12507-Clippings “The auction project”
12508-7-4-1957 “Dentist will open practice here soon”; P. Dr. Duane D. Powers
12509-P. c. 1957 Rib Lake Clinic from southeast from McComb Ave.
12510-P. Mrs. Mable Prien 1946-1948 President Rib Lake Twentieth Century Club
12511-“Visitors to Hobby Show” 1948, signatures of various Rib Lake people
12512-33 anniversary convention flyer, Wis. Federation of Women’s Clubs, May 10-11, 1950
meeting at Rib Lake; A-Hostesses to Convention, front-4th from right-Mrs. John Voemastek,
member of 50 years; B-P. same as A
12513-P. 5-10-1950 interior of Ma Dodge’s Café Golden Jubilee luncheon – twentieth century
club, NB-banquet tables, Mrs. “Ma” Charles Dodge, nee Nettie Peterson
12514-P. 5-10-1950 interior of Ma Dodge’s Café Golden Jubilee luncheon – twentieth century
club, NB-banquet tables, Mrs. “Ma” Charles Dodge, nee Nettie Peterson, view east toward main
door-first floor-on McComb Ave., R-unidentified woman
12515-Plat 12-9-1897 McComb’s Racing Park Addition to Village of Rib Lake, Wis; A-text &
signature of A.C. McComb of Oshkosh
12516-“Mrs. J.J. Voemastek is 50 year member in village”
12517-P. 5-9-1950, Twentieth Century Club; L-R; Mrs. Raymond Voemastek, Mrs. Carl
Marschke, Mrs. Paul Newberg, Mrs. Clifford Curran, Mrs. Karl Miller, Mrs. Earl Edens
Star News Photo Collection
12518-P. Gondola railroad car, RLLC railroad line, 50+ people on way to last log ceremony; R-
Main line; C-spur, caboose in rear; L-(partial) tank car on siding; rear-flat cars on siding
12519-Part of topo map 1979, “Wood Lake, Wis” arrow marks clearing site of RLLC Camp 28
site; 2-25-1948 last log ceremony, mostly in NW-NW, Sec. 32T33, 4E, Town of Corning,
Lincoln Co.; A-ibid, shows Wood Lake
12520-Lincoln Co. plat map c. 2005, T33N, R4E, X=Location of RLLC Camp 28
12521-Map 11-27-1983 by RPRusch, Camp 28 site
12522-P. 2-25-1948, white pine chosen for last log ceremony
12523-P. white pine chosen for last log ceremony 2-25-1948, crowd gathering on cutover &
slash from logging surrounds site
12524-P. last log ceremony 2-25-1948, cross-cut starts in
12525-P. last log ceremony, 2-25-1948, old-timer wields double-bitted axe above cross-cut –
begins to make notch to fell pine
12526-P. Last log ceremony, pine falling; NB-man in background
12527-P. Bucking felled-last log ceremony, NB-3 wooden wedges in cut above cross-cut saw
12528-P. last log ceremony 2-25-1948, visitors eating inside cook house, RLLC Camp 28, NB-
plaid plastic table covering, 4 bare electric bulbs, storage shelf along ceiling
         James Peterson jobber camp, c. 1922, Town of Corning, Lincoln Co., Wis., producing
logs for RLLC Photos probably accompanied Star News article 1928 “James Peterson says
lumberjack as good today as 40 years ago”
12529-P. “part of Peterson camp buildings”, 8 buildings; NB-cook shanty-smoke with chimney;
back-hemlock and standing hardwood

12530-P. c. 1930 felling white pine toward wood “bullseye” device, probably Town of Corning
12531-P. Block B, McComb’s Racing Park Addition, c. 1915, numbers above buildings – North
to south – 0-Rib Lake Hotel (partial) sign, perhaps confectionary, millinary (sic) sign on
telephone pole; 1-Tauber (Last Chance) Tavern, 832 McComb Ave; 2-Jacob “Jake” Janda; 3-
Swanson’s Tavern building, multiple businesses, north end insurance, south is tavern; 4-Johnson-
Arnold Coast-to-Coast hardware; 5-Lewis J. Scharer Tavern, in 2008 Olde Town Liquor; 6-Wm.
Gessert Meat Market, later the Dixie Cup
12532-RLHe 10-12-1961 letter of Gaylord A. Nelson, Governor “Governor Nelson tells of
State’s Effort to Help” (find a doctor for village)
Camp 28 Restaurant Photo Collection, Rib Lake, (RPR took digital photos with #628
12533-P. RLLC shay locomotive #1 at Wood Lake log landing; rear-McGiffert Loader; center-
flat car with hemlock logs; lower right-pile of peeled hemlock logs; between locomotive & Lake-
bark pil from peeling hemlock logs? 7 unidentified men; lower left-crib in Wood Lake; view to
NW across Wood Lake filled with logs “Log Loading Scene near Rib Lake, Wis.” c. 1910
12534-P. “Yard and Beam Crew, Shaw Tannery, Rib Lake, Wis. 1895, By Dake, No. 2”;
overhead-wooden walkway bridge holding steam pipe; view to north
12535-P. RLLC machine shop interior view c. 1920, 4 unidentified men; rear-RLLC locomotive,
Building in 2008 is Fisher Creek Pet Foods in SE corner of McComb Ave & STH 102; NB;
leather belts from overhead pulley provided power, saw in foreground
12536-P. c. 1925 “Donkey Loader – 1st gas engine loader” loading hardwood logs on Railroad
flatcar; 4 unidentified men, tar paper shack over engine
12537-P. RLLC barn-SW side, built c. 1915, 30 x 100 x 40 feet, “Can’t Sage Gates, RLLC, Rib
Lake, Wis.” stenciled on gate, 2008 location is home of Florence Schreiner, west side of Tannery
12538-floor plan, RLLC barn
12539-text-data re RLLC barn, author unknown
12540-P. Dan McLeod and text “Dan McLeod, Lumber Company “Barn Boss” 1904-1940
12541-P. 8 camp buildings may be Camp #28, spring 1946, woman with white pants
12542-P. may be Camp #28, spring 1946, center building with cupolas, 2 railroad tracks in
foreground, 4 log high loading dock
12543-P. may be Camp #28, spring 1946, same site as 12542, foreground-top of railroad
maintenance vehicle
12544-P. 1937, interior of Rib Lake Herald office, Raymond Voemastek, Publisher of the Rib
Lake Herald with niece Luann Hyrd, 3 yrs old
12545-P. “Volunteer Fire Department 1890” fire carriage and crew on McComb Ave., view east;
rear-Taylor Hardware Store; rear right-Boston Store (2008 site of Bogumill building;
foreground-wood sidewalk along west side of McComb Ave.
12546-P. “Marschke [Fred] Tavern”, three spittoons
12547-P. Feb. 1901, “Osburn Lumber Co’s Camp No. 3, Duncan A. McDonald, foreman, Rib
Lake, Wis. Feb. 1901, photo from Dake Studio, Medford, Wis” 12 men on top of roof, used hay
bedding just outside door through which it was shoveled, back-virgin hemlock and yellow birch,
back left-bunk house-tar paper covered roof held down by boards, NB-this is not RLLC camp #3
12548-P. “[Art] Swanson building 1910”, 2008 site of Genesis Youth Center, McComb Ave.,
left “Barber Shop”, center-unknown, right “Harness Shop”, notes on back “We owned this
building in 1910 and lived upstairs quite a few years, JJV” [John J. Voemastek, who, with Frank
B. Hand, founded the Rib Lake Herald in 1897], this building razed in 1944. It stood between

Jake Janda’s store on the left [north] and Johnson’s Hardware on the right [south]. Art Swanson,
c. 1930’s, ran a tavern in “Harness Shop portion”
12549-P. Camp unknown, probably same camp as #12541, view from hill, single railroad track,
camp-long loading platform-this photo mistakenly labled Camp 28 at Camp 28 Restaurant
12550-P. “Camp 27-Mike Roiger camp” 4 unidentified men, 3 camp buildings, NB-railroad
track fush with ground, no platform
12551-P. 2-25-1948 citizens fill gondola railroad car to attend last log ceremony, 2008 site of
C&G Gas station, rear middle-McComb Ave., flag pole next to Boy Scouts building, right-
loading dock RLLC store
12552-P. c. 1900 newly constructed railroad on north shore of Rib Lake-slabwood retaining wall;
J.J. Kenedy’s Commercial Hotel
12553-P. 5-4-1912, “Rib Lkae Lumber Co’s Mill & Landing, Rib Lake, Wis” log rollways into
Rib Lake, caboose on newly constructed railroad on north shore, NB-curved bull chain into
RLLC mill
12554-P. How-de-do in 62 parade on McComb Ave., lead car convertible-Vic Kohn “King” and
Beverly Janko “Queen”, foreground-Grace Schabel, rear-Avis Kohn, rear, left to right – Olsen
Hardware, L.J. Scharer building, [in 2008, Olde Town Liquor], Coffee Cup Café, Little Bohemia,
Old Bank building, [new] Lake Theatre
12555-P. aerial of Rib Lake, lower left-Herman Batzer home on Kennedy Street; center left-
boxcar on railroad track to roller mill; c. 1925, view to southeast
12556-P. 2-1947 “Winter Fishing” near Copper Creek inlet of Rib Lake; rear-old high school,
Lutheran Church, logs on railroad flat cars along north shor of Rib Lake
12557-P. “Post Office 1900 on Church St. between Glenzers and Bubes”, on back “1900-Old
P.O. building in Rib Lake which housed The Rib Lake Herald a few years”
12558-P. unidentified logging camp c. 1900, NB-fish & man with bandaged right hand “Bertha
Taylor cook”
12559-P. c. 1920 may be McRae’s Bakery, left-Mary Heizler (Kapitz), right-Hilda [daughter of
John] McRae [Hagen], lower-Jim Hagen, rear room-NB-upright coffee grinder
12560-P. meal ticket-John McRae’s Restaurant, Rib Lake, Wis. 21 meals for $3.50, meals at all
hours, NB-punch out c. 1903-1908
12561-P. John & Nina McRae & family, back-Vernon, Hilda, Jim; lower-Milton McRae
12562-P. Camp # unknown, c. 1925, right-meat house with screens; rear-virgin hemlock; 7
automobiles; foreground-pig
12563-P. “Ed Peterson (Marge Nelson’s father) pelling hemlock [bark] in Spirit country” c. 1915,
4 foot strip of bark pelled from tree, tree will now be felled and more bark stripped off; peeling
spud stuck in tree with hat on; Ed sweating-wearing long-sleeved woolen underwear-this is
spring work
12564-P. Steam Hauler pulling 7 loads of logs on Rib Lake c. 1908, view to northeast, above
engine is Pfeiffer (2008 Ed Melaski farm buildings)
12565-P. 2-1-1888 Palmer’s Camp NB-log building 3 teams of oxen, probably a pine camp-i.e.
cutting exclusively white pine logs
12566-P. c. fall of 1948 dry yard, half-empty, left-steeple of Methodist Church, right-steeple of
Catholic Church
12567-P. RLLC locomotive #3, 6 unidentified men, rear-dry yard
12568-P. loading hardwood on railroad flatcar; center-tallyman with note pad c. 1935

12569-P. Camp 4 c. 1908 “Logging engine, Rib Lake, Wis”, Shay Locomotive & supply car, at
locomotive-probably Chester Curran and Bob Hess, Bert Aitken with dog, view east
12569A-left side of 12569
12570-P. c. 1940 log cars in village
12571-P. c. 1940 log cars along Rib Lake
12572-P. c. 1910 “In the Woods” “Frank Diesing” on horse harness
12573-P. 1940 “Joe Kauer Camp 24”, caterpillar tractor skidding logs; rear-loading railroad car
12574-P. c. 1940, unidentified camp, horse barns, NB-overhead electric lines
12575-P. c. 1920, south side, Rib Lake Tannery, left-“Pan House”; center-scale building, view
north; foreground-Fayette Ave
12576-P. 1940, “Entire “Turn Table” – buried under Frank Park Lot” of Camp 28 Restaurant,
correction-turn table sold for scrap after 1948 mill closure; NB-mill & bull chain faintly shown
in rear; left-Rib Lake
12577-P. c. 1940 side view McGiffert Loader, machine pulled fresh, unloaded flatcars beneath
12578-P. c. 1910 RLLC Shay Locomotive #1 – 9 flatcars full of tan bark, 3 unidentified men
12579-P. c. 1940 recently laid RLLC rail, ties are unsawn logs, no fish plates beneath rail,
center-pile of unused rail; rear-cut-over land; NB-uneven, unleveled roadbed
12580-P. c. 1940 2 unidentified lumber pilers, foreground-tram cart; right-tram horse waiting
patiently to pull unloaded cart back to transfer
12581-P. c. 1911, Camp #7, railroad to Spirit Falls, Camp buildings out of sawn lumber, tar
paper covered roofs, root cellar by railroad tracks, 46 men, 1 grindstone
end of Camp 28 Restaurant collection)
12582-Abstract of Title, Brehm, Edward – SW-SW 7-33-3E; comment; 1) Extensive entries re
J.J. Kennedy & corporate land owners, 2) Wis. Central Railroad & Railway & bankruptcy; A-W
12583-Map by Wisconsin Central Railway “Rib Lake Depot Grounds” c. 1912 (depicts RLLC
mill which burned in 1913);
         A-Part of Title
         B-Part of Legend
         C-Legend Railroad “Release” dates, i.e. deed land conveyances
         D-Konz sawmill
         F-Tramway track
         G-Pickle Salting Station
         H-RLLC mill complex, engine house
         I-Dry yard
         J-original plat of Rib Lake, NB-truncated railroad spur originally to lake [probably c.
         1897 RR line to transport logs to lake]
12584-P. 11-2008 Athens, WI depot south side, view to northeast
12585-Twentieth Century Club primer, undated c. 1905; A-table of contents; B-ditty, K is for
Kennedys – my there is a stack of ‘em, yet in other places there is no lack of ‘em, now is our
chance to get a good whack at ‘em.
12586-booklet c. 1993 on Gerstberger Pines Nature Trail
Robert Damm collection
12587-P. derailed locomotive STH 13, Chelsea-Rib Lake spur #649, 5-1943

12587A-P. derailed locomotive STH 13, Chelsea-Rib Lake spur #649, 5-1943, top of locomotive,
NB-steam under cab
12587B-P. derailed locomotive STH 13, Chelsea-Rib Lake spur #649, 5-1943, foreground-truck
debris, “Where the people are looking, that’s where the man was…” inscription on back
describing location of dead truck driver
12587C-P. derailed locomotive STH 13, Chelsea-Rib Lake spur #649, 5-1943, “picking up the
pieces”, railroad crane lifts, truck chassis
end Robert Damm collection
12588-RLHe 7-2-1970 A-G “Published by Laurie T. Carlson” [Carlson takes over from Eugene
“Geno” Clifford, owner, editor & publisher]
12589-RLHe 7-14-1949 “For your scrapbook-RLHe” “Fourth of July in Rib Lake” photos – L-
upper-color guard on McComb Ave.,
12589-1 P. upper-color guard on McComb Ave., rear – Bogumil Building
12589-2 P. winners of baby contest at left; Mrs. Jay Mauch, Mendota, IL, and Miss Jane
12589-3 P. “Ole, Chef Supreme & new village president in front of his float”, in June, 1949,
Leon W. Olson, owner of Olson Hardware Store on McComb Ave., was elected president of the
village. He replaced Elmer Taylor, who resigned. Sign on truck advertises Olson Hardware
12589-4 P. “Dozens of card crowded Harper Lake Resort grounds on Sunday”, Harper Lake
Resort, south shore of lake, SE-SW 2, T22N, R2E, owned by “Ma” and “Pa”, Mr. & Mrs. Mike
Schmidt; view north; back-south end of tavern building
12589-5 P. “The Herald’s float, swarming with Herald angels”
12589-6 P. “Little Miss Cheryl Scholtz & her dog, Mikey, who drew many a smile in parade;
right-pie eating contest on bank steps
12589-7 P. “Lower row (left) crowd viewing the races and contests in front of the “you know
what” building; rear bduiing with sign, Rib Lake Herald is RLHe office & print shop, Block C,
Lot __, McComb’s Racing Park Addition
12589-8 P. “(right) small fry with their doll carts in the parade” rear-then village hall -741
McComb Ave.
12590-aerial of McComb Ave., c. 1975, new Golden Age Nursing Home under construction
12591-RPR Certificate of Election for Taylor County DA 11-14-1972, signed by Harold L.
Ruesch “Hettie”
12592-L. Larry Easton-Soo Line Historical & Technical Society, Inc, to RPR 1-6-2009
12593-Map “Wis. Central Railway” “Rib Lake depot grounds” with key – through FF
12594-Map 1985 Taylor Co. Geological Survey 45090-B3 CF 100- cover page
        A-Rib Lake area
12595-Chapter XXIX “The Black River” Lumber & Forest Industry of the Northwest, 1898 by
George W. Hotchkiss (from Merrill, WI Historical Society) p. 1-History of Taylor County
12596-Map Inman Folz “Glacial Geology”; A-western Taylor County
12597-Map Inman Folz “Bedrock Depth”
12598-Map Inman Folz “Public Lands”
12599-Map Taylor Co. State Highway Comm. 2-1957

Volume (Disc) XXVII- #12600-12699
12600-Map Taylor Co. c. 1877, 4 townships, “Charlestown”
12601-P. Star News 5-31-1983, McComb Ave.

