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					ZIA R           ADR N E
                   U N R
                   June/July 2010 • Vol. 44 - No. 6/7
Zia                                                                                                         Zia Chapter
                                                                                                   Paralyzed Veterans of America

                                                                                                      A Member Chapter of the
                                                                                                    Paralyzed Veterans of America

Cover: Father’s Day... Flag Day... Fourth of July —                                                    Board of Directors
 all great days for a BBQ. Have a safe summer!                                          President........................Chris Ewer (*9/11)
                                                                                        Vice-President ................Lindol Hill (*9/10)
                                                                                        Secretary .....................Kevin Dailey (*9/11)
                                                                                        Treasurer ............................Ray Hill (*9/10)
            Table-of-Contents                                                           Director......................Terry Conger (*9/11)
                                                                                        Director..............................(Vacant) (*9/10)
                                                                                        Director .........................Ron Gattas (*9/11)
                                                                                        Director ................................Vacant (*9/10)
June/July 2009...........................................................1              Director ...................Robert Werden (*9/11)
                                                                                        Director ................................Vacant (*9/10)
From the President’s Desk .........................................2                    National Director ........Kevin Dailey (*9/12)
                                                                                        Immediate Past President ..Alyan “Ray” Hill
From the Vice President .............................................2
                                                                                                                                 (*term expires)
PVA Service Office.....................................................3                                Office Staff
                                                                                        Executive Director.................Amie D. Kelm
Chaplain’s Corner .....................................................6
                                                                                        Administrative Assistant.............Carol Arms
Health and Safety ......................................................7                       PVA National Service Officers
                                                                                        SBA .....................................Jean Dougherty
A Touch of Humor....................................................8
                                                                                        NSO.................................Richard Martinez
Washington Update ...................................................9                  Sr. Secretary ........................Esther Cordova
                                                                                        PVA El Paso VLO .................Leticia Jackson
For Your Information ..............................................11                                RoadRunner Staff
Father’s Day ............................................................13             Managing Editor ...................Amie D. Kelm
                                                                                        Assistant Editor .................................Vacant
Membership ............................................................15

Missing Members ....................................................15                             COMMENTS WELCOME
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Classifieds................................................................16            RoadRunner are always welcome. Please write, fax, e-
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Happy Birthday.......................................................17                  our chapter office and we will respond. All material
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Summer Jumble .......................................................18                  cally prohibited, JUST TELL ‘EM WHERE YOU
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Answers to May’s Brain Teasers..............................18
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Zia PVA Programs and Phone Numbers .................19                                    Zia Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America
                                                                                        833 Gibson Blvd., SE, Albuquerque, NM 87102
Events Calendar ......................................................20               (505) 247-4381/
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              Material contained herein expresses the opinions of the writer, not necessarily
          the opinions of the editorial staff, Zia Chapter, or the Paralyzed Veterans of America.
                                                      Zia Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America
                           June/July 2010...
      Monthly - June                 men’s health problems is not just    maintain and work in parks
Adopt-A-Cat Month. Sponsored         a man’s issue. Because of its        around the country.
              by American            impact on wives, mothers,
              Humane                 daughters, and sisters, men’s               Weekly - July
              (www.american-         health is truly a family issue.”     National Rabbit Week, July 15-
    ,           (Rep. Bill Richardson, 1994)         21. From Peter Rabbit to
              which reminds us                                            Watership Down, rabbits are lit-
              that having a pet              Daily - June                 erary — and real life —
              can help reduce        Flag Day, June 14. This day com-     favorites. Rabbit Week honors
              blood pressure         memorates the adoption the Stars     these adorable furry housepets
              and prevent heart      and Stripes as the national flag     and raises awareness about prac-
disease, among other benefits.       by the Continental Congress in       tices such as buying an “Easter
                                     1777.                                bunny” only to discard it later.
National Safety Month. Each
June, the National Safety Council    Juneteenth, June 19.                          Daily - July
encourages businesses to get         Commemorating the announce-          Halfway point of the year, July
involved and participate in          ment of the abolition of slavery     2. At noon, 182½ days will have
National Safety Month. Each          in Texas in 1865, this day cele-     passed and 182½ days will
week has a separate theme;           brates African-American freedom      remain in the year.
themes this year include prescrip-   and emphasizes education and
tion drug overdose prevention,       achievement.                         Independence Day, July 4. Date
teen driving safety, and prevent-                                         of the United States’ declaration
ing overexertion at home and at      Father’s Day, June 20. Show Dad      of independence from Great
work.                                how much you appreciate every-       Britain. Please see more on page
                                     thing he’s done for you (before      15.
      Weekly - June                  you hit him up for some cash).
National Fishing and Boating                                              National Ice Cream Day, July
Week. June 5-13. A celebration                                            18. The third Sunday (or is it
of fishing and boating coordinat-                                         “sundae”?) of National Ice
ed by the Recreational Boating                                            Cream Month, proclaimed by
and Fishing Foundation. This                                              President Ronald Reagan in
event coincides with most states’                                         1984.
free fishing days, which let peo-
ple fish without a license.                                               National Lasagna Day, July 25.
                                                                          Cartoon cat Garfield’s favorite
National Headache Awareness                                               food alternates layers of pasta,
Week, June 6-12. More than           Summer Solstice, June 21. First      cheese, sauce, meat and/or veg-
29.5 million Americans suffer        day of summer!                       etables. Celebrate by finding a
from migraines, with women                                                new recipe to enjoy with family
being affected three times more               Monthly - July              and friends.
often than men. Go to the            National Recreation and Parks
National Headache Foundation         Month. Established in 1985 by
Web site for information on          the National Recreation and Park
treatment and research.              Association, this month is dedi-
                                     cated to encouraging families to
Men’s Health Week, June 14-20.       explore their local parks. It also
“Recognizing and preventing          recognizes and salutes those who

1                                                                               Zia Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America
                 From the President
     rom the Editor: President Ewer is temporarily out of commission.
     Surgery on his right shoulder has him laid up and unable to type
     out a report. He should be back up and running in time from the
August/September issue of the Zia RoadRunner.

