Celebrating xoan singing by yaohongm


     February 20, 2012
Volume XXII, Number 7342                                                                                                                                                      TODAY’S WEATHER
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                                                                                                                                                                         Haû i Phoø n g: ............. rainy,   10-16 oC
                                                                                                                                                                         Ñaø Naüng: ............... rainy,      18-23 oC
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President honours top scientists                                                                                                                                   Nation
HAØ NOÄI — President Tröông
Taán Sang awarded Hoà Chí
                                  prize-winning projects.
                                      Vieät Nam’s Fauna and
Minh and State prizes to the      Flora as well as the
minds behind 32 outstanding
scientific projects in 2010 at
a ceremony in the capital last
                                  country’s Red Book and Red
                                  List are among the notewor-
                                  thy winners.
Saturday.                             The 36-monograph-                                                                                                            HAØ NOÄI — Lowering greenhouse
    The 176 scientists be-        books feature comprehen-                                                                                                         gas emissions related to transport
hind the projects come from       sive and specific information                                                                                                    is one of the priorities of the trans-
fields including natural sci-     on the country’s fauna and                                                                                                       port sector’s climate change ac-
ences, social sciences and        flora and classifies the risk                                                                                                    tion plan for the 2011-15 period.
humanities, science and           levels for 407 fauna and 448                                                                                                         Deputy director of the Minis-
technology, agricultural          flora species in Vieät Nam.                                                                                                      try of Transport’s Environment
and medical sciences.                 The work, which forms                                                                                                        Department Traàn AÙnh Döông re-
Twelve projects received          the scientific basis for the as-                                                                                                 vealed the action plan at a work-
Hoà Chí Minh prizes while         sessment of biodiversity, has                                                                                                    shop jointly hosted by the minis-
20 were presented with            been utilised over the past                                                                                                      try and the British embassy in Haø
State prizes.                     half century.                                                                                                                    Noäi last Friday.
    This is the first time that       The study into Vieä t                                                                                                            The ministry will co-ordinate
foreign scientists have           Nam’s marine creatures, also                                                                                                     work to inspect and control emis-
also been honoured for            honoured with a State prize,...    President Tröông Taán Sang presents the Hoà Chí Minh and State prizes to outstanding
                                                                                                                                                                   sions from motor vehicles, de-
their participation in the                      CONTINUED PAGE 2     scientific projects in Haø Noäi. — VNA/VNS Photo Anh Tuaán                                    velop mass transit public transport
                                                                                                                                                                   in urban areas and supervise the

Celebrating xoan singing
                                                                                                                                                                   implementation of the Law on
                                                                                                                                                                   Economical and Efficient Use of
                                                                                                                                                                   Energy in the transport sector.
                                                                                                                                                                       Also during this period, the
                                                                                                                                                                   application of low-carbon tech-
                                                                                                                                                                   nologies and renewable energies
                                                                                                                                                                   will be adopted in a pilot
               Ceremony salutes groups and individuals for efforts to develop art form                                                                             programme. A number of...
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                                                                                                                                                                   Greece OKs
                                                                                                                                                                   budget cuts
                                                                                                                                                                   ATHENS — Greece’s cabinet has
                                                                                                                                                                   approved a final set of austerity
                                                                                                                                                                   measures sought by the EU and
                                                                                                                                                                   IMF as a condition for a 130-bil-
                                                                                                                                                                   lion euro (US$171 billion) rescue
                                                                                                                                                                   package, raising the chances of a
                                                                                                                                                                   deal next week to avert a chaotic
                                                                                                                                                                   default on its debt.
                                                                                                                                                                        The approval on Saturday was
                                                                                                                                                                   largely a formality after Athens
                                                                                                                                                                   last week unveiled details of the
                                                                                                                                                                   extra budget and public sector
                                                                                                                                                                   wage cuts worth 325 million eu-
                                                                                                                                                                   ros to euro zone partners.
                                                                                                                                                                        Lingering doubts over
                                                                                                                                                                   whether Greece can bring its moun-
                                                                                                                                                                   tain of debt down to more manage-
                                                                                                                                                                   able levels in coming years could
                                                                                                                                                                   still hold up the rescue package.
A performance of xoan in the northern province of Phuù Thoï. The province has adopted an action plan to preserve and promote the unique style of singing. — VNA/   Some officials in the 17-nation cur-
VNS Photo Anh Tuaán                                                                                                                                                rency union warn chances of a deal
PHUÙ THOÏ — Several groups and               The event aimed to honour            heritage tourism programme.              Thoï were responsible for preserv-      at a euro zone meeting today are
dozens of individuals have been          contributions to developing xoan             Present at the ceremony on           ing and promoting the values of         little higher than 50-50.
honoured at a ceremony in the            singing, one of the nation’s regis-      Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister          xoan singing.                                “The 325 million euros worth
northern province of Phuù Thoï for       tered cultural heritages, into a draw    Nguyeãn Thieän Nhaân stressed that          He affirmed the Party and            of measures were approved unani-
their contributions to preserving        for tourists which is being pro-         all people, artists, artisans and the    State’s attention to the...             mously,” said one minister,...
xoan singing.                            moted as part of this year’s national    authorities and residents of Phuù                           CONTINUED PAGE 21                              CONTINUED PAGE 8

         NATIONAL                                                                BUSINESS                           LIFE&STYLE
 ROAD WORTHY                                                            WTO BOOSTS ECONOMY                    TRAIN IN VAIN
 HCM City will add a                                                    The nation has made great             A passion for model
 million sq.m of roads                                                  economic strides in the five          trains inspires one
 this year to ease traffic                                              years since it joined the World       member of a Japanese
 congestion, the transport                                              Trade Organisation (WTO),             arts duo to create
 department said.                                                       heard a HCM City seminar.             unique local works.                                                   MARKET MOVES
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2   Vieät Nam News      http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn                               NATIONAL                                                                                   Monday February 20, 2012

Deputy PM urges haste on airport projects
HAØ NOÄI — Deputy Prime           ternational Airport to Nhaät       and contractors to co-ordi-       said that the projects were            The general director of       (US$67.2 milion) in order to
Minister Hoaøng Trung Haûi        Taân Bridge, and the con-          nate plans to complete the        under control, with only the       the project management            progress on schedule. Haø
has urged investors and con-      struction of Noäi Baøi airport’s   three projects at the same        road linking Nhaät Taân Bridge     board, Nguyeãn Ngoïc Caûnh,       Noäi City has put up about
tractors to speed up progress     Terminal 2.                        time. Currently, the first two    to Noäi Baøi Airport slowed due    said that site clearance in the   VNÑ100 billion ($4.8 mil-
on three key transportation           Speaking following an          construction projects were        to ongoing site clearance and      residential area south of         lion) so far.
projects in order to ensure       inspection of these projects       slated for completion by          resettlement issues.               Nhaät Taân Bridge and the re-         The T2 terminal project
their completion by the end       on Saturday, Haûi said all were    September 2014, while Noäi            The ministry could guar-       moval of electrical lines in      also would require another
of 2014.                          about 20 months behind             Baøi Airport’s T2 terminal was    antee that the work was on         Vónh Ngoïc Ward should be         VNÑ693 billion ($33.2 mil-
    The projects include the      schedule due to site clear-        projected to be completed         schedule if the city com-          completed soon.                   lion) for site clearance and
Nhaät Taân Bridge and its link    ance challenges.                   by December 2014.                 pleted this process by the             However, the first and        resettlement, but had re-
roads, the construction of the        Haûi asked the Ministry of          Deputy Minister of Trans-    end of this May at the latest,     second also currently lacked      ceived only VNÑ189 billion
road connecting Noäi Baøi In-     Transport to guide investors       port Nguyeãn Hoàng Tröôøng        Tröôøng said.                      about VNÑ1.4 trillion             ($9 million). — VNS

                                                                                                                                          President honours...
                                                                                                                                          FROM PAGE 1                       Zone, where he inspected
                                                                                                                                                                            construction on Nghi Sôn
                                                                                                                                          ...managed to determine the       Thermo-electric power
                                                                                                                                          potential of many groups of       plant No 1. The Electricity
                                                                                                                                          marine organisms that are         of Vieät Nam project covers
                                                                                                                                          national sources of medici-       an area of 350ha with total
                                                                                                                                          nal herbs.                        investment capital of more
                                                                                                                                              The study in discovering      than VNÑ22 trillion
                                                                                                                                          and exploiting oil-reservoir      (US$1.05 billion), 85 per
                                                                                                                                          granitoid rocks on Vieät Nam’s    cent of which is funded with
                                                                                                                                          continental shelf, imple-         loans from the Japanese
 A highway js                                                                                                                             mented over the last 23           Government.
         under                                                                                                                            years, serves as a landmark           At the Nghi Sôn Oil Re-
  construction                                                                                                                            in oil exploration and exploi-    finery, the President was
      in HCM                                                                                                                              tation. The new technology        briefed on the progress of
        City’s                                                                                                                            in oil exploitation has im-       the project. In its first phase,
    District 9.                                                                                                                           proved the productivity of oil
   New roads
                                                                                                                                                                            the refinery, with an annual
 are expected
                                                                                                                                          in rocks, accounting for 80       capacity of 10 million
to ease traffic                                                                                                                           per cent of 300 millions          tonnes of crude oil, had in-
 congestion in                                                                                                                            tonnes of oil in 2009.            vestment capital of about
   the city. —                                                                                                                                At the presentation cer-      $8 billion. The refinery
    VNA/VNS                                                                                                                               emony, President Sang             would increase its capacity
 Photo Hoaøng                                                                                                                             highlighted the contribu-         to up to 20 millions tonnes
           Haûi                                                                                                                           tions made by Vietnamese          of crude oil per year in its
                                                                                                                                          scientists.                       second phase.
                                                                                                                                              This was the fourth time
HCM City plans new roads                                                                                                                  that the Hoà Chí Minh and
                                                                                                                                          State prizes for science and
                                                                                                                                          technology had been
                                                                                                                                                                                During talks with re-
                                                                                                                                                                            settled households in Haûi
                                                                                                                                                                            Yeán Commune, one of the
                                                                                                                                                                            areas ceding land to the
HCM CITY — HCM City               pand the Haø Noäi Highway,         VNÑ9.5 trillion.                  10 per cent this year.             awarded which, he said, was       project, Sang expressed his
plans to build 1 million sq.      build the Raï c h Chieá c              PetroVietnam Infrastruc-          The department has also        highly significant and            pleasure at the local synergy.
metres of new roads this year     Bridge, the inter-provincial       ture and Urban Investment         sought approval for its pro-       helped with the nation’s              On the same day, Presi-
to ease traffic congestion,       Highway 25B, and the sec-          Joint Stock Company, the          posal to collect fees on cars      socio-economic develop-           dent Sang also worked with
the Department of Transport       ond phase of the Bình Trieäu       belt road investor, is            entering the city’s inner areas.   ment and construction.            key provincial staff.
said.                             Bridge.                            finalising the design and pa-         Last year the number of            The President said he             He praised the province’s
     This would take the den-          It would also start work      perwork under the BT model.       newly-registered private           believed that the scientific      efforts in recent years, espe-
sity of roads in the city to      on the Saøi Goøn Bridge No. 2                                        vehicles grew by 637,000,          community would make              cially in 2011 when it en-
1.816km of roads per square       in April under a BT model at       Auto registration fees            or 13 per cent, to 5.6 million,    even more breakthroughs           joyed economic growth of
kilometre.                        a cost of more than VNÑ1.2         The HCM City Department           including 500,000 automo-          that would greatly help the       12.3 per cent and a revenue
     To achieve the target, the   trillion.                          of Transport has petitioned       biles, Toaøn told a meeting        country and match with the        of nearly VNÑ5 trillion.
city would seek to raise funds         Work on the Thuû Thieâm       the People’s Council to           held on Thursday.                  Vietnamese people’s intel-             The President noted
from local and foreign inves-     Bridge No. 2 – linking the         raise registration fees for           The city’s groaning traf-      lectual potential.                that the province should use
tors through public-private       Thuû Thieâm urban area and         cars with fewer than 10 seats     fic system also includes               The awards are granted        land funds in an economi-
partnership (PPP), build-op-      the planned Thuû Thieâm new        to 20 per cent of the price of    around one million motor-          every five years.                 cal way, select projects and
erate-transfer (BOT), build-      urban area – would be be-          the vehicle from the current      bikes and cars and 60,000                                            attract local workers.
                                                                                                                                          Historic site                         At the meeting, the prov-
transfer-operate, and build-      gun this year at a cost of         15 per cent.                      trucks travelling from other
transfer (BT) models.             VNÑ1.6 trillion.                       It wants the fee hike to      cities and provinces every         Yesterday,         President      ince proposed that capital be
     This year private inves-          In July work would be-        take effect in July and sees it   day, according to Toaøn .          Nguyeãn Taán Sang paid a          mobilised towards imple-
tors would begin work on          gin on the Thuû Thieâm new         as a measure to improve the           Last year the department       visit to the Lam Kinh His-        menting key projects, in-
nine major transport projects     urban area with the construc-      worsening traffic situation.      upgraded and built 1.34 mil-       torical Site in central Thanh     cluding the construction of
in the city at a cost of VNÑ34    tion of four major roads.              Leâ Toaøn, deputy direc-      lion squ.m of roads, an in-        Hoùa Province’s Xuaân Lam         the Nghi Sôn Oil Refinery,
trillion (US$1.6 billion) and          The section of the Belt       tor of the department, said       crease of a mere 0.3 per cent.     Commune, where Kings of           upgrading of National High-
US$171 million.                   Road No. 2 between An Laäp         emergency measures                    More than 110 areas            the 15th century Leâ dy-          way 1A, the north-south high-
     The HCM City Infra-          Traffic Point and Nguyeãn          were needed to achieve            have been identified as            nasty are worshipped.             way route and the develop-
structure Investment Joint        Vaên Linh Street would also        the target of reducing ac-        highly prone to traffic                He also paid a visit to       ment of Ngoïc Laëc District as
Stock Company would ex-           be built this year at a cost of    cidents and traffic jams by       jams. — VNS                        the Nghi Sôn Economic             a central urban area. — VNS
Monday February 20, 2012                                                           NATIONAL                                                           http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn   Vieät Nam News     3

Centre rescues                                                     Recent fires prompt stricter                                                                            B RIEFS
                                                                                                                                                                           Teachers to receive
stranded seamen                                                    enforcement of regulations                                                                              allowances for seniority
                                                                                                                                                                           HAØ NOÄI — Teachers will be
ÑAØ NAÜ N G — The Vieä t         Ngaõi Province after their                                                                                                                provided with seniority
Nam Maritime Search and          vessel broke down on Friday.                                                                                                              allowance starting from May 1
Rescue Co-ordination Cen-            The National Centre for                                                                                                               this year, according to a joint
tre rescued 35 seamen from       Hydro-Meteorological                                                                                                                      circular of the Ministries of
                                 Forecasting said that by 7am                                                                                                              Education and Training, Internal
two vessels yesterday after
                                                                                                                                                                           Affairs, Finance and Labour,
their engines failed in bad      today, the centre of a tropi-     A fire in an
                                                                                                                                                                           Invalids and Social Affairs.
weather.                         cal low pressure would be              interior
                                                                                                                                                                               Under the circular, the
    At 8am yesterday, the        130km to the north-west of              design
                                                                    shop in Haø                                                                                            beneficiaries of the allowance
centre received assistance       the Tröôøng Sa (Spratly) Ar-                                                                                                              are teachers who have
                                                                     Noäi’s Caàu
request signals from a ship      chipelago with wind speeds                Giaáy                                                                                           minimum of five-year
whose engines failed 80km        of 62-74kmph.                         District.                                                                                           experience. The monthly
off the coast of Ñaø Naüng.          Central and southern ar-       Many fires                                                                                             allowance will be equal to 5 per
Ten seamen were on board         eas of the East Sea and coastal     in the city                                                                                           cent of their existing salary,
when wind speeds reached         areas from Bình Thuaän to Caø      have been                                                                                              and will increase by 1
a potentially-dangerous          Mau provinces could expect         caused by                                                                                              percentage point for each
                                                                      electrical                                                                                           additional year.
61kmph. By mid-day, all of       heavy showers and strong                  short
the seamen were rescued.         winds up to 88kmph.                                                                                                                           The seniority allowance for
                                                                   circuits. —                                                                                             teachers was implemented in
    In the pre-dawn hours on         The sea from Quaûng Trò        VNA/VNS                                                                                                1988, but was abrogated in
Sunday, the centre rescued       to Ninh Thuaän provinces will            Photo                                                                                            1993.
another 25 seamen from a         experience strong winds of        Thoáng Nhaát
ship off the coast of Quaûng     62-74kmph. — VNS
                                                                   HAØ NOÄI — Public places na-      residential quarters, schools,     most of the buildings’ man-        Ñoàng Thaùp to host
                                                                   tionwide are being put under      hospitals, cinemas and disco-      agement boards hesitated to        agriculture festival
Lawyer prosecuted                                                  fire inspection and regula-
                                                                   tions, according to a decision
                                                                                                     theques. The aim is to detect
                                                                                                     and punish violators and pre-
                                                                                                                                        spend money on fire fight-
                                                                                                                                        ing systems even though
                                                                                                                                                                           HCM CITY — The first safe
                                                                                                                                                                           agricultural produce festival
                                                                   by the Minister of Public Se-     vent the risk fire.                they were aware of the im-         based on growing orchards,
on fraud charges                                                   curity. The decision is the re-
                                                                   sult of recent big fires with
                                                                                                         Thöôøng said strict punish-
                                                                                                     ments would be applied.
                                                                                                                                                                           farming fish in ponds, and
                                                                                                                                                                           animal husbandry will be held
                                                                   losses of tens of millions of         Under the current regula-      have occurred in which 12          in Ñoàng Thaùp Province in April.
HAØ NOÄI — The Haø Noäi Po-      of sand to the Phuù Quoác In-     dollars.                          tions, a violator will be fined    people have been killed and            The festival, to be held in
lice Department has charged      ternational Airport construc-          At the beginning of this     between VNÑ50,000-20 mil-          14 injured. Four of these fires    Cao Laõnh City, would offer
former head of the Vieät Myõ     tion project in southern Kieân                                      lion ($2.38-952) and forced to     were in high-rise buildings.       opportunities for businesses,
                                                                   month, a fire in central Quaûng
                                                                                                                                                                           co-operatives, and farmers to
Law Office Nguyeãn Vieät Haø     Giang Province.                   Ngaõi Province’s biggest mar-     adopt measures to tackle en-           He said old residential
                                                                                                                                                                           promote their products and
and an accomplice for fraud          Haø was accused of steal-     ket caused losses of VNÑ200       vironmental pollution and          quarters and low-quality re-       enter into long-term co-
and property appropriation.      ing VNÑ6.3 billion                billion (US$9.5 million).         other consequences.                settlement areas also posed        operation and investment
    Haø, 50, together with Haø   (US$302,400) and Vui was               A fire last week in a HCM        Traàn Ngoïc Döông, of Fire     similar high risks of fire.        agreements, Voõ Mai, deputy
Noäi-based Quang Taán In-        charged with appropriating        City restaurant resulting from    Prevention and Fighting in the         “About 80 per cent of fires    chairwoman of the Vieät Nam
vestment Joint Stock Com-        VNÑ5.4 billion ($259,200)         an electricity clash endan-       Haø Noäi Police Department,        resulted from electricity          Gardening Association, said.
pany director Nguyeãn Huy        in the form of personal           gered the lives of more than      said most of the city’s 370        clashes.”                              The festival, to have the
Vui, used tricks such as part-   loans.                            500 customers and burned the      high-rise buildings (with more         The department fined           theme “Agriculture-Farmer-
nership establishment for            Haø has admitted to have      restaurant’s equipment.           than seven floors) failed to       violators and asked the in-        Rural Area,” will have six
contract bidding to alleg-       spent VNÑ2.3 billion                   Lieutenant-general Toâ       comply with fire prevention        vestors and management             exhibition areas where more
edly steal money from en-        ($110,400) on the operation       Thöôøng,headoftheministry’s       regulations. They lack appro-      boards to have plans to repair     than 300 stalls will display
terprises involved in site       of his law office and to cover    Police General Department         priate exits or entrances,         the building. As for those that    safe agricultural products,
clearance and the provision      personal debt. — VNS                                                                                                                      seedlings, and others.
                                                                   for Administrative Manage-        equipment to prevent and           are too old to be improved,
                                                                                                                                                                               There will be seminars on
                                                                   ment for Social Order and         fight fire, and safe electricity   the department suggested           safe agricultural produce
                                                                   Safety, said the inspections      systems.                           the city stop their operation,     chains and the use of
Nam Ñònh enters                                                    include high-rise buildings,          He said this was because       he said. — VNS                     technology in producing safe
                                                                                                                                                                           products to highlight the
                                                                                                                                                                           importance of safe products
new project phase                                                  Tutors face tougher guidelines                                                                          and instructing farmers in
                                                                                                                                                                           producing them.
                                                                   HAØ NOÄI —Organisers and          agement regulations.               had the capacity to check              More than 10 provinces
NAM ÑÒNH — The second            billion (US$384,000). It has      teachers of tutoring classes           In terms of class time, tu-   class size and duration at ev-     have confirmed their
phase of the Swiss-funded        assisted 25 wards and com-        would be required to pay per-     toring classes for primary stu-    ery one.                           participation in the exhibition
project Promoting Commu-         munes in the city of Nam          sonal income tax on their         dentsmayonlybeamaximum                  He said his son attended      from April 15 to 20 to be
                                                                                                                                        mathematics, chemistry and         organised by the Vieät Nam
nity Management Models           Ñònh to complete socio-           earnings, according to the        of 210 minutes per week,
                                                                                                                                                                           Gardening Association and
will be implemented in the       economic development              draft circular released lately    while secondary and high-          physics tutoring classes on        Rural Economy newspaper
northern province of Nam         plans with input from local       for public opinion by the         school students may attend         Thaùi Thònh Street with more       together with Ñoàng Thaùp
Ñònh during 2012-16, ac-         residents and the relevant        Ministry of Education and         405 minutes of extra classes       than 100 other students. Each      Province.
cording to the Swiss Agency      agencies.                         Training.                         per week. Each class may ac-       class lasted four hours per
for Cooperation and Devel-           SDC and the province of           Leâ Kim Dung, deputy          commodate a maximum of 35          week.                              Overseas Vietnamese
opment (SDC).                    Nam Ñònh are reviewing the        head of the ministry’s Depart-    students at the primary level           “This overcrowding of tu-
    The project aims to pro-     outcomes of the project’s         ment of Legal Affairs said this   and 45 at higher levels.           toring classes is common           aid disabled at home
mote community involve-          first phase and discussing        was the first time the ministry        Ñaëng Thanh Haø, head of a    when students want to be tu-       CAÀN THO — The Canadian
ment, especially by the poor     plans for the second phase.       had set specific regulations      tutoring centre on Leâ Thanh       tored by good teachers.”           Global Association for People
and disadvantaged, when              Nam Ñònh will receive a       related to tax collection, du-    Nghò Street said many tutor-            Ñöôø n g added that he        with Disabilities on February
                                                                                                                                                                           18 presented 280 wheelchairs
drawing up plans and reach-      total of US$5.5 million from      ration of classes, required       ing centres were operating il-     spent VNÑ3million (US$143)
                                                                                                                                                                           to the disabled in the Cöûu Long
ing decisions by using com-      SDC to continue the second        equipment and the maximum         legally to cheat students and      per month in tutoring fees for
                                                                                                                                                                           (Mekong) Delta provinces of
munity-based management          phase, said Laõ Thò Thuûy, di-    number of students who could      stricter regulations were nec-     his son but didn’t know how        Vónh Long, Soùc Traêng and Haäu
models and holding training      rector of the Nam Ñònh            attend tutoring classes.          essary to curb the practice.       beneficial the classes actually    Giang and Caàn Thô City.
sessions on how to increase      Community Friendship                  She said the draft aimed           Haø said she would be will-   were.                                  The wheelchairs,
management capacity at the       Centre, which managed the         to put the operation of tutor-    ing to pay the tax if the minis-        Nguyeãn Kim Thanh, a          sponsored by overseas
grass-roots level.               project’s first phase.            ing classes under stricter man-   try had effective methods to       teacher at Haø Noäi’s Phan Huy     Vietnamese in Canada, are
    Under the first phase of         In addition to Nam Ñònh,      agement and ensure the qual-      monitor the exact number of        Chuù High School said stu-         expected to make the lives of
the project, which ran from      the project will be rolled        ity of teaching and studies.      tutoring classes other centres     dents were usually crammed         people with disabilities in the
July 2008 to June 2011, 386      out in the northern province          Under the draft circular,     offered, how many students         into small classrooms at tutor-    Cöûu Long (Mekong) Delta,
sub-projects were com-           of Hoøa Bình and in two dis-      organisers of tutoring classes    they had and ensured they          ing centres.                       especially their access to
pleted throughout the prov-      tricts in the central province    that charge a tuition fee are     paid the proper tax rate as             She said if this circular     social services and
                                 of Quaûng Bình. — VNS                                               regulated by the law.              were to take effect and minis-     integration into the
ince, at a cost of about VNÑ8                                      only allowed to charge stu-
                                                                                                                                                                           community, easier.
                                                                   dents for tuition, nothing             Löông Xuaân Ñöôøng has a      try inspectors took responsi-
                                                                                                                                                                               Since 2009, the Canadian
                                                                   else. Fees must be agreed to      twelfth-graderatHaøNoäi’sChu       bility for regular inspections,    association has provided
                                                                   by organisers and the stu-        Vaên An High School who told       it would be a good thing.          wheelchairs and other
                                                                   dents or their parents.           him that many tutors and un-            The first circular relating   supporting devices worth over
                                                                   Organisers and teachers are       registered centres operated in     to the operation of tutoring       VNÑ415 million (US$19,920)
                                                                   subject to the income tax law     private houses and he won-         classes was published in           for the disabled in the Cöûu
                                                                   and current financial man-        dered whether the ministry         2007. — VNS                        Long (Mekong) Delta. — VNS
4   Vieät Nam News     http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn                                OPINION                                                                               Monday February 20, 2012