12602-P. Rustic Road plaque and map
12603-Taylor County historical sketch 6 pgs c. 1971, by Roger L. Emmerich
12604-Star News 7-1-1976 Taylor Co. centennial souvenir program;
        A-P. Taylor Co.Courthouse
        B- P. Rotunda
        C-P. Circuit Court
        J-county officials
        L-Declaration of Independence
12605-Biography Dr. C. Kelnhofer, p. 2431 of History of Wisconsin c. 1915;A-B
12606-C. 1885 “History of Northern Wis” p. 1022 Taylor County
        A-pg. 1023
        B-pg. 1024 “Medford”
        C-pg. 1025
        D-pg. 1026 biographical sketches
        E-pg. 1027
        F-pg. 1028
        G-pg. 1029
        H-pg. 1030 – History of Chelsea
        I-pg. 1031 – biography of Wellington H. Haight
        J-pg. 1032 – History of Westboro
12607-Taylor Co History by Ray Bundick “Official List of First Logging Operations in what is
now Taylor County” c. 1965; pg. 19-Rib Lake History – 28 total pages (NB-10050 appears to be
an earlier version-18 pages)
12608-P. Eugene “Gene” a.k.a “Geno” Clifford, editor, Rib Lake Herald 5-9-1968
12609-P. c. 1935 left “Mother” Ida Rusch, nee Lange, a.k.a Mrs. Ida Knop; right “Aunt Gusta”,
Augusta Bartig (Mrs. William Bartig), Bartig farm, Augusta, WI (sisters) Ida is paternal
grandmother to Robert P. Rusch
12610-P. rear-Spirit Lake Hotel c. 1910; foreground-St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Ladies Aid
Society; arrow is directed to Mrs. Ida Rusch, nee Lange
12611-P. c. 1916, foreground-Alfred “Fritzie” Knop sitting on sleigh, probably at Albert Knop,
Sr., farm; rear-4 unidentified women
12612-P. c. 1916 at Albert Knop farm house; top-Anna Bleck nee Rusch, right-Bertha Kurth, nee
Rusch, middle-unknown; right-Herman A. Rusch; others unknown
12613-P. c. 1916 Bertha P. Rusch, a.k.a Mrs. Walter Kurth, at Albert Knop farm
12614-P. c. 1916 at Albert Knop farm, left-Robert Bleck, Sr.; middle-Oscar Lemke; right-Arnold
12615-P. c. 1916 at Albert Knop farm, left-Bertha P. Rusch, right-Leona Maes
12616-P. c. 1910 Class at Ward School, lower right-mart at red is Gustav “Gus” Adolph Rusch
12617-P. c. 1910 Gustav “Gus” Adolph Rusch & dog in garden
12618-P. c. 1918 at Lake Superior shore, Barksdale, WI, left-Bertha P. Rusch, center-unid, right-
Hedwig “Hattie” Henrietta Rusch; then employed at Dupont Power Plant making ammunition for
12619-P. c. 1920 at Lake Superior, Bayfield Co, WI; left-Hedwig “Hattie” Henrietta Rusch;
center-Marie Seidel; right-Bertha P. Rusch, then employed at Dupont Power Plant, Barksdale,

12620-P. c. 1918, mock wedding, L-Tina Pagel, left bride-Hedwig “Hattie” H. Rusch, right-
Anna L. Rusch, a.k.a Mrs. Robert Bleck; right bride-Bertha P. Rusch
12621-P. c. 1918, foreground-Bertha P. Rusch, right-Tina Pagel, rear-Mr. __ Olson, proprietor,
Olson’s Saloon [in rear]; Mr. Olson married Mrs. Pagel, mother of Tina Pagel
12622-P. c. 1940 at Robert Bleck, Sr., house, 754 Kennedy St., l-Mrs. Bertha P. Kurth, nee
Rusch, right-Mr. Walter Kurth
12623-P. c. 1940 Robert Bleck, Sr., house, 754 Kennedy St, Left-Walter Kurth, 6th-Mr. Robert
Bleck, Sr., 8th-Mrs. Robert Bleck, Sr., nee Rusch
12624-P. c. 1930 at Albert Knop farm, SE-NW, 19-33-3E, 8198 CTH C, Rib Lake; left-Herman
Arthur Rusch, next 1-Albert Knop, Sr., 2-(partial) unid child; 4-man with pipe; right-Walter
Kurth, all proudly holding 9 fish
12625-P. c. 1940 Bertha P. Kurth, nee Rusch, rear-cottage at Charles Talbot Resort, Willow
Lake, Oneida Co, WI
12626-P. c. 1940 old fashioned Christmas tree, balsam fir with tinsel, home of Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Kurth, Milwaukee
12627-P. 5-2-1917 confirmation class St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Pastor Arthur
Sydow, A-writing of Herman A. Rusch listing confirmands
12628-Obit. Kennedy, Donald Angus
12629-Obit. Kennedy, John J. 4-12-1928, “Prominent Glengarrian Dies at Portland, Ore.” From
Anna Mae Kennedy scrapbook
12630-Article; “Glengarrians Abroad” Sandon, British Columbia 6-12-899, re wedding of Alex
Ferguson to Elizabeth Francis Gillis
12631-A History of the Town of Spirit, Price Co. Wis. first published in the RLHe by Lillian P.
Clifford 3-9-1961 – commentary by RPR
Collection of Sheryl Brietzke
12632-A History of Gustav & Anna (Heller) Brietzke by Sheryl Brietzke 2008
12633-Cert. of Naturalization August Brietzke (father of Gustav Brietzke)
12634-in German – family register, marriage data, Gust Brietzke & Anna Heller 9-13-1914
Richford, WI
12635-P. wedding photo, Gust Brietzke & Anna Heller, 9-3-1914, St. Peters Lutheran Ch.,
Richford, WI
12636-Plat map “Spirit” c. 1990, T34N-R3E, former Brietzke farm (in yellow) E ½-NE1/4, T34-
12637-P. Gust & Anna Brietzke & 12 children 1937 (standing L-R) Victor, Erwin, Arthur, Ema,
William & Fred (seated) Gust “Dad” holding Gloria, Anna “Mom” holding Elaine (front row)
Raymond, Kenneth “Pete”, Caroline & Chester “John”; Anna pregnant with Joyce, born 12-13-
12638-Poem by Sheryl Brietzke “Ode to Anna & Gust”
12639-P. 1958 Robert “Bob” L. Brietzke, Sheryl M. Brietzke, Gerald “Jerry” J. Brietzke,
children of Ray Lois (Willet) Brietzke, in yard at Brietzke farm-German Settlement
12640-P. c. 1970 Gust & Anna Brietzke at farm, dog on Brietzke homestead
12641-The Bee 5-30-1996 “Brietzke family proud of its brothers; from 1941 to 1953, 8 family
members serve in armed forces”
End of Sheryl Brietzke collection
12642-Letter “Niedergebra” 2-1-1948 by “Edith” to Dear Fraulein Knop, re Knop-Mielke family
12643-Letter 2-1-1948 in German (translation is 12642)

12644-List of “Lumberjacks that worked for Lambert P. Lamberty” by Matt Lamberty, Milw.
WI c. 1970
12645-Map-Wisconsin “Official State Highway Map” c. 1980
12646-P. Rib River School Joint District #2 “Rib River School” 1937 teachers & students; Town
of Rib Lake, SW-NW 18-32-3E
12646A-Names of those pictured in 12646
12646B-2003 plat map – arrow to school site
12647-1950 Price Co. Civil Township map
12648-1950 Plat map T34N-R3E, Town of Spirit, Historic data e.g. former railroads, by H.C.
Rhody & Joe Levine – 1945
12649-P. c. 1905, 13 unidentified men building Rib Lake to Spirit Falls Railroad by hand, no
road bed, piles of ties on railroad car on rear
12650-Title page, History of Northern Wisconsin, 1881, Chicago; the Western Historical
12650A-pg 764 Price Co. Settlement “The first white settler in the territory now in Price Co was
Major Isaac Stone..”
12651-Wisconsin Rec News, Price Electric Co-op magazine 8-1972, “Meier’s Yesterday House”
by Delores Lamoreaux;
12651A-P. Roy & Helen Meier
12651B-P. Albin Johnson log cabin
12652-Article by Roy Meier “I remember my day” 1969 A-J
12653-Historic Preservation Achievement Award Nomination Blank by RPR, 2-24-1982 to State
Historical Society of Wisconsin re Mr. & Mrs. Roy & Helen Meier; A-Response 5-11-1982, by
William H. Applegate
12654-Flyer 8-13-1983 41st annual Spirit-Hill-Ogema 4-H Fair, Spirit Town Hall
12655-Price Co. map c. 1900, “Outline Map of Price Co” the Kennedy Co, Des Moines
12656-Article “German Settlement History” by Roy R. Meier, Jan. 1973, plus handwritten notes
by Roy R. Meier; G-Map routes to German Settlement c. 1-1973
12657-Map. C. 1890 T34N-R3E “Sigfried Mier” land in yellow
12658-Milw. Journal 8-23-1981 “You’re king of the hill at Timm’s Hill”; A-“Timm’s Hill was a
nobody for many years”, map; B-P. “Bass Lake” from fire tower
12659-Map & brochure c. 1985 Price Co., Wis. Recreation area; A-SE corner of County,
“Timm’s Hill, State’s Highest Point”
12660-Biography Harry Magnuson 1890-1984;
        A-P. Harry & Dad, Carl John;
        B-P. sons Herbert & Lester and daughter Aileen, and parents
        C-P. Giant white pine near Spirit Lake, L-R, Bernard Swanson, Mr. Anderson, Harry
        D-P. Harry Magnuson & pelts;
        E-P. Harry Magnuson & wife, Jennie, nee Jacobson;
        F-P. Harry Magnuson woodsman, photograph, taxidermist, fox and mink rancher,
        ginseng grower
        G-Six grandsons Edgard, Victor, Lowell, Eric, Craig, Carl – note re Jacob Bjorn
12661-Milw. Journal 1-4-1998 “Ashland’s founder trekked 240 miles to give north a voice –
Hon. Asaph Whittlesey, snowshoe lawmaker, made for Madison in buckskins”; P. Asaph

12662-1878 Historical Atlas of Wis. “Taylor County”
12663-L. 11-2-1936, Division Engineer (Chicago & NW RR, Antigo, WI) to C.T. Kike re C.M.
Christianson Lumber Co. of Phelps, WI “The Lumber Co. have no more woods [railroad]
tracks…”; A-Note by RPR, RLLC is (was) last lumber company with its own functioning
railroad transporting logs to its mill
12664-Map c. 1878, Rib Lake area, Westboro, “Charlestown Station” [later Whittlesey],
Medford, Historical Atlas of Wis.; A-reduced size
12665-Map, Taylor Co. with 4 townships 1878
12666-Map, Town of Rib Lake – 1913 Standard Atlas of Taylor Co.
12666A-West half of Town of Rib Lake
12666B-East half of Town of Rib Lake
12667-12-30-1987 Foto News-Merrill, “Timber” Courthouse log cut 50 years ago”A; P. Stump;
B-Harry Deering & white pine
12668-Map, sawmills in Merrill, WI in 1883, 2-6-1983 Merrill Foto News
12669-Bird’s Eye sketch of Merrill in 1883
12670-Map, Lincoln Co. 1914, west half with railroads
12670A-Map, Lincoln Co. 1914, T34-4E, east half
12670B-Map, Lincoln Co. 1914, T34-4E, west half
12670C-Map, Lincoln Co. 1914, T33-4E, east half
12670D-Map, Lincoln Co. 1914, T33-4E, west half
12670E-Map, Lincoln Co. 1914, T32-4E, east half
12670F-Map, Lincoln Co. 1914, T31-4E, east half
12671-Map, Lincoln Co. 1944, W half by “Carr”
12671A- Map, Lincoln Co. 1944, railroads highlighted
12672-Map, Lincoln Co. 1944, T31-4E, west half
12672A-Map, Lincoln Co. 1944, T32-4E, west half
12672B-Map, Lincoln Co. 1944, T32-4E, east half
12672C-Map, Lincoln Co. 1944, T33-4E, west half
12672D-Map, Lincoln Co. 1944, T33-4E, east half
12672E-Map, Lincoln Co. 1944, T33-5E, west half
12672F-Map, Lincoln Co. 1944, T34-4E
12673-Map, Lincoln Co. 1-1981 Department of Transportation
12674-Map, Lincoln Co. 9-11-1974, railroads, Merrill Shopper & Foto News
12675-Map, Lincoln Co. c. 1975, west half
12676-Business card-Patrick Fur Farm, Inc., Michael, Beverly & Kyle Patrick, 2008
12677-P. Aerial-Patrick Fur Farm c. 2008, view to north
12678-Pelt ID card “Patrick Fur Farm”
12679-Gojmerac Family Heritage Book by Patricia A. Gojmerac & Rosanne (Mrs. Kendrick
Carstensen, Medford)
        2-Pat Gojmerac address
        3-P. Joseph Gojmerac
        5-The story begins
        7-Family tree
        11-Joseph Gojmerac
        13-Charles Gojmerac
        15-George Gojmerac, Jr.

        17-Albert Gojmerac
        19-Dr. Walter Gojmerac
        25-P. Remember When
        29-P. The Home Farm throughout the years
        31-Obit, Goerge, Sr., Charles, Albert, Mary Gojmerac & Mrs. Nick Ceranski
        32-Obit, Joseph, Sr., Darlene Gojmerac, T.N. (Nick) Ceranski
        --Obit George Gojmerac 1917-2002 Star News, Bernice Gojmerac 1924-2004
        --Star News 4-8-2004 P. George in Military Service, Charles, Albert, Joseph, Walter,
        Joseph, Jr., Deborah J. Gojmerac
        --L. Tom Gojmerac “Hello, I’m Tom Gojmerac” in memory of George
12680-L. Dr. Walter L. Gojmerac, 5601 Raymond Rd., Madison, WI 53711, 11-13-2008; A-B-
Autobiography of Walter L. Gojmerac; C-Title page “Bees, Beekeeping Honey & Pollination””,
bio-Walter L. Gojmerac; D-Title Page “What you should know about honey” by Walter L.
Photos from Gojmerac (Patricia) album
12681-P. George Gojmerac, Jr. farm, W1-2, 12-32-2E, Town of Greenwood, view north, 7-5-
12681A-1940 plat map, T32N-R2E, George Gojmerac farm highlighted
12682-P. A young Gojmerac chasing heifers, back-Greenwood Town Hall – east side c. 1936
12683-. 7-1936, Mrs. Goerge Gojmerac, Sr., nee Mary Yarnovich, wading in Wellington Creek,
4 unidentified kids
12684-P. 3-horse team pulling 1 bottom plow, 7-1936, George Gojmerac, Sr.
12685-P. c. 1888, SW-SW-12-2E, then owned by William Martin family, NB-Wellington Creek
foot bridge, stumps in field, rear-virgin white pine, log cabin, barn under construction
12685.1 same as 12685-take 2 from Karen Waldo – better quality
12686-P. George Gojmerac, Sr., farm field, 1936, left-Timber Drive running north; rear right-
rock pile
12687-P. team plowing; right-rock pile
12688-P. c. 1938 making hay, team pulls hay wagon and hay loader
12689-P. team raking cut hay into windrow
12689A-P. Joseph G. Gojmerac raking hay, c. 1938, 3-horse team
12690-P. 3 girls near windrows
12691-P. Loaded hay wagsin, George Gojmerac, Sr., barn in rear
12692-P. c. 1938 Chev truck and big load of hardwood, “Jim Blennert” – driver, on door-
L.C.8206 Al Ruesch, Medford, PSCW (Public Service Commission of Wis)
12692A-Original of 12692
12693-Jan. 2005 “Official Building Number Map” of Village of Rib Lake, “The purpose of this
map is to maintain an official log of [street addresses] address numbers..”; A-Legend; B-school
sites; C-McComb Ave.
12694-Camp Carter flier c. 1948
12694A-P. The farmhouse, f.k.a Ma & Pa Mike Schmidt
12694B-P. “A clear sand bottom beach…” South Harper Lake
12695-P. 5-1992 Mr. & Mrs. Elaine (born Carter) and Max Schaufelberger – 50th wedding
anniversary at Chicago restaurant
12696-P. 1958 Camp Carter “girls” at Camp Carter; L-R, 1) Elaine Carter, n/k/a Schaufelberger,
6) Rose Constance Patrick, f/k/a Storina, 9) Dorothy Carlson