                      From the Vice President                                                  Lindol Hill

          y last report covered     days at the SCI Unit. I then sat     hope some members will join us
          everything through        in with the Site Team as they        for lunch that day.
          April 18, 2010. Since     reviewed the workings of the           Jean and I plan on visiting VA
that date I have been present       employees at the unit. I sat in      Medical facilities in Santa Fe on
during Zia Chapter Short &          for the President as he was an       July 8, Clovis on July 13,
Long Range Planning and             inpatient at the time and still is   Lubbock on July 14 and Big
Fundraising Meeting on April        at the SCI Unit. The Zia             Spring on July 15. Then El Paso
20, 2010. There were some           Chapter HLO and Chaplain,            on September 7 to have lunch
very interesting comments on        Terry Conger, sat in to observe      with members and then visit El
plans and fund raising. I think a   so he can handle it next year.       Paso Clinic on September 8 and
committee to finalize these will    We can not report on findings        9. Will drive to Las Cruces on
be set by the President and ED      until they have been sent to the     September 9 so we can visit
in the future.                      VA Hospital Director and VA          CBOC on September 10, 2010.
  On Friday, April 23, 2010 I       Secretary and responses have           You will be getting election
attended the funeral of Beverly     been received. The review cov-       ballots within the next two
Payne, wife of deceased mem-        ered two days and very good          months so you can vote for Zia
ber Jim Payne. This was a tough     questions were asked.                Chapter Officers. Please take
funeral for all because it came       I will fill in for President       the time to get to know those
so close to Jim passing away.       Ewer during the BOD Meeting          that are running and vote for
Our Chaplain Terry Conger did       on May 18 at Zia. After the          who you feel is the best person.
an excellent job handling the       meeting, SBA Jean Dougherty          Remember these folks will be
funeral service. It was good see-   and I will drive to Gallup so we     deciding how Zia should be run
ing so many members and offi-       can conduct a meeting with the       and what programs should be
cers as well as widows of mem-      Gallup VA CBOC staff. Pat            funded. We need some fresh
bers attend the funeral. Our        Dougherty will drive and that        blood and ideas at Zia Chapter.
prayers continue for the family.    gives Jean and I a chance to dis-    I will not be running for any
  I attended the meeting            cuss the findings on our last        office. I do hope that everyone
between PVA National SCI Site       visit and what we need to            running will always think of
Team Members and Zia                review on this visit. We do hope     members first as they take
Chapter on May 3, 2010. We          that there will be some mem-         action. May the good Lord
discussed what we thought to        bers to join us for lunch on         bless all of you.
be positive and negative com-       May 19 in Gallup.
ments for the Site Team to be         At present time Jean and I
aware of as they conducted          plan on visiting Farmington
their review over the next two      CBOC on June 29, 2010 and

June/July 2009                                                                                           2
                          PVA Service Office                                               Jean Dougherty, SBA

          n May 5, 2010 congress        Occupational Therapy so                  and won’t be sent until
          passed a law that             you can be evaluated for the             AFTER the job is com-
          increased the amounts         HISA grant needs. Your doc-              pleted. Once the invoice
available for the HISA (Home            tor needs to state what you              is sent to Prosthetics and
Improvement Structural                  want done to your residence.             the Letter of Satisfaction
Alterations) grant. The limits are   2. Complete the VAF 10-0103                 is signed by the claimant
now $6800.00 for a service con-         Veterans Application for                 and received by
nected veteran (increased from          Assistance in Acquiring                  Prosthetics then the check
$4100.00) and $2000.00 for a            Home Improvement and                     will be issued.
non service connected veteran           Structural Alterations. This      1. Once Prosthetics receives all
(increased from $4100.00).              form can be obtained from            the paperwork from the con-
  Any HISA application not              the web site at then          tractor and your completed
processed prior to May 5th is           look under publications, or          form it will then be sent to
eligible for the increased              from the PVA Service Offices         Engineering for review and
amounts. One big change to the       3. It is advisable to get more          approval of the drawings,
bill is that if you used part of        than one quote for the work          etc. After approval from
your benefit in the past and have       that you want done. When             Engineering it will be sent
some money remaining, you are           you decide on the contractor         back to Prosthetics
not eligible for the increased          that you want to use you          2. Then the paperwork goes to
benefit. Mr. Frederick Downs,           need to have specific infor-         the HISA Committee which
Chief Procurement and Logistics         mation which includes:               meets monthly.
Officer is working on guidance          A. Contractor’s name, mail-       3. Finally getting the approval
related to this issue.                      ing address, phone num-          from the HISA Committee
  What is HISA?                             ber, Federal Tax ID or           gives you the ok to start the
  The Home Improvement and                  SSN and contractor’s             project.
Structural Alterations Program is           number                        4. After the job is completed,
designed to “open the door” to          B. A detailed itemized list          the contractor will ask the
allow individuals with physical             (including costs for each        veteran to sign a Letter of
disabilities to return to their             item) of materials               Satisfaction. The Letter of
homes and live independently.               required to complete the         Satisfaction and the final
These modifications may                     job                              invoice will then be submit-
include, but are not limited to         C. A detailed itemized cost          ted to Prosthetics for the
construction of permanent                   of labor                         payment to be processed.
wheelchair ramps; widening              D. A brief summary of the         5. Under no circumstances DO
doorways for wheelchair access               job that is being proposed      NOT begin work until the
(they should be at least 32 inch-       E. A drawing or photo of the         contractor receives the
es wide); lowering kitchen or               area(s) PRIOR to any             approval from Prosthetics.
bathroom counters and sinks to              work starting                    If you have any questions
permit needed access for wheel-         F. A drawing with specific        please feel free to contact the
chair users (should be between             measurements of all work       PVA Service Office.
30 and 32 inches high); improv-            to be done (what the proj-
ing otherwise inaccessible                 ect will look like when
entrance paths and driveways.              completed)
  How do I apply for the HISA           G. The contractor must
program?                                     agree to accept a VA
1. Have your primary doctor                  Purchase Order which
     put in a consult to                     can take about 6 weeks
3                                                                               Zia Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America
June/July 2009   4
5   Zia Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America
                                      Chaplain’s Corner
                                                                                             Terry Conger