Experts discuss rise in healthcare costs
                                                                                                                        a collective notion. The increase        communal level and 95 per cent
A    fter extended debate, the
     Government has approved             IN      THE                                                                    in health service prices will create     of health care fees from district and
the Ministry of Health’s proposal                                                                                       better conditions for doctors and        higher levels by the health insur-
to increase prices of 400 health
services this year by up to five
                                        S POTLIGHT                                                                      nurses to carry out health treat-
                                                                                                                        ment, whereas their attitude and
                                                                                                                                                                 ance fund. This is a great policy
                                                                                                                                                                 from the Government to subsidise
times their current rate. The                                                                                           manner belongs to human nature.          up to 95 per cent of health care
                                        the whole population’s health in-
cost of a hospital bed will rise                                                                                        Medical ethics depends on each           fees for the poor.
from US$0.95 to $7.60. Vieät Nam                                                                                        individual doctor.                           Previously, people just above
                                            However, because of some resi-
News reporters Thanh Haûi and                                                                                               Do people know that medical          the level of poor were subsidised
                                        dents and some sectors misunder-
Thu Trang spoke to experts and                                                                                          workers stay awake all night when        50 per cent of health insurance
                                        standings, the fees have been ad-
industry insiders about the issue.                                                                                      they are on watch to give emer-          card fees by the Government. In
                                        justed after a long delay, which af-
                                                                                                                        gency aid to dozens of patients and      order to encourage people to use
                                        fects people with health insurance
                                                                                                                        only receive VNÑ10,000-30,000            health insurance services, the
                                        cards. The health insurance fund
                                                                                                                        (US$0.47-1.4) in pay? How can            Government recently decided to
                                        should have paid for their care,
                                                                                                                        they carry out this work profession-     raise the rate of the subsidy of
                                        however, money from the health
                                                                                                                        ally?                                    health insurance fees from 50 to
                                        insurance fund was paid based on
                                                                                                                            After a few years of increasing      70 per cent. So, they only have
                                        the low fees, thus the quality of
                                                                                                                        the prices, infrastructure and equip-    to pay 30 per cent of health in-
                                        service was poor.
                                                                                                                        ment in hospitals will be somewhat       surance fees. Using the health in-
                                            In the past years, the number of
                                                                                                                        improved, and hospital overcrowd-        surance card, they also have to
                                        people covered by health insur-         Nguyeãn Vaên Tieân                      ing may be reduced. But we are           pay 20 per cent of health exami-
                                        ance has increased, thanks to the
                                                                                                                        unlikely to improve doctors’ and         nation and treatment fees as regu-
                                        health insurance law, whereas hos-      ceive income appropriate to the
                                                                                                                        nurses’ professional skills imme-        lated in the Health Insurance
                                        pital fees have stayed the same         work they do.
                                                                                                                        diately. It will take doctors and        Law.
                                        since 1995, which has led to the            The health sector promised that
                                                                                                                        nurses a long time to receiving              Other groups, such as people
                                        health insurance fund’s balance of      the increased prices will accom-
                                                                                                                        training and update their medical        who have made significant contri-
                                        some thousands of billion ñoàng. If     pany improved services. Are you
Nguyeãn Nam Lieân                                                                                                       knowledge and understanding of           butions to the country, ethnic and
                                        the balance is not used appropri-       optimistic about this promise when
                                                                                                                        new technology.                          minority people and children un-
Why has the Ministry of Health pro-     ately, the health insurance system      many people complain about doc-
                                                                                                                            Tuù: I agree. If health service      der the age of six, also receive 100
posed increasing the price of more      will develop a bad reputation.          tors’ medical ethics and stretched
                                                                                                                        prices are more expensive, it            per cent of health examination and
than 400 medical service fees now?                                              hospital resources, where four pa-
Do you think it’s reasonable?                                                                                           means the services will become           treatment fees from the health in-
                                        Lecturer at the Haø Noäi Medical Uni-   tients sometimes have to share one
                                        versity and doctor at the Vieät Nam                                             better.                                  surance fund.
    Deputy Director of the Minis-                                               bed?
                                        National Heart Institute Phaïm Thò                                                  To reduce the hospital over-             The Ministry of Health has
try of Health’s Planning and Fi-                                                    Tieân: The quality of health
                                        Tuyeát Nga                                                                      crowding, I think the State should       also recently proposed the Prime
nance Department Nguyeãn Nam                                                    services can be broken down into
                                                                                                                        diversify health services in district    Minister revise the government’s
Lieân                                       The increase is necessary as old    three basic elements: health infra-
                                                                                                                        and provincial hospitals so the          Decision 139 on health examina-
    Among the current 3,000 medi-       hospital fees have become out-          structure and equipment, man-
                                                                                                                        number of patients going to cen-         tion and treatment for the poor.
cal services on offer, around 350       dated.                                  power and the health fund. When
                                                                                                                        tral hospitals will be reduced.          The health sector has asked the
have been set since 1995 and                However, increasing hospital        hospital fees increase, the health
                                                                                                                                                                 Government to further support
2,700 others were set six years ago.    fees is a delicate issue, especially    fund will be improved and the
                                                                                                                        There are fears that out-of-pocket       health treatment fees for disad-
All of them are out of date and         for poor people, so I think the in-     health sector will have more            medical expenses such as accom-          vantaged patients or patients with
need to be revised or supple-           crease should be calculated and         money to buy equipment.                 modation and travel fees make up a       dangerous diseases such as can-
mented. Many new expenses have          considered carefully. The health            The State budget invested bil-      large amount of costs associated         cer, people relying on dialysis
arisen recently such as medical         sector should impose increases          lions of ñoàng from bonds to im-        with health care, sometimes more
                                                                                                                                                                 treatment and heart surgery pa-
waste treatment, hygiene require-       step-by-step and one service at a       prove hospital staff and infrastruc-    than hospital fees. What do you
                                                                                                                                                                 tients. The health ministry also
ments and HIV transmission pre-         time, not 400 health services at the    ture, especially at district and pro-   think?
                                                                                                                                                                 proposed establishing a fund for
vention. Prices of services were        same time.                              vincial hospitals in poor areas and          Tieân: By the middle of last        patients requiring serious treat-
calculated on the basis of being                                                hospitals specialising in infectious    year, about 62 per cent of the popu-     ment who have no money to pay
performed manually. Now, those          Hoaøng Vaên Tuù, 46, from northern      diseases, tuberculosis, cancer and      lation bought health insurance.
                                        Höng Yeân Province                                                                                                       medical service fees.
services are performed using ad-                                                mental health. Also, the number of      When they go to hospital, the                Nga: I heard the Ministry of
vanced, modern methods that are                                                 medical workers being trained is        health insurance fund will pay their     Health proposed the Government
more expensive. That’s why more                                                 double that compared with 5-7           fees, including treatment involv-        set up a fund to assist poor patients
than 400 service prices have in-                                                years ago.                              ing modern technology and expen-         and ethnic minority patients.
creased with an average increase                                                    The increased hospital fees,        sive medicine. They have to pay
of 13-14 per cent.                                                              together with the improvements          only part of the fees. When hospi-
    Health insurance services cur-                                              being made, will increase the qual-     tal fees change, at least 62 per cent
rently cover 60 per cent of the                                                 ity of health services.                 of the population will not be dis-
country’s population. Without the                                                   Lieân: The quality of medical       charged from hospital early be-
price adjustment of medical ser-                                                services is reliant on many factors.    cause of a lack of money to pay
vices, the health sector would have                                             The idea is that the adjustment of      fees.
no financial resources to offer                                                 medical service prices will im-              People without health insur-
health examination and treatment                                                prove the quality of those ser-         ance cards are not poor or from eth-
services for health insurance users,                                            vices. Hospitals will have more         nic minorities, as the latters receive
let alone improve the quality of                                                money to buy medicine and fa-           annual health insurance cards from
services. Fewer payments from                                                   cilities that meet the required de-     the State. They may be farmers or
                                        Hoaøng Vaên Tuù
health insurance is synonymous                                                  mand. They also have more               people living near the poverty line
with low quality service that would         I am taking care of my wife at      money to upgrade facilities, buy        and people who receive an aver-
create further inconveniences to        the Baïch Mai Hospital -she has a       bed sheets, patient clothes and         age income.
patients and discourage people to       lung disease and has just suffered      through that, improve hygiene                Residents will still have to pay
seek help through health insurance      a traffic accident.                     and create a positive environment       the same expenses apart from hos-        Phaïm Thò Tuyeát Nga
services.                                   On average, I have to pay           for patients. We think that the         pital fees whether the hospital fees         Moreover, I think the ministry
                                        about VNÑ200,000 (US$9.5) per           quality of health examinations and      increase or not. The health finance      should issue regulations punishing
Deputy chairman of Vieät Nam Na-        day in the hospital. My family can      treatment will be improved after        sector should be responsible for         hospitals that deliberately collect
tional Assembly’s Committee for         be considered middle class in the       a period of implementation of the       limiting the number of residents         extra fees besides hospital fees.
Social Affairs Nguyeãn Vaên Tieân       province, but I still have to bor-      new policy.                             going to central hospitals. For in-          Tuù: I hope that right after the
    I think the price increase for      row money from relatives and                Nga: Everybody knows that to        stance, 30-40 per cent of women          new hospital fees are applied, the
hospital fees is coming too late,       friends when my wife is                 have the best health services           going to the National Hospital for       State will issue a policy to encour-
which has caused inconvenience          hospitalised. Thus people who are       possible, the first and the most        Obstetrics and Gynaecology have          age poor people seek treatment in
for both practitioners and service      poorer than me will of course meet      important factor is that the ser-       a natural childbirth, so they can go     hospitals, as many poor people
users, while limiting the health        a number of difficulties when pay-      vice supplier can recoup the ex-        to their local communes’ medical         have not dared to go to hospitals
sector’s development.                   ing hospital fees.                      penses it spends supplying the          stations.                                despite requiring serious medical
    It’s late because the Party and         I think that increased hospital     services. Increasing service                 Lieân: The Government of Vieät      attention.
the National Assembly’s resolu-         fees are reasonable, as the old ones    prices is only one of many fac-         Nam currently provides free-of-              Moreover, the State should
tion proposed to adjust hospital        were issued a long time ago and         tors needed to improve the qual-        charge health insurance cards for        have measures in place to tighten
fees five or seven years ago was        they are not suitable for current       ity of service, so we cannot            all poor people. Using the card, the     control of medicine prices. I buy
not implemented. These current          market prices. Doctors are human        equate the price increase directly      poor will be paid 100 per cent of        the same medicine from different
changes will be the basis for us to     being like others - they have to        with an increase in quality.            the costs arising from their health      pharmacies and find that each store
develop the health sector based on      work and of course they should re-          The quality of health checks is     examination and treatment at the         has their own price. — VNS
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Mekong tributary Nation targets...                                              FROM PAGE 1

becomes sewer                                                                   ... relevant projects have included
                                                                                using bio-diesel in Vieät Nam’s
                                                                                railway sector and experiments us-
HCM CITY — The section of                    Tests by the Ñoàng Thaùp depart-   ing solar and wind power in con-
Tieàn River, which is one of two         ment showed that harmful chemi-        junction with diesel generators at
main branches of the Cöûu Long           cals were in the water.                railway stations.
(Mekong) River running through               Löu Minh Maõnh, director of the         To further understand the ef-
Vieät Nam, is heavily polluted by        department of environmental pro-       fects of climate change, a series
daily and industrial waste.              tection in Tieàn Giang Province,       of projects will examine the im-
    Residents who live on the            said the province’s Myõ Tho City       pact of greenhouse gases on roads,
riverbanks said seafood processing       discharges each day about 50,000       railways, land, waterways, mari-
factories bordering the river dis-       cubic metres of untreated waste        time areas, infrastructure develop-
charge untreated waste water into        water into the river.                  ment and transport.
the river, according to a report by          In Ñoàng Thaùp, many farmers            Financial support was being
Tuoåi Treû (Youth) newspaper. The        who raise fish did not comply with     sought domestically, but
polluted portion of the river is lo-     waste water treatment require-         mobilising international resources
cated in the provinces of Ñoàng          ments and released untreated           would also be an important part of
Thaùp, Vónh Long, Tieàn Giang.           waste from their ponds directly into   the transport ministry’s strategy,
    Nguyeãn Vaên Thöù, a resident in     the river, according to the natural    Döông said.
Tieà n Giang Province’s Song             resources and environment divi-             The United Kingdom is one of     ‘Green’ buses which use efficient compressed natural gas in HCM City, the first
Thuaän Commune, said processed-          sion of Taân Hoàng District.           several countries willing to co-      major city in Vieät Nam to roll out the buses. — VNA/VNS Photo Hoaøng Haûi
fish waste can sometimes be seen             The water has also been pol-       operate in this field, as British
floating on the river.                   luted by industrial waste water        Ambassador to Vieät Nam Antony        gives us an opportunity to look at       and hydrocarbon by 63 per cent.
    “We get itchy spots on the skin      from nearby industrial zones and       Stokes said, “This is a great op-     how British expertise will help              Trònh Quoá c Bình from the
after swimming in the river,” he said.   pesticide overuse by farmers.          portunity for us to work together     move that agenda forward in a suc-       city’s transport department said in
    Nguyeãn Vaên Tö, a fisherman of          Maõnh said the Myõ Tho City        in a new area of green transport,     cessful process.”                        order to promote the wider use of
20 years experience on the river,        should develop proper waste water      which will not only help address          HCM City was the first major         eco-friendly buses, the ministry
said he had noticed fewer natural        treatment and educate residents        climate change but also be an         city in Vieät Nam to roll out 21         should submit to the Government
fish in the river.                       about waste prevention. Locals often   economic stimulus.”                   ‘green’ buses which began using          a proposal asking for tax exemp-
    According to the departments of      dump waste directly into the river.         Speaking to reporters at the     efficient compressed natural gas         tions for imports of CNG buses and
natural resources and environment            Nguyeãn Vaên Haûi, head of the     workshop, Stokes said, “This is an    last August.                             a stable supply of CNG, priced at
of Tieàn Giang and Vónh Long prov-       Ñoàn g Thaùp Province People’s         agenda that shows the transport           Initial observations showed          60-65 per cent of diesel fuel, cur-
inces, tests showed that the water       Committee’s office, said the prov-     ministry has already begun deal-      that CNG-fuelled buses emitted           rently used for public transport.
contains suspended solids and iron       ince had set up a plan to check        ing with climate change in the        much less amounts of greenhouse              The city plans to put 350 CNG
over allowed level, while the COD        whether fish raising ponds comply      transport sector.                     gases compared to their diesel-          buses into services by the end of
(chemical oxygen demand) and             with waste water treatment regula-          “Now they plan for more          fuelled counterparts, with carbon        2015 and will continue to develop
BOD5 (biological oxygen demand)          tions. Many ponds in the province      green vehicles in Haø Noä i and       dioxide lowered by 20 per cent,          programmes incorporating green
are lower than normal.                   are located near the river. — VNS      HCM City, that’s good news that       carbon monoxide by 63.5 per cent         vehicles. — VNS
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                                                                             WORLD                                                    Monday February 20, 2012

HIGHLIGHTS                                            Iraq hopes for Syria to join summit
                                                      BAGHDAD — Iraq wants                abide by that decision, Maliki
UK                                                    Syria to participate in an Arab     said.                                       Suicide car bomb kills 15 in Baghdad
LONDON – Britain must not lose its lead in the        summit that is to be held in           There is still hope that the
                                                                                                                                   BAGHDAD — A suicide car bomber blew himself up in front of a
development of marine energy like it did with         Baghdad if it is not barred from    Syrian crisis can be resolved            Baghdad police academy yesterday, killing 15 people and
wind power, and should focus on reducing              doing so by its suspension from     peacefully through talks, as any         wounding 21 others in the deadliest attack for weeks in the Iraqi
costs and setting ambitious deployment targets        the Arab League, the Iraqi pre-     armed intervention will only             capital, security officials said.
beyond 2020, a report by a parliamentary              mier said in an interview.          spread turmoil through the re-              At least seven other people were killed in attacks elsewhere in
committee said yesterday.
                                                          Member states voted in No-      gion, China’s official Xinhua            Iraq.
                                                      vember to suspend Syria’s par-      news agency said yesterday af-              The suicide bomber “blew himself up at the entrance of the
SPAIN                                                 ticipation in the Arab League       ter a Chinese envoy visited              police academy on Palestine Street”, an interior ministry official
                                                                                                                                   said, putting the toll at 15 killed and 21 wounded. A police colonel
SEVILLE – Spain will extend operations at its         over the violence.                  Syria.                                   confirmed the toll.
oldest nuclear power plant by five years,                 “We hope that all the Arab         China and Russia this                    The ministry official said the assailant was at the wheel of a
Industry Minister Jose Manuel Soria has said
                                                      leaders will participate in the     month blocked a draft UN Se-             car bomb and most of his victims were students applying to join
as the country seeks to make the most of its
energy sources.                                       summit,” which is to take place     curity Council resolution that           the police force. — AFP
                                                      in late March, Nuri al-Maliki       backed an Arab plan urging
                                                      said in an interview with Al-       Syrian President Bashar al-           Syria crisis can be resolved           against becoming a tool of the
LIBYA                                                 Rashid television that was          Assad to quit amid his govern-        through peaceful dialogue be-          West,” it added.
TRIPOLI – Libya’s government will give each                                                                                     tween the opposition and the               “However, their calls for
                                                      broadcast on Saturday night.        ment’s violent crackdown on
family more than US$1,500 and pay
unemployed former rebels who fought in the                “We prefer that there will      opposition protests.                  government, contrary to some           peaceful inter-Syrian dialogue
war that ousted Muammar Gadhafi last year,            be participation (by Syria), be-       China has since sent en-           Western countries’ argument            have been largely ignored, in-
the prime minister said, in an attempt to win         cause it opens a page of dia-       voys to the region to seek a dip-     that time is running out for talks     tentionally or unintentionally,
over those who want faster progress.                  logue away from interference        lomatic solution, including           in Syria,” Xinhua said in an           in Western media reports,
                                                      and sectarian atmospheres, and      Vice Foreign Minister Zhai Jun,       English-language commentary.           which convey the wrong im-
ALGERIA                                               because there is no benefit to      who met Assad in Damascus on              “Among Syria’s assorted            pression that there is an over-
ALGIERS – Algerian security forces have               anyone if the situation in Syria    Saturday and backed his plans         opposition groups, some have           whelming consensus among
found a large cache of weapons, including             gets worse,” Maliki said.           for a referendum and multi-           voiced a willingness to hold           different factions of the oppo-
shoulder-fired missiles, which they believe               But, if the Arab League sus-    party elections.                      dialogue with the Syrian gov-          sition forces that they want for-
were smuggled in from neighbouring Libya, a           pension bars Syrian participa-         “China believes, as many           ernment and also warned those          eign intervention in their coun-
security source briefed on the discovery said.        tion in the summit, Iraq will       others do, there is still hope the    seeking outside intervention           try”. — AFP/REUTERS

KHARTOUM – Sudan has secured a five-year
delay on its debts to China, the finance
minister said on Saturday, part of efforts to
                                                      China’s vice president arrives in Ireland
make up for the loss of revenues from the oil-
producing south.                                      DUBLIN — Chinese Vice
                                                      President Xi Jinping has arrived
GUATEMALA                                             for a three-day visit to Ireland
                                                      after pledging continued sup-
GUATEMALA CITY – US Homeland Security
Secretary Janet Napolitano will visit
                                                      port from the Asian power for
Guatemala next week for talks on President            the EU’s efforts to tackle its
Otto Perez’s bold proposal to legalise drug           debts.
production and consumption, authorities have              The Chinese vice president
said.                                                 was greeted by Ireland’s Deputy
                                                      Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore
MEXICO                                                at Shannon Airport, western Ire-
MONTERREY – Fourteen people were killed in            land on Saturday, after flying in
gun violence in northern and central Mexico on        from the United States where he
Saturday, authorities said.                           met with President Barack
SENEGAL                                                   Xi was to sign several co-
DAKAR – Senegal riot police has clashed with          operation agreements during
rock-throwing protesters, firing teargas and          the visit, which comes nine
water cannon for the fourth day running as            years after his first trip to the
fresh violence hit the capital a week before          eurozone member.
highly divisive polls.                                    Ahead of his arrival, Xi told
                                                      the Irish Times he believed the
IRAN                                                  economic problems facing the
TEHRAN – Iran is to host a high-level team            European Union, Beijing’s big-
from the UN nuclear watchdog today as part of         gest trading partner, would         Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping waves to the media as he is greeted by Ireland's Deputy Prime Minister
efforts to defuse dire international tensions
                                                      eventually pass.                    Eamon Gilmore (left) upon his arrival at Shannon airport on Saturday. Xi, China's leader-in-waiting, will hold
over its atomic ativities through dialogue.
                                                          “China does not think one       talks with Prime Minister Enda Kenny and attend an Ireland-China trade forum in Dublin. — AFP/VNA Photo
                                                      should ‘talk down’ or ‘short’ to
EGYPT                                                 Europe, because we believe          port, in its own way, efforts of      promote and expand the strong          stration of Gaelic games, Ire-
CAIRO – Egypt’s first presidential election           that the difficulties facing Eu-    the EU, the European Central          business ties between China            land’s traditional sports.
since President Hosni Mubarak was                     rope are temporary,” the vice       Bank and the International            and Ireland”.                              Xi’s visit is regarded as
overthrown last year will be held in the first
week of June, an official at the judicial
                                                      president said in an interview.     Monetary Fund in addressing               Xi’s trip follows high-profile     “highly significant” by the Irish
committee supervising the vote said.                      “The EU and the govern-         the European debt problem.”           visits to Ireland last year by         government which hopes ex-
                                                      ments and people across Eu-             Arriving at Shannon, Xi said      Obama and Britain’s Queen              ports will be the key to its eco-
ROMANIA                                               rope have the ability, the wis-     the main purpose of the visit         Elizabeth II.                          nomic recovery and is eager to
                                                      dom, and the means to solve the     was to “deepen the traditional            Xi would hold talks with           boost trade with China.
BUCHAREST – Two explosions injured 17
people at a nightclub in the northern Romanian
                                                      sovereign debt problem and          friendship” between the coun-         Prime Minister Enda Kenny                  Ireland was severely battered
town of Sighetu Marmatiei, emergency                  achieve economic recovery           tries and to have an “in-depth        yesterday and attend an Ire-           by the global financial crisis and
services said yesterday.                              and growth.                         exchange of views” on the fur-        land-China trade forum in Dub-         forced to seek an 85-billion-euro
                                                          “We have offered sincere        ther development of China-Ire-        lin today involving about 300          (US$112 billion) EU-IMF rescue
GERMANY                                               help to our European friends in     land relations.                       companies.                             package in November 2010 after
FRANKFURT – A stoppage by ground crew at
                                                      line with our means, through            Gilmore said Ireland at-              He will also visit an eco-         massive debts left its economy on
Frankfurt airport which has grounded hundreds         increased mutual investment         tached “great importance to           nomic development zone in              the brink of collapse.
of flights will continue for another 24 hours after   and business co-operation,” he      widening and deepening” bi-           Shannon, the famously beauti-              After Ireland, Xi will visit
operator Fraport rejected a proposed                  told the newspaper.                 lateral relations and the visit       ful Cliffs of Moher on the west        Turkey before returning
settlement from an arbitrator. — Agencies                 “China will continue to sup-    would be an “opportunity to           coast, a dairy farm and a demon-       home. — AFP
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Clinton pushes trade at Mexico G-20 meeting
LOSCABOS—USSecretary               liberately informal, with         lot of the distortions to trade,   bal rules,” the official said.    cut short-term pollutants          prepare for a summit in June
of State Hillary Clinton has       Mexico hoping to foster co-       are not the ones that we’re            “These global rules and       amid faltering global efforts      in Los Cabos of the Group of
entered a weekend of talks of      operation rather than make        focused on largely in the          norms have been estab-            to curb carbon dioxide emis-       20, a club of major rich and
the Group of 20 major econo-       concrete achievements.            20th century, which were at        lished for years, and it’s very   sions, considered the top          developing nations first es-
mies in Mexico where her               Echoing         frequent      the border,” the official said.    important for players in the      cause of rising temperatures.      tablished in 2008 to address
aides said she would push for      themes for President Barack           He pointed to “anti-com-       global system to play by glo-         Mexico in 2010 helped          the global economic crisis.
freer but fairer trade.            Obama’s administration,           petitive government practices      bal rules and adhere to glo-      breathe new life into UN-              Twenty-eight nations
    Clinton on Saturday            Clinton will call on major        or distortions” which create       bal norms,” he said.              backed negotiations on a new       are expected to take part in
started her three days in the      economies to tackle “21st         obstacles on the market.               The official travelling       climate treaty, but progress       the talks, along with repre-
Pacific Ocean resort of Los        century” barriers to trade and        “So we’re not saying           with Clinton said that she        has been painstakingly slow        sentatives of the European
Cabos by heading to a pri-         adhere to global standards,       we’re forcing you or encour-       would also speak to her           and political support on fight-    Union and African Union, US
vate dinner with her coun-         a US official said on condi-      aging you to play by rules         counterparts on climate           ing the problem has ebbed in       officials said. Clinton plans
terpart, Foreign Secretary         tion of anonymity.                that we come up with, that we      change. Clinton on Thurs-         a number of countries includ-      to meet separately with Aus-
Patricia Espinosa. The set-            “In the 21st century, a       dictate. What we’re simply         day announced a coalition         ing the United States.             tralian Foreign Minister
ting for the G-20 talks is de-     lot of the barriers to trade, a   saying is that there are glo-      which includes Mexico to              The weekend talks will         Kevin Rudd. — AFP

US marks 50th
anniversary of
first space flight
WASHINGTON — The                   the Soviet Union in our
United States marks the 50th       progress, that we were able
anniversary today of the first     to overtake them and do ex-
flight of an American into or-     actly what Kennedy told us
bit. But the historic landmark     to do and in so doing we
is bittersweet: the first nation   would beat the Russians to
to land people on the Moon         the Moon and that’s what we
now depends on Russia for          did,” Carpenter said.
its manned space flights.              The two retired astro-
     At 9:47am on February         nauts expressed concern that
20, 1962, on the eleventh          the National Aeronautics and
try, astronaut John Glenn took     Space        Administration
off from Cape Canaveral            (NASA) no longer has a
aboard an Atlas rocket to          manned space flight pro-
make three orbits around the       gramme after the last of the
Earth in just under five hours.    space shuttles was retired in
     The flight followed by        July.
nearly a year the first manned         Instead, Americans flying
trip into space by Soviet Yuri     to the International Space
Gagarin.                           Station must hitch a ride on a
     But it restored confi-        Russian Soyuz spacecraft.
dence in America’s ability to          “This cutting out the shut-
compete in the space race          tle meant we have no (space)
and made an overnight na-          transportation system of our
tional hero out of Glenn.          own to get to our own space
     Now 90 years old, Glenn       station,” Glenn said. “And so
has not forgotten the politi-      now we have to contract with
cal implications of his mis-       the Russians, unseemly
sion.                              though it may be for the
     The Soviets “were claim-      world’s greatest space-faring
ing at that time they were         nation.”
technically superior and say-          Glenn, who served as a
ing because their rockets          Democratic senator from
were going and ours were           1974 through 1999, says the
blowing up on the launch pad       administration of former
too often that they had            President George W Bush
reached the point where they       sacrificed US space ambitions
were as a society technically      by cutting NASA’s funding.
superior to us”, Glenn said on         “I think it’s too bad,” the
Friday at a press conference       former astronaut said. “I just
at Cape Canaveral, Florida.        hope some of the efforts now
     “There was a lot more         to recreate our own (space)
speculation about what role        transportation system come
communism was going to             through.”
play in the future of the              NASA is depending on
world,” Glenn said. “And so        private enterprises to de-
it’s against that backdrop and     velop systems to replace the
those kinds of competitions        shuttle programme, which is
of the Cold War that came          expected to happen in about
some of the impetus for the        five years.
Mercury programme.”                    One of the companies,
     Scott Carpenter, the sec-     SpaceX, is scheduled to
ond American to fly into space     launch the first commercially
on May 24, 1962, said the first    built spacecraft to the Inter-
flights into orbit prepared the    national Space Station on
way for the first steps on the     March 20.
Moon by Americans seven                As China plans manned
years later, in July 1969.         flights to the Moon, Carpen-
     “These flights gave the       ter says he is concerned that
nation the knowledge that          Americans have “lost our
although we were behind            national resolve”. — AFP
8   Vieät Nam News     http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn                                 WORLD                                                                              Monday February 20, 2012

Ruling                                  Africa wraps up security talks
                                        COTONOU — African leaders               in its march towards peace, sta-           Commenting on the Mali             tarian situation in the Sahel re-
party                                   have met for talks on security issues
                                        as fresh violence in Mali has
                                                                                bility, security, progress, prosper-
                                                                                ity and development,” said Yayi.
                                                                                                                       fighting, rights group Amnesty
                                                                                                                       International has said that a
                                                                                                                                                              gion that stretches across Africa
                                                                                                                                                              south of the Sahara.
                                        sparked what rights groups say is           He bemoaned the “persist-          Tuareg offensive raging in the             The leaders had also been ex-
re-elects                               the Sahel region’s worst human
                                        rights crisis in 20 years.
                                            More than a dozen leaders at-
                                                                                ence of crises and the emergence
                                                                                of new threats to security... such
                                                                                as endemic and persistent inse-
                                                                                                                       country’s north has sparked “the
                                                                                                                       worst human rights crisis” in the
                                                                                                                       area in 20 years.
                                                                                                                                                              pected to discuss a dispute over
                                                                                                                                                              the AU commission’s top post, af-
                                                                                                                                                              ter former South African foreign
                                        tended the talks in the small           curity in the Sahel region”.               Tuareg rebels launched an of-      minister Nkosazana Dlamini-
Spain PM                                West African country of Benin on
                                        Saturday. They issued no state-
                                                                                    Yayi also spoke of the up-
                                                                                surge in terrorism and drugs traf-
                                                                                                                       fensive in mid-January and have
                                                                                                                       attacked northern towns, demand-
                                                                                                                                                              Zuma challenged Jean Ping of
                                                                                                                                                              Gabon at a summit last month.
                                        ment at the end because it was an       ficking in parts of the continent,     ing autonomy for their nomadic             In his opening remarks at the
SEVILLE — Spain’s governing             informal meeting, said Benin for-       piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and       desert tribe.                          talks, Yayi said a special panel
Popular Party has re-elected            eign affairs officials.                 off the Somali coast. West Afri-           Scores have died and thou-         had been set up to deal with that
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy                It was the first African Union      can waters have seen a spike in        sands have fled into neighbour-        issue.
as its leader, at a congress in         meeting convened by Benin’s             piracy in recent months.               ing countries.                             “A committee of eight mem-
the southern city of Seville            President Thomas Boni Yayi,                 Other leaders who attended             The International Committee        bers drawn from the five regions
where he vowed he would                 who took the helm of the conti-         the talks in Benin’s commercial        of the Red Cross said on Friday        of the continent supported by
pursue his austerity policies.          nental body last month.                 capital Cotonou were from              that fighting had displaced at least   Gabon, South Africa and the Af-
    More than 97 per cent of the            At the start of the meeting he      Burkina Faso, Chad, Ethiopia,          60,000 people inside Mali.             rican Union president,” will re-
3,000 party delegates voted for         touched on the upsurge of unrest        Gabon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Li-            More than 44,000 others had        view the still-contested post,
Rajoy who was elected uncon-            in the Sahel, where Tuareg rebels       beria, Niger, Nigeria, Republic of     fled to neighbouring Burkina           Yayi said.
tested, the Popular Party (PP)          have fought Mali troops and re-         Congo, Rwanda, South Africa,           Faso, Mauritania and Niger, ac-            The 54-member AU was dead-
said on Saturday.                       gional al-Qaeda extremists have         and Togo.                              cording to the UN refugee              locked and temporarily extended
    Rajoy, who is 56, has headed        launched a series of kidnappings.           Conclusions from the talks         agency.                                Ping’s term, but the contest ex-
the PP since 2004 and the                   “Africa is truly the continent      would be discussed at the next             The Economic Community of          posed divides between geo-
Spanish government since                of the future, of hope and expec-       AU summit, Yayi’s foreign affairs      West African States on Friday          graphical regions and between
December after the conserva-            tations but the great paradox is        advisor, Mariam Aladji Boni            voiced “deep concern” at the de-       French – and English-speaking
tives trounced the socialists           that our continent is not united        Diallo, told reporters.                teriorating security and humani-       Africa. — AFP
under Jose Luis Rodriguez
Zapatero in general elections in
                                                                         Campaign trail                                                                       Greece OKs
    “What Spain expects from us
is that we act with determina-
tion and quickly,” Rajoy told
the party congress.
                                                                                                                                                              FROM PAGE 1
    “We are working in the
interest of all, we cannot allow                                                                                                                              ... speaking on condition of ano-
negligence or tolerate wasteful-                                                                                                                              nymity, about the cuts, part of a 3.3-
ness,” he added. Rajoy also                                                                                                                                   billion-euro package of austerity
called on his party to be a                                                                                                                                   measures that have triggered riots
“model of political and moral                                                                                                                                 in Athens.
conduct”.                                                                                                                                                          A government official said cabi-
    Spain’s economy is sliding                                                                                                                                net had also agreed to launch by
towards recession, shrinking by                                                                                                                               March 8 a debt swap for private
0.3 per cent in the final quarter                                                                                                                             creditors with the aim of complet-
of last year, according to                                                                                                                                    ing it by March 11. The swap is in-
official figures, and predicted                                                                                                                               tended to accompany the rescue
                                                                                                                                    Frech President
by the Bank of Spain to contract                                                                                                                              deal and will mean that creditors
                                                                                                                                    Nicolas Sarkozy
by another 1.5 per cent in 2012.                                                                                                    waves as he leaves        take a 70 per cent cut in the real
    Street protests against the                                                                                                     on Saturday after         value of their holdings.
austerity measures are growing.                                                                                                     the inauguration of            After months of often acrimoni-
    Protesters have warned that                                                                                                     his re-election           ous negotiations, Greek hopes are
spending cuts – part of nation-                                                                                                     campaign                  rising that today’s meeting in Brus-
wide efforts under the con-                                                                                                         headquarters on           sels will endorse the rescue which
                                                                                                                                    Rue de la Conven-
servatives to strengthen the                                                                                                        tion in Paris.
                                                                                                                                                              Athens needs to avoid bankruptcy
country’s public finances –                                                                                                         Sarkozy declared          on March 20 when major debt re-
were undermining social care                                                                                                        his candidacy for a       payments fall due.
and emergency services.                                                                                                             second term on                 “The Greek people have done
    Spain’s unemployment rate                                                                                                       Wednesday seeking         everything they can and we are
hit a 17-year high 22.85 per                                                                                                        to overturn a wide        determined to make good on our
cent at the end of 2011 – the                                                                                                       opinion poll deficit      commitments,” Public Order Min-
                                                                                                                                    with promises to get
highest in the industrialised                                                                                                       the unemployed
                                                                                                                                                              ister Christos Papoutsis said before
world – as the number of job                                                                                                        back to work and to       the meeting.
seekers shot above the five-                                                                                                        listen more to                 In a statement, Prime Minister
million barrier and Rajoy has                                                                                                       French voters. —          Lucas Papademos regretted that
warned that it will rise even                                                                                                       AFP/VNA Photo             extra pension cuts could not be
further this year. — AFP                                                                                                                                      avoided, but said the impact was
                                                                                                                                                              limited because it would only af-
                                                                                                                                                              fect the part of the pension above a
                                                                                                                                                              monthly threshold of 1,300 euros.
Thousands rally for Putin before polls                                                                                                                             “We all agree the immediate
                                                                                                                                                              support of economic activity is a
                                                                                                                                                              priority of the government’s eco-
MOSCOW — Tens of thousands              to be sure of tomorrow,” said a             At Saturday’s rallies, demon-          “We have come to this rally        nomic policy,” he added, while not
of people have demonstrated in          declaration read out at the rally in    strators said they wanted stability,   today to say that we do have some-     detailing what growth measures
cities across Russia in support of      St Petersburg, which like many          which Putin says he brought to         thing to defend. We want to say        were under consideration.
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in a      others was organised by trade un-       Russia after the economic trou-        as loudly as possible that we sup-          A survey by pollster MRB for
show of force two weeks before a        ions that have close government         bles ushered in 1991.                  port Vladimir Vladimirovich            yesterday’s Realnews newspaper
March 4 presidential election that      ties.                                       Authorities said crowds of         Putin,” youth movement leader          showed 72.7 per cent of Greeks
is expected to return him to the            The declaration urged Rus-          thousands gathered in many cit-        Ivan Arkatov told the crowd, ac-       want the country to stay in the euro,
Kremlin.                                sians to vote on March 4 and “de-       ies, and as many as 60,000 in St       cording to Itar-Tass.                  but only about half believe it will
    The rallies began in the Pacific    fend the right to the stable future”.   Petersburg, Russia’s second city           “We stand for the unity of         manage to do so.
coast port of Vladivostok and cul-          The pro-Putin rallies are           and the hometown of Putin, who         the country and for stability,”             On Friday, German Chancellor
minated with a late-night demon-        aimed at showing that the prime         was president from 2000-2008           Itar-Tass quoted a student activ-      Angela Merkel, Italian Prime
stration on wheels in Moscow on         minister, who could remain presi-       and still, as prime minister.          ist in the Volga River city of         Minister Mario Monti and
Saturday, where motorists took to       dent until 2024 if he wins two              In Oryol, a city south of Mos-     Nizhny Novgorod as saying.             Papademos all voiced optimism
the streets with slogans such as        straight terms, has majority sup-       cow, demonstrators chanted “Rus-       “We are the people of Russia           about a Greek accord during a
“Putin rules” on their cars.            port despite the biggest opposi-        sia, Putin, Victory!” and vowed        and we will decide Russia’s            three-way conference call,
    “One wish unites us: we want        tion protests of his 12-year rule.      “to prevent new upheaval”.             fate.” — REUTERS                       Monti’s office said. — REUTERS
10    Vieät Nam News       http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn       ASIA                                                                                                           Monday February 20, 2012