12697-P. 8-1958 Camp Carter “farmhouse”
12697X-P. “Main Lodge at Camp Carter, Harpers Lake, near Rib Lake, Wis. 13” c. 1950
12698-P. 8-1957 Camp Carter “girl” on horse
12699-P. 1959 L-Dorothy Hebda, C-John Sheldon Patrick, R-Rose Patrick, rear-boat house

Volume (Disc) XXVIII- #12700-12799
12700-P. Rose Patrick’s friends from (Chicago) work, Mary, Anna, Betty, Rose Patrick, Steve
12701-P. 1962 at Camp Carter, Mrs. Rose Patrick tapping a keg; R-John Sheldon Patrick
12702-P. 7-3-2006 L-Mrs. Dorothy Hebda, the first Camp Carter “girl”; R-Mrs. Rose Patrick
12703-1972 Taylor Co. Plat Book, front page, Rockford Map Publishers “History Notes by
RPR” Camp data primarily from Frank Erdman, 1981
12703A-Taylor County general highway map, east one-half
12703B-Westboro T33 North, Range 1 East
12703C-Westboro-Rib Lake T33N R2E
12703D-Rib Lake T33N R3E
12703E-Chelsea T32N R1E
12703F-Greenwood T32N R2E
12703G-Greenwood-Rib Lake T32N R3E
12703H-Goodrich T31N R3E
12704-Masthead “The Herald” 1-6-1972, and logo “Land of the Great Spirit”, “Tim’s (sic) Hill,
el. 1952 feet, highest point in Wisconsin”, “Offices in Rib Lake and Prentice”
12705- Masthead “The Herald” 12-14-1972, and logo “Land of the Great Spirit”, “Tim’s (sic)
Hill, el. 1952 feet, highest point in Wisconsin”, no mention of offices cf. 12704 [J.A. O’Leary,
Editor and Publisher]
12706-The Herald 12-21-1972, photos of J.A. O’Leary & Carol O’Leary, et al; owners of
Abbotsford-Colby “Tribune Phonograph”; Athens-Edgar “Record-Review” & Rib Lake “The
12706A-P. “Rib Lake Staff” Merle Tervi and Mary Lundeen
12707-Envelope 4-2-2009 Beryl Nyberg to RPR
12708-Biography – Isaac Stone & family c. 1980 by Helen Meier (?)
12709-L. 6-20-1977 Bureau of Indian Affairs to Eidar Anderson “Isaac Stone b. 3-07-1880, d. 5-
6-1949, was the son of James Stone…& Bim we we, b. 1857, d. 8-1905, a Chippewa Indian
woman.” Signed Edmund Manydeeds
12710-Notes by Beryl Nyberg, re Isaac Stone [purportedly first Price County white settler]
[Dennis Kuehling collection]
12711-Envelope Dennis Kuehling to RPR 4-11-2009
12711A-L. Dennis Kuehling 4-11-2009 to RPR
12712-Email, John Johnson to Dennis Kuehling 10-19-2007, re antique postcards dating codes
12713-Autobiography of Edmund Creed, Unity, WI “Trials and Tribulations of An Old Pioneer
12714-P. Hotel Winchester, Medford, WI, [built to prove hemlock construction capabilities]
postdate 8-6-1910
12715-P. “City Park, Rib Lake, Wis” bridge over Copper Creek, Lake Shore Drive, postdate 11-
12715A-reverse side of 12715
12716-P. RLLC mill fire 1914, L-bull chain, view southwards

12716A-postmark 7-27-1914 & text
12717-P. RLLC new mill under construction c. 1916, foreground – RLLC Store
12718-P. “In the woods near Rib Lake, Wis” Shay locomotive, 7 flatcars of logs, “Photo by
Brown”; superior quality, identical photo scanned as 12821
12719-P. 1910 Rib Lake Village, foreground-top of hemlock, NB-identical tannery company
houses along north side of Fayette Ave.
12719A-postcard 2-12-1916 & text
12720-P. Rib Lake c. 1910, view to northeast, railroad log cars; foreground-marsh grass in lake –
site of later hotpond
12721-P. “steam log hauler to Rib Lake” “c1428” peeled hemlock logs on sleigh NB-R-RL
12722-P. “High & Grade School – Rib Lake, Wis. C-6” c. 1920, NB-bell tower [tower blew off-
12723-P. RLLC, Rib Lake, Wis. C-1; RLLC mill on roof “Rib Lake”, A-National Hotel
12724-P. “The Lone Pine Trail, Rib Lake, Wis. 32” view northward
12725-P. “Lone Pine Trail – Spirit Lake – Rib Lake, Wis. B 244 Excel” view southward
12725A-postcard 7-18-1941 & text
12726-P. “Scene on Spirit Lake B 237”, Big Spirit Lake- off photo to left – island
12726A-Postcard 7-18-1941 & text
12727-P. South Harper Lake C 15” view from present Rustic Rd. – NB – island
12727A-postcard 7-17-1944 & text
12728-P. “South Harper Lake 28”
12728A-postcard 7-28-1948 & text
12729-P. “Seidel’s Housekeeping Cottages, North Harper Lake, RibLake, Wis A-197”
12729A-postcard 7-25-1944 & Text
12730-P. Seidel’s Cottages – North Harper Lake, Rib Lake, Wis. 49 (in color)
12730A-postcard 7-21-1952 & text
12731-P. “Cottage No. 2, Seidel’s Cottages, North Harper Lake, Rib Lake, Wis. 84”
12731A-Postcard 7-16-1957 & text
12732-P. “The Drive, Seidel’s Cottages, North Harper Lake, Rib Lake, Wis. 47”
12732A-Postcard 5-17-1963 & text
12733-P. P. “Seidel’s Cottages – Cottage No. 8”
12733A-Postcard 5-23-1963 & text
12734-P. “Seidel’s Cottages on North Harper Lake, Rib Lake, Wis.” view southward
12735-P. “Cottage 2 at Seidel’s Cottages, North Harper Lake, Rib Lake, Wis. 44”
12736-P. “Office Seidel’s Cottages, North Harper Lake, Rib Lake, Wis. 75”
12737-P. “Harper Lake Resort, Rib Lake, Wis. 39” sign “Harper Lake Resort office”, c. 1939
12738-P. “Tavern at Harper’s Lake Resort, Westboro, Wis. 90” c. 1955, “Perkins Ice Cream”
12739-P. “View of Harper Lake Resort, Rib Lake, Wis. 7” view westward
12740-P. “Cabin #3 Harper Lake Resort, Rib Lake, Wis. C-14”
12741-P. “The Bunk House, Harper Lake Resort, Rib Lake, Wis. 57” NB-Wood rowboat
12742-P. “Harper Lake. at Harper Lake Resort, Rib Lake, Wis. C-11” L-resort dock; rear-Hill
planted in red pine c. 1955
12743-P. “Cabin #2, Harper Lake Resort, Rib Lake, Wis. 24”
12743A-postcard 9-19-1947 & text
12744-P. Matty Janish, Musky caught Oct. 17, 1948, 46 one-half” long, 39 lbs. North Harper
Lake, Rib Lake, Wis. 69”

12744A-Postcard 8-22-1950 & text
12745-P. From Star News “Remember When – A souvenir from Rib Lake” view westward from
Mike “Pa” Schmidt farm – Camp Carter c. 1920
12746-P. South Harper Lake c. 1910, view from present Rustic Road; L-point; R-island
12747-P. “Island in Harper Lake, G-552”
12748-P. “view of South Harper 3”
12749-P. view of South Harper Lake no. C-15” L-point
12750-P. “Bathing Beach Harper Lake, Rib Lake, Wis” South Harper Lake c. 1950
12751-P. “So. Harper Lake, Rib Lake, Wis. Ester photo, Waupun” c.1920 NB-Silver Creek
12751A-postcard 8-13-1939 & text
12752-Hultman Lake
12752A-Postcard 8-11-1938 & text, to Mr. Bruno Beck, 69 Peru St., Berlington, VT.
12753-P. “Lily & Violet Cottages, Holly’s Resort, Stone Lake, Rib Lkae, Wis. PO Ogema, Wis.
59” c. 1958
12754-P. Maple Knoll, Spirit River, Rib Lake, Wis. 39” STH 102 Stone 2 arch bridge over Spirit
12754A-Postcard 5-9-1960 & text
12755-P. “Spirit Lake, Rib Lake, Wis. No. C-21” view north, present STH 102, c. 1930 sign –
Hiden left of road, “Hillsboro Pale” beer
12756-Gordon Nordgren c. 1955
12757-L. 4-2-2009 Phyllis R. (Mrs. Gordon) Nordgren nee Knop to RPR
12758-L. “2007” by Phyllis R. Nordgren “Bits of the history of the Settlement of Harper
12759-“Bits of History of Harper Lakes” by Ruth Coughlan
12760-L. “2008” by Phyllis R. Nordgren (?); A-note by Phyllis R. Nordgren
12760B-P. Mike & Elsie Schmidt “Pa & Ma”; & brick home
12760C-P. ice harvesting
12760D-Harper Lake History by Phyllis R. Nordgren
12760E-P. Bill Schmidt, Herb Curran, Matt Jarish & fish
12760F-P. South Harper Lake beach
12760G-P. Camp Carter History
12761-Article “Hillcrest on South Harper Lake” 3-2008 by Elaine Hansen
12762-L. 3/3/2008 Elaine Hansen to Phyllis R. Nordgren
12762A-P. Elaine & Ray Hansen, P. Louise Harder Perschbacher
12762B-P. Mrs. Harder & the four children in front of playhouse c. 1916; P. the playhouse in
12763-“Our Cottage Story” by Joyce (Cunningham) Pace; A-G; H-P. Enoch Berg & Al Follett
12764-“Scudder’s On the Rocks”, 2 pg article – Author unknown
12764X-“Lumberjack Stories” by a child of Mike & Elsbeth Schmidt
12764X1-“Introduction to Bachelor Haven” by Dennis Kuehling 7-4-2007
12764X2-“Bachelor Have or Pioneer Days at Harper Lake in Taylor County, Wis.” by Elsbeth
Amehlia Margrets Krause Schmidt, a.k.a. “Ma” Schmidt of Harper Lake Resort, a.k.a. Elsie or
Ella – edited by Dennis Kuehling
12765-Obit, Albert Knop, Sr. , 5-22-1942 Rib Lake Herald; obit, Mrs. Albert Knop, Sr., f.k.a.
Mrs. Herrmann Rusch, f.k.a. Ida Lange; card of thanks, Mr. Albert Knop, Jr.

12765A-P. Albert Knop, Sr., 3-14-1900, & first wife, Ernestina Klatt
12765B-P. c. 1930 Albert Knop, Sr. & second wife, Ida, f.k.a. Mrs. Herrmann Rusch, a.k.a. Ida
Lange, on Knop farm – half mile north CTH C & STH 102
12766-Envelope, Taylor Co. Forestry Dept. to RPR 3-31-2009
12766A-Patent – Kennedy Lake real estate 11-13-1985; [“lost” – unsurveyed land – RPR]
12767-L. Herbert Magnuson to RPR 2-23-2009
12767A-“Jennie Magnuson 1894-1986” obituary brochure; B-Poem by Lorelei Dickinson; C-
sketch of Jennie Magnuson
12768-“RLH-Movers & Shakers; Cast of Characters to Early Rib Lake History” Updated to May
4, 2009 – [old version was 12269]
12769-Map- Rib Lake Village 12-1996; by Ayres Associates
        B-Tannery pond & south; McComb Ave.
        C-Original plat area
        D-original plat area & McComb’s Racing Park Addition
12770-P. c. 2000 St. Ann’s Church – altar
12771-P. c. 2000 St. Ann’s Church – view from NW, original basswood siding
12772-P. c. 2000 St. Ann’s Church – west side, original basswood siding
12773-P. c. 2000 St. Ann’s Church – NE corner – rear of old Thums store & home
12774-P. c. 2000 St. Ann’s Church – pews & scriptures-altar
12775-P. c. 2000 St. Ann’s Church – Jesus sculpture
12776-P. c. 2000 St. Ann’s Church – interior – view SW nave
12777-P. c. 2000 St. Ann’s Church – sculpture virgin holding adolescent Jesus
12778-P. c. 2000 St. Ann’s Church – nave-stained glass window – interior
12779-P. c. 2000 St. Ann’s Church – bell in belfry
12780-P. c. 2000 St. Ann’s Church – 2 bells in belfry
12781-P. c. 1979 from old water tower, view northwest to RLHS; rear-new water tower prior to
construction of grade school
12782-P. c. 1979 upper Michigan, Porcupine Mtns. State Park, virgin hemlock stand;
representative of original Rib Lake forest
12783-“Map of the Wisconsin Central Line & connections” “The 1891 Grain Dealers &
Shippers Gazetteer” Wis. Central Railway map
12784-Envelope with 1 cent stamp; Library Commission to Public Library, Rib Lake; “report
blanks and reference for 1919”
12785-8-1-1918 Rib Lake Public Library Annual Statistical Report, Signatures of Trustees, Mrs.
O. Steffeck, Mrs. T. Williams, Mr. O. Steffeck, Prof. Brown, Mrs. G.C. Wickman, President,
Mrs. J. Upjohn, Secretary, Mrs. E.C. Getchel, Mrs. A. Allard
        A-“Book statistics”, total # of vols. Lent for home use – 3216; list of magazines x= those
        B-Financial statement , receipts = $290.48 = payments
        C-form questions – not answered
12786-“Soo Line freight bill” 10-13-1919; billed from Madison, WI; car initials Penn 5333, “3
box books weight 250”; total charges $1.89; to station #1742, Rib Lake, Wis.
        A-backside “rules”
12787-Bill – from “Free Public Library, T.V. Olson, Librarian, Rib Lake, Wis” 11-11-1910,
invoice & order for library supplies - $3.15

12788-voucher 1-7-1919 Rib Lake Public Library to First National Bank of Rib Lake “pay to Jas.
Upjohn 31 in payment of books & magazines” signed by Mrs. James Upjohn, Sec; and Mrs. G.C.
Wichman, president; Theda B. Williams
12789-printed pages of new books at Rib Lake Public Library
12790-Rib Lake Free Library Assoc. pay to Margaret Clark, $2, signed Mrs. F.G. Bailey, Pres; &
Mrs. L.A. Rousseau, Sec; 6-22-1911, “paid” First National Bank, Rib Lake
12791-counter check 7-6-1917, pay to Mr. Cox $9.10; signed Mrs. L.A. Rousseau, sec. library
board; signed J.Sig Stone, treas; “The First National Bank”
        A-back, signed Chas. H. Cox
12792-5-4-1918 “Order for Money” to Mrs. H. Kennedy (Mrs. Caroline, a.k.a. Hugh Kennedy
1865-1937); signed Mrs. Selina Rousseau & Mrs. James Upjohn; $20 charged to library board;
A-back signed by Mrs. Hugh Kennedy
12793-voucher 3-22-1919, Rib Lake Public Library to Mary Hazen, $15 “salary” to First
National Bank, signed Mrs. James Upjohn, Sec; and Mrs. G.C. Wichman, pres; signed Theda B.
Williams, treasurer (a.k.a. Mrs. S.J. Williams); A-back, signature of Mary E. Hazen
12794-Bank Statement “Rib Lake Library Ass’n, Mrs. S.J. Williams, Treas”; Jan. 23-Oct. 12,
1920; balance brought forward $37.59; 10 debits $3.55 to $28.41, 1 deposit $200; balance
$35.56; First National Bank, Rib Lake, Wis; A-back, math in longhand
12795-Rib Lake Herald 8-12-1965, top half-first page; photos of McComb Ave. parade
12796-P. 5-1910; Twentieth Century Club; 3 dozen + unidentified people; A-back “The Century
12797-P. c. 1915 cast at Johnson Hall stage (SW corner McComb & Fayette Ave.) Village of
Rib Lake; 41 unidentified people
12798-P. Rib Lake Village, Lakeshore Drive, Copper Creek bridge; SW cemetery corner, view
south; c. 1915
12799-P. c. 1920 “rollways”, Camp 18, McGiffert loader (see smoke from steam engine) loading
railroad flatcars; part of RLLC operations – Town of Corning, Lincoln Co.; “1421” A-Back
“Rollways at one of the camps of the RLLC”