     ’m not sure if this is the       twenty five verses where he says    ways,”yes”, “no”, or “wait”. I
     same message from last issue     “Verily, verily”.                   think the “wait” answer is
     or not. I got everything           We have finally gotten my         always the hardest.
mixed up on my computer. But          mother to move from cold, wet         When we pray we need to
I have some to add anyway.            Michigan to sunny dry windy         pray expecting an answer. John
   Have you ever noticed that         New Mexico. What a transi-          14:13-14, 13 “And whatsoever
Jesus says “Verily, verily” only      tion. What’s even better is that    ye shall ask in my name, that
in the Gospel of John? Jesus          she will be living right next       will I do, that the Father may
says “Verily, verily” twenty five     door. We have been very excit-      be glorified in the Son.” 14 “If
times in John. Jesus says             ed about this for a long time.      ye shall ask any thing in my
“Verily” Seventy seven times in         As we have been praying and       name, I will do it.”
all four Gospels. (KJV)               preparing for this move and           In our Wed. Night bible study
   Jesus says “Verily, verily” to     everything involved my wife         I ask everyone to start a prayer
GET OUR ATTENTION.                    and I weren’t sure this is what     journal. All it is, is a notebook
   “Verily, verily, I say unto you,   god wanted because nothing          where you write down your
He that heareth my word, and          seemed to be going well. Oh we      prayer request on one side of
believeth on him that sent me,        of little faith.                    the page and date it. When God
hath everlasting life, and shall        My mother will be flying out      answers your prayer write
not come into condemnation;           today (Friday) to come to           down when He did it on the
but is passed from death unto         N.M.. It was only two days ago      other side. If you keep it up
life.”—John 5:24.                     that she sold her house. What       you will be amazed how well
   I was preparing a message last     an answer to prayer. What per-      God takes care of you and your
week on the “Verily’s” of Jesus       fect timing with God. With the      prayers.
and found an interesting mes-         economy the way it is we were         William Cowper once wrote
sage by Dr. Tom Wallace. I            fearful that mom wouldn’t be        “The devil trembles when he
enjoy reading and hearing other       able to sell her house. We          sees the weakest Christian on
pastors.                              prayed about this a great deal. I   his knees in prayer” don’t let
   Dr. Wallace used a great           should not have had a concern       the devil stop you from talking
example of getting a persons          in the world because I turned       to the Lord in prayer.
attention. When we hear a car         the matter over to the Lord.        Until next time Love in Christ,
horn it gets our attention,           But my faith was weakened           Terry Conger, Chaplain
when the bailiff calls the court-     with doubt from the devil.          If you need prayer for anything
room to order it gets our atten-        Why, when we pray do we           or just need to talk, call or
tion or, with respect to our mil-     not expect answers? It’s because    write 505-89290578,
itary training, when we hear          we pray amiss or our faith is       KJVROM1013@MSN.COM
“ATTENTION”!! It gets our             weakened by our adversary the
attention. Jesus is doing the         devil.
same thing. He wants our com-           I know from personal experi-
plete undivided attention.            ence that God is a faithful God
   Please read the Gospel of          Who hears our prayers and will
John, and see for yourselves the      always answer our prayers. God
importance Jesus places on the        will answer in one of three
June/July 2009                                                                                            6
                            Health and Safety
    Stay Safe From Heat               has a temperature of 104 F or           ‘Eat Your Barbecue,
      Stroke When Hot                 higher.                                  It’s Good For You!’
                                        Heat stroke and heat exhaus-
        Weather Hits
                                      tion can hit anyone, but chil-

A    s temperatures rise in the
     summer months, so does
                                      dren and older people tend to
                                      be more susceptible, so keep a
                                                                          I n what may be the best diet-
                                                                            related health news of all
                                                                          time (at least until scientists dis-
the risk of heat exhaustion or        watch on your family when the       cover that beer makes you live
heat stroke. Both are serious.        weather turns hot.                  forever), a study at the
Heat stroke can be deadly.                                                University of Ontario has found
  Heat exhaustion is more com-          Hunger Pangs vs.                  antioxidants which can boost
mon. It typically strikes when          Snack Cravings:                   the body’s immune system are
people work or play strenuous-        What’s The Difference?              present in the herbs and spices
ly in a hot, humid environment,                                           used for . . . barbecue sauce.
causing them to sweat exces-
sively. With diminished fluids
and salts, the body loses its abil-
                                      M      ost of us eat more than
                                             we need to. Often it’s
                                      because we think we’re hungry
                                                                            The research team analyzed
                                                                          seven different popular sauces
                                                                          and marinades available at
ity to cool itself, resulting in      when we’re really anxious,          supermarkets.
symptoms including dizziness,         depressed, bored, or just tempt-      The sauces contained herbs
muscle cramps and pain,               ed by the plate of brownies a       and spices as primary ingredi-
headache, nausea, and weak-           co-worker brought in this           ents, and included such varieties
ness.                                 morning.                            and flavors as jerk sauce, garlic
  Heat stroke is a life-threaten-       Although you shouldn’t wait       and herb, roasted red pepper,
ing condition caused when the         until you’re faint with hunger      sesame ginger teriyaki, and oth-
brain is unable to control the        to eat, pay attention to the sig-   ers. Cooking reduces the
body’s cooling system. The rise       nals your body is sending you.      antioxidant effect by about 50
in internal body temperature          These are the typical symptoms      percent, but even after barbecu-
can result in damage to the           of real hunger:                     ing, the sauces still contain “sig-
brain and other organs.                 • Growling, gurgling, or rum-     nificant” levels of antioxidants.
“Classic” heat stroke can devel-          bling in the stomach              Fire up the grill and get
op over a period of days; “exer-        • Irritability                    healthy.
tional” heat stroke strikes more        • Headache
quickly and primarily affects           • Dizziness
younger, more active persons.           • Difficulty concentrating
  Symptoms of heat stroke               • Nausea
include loss of consciousness,          Not sure whether you’re real-
confusion, hallucinations,            ly hungry? Ask yourself if some-
hyperventilation, and flushed,        thing healthy, like an apple or
hot, or dry skin. Seek medical        an orange, would make you feel
help immediately if you suspect       better.                                   “Many people limit
heat stroke.                            If not — if you think you
                                                                              themselves to what they
  Even in a case of heat exhaus-      really, really need that choco-
tion, consult with a physician,       late chip cookie — then chances            think they can do.
especially if the person loses        are you’re having a craving, not         You can only go as far
consciousness, complains of           a real hunger pang. Exercise            as your mind lets you.”
chest or abdominal pain, has          your will power until your body                          — Mary Kay Ash
trouble keeping fluids down, or       needs refueling.
7                                                                                Zia Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America
                           A Touch of Humor
        Unclear On The               • “Police arrest everyone on         “All right, I give up.” He gave
           Concept                     February 22nd”                     the blonde woman $50 and
                                     • “Federal agents raid gun           asked, “So what goes up a hill
                                       shop, find weapons”                with three legs and comes back
A     fter a night of heavy drink-
      ing, Joe was walking beside
the railroad tracks late at night
                                     • “Missippi’s literacy program
                                       shows improvement”
                                                                          down the hill with four legs?”
                                                                            “No idea.” And the blonde
when somehow he got his foot         • “Statistics show that teen         handed him $5.
caught. He cursed viciously as         pregnancy drops off signifi-
he struggled, but he began to          cantly after age 25”                  Signs Of The Times
get nervous when he heard a          • “Threat disrupts plans to