                                                     Al-Qaeda links fray in Southeast Asia
                                                     JAKARTA — A top Indonesian              responsible for the 2002 Bali            “Islamist radical groups in       house so close to bin Laden’s
 1707    Death of Aurangzeb, last of the great
                                                     terror suspect captured in the          nightclub bombings, is now            Southeast Asia, particularly         hide-out initially triggered
         Mogul Emperors of India. The Mughal
                                                     Pakistani town where Osama bin          largely cut off from its long-        those in the Philippines, Indo-      speculation the terrorist leaders
         Empire reached its furthest extent
         under his rule.
                                                     Laden was later killed insists he       standing al-Qaeda sponsorship,        nesia, Malaysia have been dam-       of al-Qaeda and Jemaah
                                                     was unaware of the al-Qaeda             thanks in part to a relentless        aged but they are still danger-      Islamiyah in Southeast Asia
 1888    Marie Rambert, founder of Britain’s         leader’s presence there,                crackdown that has largely deci-      ous,” she said.                      were more connected that had
         oldest ballet company, is born in           according to a video of his             mated their ranks.                       “They can stand their own         been thought. Some Indonesian
         Warsaw.                                     interrogation.                             Patek, whose trial resumes         ground. They are not linked to       government officials had also
 1920    Death of Robert Peary, US Arctic              Alleged master bomb maker             today in Jakarta for his alleged      al-Qaeda in any traditional way,     hinted at a link.
         explorer. He became the first man to        Umar Patek also described his           role in the Bali bombings that        but we have seen new waves of          US and Pakistani officials said
         reach the North Pole in 1909.               frustration in re-establishing          killed more than 200, was one         groups to which al-Qaeda is not      that Patek’s presence in
 1957    Delegates at the second National            militant ties in his quest to go        of the last few remaining rank-       connected at all ? emerge and        Abbottabad was a coincidence
         Congress of Cultural Activists              to Afghanistan and fight Ameri-         ing Jemaah Islamiyah militants        become more of a threat in In-       and Patek’s own words seem to
         establish the Vieä t Nam Union of           can soldiers. After flying on his       still on the run when Pakistani       donesia,” she said. “However,        support that view.
         Literature and Art Associations.            own to Pakistan, he waited              intelligence agents arrested          the Indonesian police in par-          The 30-minute video of the
                                                     there for months before a years-        him a year ago in the northwest-      ticular is managing the threat       interrogation by Indonesian
 1962    Astronaut John H Glenn Jr becomes
         the first American to orbit Earth.
                                                     old militant contact finally            ern town of Abbottabad.               very well.”                          police in September on his re-
                                                     came for him.                              Although Jemaah Islamiyah is          Four months after Patek’s ar-     turn home shows the 45-year-
 1963    An air route linking Haø Noä i and            His remarks, if true, would fur-      past its prime it is not van-         rest, US Navy SEALS flew into        old insisting he was in Pakistan
         Vientiane opens.                            ther bolster evidence that              quished, said Sidney Jones, a         Abbottabad and killed bin            on a personal mission to go to
 1972    Death of Maria Goeppert Mayer (born         Southeast Asia’s Jemaah                 noted terrorism analyst from the      Laden.                               Afghanistan with his wife and
         1906), German-American physicist            Islamiyah terrorist movement,           International Crisis Group.              Patek’s arrest from a safe        conduct jihad there. — AP
         and Nobel laureate. She is best
         known for her study of nuclear
         structure.                                                                   Real estate slump
 1986    Russia launches the Mir space
 1998    Fifteen-year-old American Tara
         Lipinski becomes the youngest gold
                                                                                                                                                                        quake toll
         medalist in winter Olympics history
         when she wins the ladies’ figure
         skating title at Nagano, Japan.
 1999    Atal Bihari Vajpayee becomes the first
         Indian prime minister to go to Pakistan
         in 10 years when he rides the first
                                                                                                                                                                        to 113
         commercial bus service between the                                                                                                                             MANILA — The toll of dead
         two countries in 51 years.                                                                                                                                     and missing from a powerful
 2002    A fire breaks out on a crowded train                                                                                                                           earthquake that struck the
         travelling from Cairo to Luxor in                                                                                                                              Philippines has risen to 113 as
         southern Egypt, killing 373 people and                                                                                                                         the civil defence chief said
         injuring 60 in the worst train disaster                                                                                                                        yesterday he had given up all
         in Egyptian history.                                                                                                                                           hope of finding any more
 2005    The Irish government identifies three                                                                                                                          survivors.
         top Sinn Fein figures – including                                                                                                                                Benito Ramos, National Dis-
         leader Gerry Adams – as members                                                                                                                                aster Risk Reduction and Man-
         of the Irish Republican Army                                                                                                                                   agement Council chief, said
         command.                                                                                                                                                       the latest toll from the 6.7 mag-
 2007    Three ultra-endurance athletes                                                                                                                                 nitude quake which struck the
         complete the first-ever run across the                                                                                                                         central island of Negros on Feb-
         world’s largest desert. American                                                                                                                               ruary 6 was 52 dead and 61
         runner Charlie Engle, 44, Canadian                                                                                                                             missing.
         Ray Zahab, 38, and Kevin Lin, 30, of                                                                                                                             He added that army engi-
         Taiwan, crossed the Sahara Desert’s              A labourer carries materials at the construction site of a new housing project in Hefei, in eastern China's   neers were continuing to dig
         grueling 4,000 miles (6,400                      Anhui Province on Saturday Home prices in more than two-thirds of China's major cities continued their        on the heavily-populated is-
         kilometers) in less than four months.            slump in January from a month before, the government announced, as moves to cool the market continued         land because of the clamour of
         — AP/REUTERS                                     to bite. — AFP/VNA Photo                                                                                      people insisting that the bod-
                                                                                                                                                                        ies of their relatives be found.
                                                                                                                                                                          “It is hopeless. I don’t think
Cambodia     Harsh winter claims lives of                                                                                                                               we can find all the 61 missing
                                                                                                                                                                        because of the amount of soil
                                                                                                                                                                        that eroded. That is equivalent
ruling party 40 children in Afghanistan                                                                                                                                 to about 50m thick of earth,”
                                                                                                                                                                        he said.
                                                                                                                                                                          “But I will not say they are

has easy win                                         KABUL — A harsh winter has
                                                     killed almost 40 children inn
                                                     Afghanistan in the past month,
                                                                                              and mountainous country, has
                                                                                              suffered its coldest winter in 15
                                                                                                                                    without decent shelter or blan-
                                                                                                                                    kets, without fuel, food, warm
                                                                                                                                    clothes or shoes,” he added.
                                                                                                                                                                        already dead because of the
                                                                                                                                                                        sentiments of the people.
                                                                                                                                                                        There are so many who will
PHNOM PENH — The Cambodian People’s                  most of them in refugee camps               International children’s char-       “At night the temperature         shower me with protests if we
Party (CPP) led by Prime Minister Hun Sen            in Kabul with aid groups                 ity Save the Children warned          falls dangerously low, threaten-    declare them already dead,” he
won 46 seats in the election of the Senate, the      warning yesterday of more                yesterday that weather condi-         ing the lives of newborns and       added
National Election Committee (NEC) has                deaths as temperatures keep              tions were expected to worsen,        small children. It’s crucial we       Ramos said the excavation
reported.                                            falling.                                 threatening the lives of more         get urgent help to families so      work was ongoing despite dan-
  The remaining 11 seats were taken by the             Twenty-four children lost              children in the camps.                children are protected,”            gers of further landslides
Sam Rainsy Party (SRP), the country’s main           their lives in camps on the out-            “Save the Children is warn-        Grabman added.                      caused by aftershocks and
opposition party.                                    skirts of the capital which              ing that even more could die            According to the charity          heavy rain.
  NEC Secretary General Tep Nytha said on            houses thousands of Afghans              from cold in what is Afghani-         about 20,000 people, fleeing          More than 191,000 people
Saturday that out of the 57 elected senators,        fleeing war and Taliban intimi-          stan’s worst winter for 15 years,”    insecurity caused by a Taliban-     were displaced by the quake
eight are women, six belonging to the CPP            dation in southern Afghanistan.          the charity group said in a state-    led insurgency, are living in       after landslides buried homes.
and two to the SRP.                                    Others died from cold in the           ment, adding that temperatures        more than 30 informal settle-       Almost 24,000 are still huddled
  Two other senators will be nominated by            Central Highlands, public                were expected to drop as low as       ments in Kabul under extreme        in government evacuation cen-
the King and another two by the National             health ministry spokesman                – 17 oC.                              hardship. Most live in flimsy       tres, the disaster council said.
Assembly, raising the total number of sena-          Ghulam Sakhi Kargar Noorughli               “This has been a brutal win-       tents.                                The Philippines sits on the
tors to 61.                                          said.                                    ter and children have little to         Despite the flood of billions     Pacific “Ring of Fire” – a belt
  According to the constitution, the Senate            “Over this past one month we           protect them from the biting          of dollars in aid from the inter-   around the Pacific Ocean where
must hold its first session no later than 60         have 40 deaths recorded. All             cold,” Bob Grabman, Save the          national community after the        friction between shifting tec-
days after the election.                             have died from cold and are              Children’s country director in        collapse of the Taliban Afghani-    tonic plates causes frequent
  This year’s Senate election began on Janu-         mostly children,” he said.               Afghanistan, said.                    stan remains among the poorest      earthquakes and volcanic ac-
ary 29. It is held every six years. — VNA              Afghanistan, a landlocked                 “Many are trying to survive        nations in the world. — AFP         tivity. — AFP
Monday February 20, 2012                                                           INSIGHT                                                     http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn   Vieät Nam News   11
         Obama eats his words over a 2009 vow to halve the federal deficit within four years, and comments
           that a failure to turn around the economy could make his presidency a ‘one-term’ proposition

Deficit pledge comes back to haunt Obama
Jason Lange and David Lawder           Obama’s administration, in its at-      at that point how bad it was going      a housing bubble.                       grand bargain on the deficit.
                                       tempt to articulate a bold vision       to get,” he said.                           “They had to know in so many            Nonetheless, the issue is a
        ne month after taking of       for a nation in crisis, made a po-           That is true, budget experts       ways with regard to housing and         weak spot for Obama. A poll by

O       fice, President Barack
        Obama summoned the
nation’s top lawmakers and bud-
                                       litically risky bet based on rosy
                                       assumptions that were later
                                       wrecked by an economy that did
                                       not play ball.
                                                                               agree. But they say the promise
                                                                               was still overly ambitious and left
                                                                               little room for surprises that could,
                                                                               and did, knock the economic re-
                                                                                                                       credit and jobs that they were in a
                                                                                                                       problematic situation for eco-
                                                                                                                       nomic recovery,” said Ethan
                                                                                                                       Siegal, a fiscal policy expert who
                                                                                                                                                               Gallup earlier this month showed
                                                                                                                                                               only 32 per cent of Americans
                                                                                                                                                               approve of Obama’s handling of
                                                                                                                                                               the deficit, even lower than his
get experts to the White House
for a summit to figure out how to           “If there was a mistake here, it   covery off course.                      advises investors on Washington         38 per cent approval rating for
tame huge federal deficits.            was in making a pledge that was              While it became frighteningly      politics.                               economic issues.
    Standing at a podium in the        going to be a function of variables     clear that the recession had been           Still, Siegal said it was ex-           The nation’s reliance on defi-
elegant East Room, the Demo-           you couldn’t foresee,” said Jared       extraordinarily severe and the re-      pected that a president would           cit spending looms ominously
cratic president wasted no time in     Bernstein, Vice President Joe           covery lackluster, Obama reiter-        strike an optimistic tone during a      over the economy. The nonparti-
reminding his audience, which          Biden’s former chief economist.         ated his promise, even as late as       crisis, helping him to project lead-    san Congressional Budget Office
included Republican congres-                Republicans, aiming to make        February of last year.                  ership. “Part of politics is rolling    recently said keeping current tax
sional leaders, that he had just in-   Obama a one-term president in                “They made a dumb commit-          the dice.”                              rates low would help balloon the
herited a US$1.3 trillion deficit in   November, have jumped on the            ment,” said David Walker, a                 The White House said this           national debt so much it would
the midst of “an economic crisis       broken pledge with glee, trying         former US comptroller general           week the government could still         start choking off private invest-
unlike any we have seen in gen-        to turn up the heat on the leader       who took part in Obama’s 2009           halve the deficit inherited by          ment within a decade, hurting
erations”.                             even as a stronger economy              summit.                                 Obama by 2014, a year later than        economic growth.
    He gave a finger-waving talk       threatens to undermine their ar-                                                promised and not soon enough for            Under Obama’s budget plan
on fiscal responsibility and boldly    gument for voting him out.              Rolling the dice                        Republican critics.                     for fiscal next year, money owed
pledged to halve the deficit in             While his opponents seek to        Obama’s plan was based on the               “We’ve heard a lot of excuses       to bondholders would nearly
four years.                            make political hay over the issue,      idea that the economy would post        from this administration for why        double to $19.5 trillion by 2022.
    There was no hint in his re-       analysts say voters are likely to       a quick recovery, much like it had      the president broke his promise,”           While the White House ex-
marks of the behind-the-scenes         judge Obama on his broader han-         after other recent recessions. It was   said Republican Congressman             pects debt to be stable as a per-
debate that had taken place            dling of the economy when they          supported by White House eco-           Paul Ryan, chairman of the House        centage of total economic output
among his advisers over whether        vote in November.                       nomic forecasts that were more          of Representatives Budget Com-          – suggesting it is not a major threat
such an ambitious promise could             Obama played down the bro-         optimistic than those of many pri-      mittee. “But what we haven’t            – private experts say this assumes
be kept. And as the economic re-       ken promise this week, blaming          vate economists.                        heard is any semblance of ac-           lenders do not lose trust in
covery failed to take off, he stuck    economic events beyond his con-             Many experts expected the           countability.”                          Washington’s ability to pay them
with it for the next two years.        trol. The recession was much            financial crisis to do more last-           A senior administration offi-       back in full.
    Today, three years after first     deeper than anyone had realized         ing damage to the economy.              cial said at least some of the blame        That would lead to higher in-
making that pledge, Obama con-         when he made the pledge on              Only months earlier, the nation’s       for missing the target lies with        terest rates on the debt, making it
ceded that he would not be able        Febuary 23, 2009, he told an At-        banking system had nearly               Republicans in Congress, who            more expensive for Washington
to keep it.                            lanta broadcoaster on Tuesday.          seized up as panic gripped Wall         walked away from an offer by            to borrow.
    The pledge casts light on how           “A lot of us didn’t understand     Street following the bursting of        Obama last summer to pursue a                              CONTINUED PAGE 12
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Cyprus hopes gas can prevent Greek-style crisis
Caroline-Nelly Perrot                                                                                                                                              regularly publish articles raising
                                         The Greek crisis has aggravated the difficulties facing Cyprus, which, apart from                                         hopes about the potential benefits
NICOSIA – On the resort island            the breakaway Turkish statelet in the north, has strong cultural and economic                                            of the newly found gas reserves.
of Cyprus, whose stricken                                                 ties to Greece                                                                               “The gas will change our qual-
economy is closely linked to                                                                                                                                       ity of life, not straightaway, but
Greece, residents and politicians                                                                                                                                  over the next ten years we could
are nervously watching the crisis                                                                                                                                  become like the oil-rich kingdoms
unfolding in Athens but hoping          to award by the end of the year,         for a country with less than             debt, which stands at around 61          in the Gulf, countries where life
that a giant offshore gas discov-       despite the strong objections of         900,000 inhabitants.                     per cent of GDP, compares with a         is good,” said Cleonthios
ery will save them.                     Turkey.                                      The top three rating agencies        figure of 160 per cent in Greece.        Adamou, a computer teacher.
    In December, US firm Noble              Noble’s announcement was a           have all downgraded Cyprus, re-          And the unemployment rate is                 Economist Apostolides esti-
Energy said it had discovered gas       ray of hope for Cypriots, who ex-        stricting its access to international    only seven per cent , in contrast        mated that, with a bit of luck, the
reserves of up to 225 billion cu.m      perienced their first recession in       debt markets, with Fitch warning         with 20 per cent in Greece.              government would get one billion
beneath the seabed south of             30 years in 2009.                        that the country would need a                But the International Mon-           euros per year in gas revenues,
Cyprus, which has an estimated              The economy, already hit by          Greek-style European bailout.            etary Fund estimated Cyprus’s            “which amounts to a third of our
value of 100 billion euros              the eurozone debt crisis, was sent           But in a boost to the eurozone       public deficit at some 7 per cent        budget”.
(US$131 billion).                       deeper into turmoil by a deadly          country, and aided by the expec-         of GDP in 2011, way above the 3              But others caution against bet-
    “And it is just the beginning,”     munitions blast last July that de-       tation of future gas earnings, Cy-       per cent limit set by the European       ting on a future hydrocarbons
said hydrocarbons expert Pierre         stroyed the island’s main power          prus managed to secure late last         Union.                                   windfall.
Godec.                                  plant.                                   year a 2.5-billion-euro Russian              So the fund and the European             “Some are already taking the
    The reservoir, named                    The Greek crisis has aggra-          loan to help cover its financial re-     Commission ordered the island            future revenues into account in
Aphrodite after the Greek god-          vated the difficulties facing Cy-        quirements for 2012.                     nation, which joined the                 their behaviour, and politicians
dess, born according to legend in       prus, which, apart from the breaka-          “The situation in Cyprus is not      eurozone in 2008, to adopt a debt        fear that will make the electorate
Cyprus waters, is situated some         way Turkish statelet in the north,       as bad as Greece, far from it,” said     reduction plan. Cyprus has al-           resist any (austerity) efforts, as the
40km from Israel’s Leviathan and        has strong cultural and economic         economist Costas Apostolides,            ready raised taxes and frozen            gas will not be sold for another
Tamar fields, also discovered by        ties to Greece.                          stressing that Cypriot banks had         public sector salaries in a bid to       eight to ten years,” said Godec,
Noble and Israel’s Delek Energy.            Cypriot banks are heavily ex-        deposits of around 60 billion            avoid a bailout.                         the energy expert.
    Last Monday, Cyprus                 posed to Greek sovereign debt            euros, and that measures had al-             But few Cypriots are willing             Economist Zenon Kontolemis
launched a new licensing round          and have already had to write-off        ready been taken to reduce the           to accept the kind of tough aus-         agreed, warning of the “strong
for its 12 remaining offshore ex-       2 billion euros the country owed         country’s debt.                          terity measures imposed on               (temptation) to spend the money
ploration blocks, which it hopes        them, economists say, a hefty sum            As an example, Cypriot public        Greece, and local newspapers             even before it comes in”. — AFP

Deficit...                              Aftershocks stall New Zealand recovery
                                        Neil Sands                                                                                                                 where, to cities such as Auckland,
“Unless we start to address these                                                                                                                                  and residents would follow.
budget issues seriously, it’s only      CHRISTCHURCH — Dangerous                                                                                                        He was also concerned that on-
a matter of time before the credit      aftershocks have left the battered                                                                                         going delays partially blamed on
markets start to consider us as an-     city of Christchurch struggling to                                                                                         infighting among officials – Earth-
other Greece,” said Kim Rupert,         rebuild 12 months after a devastat-                                                                                        quake Recovery Minister Gerry
an analyst at Action Economics          ing earthquake and raised doubts                                                                                           Brownlee recently labelled Parker
LLC in San Francisco.                   over its economic future.                                                                                                  a “clown” – was paralysing the
                                             Much of the downtown area was                                                                                         city’s regeneration.
Vulnerability                           destroyed and remains sealed off                                                                                                Eaqub said 30,000 jobs had
Seeing the president’s vulnerabil-      following the 6.3-magnitude quake                                                                                          been lost in Christchurch over the
ity, Republicans in Congress plan       on February 22 last year, which                                                                                            past year and the longer the rebuild
campaign ads this fall about            killed 185 people as it flattened                                                                                          took, the more difficult it would be
Obama’s “broken promise” to             office blocks, buckled roads and                                                                                           for the city to regain its mantle as
halve the deficit, said Andrea          brought historic buildings crashing                                                                                        an economic powerhouse.
Bozek, a spokeswoman of the Na-         down.                                                                                                                           A worst case scenario, he said,
tional Republican Congressional              Hotels and shops lie empty be-                                                                                        could see Christchurch – which be-
Committee.                              hind the wire-mesh fences of the                                                                                           fore the quake was the hub of a re-
    Bernstein acknowledged              “red zone”, which covers most of         A picture shows a collapsed row of shops on Worchester street in Christchurch,    gion responsible for 15 per cent of
                                                                                 New Zealand, following a deadly earthquake that killed at least 185 people last
some in the administration were         the central business area – a ghost                                                                                        New Zealand’s economy – re-
                                                                                 year. – AFP/VNA Photo
not convinced the deficit would         town of broken buildings and va-                                                                                           duced to a “rural service town”.
fall as fast as they hoped when         cant lots with weeds poking out          major aftershocks in June and De-        over again from scratch at colossal           “We’re at a fork in the road and
Obama made the pledge.                  from exposed foundations.                cember, the most recent sending          cost.”                                   it’s not really clear which of things
    “Everybody had different lev-            The only sound of activity from     terrified Christmas shoppers flee-           Mayor Bob Parker last year re-       (rebuilding plans) are working and
els of confidence. I and others cer-    within is the crash of rubble being      ing from stores in panic and adding      leased the local council’s vision for    which are not,” he said, adding that
tainly recognised that those types      dumped into skips as workers still       more damage to the scarred city,         the future, a low-rise central busi-     the issue had implications for the
of forecasts are fragile when           toil to clear debris from the historic   further delaying reconstruction.         ness district serviced by light rail     wider economy.
you’re at that kind of point of un-     precinct which was once the pride            More than 60 per cent of the         with environmentally friendly                 “We just haven’t had enough
certainty in the economic cycle,”       of New Zealand’s second largest          old buildings that defined               buildings and large areas of             time to gauge some of these plans
he said. “There was some discus-        city.                                    Christchurch, creating what locals       parkland.                                but it feels like the urgency of the
sion, of course.”                            Plans are afoot for a NZ$30 bil-    called “a little slice of England”,          The council wants a seven-           situation is certainly heightening.”
    Obama is not the first president    lion (US$24.5 billion) rebuilding        have been lost and many more are         storey high limit, saying                     Amid the gloom, however, an
to dial back on a big economic          programme, the largest construc-         severely damaged and need ex-            traumatised workers do not want to       innovative retail project just out-
promise. Former Republican Presi-       tion effort in the country’s history,    pensive reinforcement.                   return to high-rise office blocks,       side the red zone offers a glimpse
dent Ronald Reagan never bal-           to restore Christchurch to its former        Win Clark of the New Zealand         which were the cause of most             of the dynamism Christchurch is
anced the budget, as he had             glory as capital of the South Island.    Society for Earthquake Engineer-         deaths when they catastrophically        hoping to harness in the rebuild,
vowed to do.                                 But constant seismic activity       ing said most, with the possible ex-     failed in the February shake.            which is now not expected to be
    “We never got close,” said          has frustrated the effort, with about    ception of landmark buildings such           Clark was sympathetic but said       fully under way until next year.
Murray Weidenbaum, a senior             10,000 aftershocks recorded since        as the Anglican cathedral, would         modern building methods using                 Re:START is a temporary shop-
economist for Reagan between            September 2010, when a 7.0-mag-          not be rebuilt because of the dan-       techniques such as deep founda-          ping centre built entirely from ship-
1981 and 1982 who was involved          nitude quake on a previously un-         ger they posed.                          tions meant there was no engineer-       ping containers, with banks, fash-
in backing off that administration’s    known fault line began what has              Some have suggested simply           ing reason preventing the immedi-        ion boutiques, coffee shops and a
pledge.                                 become a trial of endurance for the      shifting the entire CBD elsewhere        ate construction of large buildings.     post office housed in brightly
    But when asked whether              city.                                    to more stable ground but Clark              “The fact that we’re going to        coloured – and earthquake-safe –
Obama will suffer a voter backlash,          No-one was killed in that quake     said that was impractical.               get further aftershocks should not       boxes.
he notes his former boss cruised        and reconstruction was well under            “The problem there is that           stop current redevelopment,” he               “People think it’s really
to re-election victory in 1984 de-      way before the deadly February           there’s a very large investment in       said.                                    cool,” said coffee shop worker
spite big increases in the deficit      tremor hit, lower in magnitude but       infrastructure – buildings, water            New Zealand Institute of Eco-        Jan-eve Burns. “It’s the first time
under his watch.                        shallower and with an epicentre          supply, power, sewerage, all             nomic Research principal econo-          for a while that something has put
    “It’s a little embarrassing but     much closer to the city centre’s al-     types,” he said.                         mist Shamubeel Eaqub warned ex-          a bit of life back into the city cen-
you just move on,” Weidenbaum           ready weakened buildings.                    “It’s been damaged but to build      cessive restrictions could prompt        tre and Christchurch really
said. — REUTERS                              Since then, there have been         a new city you would have to start       investors to take their capital else-    needed it.” — AFP
                                                                                        Vieät Nam News

                                    Monday February 20, 2012
                                                                       BUSINESS                                   http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn   Vieät Nam News   13

