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hostess bingo by E1T9Q9j


									                   HOSTESS BINGO
    5 or more guests show             Receive your Invitation list      If the show earns over
       Up at your show                one week prior to show date       $250.00 retail sales
  Hostess Earns                        Hostess Earns
                                                                     $100.00 worth of product
Aromatherapy Sea Salt Scrub          Mini Hand or Foot Cream          for $20.00 (Their Choice)

 Collect 5 Contacts in Global                                          Collect outside orders of
            Market                    FREE SPACE                        $125.00 retail sales
                                          Hostess earned a                 Hostess
       Earns                              FREEPRIZE
                                           From playing                    Earns
   BONUS product                      Let’s Make a Deal Game
(choice of Hand Cream, Foot Cream,              for                   $50.00 worth of product
    Cleansing Gel, Body Lotion)           Hosting a class!
                                                                     for FREE (Their Choice)

      If 4 friends book a                If all guests sign up            If all bingo boxes
      Show this evening                 This evening to receive             Are crossed of
  Hostess Earns                         35% OFF                        Hostess Earns
                                       Hostess Earns                        50% OFF
                                               A FREE                         their next
                                             Sign up with
     The body system
     An $95.00 value                                                            order

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