train coming.                          meet about threats”                      oes your signage really
  “God,” he prayed, “please get      • “Man accused of killing                  communicate the message
my foot out of these tracks, and       lawyer receives a new attor-       you want? The Huffington Post
I’ll stop drinking!”                   ney”                               Web site recently shared photos
  Nothing happened. Joe was                                               of some signs that said more (or
still stuck, and the train drew         Not Another Dumb                  less) than their owners intend-
closer.                                    Blonde Joke                    ed:
  “God, “ he prayed, “please                                              • “Psychic Fair cancelled due to

get my foot out, and I’ll stop            n attractive blonde woman         unforeseen circumstances”
drinking and swearing!”                   found herself sitting next to   • “Execution chamber closed
  Still nothing, and the train       a talkative lawyer on an air-          for safety reasons”
was seconds away. Joe pulled         plane. The lawyer, figuring he       • “Don’t’t drink and drive”
and pulled, and tried praying        could have some fun, pestered        • “Illiterate? Call 1-800-555-
one last time: “God, please, if      her to play a game: Every time         1212”
you get my foot out of the           she asked a question he could-       • “Need assistance accessing
tracks, I’ll quit drinking and       n’t answer, the lawyer would           our Internet? Please visit
swearing, and I’ll stay home         give her $5, and vice versa. ”
every night!”                        When she wasn’t interested, he
  Suddenly he got his foot free,     offered to give her $50 for
and he managed to dive out of        every question he couldn’t
the train’s path with seconds to     answer.
spare.                                 Finally she agreed.
  As the train passed, Joe stood       The lawyer asked, “What’s
up, brushed his clothes off, and     the distance from Earth to the
looked to the sky. “God, thank       planet Jupiter?”
you for trying—but I guess I           “No idea.” The blonde imme-          “When somebody tells
got it myself.”                      diately handed him $5 and              you nothing is impossi-
                                     asked, “What goes up a hill            ble, ask him to dribble
  What Was The Editor                with three legs and comes back               a football.”
       Thinking?                     down the hill with four legs?”
                                       The lawyer spent two hours
                                     racking his brain for the               “Who says nothing is
C   an you trust what you read
    in the paper? Here are
some headlines that actually
                                       Finally, as the plane was
                                                                             impossible? I’ve been
                                                                           doing nothing for years.”
appeared in the nation’s press:      beginning its descent, he said,

June/July 2009                                                                                              8
President Signs Critical             nected) veterans. This now pro-     lack of services in rural areas.
 Veterans Legislation                hibits VA from collecting co-       The Department of Veterans
                                     payments from those cata-           Affairs (VA) system of hospitals
       into Law
                                     strophically disabled veterans      is located mainly in larger cities

                                     for medical services rendered.      and towns and this has caused
         n May 5, President
                                     Paralyzed Veterans members are      rural veterans to have to make
         Obama signed into law
                                     the highest users of VA health-     long trips to get services. The
         P 111-163, the
                                     care services. This important       new law increases travel reim-
“Caregivers and Veterans
                                     legislation will ensure that our    bursements for veterans receiv-
Omnibus Health Services Act,”
                                     non-service connected, cata-        ing treatment at VA facilities
that will provide help to many
                                     strophically disabled veterans      and grants for veterans service
groups of veterans including
                                     will continue to receive the        organizations transporting vet-
Paralyzed Veterans of America
                                     highest quality health care with-   erans residing in highly rural
(PVA) members. PVA and other
                                     out the heavy financial burden      areas.
veteran service organizations
                                     that many have faced in the           The new law provides
strongly supported this legisla-
                                     past.”                              enhanced services for the grow-
tion that will make an enor-
                                       The new law covers a number       ing number of female veterans
mous difference to the recovery
                                     of different areas to help our      as well. A report to Congress
and rehabilitation of our
                                     nation’s veterans. In addition to   by VA will outline its compre-
injured, ill and disabled veter-
                                     the co-payment provisions, it       hensive assessment of the barri-
ans and their families.
                                     provides help for caregivers        ers in providing health care to
  The bill was originally passed
                                     who take care of veterans with      women veterans. The VA was
on April 21 by the House of
                                     disabilities. Many family mem-      not originally designed for
Representatives and the follow-
                                     bers take care of their disabled    female veterans so the law will
ing day by the United States
                                     loved ones, but never receive       provide additional health-care
Senate. PVA has worked tire-
                                     any training on how to proper-      services for female specific care
lessly on parts of the legislation
                                     ly provide the care. The new        such as health care to a new-
for several years. The new law
                                     law provides training, support      born child of qualifying
covers a broad array of health-
                                     and in- home respite care to        women. In addition, VA must
care initiatives and reforms con-
                                     ease the overwhelming burden        now train its mental health
tained in multiple bills that
                                     placed on caregivers of veter-      providers in the treatment of
have been pending since the
                                     ans. In addition, many family       military sexual trauma.
start of the 111th Congress
                                     members give up their jobs to         The new law will also
including a prohibition against
                                     provide this care. Now they         improve and expand VA facili-
the collection of co-payments
                                     will have access to health care     ties and research, provide
by the VA from veterans who
                                     as well as a stipend for care-      increased access to mental
are catastrophically disabled. It
                                     givers who live with and care       health services for Operation
has long been a goal of PVA to
                                     for seriously wounded veterans      Enduring Freedom/Operation
eliminate co-payments for
                                     of Iraq and Afghanistan.            Iraqi Freedom servicemembers,
Priority Group 4 (catastrophi-
                                       One challenge that veterans       including National Guard or
cally disabled non-service con-
                                     have faced for many years is        Reserve, to receive readjustment