WTO membership boosts economy
HCM CITY — Vieät Nam has                chinery, equipment and feedstock,
made great strides in all aspects       which helps cut production costs
of its economy in the five years        and improve their competitiveness.
since it became a member of the             Opening up of distribution has
World Trade Organisation, ex-           been an important step in the coun-
perts told a conference in HCM          try’s integration into the global
City last week.                         economy.
     More than 200 economists,              The attendees agreed that the
policy makers, and business execu-      penetration of foreign goods had
tives attended the conference           brought great competitive pressure
titled “Five years after joining WTO    on local products, but on the other
– integration and development of        hand consumers could choose from
Vietnamese enterprises” organised       a variety of high-quality products
by the Communist Party of Vieät         and services at competitive prices.
Nam online newspaper and                    This had prompted local firms
Industry and Trade newspaper.           to improve their competitiveness,
     After the country acceded to the   they said.
WTO in 2007, foreign direct                 But many also pointed out the
investments have risen dramati-         weaknesses of Vieät Nam in its proc-
cally as have exports.                  ess of integration – like the poor
     The country’s exports have vir-    quality of growth, human resources,
tually doubled in the period to         high trade deficit, and low
$96.3 billion.                          competitiveness.
     Distribution and retail services       The export structure had not
have also developed strongly, with      changed considerably, with the
the opening of hundreds of con-         country still mainly shipping abroad
venience stores changing the com-       raw materials and labor-intensive
plexion of the country’s retail sec-    products such as garments and            Garment Corporation No 10 produces garments for export to Europe, the US and Japan. The country’s export structure, based
tor and buying habits of Vietnam-       footwear, they said.                     on labour-intensive products, has not changed considerably in the five years since joining WTO . — VNA/VNS Photo Traàn Vieät
ese consumers.                              The Government and busi-
     Former deputy prime minister       nesses therefore needed to take
Vuõ Khoan said the WTO member-          better advantage of opportunities,       the moment was causing difficulties        Ñoã Haø Nam, chairman of the Vieät        Import-Export JS Company, said.
ship enabled local companies to         they said.                               for exporters and services compa-          Nam Coffee and Cocoa Association              The Government should reduce
enjoy lower import tariffs on ma-           The high bank interest rates at      nies and eating into their profits, said   and general director of Intimex           the rates, he added. — VNS

Policies needed to boost growth of support industries
HCM CITY — Experts have                 not have to pay import duties on              In 2010 the electronics indus-            Döông Thò Nhi of the Ministry         should to create a fair, free and sta-
called for focusing tax breaks, fi-     feedstock and other raw materials        try exported products worth                of Finance said the focus should          ble business environment and cut
nancial backing and support poli-       meant for production and scientific      US$3.4 billion but its imports cost        be on industries that enjoyed cer-        red tape to ensure that businesses
cies on support industries that en-     research, they said.                     $4.6 billion.                              tain advantages – such as                 could be set up easily and their
joy natural advantages to spur the          Dr Nguyeãn Thò Lan of the In-             The textile and garment indus-        electronic and electrical parts,          products easily sold.
sector’s growth.                        stitute of Finance said however          try’s exports in the first half of         textile and garment, motorbike,               Vuõ Tieán Loäc, chairman of the
    Speaking at a seminar held          that in spite of all this, Vieät Nam’s   2011 were worth $6.16 billion, but         and automobile.                           Vieät Nam Chamber of Commerce
recently by the Financial Poli-         support industries remained weak.        its imports, mainly of raw materi-             Support industries should also        and Industry, said when support
cies and Strategy Institute and             The consequence was that             als and accessories, were worth            be divided into different groups.         industries developed, they would
the Institute for Industry Policy       around 80 per cent of parts and          $5.76 billion. Thus the industry’s         The Government support would              help reduce the trade deficit, attract
and Strategy, they said the Gov-        accessories used in manufacturing        net exports were a mere $400 mil-          be given to them at different lev-        more international companies, and
ernment offered favourable con-         must be imported.                        lion.                                      els and different times so that they      catch up with new business trends.
ditions for investment in support           This was a drag on the economy            Despite getting incentives            would receive adequate assistance             Many foreign manufacturers,
by both foreign and domestic            and forced the country to spend          related to land, taxation and fi-          for a comprehensive develop-              especially Japanese, were looking
investors.                              billions of dollars on imports, Lan      nancing from the Government                ment, Nhi said.                           for Vietnamese parts suppliers, he
    Support industry manufactur-        said.                                    for years, the automobile indus-               The Government should have            said.
ing projects were advertised for            Since Vieät Nam’s support in-        try’s domestic production rate is          special financial policies to en-             This offered huge opportuni-
free on the Ministry of Trade and       dustries were backward, many for-        only 5-10 per cent. Even the               courage newly-established firms,          ties for local parts producers to par-
Industry’s website and received fi-     eign companies were unable to            items produced here are very               set up a fund for development of          ticipate in the global production
nancial assistance, provided with       easily source parts and                  basic – such as electric wires and         the support industry, and offer           chain, he said.
opportunities to join supply net-       accessories, and had moved out to        chair frames.                              them more tax breaks,she said.                If Vietnamese parts manufac-
works, recruit labourers, and use       other countries or planned to do              Experts said though the Gov-              Lan called for Government             turers could supply foreign com-
facilities at industrial parks, they    so, she said.                            ernment offered the supporting in-         encouragement to private inves-           panies in the country, they could
said.                                       Domestic assemblers were             dustry many incentives, they did           tors in support industries.               also supply others outside the
    Firms in support industries did     forced to import.                        not focus on key industries.                   For this, the Government              country, he added. — VNS
14    Vieät Nam News      http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn                            BUSINESS                                                                                  Monday February 20, 2012

Coconut growers switch crops                                                                                                                                       Airport
— Coconut farmers in the Cöûu
Long (Mekong) Delta, especially
in Beán Tre Province, are facing dif-
ficulties because the price of coco-
                                                                                                                                                                   firm debuts
nuts has declined sharply over the                                                                                                                                 HCM CITY — The Airports Cor-
past four months.                                                                                                                                                  poration of Vieät Nam has come into
    In Beá n Tre Province, the                                                                                                                                     existence following an inaugura-
country’s largest coconut producer,                                                                                                                                tion ceremony at HCM City’s Taân
the price of dry coconuts fell from                                                                                                                                Sôn Nhaát International Airport on
VNÑ140,000-150,000 per dozen                                                                                                                                       Saturday.
last October to VNÑ34,000-40,000.                                                                                                                                       The Ministry of Transport has
    Farmer Voõ Thò Hai in Gioàng                                                                                                                                   mandated that the agency, formed
Troâm District’s Phöôùc Long Com-                                                                                                                                  by merging the Northern, Central
mune said the crop was the major                                                                                                                                   and Southern Airports Corpora-
source of income for most farmers.                                                                                                                                 tions, would operate as a one-
    Hai had tried to sell coconuts for                                                                                                                             member State-owned limited
VNÑ38,000 per dozen, but she                                                                                                                                       company.
could not find a trader.                                                                                                                                                The VNÑ14.7 trillion (US$705
    The country’s coconut king, Voõ                                                                                                                                million) corporation will perform
Thaønh Thöôûng of Gioàng Troâm Dis-                                                                                                                                a variety of tasks, including en-
trict, said that he wanted to sell                                                                                                                                 suring safety and security, and im-
1,000 coconuts and his trader of-                                                                                                                                  porting and exporting aviation
fered VNÑ36,000 per dozen.                                                                                                                                         equipment.
    “But immediately after that the                                                                                                                                     Nguyeãn Nguyeân Huøng, former
trader refused to buy my coconuts                                                                                                                                  general director of the Southern
becausehewasafraidoffurtherprice                                                                                                                                   Airports Corp, is its first chairman
declines,” he said.                                                                                                                                                of the board of members, while Leâ
    Domestic dried coconut-flesh                                                                                                                                   Maïnh Huøng, former general direc-
processors said they must cut the                                                                                                                                  tor of the Northern Airports Corp,
price because of falling global                                                                                                                                    is its general director.
prices.                                                                                                                                                                 Speaking at the inauguration
    Sales in the EU, North Afri-                                                                                                                                   ceremony, Minister of Transport
can and Middle Eastern markets,                                                                                                                                    Ñinh La Thaêng said the merger of
which are Vieät Nam’s major mar-                                                                                                                                   the three corporations was “indis-
kets for dried coconut flesh,                                                                                                                                      pensable” for the development of
have been declining because of                                                                                                                                     the country’s aviation industry and
economic problems in those ar-                                                                                                                                     as preparation for establishing a na-
eas.                                                                                                                                                               tional aviation group.
    Because of the decline, the ex-      A farmer in the Cöûu Long (Mekong) Delta province of Beán Tre classifies coconuts for export. Coconut farmers are
                                         facing difficulties due to falling prices. — VNA/VNS Photo Ñình Hueä
                                                                                                                                                                        Setting up of the new corpora-
port price of dried coconut flesh has                                                                                                                              tion should not affect the opera-
fallen from US$2,900 per tonne to                                                                                                                                  tion of airports around the coun-
$1,300-1,500.                            ciation, said Chinese traders bought   cut down their orchards to prepare       output of 424 million. Ten to 15 per      try, but improve their staff’s liv-
    Chinese traders in Beán Tre          about 35 per cent of the province’s    to plant another crop.                   cent of that figure represents fresh      ing standards, he said.
Province have also been buying the       total dry coconuts.                         Coconut farmers who live along      coconuts, and the rest are dry coco-           It would soon focus on the
coconuts at lower prices.                    With price drops of more than      the Haøm Luoâng River have leased        nuts.                                     completion of T2 Terminal at Haø
    Previously, there were about         70 per cent, 40,000 farming fami-      their orchards to enterprises to raise       The province has 70 enter-            Noäi’s Noäi Baøi Airport and termi-
five to six Chinese ships docked at      lies have been hit hard.               tra fish.                                prises and 1,400 family-based             nals at Cam Ranh and Phuù Quoác
the Haøm Luoâng River in Gioàng              Many coconut orchards have              In Bình Ñaïi District, many co-     production units that produce             airports, he said.
Troâm District to buy dry coconuts,      switched to selling fresh coconuts,    conut farmers have also cut down         coconut products, providing jobs               In the long term, the ACV would
but the number is now only three to      which has caused an oversupply         their trees to dig ponds to farm         for 50,000 people.                        equitise its subsidiaries and get in-
four ships.                              and lower prices.                      shrimp.                                      Beán Tre exports coconuts and         vestment from local and overseas
    Hoà Vónh Sang, chairman of the           Because of the price drop, many         Beán Tre has about 52,500ha         coconut products to 80 countries          sources into civil aviation infrastruc-
Beán Tre Province Coconut Asso-          farmers in Beán Tre are planning to    devoted to coconuts, with annual         and territories. — VNS                    ture, he added. — VNS

HCM City urged to change export structure
HCM CITY — Authorities in HCM              “In order for the city to reach the goal of high and sustainable export development in                                  up by foreign suppliers, while do-
City are targeting an annual export                                                                                                                                mestic providers were able to con-
growth rate of 17 per cent under a       the coming months, it’s necessary that it has appropriate direction for development and                                   tribute only about 5 per cent to the
programme that also aims to shift          practical measures to rapidly shift the export structure in line with its advantages.”                                  value with packing, maintenance
the structure of the city’s exports.                                                                                                                               and installation work for these
    The programme also targets                                                                                                                                     products.
raising the city’s export turnover                                                     HUYØNH KHAÙNH HIEÄP, HCM CITY DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRY AND TRADE                  Chaâu urged authorities to speed
(excluding crude oil) to US$100 bil-                                                                                                                               up localisation of hi-tech products
lion a year by 2015, the Thôøi baùo      exporters had been hit during the      based on the exploitation of labour      make some changes, the ratio will         while developing more support in-
Taøi chính Vieät Nam (Vieät Nam          past years by the global economic      and natural resources, such as gar-      continue to fall and export effi-         dustries.
FinancialTimes) reports.                 downturn and domestic inflationary     ments and textiles, rice, rubber and     ciency will remain low,” she                  He suggested measures such as
    A focus on service sector ex-        pressure.                              coffee. Meanwhile, exports such as       warned, adding that the matter was        developing support industry mar-
ports under the programme aims to            Material import price hikes,       milk and electronic devices relied       especially important in the context       kets, building databases of domes-
have turnover from export services       tighter monetary policies and high     too heavily on imported materials.       that the domestic economy de-             tic support products and facilitat-
accounting for 60 per cent of the        lending interest rates significantly       Many key industries were fo-         pended largely on exports.                ing solutions which help innovate
city’s total export value, and com-      affected the city’s current export     cusing on the processing of prod-            “In order for the city to reach       technology, develop human re-
petitive products such as garments       growth, said Hieäp.                    ucts, a weakness reflected in 90         the goal of high and sustainable          sources and manage quality with
and textiles, footwear and pro-              Voõ Thanh Thu from the Vieät       per cent of the footwear industry’s      export development in the coming          preferential infrastructure and fi-
cessed seafood are expected to           Nam Chamber of Commerce and            production activities being out-         months, it’s necessary that it has        nancing policies.
make up 35 per cent of all exports       Industry’s international commerce      work, said Thu.                          appropriate direction for develop-            “The value of export products
by 2015.                                 policies consulting board said the         Many industries had achieved         ment and practical measures to rap-       can’t be raised with undeveloped
    The programme is also set to         city’s export value represented as     large export revenues but failed to      idly shift the export structure in line   support industries,” said Traàn Du
help accelerate human resource           much as 40 per cent of the nation’s    build their own brand names.             with its advantages,” Hieäp said.         Lòch, a member of the National As-
training and to make products with       total figure five years ago, but had       Meanwhile, Thu said, technical           HCM City Hi-tech Park Devel-          sembly.
advanced technology contents be-         tended to decline during recent        barriers and sanitary and safety stan-   opment Centre director Leâ Phan               He urged the city to attach spe-
come key exports of the city by          years.                                 dards imposed by importing coun-         Hoaøng Chaâu said the park would          cial importance to developing these
2020.                                        Thu said the city also needed to   tries were becoming increasingly         focus on production of semi-con-          industries while ensuring clear ex-
    Huyønh Khaùnh Hieäp, deputy di-      focus on high-value exports. She       complicated.                             ductors and machinery.                    port strategies to serve the national
rector of the municipal Department       said exports from the city and from        “If the city doesn’t pay proper          He said 60 per cent of the value      economy and the country’s key
of Industry and Trade, said local        Vieät Nam in general were largely      attention [to the problems] and          of hi-tech products were now made         southern economic region. — VNS
Monday February 20, 2012                                                        BUSINESS                                                     http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn   Vieät Nam News   15

 Central region suffers from airport density
          ine of the 14 provinces in                                                                                      Eximbank holds 10.81 per           scrap 24 licensed projects due

 N        central Vieät Nam have air
          ports while the others are
 seeking permission from the Gov-
                                        B USINESS B EAT
                                        Leâ Huøng Voïng
                                                                                                                      cent while the stake held by ACB
                                                                                                                      – a big shareholder in Eximbank
                                                                                                                      – is unclear.
                                                                                                                                                             to long delays and failure to get
                                                                                                                                                             under way.
                                                                                                                                                                 Long An Province has un-
                                                                                                                                                             veiled plans to pull the plug on
 ernment to build them. Three of                                                                                          But ACB and Eximbank to-
 the six provinces in the north-cen-    weekly flights to Haø Noäi, the air-   billion ($3.3 million).                gether have enough stakes to           long-delayed projects, with the
 tral region have airports (Ngheä An,   port serves some 60,000 passen-                                               convene an extraordinary share-        licences to be transferred to other
 Quaûng Bình, and Thöøa Thieân-         gers a year.                           Hostile takeover talk                  holders meeting to discuss issues      investors with sufficient financial
 Hueá), while Thanh Hoùa and Quaûng         An airport official says due to         eading joint stock banks ACB      related to Sacombank.                  capability.
 Trò have got permission for con-
                                        a lack of equipment, only small-
                                        sized aircraft like ATR 72 can
                                                                               L    and Eximbank have rejected
                                                                               rumours they are interested in a
                                                                                                                          Saøi Goøn Tieáp Thò magazine
                                                                                                                      says ACB has ambitious plans to
                                                                                                                                                                 Phan Thaønh Phi, head of the
                                                                                                                                                             Long An Economic Zone Man-
      This high density of airports     land, while larger aircraft like       hostile take-over of Sacombank.        become one of the country’s four       agement Board has said the prov-
 in the region has made them un-        Airbus and Boeing have to land             Nguyeã n Thanh Toaï i , ACB        top banks.                             ince has prevented investors from
 profitable, with most incurring        at nearby Ñaø Naüng Airport.           deputy general director and                The four biggest in terms of       themselves selling their projects
 losses.                                    The Tuy Hoøa city airport is       spokesman, has said categori-          total assets now are Agribank,         to other investors.
      Ñoàng Hôùi Airport in Quaûng      hoping to attract more passengers      cally: “I would like to make an        BIDV,       Vietinbank,       and          According to figures from his
 Bình, which was built in 2008 at       to reduce its losses through a         official announcement that this        Vietcombank.                           department, licences for 34
 a cost of VNÑ212 billion (US$10        VNÑ290 billion ($13.8 million)         will never happen.”                        Agribank is the largest with       projects on more than 12,100ha
 million), can accommodate A320         expansion project that began last          Tröông Vaên Phöôùc, general        assets of VNÑ524 trillion, fol-        of land have been withdrawn
 and A321 aircraft and handle           week.                                  director of Eximbank, also has         lowed by Vietcombank with              since 2009.
 around 500,000 passengers a                The airport opened in 1997         told journalists there would be no     VNÑ333.73 trillion.                        Laâm Ñoàng Province last year
 year.                                  with two weekly flights to HCM         merger of the three banks.                 If ACB, Sacombank and              decided to cancel 45 local and for-
      However, its nine weekly          City, but closed down a year later         Their statements come in the       Eximbank do merge, their com-          eign projects worth VNÑ10 trillion
 flights from Haø Noäi and HCM          due to a lack of demand.               wake of a rumour that an ACB ex-       bined assets will be VNÑ298 tril-      ($478 million) and $30 million, re-
 City only bring some 142,000               It reopened in 2003 with 10        ecutive will become the CEO of         lion.                                  spectively. A further 40 odd are
 passengers.                            weekly flights to HCM City and         Sacombank. The rumours achieves                                               likely to have their licences re-
      Trònh Haûi Ñöùc, deputy head      seven to Haø Noäi, and gets around     traction because Sacombank shares      Slow FDI disbursements                 voked before long.
 of the Ñoàng Hôùi Airport Author-      60,000 passengers a year.              have been accumulated by the                  any provinces are deter             Most of the cancelled projects
 ity, says it incurrs losses of more
 than VNÑ55 billion ($2.6 million)
                                            Nguyeã n Nguyeâ n Huø n g,
                                        former general director of the
                                                                               other two banks’ securities arms for
                                                                               the past year and a half, since the
                                                                                                                      M      mined to speed up capital
                                                                                                                      disbursement by licensed inves-
                                                                                                                                                             are small or medium-sized hydro-
                                                                                                                                                             power projects or in tourism, ag-
 a year.                                Southern Airports Corporation          time it was trading at VNÑ12,000.      tors, and scrap projects that have     riculture, and forestry.
      Chu Lai Airport, a former mili-   (SAC), warns however that higher           Sacombank has a charter capi-      been delayed or are not feasible.          HCM City has withdrawn the
 tary air base in Quaûng Nam Prov-      investments in provincial airports     tal of VNÑ10.739 trillion ($512            This year Baø Ròa-Vuõng Taøu       licence for the $1.2 billion Thuû
 ince, was reopened in March            will mean bigger losses for his        million) while its share now trades    targets foreign direct investment      Thieâm Software Park Project in
 2005 with twice-weekly flights         agency.                                at VNÑ21,900.                          of just $500 million, half of last     District 2, and is looking for new
 from HCM City to boost socio-              It has to use the profits from         Family members and associ-         year’s figure.                         capable investors to join in.
 economic development in                Taân Sôn Nhaát International Air-      ates of Ñaëng Vaên Thaønh, the             Hoà Vaên Nieân, deputy chair-          Phan Höõu Thaéng, former direc-
 Quaûng Nam and neighbouring            port in HCM City to subsidise the      Sacombank chairman, hold a             man of the provincial People’s         tor of the Foreign Investment
 Quaûng Ngaõi.                          eight provincial airports that are     13.81 per cent stake in the bank,      Committee has said Baø Ròa-Vuõng       Agency has said registered capital
      A plan to turn Chu Lai into an    expected to break even only with       treasury stocks account for 9.31       Taøu would focus on the disburse-      of some $108 billion has yet to be
 international airport was ap-          more flights, he said, calling it a    per cent, while Huøynh Queá Haø,       ment of the $27 billion licensed       disbursed, leading to delays, waste
 proved by the Government in            “political and social mission” to      deputy        chairwoman          of   to be invested in 298 projects         of land and product shortage, and
 2008. Following the increase to        be fulfilled.                          Sacombank, and her husband hold        rather than on attracting fresh in-    affecting the image of the country’s
 10 weekly flights from HCM City            Last year SAC reported a pre-      5.22 per cent, adding up to a total    vestment.                              investment and business environ-
 in 2010 and the launch of four         tax profit of more than VNÑ200         of 28.34 per cent.                         The province has decided to        ment. — VNS
16      Vieät Nam News                 http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn                                                   MARKETS                                                 ORS       1.7     +6.25    131,100       222,450
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Monday February 20, 2012

                                                               KMR       3.1     +3.33       48,690        150,939
                                                                                                                       Haø Noäi Stock Exchange                                PCG       4.6      0.00      6,500        30,200
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Foreign trading volume, HCM City SE
Market                                                         KSA
                                                                                                                       HNX-Index: 61.79 (+2.00%)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Symbol     Buying      % of total      Selling           % of total

                                                                                                                       Volume: 36,996,200                                     PGT       3.3     +6.45      6,000        19,790   AAM       4,480          89.96

Friday, February 17
                                                                                                                       Value: VNÑ303.37 billion
                                                                                                                      *Price, value in VNÑ1,000




                                                               LGL       6.4       0.00       1,110          7,104    Symbol Ave. Price C h g % Volume          Value         POT
                                                                                                                                                                                        7.9      0.00     15,700      123,790
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 BVH      33,690          73.43         10,590              23.08
                                                               LHG      16.5      -2.94       3,500         57,438
                                                               LIX      35.5     +1.43           70          2,481    AAA       14.1   +2.92      125,200      1,759,190      PPG       3.9      0.00     17,000        66,100   CII           10          0.10          2,000              20.66
                                                                                                                      ACB       21.5   +1.42      564,000     12,074,550      PPP       7.9     +3.95        100           790
                                                               LM8       9.3     +1.09          200          1,860    ADC        8.5   +4.94        8,200         69,540      PPS      10.9     +6.86    211,200     2,301,330   CMG       1,050          17.36

 HCMC Stock                                                    LSS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          29.34          7,200               3.48
                                                               MCG       5.4     +1.89       34,070        181,333                                                            PTI       9.7      0.00       5,500       53,350
                                                                                                                      AME        2.9   +3.57          600          1,740                                                         DHG      23,430          89.84         10,000              38.34
                                                               MCP        14       0.00         450          6,240
 Exchange                                                      MCV