Volume (Disc) XXIX- #12800-12899
12800-P. “Logging scene, Rib Lake, Wis” c 19 unidentified men; 7 wood-frame camp buildings
immediately behind railroad track; right-railroad mainline; rear-McGiffert loader, Camp #22, c.
12801-P. 1914 RLLC mill fire; rear-Tannery buildings; Right-RLLC locomotive & combination
freight & passenger car; view to north; right rear-logs in hot pond
12802-P. c. 1910 “McComb Avenue, West Side, Rib Lake, Wis”; L-George Braun, Dealer in
timbered & improved lands”; Upjohn Drug Store; “Furniture” store; R-“Wisconsin” hotel; view
12803-Abstract of Title, first 3 pages, Lot 7, Block D, McComb’s Racing Park Addition to
Village of Rib Lake (2009 Damien Jones property); part of Lot 2, Sec. 26, T33N R2E from 5-18-
1874 to 12-23-1897
Photos from RPR collection
12804-P. 5 unidentified men; 2 horse teams hitched to log sleigh; rear-log jammers in Rib Lake
Village; south end of camp; 9 sleighloads – just north of Rib Lake, view to east c. 1915

12805-P. Pete Lamberty jobber camp 1927 – Town of Corning, Lincoln Co, Wis; 4 wood-frame
camp buildings & screened house; front-elevated walkway; P-from Peter Enders; blanket hangs
on handrail
12806-P. Freiman’s Landing (east of Wood Lake) c. 1915, rollway along railroad, team &
teamster; 3 unidentified men on rollway
12807-P. decking logs – Freiman’s Landing c. 1915, 1 mi. southwest from Wood Lake, from
Peter Enders collection

12808-P. Rollway – Freiman’s Landing c. 1915; rear-cut-over
12809-P. c. 1915, Freiman’s Landing shanty & decking crew, Peter Enders collection
12810-P. tanker to spread water for ice road – Freiman’s Landing; rear-shack shown in 12809
12811-P. c. 1920 aerial, dry yard; rear-Central Hotel & Ward School; view to south, source-Matt
12812-advertisements 11-10-1955 Rib Lake Herald; A-Lakeview Resort, Marty & Inez Vanucha,
Big Spirit Lake; B-John Dolezalek, Sr., electrical; C-Jeanette’s Beauty Shop, National Hotel
12813-advertisements 11-1955 Rib Lake Herald; A-Harper Lake Resort,”A Swedish Buffet in
Grand Array; B-Fred’s Garage, f.k.a. North Side Garage, Fred Rademacher
12814-Rib Lake Herald c. 1955 New Lake Theatre ad
12815-Rib Lake Herald c. 1955 “Borrowing is a nasty habit! Stealing is a sin! Rib Lake Herald
12816-“We print everything – but money! Rib Lake Herald ad c. 1960
12817-“Wanted boys & girls” 9 years & up to register for bean picking, Lincoln Canning Co,
Merrill, WI, Rib Lake Herald ad 7-1955
12818-Rib Lake Herald ad 6-1955; A-Weed notice, Village of Rib Lake; notice is herby given to
each & every person…to cut or destroy…marijuana that is not grown or cultivated for lawful
purposes..signed Wessly Stiel, Weed Commissioner; B-Rib Lake station, State Bank of Medford
& hours open
12819-Rib Lake Herald c. 1955 ad, Don & Barney Cihasky, d.b.a. South Side Garage “Cities
Service Gas and Oil Products”
12820-P. “Steam Loader” “Rib Lake, Wis” c. 1930, McGiffert loader in midst of hoisting
hardwood logs onto partially loaded flat car; 7 unidentified men; smoke rising from smoke stack;
empty flatcar beneath loader
12820A-backside; to John Erickson, Alma Center, Wis; “from Lewis Larson”
12821-P. c. 1910 prior scanning 12718, “In the woods near Rib Lake” “Photo by Brown” Rib
Lake Lumber Co. Shay locomotive; 8 loaded logging cars; rear-cedar swamp; 3 unidentified men
12822-P. c. 1910 “Depot Scene Rib Lake, Wis.” combination baggage-passenger car on rear of
at least 5 cars; left-Rib Lake depot, east side, Dray wagon & team; far left & rear-S.A. Konz
sawmill; right-dry yard & lumber piles, elevated chute to load cattle; foreground-5 rolls of
material lay on walkway; view to southwest-toward Chelsea
12822A-backside-postmark Rib Lake 5-31-1912 to Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Pfister & family, Rt. 1, New
Holstein, Wis.; text in German schrift; one cent cancelled stamp
12822B-text in modern German (by Clemens Gebauer) - English translation, The Rib Lake train
has just left, conveying my best thanks for the Maybell [a spring flower] to Charlestown
[Whittlesey, WI]. Hopefully I can next Monday spend a half hour with you to personally thank
you for the great [aufererksamkeit]. I will arrive about 9-30 to the little house. With friendly
greetings, P.R.W.

John Klimeck collection
12823-“Clerk Edwin Knauth Writes History of Chelsea” 4-9-1959 Star News
12824-“Clerk Edwin Knauth Writes History of Chelsea” Star News – part 2
12825-“Clerk Edwin Knauth Writes History of Chelsea” Star News – part 3
12826-“Clerk Edwin Knauth Writes History of Chelsea” Star News – part 4; “Chelsea history
final installment”; last Soo Line train 12-27-1958
12827-Map, plat, Chelsea 32N1E 1913, from Standard Atlas of Taylor County; site of
Borgemoen’s Store & first town hall noted by RPR
12828-Memorial Book, Royal Neighbors of America, cover page
        A-Title page, Camp 704, “Hemlock Camp” Rib Lake
        B-Record 1-14-1953 Mary Schaack, et. Al
        C-Ibid, 1958 Edward Eckhoff
12829-Pamphlet “Royal Neighbors of America 75th anniversary” cover
        A-Title Page
        B-Pg. 1
        C-Pg. 2 history of Royal Neighbors of America 1895-1970
        D-ibid pg. 3
        E-ibid – pg. 4 historical desk…
12830-envelope 8-30-1982; Royal Neighbors to Sophia Curran
        A-Letter announcing new billing system
        B-official receipt for premium and camp dues 12-31-1981 received of Sophia Curran,
signed by Lillian Thums, recorder (old method of payment)
12831-Altar cloth “Royal Neighbors of America” partial (original 18” X 6’)
        A-back, “This cloth was repaired by Sophia Curran and Esther Lemke 1950
12832-pamphlet “Ritual Supplement” Royal Neighbors of America, undated 16 pages
12833-book; Ritual for local camps of Royal Neighbors of America 1941 edition
12834-annual password 1974; A-back, handwritten note “Fraternalism White Rose”
12835-pamphlet “Secret work” Royal Neighbors of America – Supreme Office, Rock Island, IL,
form A372; 10m 1-53, cover
        A-P. 1 “secret work” “The permanent password of the society is 67-78-50-12-7-5-12-25-
50-17… [=protection –see 12836]
12836-Key to Cypher; A-back
RPR Photo Collection
12837-P. 1-1984 Steam hauler ice road right-of-way N1/2 6T32-3E, view east; rear-Peche Dr.;
Right-old water hole
12838-P. Walter “Wimpy” Wilhelms on right-of-way; left-old white pine stump
12839-P. Walter “Wimpy” Wilhelms on right-of-way; view west
12840-P. “water hole 1984” hand dug hole-naturally filled with water, RLLC crew drew water
here to ice the ice road; this ice road led from RLLC mill in village of Rib Lake to Camps
including RLLC #2 in 1906
12841-P. 1984 old Westboro high school, north side
12842-P. old Westboro high school, east side; right-Robin Ann Pauline Rusch 1984
12843-P. old Westboro high school, east side; Rib Lake school bus transporting pupils to
elementary school building on left
12844-P. old Westboro high school, original wood frame high school

12845-P. old Westboro high school, east & north sides, brick addition to rear; left-(partial) grade
school; wood frame portion razed c. 1988; as of 5-2009, brick buildings still stand
12846-P. 1984, Rib Lake Town Hall, south side (L) and east sides
12847-P. STH 102, view west, Right-old town hall; far right-old town garage; town hall razed c.
1988; left-Zondlo tavern & ballroom (metal WWII Quonset hut)
12848-P. STH 64 “Goodrich-unincorporated” highway sign; right-old grade school “District #3”;
left-tavern & restaurant, view to west
12849-P. 1986 Rib Lake Village former Church of Christ (donated to RLV 9-1973) “Laker
Social Club” – senior citizen center, east side of Pearl St.; 2 doors south of Landall Ave; razed c.
12850-P. c. 1936 “Louie Horton c. 1936 at Birch Run”, a.k.a. home of RPR, N8643 CTH C, SE
NE 13 T33N R2E; @ Peter Kurek – Horton lived there “couple years” in log cabin
12851-P. 12-1986 “Rib Lake Town Hall” front facing south – STH 102 shown; left-sign
“Township of Rib Lake, Home of Wisconsin’s Rustic Road No. 1”; front-flagpole
Collection of Dorothy Obenhofer, nee Thums
12852-P. 1923 Seewiesen, Czechslovakia (Bohemia) John Denk family, Seeweisen is Village for
which Thums family emigrated
12853-P. Mrs. Wenzel Thums, nee Elizabeth Feldegel (Wenzel Thums is family patriarch)
12854-P. Josef Thums
12855-P. Mrs. Joseph Thums, a.k.a Rosalia Dums
12856-P. Peter & Karoline Pfaffl Linzmaier,
12857-P. Franz Xavier Wenzel, Teresa Kallross Wenzel
12858-P. Josef Thums by his store; in 1928 Joseph transferred the store & home to son, Carl
Thums, and daughter-in-law, Lillian
12859-P. Josef Thums store & home, NE corner Brehm Ave. & Wellington Lake Rd. SW-SW 5-
32-2E; c. 1930 NB-“Detour [STH] 102”; Josef Thums opened store in 1892 after emigrating
from Seeweisen, Bohemia
12860-P. c. 1930 East side Joseph Thums store-home; R-wood stave silo
12861-P. c. 1925 Rudi Thums at Josef Thums store
12862-P. 11 women celebrating beer; L-R; back-Emma Dums, X, Mrs. Joe Ulczycki, Margaret
Dums; front-Mrs. Graumann, x, x, Anna Kraemer, little girl, Dorothy Thums, n.k.a Mrs. Dorothy
12863-P. c. 1930 horse & pony, Joseph Thums farm
12864-P. c. 1930 team of horses hitched to mower, barn addition under construction; 3
12865-P. unidentified girl with bike; rear-Wellington Lake Rd, view north
12866-P. 2 unidentified kids with sleigh, sign above “Buy Ferrys Seeds” at Thums store?
12867-P. unidentified boy on McCormick-Deering 15-30 tractor; NB-lugs not tires
12868-P. Sankt Anna Kirche=St. Ann’s Church; north side c. 1920
12869-P. St. Ann’s Church. C. 1940
12870-P. St. Ann’s Church c. 1930
12871-P. St. Ann’s Church c. 1920-church steeple far right; team of horses pulls sleigh east on
Brehm Ave.; rear-barn for horses of parishioners
12872-P. Feast of Corpus Christi at St. Ann’s Church, 6-20-1941 procession arrives at church;
rear-Josef Thums-later Carl Thums-farm, view SW

12873-ibid, processing heading east on Brehm Ave.; left-Josef Thums barn, view NE
12874-P. ibid, procession returning-walking west on Brehm Ave.; right-driveway into St. Ann’s
12875-P. ibid
12876-P. ibid canopy over priest
12877-P. ibid priest in center holding remonstrance; left-altar boy incense dispenser
12878-P. ibid –walking west on Brehm Ave. past Josef Thums barn; L-R, Joseph Ulczycki,
Vince Kramer, Monsignor Smits, unknown, Fr. Klister, Henry Fuchs, unknown, Howard
Schilling and Lillian Thums
12879-P. ibid-bishop in center
12880-P. temporary altar & cut evergreens on route of Corpus Christi procession; rear-Josef
Thums store-home
12881-P. Military funeral color guard approaching St. Ann’s Church c. 1945, rear-Josef-Carl
Thums home, view to SW
12882-P. ibid, at St. Ann’s Cemetery, view to NE
12883-P. horse & foal, rear left-St. Ann’s Church, view west c. 1930
12884-P. confirmands at St. Ann’s
12885-P. wedding couple, with parents
12885A-P. same wedding couple
12886-P. c. 1930 team with sleigh, hidden teamster, Josef Thums farm
12887-P. temporary drivers license for Dorothy Marie Thums 4-6-1946
12888-P. Highland School (NW NW 9-32-2E) Board of Education 1937, L-R-Charles Goodrich,
Vincent Kramer; Conrad Roder, Jr., Emil Schwoch
12889-P. 8 unidentified pupils Highland School
12890-P. 8 unidentified pupils Highland School
12891-P. Carl Thums truck, “P.S.C.W. C.M.C. LC 7511” Public Service Commission of Wis.
Carl used on his milk route c. 1934
12892-P. Carl Thums “Medford Cooperative Creamery Co.” truck c. 1950
12893-P. 6 trucks c. 1930 on Wis. Ave., Medford – all hauled cream cans to Medford Co-op
Creamery; #2 from right-Oscar Mohr, Rib Lake, left of Oscar is Carl Thums; left of Carl is
Charles Bahr; Right-Ray McNeely
12894-P. c. 1930 Town snowplow in front of Josef Thums store
12895-P. c. 1930 town plow heading north on Wellington Lake Ave.
12896-P. c. 1930 town plow; rear-Joseph Thums store
12897-P. Greenwood town snowplow – in drift c. 1930
12898-P. 10-11-1938 “Nikolai Babies” Carrie 3y 3 mo; Raymond 1y 10 mo; Rose Marie 6.5
12899-P. children on homemade teeter-totter

Volume (Disc) XXX- #12900-12999
12900-P. unidentified RLHS band member with clarinet; rear-St. Ann’s Cemetery; R-Highland
12901-P. unidentified RLHS students with clarinets at old RLHS on Fayette Ave., Rib Lake
12902-P. unidentified woman with purse; view to south; right-Highland School
12903-P. 2 unidentified nuns – old Rib Lake rectory; St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, c.
1940; left-logs on railroad flat car

12904-P. c. 1928, Carl Thums shingle mill “Carl Thums shingle mill once marketed his cedar
shakes as far south as Marshfieldd. It is here powere by a 192 Waterloo Boy John Deere tractor
12905-P. c. 1928 Carl Thums shingle mill crew; L-R, Vincent Kramer, Phillip Bonde, Carl
Thums, Ben Wudi, Rudy Thums; NB-cedar blocks ready for sawing into shingles
12906-P. c. 1928 Ben Wudi packing shingles
12907-P. c. 1928 Carl Thums shingle mill; NB-town road into spring break-up
12908-P. Town road gradter-junction of Brehm & Wellington Lake Rd. c. 1940
12909-P. Sanborn Map Co. map 12-1926, Village of Rib Lake, black & white, page 1
        includes key
        index to streets & businesses
        overview map
        high school
        RLLC barns
        Ella Street warehouse & Soo Line RR tracks
        Gustafson Co. complex & Catholic Church
12909A-1926 Sanborn Map of Village of Rib Lake, page 2, Ella Street east to McComb, Fayette
Ave. south to RLLC dry yard
12909B-1926 Sanborn Map of Village of Rib Lake, page 3, RLLC of Delaware mill complex,
Railroad to Church St., N. Lake to Main Street
12909C-1926 Sanborn Map of Village of Rib Lake, page 4, dry yard-Railroad St. south to Pine
Street, Elm east to Maple Street
12909D-1926 Sanborn Map of Village of Rib Lake, page 5, tannery bark yard, North St. south to
Fayette Ave., N. Forest St. east to Tannery Pond
12910-Map showing area of interest to Rib Lake Historical Society
12911-Map 7-31-1862 T33N R3E
12911A-ibid “meander of lakes”
12911B-ibid Sec. 26-government lots
12912-Map 7-21-1862 T33N R3E
12912A-“meander of lakes”
12913-plat map-Lincoln Co. c. 1923, T31N R4E, Camp #19 RLLC (first site)
12914-Map 12-1926 Rib Lake Village, Sanborn, N. McComb Ave.
12914A-Map 12-1926 Rib Lake Village, Sanborn, South McComb Ave.
12915-P. Cindy A. Sommer 5-2009 typing-word processing – RRSC, 111 E. Division St.,
12916-P. 5-2009 RRSC, rear-Taylor County Courthouse, L-2000 Pontiac Bonneville, R-2000
Toyota Prius
12917-P. RRSC sign
12918-Article-“RLLC numbered logging camps-dates of operation from newspaper references,
by RPR & Michael Weckwerth, updated to 5-12-2009 [NB-version 8-5-2008 = 12418]
12919-Partial abstract of title, part of Govt. Lots 1 & 2, Sec. 26, T33N, R2E, not included in any
village plat p.1
12919A-ibid, p. 2
12919B-ibid, p. 3
12920-Map 7-21-1862 Sec. 26, T33N, R2E, shows government lots around Rib Lake [NB-entire
map Doc. #12911]