9                                                                              Zia Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America
counseling and requires VA to       for both service-connected dis-       that 100 percent service-con-
conduct a study on veterans’        abled veterans and non-service        nected disabled veterans who
suicides. The law also provides     connected disabled veterans.          are rated PERMANENT and
enhanced services to provide        While it is hoped that the            TOTAL are not billed for care.
for some of our most vulnera-       recently enacted “Caregivers
ble veterans, those who are         and Veterans Omnibus Health
homeless.                           Services Act” may solve many
  While the caregiver provisions    of the non-service connected
are required to be implemented      issues, little attention has been
within 270 days of enactment        paid to this problem while med-
of the bill, implementation         ical care collections continued
dates for the remaining provi-      to grow at an alarming rate.
sions varies. According to          The new law does not address                 Help wanted?
Congressional staff, the provi-     the issues of inappropriate
sions pertaining to the elimina-
tion of co-payments for Priority
                                    billing on service-connected dis-
                                    abled veterans.
                                                                           A    woman approached the
                                                                                manager of a large
                                                                           department store.
Group 4 veterans should be            The inappropriate charges for
                                                                             “Excuse me, are you plan-
effective immediately. However,     VA medical services places
                                                                           ning on hiring any extra
PVA will continue to work with      unnecessary financial stress on
                                                                           help?” she asked.
the VA to ensure full implemen-     individual veterans and their
                                                                             “I’m sorry, we’re not,” the
tation occurs quickly and prop-     families and are not easily
                                                                           manager replied politely. “We
erly.                               remedied. The problems that
                                                                           already have all the staff we
                                    service- connected and non-
      First Steps on                service connected have faced
                                                                             “Good,” said the woman.
   Inappropriate Billing            are uniquely different. Service-
                                                                           “Then would you mind find-
                                    connected veterans are faced
                                                                           ing someone to wait on me?
                                    with a scenario where they, or
R    epresentatives of Paralyzed
     Veterans of America (PVA)
met with members of the
                                    their insurance company, may
                                    be billed for treatment of a                 That’s Wright!

House Committee on Veterans’        service-connected condition.               teven Wright is a comedi-
Affairs staff to discuss the way    Meanwhile, non-service con-                an of the absurd. Here are
forward to develop legislation      nected disabled veterans are           a few of his off-center obser-
to address the problems of          usually billed multiple times for      vations:
inappropriate billing of veterans   the same treatment episode or          • I almost had a psychic girl-
by the Department of Veterans       have difficulty getting their            friend, but she left me
Affairs (VA). Contact has also      insurance companies to pay for           before we met.
been made with the Senate           treatment provided by the VA.          • I intend to live forever —
Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.     PVA will monitor the imple-              so far, so good.
  In recent years, PVA has seen     mentation of the “Caregivers           • The problem with the gene
significant increases in both       and Veterans Omnibus Health              pool is that there is no life-
medical care collections esti-      Services Act” to ensure that the         guard.
mates as well as the actual dol-    problems do not continue while         • Plan to be spontaneous
lars collected by VA.               we continue to pursue legisla-           tomorrow.
Meanwhile, we have received         tion to guarantee service-con-         • I’d kill for a Nobel Peace
an increasing number of reports     nected veterans are not inap-            Prize.
from veterans who are being         propriately charged for services.      • Bills travel through the mail
inappropriately billed by the         At this time, PVA is working           at twice the speed of
Veterans Health Administration      with the Committees to have              checks.
for their care. This is a problem   legislation force VA to change
                                    its regulations to reflect the fact
June/July 2009                                                                                             10
                  For Your Information...
     What ‘arf’ and ‘grrrr’           A Super-Powered                     have a few extra inches of
        Really Mean                 Approach To Thinking                  space beneath the bottom
                                                                          shelf, hidden behind some
                                       About Your Life
                                                                          molding. Remove the molding
D    ogs have a vocabulary.
                                                                          and store valuables there.
     Maybe not a very extensive        uper powers are fun to think
one, but they can apparently                                            • Light switches and electrical
                                       about. Here’s an exercise
differentiate between specific                                            outlets. Turn off your power
                                   that might inspire you to per-
kinds of barks and growls,                                                and remove the plate. You’ll
                                   fect your skills, or learn a new
according to researchers at                                               find a small space where you
                                   one. Answer these questions:
Eötvös Lorand University in                                               can deposit small items for
                                   • If you could have any one
Budapest, Hungary.                                                        safekeeping.
                                     super power for a day, what
  The team of behavioral biolo-                                         • Ironing boards. You can hide
                                     would it be? What would you
gists played recordings of bark-                                          important documents between
                                     do with this? This can identify
ing and growling from 20 dogs                                             the board and the padding.
                                     specific tasks you’d like to
to 12 other dogs that had been                                            Also, the hollow area inside
                                     accomplish, or activities you’d
given a bone to chew. The                                                 the legs (pull off the rubber or
                                     like to try.
recordings represented three                                              plastic pads) can be used to
                                   • If you could have any one
different situations: dogs play-                                          store rolled-up cash or small
                                     super power for one month,
ing tug-of-war with their own-                                            items.
                                     what would you choose? You
ers, growling at an approaching                                         • Spice jars. Pour the spice into
                                     may discover something you’d
stranger, and threatening anoth-                                          a bowl. Then coat the inside
                                     like to learn more about or
er dog for food.                                                          of the jar with glue. Refill the
                                     receive specialized training in.
  The tug-of-war barks prompt-                                            jar, then empty it again. Make
                                   • If you could have a super
ed four of the 12 animals to                                              sure the jar looks like it’s full
                                     power for a full year, what
draw away from the bone, and                                              of oregano (or whatever you
                                     would you want? This can
the “stranger” growl made two                                             used) and place money, credit
                                     suggest directions for explo-
of them move back.                                                        cards, or other valuables
                                     ration and education.
  All 12 dogs withdrew when                                               inside.
                                   • If you could choose any
hearing the threatening growl.                                          • Trash cans. Place important
                                     power for the rest of your
Most of the dogs returned to                                              items at the bottom, then use
                                     life, what would you pick?
their bone after a while. The                                             a liner to conceal them.
                                     The answer will provide you
growls thus appear to commu-                                            • Dirty clothes hamper. Thieves
                                     with some long-term goals to
nicate distinct messages that                                             won’t want to sift through
                                     strive toward.
dogs understand and react to.                                             soiled clothes.
  There’s no word yet on how                                            • Vents. Your heating and air-
                                   Creative Hiding Places                 conditioning vents can make
they respond to “Your call is
                                     For Your Valuables                   useful hiding places. Burglars
very important to us...”
                                                                          won’t want to risk the time