                                                               MKP        50     +1.01        2,200        110,000    APS        2.0   +5.26      187,300        366,450      PVC      13.6     -0.73     528,400    6,864,310   DQC       5,000           7.04          1,800               2.53
                                                                                                                      ARM                                                     PVE      11.5     +0.88      80,500      924,570
 VN-Index: 403.3 (+1.71%)                                      MPC        17     +3.03       74,320      1,237,421    AVS        3.0   +3.45       55,400       164,420       PVG      11.7     +1.74     540,400    6,343,050   DRC       2,450           2.20          3,000               2.69
                                                               MSN       106     +0.95       43,240      4,579,610    B82        9.5   +1.06        1,400        13,300       PVI      18.5      0.00       7,200      133,220   DSN       4,000          48.25
 Volume: 40,449,930                                            MTG       3.5      -2.78         950          3,329    BBS        8.2    0.00        2,200        17,990       PVL       4.0     +5.26     939,600    3,716,400
                                                                                                                      BCC        3.4    0.00       43,400       148,110       PVR       6.4     +3.23       3,400       21,680   DVP      20,000          95.24
                                                               NAV       6.8     +4.62        9,800         66,616
                                                                                                                      BDB        4.0   +2.56        2,900        11,710       PVS      13.5     +3.85     824,600   11,093,440   ELC         200           9.05
                                                               NBB      47.9       0.00           0              0
 Value: VNÑ527.02 billion                                      NHS        29     +0.69        2,010         58,230
                                                                                                                      BHC        3.9   +5.41        5,700        22,130
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 FPT         500           0.49          4,000               3.89
                                                               NHW        14       0.00           0              0    BHT                                                     PXA       3.6     +5.88     104,500      372,090   GMD      12,860          16.43         60,000              76.64
*Price, value in VNÑ1,000                                      NKG      11.9     +1.71       13,560        158,548    BHV
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 HAG      56,120          15.37         77,240              21.16
                                                               NNC      34.5     +1.47        5,350        182,255                                                            QNC       7.0      0.00     10,000       70,000    HAX         770           6.54         10,250              87.01
                                                                                                                      BLF        3.2   +3.23        3,000         9,600
                                                               NSC      42.8       0.00           0              0                                                            QST                                                HBC       2,000           1.49
 Symbol Close Price C h g % Volume Value                       NTB         4     +2.56      116,780        463,020
                                                                                                                                 7.1   +1.43        7,600        53,920
                                                                                                                                                                              QTC      15.2     +1.33      1,600       24,340    HPG      73,240          50.04          6,390               4.37
                                                               NTL      13.5     +1.50      294,860      3,931,604    BST        5.4    0.00        7,200        38,860       RCL      15.5     +6.90        300        4,650
 AAM          24.6       -0.40    4,980           122,508                                                             BTH                                                     RHC                                                HQC       1,000           0.27
                                                               NVN       7.3      -1.35       5,500         40,565
 ABT           36       +2.56     2,160            78,000                                                             BTS        3.7    0.00        9,700         35,790      S12       4.3      0.00      6,000       25,800    HSG      24,930          10.37          1,000               0.42
                                                               NVT         2       0.00     343,600        683,721    BVG        2.8    0.00       53,000        150,270      S27       3.2     +3.23      1,100        3,520
 ACC          17.7      +4.73       590             9,979                                                                                                                                                                        HVG      43,410          65.74            420               0.64
                                                               OGC      10.2     +4.08    1,231,470     12,408,621    BVS        9.5   +2.15    1,062,000     10,064,090      S55      19.0     +6.74      1,200       22,800
 ACL          17.2       -2.27   26,850           463,163                                                                                                                                                                        ICF         310           3.08
                                                               OPC      33.5     +3.08        8,460        278,360    BXH                                                     S64       5.8     +1.75      4,700       27,460
 AGD          26.8       -4.29    2,040            54,672                                                             C92        7.5    0.00        4,000        30,180       S74       6.9      0.00     14,500      100,660    IJC     174,000          20.51          4,000               0.47
                                                               PAC        21     +5.00        1,280         26,880
 AGF          20.5        0.00      500            10,250                                                             CAN       24.5   +2.51        2,000        49,000       S91       4.2     +5.00        100          420
                                                               PAN        15     +4.90       21,640        324,600                                                                                                               IMP      34,550          60.32
 AGR           5.3      +1.92    15,260            80,325                                                             CAP       17.1    0.00        3,200        54,840       S96       5.8     +3.57    160,200      929,980
                                                               PDN      30.5       0.00           0              0    CCM        6.7   +3.08       18,600       123,870       S99       4.6     +4.55     14,500       66,210    ITA   1,971,020          63.55         16,110               0.52
 ALP           7.9      +2.60     2,200            17,373
                                                               PDR      15.7      -1.26       6,580        104,022    CIC        2.2   +4.76       18,400        40,350       SAF                                                JVC      51,200          26.33
 ANV           8.3      +1.22    25,970           214,097
                                                               PET      12.2     +3.39      198,500      2,398,425    CID        6.5   -5.80        1,300         8,450       SAP                                                KBC      70,050          59.85
 APC          14.9       -3.25   49,480           762,909                                                             CJC                                                     SCC       3.3     -5.71        200           660
                                                               PGC       5.5     +1.85       36,170        197,835
 ASM          20.5       -0.49  119,430         2,437,388                                                             CKV        5.0   -3.85          700         3,490       SCJ       8.5     +1.19     26,300       223,500   KDC      12,500          10.02
                                                               PGD      33.8     +0.30       42,030      1,413,614    CMC        4.0    0.00        8,100        32,350       SCL       5.6     -6.67        300         1,680
 ASP             4        0.00   68,800           281,648                                                                                                                                                                        KSA       5,000           0.87
                                                               PGI       7.8     +2.63        3,170         24,626    CMI        4.1   -4.65       31,100       127,090       SCR       6.2     +1.64    180,300     1,125,020
 ATA           7.3      +2.82     2,300            16,390                                                                                                                                                                        KSS       4,500           0.58
                                                               PHR      26.9     +1.51        1,570         42,233    CMS       10.8   +0.93        3,500        37,730       SD1       4.6     +6.98      5,100        23,460
 AVF           8.9        0.00   15,790           140,654                                                                                                                                                                        KTB       3,200           1.60
                                                               PHT         7     +1.45       50,140        346,490    CPC       10.9   -0.91        2,100        22,890       SD2       6.9     +4.55     72,500       497,820
 BAS           0.9     -10.00    15,110            13,599                                                             CSC       10.5   +5.00        1,700        17,810       SD3       3.7     +2.78     19,400        71,560
                                                               PIT       7.1     +1.43       23,750        162,127                                                                                                               LCG       1,000           0.16          8,400               1.36
 BBC          12.7      +2.42    55,990           705,469                                                             CT6        9.0    0.00          900         8,100       SD4       3.5      0.00      4,500        15,890
                                                               PJT       5.5      -1.79       6,430         36,614                                                                                                               LSS      18,500          29.44          1,090               1.73
 BCE           7.4        0.00   12,410            93,731                                                             CTA        4.1    0.00        1,400         5,800       SD5
                                                               PNC       4.8      -4.00       4,570         22,116    CTB                                                     SD6       7.6     +4.11     94,400       712,930   MSN      34,190          79.07            500               1.16
 BCI          15.8      +4.64   152,410         2,396,061
                                                               PNJ      38.3      -0.26      15,100        580,795    CTC        6.0   +1.69        2,200        13,240       SD7      10.3     +3.00    110,700     1,129,050   NNC       3,980          74.39          2,900              54.21
 BGM           5.2      +4.00   400,890         2,082,484                                                             CTM        3.9   +5.41        1,500         5,850
                                                               POM      10.6     +4.95       91,020        962,096                                                            SD8       2.6     +4.00      1,300         3,380
 BHS          19.7      +0.51    17,270           340,720                                                             CTN        4.2   +2.44       10,300        43,180       SD9       7.2     +2.86     58,100       421,090   OGC      52,190           4.24         70,500               5.72
                                                               PPC       8.6     +3.61      129,530      1,103,083
 BIC             7      +1.45     4,990            34,932                                                             CTS        6.0   +3.45      123,100       738,670       SDA       5.5     +5.77     10,500        57,370   PAC         780          60.94
                                                               PPI         6     +1.69          190          1,138    CTV
 BMC           38       +4.97    39,700         1,491,233                                                                                                                     SDB       2.7     +3.85        100           270   PET      33,000          16.62
                                                               PRUBF1    4.8     +4.35        4,090         18,829    CVN          0    0.00      253,000      7,033,400      SDC
 BMI           8.6        0.00   25,790           222,094                                                                                                                                                                        PGD      19,000          45.21
                                                               PTB      12.4      -3.13       1,010         12,478    CVT        8.2   +1.23       10,800         88,080      SDD       3.6     +5.88    130,900       465,680
 BMP           33       +1.54    19,280           630,741                                                             CX8
                                                               PTC       4.7     +4.44      102,190        476,247                                                            SDE       4.9     +2.08      1,000         4,900   PNJ       8,800          58.28          2,000              13.25
 BRC          10.9      +2.83        50               533                                                             D11       17.9   +0.56        6,000       107,660       SDG      30.6     -6.99      1,800        55,080
                                                               PTL       4.1     +2.50       89,740        360,972                                                                                                               PPC      51,670          39.89         20,470              15.80
 BSI           5.2       -3.70  103,140           555,558                                                             DAC                                                     SDH       5.0     +4.17    348,400     1,755,730
                                                               PVD      39.3       0.00     145,470      5,740,256    DAD                                                                                                        PVD     107,680          74.02         46,380              31.88
 BT6           6.4      +3.23     2,330            14,666                                                                                                                     SDJ       5.0     +4.17        100           500
                                                               PVF         9     +4.65      529,480      4,730,028    DAE                                                     SDN                                                PVF      40,320           7.62
 BTP           3.7        0.00   44,390           164,193                                                             DBC       15.7   +1.95       70,300      1,100,160
                                                               PVT       3.7     +2.78      141,540        508,289                                                            SDP       5.0     +2.04     20,400      102,260
 BTT          18.3        0.00    1,000            18,300                                                             DBT       15.2    0.00        3,900         59,280      SDS                                                PVT       2,980           2.11
                                                               PXI       4.5     +2.27      101,340        449,520
 BVH          55.5      +4.72    45,880         2,532,090                                                             DC2        6.7   +6.35          100            670      SDT      10.3     +6.19    111,600     1,144,520   PXI           10          0.01
                                                               PXL       3.8       0.00     825,680      3,080,800    DC4        7.3   +5.80       11,500         83,930
 C21           17         0.00       10               170                                                                                                                     SDU       5.2     +4.00      9,000        47,240   PXS         200           0.52
                                                               PXM       5.3       0.00      43,320        229,617    DCS        4.6   +4.55      855,900      3,959,570
 C47           9.1      +1.11    22,250           200,748                                                                                                                     SDY       2.2     +4.76      2,400         5,280   RAL       5,250          17.93
                                                               PXS       8.3     +3.75       38,100        309,770    DHI        2.7   -6.90          100            270      SEB
 CAD           1.2       -7.69      810               972                                                             DHT       37.2   +1.64        7,300        263,060
                                                               PXT         5     +2.04        4,900         24,535                                                            SED       7.2      0.00       4,100       29,680   REE       8,010           2.06         46,530              11.94
 CCI           9.6      +1.05        10                96                                                             DID        5.0    0.00        3,000         15,000      SEL       4.3     +4.88       9,200       39,460
                                                               QCG      14.2       0.00       1,760         24,992                                                                                                               SBS       3,800           6.14
 CCL          13.6      +4.62        10               136                                                             DIH        9.8   +6.52          200          1,960      SFN       9.0     -2.17       2,700       24,300
                                                               RAL      25.8       0.00      29,280        773,727    DL1       11.1   -5.93        4,700         52,140                                                         SBT      88,180          35.12        184,070              73.32
 CDC           5.8      +1.75     9,300            53,387                                                                                                                     SGC      17.7      0.00       1,100       19,470
                                                               RDP       8.8       0.00           0              0    DLR                                                                                                        SFI         500           2.22
 CIG           3.4      +3.03     5,600            18,410                                                                                                                     SGD       4.6     +2.22      13,800       63,990
                                                               REE      12.6     +1.61      389,760      4,870,026    DNC        6.6    0.00          200         1,310       SGH      62.5     -5.30         100        6,250
 CII          22.1      +0.91     9,680           213,364                                                             DNM       11.0   -5.17        1,100        12,090                                                          SJS      11,430          13.30          2,610               3.04
                                                               RIC         5     +4.17        7,220         34,284                                                            SHB       7.2     +4.35   1,093,600    7,838,720
 CLC          13.5      +2.27     1,620            21,870                                                             DNP       20.0   +5.26       19,800       396,080       SHC       3.7      0.00         400        1,480   SSC         200          33.33
                                                               SAM       4.6     +4.55      450,630      2,051,828    DNY
 CLG          10.7      +0.94   149,500         1,594,100                                                                                                                     SHN       4.7     +4.44   1,325,100    6,278,920   STB      72,230           9.33         60,150               7.77
                                                               SAV      16.6       0.00         460          7,436    DPC
 CLW           9.4      +4.44        10                94                                                                                                                     SHS       3.3     +6.45     173,300      570,990   TCM       1,000          10.62
                                                               SBA       4.2       0.00       2,810         11,702    DST        3.3   -2.94        7,500        24,880
 CMG           6.2        0.00    6,050            37,405                                                             DTC       12.6   +6.78        3,900        49,090       SIC       7.0      0.00       7,600       52,830
                                                               SBC        12      -1.64       2,630         31,465                                                            SJ1         0      0.00     118,900    2,413,670   TCR           20         10.00
 CMT             8       -1.23    1,710            13,700                                                             DXP       23.6   -0.84       10,500       247,800
                                                               SBS       3.2     +3.23       61,860        192,546                                                            SJC       9.7     +6.59       2,700       26,190   TDC      10,000           2.68
 CMV          21.5       -0.46    3,600            76,320                                                             DZM       11.2   +1.82       46,500       518,980
                                                               SBT      14.3      -0.69     251,050      3,605,018    EBS        6.0   +1.69       19,200       114,350       SJE       6.8      0.00       4,500       30,480   TDH       5,000          11.06
 CMX           4.9        0.00        0                 0                                                                                                                     SJM       2.4     -4.00       2,500        6,100
                                                               SC5      11.2     +3.70          470          5,260    ECI                                                                                                        TLG       2,950         100.00
 CNG          23.1      +0.43    18,010           415,977                                                                                                                     SKS       8.4     +1.20       3,600       30,400
                                                               SCD      12.9     +4.88           10            129    EFI        5.2    0.00        9,100        47,340
 CNT           8.4      +1.20     2,450            21,095                                                             EID        7.1    0.00       26,600       189,370       SME       1.0     -9.09      29,300       29,300   TMT       5,000          77.04
                                                               SEC      16.9       0.00          10            169                                                            SMT       2.7     -6.90       1,600        4,350
 COM          25.8      +4.88       530            13,666                                                             FDT                                                                                                        TNA       5,000          86.81
                                                               SFC      19.9     +4.74          400          7,960                                                            SNG      13.0     -0.76       8,200      106,650
 CSG           6.8      +1.49    10,050            68,340                                                             FLC       34.2   +1.18      207,600      7,104,020                                                         TNT      10,000           6.50
                                                               SFI      13.3     +1.53       22,530        297,297    GBS       15.7   +1.29      295,600      4,734,870      SPP
 CSM          11.4      +4.59   191,830         2,149,968                                                                                                                     SQC      84.3     +0.24        200       16,860    TRI         990          99.00
                                                               SGT         7     +1.45          460          3,088    GFC
 CTD           29         0.00   58,350         1,694,379                                                                                                                     SRA       5.3     +6.00        200        1,060
                                                               SHI       6.9     +4.55       17,530        119,213    GGG        2.3    -4.17      38,500        88,690                                                          VCB     309,070          59.69
 CTG          23.4      +1.74   207,090         4,817,457                                                             GLT       12.1     0.00      25,700       311,350       SRB       3.5     +6.06    111,600      389,300
                                                               SJD      10.6      -0.93       4,880         51,728                                                            SSG                                                VCF      14,000          92.11               520            3.42
 CTI          15.2       -1.30   86,910         1,327,117                                                             GMX       13.0    -2.99         100         1,300
                                                               SJS        25     +1.21       85,940      2,158,491                                                            SSM       6.5     -1.52     11,600        75,880   VFMVF4 8 3 , 4 4 0       90.24
 CYC           2.7        0.00        0                 0                                                             HAD
                                                               SMA       4.7     +2.17        1,010          4,747    HAT                                                     SSS       3.2     -5.88        900         2,890   VHC       5,730          78.82
 D2D          15.9        0.00      980            15,537                                                                                                                     STC       8.9     +1.14     13,200       117,580
                                                               SMC       9.5      -2.06      23,790        225,887    HBB        4.5   +4.65    2,689,100     12,120,440                                                         VIC      15,430          62.24          3,120              12.59
 DAG           5.7       -1.72    6,470            37,252                                                             HBD       13.0    0.00        5,900         76,700      STL       6.3     +5.00     61,600       391,100
                                                               SPM      41.2       0.00           0              0                                                            STP       9.1     +1.11     63,100       574,930
 DCL          15.6        0.00        0                 0                                                             HBE                                                                                                        VIP       4,000           4.16
                                                               SRC       7.3     +4.29       29,530        213,923                                                            SVI      18.9     +3.28      4,800        90,660
 DCT           4.3      +2.38    13,480            56,625                                                             HBS       13.9    0.00      747,400     10,456,270                                                         VMD         300           0.12
                                                               SRF      18.3       0.00       8,470        155,001    HCC        8.2   +1.23        8,700         71,140      SVN      35.5      0.00     42,000     1,589,400
 DDM           2.9        0.00   29,050            82,290      SSC      28.2       0.00         600         16,920                                                                                                               VNM         100           0.05               990            0.53
                                                                                                                      HCT        6.6   +3.13        2,100         13,860      SVS       2.4     +4.35     21,600        51,840
 DHA          10.4      +0.97    25,120           259,527      SSI      15.6     +3.31    1,087,700     16,750,415                                                            TAG      24.0      0.00      7,000       168,010
                                                                                                                      HDA        8.5   +1.19       10,000         85,000                                                         VSH      17,300          16.22
 DHC           8.1      +3.85    11,010            88,881      ST8        13     +3.17           30            390    HDO        8.5   +3.66      115,500        980,710      TAS       3.1     +6.90    300,100       930,170
 DHG          63.5      +3.25    26,080         1,621,930                                                                                                                     TBX                                                CTD                                    50,000              85.69
                                                               STB      18.4     +1.66      774,480     14,223,955    HEV
 DIC             7        0.00   52,270           363,180                                                             HGM       95.0    -5.00        400         38,000       TC6      13.2     +4.76    101,500     1,336,484   DMC                                       100               0.20
                                                               STG      23.1       0.00           0              0                                                            TCS      11.5     +4.55     14,400       166,040
 DIG          13.1      +2.34   210,960         2,748,315      STT       4.5     +2.27      105,050        463,154    HHC                                                                                                        GTT                                    30,000              17.16
                                                                                                                      HHG        3.7   +5.71        1,600         5,860       TCT      50.2     +1.62      2,700       135,410
 DLG          19.7      +4.79    38,180           719,100      SVC      15.2     +4.83        5,790         83,804                                                            TDN      11.0     +4.76    133,000     1,460,410   HAP                                     1,000               1.58
                                                                                                                      HHL        1.9    0.00       61,100       118,280
 DMC          29.7      +4.95    49,050         1,447,701      SVT       7.1      -1.39          60            426    HJS        5.1   +2.00       14,200        73,110       TET                                                HRC                                     4,160              25.66
 DPM          28.9      +0.70   249,590         7,197,178      SZL      12.3     +1.65          520          6,396    HLC       10.3   +6.19       13,600       139,450       TH1      21.1     +0.48      2,300       48,520    LAF                                     1,580              14.20
 DPR           50         0.00    1,810            90,500      TAC      21.8       0.00       3,460         74,660    HLY                                                     THB      11.7     -4.88        600        6,990
                                                                                                                      HMH       13.0   -0.76        1,900        24,730       THT      14.0     +3.70     51,100      714,080    NTB                                     1,000               0.86
 DQC          12.7      +2.42    71,060           895,276      TBC      10.5     +3.96       11,540        117,210
                                                                                                                      HNM        7.7   +6.94       19,600       150,890       THV       2.8      0.00    173,100      488,240    POM                                    61,080              67.11
 DRC          21.4       -0.93  111,420         2,378,116      TCL        18     +1.12       31,850        569,365    HOM        4.3    0.00      158,100       684,170       TIG       3.1      0.00     41,200      128,310
 DRH           3.1       -3.13   10,100            31,330      TCM         9     +1.12        9,420         84,780                                                                                                               SAM                                       500               0.11
                                                                                                                      HPB        9.4   -6.00        1,000         9,400       TJC       3.2      0.00      1,000        3,200
 DSN          27.4       -2.14    8,290           224,332      TCR       5.8     +1.75          200          1,143    HPC        2.9   +3.57      153,100       443,810       TKC       4.7     +6.82      8,500       39,950    SRF                                     8,450              99.76
 DTA           4.4        0.00    7,200            30,256      TDC       9.3     +3.33      372,730      3,440,645    HPR       13.2   -4.35          500         6,600       TKU                                                SSI                                     7,550               0.69
 DTL          15.6       -3.70   10,000           156,000      TDH      12.3     +1.65       45,220        557,880    HPS        5.0    0.00        1,400         7,000       TLC       2.0      0.00     58,400      115,790    TS4                                     1,000               0.98
                                                               TDW      10.1       0.00           0              0    HST        2.7   +3.85          500         1,350       TLT       3.8     -5.00      7,500       28,500
 DTT           7.2      +4.35       130               936                                                             HTB                                                     TMC      10.2     -0.97     10,500      107,000    TSC                                     1,000              10.47
 DVP           39       +2.90    21,000           812,425      THG        10       0.00       3,210         32,100    HTC       12.2   +2.52        9,600        117,220      TMX       8.2     -4.65      4,500       37,100
                                                               TIC       8.7     +1.16        2,000         16,405                                                                                                               TTF                                    31,460              61.48
 DXG           7.6      +4.11    21,400           162,240                                                             HTP        4.1    0.00       13,700         56,170      TNG       8.4     +3.70     29,000      242,980    TTP                                    50,000              52.88
 DXV           4.1       -2.38    2,050             8,400      TIE       8.8     +3.53       24,390        214,519    HUT        6.9   +4.55      475,500      3,304,230      TPH       4.0     -6.98      1,000        4,000
                                                               TIX      16.6     +1.22        5,470         90,804    HVT                                                     TPP       5.7     -5.00      3,000       17,100    BID1_106
 EIB          15.9      +3.25 2,265,950        35,707,940                                                             ICG        9.1   +3.41      176,500      1,603,360      TSB
                                                               TLG      16.8     +5.00        2,950         49,560                                                                                                               EIB
 ELC          26.2       -4.38    2,210            60,942                                                             IDJ        3.1   +6.90      478,800      1,468,270      TSM
                                                               TLH       4.7     +2.17       63,070        291,336
 EVE          25.4       -0.39   13,270           332,518                                                             IDV                                                     TST       5.5     +3.77      5,000       27,350
                                                               TMP       8.5       0.00         100            850    ILC
 FBT           5.4      +3.85    32,690           176,526      TMS      28.5     +1.79        9,020        255,065                                                            TTC       2.8     +3.70      2,200        6,160
 FDC          27.8        0.00      240             6,493                                                             INC        4.0    0.00         300           1,190      TV2       9.4     +4.44      4,000       37,500
 FDG          16.6       -4.60    2,200            36,920
                                                                                                                      IVS        5.0   +4.17      134,300       637,620
                                                                                                                                                                              TV3                                                 Foreign trading volume, Hanoi SE
                                                                                                                                                                              TV4       8.7     +4.82     19,800      173,170
 FMC          10.2      +2.00    43,670           439,465      TNC        13     +1.56       32,170        415,938    KBT                                                     TVD      13.5     +2.27        100        1,350    Symbol     Buying      % of total      Selling       % of total
 FPT           52       +0.97   102,740         5,319,050      TNT         4     +2.56      153,810        602,636    KHB        5.4   +5.88      268,000      1,439,960      TXM       3.5     +6.06      4,700       16,390
 GDT          16.9      +3.05        10               169      TPC       8.6     +1.18        7,650         65,560    KKC        9.0   +2.27       25,700        231,500      UNI       3.6     -2.70    116,300      414,920    AAA        18,500        14.78
 GIL          30.5      +1.67    15,000           451,350                                                             KLS        9.4   +2.17    3,173,100     29,841,990      V11       1.9     +5.56      5,500       10,230    ADC         7,700        93.90
                                                               TRA      47.9     +2.13       11,820        547,849    KMT        6.1   +3.39          500          3,070      V12       5.6     +5.66      5,600       31,100
 GMC          16.8      +1.20    19,520           327,948      TRC      34.2     +3.64        5,550        187,831                                                                                                               AGC        31,000        47.18
                                                                                                                      KSD        2.7   +3.85      135,200        365,040      V15       4.5     +4.65    212,800      956,060    APP           100         0.44
 GMD          18.1      +0.56    78,290         1,424,401      TRI       1.7       0.00       1,000          1,700    KST        6.5    0.00          200          1,300      V21
 GTA           8.1      +3.85    17,890           144,899                                                             KTS       34.4   +2.99          300         10,310                                                         BCC         2,400         5.53
                                                               TS4      11.2     +2.75      102,520      1,131,558                                                            VAT       3.5      0.00      7,500       26,240
 GTT           6.2      +1.64   174,810         1,062,902      TSC      13.1     +0.77        9,550        124,591    KTT        2.5   +4.17        6,500         16,250      VBC      12.5     +4.17      1,900       23,660    BVS        84,300         7.94
                                                                                                                      L14                                                     VBH      17.8      0.00        100        1,780    C92           100         2.50
 HAG          23.9      +3.02   365,010         8,621,224      TTF       5.9     +1.72       51,170        295,931
                                                                                                                      L18       11.7   +6.36       44,700       520,990       VC1      13.8     +6.98      5,200       71,760    CMC                                     2,000             24.69
 HAI           19        -5.00    3,060            61,140      TTP      34.5     +4.55       94,560      3,268,056    L35        4.1   +5.13        7,700        31,370                                                          CPC                                     2,000             95.24
                                                               TV1       6.9      -1.43       5,220         37,108                                                            VC2      12.5     -5.30        200        2,490
 HAP           3.6      +2.86    63,290           222,420                                                             L43        7.8    0.00       47,800       373,180       VC3                                                CTS         2,400         1.95
 HAS           4.7        0.00   10,000            47,000      TYA       3.3       0.00       1,440          4,792    L44        7.0    0.00        6,700        46,970       VC5       7.2      0.00      6,500        47,110   DBC        16,800        23.90
 HAX           4.8      +2.13    11,780            53,038      UDC       4.1      -2.38      67,970        279,057    L61        6.8   -2.86        4,000        27,000       VC6       8.0     +1.27     15,700       125,650   DL1         4,300        91.49
 HBC          25.4      +1.20   134,240         3,403,939      UIC       8.6     +1.18       17,050        143,831    L62                                                     VC7       7.9     +2.60      5,300        41,640
                                                                                                                      LBE                                                                                                        DST         1,800        24.00
 HCM          14.8      +4.23   103,550         1,508,184      VCB      25.5     +2.00      517,780     13,181,395                                                            VC9       5.9      0.00      2,000        11,700   DXP                                          200            1.90
                                                                                                                      LCD                                                     VCC       7.0      0.00      8,700        60,900
 HDC           17       +1.19     1,000            16,998      VCF       100     +4.71       15,200      1,492,880    LCS       10.1   +4.12      127,100      1,279,210                                                         GLT        1,100          4.28
                                                               VES       1.9     +5.56       19,110         36,009                                                            VCG       9.7     +4.30    897,600     8,672,310
 HDG          12.6      +5.00   296,260         3,732,876                                                             LDP                                                     VCH       2.6      0.00        400         1,020   HBB          500          0.02
 HHS          33.5       -1.47   38,440         1,297,340      VFC       7.1     +2.90          200          1,420    LHC       22.0   +4.27          100          2,200      VCM                                                HBD        3,800         64.41
                                                               VFG      36.6     +0.27          100          3,660    LIG        8.1   -3.57       12,500        101,010      VCR       5.5     +5.77      8,200       45,100    HCC        3,100         35.63
 HLA           3.9        0.00  181,440           689,927                                                             LM3        2.5   -3.85        3,900          9,860
                                                               VFMVF1    7.3     +2.82       37,670        270,898                                                            VCS      10.6     +2.91     15,700      166,570    HGM          400        100.00
 HLG             9        0.00       40               360                                                             LM7        3.6   +2.86          300          1,080
                                                               VFMVF4    3.6     +2.86       92,460        327,511                                                            VCV       1.7      0.00        300          500    HOM       20,000         12.65
 HMC           9.4        0.00   15,350           144,480                                                             LO5        3.1   -3.13        3,100          9,620      VDL
                                                               VFMVFA      5     +4.17        1,010          4,852    LTC        5.1   +4.08        4,200         21,400                                                         KLS      438,100         13.81
 HOT           18         0.00        0                 0      VHC      31.5       0.00       7,270        229,375                                                            VDS       3.1      0.00     18,100        56,330
 HPG           19       +1.06   146,360         2,795,509                                                             LUT        6.8   +6.25        2,400         16,320      VE1       3.2     +6.67      7,500        23,650   LHC          100        100.00
                                                               VHG       4.6     +4.55      434,810      1,997,850    MAC        3.7   +5.71       45,300        166,870                                                         NBC                                    3,200               8.63
 HQC           4.8      +2.13   370,230         1,772,079                                                             MAX        6.2   +5.08      184,900      1,128,950      VE2       4.7     +6.82        800         3,730
                                                               VIC       114      -0.87      24,790      2,817,150                                                            VE3       3.9     +5.41        400         1,550   NHC                                    1,900             100.00
 HRC          37.7      +4.14    16,210           587,867      VID       3.5       0.00         730          2,565    MCC                                                                                                        NLC                                    4,000              40.00
                                                                                                                      MCF       10.2   -0.97        1,700        17,390       VE9      10.6      0.00     71,200       752,020
 HSG           9.9      +2.06   240,380         2,360,130      VIP       4.7     +4.44       96,090        434,568                                                            VFR       7.5     +5.63     26,300       197,250   NTP      190,000         72.19       190,000              72.19
 HSI           8.4      +5.00    23,550           197,820                                                             MCL        3.3   +3.13        1,000         3,300       VGP      13.8     -0.72        100         1,380
                                                               VIS      12.8     +1.59      183,360      2,337,534    MCO                                                                                                        OCH                                    7,000              35.53
 HT1           2.9        0.00   81,220           241,090      VKP       0.6    -14.29       14,960          8,976    MDC       10.4   +0.97       28,000       291,730       VGS       4.3     +2.38    371,100     1,563,140   PGS          500          0.14        35,500               9.91
 HTI           6.8       -2.86       70               484      VLF      16.1       0.00           0              0    MEC        5.2   +1.96        8,000        41,500       VHH                                                PMC          400          5.41
 HTL           9.5        0.00        0                 0      VMD      16.1      -3.59     243,570      4,052,643    MHL                                                     VHL      23.8     +6.73        500       11,900    PVE       40,500         50.31
                                                                                                                      MIC       11.1   +6.73       23,900       265,290       VIE
 HTV           7.6      +4.11     5,200            38,324      VNA       4.3      -2.27      10,910         48,003                                                            VIG       1.9     +5.56    120,000      227,790    PVI        1,000         13.89         2,500              34.72
 HU1           9.3      +3.33     5,480            51,173      VNE       3.7     +2.78      800,090      2,960,033    MIH                                                                                                        PVS      195,400         23.70       145,000              17.58
                                                                                                                      MIM        6.8    0.00        1,000          6,800      VIT
 HU3          10.5        0.00    1,810            19,505      VNG       5.5     +3.77        4,030         21,856    MKV        5.4   +5.88          500          2,700      VIX       3.3     -5.71     27,000       89,440    PVX       49,400          1.22
 HVG          24.7      +4.66    66,030         1,587,094      VNH       2.9       0.00           0              0    MMC                                                     VKC       3.5     +2.94    266,700      942,330    QTC          100          6.25
 HVX           3.2      +3.23     1,100             3,520      VNI       4.2       0.00       1,510          6,642    MNC        3.5   -2.78       11,500        40,250       VLA                                                S55          100          8.33
                                                               VNL        12       0.00       3,000         36,000    NAG        3.2   -3.03        4,200        13,380       VMC                                                SCR        1,000          0.55
 ICF           4.6        0.00   10,080            46,373                                                                                                                     VMG
 IDI             9      +4.65   353,120         3,112,855      VNM        91     +2.82      187,050     16,797,500    NBC       15.1   +6.34       37,100       558,500                                                          SDT                                   56,300              50.45
                                                                                                                      NBP       13.5   -3.57        3,000        40,600       VNC      13.9     +2.96       2,600       36,260   SGH           100       100.00
 IFS           3.9      +2.63        10                39      VNS      21.4     +4.90       69,330      1,481,577                                                            VND       7.6     +4.11   4,612,300   35,147,120
                                                               VOS       3.5     +2.94       54,760        188,360    NDN        9.1   -1.09       24,600       223,060                                                          SHB        53,000         4.85
 IJC          10.1      +4.12   848,480         8,538,587                                                             NET       33.1   +0.91          600        19,860       VNF      23.2      0.00       2,900       67,280
                                                               VPH       3.8       0.00       8,420         31,996                                                            VNR      10.2      0.00      20,000      204,010   SHN                                   12,000               0.91
 IMP           41        -2.38   57,280         2,311,036                                                             NGC
                                                               VPK       8.8       0.00       1,130          9,944    NHA        3.9    -2.50     152,000       588,430       VNT                                                SJ1                                  118,900             100.00
 ITA           8.5      +4.94 3,101,380        26,147,641                                                                                                                     VSP       3.2     +6.67    400,600     1,279,170   SME                                   26,300              89.76
 ITC           7.3      +4.29   208,760         1,507,871      VRC       7.7     +1.32        1,700         12,870    NHC       23.8     0.00       1,900        45,220
                                                               VSC      28.4     +2.16        7,400        210,263    NIS                                                     VTC       2.7      0.00        500         1,350   SVI                                    1,800              37.50
 ITD           7.3      +4.29       800             5,840                                                             NLC       13.1   +3.97       10,000       130,900       VTL                                                TAG         6,700        95.71
                                                               VSG       1.6      -5.88         580            980                                                            VTS      17.1     +0.59      3,700        63,220
 JVC          18.3      +1.67   194,460         3,527,250      VSH       8.7     +1.16      106,690        925,824    NPS                                                                                                        TAS        43,400        14.46
 KAC          15.1        0.00        0                 0                                                             NSN                                                     VTV       6.8     +3.03      7,100        48,380
                                                               VSI         7     +4.48        2,060         14,328                                                            VXB       7.1     +5.97        100           710   TC6        42,000        41.38
 KBC          13.9      +2.96   117,040         1,609,894                                                             NST       10.7   +1.90        1,300         13,910                                                         TCT           100         3.70
                                                               VST       4.2     +5.00       48,230        198,525    NTP       33.0   +3.13      263,200      8,788,620      WCS      27.6     +1.10      7,400       204,090
 KDC           33       +1.85   124,760         4,089,266      VTB       7.5     +1.35        1,300          9,706    NVB        8.0    0.00        1,900         15,170      WSS       3.3     +3.13    739,100     2,475,330   TDN                                   10,000                7.52
 KDH          19.3      +2.66   121,650         2,312,224      VTF      20.7     +0.49           10            207    NVC        2.5    0.00       68,500        173,400      XMC                                                THB           100        16.67
 KHA           8.7      +2.35    15,310           130,497      VTO       4.2      -2.33      43,840        184,268    OCH       13.0   +1.56       19,700        255,150      YBC      18.0     +1.69      1,700       30,650    V15        28,800        13.53
 KHP           7.3        0.00    6,100            44,490                                                             ONE        5.8   +1.75        2,300         13,340                                                         VAT         7,100        94.67
                                                                                 Source: HCM City SE and Hanoi SE                                                                                                                VCG        58,200         6.48
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 VGS                                   50,000              13.47
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 VND                                    3,000               0.07
Vietnam Finance Indices                                                                                                                                                                                                          VNR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 VSP        30,000          7.49
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       20,000             100.00