12921-Deed 8-18-1893 Curtis Bros. & Co. to John J. Kennedy, Lot 10, Sec. 26 33 2E [eventual
RLLC mill site] and other lands [NB-John J. Kennedy has run the mill there from 1881 without
owning the mill-RPR]
12921A-Ibid, pg. 2
12922-Deed 6-3-1891, Curtis Bros. & Co. to J.J. Kennedy, Lots 1 & 2, Sec. 26, 33N, R2E
12923-Pamphlet “2008 Economic Profile” “Medford, Gilman, Lublin, Rib Lake & Stetsonville”
by Arlen Albrecht, 15 pgs
12923A-Map “2007 Taylor County Land Use”
12923B-ibid, Rib Lake enlargement
12924-P. 6-18-2009 RPR at his desk – RRSC – holding speaker for dictation equipment; rear-
photo & ad for Edmond Fitzgerald 50 mile ultramarathon [RPR completed this event in 1992]
12925-P. 6-18-2009 RPR – thumbs up – at his law office
12926-P. 6-18-2009 RPR holding volume 6 of Annotated Chronology to Rib Lake Herald &
mounted copy of 8-12-1965 “The Rib Lake Herald”
12927-P. RRSC sign “Rusch & Rusch Law Office, S.C.” – outdoor sign on law office, 111 E.
Division St., Medford, WI, office so operated 1980-7-1-2009
12928-Map-plat-1986 & school sites,
         B-Taylor Co. lakes & trout streams
         C-T31N-R2E, Town of Browning, old Taylor Co. poor farm site N half, NE, Sec. 6
         E-T33-R2E, James Lake School
         F-T33-R3E, Spirit Lake School, Fawn Valley School, Mud Lake School
         G-T32N-R2E, Buddy School, Sunny Knoll School, Highland School
         H-T32N-R3E, Green Grove School, Green Meadow School, Rib River School
         I-T31N-R3E, Town of Goodrich
         J-Taylor Co. East half, county address system index
12929-Map 5-23-1895, “Survey of Village of Rib Lake”, by A.S. Russel, Civil Engineer, ordered
by J.J. & Flora Kennedy, creates, inter alia, mill lot, plats lots south of Railroad Street, “Main
Street”, Second, Maple, Broadway, Lake, Church, South Hemlock & Elm Streets & Block A, &
7 numbered blocks and lots, & shows 6 railroad spurs to “mill lot”; signatures of J.J. & Flora
Kennedy “owners of the land embraced in said plat”, witnesses, O.C. Armstrong, D. McLennan,
notary-D.McLennan, recorded 6-11-1895, T.C. Reg. of Deeds, A-signatures, B-railroad spurs; C-
West portion of survey; sum creates 145 lots; first plat – subdivision – of lots in Town of Rib
Lake; NB-area not incorporated as a village until 1902
12930-Abstract of Title – Block 1, Lot 5 & part of Lot 10, Block A; of 5-23-1895 “Survey of
Village of Rib Lake”; A-part of 12929 plat – lands in abstract highlighted in yellow; B-current
legal description [7-1-09 – owners are Jeffrey N. & Julia K. Thums], C-NN, signed Gowey
Abstracting, 6-17-2009, NB-owners include, George A. Clark, Rib Lake Lumber Co. of
Delaware, John J. Kennedy “signed J.J. Kennedy”, Donald J. McLennan, Donald Kennedy,
William G. Kennedy, entry 31-$950,000 mortgage to U.S. Leather Co.; entry 35-RLLC sella 4-
1-1946 to John Mauch, Jr. with “The privilege of getting water through our present [RLLC]
system while we continue to operate the same at Rib Lake, Wis…”; summary – in 1905 Donald
Kennedy sells [presumably his home] and in 1906 William G. Kennedy [son of J.J. – does same]
this is part of Kennedy exodus from Rib Lake!
12931-Star News 6-25-2009 “Rusch brothers retire from law partnership” by Mark Berglund

12932-Star News 6-25-2009 “Annotated Chronology of Rib Lake newspaper” by Donald
12933-Map, 1948, “Rib Lake area history work map” 1948 quad of Rib Lake and other quads
showing railroads, campsites, ice-sleigh roads, camps and other historic sites compiled by RPR;
this map will change with time – original map consists of 6 quads glued together, 3x5 feet, SF-
Map 1948
12934-Map-Taylor Co. highways 1970, ice road, camp location by Frank Erdman
12935-Map 1979 quad “Rib Lake, Wis.” A-RLV north to Harper Lake; B-RLV, Lakeview Park
north to Long Lake
12936-Map 2001 Wi. Land forms, UW Extension & WI Geological & Natural History Survey;
12936A-A-figure 1-major landscape regions map showing glacial lobes;
12936B-map-Timm’s Hill-Rib Lake environs;
12936C-“Margin of Chippews, Wisconsin Vallye, & Langlade ice lobes
12937-Map c. 1990 Timm’s Hill National Trail, Ice Age National Scenic Trail – Tower Rd.
westward to STH 13, plat map shows landowners; A-west side
12938-Map c. 1988 Ice Age Trail
12939-Map 7-1-2009 “Rib Lake Lumber Co. Railroad Operations” by David Tlusty. Indicates
the sites of 28 numbered camps of RLLC & some jobber camps in Taylor, Price & Lincoln
Counties, Wis.
12940-map 5-17-1948, Surveyor’s Plat showing subdivision Lot 9-10 of Block A, also Block B
of the original plat of the Village of Rib Lake, signed by C.H. Claussen, Co. surveyor
12941-Map 1-1988 DOT NE Taylor Co.
12942-Map c. 2000 Rib Lake Ski Trails
12943-Map Jan. 2, 2004 “Rib Lake Ski Trails”
12944-Map c. 2000 “Rib Lake Community Map” Rib Lake Village street map from telephone
12945-Map c. 1987 “Rib Lake area trails” Ice Age National Scenic (yellow), Timm’s Hill
Nationa (Red); A-west & north portion
12946-Map 1977 Chequamegon National Forest (Medford Ranger District) – east portion; A-NE
12947-Map 2-17-1997 Rib Lake Village by Worten, Harry A., Rib Lake Surveyor, east half; A-
west half
12948-Map 6-948 Rib Lake Village by order of Rudy J. Mueller “Last reprint 5-12-1950”; NB-
Main Street; NB-lake “to be filled in”
12949-Map 1965 “Early Vegetation of Wisconsin” UW-Extension Geological & Natural History
Survey; A-back
12950-“1942 Cost of Living” Seek Publishing “1942 Remember When…A Nostalgic Look Back
at Time”
12951-“1945 Cost of Living” Seek Publishing
12952-P. wedding portrait, may be Henry Karl
12953-P. wedding portrait, Joseph Thums, Jr. and Amalie Linsmeier (mail order bride from
Germany, person in Park Falls knew of her)
12954-P. wedding party, Top L-R, Carl Thums, Joseph Thums, Jr., Henry Dums; bottom-Anna
Kraemer nee Dums, Bride Amalie Linsmeier, Betty Faber nee Wudi
12955-1956 RLHS commencement announcement 5-16-1956; A-members of the class
12956-1956 RLHS Calling card, “Ronald Thums”

12957-P. Ronald Thums – 1956, 2009-W2794 Cty. Rd, Curtiss, WI
12958-High School graduation portrait, Dorothy Thums, n.k.a. Obenhoffer, class of 1947
12959-P. 43 people around auto, L-at Carl Thums store warehouse, R-store-partial, South side of
building, WWI soldier standing on running board
12960-P. wedding portrait, groom seated, Leo Thums & Anna Hoffmann (mother of Isabelle
12961-P. wedding portrait, Alex Probst & Loretta (lnu)
12962-P. first communion portrait, Dorothy Marie Thums, now Obenhoffer c. 1937
12963-P. on postcard, 2 WWI American soldiers; Prop; “US” Shop; L-Herman Wenzel
12964-P. “Wabeno [Wisconsin] Cornet Band, 17 unidentified men with instruments, upper left-
Village Marshal wearing star; row 2 seated, 2 from Left-Joseph Wenzel (father of Lillian Thums)
12965-P. wedding portrait, Carl Henry Thums, Lillian Josephine Wenzel, 1928 (married at St.
Joseph Catholic Church in Stratford)
12966-P. wedding party – 7 people with flower girl, 1928, L-R Lillian Wenzel, Carl Thums,
flower girl Dorothy Wenzel, Rudolph Thums, Lucille Brust nee Thums, Joseph Wenzel, Caroline
Nikola nee Wenzel
12967-P. wedding couple, groom seated
12968-P. wedding couple by ornate chair, John Dums, Sr. and Margaret Kolecheck
12969-P. family portrait, 11 people, L-R bottom, Mary Mayer nee Wenzel (Mrs. Walter Mayer-
Chesea), 2. Dorothy Wenzel, 3. Joseph Wenzel, Sr., 4. Caroline Wenzel nee Linsmeier, 5.
Margaret Wenzel (later Mrs. Vilas White, 6. Rose Wenzel; top row L-R Lillian Josephine
Wenzel (Mrs. Carl Thums), 8. Frank Wenzel, 9. Joseph Wenzel, Jr., 10. Rupert Wenzel, 11.
Caroline Wenzel (Mrs. Edmund Nikola)
12970-P. first communicant holding candle, Lillian Josephine Wenzel (Mrs. Carl Thums)
12971-P. first communicant holding rosary, Joseph Wenzel, Jr.
12972-P. WWII soldier – private, Walter Mayer of Chelsea (Married Mary Wenzel)
12973-P. wedding couple, prop-flower basket, Vince Kraemer and Anna Dums - maybe
12974-P. wedding party of 11, 6-19-1948, Lower L-R – 1. Lillian Tilch, Ronald Krueger (Bop),
“Buck” Klemm, Delores Vargo, Dorothy M. Thums, Claire Frank Obenhoffer, Robert Dums,
Sally Wudi (flower girl), Caroline NIkola, Loel Peterson, Ray Dums
12975-P. wedding couple in front of altar, Kathleen Ann Obenhoffer and Walter Burcan
12976-P. 3 children, L-R Kathleen Ann, Joseph Carl and Donald Claire Obenhoffer 1956
12977-P. boy holding stuffed toy, Joseph Carl Obenhoffer 1956
12978-P. St. Ann’s church c. 1980, NW side
12979-postcard “Shrine of St. Ann, dedicated to the Mother of Our Blessed Lady, built in 1882
by the hands of the pioneers, Map-Rib Lake-Chelsea-St. Ann’s
12980-P. c. 1910 “Cath. Church & Parsonage, Rib Lake, Wis.” view facing west
12981-P. 1914 “Rev. P. [Peter] Dickopf”
12982-P. 1953 Monsignor Peter Dickopf
12983-P. “The Rt. Rev. Msgr. William Smits, pastor, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Tomahawk,
12984-P. Corpus Christi processing approaching St. Ann’s Church; flag bearers; L-US; R-papal
(white & yellow) (prior scan 12872) view to NW
12985-P. Corpus Christi procession at altar at Highland School, (building at right), rear-Carl &
Lillian Thums store; children kneeling – view northwards

12986-P. Corpus Christi procession leaving shrine at Highland School, rear-Carl Thums barn
12987-P. unidentified uniformed soldier standing in front of north side of Highland School,
school entrance has been temporarily converted to Corpus Christi shrine, NB-crucifix & 3 holy
12988-P. A Corpus Christi dinner – tables on law at east side of ST. Ann’s Church, view east
down Brehm Ave., left-standing, Fr. Lapinski, C.P.P.S.
12989-P. L- __ Matyka, right-Louis Thums, standing in front of Corpus Christi altar at east side
of Carl Thums store
12990-P. c. 1951 2 nuns & 58 religious education students – sitting on front (east) steps of St.
John the Baptist Catholic Church, Rib Lake
end of Dorothy Obenhoffer collection

Irene (Mrs. James) Dums collection
12991-Title Page, “Fruit of the Vine – Increase and Multiply”, a family history compiled by
James & Irene Dums, c. 1981-2000
12992-Map of Bohemia [Boehmen-German] 1900 shows Seewiesen-ancestral Thums village
12993-Map “200 Jahre Diozese Budweis 1787-1985”
12994-“Die Familie – Johann Denk” 18 Mai 1995
12995-Ancestry of Wenzel Thums
12996-Ancestral chart of Josef Thums, (son Lorenz Thums)
12997-Ancestral chart of Barbara Thums (father-Josef Thums) 1810-1900
12998-Ancestral chart of Thomas Seidl 2-21-1841
12999-Ancestral Chart of John Obowa, 15 June 1837 Austria, to 3 July 1904

Volume (Disc) XXXI- #13000-13099
13000-Map c. 2000 Bavaria – Bohemia, border region
13001-Descendants of Wenzel Thums-Elisabeth Feldegel
13002-Ancestral chart of Joseph Probst 1864 – 14 July 1944
13003-Ancestral chart of Joseph Probst, II, 15 Apr. 1888 to 22 Oct. 1980
13004-Ancestral chart of Raymond Louis Becker, 14 Mar. 1918 – 6 Mar. 1985
13005-Ancestral chart of Joseph Thums, 18 Sept. 1852 Seewiesen, Bohemia, 9 Mar. 1938
13006-Ancestral chart of Dorothy Marie Thums, 21 Nov. 1929
13007-Ancestral chart of Rudolph “Rudy” John Thums, 10 Aug. 1903 – 22 Aug. 1988
13008-Ancestral chart of Irene Mary Thums, James Gordon Dums
13009-Ancestral chart of Lorenz (Lawrence) Thums 9-8-1861 Seewiesen, Bohemia, to 3-10-
1910, married Theresia (Theresa) Seidl (Seidel) – 1866-1938
13010-Ancestral chart of Walter “Wimpy” Wilhelms, 30 Apr. 1921 – 13 Nov. 2002, marries
Isabelle Thums, born 28 Feb. 1932
13011-Ancestral chart of Ludwig Dums, 20 Aug. 1843 – 28 Dec. 1936
13012-Ancestral chart of Anna Dums, 21 Jan. 1870 Hammern, Bohemia – 4 Mar. 1943, marries
Joseph Woodie (Wudi?)
collection of Irene (Mrs. James) Dums – from 3-ring binder “Look at Me”
13013-P. Highland School, SW corner in foreground, c. 1930
13014-P. Carl Thums store, L-R Carl Thums?, Bill Thums, Bob Dillinger?; in store window-
poster “Jerry’s Seeds”, c. 1930