                                   A   lthough your chances of
                                       being burglarized are low, it
                                   does happen. Unless you’ve got
                                                                          unscrewing each vent.
                                                                        • Decoys. Keep a small wad of
                                                                          cash someplace where a
                                   a safe guarded by laser beams          would-be burglar is likely to
                                   for that priceless heirloom, try       find it. Thieves in a hurry will
                                   some of these tricks for hiding        snatch it and go, leaving the
                                   your valuables:                        rest of your valuables behind.
                                   • Bookcases. Many bookcases

11                                                                            Zia Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America
                                                                              VAN RENTALS
                                                                               VAN SALES
                                                                              NEW & USED

Who Are You? Identity                identity theft, and 1.42 million
  Theft Can Strike                   have suffered medical ID theft.
                                     The Secret Life of Cats

I t’s a different kind of identity
  crisis: Approximately 9 per-
                                     E   ver wonder what your cat is
                                         thinking? Maybe it’s some-
cent of Americans have been
the victim of identity theft,        thing like this . . .                We are your
according to The National            • “I could have sworn I heard a
                                       can opener.”
Study on Medical Identity
Theft, conducted by the              • “What’s with that irritating        dealer for
Traverse City, Mich.-based             noise humans make with their          Braun
research firm Ponemon
                                     • “Why doesn’t the government         rampvans
                                       do something about dogs?”         with Highland Conversions LLC
  The most common loss is
credit card fraud, but other         • “No, really, that’s a can open-
forms of theft included obtain-        er.”
ing employment under a stolen        • “How come they make tuna-
name, debit card fraud, and            flavored cat food and chick-        Providing Access
theft of funds from banks and          en-flavored cat food, but no          to the World
other financial institutions.          mouse-flavored cat food?”
  Medical identity theft was         • “This looks like a good spot
reported by 6 percent of the           for a nap.”
156,000 survey respondents,          • “If there is a God, how can
resulting in an average cost of        He allow neutering?”
$20,000 to consumers, as well        • “Without cats, humans would
as the potential for mistakes in       never have had any reason to
treatment.                             invent sofas.”
  The Ponemon Institute esti-        • “I think I’ll be finicky this
mates that 24.5 million                time just to let them know
Americans have experienced             who’s boss.”

June/July 2009                                                                                           12
                                    Father’s Day
           History                     Tidbits About Your                which allowed it to more easily
                                        Father’s Day Gift                revert to its original shape. The

           rs. John B. Dodd, of                                          “Langsdorf ” became the most

           Washington, first pro-          ather’s Day is June 20 this   common form of necktie.
           posed the idea of a             year, and the 65 million        Since then, ties have widened
“father’s day” in 1909. Mrs.               fathers in the United         as far as 4.5 inches and thinned
Dodd wanted a special day to        States (give or take a few mil-      to 3 inches (or skinnier)
honor her father, William           lion) will bask in familial atten-   depending on the current style,
Smart. William Smart, a Civil       tion and be showered with gifts      but they seem to be here to
War veteran, was widowed            — mostly neckties.                   stay.
when his wife (Mrs. Dodd’s             So where did neckties come
mother) died in childbirth with     from? The earliest known ver-               Statements
their sixth child. Mr. Smart was    sion dates back to 210 B.C.,             You’ll Never Hear
left to raise the newborn and       when the Chinese emperor Shih             Your Father Say
his other five children by him-     Huang Ti was buried in the