Friday, February 17                                                      C ROSS RATES                           Based on Vietcombank rates February 17, 2011
                                                                                      VNÑ             EUR     GBP     HKD      USD      CHF         JPY         BAT        AUD      CAD       SGD        CNY                      Forex rates
 INDICES                                         CLOSE      CHG%
                                                                          1,000 VNÑ   1,000.000       0.036   0.030   0.369    0.048    0.044       3.779       1.447      0.044    0.047     0.060      0.310                               Buying                Transfer            Selling
 Vietnam Securities Index                          62.52     1.74%        One EUR     27,524.03       1.000   0.831   10.150   1.319    1.205       104.006     39.840     1.220    1.307     1.651      8.537                    AUD      22,085.97         22,219.29              22,563.24
 VSI – Mid Cap                                     40.35     1.95%        One GBP     33,138.27       1.204   1.000   12.220   1.589    1.451       125.220     47.966     1.469    1.573     1.988      10.278
 VSI – Small Cap                                   52.95     1.77%                                                                                                                                                                CAD      20,558.13         20,744.83              21,065.97
                                                                          One HKD     2,711.81        0.099   0.082   1.000    0.130    0.119       10.247      3.925      0.120    0.129     0.163      0.841
 VSI - Financials                                  69.60     1.69%                                                                                                                                                                CHF      22,330.08         22,487.49              22,835.60
                                                                          One USD     20,860.00       0.758   0.629   7.692    1.000    0.913       78.824      30.194     0.925    0.990     1.251      6.470
 VSI - Industrials                                 26.16     1.95%                                                                                                                                                                EUR      27,077.24         27,158.72              27,524.03
                                                                          One CHF     22,835.60       0.830   0.689   8.421    1.095    1.000       86.289      33.053     1.012    1.084     1.370      7.083
 VSI - Consumer Goods                             137.15     2.13%                                                                                                                                                                GBP      32,469.55         32,698.44              33,138.27
 VSI - Healthcare                                  89.33     3.40%
                                                                          100 JPY     26,464.00       0.961   0.799   9.759    1.269    1.159       100.000     38.305     1.173    1.256     1.587      8.208
                                                                          One BAT     690.87          0.025   0.021   0.255    0.033    0.030       2.611       1.000      0.031    0.033     0.041      0.214                    HKD        2,641.19          2,659.81              2,711.81
 VSI – Foreign Investor                            47.71     2.03%
                                                                          One AUD     22,563.24       0.820   0.820   0.820    0.820    0.820       0.820       0.820      0.820    0.820     0.820      0.820                    JPY          258.00              260.61             264.64
 VSI – Foreign Investor Growth                     49.43     1.25%
 VSI – Foreign Investor Value                      38.91     2.23%        One CAD     21,065.97       0.765   0.636   7.768    1.010    0.923       79.602      30.492     0.934    1.000     1.263      6.534                    SGD      16,239.00         16,353.47              16,673.19
 Vietnam Bond Index - Composite                  1799.76     0.21%        One SGD     16,673.19       0.606   0.503   6.148    0.799    0.730       63.003      24.134     0.739    0.791     1.000      5.171                    THB          661.55              661.55             690.87
 Vietnam All Funds Index – Week 6                 510.70     0.71%        One CNY     3,224.08        0.117   0.097   1.189    0.155    0.141       12.183      4.667      0.143    0.153     0.193      1.000                    USD      20,800.00         20,800.00              20,860.00
 Domestic Investor Confidence Index – Week 6       75.49    -6.17%
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Inter-bank rate: 20,828
 Foreign Investor Confidence Index – Week 6       126.21     0.17%                                                                                                                                                                                                        Source: Vietcombank
 Vietnam Real Estate Index - Feb 2012             936.80    -0.31%
 VND Index                                         55.11    -0.02%      Key: VNÑ - Vietnamese ñoàng, EUR - Euro, GBP - British pound, HKD - Hong Kong dollar, USD - US dollar, CHF - Swiss franc, JPY - Japanese yen,
                                                                        BAT - Thai baht, AUD - Australian dollar, CAD - Canadian dollar, SGD - Singapore dollar, CNY - Chinese yuan.                                              Gold prices
 (*) VND compared with USD, EUR, JPY, CNY, SGD, TWD and KRW
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (Tael = 1.2 ounce, value = million ñoàng)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Market                              Buying             Selling
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Haø Noäi (Thaêng Long BTMC)             43.65         43.90
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Haø Noäi (SJC)                          44.55         44.77
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  HCM City (SJC)                          44.55         44.75

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 World market
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (US$ per ounce)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  NYMEX                                1,730.00
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  London Fix                           1,732.20
18     Vieät Nam News         http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn                             MARKETS                                                                                     Monday February 20, 2012

Tight credit policy depresses shares
HAØ NOÄI — Substantial gains on                                                                                       nation’s stock exchanges last
Friday helped mitigate the stock                                                                                      week, the index of financial
market’s overall downward trend                                                                                       group Vietstock which tracks
last week, as well as give a boost                                                                                    banking stocks showed bank
to investor psychology heading                                                                                        shares losing over 6.7 per cent of
into this week’s trading.                                                                                             their value.
    On the HCM City Stock Ex-                                                                                             Setting aside the impact of
change, the VN-Index closed out                                                                                       Directive No 01, market insiders
the week at 403.30 points, a                                                                                          noted that bank shares had seen
decline from the previous week                                                                                        strong increases in recent weeks,
of just 0.43 per cent, while the                                                                                      making a wave of profit-taking
VN30 Index slid 1.53 per cent to                                                                                      inevitable.
451.22.                                                                                                                   Sacombank (STB) was the
    On the Haø Noäi Stock Ex-                                                                                         heaviest loser, with a loss of 16
change, the HNX-Index also fell                                                                                       per cent, as rumours circulated
by 1.43 per cent from the                                                                                             around its upcoming sharehold-
previous week’s close, conclud-                                                                                       ers meeting.
ing Friday’s session at 61.79             An investor monitors transactions at the offices of Baûo Vieät Securities       Foreign investors were again
points.                                   Co. — VNS Photo Vieät Thanh                                                 net buyers on both markets last
    Gloom pervaded trading at                                                                                         week, picking up a combined net
the beginning of last week, fol-          Co, suggested to the newspaper        City market was down 22.6 per         of VNÑ243 billion ($11.6 million)     World stock markets
lowing the announcement of                Thôøi baùo Kinh teá Saøi Goøn (Saøi   cent from the prior week, aver-       worthofshares.However,Saøi Goøn
State Bank of Vieät Nam Direc-            Goøn Economic Times) that many        aging nearly 38.5 million shares      Securities Inc deputy director        Friday,February 17
tive No 01, which continued to            investors had pulled capital from     and a value of VNÑ662.2 billion       Nguyeãn Hoàng Nam suggested          INDICES                       CLOSE        CHG%
cap lending to securities and real        other investment channels (gold       (US$31.5 million) per day.            that the net buys by foreign in-
estate investors.                         and foreign currencies) and put           The volume of trades on the       vestors were simply a reflection     Bangkok SET                   1,129.93       +0.86
    Many investors believe that           it into stock market in order to      Haø Noäi market also plunged by       of normal activity by investment     HK Hang Seng                 21,491.62       +1.01
the central bank has turned its           take advantage of depressed           over 21 per cent to a daily aver-     funds – including disbursements      Jakarta JSE                   3,976.54       +1.30
back on the stock market, and             share prices.                         age of 34.7 million shares and an     by established funds simply          Kuala Lumpur KLC               1,557.15      +0.43
analysts confirm that capital                  “However, these aren’t sta-      average daily value of VNÑ288         reacting to low stock prices and     Manila PSE Composite 4,880.71                +2.39
flows into the market in recent           ble investment flows, and there       billion ($13.7 million).              the upcoming dividend season.
months have mainly come from              is no economic information                Bank shares were the biggest          The coming week might            Mumbai Sensex                18,289.35       +0.75
investors’ own sources. There-            strong enough to support the          victim of Directive No 01. With       bring news that some major banks     Seoul Kospi                    2,023.47      +1.30
fore, they conclude, the new              stock market for the time being,”     shares like Eximbank (EIB),           had begun reducing their             Shanghai SCI                   2,357.18       0.00
directive will not essentially            Khaùnh said.                          Sacombank (STB), Military Bank        lending interest rates, as well as   S’pore STI                     3,000.59      +0.79
change the situation already                   Resulting investor caution       (MBB), Haø Noäi Housing Bank          news of a slight acceleration of     Sydney SP/ASX                 4,195.90      +0.33
extent on the market.                     pushed total market volumes           (HBB) and Saøi Goøn-Haø Noäi Bank     inflation during February,
                                                                                                                                                           Taipei WPI                     7,894.36      +0.31
    Phan Duõng Khaùnh, head of            down strongly on both bourses         (SHB) consistently among the          Vietstock analysts wrote in a
analysis for Kim Eng Securities           last week. Volume on the HCM          most-active shares on both of the     report. — VNS                        Tokyo Nikkei 225               9,384.17      +1.58

Dutch logistics firm                                                    Wall Street hopes to sustain high
TNT rejects UPS bid                                                     NEW YORK — If upcoming
                                                                        earnings from US retailers are
                                                                                                          ket has not seen as much
                                                                                                          upbeat news out of this
                                                                                                                                           its highest since June 2008,
                                                                                                                                           before the September 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                 of the earnings season, it’s
                                                                                                                                                                                 below the average beat rate
NEW YORK — United Par-                shares soared 56 per cent to      as unimpressive as the rest of    earnings season as it has in     collapse of Lehman Broth-             for the past four quarters of
celService,theworld’slargest          $12.57. UPS shares closed         the profit season has been,       recent ones.                     ers.                                  70 per cent, the Thomson
package delivery company,             unchanged at $76.76, within       Wall Street could face a tough        “Earnings have gener-            The Dow industrial av-            Reuters data showed.
said last week it is still in talks   pennies of a 12-month high.       time justifying a stock mar-      ally come in more disap-         erage is fast approaching                 This week brings results
to acquire TNT Express even                TNT, Europe’s second-        ket at nine-month highs.          pointing than they have          the key psychological level           from top retailers, including
after the Dutch package deliv-        largest express delivery com-         Even with a Greece deal       been,” said Robbert Van          of 13,000, while the Nasdaq           Wal-Mart and Home Depot.
ery company rejected a                pany, said Friday that its        now in the works and the US       Batenburg, head of equity        has been trading at its high-         Companies in the consumer
US$6.43 billion bid.                  supervisory and executive         economic recovery showing         research at Louis Capital in     est since 2000 and is near            discretionaries group so far
    UPS said there is no guar-        boards carefully considered       stronger momentum, strate-        New York. “I don’t think         the 3,000 level.                      have a beat rate of 70 per cent,
antee that they will reach            the proposal from UPS Inc,        gists think the market could      there’s a lot of fireworks           S&P 500 earnings per-             above the average for the
middle ground and make a              whichisbasedinAtlanta.Both        face resistance in a push         coming” from this week’s         formance has so far trailed           S&P, but many retailers in the
deal. If UPS were to success-         companies confirmed they          higher.                           financial results.               recent quarters in terms of           group have yet to report.
fully buy TNT, it would sig-          are still talking about other         Less than two months              The index ended Friday       beating Wall Street’s esti-               The week is seen as one
nificantly expand its business        possible outcomes.                into the year, the bench-         at 1,361, its highest since      mates. The percentage of              of the last big ones of the
in Europe.                                 UPS has made a couple of     mark Standard & Poor’s in-        May 2011. That was above         companies beating analyst             earnings period.
    The deal would be UPS’            smaller acquisitions to bolster   dex is up more than 8 per         a Reuters poll forecast in       profit expectations is at 64              With results in already
biggest ever. It also would be        its operations in Europe over     cent and has already ex-          December that the index          per cent, according to                from 404 S&P 500 compa-
the biggest acquisition of            the last several months. In       ceeded many analysts’ fore-       would end 2012 at 1,340.         Thomson Reuters data.                 nies, investor focus already
European company by a US              December, it said it will buy     casts for the year.                   A break above 1,370              While that percentage             may have shifted away from
corporation in six months -           Pieffe Group, an Italian              The problem is the mar-       would put the S&P 500 at         has improved since the start          earnings. — REUTERS
since Hewlett-Packard Co.             company that specialises in
offered $10 billion to buy            shipping and storing
business software maker               pharmaceutical products. Last
Autonomy Corp, according to
Dealogic. Ongoing economic
                                      week it announced the
                                      purchase of a small Belgian
                                                                        Indian telecom prepares Singapore IPO
turmoil there has slowed              e-commerce company, Kiala.        SINGAPORE/NEW                     the debt-laden Indian            ing ahead with the Singa-                 A hoped-for IPO of its
acquisition activity, but it’s             TNT, which is based in       DELHI — India’s Reliance          telecom firm reduce a debt       pore IPO helped push the              telecoms tower unit failed
also      made         battered       Amsterdam, has been seen as       Communications                    burden that stood at $6.9        shares up 3.6 per cent in             to take off and a planned
companies more appealing.             a take-over target of either      (RLCM.NS) has appointed           billion as of December.          early trading in Mumbai.              sale of the business has
    UPS has said that while           UPS or smaller rival FedEx        another two banks for the             The IPO – which is               Business trusts contain           dragged on for nearly two
recession concerns reign in           Corp for some time. Deutsche      upcoming US$1 billion IPO         likely to be in the form of a    assets that pay regular divi-         years, forcing Reliance
Europe, it’s still seeing steady      BankanalystJustinYagerman         of its undersea cable unit in     business trust – is expected     dends, most of which are              Communications to tap the
growth in its business there. It      said in a note to clients last    what may be the biggest           to be launched in the sec-       distributed to shareholders.          debt market recently.
says growth may flatten in            week that he doesn’t expect       stock listing in Singapore this   ond half of the year, two            Reliance Communica-                   Sources have said Reli-
Europe this year amid debt            FedEx will go after TNT, pre-     year, two sources said.           sources with direct knowl-       tions, India’s No 2 mobile            ance Communications is in
concerns and continued                ferring instead to continue its       Standard Chartered            edge of the deal said.           phone operator, which                 talks with US buyout giants
economic struggles.                   plan of acquiring smaller com-    (STAN.L) and DBS Group                They declined to be          competes with 14 others               Blackstone (BX.N) and
    The TNT bid works out to          panies in Europe. A FedEx         Holdings (DBSM.SI) will           identified because the de-       in a highly competitive In-           Carlyle CYL.UL to sell its
$9, or about $11.84, per share.       spokesman said the company        join Deutsche Bank                tails of the transaction are     dian mobile phone market,             telecoms tower unit in a more
That’s based on TNT’s 534.2           doesn’t comment on                (DBKGn.DE) as the main            not public.                      has seen profits decline              than $3 billion deal, but the
million outstanding shares.           corporate development             advisers in an initial public         News that Reliance           for 10 straight quarters to           transaction has not yet been
TNT’s American depository             matters. — REUTERS                offering, which will help         Communications was push-         December.                             completed. — REUTERS
Monday February 20, 2012                                                 ASIA BUSINESS                                                           http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn   Vieät Nam News    19

China cuts bank reserve requirement
BEIJING — China’s cen-                The move is a sign the       would probably release            month last year and well             Credit restrictions have       New Year.
tral bank said Saturday it        government is continuing to      about 400 billion yuan            short of analyst forecasts for   fuelled an explosion in un-            China, anxious about
would cut commercial banks’       ease restrictions put in place   (US$64 billion) liquidity.        one trillion yuan.               derground lending as pri-          rising living costs, has
reserve requirement ratio by      to curb surging inflation and        “The cut reflects that            Chinese banks typically      vate firms borrowed money          pulled on a variety of le-
0.50 percentage points from       property prices, and follows     stimulating economic              ramp up lending at the be-       at high interest rates from        vers to curb price rises over
February 24 to ease restric-      the central bank’s last cut      growth is currently the           ginning of the year to avoid     informal lenders after be-         the past two years, includ-
tions on lending, the media       announced on November            government’s priority.            losing quotas issued by          ing rejected by big banks          ing restricting the amount
reported.                         30, which took effect on         January’s batch of data like      regulators and the effects of    who favour other state-            of money banks can lend
    The reduction by the          December 5.                      new yuan loans and total          changes in monetary policy.      controlled enterprises.            and hiking interest rates.
People’s Bank of China in             “This RRR cut is very        social financing figure re-           Analysts said the                Annual inflation hit a             Prior to the reserve re-
the amount banks must hold        good news to the market. It      flected downside risks to         weaker-than-expected             higher-than-expected 4.5           quirement ratio cut in
in reserve will bring the ra-     will help release liquidity      the economy,” Ma said.            data partly reflected the        per cent in January, the           December, the Chinese
tio for most large banks to       and allow banks to extend            State-owned lenders is-       earlier than usual Lunar         highest level in three             central bank had raised it
20.5 per cent, effectively        more loans,” HSBC econo-         sued 738.1 billion yuan in        New Year holiday in Janu-        months, but analysts said it       six times in 2011, and
increasing the amount they        mist Ma Xiaoping told Dow        new loans in January, down        ary, and the government’s        was distorted as consumers         raised benchmark lend-
can lend, Xinhua news             Jones Newswires.                 by 288.2 billion yuan or 28       still tight restrictions on      splashed out on food and           ing and deposit rates
agency reported.                      Ma estimated the cut         per cent from the same            credit.                          gifts ahead of the Lunar           three times. — AFP

                                                                                                     ties,” Nobel Prize-winning       said in January that it planned    change but bringing down

Myanmar’s economic                                                                                   economist Joseph Stiglitz, of
                                                                                                     New York’s Columbia Uni-
                                                                                                     versity, said at the meeting
                                                                                                                                      to offer eight-year tax exemp-
                                                                                                                                      tions to foreign investors as
                                                                                                                                      Western companies rushed to
                                                                                                                                                                         the foreign exchange rate,
                                                                                                                                                                         which is adversely affecting
                                                                                                                                                                         the competitiveness of their
                                                                                                     of experts.                      build ties with the one-time       economy.”
promise faces pitfalls                                                                                   “The fact that there has
                                                                                                     been so little investment in
                                                                                                     the past means the potential
                                                                                                                                      international pariah.
                                                                                                                                          The International Mon-
                                                                                                                                      etary Fund has pointed to
                                                                                                                                                                             Myanmar’s banking sys-
                                                                                                                                                                         tem is almost non-existent
                                                                                                                                                                         following a major crisis in
NAYPYIDAW — Re-                   country’s potential as it        nearly 50 years of direct mili-   returns are very high.”          Myanmar’s “high growth po-         2003.
source-rich Myanmar is seen       opens up after years of isola-   tary rule left the country            The government, which        tential,” estimating real GDP          A recent report by the
as a hot new business fron-       tion.                            deeply impoverished.              remains dominated by former      growth in the 2011-2012 fis-       British risk analysis group
tier as reforms tempt inves-          Aside from its abundant           Today, as a new govern-      generals, took power last        cal year could hit 5.5 per cent.   Maplecroft said Myanmar has
tors, but with currency distor-   natural resources, including     ment pushes through politi-       year and has since been              Butitsaidcurrencyreform        the world’s worst legal system
tions and a banking system        oil and minerals, Myanmar        cal reforms at a rate that has    hailed for reforms such as the   is a priority in the country,      for doing business, retaining
in tatters, analysts warn the     has huge scope to develop        stunned observers, many           release of hundreds of politi-   which currently has an infor-      a position it has held for the
economy could be slow to          its tourism industry after       hope it can take advantage of     cal prisoners.                   mal exchange rate almost 100       past five years despite recent
bloom.                            years of sanctions.              its opportunities and a strate-       Western countries are        times better than the official     reforms.
    International economic            The country was once         gic location between China        now considering lifting eco-     one.                                   The country must also
experts meeting in the capi-      known as the “rice bowl of       and India.                        nomic sanctions, fuelling the        It’s a view shared by          professionalise its administra-
tal Naypyidaw last week           Asia” because of its agricul-         “In many ways it is well-    huge growth in interest by       Stiglitz, who stresses the         tion, which is stamped with a
agreed there was almost a         tural riches. But economic       positioned to provide enor-       outside business.                need for “not only the unifi-      military culture and chroni-
contagious faith in the           mismanagement during             mous investment opportuni-            Myanmar’s government         cation of the foreign ex-          cally under-skilled. — AFP

20    Vieät Nam News       http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn              WORLD BUSINESS                                                                                        Monday February 20, 2012

Italy expects recession                                                                                                  Chinese firms buy up
ROME — Italy’s central bank              stabilise economic activity in Italy    costs have significantly declined
                                                                                                                         European car brands
chief last week predicted that the       already by the second half of 2012      since Monti took office, they are       PARIS — Chinese automakers               Hermes in Paris.
eurozone’s third-largest economy         and return to growth next year.”        still high when compared to rates       have returned in force to Europe,            In Britain, Geely Motors plans
will see a return to growth next              Even though Italy’s last two       in the first half of 2011, Visco        buying up brands and plants after        to start selling a mid-range sedan
year, but he confirmed forecasts         quarters saw decline, the nation’s      noted. He added that “the diffi-        early efforts to get a foothold in       by the end of the year at a very
that 2012 will be a “year of re-         economy overall for 2011 managed        culty in resolving the Greek crisis,    one of the world’s largest car mar-      competitive 10,000 pounds
cession.”                                to grow, but by an anemic 0.4 per       evident again in recent days, is        kets failed.                             ($15,460, 12,000 euros).
    Bank of Italy Governor Ignazio       cent.                                   transmitting turbulence to the en-           Great Wall Motor is the latest          Announcing the move in De-
Visco also described Italian banks            Economist Mario Monti, who         tire European market.”                  China entrant, with production at        cember, the company, which owns
as being sound in terms of having        was tapped as premier last No-               “Investor uncertainty over Ital-   its plant in Bulgaria due to start to-   Sweden’s Volvo Cars, said “the
adequate capital, but cautioned          vember, has been trying to keep         ian government securities has           morrow, giving it access to the Eu-      leaps and bounds made in manu-
that the outlook for their profit re-    Italy from being the latest victim      eased with respect to the worst mo-     ropean market of some 500 million        facturing mean that China’s car
covery this year is not good.            of Europe’s sovereign debt cri-         ments of the crisis, but has not dis-   people with a very competitive           makers are rapidly closely the gap
    Visco replaced Mario Draghi as       sis. He is pressing ahead with a        appeared. The markets’ attention        line up which may give Europe’s          with Europe’s establishment.
central bank governor last fall after    formula of spending cuts and            is now focused on Italy’s ability to    established firms pause for                  “We will be aiming to widen
the latter became European Cen-          structural reform with the aim of       make further determined progress        thought.                                 our range just as quickly as pos-
tral Bank president. His speech, at      spurring growth.                        in the restoration of its public fi-         Prices for its base Voleex C10      sible, probably at least a new model
a financial forum in Parma, north-            Visco described Italian banks      nances and simultaneously stimu-        model, the Steed 5 pick-up and           range every year for the next four
ern Italy, followed by a few days        as being sound, despite being hard      late its economic growth potential      Hoover H5 four-by-four run from          to five years.”
the release of data by the national      hit by the debt crisis. But he ac-      through structural reforms,” Visco      just 8,000 euros to 14,700 euros             Reflecting the growing global
statistics agency finding that Italy’s   knowledged that their profitabil-       said.                                   (US$10,600 to $19,400) and the           ambitions of Chinese automakers,
economy slid into recession in the       ity hasn’t made a strong rebound,            Monti managed to quickly           company, which has 10 sites in           Geely bought Volvo from US auto
last quarter of 2011.                    given a sharp decline in their prof-    push through ambitious pension          China, says is aiming for produc-        giant Ford for $1.5 billion in 2010,
    “This year will be a year of re-     its following the 2009 financial cri-   reform, to rein in billowing costs      tion of 500,000 vehicles overseas        less than a quarter of what Ford paid
cession,” Visco said. “As we indi-       sis and recession.                      of Italy’s generous system for re-      by 2015.                                 for the company in 1999.
cated in the forecasting scenarios            “In contrast with what hap-        tirees, especially given its aging           Analysts said it may be surpris-        “In that way, the company
set out in our ‘Economic Bulletin’       pened in the other main European        population.                             ing that Chinese firms seem so de-       made a very significant technologi-
in January, we expect a year-on-         countries, the recovery in 2010 and          He has so far failed to convince   termined too get into Europe, a          cal jump,” Lacroix noted.
year decline in gross domestic           2011 was modest, and the outlook        leaders of Italy’s powerful unions      saturated market where car sales             Meanwhile, China’s largest
product of about 1.5 per cent.”          for this year is not good,” the cen-    to accept labour reforms, includ-       are declining, but there are ben-        home-grown carmaker Chery Au-
    But Visco stressed that “it is       tral bank chief said.                   ing measures to make it easier to       efits for them, especially in terms      tomobile has established its base
important to look ahead, to act in            But he said that when evaluat-     fire workers. But Monti has vowed       of branding and prestige.                in Italy with local company DR
such a way that as conditions in the     ing banks’ capital, Italy’s banking     to forge ahead with the labour               “It is a way for them to make       Motor and at the end of last year
financial and credit markets return      system is “extremely sound.”            measures even if union leaders          progress in quality levels,” said        bought a Fiat plant at Termini
to normal, it will be possible to             Although Italy’s borrowing         won’t budge. — AP                       Yann Lacroix, analyst at Euler           Imerese in Sicily. — AFP
                                                                                           Vieät Nam News

                                    Monday February 20, 2012
                                                              LIFE&STYLE                                                                  http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn   21

    Japanese duo
     toys with art
A passion for model trains inspires member
 of artist team to create unique local works
HAØ NOÄI — “Wow, I feel like I’m             Installations by Paramodel al-
in a spaceship, looking down to          ways feature local elements of
the earth,” second-grader Leâ            wherever the exhibit is being
Ñaëng Minh Kim happily yelled            held.
with his classmates who were en-             To find ideas for the Haø Noäi
joying a look at an art installation     exhibit, Hayashi spent two weeks
at an-ongoing display in Haø Noäi.       learning about the city.
    Primarily made up of pieces              “I walked around the streets
from the Plarail – a very popular        and let my eyes capture every-
toy train and track system in Japan      thing that makes up Haø Noäi. I want
since the 1950s, the display, en-        all of my/our works to present the
titled The Plastic Model of              spirit of life,” he said.
Paramodel Is Paramodel, has at-              To add a taste of Haø Noäi, Viet-
tracted visitors with its eye-catch-     namese toys were used as ele-
ing installations.                       ments of the works in addition to         Eye-catching: A visitor enjoys The Plastic Model of Paramodel Is Paramodel display. The works by Paramodel
    Created by Hayashi Yasuhiko,         the blue Plarail track.                   encourage visitors to use their imaginations. — VNA/VNS Photo Thanh Tuøng
one of two artists who make up the           “I guess the artist is looking at
Japanese unit Paramodel, the             the development of Haø Noäi, as he        in 2001, using the blue Plarail          create blueprints of paradise                    Hayashi shared his interest in
magical art environment of the           has trucks, cranes and bricks in his      tracks among other items for their       whilst underscoring life’s para-             the blue Plarail tracks with stu-
exhibition carries a message about       work,” said young visitor Thuøy           art works and installations.             doxes. Their expansive artworks              dents at the Haø Noäi Fine Arts Col-
life: There is a close connection        Linh in interpretation of the                 Their title is essentially a mani-   range from massive, installations            lege last Friday during a discus-
between everyone and every-              artwork’s meaning.                        festo, fusing the words “paradise”,      that take up entire rooms to mini-           sion, where the attendees joined
thing.                                       Like most children in Japan,          “paradox”, and “model”.                  sculptures, with videos, drawings,           him in play time with the toys.
    “The connections are being           Hayashi has been fascinated by                Paramodel’s artworks are fun         photography and other media in                   The Plastic Model of
presented by the linking track           Plarail since he was a little boy.        and eye-catching, inviting view-         between.                                     Paramodel Is Paramodel will run
system. However, how people in-          Decades later, the Plarail is no          ers to look back into their child-          They have displayed their                 until March 11 at the Japan Foun-
terpret the installations is all up      longer simply a game but a me-            hood. Through elaborate combi-           unique artworks in Indonesia,                dation Centre for Cultural Ex-
to the imagination of individual         dium for creativity. Hayashi and          nations of plastic toys and other        Singapore, China, Australia and              change, 27 Quang Trung Street, Haø
visitors,” he said.                      Nakano Yusuke formed Paramodel            everyday objects, they attempt to        Switzerland.                                 Noäi. — VNS

Workshop discusses scholar’s mark Celebrating xoan...                                                                                       FROM PAGE 1                            Xoan singing is quite
HAØ NOÄI — A workshop to          romanised script in the coun-      published the Ñaïi Nam Ñoàng       LaPenseùe del’Occident(West-                                           similar to a lullaby. Many
discuss the significant contri-   try is expected to be formed       Vaên Nhaät Baùo newspaper,         ern Thinking), which pub-           ... preservation and devel-        of the songs are about love,
butionsofscholarNguyeãn Vaên      in the future.                     which means “the daily of Ñaïi     lished his classic translated       opment of the nation’s cul-        but the style is also a kind
Vónh to the development of            Discussion also sur-           Nam with the use of a com-         books by great French writers       tural values in combination        of folk music for ritual cer-
the Vietnamese modern writ-       rounded the role of the            mon language”. The newspa-         suchasHonoreù deBalzac,Vic-         with tourism development           emonies praising village
ten language was held on Fri-     romanised Vietnamese script        per was the first publication in   tor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas,          as clearly defined in the Vieät    partron genie. There are
day in Haø Noäi.                  and a proposal was made ask-       the romanised Vietnamese           La Fontaine and Molieøre.           Nam tourism development            many forms of perfor-
    Entitled Nguyeãn Vaên Vónh    ing the State to select a day as   script in the North.                    Forced into bankruptcy in      strategy to 2020 with a vi-        mances, including duets
and The Journey of                the National Day of                    Duringthattime,Vónhalso        1932,VónhimmigratedtoLaos           sion to 2030.                      and group singing accom-
Romanised Vietnamese Script,      romanised Vietnamese script.       joined movements against the       where he died of malaria in              Xoan singing, a vocal art     panied by several styles of
the workshop gathered promi-          Vónh (1882-1936), who          colonial authority that led to     May 1936 while working on           native to the ancestral vil-       dance.
nent Vietnamese researchers       was born to a poor family in       the forced closure of his news-    his memoir Un Mois avec des         lages of Phuù Thoï, is usually         Xoan festivals are often
and historians who all stressed   Haø Noäi, was the top student at   paper by the French in 1908.       Chercheurs d’Or (A Month            performed in front of the vil-     held in spring in village
Vónh’s important role in          the Colleøge des Intrepretes           From 1908-19, he pub-          Living with Gold Hunters).          lage communal house dur-           temples. On the fifth day of
spreading the Romanised           (College of Interpreters) in       lished Notre Journal (Our               The romanised Vietnam-         ing spring festivals.              the first lunar month, these
Vietnamese script at a time       the city during the 1893-95        Daily) and Notre Revue (Our        ese script was created by a              Based on legends and          traditional songs are per-
when Noâm, Chinese-based          class. He then worked for dif-     Magazine) in French and Luïc       Frenchmissionary,Alexander          historical, archaeological         formed at the Huøng Temple
ideograph script, had been the    ferent French authority of-        Tænh Taân Vaên (Modern Litera-     de Rhodes, who was on a mis-        and social records, research-      festival.
normformorethan1,000years.        fices in the North as an inter-    ture of Six Southern Prov-         sion in Vieät Nam from 1624-        ers believe that xoan sing-            Phuù Thoï authorities
    A national-level scientific   preter before moving on to         inces), and the weekly Ñoâng       30. He then published the first     ing first appeared when the        have adopted an action
committee charged with valu-      open the city’s first printing     Döông Magazine in Vietnam-         trilingual Vietnamese-Portu-        Huøng Kings established the        programme to protect and
ing Vónh’s cultural career and    house in 1907.                     ese.                               guese-Latin dictionary in           nation thousands of years          promote this unique style of
his efforts to popularising the       At the same time, Vónh             In 1927, he founded the        Rome in 1651. — VNS                 ago.                               singing. — VNS
22    Vieät Nam News       http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn                             LIFE&STYLE                                                                                  Monday February 20, 2012