13015-P. Sept. 1937, Wellington Lake pavilion; rear-Wellington Lake view westward
13016-P. Holzl farm “first silo in (Town of) Greenwood – put up by Otto Holzl’s father, John
Holzl” L-R-Emma Haider, Bill Thums, Hedwig Dums, George Haider, c. 1930-in 2009 Randy
Holzl farm occupies W ½ - SW ¼, Sec. 3, T32, R2E
13017-2007 plat map, T32N-R2E
13018-P. Mrs. Wenzel Thums, nee Elisabeth Feldegel 1829-1913 “Great Grandmother to the
Thums & Dums families…”
13019-P. Mrs. Josef Dums, nee Anna Thums 1858-1944
13020-P. Ludwig Dums, Joseph Dums, John Dums, Vince Kraemer, c. 1930
13021-P. John Dums 50th wedding anniv. Henry & Sophie Dums, John & Margaret Dums, Annie
& Vince Kraemer, Emma & Joe Dums
13022-P. Joseph (1864-1944) & Mary (1864-1933) Probst, nee Thums, Ann & Joseph Probst, Jr.
13023-P. William (1862-1943) Lyle & wife, Clara, nee Thums (1866-1931)
13024-P. Joseph Thums 1852-1938 “built the original pews at St. Ann’s”
13025-P. Rosalia Thums, nee Dums 1873-1924
13026-P. Ludwig & Barbara Dums, nee Buchinger
13027-P. 1984 Mrs. Lorenz (Lawrence) Thums nee Theresia Seidel (Seidl) 1866-1938
13028-P. Lorenz (Lawrence) Thums
13029-P. Frances Hintz nee Seidel 1883-1954, organist at St. Ann’s
13030-P. Jacob Janda & Lawrence Seidel
13031-P. John Obowa & Paulina Gebauer, wedding portrait
13032-P. Emanuel Haider and Amalia “Mary” Obowa, 11-9-1911, wedding portrait
13033-P. c. 1900 Phillip & Thekla Haider. He was the main carpenter in contructing St. Ann’s
13034-P. 1911 George Haider family, L-R Emma, George, Sr., George, Jr., Martha, Agnes,
13035-Family Group Sheet, George Haider, Sr., & Martha Gebauer, data on 7 children
13036-P. Anton Wudi, I
13037-P. George & Anna Thums, nee Wudi
13038-P. c. 1929 Joseph Wudi home, Clara Wudi, nee Thums, in front; Joe Wudi, Sr., in middle
far left; possibly Louie Wudi to his left
13039-P. Christmas 1947, Joseph & Clara Wudi (nee Thums) family; L-R seated-Agnes Wudi,
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Wudi, Katherine Wudi. Standing-Mrs. Gertrude Bruss, Henry, Leonard, Joe
Jr., Leo, Carl, Mrs. Rose Ivacic, Mrs. Clara Steinman.
13040-P. 5 sitting on fence c. 1930; L-R Mary Wudi, Bill Thums, Emma Haider, Leo Thums,
Angeline Wudi “Benny Wudi’s sisters”
13041-P. 7-25-1894 Johanna Weinberger-Andrew Hoffmann wedding portrait “dress was green
with dark green trim”
13042-P. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pfeiffer (formerly Mrs. Andrew Hoffmann, nee Johanna
Weinberger); L-R Pete Hoffmann, Anna & Leo Thums, Christina & Johanna Hoffmann, taken at
Pete Hoffmann home, in 2009 Bernard, Hilda & George Dums home, N6642 Sugarbush Rd, SW
NE, Sec. 8, 32N-R2E
13043-P. c. 1920 John Hoffmann car, L-R, John Hoffmann, Peter Hoffmann, Mary Hoffmann,
Johanna, Christina
13044-P. 4-22-1922 John Thums & Theresa Haider wedding portrait

13045-P. sawing firewood on old Lawrence Thums farm, Leonard Thums throwing block, 2008-
Richard Thums farm, N6942 Wellington Lake Dr, N half SW quarter, 4-32-2E
13046-P. Margaret Haider, nee Thums, at father, Lawrence Thums, farm, NB-sheep & turkey
13047-P. old STH 102 Gravel pit c. 1920 Lawrence Thums team 3rd from left, Bob Klemm,
2009-Paul Kolecheck, W3956 W. Rib Rd, SW SW 28-33-2E
13048-P. Carl Thums barns after fire c. 1921 view west, 2009-Kurt Schmidtfranz, SW SW 4-32-
13049-P. foundation of Anton Wudi barn after fire c. 1921
13050-P. Leonard Thums & dog “Darky” c. 1925 [grandfather-maternal side-Cindy A. Sommer,
nee Kolecheck]
13051-P. Lawrence Thums home, on porch roof, L-R, Bill, Frank, Leon, John & Leonard Thums
c. 1920, N half SW quarter, 4-32-2E, Town of Greenwood, 2009-Richard Thums home, N6942
Wellington Lake Dr.
13052-P. Lawrence Thums home, on porch roof, L-R, Bill, Frank, Leon, John & Leonard Thums
c. 1920, N half SW quarter, 4-32-2E, Town of Greenwood, 2009-Richard Thums home, N6942
Wellington Lake Dr.-NB-lightning rods
13053-P. Giant snowballs, L-R up-Leo Thums, Leonard Thums, lower-Bill Thums, Frank Thums,
site-see 13051
13054-P. Elizabeth & Margaret Thums (later Haider) dressed like men, site see 13051, view
13055-P. posing before revolving clothesline; L-R, Joseph Haider (1889-1922), Adolph Aron &
Lawrence Thums
13056-P. Mock battle; L-R Adolph Aron, Leo Thums, Lawrence Thums, probably Bill Thums,
Wenzel Haider, Leonard Thums
13057-Phillip Haider farm, c. 1925, SW SE 4-32-2E, L-R, Leo Thums, Hedwig “Hattie” Dums,
Margaret Haider nee Thums, 2009-Gerard Dudley, W3738 Brehm Ave., This was site for altar
for the Corpus Christi procession
13058-P. Otto Holzl peeking thru window, L-R Hattie Dums, Leo Thums, Emma Haider, Clara
Thums, on Holzl farm – W half SW 3-32-2E
13059-P. Camp 9 – snow plowing, ice road with team of horses c. 1920, L-Frank Thums, R-
Tony Fuchs driving horses
13060-P. Camp 9 c. 1920, water sprinkler, sleigh pulled by 2 horse teams, top-George Lee,
driving-Pete Enders, Lawrence Thums team (black & white)
13061-P. 6 sleighs loaded with peeled hemlock – Camp 9 c. 1920
13062-P. Camp 9 c. 1920 2 teams, Bill Thums load in back, far left-Joey McMillan, boss; right-
Pete Enders
13063-P. c. 1920 Camp 9, Standing-Joe Enders, Polish guy, unknown, John Thums, Flunky, Dan
Pilon-camp cook, unknown; kneeling-Leo Thums, night watchman on steam-hauler from
Minneapolis, unknown, Frank Mashack
13064-P. c. 1920 snowplow in rear; L-R-Joey Mcmillon, ..Frischmann, Frank Mashack, John
13065-P. c. 1920 Camp 9 “Ralph Burger from Ogema driving his horses, Fox & Colonel. Bill
Thums drove these horses.”
13066-P. c. 1920, 17 cords of bark on 1 sleigh, (2 sleighs shown on left), right-logs on sleigh; L-
R Wenzel “Jim” Haider, unknown, Frank Thums, Bill Thums
13067-P. c. 1920 Camp 9, loading coal into steam hauler, L-Otto Brehm

13068-P. c. 1920 Camp 9, front of water sprinkler sleigh, L-Bill Thums, R-Oliver Lamberty
13069-P. c. 1920, Camp 16 (may be Camp 9), 8 men on sleigh, front row, Oliver Lamberty,
unknown, unknown; seated, unknown, unknown; top-Wenzel “Jim” Haider, Leo Thums, Frank
13070-P. c. 1920 Shaws jobber camp, Town of Corning, Lincoln Co, Wis; mens shanty (bunk
house) Leo Thums
13071-P. Oct. 10, 1913 “Chelsea 2 Wis” view north, credit-Frank Skibbie-postcard to Marie
Heiringklee; front left-Borgemoen Store-then cheese factory-top later removed
13072-note re Camp 9, postdated 3-28-1988--head lice!
13073-P. c. 1940 interior of Goodman’s Store, Rib Lake, L-R, Albert & Leonard Goodman,
child-James Dums, Joseph & Emma Dums
13074-Star News 7-1-2004 “Early life along the railroad in Chelsea”
13075-P. c. 1900, R-Highland School; L-St. Ann’s Church, view to SE; rear-virgin forest
13076-P. Seewiesen, Bohemia; rear-Twin spires of Holy Anna Church
13077-P. Altar-Holy Anna Church, Sankt Anna Kirche, Seewiesen, Bohemia
13078-P. Church cemetery, Seewiesen, Bohemia
13079-P. Holy Anna Church, Seewiesen, Bohemia, built in 1721
13080-P. 1991, Holy Anna Church, Seewiesen, Bohemia, statue of St. Nepomuk, patron Saint of
Bohemia, In 1945 Seewiesen German people were expelled & village was renamed Javorna
13081-Family tree – Johann Dena – 2 sides
13082-P. c. 1910, interior-St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Rib Lake
13083-P. memorial card, Andreas Hoffmann (in German) “Born in Hamen, Austria, 2 Feb. 1871,
died at Greenwood, Wis 11 Aug. 1921…”
13084-P. c. 1880 Hoffmann family in Austria, i.e. Austro-Hungarian Empire; Right-Barbara;
center back-Andreas; seated-George & Barbara Hoffmann nee Guetz; NB-stucco house sides
13085-P. c. 1940 Frank Wudi as a teacher
13086-P. c. 1920 Model T Ford at gas station – junction STH 13 and 102; right-John “Jack”
Obenhoffer – station torn down to make way for Blue Royal tavern, NB-wood wheel-non-
pneumatic tire. Hand gas pumps on top of gas storage boxes; attendant pumped gas into glass
cylinder on top of upright pedestal beneath “red crown.” Customer inspected gas and saw
volume with glass; sign in window “Baby Ruth” candy bar
13087-P. Oct. 18, 2003 Dums relatives living in Sao Bento, Brazil, text in Portuguese
end of 3-ring binder “Look at me”
continue with Irene Dums collection
13088-Urquhart Post Office data - post card, site-38-T32N-R2E, north side CTH M
13089-post card “Interwald, Wis, Jan. 29 __, Ludwig Dums, Chelsea, Wis”
13090-postcard “Minneapolis, Minn. Apr. 8, 1913, John F. Dums, Brehm, Wis. RFD from
Chelsea”; A-reverse
13091-postcard “Eau Claire, Wis, Jan. 10, 1912, Joseph A. Dums, Brehm, Wisc.”, second
postmark “Brehm, Wis. Jan. 27, 1912 P.M.”; A-reverse
13092-postcard “Medford, Wis. Aug. 9, 7.30 P 1909” “Brehm, Wis. Aug. 10, 1909” Mr. Joseph
Dums, Brehm, Wis.; A-reverse
13093-Map 1926 Wisconsin “official highway map” “The playground of the middle west”
“showing the state trunk highway system” “also the more important county trunk highways”
[scanned at 65% of the original]

       A-NW Wis. & Taylor Co.
       B-Green area & Taylor Co.
       C-W. Wisc. & Taylor Co.
       D-Milwaukee – Chicago
       E-Lacrosse & map legend
       F-enlarged Taylor Co. & environs
       G-E endlarged Map & legend
13094-Envelope addressed to Louis Dums, Brehm, Wisc., postdate May 31, 1909; A-reverse
postdated “Brehm June 1, 1909, Wis”
13095-Ancestral Chart of Wenzel Thums “Thums family patriarch in America” family data sheet
13096-Irene Mary Dums – family history 7-1-2009, notes by Robert P. Rusch
13097-Dust Jacket “Historical Atlas” 9th edition by William R. Shepherd, NB-map of Kingdom
of Bohemia, Seewiesen is Ancestral Thums family village, located near Riesberg
13097A-west portion of map and legend
end of Dums collection
13098-Map “Central Europe about 1648”
13099-Map “Central Europe about 1786”

Volume (Disc) XXXII- #13100-13199
13100-Map “Central Europe about 1812”
13101-Map “Treaty adjustments, 1814, 1815”
13102-Map “Peoples of Austria-Hungary in 1914”
13103-Map “Peoples of Central Europe in 1929”
13104-handout – “Rib Lake Board of Education Meeting 7-9-2009”
        B-C-Board report for 7-9-09 by Jeff Tortomasi, Superintendent
        D-closed session (non-public portion)
13105-handwritten note by Herbert Magnuson to RPR; A-reverse side, sketch of Spirit United
Methodist Church; B-The gift tie
collection of Donna (Mrs. Lester) Magnuson
13106-Album “My Class Mates” c. 1930 Rib Lake High School
13106A-P. Helen Elizabeth Berfield
13106B-P. Douglas D. Macbride
13106C-P. Eberet E.H. Taylor
13106D-P. Harold E. Zielke
13106E-P. Emma B. Sekadlo
13106F-P. Kenneth A. Peterson
13106G-P. Irma A. Hanke
13106H-P. Lester F. Martin
13106I-P. ARline M. Radtke
13106J-P. Leo William Radtke
13106K-P. William Berfield
13106L-P.Anita F. Taylor
13106M-P. LaVerne F. Zuege
13106N-P. Clifford J. Hoffman
13106O-P. Regina M. Niggemann

13106P-P. Paul I. Nord
13106Q-P. Evelyn Klister
13106R-P. Joseph E. Pertmer
13107-flyer- “Har “Ya, friend” campliments of Rib Lake Dairy Company Co-op, quality
American cheese & butter, O.R. Thompson, Manager, Phone 5, Rib Lake, Wis
13108-cartoon “Daylite in the swamp” caricature of logging camp
13109-booklet Jan. 1937, “Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture & Markets Bulletin 180” 65 pgs
        p. 28-P. piking logs into the busy mill at Rib Lake, Taylor Co.
        p. 28-P. raft – “pulpwood tugged across Lake Superior to Ashland
        p. 44-P. Rib Mountain “framed in the black shadows of pine trees at Rothschild Park, Rib
Mountain, highest elevation in this state, rises 800 feet above the Wisconsin River” (emphasis
13110-P. Norlin School c. 1920, Original location to c. 1990, SE SE 14 34N R2E, c. 1990 moved
to James V. & Joyce L. Summers home, NW NE 10 34N R2E & used as “Timms Hill Bed &
Breakfast”; 9 unidentified people, teacher & students; on back of photo “Second Stone Lake
School” but of 10497 Norlin School
13111-Stone Lake School c. 1920, 13 unidentified people; first location NE NE SE 33 3E, later
moved to SE SW 9-34-3E (2009 Robert Tripp homesite)
13112-P. Stone Lake School c. 1920, NB-boy holsing chalkboard “Dist. 2”; 19 unidentified
13113-P. building double arch stone highway bridge c. 1910, Town of Brennan (Spirit), Price
Co., Wis., 9 unidentified men; buckets for cement; NB-temporary wood supports, Simon
Danielson head contractor
13114-P. Deer hunting & butchering party, c. 1915; 13 unidentified people, NB-man holding
meat saw
13115-P. 3 men in middle of American flags, prop made to look like end of observation parlor
train; NB-short length of track
13116-P. c. 1915 man holding broom, camp cookees (cook’s helpers); 3rd man in rear with pipe,
NB-frame building sits on timber base; L-bench
13117-P. c. 1925, 3 dapper suited men, wall hanging tree
13118-P. c. 1915 “Hultmans Lake, Wis” blooming lily pads, rear-evergreen forest, 25 34N 2E
13119-P. c. 1910 unidentified house & 3 people, bicycle on porch
13120-P. c. 1910 unidentified 2 story house, c. 45 people
13120A-reverse postcard, To C.J. Manguson (sic) “Would you like to have any of the pictures at
Bergersons if so let me know..they are fine. N.J. Nelson, Ogema, Wis”
13121-P. “1902” “Wis. Central RR Depot Ogema, Wis” “Photograph postcard 1902, J.M. Colby,
Wausau, Wis. No. 3” locomotive heading south with baggage car & 2 passenger cars; track
removed 1989 & ROW converted to Pine Line recreation trail; c. 2005 Ogema Lions Club built
smaller, replica depot on site, site NW corner STH 86 & RR
13122-P. “Little Rib Lake, Wis” c. 1900
13122A-reverse of postcard, postmarked Ogema Dec. 5, 4 PM 1910 Wis” to Mr. Harry
Magnuson, Ogema, Wisc. “Come over some night and skate. I got a nice skating pond, take
Hattie along. Please let me know which night you come. C.M. Bergeson”; 1 cent stamp
13123-P. “Public School, OGema, Wis. 3-11” c. 1910 2 room, 1 story white school with cupola.
Horse barn in rear
13124-P. c. 1910 “Main Street, Medford, Wis” view to SE, L-R