self on a rural farm in eastern     ancient Chinese capital Tian.            n honor of Father’s Day,
Washington state. It was after      The 7,500 terra cotta warriors           here’s a list of things you’re
Mrs. Dodd became an adult           built to guard him in the after-         never likely to hear coming
that she realized the strength      life all wore neck cloths, for       from your dad’s lips:
and selflessness her father had     reasons unknown.                     • “I’m lost . . . so I guess I’ll
shown in raising his children as       Similarly, the Roman emperor        stop and ask for directions.”
a single parent.                    Trajan erected a marble column       • “All your friends have a very
  The first Father’s Day was        in 113 A.D. commemorating a            sarcastic attitude—I like that.”
observed on June 19, 1910 in        military victory; the 2,500 sol-     • “Here’s my credit card and
Spokane Washington.                 diers depicted all wore some           the keys to my new car. Have
  At about the same time in var-    form of cloth neck covering.           fun.”
ious towns and cities across           The modern necktie evolved        • “What do you want to get a
American other people were          from the small, knotted necker-        job for? I make plenty of
beginning to celebrate a            chiefs worn by Croatian merce-         money for you to spend.”
“father’s day.”.                    naries working for the French        • “Your mom and I are going
  In 1924 President Calvin          in the Thirty Years’ War. The          away for the weekend. You
Coolidge supported the idea of      word cravat derives from a             might want to have some
a national Father’s Day. Finally    combination of the French              friends over and throw a
in 1966 President Lyndon            “Croate” and the Croatians’            party.”
Johnson signed a presidential       own name for themselves,             • “Father’s Day? Don’t worry
proclamation declaring the 3rd      “Hrvati.”                              about that, it’s no big deal to
Sunday of June as Father’s Day.        With the rise of the business       me.”
  Father’s Day has become a         class in the 19th century,
day to not only honor your          demand grew for neckware that
father, but all men who act as a    was durable, comfortable, and
father figure. Stepfathers,         easy to tie.
uncles, grandfathers, and adult        In 1926, a New York tie
male friends are all honored on     maker named Jesse Langsdorf
Father’s Day.                       developed a technique that
                                    improved the tie’s elasticity,

13                                                                              Zia Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America
                 Mission Statement                               Answers for word search on
                                                                 page 18

                     Zia Chapter
            Paralyzed Veterans of America

   Our mission is to rebuild the lives
  of veterans affected by spinal cord
  dysfunction; advocating at all levels
for health, education and accessibility;
   seeking to improve quality of life
through direct programs and services.

     Highland Conversions LLC
                                                            Braun - Ricon - Bruno Lifts
          Specializing in equipment                         Wheelchair & Scooter Lifts
             for disabled drivers                           Wheelchair Tie Downs
                                                            New & Used Ramps
                                                            New & Used Scooters
                                                            Certified Braun Repairs
                                                           New and Used Accessible Vans
                                                           Wheelchair and Scooter Repair

                                                                  Sales & Service
                                                                   Bryan Arndt
     417 Adams SE • Albuquerque, NM 87108 • 505.232.8629   Over 20 Years Experience

June/July 2009                                                                             14
                                               Missing Members
                                                The following members are
           ZIA CHAPTER                            on the Undeliverable list
                                                produced by National PVA.
           MEMBERSHIP                           After twelve (12) months on
             REPORT                             this list, PVA (National) will
                                              drop them from the membership
                                              roles. If you know anyone listed
                                             below, please ask them to contact
                                             the chapter. You are all important
         The Zia Chapter, PVA voting
                                                 to us and we don’t want to
        membership stands at 564 as of
                                                        lose any of you!
               May 25, 2010.

        Zia Chapter records indicate our             Lynn N. Curley
     chapter voting membership as follows:          Carmen M. Ortiz
          294 – Service connected                  Stanford L. Jenson
          270 – Non-Service connected                 Alvin E. Ivory
                                                    Stephen L. Miller
        If you have an address change,              Richard A. Owens
     please let us know so we may update           Daniel L. McCorkle
       our records and continue sending                      .
                                                    Philip W Knauth
       you various correspondence and                Jabari Chionesu
             the chapter newsletter.                Michael A. Conn
                                                     Richard Mason
        If you know of a veteran with a                         .
                                                     Roger W Evans
      spinal cord dysfunction and not yet            Donna S. Mayns
     a member of PVA, please let us know                      .
                                                       Jack P Russ
       at the main Chapter headquarters.           Cesario T. Sandate
             0ur phone number are:
                                                     Billy C. Crespin
        (505) 247-4381 or 1-800-5580
              FAX (505) 247-9204.                  Jerrod M. Guerney
                                                    Richard V Talsma
                                                   Kenneth J. Newkirk

15                                                          Zia Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America
                                          FOR SALE:
   Dodge Dakota Sport, 2002, V6, Club Cab, 2WD, Electric Topper with lift for scooter.
                            20,966 miles. $10,000 OBO.
         Dodge Ram 1500, V8, fullsize Van, conversion; Rinco Wheelchair lift in rear;
        fully loaded; has rear bench seat (like new, never used); rear door is automatic;
                                81,5000 miles; $8,000 or OBO.
                             Call 891-8001 for more information.

       Want to place an ad? Classified ads are free to members, $10/issue
  for all others. Just call the office and let us know, then fax or email or mail
     the ad to us. For those ads requiring payment, it is due prior to the ad
    running. All information is needed to be in by the 15th of the preceding
  Classified ads will be run in two issues of the Zia RoadRunner without fur-
      ther confirmation from the poster. After the second posting, it is the
   responsibility of the individual placing the ad to contact the Zia Chapter
                    office if the ad needs to continue running.
        If you would like to place an ad in the upcoming August/September
      newsletter, please contact the chapter prior to July 15th with your ad
                                                                      Thank you.

June/July 2009                                                                              16
                     Happy Birthday!
                     Zia PVA Officers, Directors, and staff salute the
                       following voting members who are having
                                Birthdays in June/July