Berlin film fest crowns Italian docu-drama
                             The prison film focuses on prison inmates staging Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar
BERLIN — The 62nd Berlin film                                                                                                                                          Italy since 1991 when The House
festival wrapped up yesterday after                                                                                                                                    of Smiles by Marco Ferreri claimed
awarding its Golden Bear top prize                                                                                                                                     the prize.
to Italy’s veteran directors Paolo and                                                                                                                                    The Tavianis, known for the so-
Vittorio Taviani for their gripping                                                                                                                                    cially engaged films they have
prison docu-drama Caesar Must Die.                                                                                                                                     been making for half a century, cap-
   The picture shows real-life mur-                                                                                                                                    tured the Palme d’Or in Cannes in
derers and mafiosi from a high-se-                                                                                                                                     1977 for Padre Padrone, which also
curity jail in Rome staging                                                                                                                                            used amateur actors, and the Jury
Shakespeare’s tragedy Julius Cae-                                                                                                                                      Grand Prix for The Night of the
sar, with their own personal dramas                                                                                                                                    Shooting Stars in 1982.
giving resonance to the play’s                                                                                                                                            Last year, the harrowing Iranian
themes of betrayal and vengeance.                                                                                                                                      family drama A Separation captured
   “We hope that when the film is                                                                                                                                      the Golden Bear and swept the act-
released to the general public that                                                                                                                                    ing prizes and is now nominated for
cinemagoers will say to themselves                                                                                                                                     two Oscars. Its director Asghar
or even those around them... that                                                                                                                                      Farhadi served on this year’s jury.
even a prisoner with a dreadful sen-                                                                                                                                      The Alfred Bauer Prize for a work
tence, even a life sentence, is and                                                                                                                                    of particular innovation went to the
remains a human being,” Paolo                                                                                                                                          Portuguese melodrama Tabu, a two-
Taviani, 80, said.                                                                                                                                                     part black-and-white melodrama set
   “Thanks to the sublime and                                                                                                                                          in contemporary Lisbon and colonial
simple words of Shakespeare, these                                                                                                                                     Africa about an illicit love affair.
prisoners for a few days came back        Hard time: Directors Paolo (left) and Vittorio Taviani were awarded the Golden Bear prize for their docu-drama Caesar Must      German cameraman Lutz
to life. It was only a handful of days    Die. — AFP/VNA Photo                                                                                                         Reitemeier took an award for out-
but they experienced passion and                                                                                                                                       standing artistic contribution for his
energy and I would like to dedi-             Rachel Mwanza, a 14-year-old           Nguyen discovered her. She               lain Mads Mikkelsen as the king’s         work on the Chinese epic White
cate this to them.”                       from the Democratic Republic of           learned to read while working on         personal physician who seduced his        Deer Plain by Wang Quan’an.
   His brother Vittorio, 82, read out     Congo, appearing in her first movie,      the film.                                queen and with her plotted to bring          And the jury gave a special Sil-
the names of the inmates who took         the moving Canadian child soldier           “I had a very hard life and when I     Enlightenment reforms to the tiny         ver Bear to the Swiss drama Sister
part in the film as he accepted the       drama War Witch, accepted the Sil-        met Mr Kim, I knew that for me it        state, also won best screenplay.          about an young boy who steals skis
prize from the jury president, Brit-      ver Bear award for best actress from      was a chance so that’s why I worked         Germany’s Christian Petzold won        from a posh Alpine resort to sup-
ish director Mike Leigh, at a gala        jury member Jake Gyllenhaal.              hard because I knew this work was        best director for Barbara, a haunt-       port himself and his older sibling.
ceremony late Saturday.                      The film tells the story of            going to give me something better        ing drama about a woman plotting             Alongside hard-hitting interna-
   The Jury Grand Prix runner-up          Komona, a girl in a country strongly      in my life,” she said.                   to escape East Germany which had          tional cinema, the 11-day event
prize went to Just the Wind by            resembling DRC who is snatched              Denmark’s Mikkel Boe                   been tipped to win at the first major     offered serious star wattage includ-
Bence Fliegauf, which was inspired        from her village by armed rebels,         Folsgaard, who played mad king           European film festival of the year.       ing Angelina Jolie presenting her
by a spree of killings of Roma in         forced to gun down her parents and        Christian VII in a costume drama            Caesar Must Die emerged as an          directorial debut, In the Land of
Hungary in 2008 and 2009 in which         made her commander’s mistress.            based on a true story, A Royal Af-       early crowd pleaser among the 18          Blood and Honey, and Meryl Streep
six people died including a five-            Mwanza was one of Kinshasa’s           fair, took best actor.                   contenders.                               accepting a Golden Bear for her
year-old boy.                             street children before director Kim         The film, starring James Bond vil-        It was the first Golden Bear for       life’s work. — AFP

Easter Island teams
battle for new queen
HANGA ROA, Chile — Canoe                  dreds of plumed costumes, grass
and swim races across an extinct          weaves and sea conches are as-
volcanic crater, palm tree sledding       sembled.
down a hill, late-night dance and            Teams of competitors must be
song marathons – on Easter Island,        plied with food and drink as they
choosing a queen is a tough slog.         dance, sing, swim, row and even surf
   One of the world’s remotest is-        for their royal favourite, with a panel
lands is in the throes of Tapati, an      of judges keeping a running point
all-out 15-day contest between ri-        tally to finally declare a winner.
val teams to crown a new monarch,            Easter Island – dubbed the “na-
held under the silent gaze of the         vel of the world” – lies in the
island’s rows of giant monolithic         middle of the Pacific Ocean, more
stone heads.                              than five hours’ flight from Tahiti
   In a battle that reaches its peak      in the west, and Chile’s capital
this week, the Polynesian island’s        Santiago in the east.
6,700 people must choose between             Rapa Nui, as its inhabitants call
Lily, 20, and Celine, 15. And, al-        it, has retained its Polynesian iden-
though it’s a lot of fun, the annual      tity and in particular its relationship   Hail: A woman dances at the Tapati Rapa Nui Parade in Easter Island. Every year, the festival select a young woman
fight for the crown is no laughing        with the Marquesas archipelago.           to crown a new monarch, who will represent Easter Island in cultural events in Polynesia or Chile. — File Photo
matter.                                   Rapa Nui and Spanish are its offi-
   “This is a war, and it has already     cial languages.                           numbers of people not born on the        Kaipeka, whose virile war dances          triathlon, athletes row canoes made
begun,” Celine said at the start of          Relations with the Chilean gov-        island, who now account for nearly       are known throughout the South            of reeds, run around the spectacu-
the contest which is driven not just      ernment went through a tense              30 per cent of the population, a pres-   Pacific, is taking part this year for     lar water-filled crater of the Rano
by the rivals’ qualities but also their   stretch last year amid protests for       ence that strained Easter Island’s       the first time.                           Raraku volcano, and then swim
family connections in a society           ancestral rights to the land, greater     society and ecosystem.                      Candidates for queen must direct       across it.
where nearly everyone is related.         political autonomy and protection            The Hanga Roa airport now re-         traditional dances with as many as           Others race horses – a major mode
   The new queen will reign for a         of the island’s sparse natural re-        ceives 65,000 travellers a year,         300 performers on stage. They must        of transport on the island – raising
year, and although she has no po-         sources.                                  about as many as the island can ab-      also speak the Rapa Nui language,         huge dust clouds on the largely
litical power, she will be ex-               The island’s remoteness has not        sorb, says Luz Zasso Haoa, mayor of      sing, dance, swim and master other        barren surface.
pected to represent Easter Island         discouraged tourists from travelling      the island’s capital.                    arts handed down by their ancestors.         The festivities don’t come cheap
in other cultural events in               there, most of them eager to see its         Many of them come for Tapati, a          Other more modern disciplines,         – Celine’s father claims to have
Polynesia or Chile, of which the          887 famous stone statues, or moai,        highlight on the cultural calendar.      such as the accordion or the tango,       spent the equivalent of
island is a territory.                    the main draw of the UNESCO                  Word has spread about the             also figure in the competition, which     US$65,000 to try to secure his
   Preparations for the events take       World Heritage Site.                      colourful cultural event. A dance        usually ends at 2am each night.           daughter’s coronation in the
almost a year, during which hun-             Santiago has agreed to limit the       company from the Marquesas,                 During the festival’s traditional      largely ceremonial post. — AFP
             W ORDS           OF
                                                                                                                          IN    THE      LIMELIGHT
                                        “The man who has no inner life is a slave to his
                                                                                                                          A model presents a creation during the Sister by Sibling 2012 Autumn/

    W ISDOM                             surroundings.”
                                        — HENRI-FREÙDEÙRIC AMIEL
                                                                                                                          Winter collection show at London Fashion Week on Saturday.

Russian dance to inaugurate spring
HCM CITY — The tropical city              Russian Club in HCM City, which
will add a new name to its ever-          has been active in pulling re-
expanding list of international fes-      sources together for the event
tivals: Maslenitsa, or the Welcome            “We hope to introduce our
Spring festival. As the country’s         Russian traditions and customs to
economy expands, it ushers in new         our Vietnamese friends and the
business opportunities and wel-           wider expat community in the
comes new expatriates, who bring          city,” she said.
with them their own traditions and            The Russian Club of HCM
customs.                                  City is a community organisation
    The city’s inhabitants have cel-      of about 100 people who either
ebrated Oktoberfest with the Ger-         studied in the former Soviet
mans, Thanksgiving with the               Union, speak Russian or work for
Americans, Diwali with the Indi-          Russian companies. The event
ans, and now they welcome a new           will involve Russian music, food,
spring festival from Russia.              drink and the local treat of blini –
    Maslenitsa is the Russian coun-       Russian pancakes served with
terpart of Rio de Janero’s Carnival       sour cream, smetana, butter, apples
or New Orleans’ Mardi Gras – a            or caviar.
combination of Russian Orthodox-              To help celebrate Maslenitsa the
Christian traditions with the ear-        Russian way this Saturday, come to
lier pagan customs of the area. Af-       HCM City’s Windsor Plaza Hotel.
ter Russia’s long, cold winter,           Tickets are VNÑ200,000. — VNS
Maslenitsa is when people come
together to greet the long-awaited            Seasoned fun: Russian women
arrival of spring.                                perform a dance to celebrate
    “We want this event to bring             Maslenitsa. The Welcome Spring
people together,” said Natalia                festival will be held in HCM City
Nikokosheva, representing the                       on Saturday. — File Photo

Brazil blog to reunite carnival loves                                                                                                                     City promotes
typical tale of doomed Carni-
val romance: Boy spots girl in
the sweaty crush of a street
party. Moments later, they’re
                                                                                                                                                          cultural growth
locked in a passionate em-                                                                                                                                HCM CITY — HCM City has outlined a plan
brace. Then the crowd surges,                                                                                                                             to develop culture, sports and tourism for the
and the human tide wrenches                                                                                                         Heartbeats: A         2011-20 period that focuses on sustainable
them apart, forever.                                                                                                                reveller dances       development.
                                                                                                                                    during Carnival
    But this Carnival, there’s                                                                                                      celebrations in
                                                                                                                                                              The Department of Culture, Sports and
hope for romances thus                                                                                                              Sao Paulo on          Tourism announced at a press conference on
thwarted.                                                                                                                           Saturday. A           Friday in the city that one of its main tasks for
    A blog offers star-crossed                                                                                                      blog this year        the period would be to create “an advanced
lovers the chance to find one                                                                                                       offers heartsick      and civilised society” as well as preserve and
another again. Called Little                                                                                                        revellers the         promote the country’s cultural and traditional
Leopard, Where Are You? in a                                                                                                        chance to find        values.
                                                                                                                                    one another
coy reference to the kinds of                                                                                                       again after
                                                                                                                                                              In sports, it will promote sports education
colourful costumes Carnival                                                                                                         Carnival. —           in schools and expand sport movements in
revellers sport, the blog com-                                                                                                      AFP/VNA               public, in addition to creating policies to train
piles emails from heartsick rev-                                                                                                    Photo                 well-qualified coaches and excellent athletes.
ellers seeking their lost crushes.                                                                                                                        Sport unions will also be improved.
    Rio’s Carnival, which              pendium of the Murphy’s Law               The brainchild of a blogger      Earth party in Rio’s historic               It also said that construction on the Raïch
jammed into high gear on Satur-        of romance: Slips of paper with       identified only as Lucy in the       Santa Teresa neighbour were             Chieác Sport Complex in District 2 would be
day, is fertile terrain for romance    the precious digits, lost. Rendez-    Sky with Diamonds, “Little           split on the usefulness of the          sped up.
and heartbreak: a five-day-long        vous missed due to snarled traf-      Leopard” was born last year as       blog.                                       As for the tourism industry, the department
Bacchanalia where the music            fic or a faulty alarm clock. Simple   part of her bid to locate her own         “I think it’s cool because         will continue to improve sustainable tourism
blasts, the alcohol flows and mil-     shyness that keeps the right ques-    lost Carnival crush.                 sometimes you meet cool                 development, enhancing quality and diversi-
lions of barely dressed bodies         tions from being asked.                   They crossed paths at            people during Carnival, but be-         fying tourism products.
press together into a pulsing,              A typical posting goes           “Sergento Pimenta,” or “Ser-         cause of circumstances, you lose            The department will also develop strate-
sweating, beer-guzzling mass of        something like this:                  geant Pepper,” a wildly suc-         track of them,” said Miriam             gies to build trademarks for the city tourism
humanity where many have but                “I wasn’t drunk, but I had a     cessful Beetles-themed street        Magalhoes, an 18-year-old stu-          industry and create programmes to attract in-
one goal: To kiss as many part-        vision at Boitata,” reads one         party. They kissed. Over-            dent whose French sailor cos-           vestment in tourism.
ners as possible.                      entry, referring to one of Rio’s      whelmed, she walked away             tume matched her that of her                Under the plan, the organisation of activi-
    Popular wisdom has it that         more than 400 street parties,         without giving him her number        boyfriend. The couple, who met          ties in culture, sports and tourism must be eco-
the celebrations are perilous          where as many as 2 million            or even her name.                    just after last year’s Carnival,        nomical and ensure social security and order.
for couples, though in truth           people converge to dance,                 Lucy soon decided to track       stood kissing in their sailor               The department will also focus on devel-
probably as many marriages get         drink and snog in the streets.        him down. But she had pre-           stripes, a red and white island in      oping human resources in the three fields.
their start during Carnival as         “He was gorgeous, with curly          cious little information to go on:   the middle of the sea of human-             According to the department, favourable
end because of it.                     hair, dressed as the Little           only that he had been sporting       ity that surged around them.            conditions for investment will be created to
    The mission of Little Leop-        Prince... He was alone, maybe         a leopard-spotted headband.               But for Irene Ribeira, the         attract funds for culture, sports and tourism de-
ard is to tip the balance in           drunk, but his dancing was so             The blog already has helped      whole concept of the blog de-           velopment.
favour of the former.                  joyful that he looked like a          put several Carnival couples         feats the purpose of Carnival.              Management and inspection of activities
    The blog’s postings de-            miracle. I was so entranced by        back in touch, Lucy reported in           “I think it’s a bad idea. If the   related to culture, sports and tourism will be
scribe foiled encounters, giv-         his beauty that I didn’t even         a recent post. Still, her leopard    person wanted to see you after          strengthened as well.
ing as many identifying details        dare get close. In a second, he       has remained elusive.                Carnival, he would get your                 In addition, the department will enhance
as possible about the sought-          disappeared.                              “He still hasn’t showed up,”     number,” said the 23-year-old,          administrative reform to improve the quality
after would-be lover. Each                  “Did anyone see the Little       she wrote. “I’ve kind of lost        dripping under her synthetic            of management and prevent corruption.
gives the seeker’s email ad-           Prince? Photos, information?          hope, but I’m having fun with        wig and clown’s face-paint. “I              It will also complete ongoing programmes
dress and ends with a plaintive        Does he even exist?” the post-        the blog. That’s what matters.”      mean, what happened, hap-               that will offer financial assistance to athletes
“Where are you?”                       ing reads. “Little Prince, where          Revellers at the early morn-     pened. That’s the spirit of Car-        and artists who have made contributions to
    The blog reads like a com-         are you?”                             ing Ceu na Terra or Heaven on        nival.” — AP                            culture, sports and tourism. — VNS
24        Vieät Nam News                  http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn                                                       OUT&ABOUT                                                                                                                                        Monday February 20, 2012

    GOURMET’S                                                          CORNER                                                                                     & EXHIBITION
                                                                                     classic and modern dishes such as: Pan seared scallop served with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                36 Lyù Thöôøng Kieät St,
                                                                                     sauteùe chanterelle mushroom, braised lamb shank or oven baked of            HAØ NOÄI
                                                                                     lobster thermidor.                                                                                                                                       – The spiritual and cultural
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                space Mother Goddesses
                                                                                     Cafeù Opera                                                                  PERFORMANCE                                                                   Worshipping reveals
                                                                                   – The cafeù introduces 10 different cupcake flavours topped with signature                                                                                   about Mother Goddesses
                                                                                     butter cream during Feb, VNÑ21,000++/ 1 cupcake, buy 5 get 1 free.             Hanoi Opera House
                                                                                                                                                                    1 Traøng Tieàn St,                                                          worship, a long-history
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Vietnamese folk belief,
                                                                                                                                                                  – Japanese conductor Honna Tetsuji will lead the Vieät Nam Symphony
                                                                                   ÑAØ NAÜNG                                                                        Orchestra in the Yamashita Yosuke 70th Borthday Concert, with the
                                                                                                                                                                    lauded pianist himself taking the stage. The concert will features          National Museum of
                                                                                     Mercure Ñaø Naüng                                                                                                                                          Vietnamese History
                                                                                                                                                                    Yamashita Yosuke’s Senbayama and George Gershwin’s Rhapsody
                                                                                     Lot A1, Green Island, Haûi Chaâu Dist, Tel: (0511) 3797777                                                                                                 1 Traøng Tieàn St,
                                                                                                                                                                    in Blue, at 8pm, Feb 25&26. Tickets are available at the Opera House
                                                                                     Golden Dragon                                                                  box office or can book at www.ticketvn.com, 0913489858, 0983067996.       – Exhibition Dragon on
                                                                                   – Business set lunch promotion at VNÑ259++/person featuring soup, a                                                                                          Antiquities features
                                                                                                                                                                    Bình Minh Jazz Club
                                                                                     main course, vegetable and a choice of rice, noodle, fruit, and free                                                                                       precious objects adorned
                                                                                                                                                                    3rd Fl, 65 Quaùn Söù St, Tel: (04) 39420400
                                                                                     green tea.                                                                                                                                                 with dragon motif, on-
                                                                                                                                                                  – Live jazz performance every night from 9pm with Quyeàn Vaên Minh
                                                                                   – Weekend dim sum “All you can eat” at VNÑ410,000++/person, 50% off                                                                                          going.
                                                                                                                                                                    and the Soâng Hoàng (Red River) jazz band, www.minhjazzvietnam.com.
                                                                                     for children from 10.30am-3pm.
                                                                                                                                                                    Thaêng Long Water Puppet Theatre
    Savour more than 90 varieties of cheese from all over the world and
    an amazing dessert buffet during the on-going Le Grand Cheese                                                                                                   57B Ñinh Tieân Hoaøng St, Tel: (04) 39364335                              HCM CITY
    Buffet that takes place at the Le Beaulieu restaurant in Sofitel Legend
                                                                                   HCM CITY                                                                       – Water puppet shows at 2.15pm, 3.30pm, 5pm, 6.30pm, 8pm, 9.15pm.
    Metropole Hanoi, 15 Ngoâ Quyeàn St untill Feb 26.                                Sheraton Saigon Hotel                                                          Morning show at 9.30am is available only on Sun. Tickets: VNÑ60,000,      PERFORMANCE
                                                                                     88 Ñoàng Khôûi St, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38272828                                  VNÑ100,000.                                                                 Palace Hotel Saigon
                                                                                     Li Bai                                                                                                                                                     56-66 Nguyeãn Hueä St, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38292860
HAØ NOÄI                                                                           – Boston lobsters and Dungeness crabs cooked in different styles and                                                                                         Calibre Charner
  Sofitel Plaza Hanoi                                                                cooked upon guest’s request.                                                                                                                             – Jazz singer Tuyeát Loan performs from 8.30pm to 10.30pm every
  1 Thanh Nieân Rd, Tel: (04) 38238888                                               Saigon Cafeù                                                                                                                                               night.
  Ming Chinese Restaurant                                                          – Creole night features dine on delectable dishes including jambalaya,                                                                                       Hotel Equatorial
– Lunch dim sum buffet features a selection of more than 80 types of dim             shrimp etouffee, pan-fried foie gras with cajun spice and Mardi Gras                                                                                       242 Traàn Bình Troïng, Dist 5, Tel: (08) 3839777
  sum, VNÑ480,000++/adult and VNÑ315,000++/child for weekdays,                       cake on Saturdays at VNÑ880,000++/person.                                                                                                                  FloLobbyLounge
  VNÑ550,000++/adult and VNÑ360,000++/child for Sunday brunch. 30%                 – Sunday brunch with chocolate buffet and free flow of champagne,                                                                                          – Light jazz in vintage style features the band Esther Flatters and The
  discount for group booking of 10 people or above.                                  cocktail and wine at VNÑ880,000++/person.                                                                                                                  Jazz Hats from Europe from 9pm.
  Crowne Plaza West Haø Noäi                                                         InterContinental Asiana Saigon                                                                                                                             Hard Rock Cafeù
  Leâ Ñöùc Thoï St, Myõ Ñình, Töø Lieâm Dist, Tel: (04) 62706688                     Crn Hai Baø Tröng St&Leâ Duaån St, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 35209999                                                                                              39 Leâ Duaån St, Dist 1
  Lackah Restaurant                                                                  Yu Chu                                                                                                                                                   – Party after Dark every Fri features Justin Murta and DJ Icee.
– Seafood and BBQ buffet features seafood delivered straight from the              – Set lunch and dinner menus include abalone, barbequed pork and taro                                                                                        Duxton Hotel
  boats of local fishermen and top quality imported meats, including                 cakes, from VNÑ588,000, till end of Feb.
  fresh oysters, mussels, slipper lobster, Norwegian salmon and red                                                                                                                                                                             63 Nguyeãn Hueä Blvd, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38222999
                                                                                     Hotel Majestic Saigon                                                          Old House                                                                   The Bar
  tuna, New Zealand lamb, Australian beef, seafood hotpot station. Lunch
                                                                                     1 Ñoàng Khôûi St, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38295517                                   87 Maõ Maây St,
  buffet at VNÑ380,000++/person, dinner buffet at VNÑ480,000++/person,                                                                                                                                                                        – Pianist from 3-9.15pm, Mon-Sun.
  weekend buffet at VNÑ580,000++/person.                                             Prima Ballroom&Breeze Sky Bar                                                – Ca truø (ceremonial singing) show at 8pm on Tue, Thu, Sat. Ticket: $10.     Sheraton Saigon Hotel&Towers
                                                                                   – European and Asian buffet at VNÑ1,799,000/adult.                               Vieät Nam Tuoàng Theatre
  Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi                                                                                                                                                                                                                88 Ñoàng Khôûi St, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38272828
  15 Ngoâ Quyeàn St, Tel: (04) 38266919                                              M. Bar                                                                         51 Ñöôøng Thaønh St, Tel: (04) 38287268                                     NightSpot
  Spices Garden                                                                    – BBQ buffet at VNÑ1,799,000/adult.                                            – Five excerpts from classic tuoàng (classical drama) plays, 6pm,           – The six-piece band Diesel performs nightly from Tue-Sun.
– Chef Kim Haûi will prepare delicious therapeutic dishes, using carefully             Park Hyatt Saigon                                                            Thu&Fri. Ticket: VNÑ100,000.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Park Hyatt Saigon
  selected ingredients and first-class herbs such as lotus seed, longane               2 Lam Sôn Square, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38241234                                 Haø Noäi Cheøo Club                                                         2 Lam Sôn Square, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38241234
  fruit, artichoke, asparagus... and making use of specific nutrients to               Square One                                                                   15 Nguyeãn Ñình Chieåu St, Tel: (04) 39437361
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                2 Lam Sôn Bar
  treat particular health conditions.                                              –   Alfresco BBQ offers a wide selection of char-grilled seafood and           – Vietnamese traditional opera accompanied by traditional orchestra,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              – Customised music programming designed by Morton Wilson of Hong
  La Terrasse du Meùtropole                                                            imported meats, every Fri night, VNÑ1,050,900++/aldult.                      Mon&Fri, at 8pm. Ticket: VNÑ50,000.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Kong-based Schtung Music, 4pm-2am.
– Warm this winter up by gathering with family and friends and enjoy               –   New menu with dungeness crab at VNÑ1,650,000/kg.                             Vieät Nam Museum of Ethnology
  French Raclette or Metropole’s delicious cheese fondue made by finest                Opera                                                                        Nguyeãn Vaên Huyeân Rd, Tel: (04) 37562193                                EXHIBITION
  ingredients at the Metropole’ Parisian sidewalk cafeù.
                                                                                   –   New menu with veal at VNÑ810,000/dish.                                     – Water puppet performance at 10am, 11.30am, 2.30pm, 4pm.                     HCM City Fine Arts Museum
  Moevenpick Hotel Hanoi                                                               The Park Lounge                                                              Tickets: VNÑ10,000-20,000.                                                  97A Phoù Ñöùc Chính St, Dist 1
  83A Lyù Thöôøng Kieät St, Tel: (04) 38222800                                     –   Wagyu burger with freshly ground, intensely marbled Wagyu beef and           Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi                                            – Silk painting exhibition
  Mangosteen Restaurant                                                                a house made bun, from VNÑ760,000.                                                                                                                       Baá t Khaû Phuï c Hoà i
                                                                                                                                                                    15 Ngoâ Quyeàn St, Tel: (04) 38266919
– Mangosteen’s semi buffet lunch offers a wide selection of refreshing               Windsor Plaza Hotel                                                                                                                                        (Unrecoverable) by
                                                                                                                                                                    Le Club
  salads and appetisers as well as irresistible desserts complimented                18 An Döông Vöông St, Dist 5, Tel: (08) 38336688                                                                                                           artist Moäng Myõ, till Feb
  with tempting grill items. Sample grilled rib eye steak, seabass filler,                                                                                        – Savour the fantastic vocals of singer Diane Witherspoon every night
                                                                                     Cafeù Central An Ñoâng                                                                                                                                     29.
  chicken breast, tuna, ostrich or daily pasta, VNÑ390,000++ for semi                                                                                               from Tue-Sun, 8.45pm onwards.
                                                                                   – Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets feature New Zealand beef.                                                                                            – Joint art exhibition Maõ
  buffet lunch, Mon-Fri, 11.30am-2.30pm.                                                                                                                          EXHIBITION                                                                    Vaï c h&Ñaø n Baø (Bar
– International Sunday brunch buffet includes a large chocolate dessert              Ngaân Ñình Chinese Restaurant
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Code&Women) by
  buffet, VNÑ720,000++/adult, VNÑ360,000++/child, including free flow              – Fresh fish dishes include sliced giant garoupa with vermicelli, minced         Japan Foundation Centre for Cultural Exchange
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                artists Nguyeãn Thaân and
  of house wines, draught beer, soft drinks, hot&cold chocolate, 11.30am-            fish with lotus seed, and poached fish maw with green vegetables.              27 Quang Trung St,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Kyem, till Mar 3.
  2.30pm.                                                                            TOTT Bar&Restaurant                                                          – Exhibition showcases installation works created with Japanese and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Töï Do Gallery
– Wine of the Month: Sacred Hill Semillon Chardonnay and Sacred Hill               – Innovative dishes from Australian lamb with soup and salad.                    Vietnamese toys by Japanese art unit Paramodel, till Mar 11.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                53 HoàTuøng Maäu St, Dist 3
  Cabernet Merlot, which are also available at the Lounge 83 or through              Kisso                                                                          Buøi Gallery
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              – Gioï t Xuaâ n (Drops of
  room service at VNÑ190,000++/glass or VNÑ850,000++/bottle.                       – The Emperor’s Feast features delicacies from Boston lobster tail.              23 Ngoâ Vaên Sôû St,                                                        Spring) oil painting
  Hilton Hanoi Opera                                                                 Cafeù Central Nguyeãn Hueä                                                   – Display showcases photos about urban Haø Noäi by Jamie Maxtone-             exhibition by Haø Noäi-
  1 Leâ Thaùnh Toâng St, Tel: (04) 39330550                                          115 Nguyeãn Hueä Blvd, Dist1, Tel: (08) 38219303                               Graham, an American photographer based in Haø Noäi, till Mar 12.            based artist Nguyeã n
  Chez Manon                                                                                                                                                         Vieät Nam Women’s Museum                                                   Quoác Duõng, till Mar 5.
                                                                                   – Toasted sandwiches with egg salad, tuna salad, or tomato and cheese,
– All-day new menu inspired by cuisine from the South of France featuring            or heart-shaped ice cream sandwich.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           WEATHER FORECAST
    FILM                                  (DV: Dubbed in Vietnamese, VS: Vietnamese Subtitle, ES: English Subtitle,
                                                 VN: Vietnamese Film; B/W: Black and White; OV: Original Version)
                                                                                                                                    T ELEVISION                                                                                                                                                      February 20
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sources from the Weather Bureau