       Suits the druggist-in 2009 vacant lot south of Kramer Plumbing & Heating, 108 S. Main
          Blue Ribbon Bar – in 2009 Uncommon Ground Coffee Shop, 118 S. Main St.
          Sign on sidewalk “Ice cream”
          Aug. J. Benn “Drugs” “Ice cream sode” sign
          Next “City Hotel”
          Next – 2009 Hoffman’s Ben Franklin, 142 S. Main St.,
13125-P. “Lumber yard, Rib Lake Lumber Co. Rib Lake, Wis. 6” dry yard – view to SW-
steeples, center-Methodist Church, right-St. John the Baptist Church
13126-“Chequamegon 1944” RLHS yearbook
13127-“Chequamegon 1945” RLHS yearbook, owned-shared as students, Aileen & Herbert
13128-“Chequamegon 1948” RLHS yearbook
13129-“Chequamegon 1958” RLHS yearbook
13130-P. c. 1958 Rib Lake Elementary school band
13131-Book “The Danielson Family from Sweden & Norway to Southern Price Co., Wisconsin
and related families of Magnuson, Nelson and Peterson” by Connie May nee Blomberg,
Anundsen Publishing Co, Decorah, Iowa, 1998 LC #98,67600, [This book consists of 293 pages;
a small part reproduced here]
13132-P. Rib Mountain “highest elevanation in the state” [part of 13109]
end of Donna Magnuson collection
13133-Polish toast used at Zondlos tavern “To your health – down my throat” or “Na Zdrowie
Zdrowie moje w gardxo twoje”
Benjamin “Ben” Kauer collection
W1220 Wood Lake Ave., Rib Lake, WI 54470, 715-427-3622, wife-Pearl; dad-Peter Kauer;
grandfather-Anton Kauer-emigrated from Village of Lis, Bavaria, Germany
13134-passenger list “passenger Liste” steamship “Muenchen” 3-16-1895, A-between deck
passengers; NG-Anton, Johann, Josef, Anna & Maria Kauer
13135-P. S.S. Muenchen
13136-P. log cabin built by Anton Kauer at Wood Lake, Taylor Co., Wis. 1899 “Grandfather &
Dad’s house built for $2.50, the cost of the windows” SE SE 16, T33N-R3E, as of 7-14-2009
cabin still stands-resided
13137-plat map 1997 T33N 3E, Town of Rib Lake, NB-Section 16, “Mud Lake”
13138-tax bill 1917, Town of Rib Lake, NE SE 16-33-3E $8.24, personal property $8.97, paid
by Anton Kauer to H.W. Stelling, Rib Lake Town treasurer
13139-cemetery deed 6-6-1910, Lot 10, Block C, Rib Lake Village cemetery sold to Anton
Kauer for $5, signed Stephen O. Konz & Philip A. Goelz, A-reverse side, Joseph Brehm, Notary
13140-text of German songs, in Finstrer MItternacht, Mein gutter komerad, roeslein rot, grosser
fott, stille nacht
13141-P. 3 dead deer, live dog and 2 hunters, L-R Anton Kauer, Sr., Anton “Toni” Kauer, Jr.,
rear-2 wheeled carriage
13142-P. 1911 or 1912, Mud Lake Elementary School, Lydia Wieg teacher, unidentified pupils,
rear-partial trop of hand water pump, NW NW NE 21 T33N R3E, Mud Lake School closed c.
13143-P. c. 1910 4 men on wood pile, “Uncle Tony Kauer, Berthold Seidel, Louie Seidel”,
possibly Bertole Hein rear-unloaded sleigh

13144-P. Camp 13 from Peter Kauer, NB-10793 & 10750 are duplicates from other sources
13145-P. “Dining out at Camp 13” A horse has pulled small sleigh (jumper) with the noon meal,
lumberjacks were probably more than a mile from camp – hence curbside service
13146-P. c. 1920 3 children & unidentified man at loaded log sleigh near Mud Lake “flats” (in
valley in which Mud Lake located); Major sleigh road ran south to RLLC railroad line 1 mile
13147-P. c. 1910 “Water tank sleigh, Camp 13, Schneider’s Landing”; NB-barrel for loading
water on top of sleigh, 2 teams of horses pulled tanker – water sprinkled on ice road at rear of
13148-P. c. 1910 Peter Enders & his tow team. This team was temporarily hitched to a regular
horse team to tow loaded log sleigh over a rise in ice road south of Mud Lake on Josef Kauer, Sr.,
13149-P. c. 1920 2-horse team pulling supply sleigh with 6 lumberjacks; “Peterson cyclone
slashing [wind blown timber in Town of Corning]” “(Charlie Dodge) on the picture”
13150-P. c. 1925 “Scheu’s camp east of Camp 14”
13151-P. c. 1940 “loading truck east of Co. Hwy M – Lamberty’s [jobber] camp”
13152-P. c. 1925 “Harrison Hills [Lincoln Co, Wi] after fire – Peter & Anton Kauer & Hank
13153-P. c. 1930 “Scheu’s Landing Harrison Hills”
13154-P. c. 1930 “Harrison Hills – Double header [two steam locomotives] hauling logs” from
Alvin Ed Scheu jobber camp
13155-P. c. 1930 “Harrison Hills – train headed for Merrill”
13156-P. c. 1922 “Steam log hauler, Rib Lake, WIs. c. 1428” RLLC steam hauler on NE corner
of Rib Lake with 1 sleigh of peeled hemlock logs
13157-P. c. 1920 “Pete Enders at Schneider’s Landing” tar paper camp building, rear-cutover
13158-P. unidentified sawmill-scaffold around second chimney
13159-P. 4-18-1934 “Everyone Happy” “Zondlo-Brehm wedding” host of unidentified people-
appears to be Left side of larger photo
13160-P. c. 1930 Peter Kauer & Lillian Kurek n.k.a. Mrs. Edwin Thums
13161-P. c. 1920 “Miklautsch homestead & family” 2 story frame farm house & outbuildings,
SW SW 15-33-3E, in 2009-Thomas Miklautsch residence; photo probably shows Mr. & Mrs.
Blasius Miklautsch and children, Martha, Otto, Mary and William, according to the daughter of
William Miklautsch, Mrs. Margie Kropp; building on right-pig barn
13162-P. “John Pfeifer, Rib Lake, WI” Pfeifer leading his ox team pulling wagon with 3 people
c. 1910, Pfeiffer farm includes SE SE 23-T33N-R2E, in 2009-Edward Melaski farm
13163-P. c. 1950 “crib set made from wood match boxes by Anton Kauer, Sr.
13164-Article “Whittles wood chains…” from Star News, c. 1986 re Pete Enders, Milwaukee
13165-Wood logging chain whittled from white pine by Pete Enders, from 1 piece of wood – no
13166-Mud Lake Reunion invitation by Father John Kauer (a son of Joseph Kauer) 9-2-1951, to
Joseph Kauer, Sr., farm-or, if inclement weather-Zondlo Bar & Ballroom. Last two paragraphs in
colloquial German – Reunion gibt’s, there’s a reunion, da Muss i hin; I must go there, Zu missa
kahn I net affords, I cannot afford to miss it, Wo alte Freund versammle sin, no old friends
assemble, Da will ich auch Nam’ recorda, there I want my name recorded, Will schwaetza ueber
visle Dinga, they will reminisce about many things, Von alter Zeit, Unsinn und Sinn, of old times,

nonsense & practices, Will bilder gucka, Lieder singa, (we will) enjoy old pictures & sing songs.
Do muss I nach der Mod Lake hin! I must go to Mud Lake
13166A-reverse of penny postcard 8-2-1951 Mellen, WI to Mr. & Mrs. Anton A. Kauer
endl of Ben Kauer collection
13167-Stationery – Rib Lake Historical Society, LLC, printed 7-14-2009
13168-business card, Robert P. Rusch, Manager, Rib Lake Historical Society
13168A-back side of 13168
13168B-interior of 13168
7-14-2009 – 4:30 p.m. end of initial scanning
13169-Ice Age National Scenic Trail symbol
13170-Map c. 1995 “Ice Age Trail & Rib Lake Trail System
13171-Ice Age Trail stationery c. 1990 High Point Chapter, RPR coordinator
13172-flyer “Rib Lake Ice Age Days August 7, 8, 9, 2009”
13173-Lambert Lamberty Logging Camp 9-1-1928 to 4-30-1929, Town of Corning, Lincoln Co.,
Wis., list of staples consumed, list by Matthew Lamberty, this jobber camp had about 70 men
13174-Diploma, Robert P. Rusch, 6-5-1964 Concordia College, Milw., Wis, associate degree;
“summon cum honore”
13175-Diploma, Robert Paul Rusch, 8-16-1969 University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wis, Master
of Arts-History
13176-Diploma, Robert Paul Rusch, 6-3-1972, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Doctor of Law
(Juris Doctor)
13177-6-16-1972 admission to practice, western district of Wisconsin, Robert P. Rusch
13178-3-26-1984 admission to practice, US Supreme Court, Robert P. Rusch on motion of Frank
L. Nikolay
13179-7-2-1976 diploma, Robert P. Rusch, National College of District Attorneys – career
prosecution course
Mrs. Robin (nee Peissig) & Daniel Quednow collection
13180-P. c. 1943 portrait, top L-R Mrs. John Skibba, Mrs. Frank (Celia) Becker, Lucille Bertha
Becker, a.k.a. Lu Hales; bottom-Mrs. Myron Hanson, child-Toni Hanson
13181-P. c. 1945 Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Becker, family in front of “Beckers Tavern”-729
McComb Ave., RLV; rear-L-R, Celia (Mrs. Frank) Becker, Frank L. Becker; front L-R, Robert
Becker wearing shirt “Stevens Point Teachers College”; Raymond L. Becker, Lorraine Becker,
a.k.a. Mrs. Carl Radtke, Lucille Bertha Becker, a.k.a. Mrs. Lucille Hanson, a.k.a. Mrs. Lucille
“Lu” Hales
13182-P. 9-1960, Clifford “Dippy Dog” Waldhart wearing huge hat in front of “Becker’s Tavern
Frank and Celia”
13183-P. 3-1962 interior of Becker’s Tavern, L-R 1. unid, 2. unid, 3. Gladys (Mrs. Robert Bleck)
nee Reinhart, 4. Frank L. Becker, 5. Al Gnotke
13184-P. 1-1961 “Ma (Celia) Becker” tending bar
13185-P. c. 1942 L-R Frank L. Becker, Robert C. Becker & Celia Becker, rear-Jorgensen Shoe
Store, McComb Ave., RLV
13186-P. c. 1942, L-R, Lorraine and Lucille Becker in front of “The Lakeside Tavern” RLV
13187-P. c. 1942, Lorraine Becker wearing WWII Army uniform (US Army Air Corps),
Registered Nurse, in front of The Lakeside Tavern
13188-P. c. 1950 2 unidentified men in front of “…n’s bar & pool (hall) & Al Elbert
(proprietors)-McComb Ave. RLV

13189-P. c. 1960 Glov-Ett Shoes float proceeding north on McComb Ave. in parade; left-
“Gehrt’s Bar” Gordon & Virginia Gehrt, proprietors, 832 McComb Ave., diagonal parking
yellow stripes
13190-P. 4-1957 “Taylor Lumber and Fuel” building, SE corner of STH 102 & McComb Ave.;
rear-(Partial) old RLLC mill chimney
13191-P. c. 1947 26 first communicants & unidentified priest, St. John the Baptist Catholic
Church, Rib Lake, front row center (light hair) Antoinette “Tony” Hanson
13192-P. c. 1950 “The fireplace at Camp Carter”
13193-P. c. 1950 “Boat landing at Camp Carter”
13194-P. c. 1950 “South Harper Lake, Rib Lake, Wis C-13”
13195-P. c. 1938 two women fishing from canoe, foreground-Lucille Becker, a.k.a Lu Hales
13196-P. c. 1910 “Rib Lake, Wis #13” view SW from tannery smokestack, Fayette Ave. runs
east to Rib Lake, filled with logs; wooden sidewalk past “flats”; rear-Rib Lake High School with
13197-P. c. 1955 car-Rib Lake Dairy truck accident, junction of STH 102 & Fayette Ave., truck
upside down on STH 102, milk flowing from milk cans view NE
13198-P. c. 1955 car-Rib Lake Dairy truck accident, junction of STH 102 & Fayette Ave., truck
upside down on STH 102; spectators view dented milk cans, view SW
13199-P. c. 1955 car-Rib Lake Dairy truck accident, junction of STH 102 & Fayette Ave.,
automobile in accident, NB missing right front door

Volume (Disc) XXXIII- #13200-13299
13200-Photo order form “Upjohn & Son Drug, Rib Lake, Wis” “E70072”
(end of Mrs. Daniel Quednow collection)
David Anderson collection
13201-P. “Rib Lake, Wis K-453” c. 1930, Rib Lake looking north from railroad & Main Street-
RLV-rear-RLLC logging train
13201A-back side of 13201 – “Jul. 4, 1930 7PM Rib Lake” postcard to Mrs. J. Herdegen, 920-
36th St., Milwaukee, Wis
13202-P. “Spirit Lake, Wis” c. 1915 Little Spirit Lake – view west from 2009 public boat
landing, 6 rowboats
13202A-back side of 13202, postcard addressed to Mrs. Sam Thygeson, Park Falls, Wisc.
13203-P. “Miller’s Cottage, Spirit Lake, Rib Lake, Wis K-942” c. 1910
13204-P. “Scene on Spirit Lake, Rib Lake, Wis. K-948”
13204A-back fo 13204, postcard “Rib Lake, Jul 23, 1928 8AM” addressed to Mrs. J. Herdegen,
920-36th St, Milwaukee, Wis., signed “Pa & the boys”
(end of David Anderson collection)
Vi Melaski collection
13205-P. “Main Street, Rib Lake, Wis” c. 1950, McComb Ave, view north, L-“Gene’s
[Melaski’s] Variety [Store]” foreground-asphalt patch in street marks former railroad track –
Phyllis Dolezalek collection
13206-P. north side-National Hotel c. 1940, foreground-Railroad Street, RLV, L-Second Street;
in 2009 site of Lakewood Credit Union, 1003 Railroad St.
unidentified sources

13207-P. aerial photo of RLLC dry yard, a.k.a. hemlock yard c. 1925, L-strut between wings of
13208-partial front page of RLHe, 4-8-1954
13209-Map c. 1908 Railroads of eastern Taylor Co. & Lincoln & Marathon Co.; shows sites of
post offices; Interwald, Graywood, etc., proposed route of railroad between RLV & Spirit Falls
to connect with Marinette, Tomahawk & Western RR
13209A-8-4-1901 timetable, Marinette, Tomahawk & Western RR
13210-P. 9-1982 Charles Stats points to railroad track in sidewalk at former RLLC machine shop,
SE corner of McComb Ave & STH 102;
13211-P. 9-1982 Charles Stats at old planing mill, concrete machine support; in 2009 yard of
Edward Zondlo home, 700 Mill Lane
13212-P. former RLLC dry kiln, SE corner, 10-2009, McComb Ave.
13213-P. tunnel on east side of dry kiln, once held steam pipes from mill, NB-pipe portions thru
wall into kiln
13214-P. 1983 close-up of steam pipes into old dry kiln
13215-P. 1983 former RLLC pump house, east side facing Rib Lake, 10-2009 yard of Marlin &
Donna Walbeck, 650 Mill Ln, RLV
13216-P. 1983 former US Leather Co. power house, in 1983 “Tannery Lane Company” SE
corner, back-old RLV water tower
13217-P. 1983 former US Leather Co. power house, NE corner
13218-P. 5-1982 Wisconsin Central-RLLC Railroad right-of-way. N NE 29 T3N R3E, Town of
Rib Lake. See Map Doc. #11268B. view south from Wilderness Ave.
13219-P. 5-1982-from RLLC railroad right-of-way, SW SW 22 T33N R3E, view east from
Franz Ave; r-Wilderness Ave, foreground-farm field tilling leaves, faint evidence of ROW
13220-P. 1-1982 old sleigh road through Tamarack Swamp, SE SE T33N R3E, view to NE From
Bear Ave., sleigh road part of road from Olson Lake to Rib Lake sleigh road system. Used as late
as c. 1922.
13221-advertisement for ice road rutters and sprinkler tank equipment [used to make ice roads] p.
309, 1928 Marshall-Wells Co. catalog
13222-P. c. 1982 old RLLC railroad ROW; in SW SE 13T 33N R3E. Steep grade required Shay
locomotive c. 1915. RPR’s dog sits in middle of ROW
13223-assessment of Wisconsin common carrier railroads by State of Wisconsin printed in 1-3-
1900 Rib Lake Herald, including Marinette, Tomahawk & Western $115,000; Soo Line
$11,300,000; Wis. Central $26,600,000
13224-Camp 28 Restaurant placement c. 1985, left half, 11 historic sites interpreted. Map of
non-motarized trails & Timms (aka Timm’s) Hill; A-right half
13225-P. 1983 fire used to raze old Rib Lake High School; L-part of bus garage which was
rewmodeled into Camp 28 Restaurant
13226-P. 2 teams of horses pulling sleigh with 8 courses of logs & 5 men; “Rib Lake, Wis.” c.
13226A-backside-postcard dated “Rib Lake, 1908 Jul 13 9AM Wis.” addressed to “Mr. John
Brink, Medford, Wisc.”
13227-P. “American Legion May 30, 1934” X marks “Jeff Daus” 17 uniformed men & 1 boy
scout; 6 partially hidden women in back row
13228-P. 1940 6 adolescent boys swimming in unknown lake

