Pathways Elementary Good News Club� by E1T9Q9j


									       Urban D.I.S. Good News Club                   
                                                                         After School Good News Club                    

Hang Time (conversations/gathering kids)   Workers                  Registration sheets                       Workers
Game/Activity -- for interacting w/ kids                 30-60      Book bags/coats
                                                         mins.      Name tags/snacks
Registration (as needed)                   Workers                  God Can prayer request slips                            30 mins.
Name tags (as needed)
God Can prayer request slips                                        Connecting Activity -- interact w/ kids   Workers
Welcome / Action Songs                     Teacher                  Review Q/A – Games                        Teacher(s)
Rules                                      Teacher                  Wonder Devotion Time                      Teacher
Prayer -- ‘God Can’                        Teacher/Kid
Pledge to Flag                             Teacher/Kid   10 mins.   Academics (homework/tutor)                Workers       40 mins.
7MIT and Song                              Teacher/Kid
Word Up                                    Teacher                  Welcome / Action Songs                    Teacher
                                                                    Rules                                     Teacher
Review Q/A – Games (optional)              Teacher(s)    15 mins.   Prayer -- ‘God Can’                       Teacher/Kid   10 mins.
                                                                    Pledge to Flag                            Teacher/Kid
Song and Prayer                            Teacher                  7MIT and Song                             Teacher/Kid
Bible Verse (review & teach)               Teacher                  Word Up                                   Teacher
Quiet Seat Drill                           Workers       20 mins.
Lesson: Esther                             Teacher                  Song and Prayer                           Teacher
Invitation/Counseling                                               Lesson w/Bible Verse HisStory booklet     Teacher       15 mins.
Mission Project/Activity (optional)        Workers       5-15
Story John Perkins                         Teacher       mins.      Song w/optional activities:
Prayer                                                              Mission Story                             Teacher
                                                                    Gospel-centered activity or story         Teacher       15 mins.
Snacks, Gift Bags, and Dismissal           Workers       10 mins.   Project/Contest and Prayer                Teacher

                                                                    Closing and Dismissal                     Workers

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