     2    J. Dudley Bursch
     3    Robert Beggs, Stephen Boyer,          1    Thomas Fraser, Daniel Vallo,
          Julia Carr, Louie Candelaria,              Brian Poitevint, Seth Arseneau
          Robert Borden                         2    Mark Mayerstein
     4    Douglas Goff                          3    Eddie Jefferson
     5    Jay Lanin, Robert Malcolm             4    Marvin Metteba
     6    Robert Condon,                        5    Louie Gurule, Delford Cayaditto,
          Charlene McClellan,                        Rina Green
          Rolando Hinojosa, Frank Nitek         7    Ronald Baze
     7    Dever Langholf, Johnney Burney,       9    Eugene Larsen, Vonda McFadden
          Diana Weathers                        11   Leroy Maddox, Rick Boyer
     10   Charles Butler, Joseph Santoro        12   David Grisham, Paul Terlaje
     11   Patrick Simone, Thomas Peralta        13   Arnold Wolski
     12   James Freudenberg
                                                14   Paul Stapleton, David Carbaugh,
     13   Glen Rhodes, Joseph Martinez
                                                     Forrest Medecke
     14   Tom Max
                                                15   Joseph Kerwin, Patrick Dailey
     15   Marvin Monarco,
          Michael Wesley                        17   Bernard Duran, John Cook,
     16   Raymond Moore, Ronald Polka,               Janice Wise, Douglas Kennedy
          Edward Lovato                         18   Max Reid, James Centers
     19   David Beer,                           19   Carl Shelton
          Bonnie Swenor-Andrews                 20   Allen Fisher
     22   Joe Yazzie, Carol Eaton,              23   Jerry Mendez, Amon Gurule,
          James Teague                               Billy Parker, Christopher Montez
     23   Robert Chisolm                        24   Richard Scalf, Frank Tuma,
     24   Robert Irish, Danny Allen                  Richard Wright, James Higgins
     25   William Callahan                      25   Hoyt Hardwick
     27   Edward Hartel,                        27   Austin Field
          Joseph Baldanado,                     28   James Skinner
          Tammy Oakley                          29   Samuel Dipace, Martin Ochoa
     28   George Johnson

17                                                                  Zia Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America
                                                             Answer on page 14

Answers to May 2010 Quiz:               We received a submission from one member,
                                    Jose Cisneros, with the answers. He got two out
1. 26 – 63 = 1 (2x2x2x2x2x2 = 64)   of the three correct. Way to go Jose!!!
                                        Be on the look out in future issues for more
2. They’re in alphabetical order.
                                    brain teasers!
3. The third child is named Fred.

June/July 2009                                                                     18
                                       Zia PVA Programs
                                 Programs and their Managers

Aid and Attendant.............................Gary Kather            If you are interest in more information about
Assisted Living ....................................Committee     one of the programs at the left, or you would like
Chaplain..........................................Terry Conger    to volunteer some time, please contact the
Chapter Hospital Liaison.................Terry Conger             Chapter.
Chapter Hospital Liaison - Spokes ......Lindol Hill                  Zia is a small organization run with a small
Computer Assisted Technology ............................         paid staff (currently one full time and one part
Fund Raising .......................................Amie Kelm     time employee) and volunteers - members and
Government Relations .....................Mike D’Arco
                                                                  associates. Without the volunteers some things
Membership ..............................Alyan “Ray” Hill
                                                                  don’t get done. We exist for the benefit of our
Newsletter ..........................................Amie Kelm
                                                                  members and we want to provide programs and
One-to-One.....................................Terry Conger
                                                                  services that are of interest to you. Please let us
Research and Education .............................Vacant
Scholarships ........................................Ron Gattas   know what we’re doing right and what we can do
Sports and Rec....................................Chris Ewer      better! Written comments we can post in the
VA Voluntary Services....Mike D’Arco/Amie Kelm                    newsletter are great and we won’t even print
Volunteers ........................................Kevin Dailey   your name if you don’t want us to. Let us know!

                                                                        NM Veterans Administration
                                                                             Medical Center
                                                                             Frequently called Direct Dial
                              Phone Numbers:                                      Service Numbers

                                                                   Centralized Scheduling .....................256-2743
                                                                   Eligibility ..........................................256-2741
     Zia Chapter ...........................(505) 247-4381
                                                                   EMERGENCY ROOM ....................256-2793
        Toll Free............................(800) 597-5580
                                                                   Medical Information.........................256-2731
     PVA Service Office.................(505) 346-4896             VA POLICE......................................256-2730
       Toll Free............................(800) 795-3618         Prosthetics ........................................256-2756
       Office at SCIC .................265-1711 x5046
                                                                   Pharmacy...............................265-1711 x5067
     El Paso VLO ..........................(915) 564-6183          PVA Svc. Office @ SCIC .......265-1711 x5046
                                                                   SCIC Administration ........................256-2849
     PVA (National Office)............(800) 424-8200
                                                                   Voluntary Services ............................256-2771
     NM Department of                                              Switchboard ...........1-800-465-8262/265-1711
      Veteran Services ................(866) 433-8387              Regional Office ......................1-800-827-1000

19                                                                                               Zia Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America
             nd p e!
            a dg
                                Zia Chapter, PVA
    Me your fr
 ear on
T e
  m                                 Events Calendar

                         June                                           July
        8-        SCIC Bingo, 6:30pm                       5/6 - Zia Chapter Closed

        17 - SCIC Luncheon, 11:30am                        8-   Visit to Santa Fe CBOC &
                                                                Lunch with area members
        22 - Zia PVA BOD Mtg., 10:00am                     13 - SCIC Bingo, 6:30pm
                                                           13 - Visit to Clovis CBOC & Lunch
                                                                with area members
                                                           14 - Visit to Lubbock, TX VA &
                                                                Lunch with area members
                                                           15 - Visit to Big Spring, TX CBOC
                                                                & Lunch with area members
                                                           15 - SCIC Luncheon, 11:30am
                                                           15 - Zia Bowling Tournament
                                                           20 - Zia PVA BOD Mtg., 10:00am
                                                           30 - Election Ballots Due - 4:30pm

   Dates to remember...
                     August 10 - SCIC Bingo, 6:30pm
                     August 17 - Zia PVA BOD Mtg., 10:00am
                     August 19 - SCIC Luncheon
                     September 7 - El Paso, TX - Luncheon with area members
                     September 8-9 - El Paso VA Visit
                     September 10 - Las Cruces CBOC Visit
                     September 30 - Zia PVA Annual General Membership Mtg.

                      Dates are subject to change. Please confirm with the chapter
                                     if you plan to attend an event.

 June/July 2009                                                                                 20
Paralyzed Veterans of America                                               NON-PROFIT
ZIA CHAPTER                                                               ORGANIZATION
                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
833 Gibson Blvd. SE                                                             PAID
                                                                          Albuquerque, NM
Albuquerque, NM 87102                                                      Permit No. 620

                                               Change Service Requested

                                Happy Father’s Day!

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