13228A-backside-handwritten note-“John, Herb Lien, Archie, Bob Daus, Hank Galen [Scarer]
summer of ‘40”
13229-P. Star News article “New proof found that Whittlesey was originally called
Charlestown” 9-7-1994 by RPR; A-p.2 & map showing location of Charlestown
13230-Map 2008 Price Co.-coverpage
13230A-ibid legend
13230B-ibid Hill & Spirit townships
13231-Map 1985 Taylor Co. fishing, Wis. Dept. of Natural Resources-cover
13231A-ibid, Rib Lake area streams shown in red are trout waters
13232-pamphlet “You matter to the last moment of your life” distributed 2009 by Hope Hospice
& Palliative care, 657 McComb Ave., Rib Lake – title page
13233-Map 2-22-1995 “North Rib Lake Assessors Plat #1” by David E. Tlusty, RLS, certificate
13233A-ibid-location sketch
13233B-ibid-part of High & West St.
13233C-ibid-part of Fayette & West St. NB-Lots 17-21, each c. 30 feet wide by 175 ft. long.
Lots laid out by Fayette Shaw c. 1891 as sites for company hourses for his tannery laborers.
13234-Map-Natzke camps (1-5) c. 1980 by Mike D. Weckwerth camps; 1. 24-31-4E; 2. NW1-4-
12-31-4E 1924-1926; 3. N1-2-13-32-4E 26-34; 4. SE SE 12-33-4E 1935-1936; 5. NW NW 11-
33-4E 37-41; see 11780-84
13235-Map 9-11-1974 Lincoln Co. railroads by Michael Bailey
13236-Taylor County Star News 1934 RLLC news; A-ibid 1935; B-ibid 1936, Jan. 30
“Wisconsin men buy U.S. Leather Company’s Stock in Rib Lake Plant”
13237-Merrill Daily Herald 3-6-1978 ad; Old Faithful Hemlock; for your “Old Faithful”
hemlock barn. Plans for a “practical” barn free offer by Hemlock Manufacturers of Wis. &
Northern Michigan
13238-Article “The Saga of Swan’s Balsams” by Norma Swan, Forest History Assoc. of
Wisconsin, Inc. 9-9-10-1995 Proceedings of Twentieth Annual meeting
13239-Rib Lake Herald 5-11-1950 Rib Lake “Business Men” green 10th District Federation of
Women’s Club
Names & residences of occupants in RLV c. 1930 & Maps, 7-2009, of RLV residents c. 1930 by
Ruth M. Peterson
13240-L. 8-7-2009 by Karen R. Baumgartner re recollections of her mother Ruth Marie (Batzer)
13240A-L. 8-7-2009 “Karen B” to RPR
13240B-Names of occupants of RLV c. 1930 on Railroad & Church St.
13240C-misc. notes by Ruth M. Peterson 7-2009
13240D-Map-RLV occupants – Railroad & Church St.
13240E-Map-RLV occupants – Railroad, Main & 2nd St.
13240F-Map-RLV occupants – Maple, 3rd, 2nd Main & Church St.
13240G-Map-RLV occupants – McComb, Pearl St.
13240H-Map-RLV occupants – Fayette, Landall & Kennedy St.
13240I-Map-RLV occupants – Forest, Front, West, High & North St.
13240J-Map-RLV occupants – West, High St & Fayette Ave.
end of maps of RLV residents

13241-P. McComb Ave. c. 1955, far left-Upjohn Drug Store, “Perkin’s Ice Cream”; unidentified
store (future site of Mid-Wis Bank); tavern “Hamm’s beer”; The Bird’s Nest tavern “Schlitz
beer”; village hall & Red Wing shoe store; rear-village water tower
13242-P. “Golden Home” aka Golden Age Nursing Home, “Rib Lake, Wis. 60-12 c. 1960,
former Central Hotel, SW corner of 3rd & Railroad
13243-P. c. 1960 “Public Library Rib Lake, Wis 102” NW corner Landall & Pearl
13244-P. “Sincerely yours Sig Stone” c. 1920 pastor at Rib Lake Methodist Church
13245-P. 7-24-1914 RLLC mill burning, 4 men watching, 2 railroad wood chip cars
13246-P. 7-24-1914 lath piles in front of burning RLLC mill; L-RLLC windmill
13247-P. c. 1930 tramway; left-railroad engine house; center-RLLC machine shop; view to east
13248-L. 4-14-1992, Atty. Thomas M. Rusch to Karen Rusch “Opinion of Title” re 2009 Karen
M. Rusch residence, 100 West Street, RLV; A-Pg. 2; B-Pg. 3
13249-Abstract of Title to 2009 residence of Karen M. Rusch, 1000 West Street, RLV, Lot 6,
Block E of the Surveyor’s Plat of North Rib Lake, part of sections 23 & 26, T33N-R2E; A-
through Y
13250-Meier, Carl, NMI, memoirs
13251-L. 4-12-1920, RLLC by S.J. Williams to TC Judge M.A. Buckley re work permit
application for Herman A. Rusch (“Herman Reusch”)
13252-Warranty Deed, 4-2-1884 George & Minerva Robins to J.J. Kennedy $100, Lot 11, 26-
33-2E [NB-AS of 2-2-2010 there are 10 governments lots in Sec. 26-33-2E, RPR]
13253-Patent 11-23-1871 State of Wis. To W. [Walter] S. Patrick NE 1-4, SW 1-4, & NSE 1-4,
2-33-3E [probably white pine speculation-RPR]
13254-Patent 11-23-1871, State of Wis. To W. [Walter] S. Patrick, NE 1-4, NE 1-4, 26-33-3E
13255-Patent 11-23-1871 State of Wis. To W. [Walter] S. Patrick, NW 1-4, NW 1-4, 25-33-3E
[NB-land then in Marathon County-RPR]
13256-Patent USA 9-10-1885 to John J. Kennedy NW 1-4, NE 1-4, 26-33-3E
13257-Patent recorded 1-29-1889, USA to Wis. Central Railroad Company by Act of Congress
5-5-1864, by Act 6-21-1866, 5-19-1874, multiple parcels T33-2E & T331-3E & other lands,
[these lands compensated grantee for lands it should have received but, which the US
government had already alienated (sold)-RPR]
13258-Deed 2-11-1895 J.H. & Sophie Brockmann to Herman & Bertha Hanke of Rib Lake,
$610 W1-2, NW 1-4, 26-33-2E
13259-Deed, August & Bertha Lohrke to Wis. Central Railway Co. $60, 5-25-1901, A strip, belt
or piece of land 100 ft. wide, c-u Gov. Lot 4, 26-32-2E, c-u 2 lines running parallal with 50 ft.
from centerline of above-named railroad, as centerline is located, surveyed & staked out over &
across said tract, & grantor releases grantee from damages to real estate by reason of
constructing & maintaining a railroad on said strip, witnesses-Donald Kennedy & Wm. Pringle
13260-Deed 5-25-1901, Herman & Bertha Hanke to Wis. Central Railway Co. $75, 100 ft. strip-
50 ft. either side of centerline as grantees railroad is located, surveyed & staked out, across NW
1-4, NW 1-4, 25-33-2E [RPW for Rib Lake-Spirit Falls-Tomahawk railroad-RPR]
13261-Map portion 7-21-1862, original US Government survey, including Sec. 26-33-2E [site of
Village of Rib Lake], data collected 11-1861 by Wm. E. Dougherty, Surveyor, NB-Government
lots around Rib Lake
13262-W. “1996 Directory of Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church”, Rib Lake, Wis. 100th
Anniversary 1896-1996, photos & names of parishioners
13263-Order for Summary Assignment-Estate of Bernard M. Cihasky, died 7-29-1971

13264-Lease 4-18-1958, Gordon R. & Phyllis Nordgren, Lessors, & Standard Oil Co., W 80 feet,
A4&5, except N 2 ff of Lot 5, McComb’s Racing Park Addition to the Village of Rib Lake
13265-Satisfaction of Mortgage 6-15-1925 signed in Hebrew by Paulina Marcus satisfying
mortgage of Nettie (Mrs. Charles) Dodge re D15 MRPA (Ma Dodge’s Café), Paulina Marcus
was wife of P.E. Marcus, d.b.a. “The Fair” Dept. store, A12
13266-Lease, 2-25-1920, Peter & Susan Lieg, Lessors, William A., John O. & Peter B. Bogumill,
Lessees, Part of Lot 4 & A 6&7 MRPA, [“Bogumill’s Store”]
13267-Order for Sale 8-1-1939, “In the Matter of Peter Bogumill, Bankrupt”, N 2’ A 5 & A 6&7
MRPA, list of personal property including “350 cakes of ice in ice house…”
13268-W 12-9-1937 Star News “Rib Lake Lumber Company Deeds of 3,360 acres to Taylor
13269-W. 5-14-1942 Star News “Mystery surrounds finding of bones in Rib Lake vicinity”
13270-W. 2010 3-1-2010 US Dept of Commerce-census message; A-“Your answers are
confidential”; B-E-Questionnaire
13271-P. 1933 1603rd CCC Camp Mondeaux River; A-C-Notes by Robert P. Rusch 3-13-2010
13272-Map 1-2003 Rib Lake School District-arrow shows location of CCC Camp Mondeaux
River; A-p. 2 Western part of Rib Lake School District
13273-W. School District of Rib Lake “Spring Newsletter 2010”
13274-W- “The Hanke History Book” c. 2000
13274A-P. 1 Map of Germany-Red Circle around Risa, Saxony-birthplace of Carl August Hanke
13274B-P. 2 c. 1890 plat map W 1-2, NW 1-4, 25-33-2E-Carl Hanke farm site
13274C-P. 3 census data
13274D-P. 4 Death Certificate-Carl Hanke
13274E-P. 5 Death Certificate-Charlotte Hanke
13274F-P. 6 P. Herman Frederick Hanke
13274G-P. 7 W. marriage announcement 3-31-1891; “Pomeran” should read Pommern-German
for Pomerania; Bertha A. Mielke was from Chorow, Province of Hinter Pommern, then part of
the Kingdom of Prussia; in 1945 this part of Germany was given by WWI Allies to Poland.
13274H-P. 8 P. “Herman [Hanke] is on farther load [of logs] under the word “Pa”; this photo
may have been taken c. 1890 at the McGillis pine camp-a camp of the J.J. Kennedy Lumber Co.
devoted solely to logging white pine; its well-preserved site is the SE-NW 13-T33-2E, Town of
Rib Lake. The 30 men pictured probably were the entire camp crew. The slanting roof-covered
in cedar shingles-of a log camp building shows on the right. This site is clearly marked in 2010
along the Rib Lake Ski & Snowshoe Club “Nordic” or Green Trail; the hand dug camp well is
clearly to be seen along this trail
13274I-P. 9 P. Herman Hanke playing violin with 3 unidentified musicians; Photo-above table-of
unidentified German wearing Prussian military decoration, Eisenkreuz, i.e. Iron Cross; the large
wall hanging is a map of the “Union Pacific Railroad”. The center photo shows a farmer on a
horse pulling a grain reaper. A wood stove is partially seen on left.
13274J-Obituary, Herman Hanke
        NB-This wonderful family history is well-written and comprehensive-over 100 pages in
13275-Map 1978-1979 “Official [Wisconsin] State Highway Map”; A-Center of Map-Rib Lake
area-NB-Timm’s Hill spelled with single “m” “Tim’s Hill el. 1952 ft, highest pt. in Wisconsin”;
NB-“Soo” line railroad thru Chelsea

13276-Map 7-11-1898 Wisconsin Central Railroad spur into George J. Langenberg brick factory,
Whittlesey, WI [RPR drew this image-original at Taylor Co. Register of Deeds]
13277-Map 5-2009 “Area of primary interest, Rib Lake Historical Society, LLC; map-post
offices and railroads c. 1908” [This is the back side of R.P. Rusch business card]
13277A-Robert P. Rusch business card 5-2009, as manager of the Rib Lake Historical Society
13278-Map c. 1975 TPC F-18A “tactical pilotage chart” US Defense Mapping Service, part
shown-Rib Lake environs-“South”
13278A-Rib Lake North
13278B-Rib Lake Central
13279-P. “East Side McComb Ave.” dubbed street car photo c. 1910
13279A-F-Interpretation by R.P. Rusch 3-15-2010
13279G-Back of original
13280-P. “Spirit Lake bridge, photo by Mars” c. 1910
13280A-Back side
13280-B-C, Interpretation by R.P. Rusch 2-20-2010
13281-P. Ginseng garden in Town of Hill, Price County; W. 2-25-2010 Star News
13282-W. “The [Milwaukee] Sentinel” 11-28-1903 W. “Heard in the Hotels”
13282A-W. “Our [Rib Lake Lumber Co.] is the largest hemlock lumber producing concern in the
world,” said Mr. [H.C.] Miller of Rib Lake, complete text of article reads:
        “and our cut will be as large this season as last. My opinion is, however, that the lumber
cut will be generally considerably less. We expect to put in about 25,000,000 feet of hemlock.
        “J.J. Kennedy, the former owner of the Rib Lake plant, has engaged in the lumber
business in Idao, and in company with his sons and borther is building a large mill for the
manufacture of pine lumber. A number of his former employees have gone out there and as a
result northern Wisconsin will have a considerable addition to the lumbermen operating in Idao
        “Up in our section we have excellent sleighing, as the ground is covered with from eight
to ten inches of snow. Snow came too early in the season to make good logging, for the ground
was not frozen. However, conditions arew better this year than they were last season.”
13283-W. Decision of Wisconsin Supreme Court “Schenning v. Devere & Schloegel Lumber
Co.” 173 W. 20, 12-14-1920
Mary Lou Minarciny, nee Zondlo, collection
13284-W. RLHe 1981, P. 1981 Frank & Luci, a.k.a Lucianne Zondlo, and George, Sr. and Vicky,
a.k.a. Victoria Zondlo “We’re proud to be partners for 44 years in the Rib Lake area..” signed
Zondlo’s Bar & Ballroom, STH 102 and CTH C
13285-P. 1965, Aerial, Jct. STH 102 & CTH C – view south “Zondlo’s Bar & Ballroom, George
& Frank Zondlo, Prop., Rib Lake, Wis. Phone 427-3977; in 2010-427-5877, Quonset hut built in
13285A-Backside-signature of Mary Lou Minarciny, nee Zondlo
13286-P. 1968 aerial, STH 102 & CTH C –view to SW-town hall (Rib Lake) in foreground, rear-
Mr. & Mrs. George & Vicky Zondlo farm – in 2010 owned by Paul S. Zondlo, W2441 STH 102,
13287-P. Little Bohemia Bar & Café & Bowliing Alley, McComb Ave.; rear-Rib Lake National
Bank; 2-Partial “Coffee Cup Café” Lot B3; far right-side of Lake [movie] Theatre c. 1955
13288-P. c. 1960 interior of Little Bohemia Bar, A2 MRPA, probably Meinrad Kathrein sitting
on bar stool, tile made by Rib Lake Accoustical Tile Company

13289-P. c. 1965 Steve Minarciny, owner of Little Bohemia, 806 McComb Ave.
End of Minarciny collection
Karen Baumgartner collection
13290-P. “Sawmill-Lumber-Lath & Shingles, Interwald, Wis” “VM-3” c. 1910 from Vic Meyer
13291-L. 11-9-2009 Karen R. Baumgartner to R.P. Rusch
13292-P. c. 1930 Ole Peterson farm & golf course, Spirit, Wis
13293-P. c. 1930 Oscar Peterson feeding ducks, Peterson golf course
13294-P. c. 1930 entrance to Peterson golf course & home; back-Big Spirit Lake; view west
13295-P. close-up of #13294, “entrance” to golf course
13296-P. c. 1930 Oscar Peterson at back porch of Peterson golf course, written on bench; “Some
rainy day…more than an…
13297-P. c. 1930 Oscar Peterson mowing Peterson golf course
13298-P. c. 1930 Andrew “Andy” Zondlo with freshly butchered chickens. He served 200 free
chicken dinners for grand opening of Peterson golf course
13299-P. c. 1930 Peterson’s golf course, 32-34-3E, Town of Spirit, Price Co, Wis; rear-Spirit
River entering channel; rear-Big (a.k.a North) Spirit Lake

13300-P. c. 1930 Peterson’s golf course, view south, rear-Big Spirit Lake
13301-P. c. 1930 Peterson’s golf course, view SW toward Big Spirit Lake
13302-P. c. 1930 “Peterson’s Dance Hall at Spirit Lake” view east from Big Spirit Lake [Is this
Wellington Lake, Town of Greenwood, Taylor County, WI? –RPR 3-15-2010]
13303-P. “Peterson’s Dance Hall on Spirit Lake, Town of Spirit, Price County, Wisconsin” from
album of Emily Peterson Johnson [Is this Wellington Lake, WI?—RPR]


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