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									                                              Daily Forex Report (20 Mar 2012)

Daily Statistics

Symbol    Series/Expiry    Unit      Open      High      Low      Close     Prev. Close

                                    66.0000   66.3200   65.9100   66.2850    65.8475
EUR-INR   28-Mar-2012     1 EUR

                                    66.7500   66.8075   66.5350   66.7050    66.3350
EUR-INR   26-Apr-2012     1 EUR

          28-Mar-2012     1 GBP     79.4500   79.9975   79.3800   79.8200    79.1950

          26-Apr-2012     1 GBP     79.9500   80.4600   79.9500   80.3925    79.7750

          29-May-2012     1 GBP     80.6200   81.2100   78.5000   80.7800    80.2925

                                    60.2175   60.6475   60.1400   60.5925    60.1750
JPY-INR   28-Mar-2012     100 JPY

                                    60.6025   61.0900   60.5975   61.0475    60.6000
JPY-INR   26-Apr-2012     100 JPY

                                    50.2775   50.3700   50.1650   50.3475    50.3675
USD-INR   28-Mar-2012     1 USD

                                    50.6500   50.7600   50.5625   50.7475    50.7475
USD-INR   26-Apr-2012     1 USD

                                    50.2900   51.0900   50.2900   51.0625    51.0775
USD-INR   29-May-2012     1 USD
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   Daily USD/INR Chart

   Daily EUR /USD Chart

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www.epicresearch.co +919993959693

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