                                                                                                                                     VNEWS                                                      10.15       Gulliver’s Travels                                       Sôn La                        Laïng Sôn
                                                                                                                                                                                                11.40       The Last Song
                                                                                                                                     8.00        News                                           13.30       The Fighter
HAØ NOÄI                                                                                                                             8.20
                                                                                                                                                 News in Chinese
                                                                                                                                                 Exploring Vieät Nam
                                                                                                                                                                                                15.25       Aliens in the Attic
                                                                                                                                                                                                16.50       Unstoppable
    MegaStar Cineplex                                                                                                                9.45        News in English                                18.30       Hollow Man 2
    191 Baø Trieäu St, Tel: (04) 39743333                                                                                            10.30       Science and Technology                         20.00       Predators
–   Immortal (3D) (US, VS)                                                                                                           12.00       News                                           21.45       Gothika
–   Star War (3D) (US, VS)
                                                                                                                                     13.15       Exploring Vieät Nam                            23.20       13                                                Temperature:                  Temperature:
                                                                                                                                     15.15       Science and Technology                                                                                                                     Min: 14oC
–   Jack and Jill (US, VS)                                                                                                           16.20       Colourful World                                MAX                                                           Min: 8oC
–   Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (US, VS)                                                                                      18.30       Reporters’ Lens                                                                                              Max: 15oC                     Max: 24oC
                                                                                                                                                                                                9.15        The Boogens
–   Thieân Meänh Anh Huøng (Born to Be a Hero) (VN)                                                                                  20.40       Sports Planet                                  11.00       The Tailor of Panama
–   Hello, Coâ Ba (Hello, Ms Ba) (VN)                                                                                                21.15       For Family’s Happiness                         12.45       The World Is Not Enough
–   Safe House (US, VS)                                                                                                              22.40       A Panorama of Culture                          15.00       Those Daring Young Men in Their
                                                                                                                                     23.00       News                                                       Jaunty Jalopies                                                                     Haûi Phoøng
–   Ngoâi Nhaø Trong Heûm (House in the Alley) (VN)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Haø Noäi
                                                                                                                                     VTV4                                                       17.10       Jet Pilot
–   Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2D, 3D) (US, VS)
                                                                                                                                                                                                19.15       Fright Night
    Platinum Cineplex                                                                                                                8.30        Culture Mosaic - Week in Review
                                                                                                                                                                                                21.00       Behemoth
    Level 4, Garden Shopping Centre, Meã Trì, Töø Lieâm                                                                              9.35        Film: How Wonderful Being Daddy                22.30       Lost Boys: The Thirst
                                                                                                                                                 (Ep 16)
    Tel: (04) 37878555                                                                                                                                                                          23.50       25th Hour
                                                                                                                                     11.00       Hello Vieät Nam
–   Immortal (3D) (US, VS)                                                                                                           11.30       Vietnamese Culture                             STAR WORLD
–   Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (US, VS)                                                                                      13.30       Film: Eve’s Confession (Ep 36)                                                                              Temperature:                     Temperature:
                                                                –   Safe House (US, VS)                                                                                                         9.30        Got to Dance UK
–   Ngoâi Nhaø Trong Heûm (House in the Alley) (VN)             –   Ngoâi Nhaø Trong Heûm (House in the Alley) (VN)                  14.20       Vietnamese Top Martial Artists                 10.25       Model Specials                                   Min: 10 oC                       Min: 10oC
–   Jack and Jill (US, VS)                                      –   Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (3D) (US, VS)
                                                                                                                                     15.30       News in English                                11.20       Raising Hope                                     Max: 17oC                        Max: 16oC
                                                                                                                                     16.35       Film: How Wonderful Being Daddy                11.45       How I Met Your Mother
–   Safe House (US, VS)                                         –   Immortals (3D) (US, VS)                                                      (Ep 16)                                        12.10       The Most Romantic Moments
–   Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2D, 3D) (US, VS)          –   Jack and Jill (US, VS)                                           17.30       Relax at Weekend                               13.05       American Idol
    August Cinema                                               –   Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (3D) (US, VS)                   19.00       Chinese Programme                              14.00       Glee
    45 Haøng Baøi St, Tel: (04) 38253911                                                                                             19.30       Vieät Nam - Your Destination                                                                                          Vinh                        Ñaø Naüng
                                                                –   Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (US, VS)                                                                                 14.55       Accidentally on Purpose
–   Star War (3D) (US, VS)                                      –   Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (3D) (US,           20.00       Hello Vieät Nam                                15.25       Desperate Housewives
–   Jack and Jill (US, VS)                                          VS)                                                              21.30       Daily Biz - Fine Cuisine                       17.10       The Bachelorette
                                                                                                                                     22.30       Business News                                  18.05       True Beauty
–   Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2D, 3D) (US, VS)            MegaStar Cineplex CT Plaza Taân Sôn Nhaát
                                                                                                                                     DISCOVERY                                                  20.25       New Girl
–   Contraband (US, VS)                                           60A Tröôøng Sôn St, Taân Bình Dist, Tel: (08) 62971981                                                                        20.55       Friends with Benefits
–   Ngoâi Nhaø Trong Heûm (House in the Alley) (VN)             – Safe House (US, VS)                                                9.00        Sei Sen! The Rise and Fall of the              21.50       Model Specials                                                                  Temperature:
                                                                                                                                                 Japanese Empire                                                                                               Temperature:
    National Cinema Centre                                      – Ngoâi Nhaø Trong Heûm (House in the Alley) (VN)                                                                               22.45       The Most Romantic Moments                                                       Min: 18oC
                                                                                                                                     10.00       Beyond Survival with Les Stroud                                                                               Min: 12oC
    87 Laùng Haï St, Tel: (04) 35147823                         – Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (3D) (US, VS)                                                                                   23.40       How I Met Your Mother
                                                                                                                                     11.00       Deadliest Catch 4                                                                                             Max: 16 oC                   Max: 23oC
–   Immortal (3D) (US, VS)                                      – Immortals – 3D (US, VS)                                            13.00       Extreme Forensics 2                            ESPN
–   Jack and Jill (US, VS)                                      – Jack and Jill (US, VS)                                             15.00       Sei Sen! The Rise and Fall of the              8.30        Basketball
–   Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2D, 3D) (US, VS)          – Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (3D) (US, VS)                                 Japanese Empire                                10.30       Billiards
–   Safe House (US, VS)                                         – Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (US, VS)                        16.00       Treasure Quest                                 12.00       Gymnastics                                               Pleiku                        Khaùnh Hoaø
                                                                                                                                     17.00       Deadliest Catch 4                              12.30       Football
–   Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (US, VS)                 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (3D) (US,
                                                                                                                                     19.00       Dirty Jobs 6                                   13.30       Watersports
                                                                                                                                     20.00       Solving History with Olly Steeds               14.00       Basketball
                                                                – Ngoâi Nhaø Trong Heûm (House in the Alley) (VN)
HCM CITY                                                          MegaStar Cineplex Saøi Goøn Paragon
                                                                                                                                                 Swamp Loggers 2
                                                                                                                                                 Man vs Wild 5: Bear’s Top 25
                                                                                                                                                                                                16.00       Triathlon
                                                                                                                                                                                                17.00       Olympics
    Galaxy Nguyeãn Du Cinema                                      3 Nguyeãn Löông Baèng St, Dist 7, Tel: (08) 54160088                           Moments                                        17.30       Basketball
    116 Nguyeãn Du St, Dist 1, Tel: (08)38235235                – Safe House (US, VS)                                                23.00       Deadliest Catch 7                              19.30       Sports News                                       Temperature:                   Temperature:
–   Safe House (US, VS)                                         – Ngoâi Nhaø Trong Heûm (House in the Alley) (VN)                    HBO                                                        20.00       Watersports                                       Min: 17oC                      Min: 23oC
–   Ngoâi Nhaø Trong Heûm (House in the Alley) (VN)                                                                                                                                             20.30       Olympics
                                                                – Immortals (3D) (US, VS)                                            9.00        Batman&Robin
                                                                                                                                                                                                21.00       Football                                          Max: 25 oC                     Max: 260C
–   Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (3D) (US, VS)                 – Jack and Jill (US, VS)                                             11.00       Morning Glory                                  22.00       Sports News
–   Jack and Jill (US, VS)                                      – Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (3D) (US, VS)                     12.50       Jaws
                                                                                                                                                                                                22.30       Watersports
–   Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (3D) (US, VS)                                                                                   15.00       Clockstoppers                                  23.00       Olympics
                                                                – Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (US, VS)
                                                                                                                                     17.00       High Fidelity                                                                                                      HCM City                       Caø Mau
    Galaxy Nguyeãn Traõi Cinema                                 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (3D) (US,                                                                        23.30       Football
                                                                                                                                     19.00       Spider-Man
    230 Nguyeãn Traõi St, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 39206688              VS)                                                                21.00       Luck                                           CARTOONS
–   Safe House (US, VS)                                         – Ngoâi Nhaø Trong Heûm (House in the Alley) (VN)                    22.00       Resident Evil: Afterlife                       10.00       The Powerpuff Girls
–   Ngoâi Nhaø Trong Heûm (House in the Alley) (VN)                 Thaêng Long                                                      23.40       Green Zone                                     10.35       The Grim Adventures of Billy&Mandy
–   Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (3D) (US, VS)                     19 Cao Thaéng St, Dist 3, Tel: (08) 38393993                                                                                11.00       Tom&Jerry Show
                                                                                                                                     STAR MOVIES
–   Jack and Jill (US, VS)                                      –   Ngoâi Nhaø Trong Heûm (House in the Alley) (VN)                                                                             14.30       Johnny Test
                                                                                                                                     8.45        Alvin and the Chipmunks: The                   15.30       Tom&Jerry Show                                    Temperature:                  Temperature:
–   Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (3D) (US, VS)              –   Hello, Coâ Ba (Hello, Ms Ba) (VN)                                            Squeakquel
    MegaStar Cineplex Huøng Vöông                               –   Thieân Meänh Anh Huøng (Born to Be a Hero) (VN)
                                                                                                                                                                                                17.00       Courage the Cowardly Dog                          Min: 22oC                     Min: 26oC
    126 Huøng Vöông St, Dist 5, Tel: 22220388                   –   Leä Phí Tình Yeâu (Love’s Fee) (VN)                                          Brought to you by Q.net Entertainment&Communication Co. Ltd                                                  Max: 32oC                     Max: 35oC
Monday   February 20, 2012        CARTOONS   http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn Vieät   Nam News   25

  Saturday’s answer: Commanders
                                                                                                                                                       Vieät Nam News

                                                     26            http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn
                                                                                                                                  SPORT                                                                                               Monday February 20, 2012

FOOTBALL                                                                                                                                                                                            TENNIS

Stronger teams head home                                                                                                                                                                            Federer battles back to
with wins in league play                                                                                                                                                                            set up Del Potro final
                                                                                                                                                                                                    ROTTERDAM, Netherlands —                                    Open last month in my 1,000th
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Roger Federer recovered from a set                          match on tour,” said 2005 Rotterdam
HAØ NOÄ I — All big spending                                             Top team Haø Noä i T&T lost                                 two teams who have not lost af-                                and a break down to defeat Nikolay                          winner Federer after disposing of the
teams enjoyed victory in the                                         0-2 to former champions SHB                                     ter six rounds.                                                Davydenko 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 in the                              gritty Davydenko who saved 10 of
sixth round of the national pre-                                     Ñaø Naü n g at Chi Laê n g Stadium                                  Yesterday’s 1-1 draw with                                  RotterdamOpensemi-finalsonSatur-                            the 13 break points he faced.
mier league over the weekend.                                        yesterday.                                                      Thanh Hoùa made their first visit                              day,his17thwinin19matchesagainst                                “It’s nice to see him back. I’m
    At home, Vicem Haû i Phoø n g                                        They could only maintain the                                to the top-flight tournament                                   the Russian.                                                sure it will be a good match, I had
pocketed their first win of the                                      balance in the first half of the                                more impressive.                                                   Top seed Federer will play for                          my first hit this week with him and
season in a 3-1 game against                                         match before giving in to the                                       With three wins and three                                  his 71st career title when he takes                         he will also be my last match of the
Khatoco Khaù n h Hoø a at Laï c h                                    hosts whose strikers Nicolche                                   draws, Saø i Goø n showed great                                on Juan Martin del Potro in a re-                           week. He’s played a great tourna-
Tray Stadium.                                                        Klechkaroski and Merlo                                          performance thanks to good un-                                 matchofthe2009USOpenfinalwon                                ment, but I hope I can win, let’s see
    The win not only released                                        S.Gaston netted the ball at the                                 derstanding and a combination                                  by the Argentine.                                           how it goes.”
Coach Leâ Thuï y Haû i and his                                       60th and 78th minutes, respec-                                  between local and foreign play-                                    Del Potro, seeded third, mowed                              Federer was caught in the ninth
players from heavy pressure af-                                      tively.                                                         ers under Coach Lö Ñình Tuaá n .                               down a listless Tomas Berdych 6-3,                          game of the first set on a break as
ter a five game non-winning                                              Ñaø Naüng therefore narrowed                                    The team now stands sec-                                   6-1 in just an hour and a quarter to                        Davydenko moved into the lead,
streak, but also pushed Haû i                                        its gap with T&T to two points                                  ond.                                                           hand the Czech a first defeat indoors                       taking the opener after a long game
Phoø n g out of bottom place.                                        and ranked third. Their next ri-                                    Two-time winner Becamex                                    this season.                                                in which Federer saved a set point
    With five points, Haû i Phoø n g                                 val will be Haø Noä i FC at the                                 Bình Döông also grabbed a win                                      Federer had his difficulties                            before sending a forehand out.
are now at 12th position and will                                    capital’s Haøng Ñaãy Stadium.                                   yesterday, beating Navibank                                    against Davydenko, a long-time ri-                              The Swiss levelled after fight-
play defending champions Soâng                                           Haø Noäi yesterday came from                                Saøi Goøn 1-0.                                                 val on the tour.                                            ing back from a break down in the
Lam Ngheä An.                                                        behind to defeat Ñoà n g Thaù p 2-                                  With three points, they are                                    “I’ve played him a lot, we are                          third game of the second, break-
    The champions returned to                                        1. Three-time Golden Ball win-                                  in the top five with ten points.                               the same age,” said the 30-year-old,                        ing Davydenko late in the set to
their title defence journey by                                       ner Leâ Coâ n g Vinh scored his                                 They will play T&T next week-                                  world number three.                                         level.
beating Hoaø n g Anh Gia Lai 2-0                                     first goal of the season to level                               end.                                                               “He was in the top four or five                             In the third, Federer battled to
on Saturday.                                                         the score for Haø Noäi at the 62nd                                  The last match of the round                                for years and we played a lot of big                        finally take victory with a break in
    It was their first victory on                                    minute.                                                         saw a goalless draw between                                    matches. I’m happy to live up to ex-                        the penultimate game followed by
home turf, which lifted them to                                          Vinh’s free kick went past                                  Ninh Bình and Kieâ n Giang.                                    pectations, he’s playing fantastic                          a winner down the line on match
sixth place on 10 points, only                                       goalie Ngoï c Böû u who tried his                                   Ninh Bình were expected to                                 again but not enough to beat me.                            point.
three points behind the group                                        best, but could not stop the ball.                              pass T&T on the ranking table                                  We had a great match.”                                          Earlier on Saturday, Del Potro
leaders.                                                                 Eight minutes later Nigerian                                if they won yesterday due to the                                   The Swiss stands 8-2 over del                           never let Berdych into their semi-
    During the match all for-                                        Anjembe Timothy, who re-                                        current group leader’s loss.                                   Potro, who missed 2010 due to wrist                         final.
eigner Soâng Lam Ngheä An play-                                      ceived a perfect pass from Vinh,                                However, despite many oppor-                                   surgery but is back to 10th in the                              “I played almost perfect,” said
ers performed at their peak with                                     scored the second goal for the                                  tunities, neither striker could                                world rankings.                                             the Argentine. “I was focused all the
Hector H. Kerin scoring just two                                     team.                                                           net the ball.                                                      The powerful Argentine has lost                         time on trying to break and on hit-
minutes after the starting                                               Earlier Felix Gbenge Ajala                                      They will have another                                     just five games in his last two                             ting my forehand. I’ve been improv-
whistle while Captain Nguyeã n                                       opened the scorig for Ñoà n g                                   chance to do so this Sunday                                    matches as his successful Rotterdam                         ing match by match, but I need to
Troï n g Hoaø n g proved his talent                                  Thaù p at the 25th.                                             when they face T&T on home                                     debut continues.                                            play better in the final if I’m going
with a goal in extra time.                                               Saø i Goø n FC are one of only                              turf. — VNS                                                        “I beat him in the Australian                           to win this tournament.” — AFP

                                                                                Getafe1 ................................ Espanyol 1                                                                                                              Saeed Ajmal b Anderson ....................................... 4
                                                                                Real Madrid 4 ........................ Racing Santander 0
                                                                                                                                                              CRICKET                                                                            Aizaz Cheema run out ............................................ 5
 SCOREBOARD                                                                     Sevilla 2 ................................ Osasuna0
                                                                               GERMAN BUNDESLIGA
                                                                                                                                                              NEW ZEALAND VS SOUTH AFRICA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Extras(lb11,w2,nb1) ......................................... 14
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Total(all out; 50 overs) ...................................... 222
                                                                                                                                                              SecondTwenty20                                                                     Fall of wkts:1-222-493-494-505-976-1767-1808-2049-20910-222
                                                                                Kaiserslautern1 ..................... BorussiaMoenchengladbach2
 FOOTBALL                                                                       Nuremberg2 .......................... Cologne 1
                                                                                                                                                              NewZealandinnings                                                                  Bowling:J.Anderson10-0-52-2,S.Finn10-1-24-3(2w),S.Broad10-2-42-
                                                                                                                                                              R. Nicol run out ................................................... 23            3 (1nb), G. Swann 10-0-44-0, S. Patel 8-1-37-0, R.
                                                                                BayerLeverkusen4 ................. FCAugsburg1                                M. Guptill c A. Morkel b De Lange ......................... 47                     Bopara2-0-12-0
 VIETNAMESE V-LEAGUE                                                            Hamburg SV 1 ....................... WerderBremen3                            B. McCullum c Ontong b Botha ............................. 35                      Englandinnings
 Vicem Haûi Phoøng 3 ................ K.Khaùnh Hoøa 1                           Hertha Berlin 0 ....................... BorussiaDortmund1                     K. Williamson not out .......................................... 28                A. Cook c Adnan Akmal b Saeed Ajmal ................. 80
 K.Kieân Giang 0 ...................... XM Ninh Bình 0                          Freiburg0 .............................. Bayern Munich 0                      J. Franklin c De Villiers b M. Morkel ....................... 28                   K. Pietersen not out ........................................... 111
 Haø Noäi FC 2 ........................... Ñoàng Thaùp 1
 SHB Ñaø Naüng 2 ..................... Haø Noäi T&T 0
                                                                               FRENCH LIGUE 1                                                                 C. De Grandholmme not out ................................... 3                    E. Morgan not out ............................................... 24
                                                                                Ajaccio 0 ............................... Stade Brest 0                       Extras:(b-1,w-5,lb-3) ............................................. 9              Extras(lb3,w4,nb4) .......................................... 11
 Soâng Lam Ngheä An 2 ............. Hoaøng Anh Gia Lai 0
                                                                                ASNancy0 ............................ Toulouse 3                              Total:(forfourwkts,20overs) ............................. 173                      Total(foronewkt;37.2overs) ............................. 226
 Thanh Hoùa 1 .......................... Saøi Goøn FC 1
                                                                                Caen 2 .................................. Evian Thonon Gaillard FC 2          Fallofwkts:1-37,2-97,3-114,4-159                                                   Didnotbat:J.Trott,R.Bopara,C.Kieswetter,S.Patel,S.Broad,G.Swann,
 N.Saøi Goøn 0 ........................... B. Bình Döông 1
                                                                                Dijon FCO 3 ........................... Nice0                                 Did not bat: N. McCullum, D. Bracewell, K. Mills, T. Southee, R. Hira              J. Anderson, S. Finn
                               P W D L F A Pts
                                                                                FC Lorient 0 ........................... Lille 1                              Bowling:Botha4-0-22-1;Tsotsobe3-0-23-0(w-1);M.Morkel4-0-38-1;De                    Fallofwkt:1-170
 1 Haø Noäi T&T                6 4 1 1 9 7 13
                                                                                Sochaux0 ............................. Auxerre0                               Lange 4-0-43-1 (w-4); Parnell 2-0-15-0; Duminy3-0-28-0                             Bowling:UmarGul7-0-59-0(4nb,1w),AizazCheema6.2-0-40-0,SaeedAjmal
 2 Saøi Goøn FC                6 3 3 0 12 5 12
                                                                                Olympique Marseille 1 ............ Valenciennes 1                             SouthAfricainnings                                                                 10-1-40-1(1w),MohammadHafeez6-0-32-0,ShahidAfridi8-0-52-0
 3 SHB Ñaø Naüng               6 3 2 1 9 6 11
                                                                                                                                                              R. Levi not out .................................................. 117             Result:Englandwonbyninewickets.Englandleadthefour-matchseries3-0
 4 V. Ninh Bình                6 3 2 1 7 7 11
 5 B. Bình Döông               6 3 1 2 7 4 10                                  TENNIS                                                                         H. Amla c Franklin b N.McCullum ............................ 2
                                                                                                                                                              W. Parnell st B. McCullum b Nicol ........................... 4                    BASKETBALL
 6 SL Ngheä An                 6 2 4 0 6 3 10
                                                                                                                                                              AB de Villiers not out .......................................... 39
 8 Ñoàng Thaùp                 6 2 2 2 10 8 8                                  WORLD INDOOR TOURNAMENT
                                                                                                                                                              Extras:(w-10,lb-2) ................................................ 12             NBA
 7 HA Gia Lai                  6 2 1 3 1 7 7                                    men’ssingles,semi-final
                                                                                                                                                              Total:(fortwowkts,16overs) .............................. 174                      (home team in CAPS)
 8 K Khaùnh Hoøa               6 2 0 4 10 13 6                                  (prefixdenotesseeding)
                                                                                                                                                              Fallofwkts:1-25,2-41                                                               San Antonio 103 .................... LACLIPPERS 100 (OT)
 9 Thanh Hoùa                  6 1 3 2 5 6 6                                    1-RogerFederer(Switzerland)def.NikolayDavydenko(Russia)4-66-36-4              Did not bat: JP Duminy, J. Ontong, A. Morkel, J. Botha, M. Morkel, M. De
 10 Haø Noäi FC                6 2 0 4 10 11 6                                  3-JuanMartinDelPotro(Argentina)def.2-TomasBerdych(CzechRepublic)                                                                                                 NewJersey97 ........................ CHICAGO85
 11 V Haûi Phoøng              6 1 2 3 6 12 5                                   6-36-1                                                                                                                                                           MEMPHIS104 ....................... Golden State 103
 12NavibankSG                  6 1 2 3 7 10 5                                                                                                                                                                                                    PORTLAND97 ....................... Atlanta 77
                                                                               BOGOTA C UP                                                                    0(w-2);Nicol1-0-10-1(w-1);Hira4-0-34-0
 13 K. Kieân Giang             6 1 1 4 4 9 3
                                                                                Women’sSingles,Semi-final                                                     (w-1); Mills 2-0-26-0; Franklin 1-0-7-0;
 E NGLISH FA CUP                                                                Lara Arruabarrena (Spain) def. Edina Gallovits-Hall (Romania) 6-4 6-3         ENGLAND VS PAKISTAN                                                                ICE HOCKEY
 FifthRound                                                                     Alexandra Panova (Russia) def. Timea Babos (Hungary) 6-2 6-3                  ThirdODI
 (Premier League unless stated, numerals denote division)                                                                                                                                                                                        NHL
                                                                               QATAR OPEN                                                                     Pakistaninnings
 Sunderland 2 ......................... Arsenal 0
                                                                                Women’sSingles,Semi-final                                                     Mohammad Hafeez lbw b Finn ............................. 29                        (home team in CAPS)
 Everton2 ............................... Blackpool (II) 0
                                                                                1-VictoriaAzarenka(Belarus)def.4-AgnieszkaRadwanska(Poland)6-26-4             Imran Farhat c Kieswetter b Finn ............................. 9                   Pittsburgh 6 ........................... PHILADELPHIA4
 Norwich City 1 ........................ Leicester City (II) 2
                                                                                3-SamanthaStosur(Australia)def.5-MarionBartoli(France)6-30-0(Bartoli          Azhar Ali c Kieswetter b Broad ................................ 5                  Chicago 6 .............................. COLUMBUS1
 Millwall (II) 0 .......................... BoltonWanderers2
                                                                                retired)                                                                      Asad Shafiq run out ............................................. 18               ST LOUIS 4 ........................... Minnesota 0
 Chelsea 1 .............................. Birmingham City (II) 1
                                                                                                                                                              Misbah-ul-Haq c Swann b Broad ............................. 1                      NYISLANDERS4 .................. Carolina 3
 ITALIAN SERIE A                                                               SAN JOSE OPEN                                                                  Umar Akmal c Patel b Broad ................................ 50                     TAMPA BAY 2 ....................... Washington1
                                                                                Men’sSingles,Semi-final                                                       Shahid Afridi b Anderson ..................................... 51                  VANCOUVER6 ..................... Toronto2
 Juventus3 ............................. Catania 1
                                                                                DenisIstomin(Uzbekistan)def.5-JulienBenneteau(France)6-36-7(4)6-3             Adnan Akmal b Finn .............................................. 9                PHOENIX2 ........................... Dallas1(OT)
 SPANISH LA LIGA                                                                3-Milos Raonic (Canada) def. Ryan Harrison (US) 7-6 (4) 6-2                   Umar Gul not out ................................................. 27              (OT denotes overtime)
Monday February 20, 2012                                                              SPORT                                                   http://vietnamnews.vnanet.vn   Vieät Nam News     27
ATHLETICS                                        BOXING

Liu defeats
Robles in first
race since
Daegu clash
BIRMINGHAM — Former Olympic high
hurdles champion Liu Xiang of China de-
feated the 2008 Beijing gold medallist
Dayron Robles on Saturday in their first
race since the Cuban was disqualified for
obstructing Liu at last year’s world cham-
    Liu clocked a national record 7.41sec
in the 60m hurdles at the Birmingham in-
door meeting, nine hundredths of a sec-
ond ahead of Robles.
    World record holder Robles was dis-
qualified in Daegu after crossing the line
first. The gold medal was awarded to
American Jason Richardson with Liu get-
ting the silver.
    Commonwealth 100m champion
Lerone Clarke upstaged fellow Jamaican
Asafa Powell by winning the men’s 60m
in a national record 6.47sec.
    Another Jamaican, Nesta Carter, was
second with former world 100m record
holder Powell finishing third.
    “I kept focused. I knew that all I had to
                                                 Victorious: WBC World Champion Vitali Klitschko (right) celebrates after his fight against British boxer Dereck Chisora in the WBC World
do was get out of the blocks and drive hard,     Heavyweight Championship in the Olympic Hall in Munich on Saturday. Klitschko won after 12 rounds. — AFP/VNA Photo
get up and run home and it didn’t matter
who was out front, just to focus on me,”
Clarke said.
    Former world long jump champion
Tianna Madison of the US, who has re-
emerged as a sprinter, won the women’s
                                                 Klitschko outpoints Chisora
60m in 7.07sec.
    Ethiopia’s former world junior cross
country champion Genzebe Dibaba made
no contest of the women’s 1,500m, run-
                                                 to retain heavyweight title
ning on her own after the pacemaker              MUNICH — Vitali Klitschko                                                                                       crowd booed and jeered him.
dropped out to win in 4min 1.33sec               comfortably retained his WBC            “He tried to punch me to my body but I have a                               “This booing, I don’t. As long
Britain’s world silver medallist Hannah          heavyweight title on Saturday,                 strong stomach. It didn’t hurt.”                                 as they paid money to watch the
England was more than eight seconds back         scoring a unanimous points de-                                                                                  sport I love, I don’t mind,” he
in second place.                                 cision over British challenger                                                            VITALI KLITSCHKO      said.
    British women’s pole vault record            Dereck Chisora in Munich’s                                                                                          “I want another fight. There
holder Holly Bleasdale, who leaped 4.87m         Olympic Hall to ensure his fam-                                                                                 will be a rematch or I will fight his
in France last month to thrust herself into      ily maintained a global strangle-    Chisora. I am upset because I        uppercut in the fifth round as he     younger brother,” added Chisora,
contention for an Olympic medal in Lon-          hold on the division.                wanted to finish the fight before    gained in confidence.                 who lost his third bout in his last
don this year, defeated Poland’s former               The 40-year-old Ukrainian,      12 rounds,” Klitschko said in a          Klitschko, some 15cm taller       four contests to fall to 15-3.
world champion Anna Rogowska with a              whose younger brother Vladimir       ringside interview.                  than the Briton, continued to             The heavily favoured
height of 4.70m.                                 holds the WBO, IBF, WBA and              The taller Klitschko set the     cause damage with his big right       Klitschko looked more tired
    “I still feel like there’s something lack-   IBO crowns, improved his record      foundations for victory by domi-     but failed to land the decisive       than usual in the closing rounds
ing in my jumping. My run-up was really          to 44-2 but was forced to go the     nating his shorter opponent in       blow as he gradually ran out of       and praised his opponent’s te-
good again today, but I can’t seem to trans-     distance against the former Brit-    the opening rounds, his longer       steam and was content to edge         nacity but not his demeanour.
late that speed into my vault to get the big     ish and Commonwealth cham-           reach allowing him to pound          the latter rounds to secure the           “He tried to punch me to my
heights, but to jump 4.70, I’m really            pion, who made more enemies          Chisora with punishing rights        points win.                           body but I have a strong stom-
happy,” Bleasdale said.                          than friends with his antics be-     from a distance.                         The judges scored the bout        ach. It didn’t hurt,” he added.
    Bleasdale’s team mate Jessica Ennis, the     fore and after the 12 round clash.       Chisora, who had slapped his     118-110, 118-110 and 119-111              “I have respect for Chisora
2009 world heptathlon champion, won the               “I am happy to defend my        rival at the weigh-in on Friday      in favour of the Ukrainian with a     as a fighter, but not as a human.
60m hurdles in a personal best and world         title. It was a good performance     and also spat water into             defiant Chisora, who continued        He set a bad example for boxing
leading time of 7.87sec in her final competi-    from Chisora. I don’t want to        Vladimir’s face during the pre-      to stare down both Klitschko          and all fighters. He came from
tion before next month’s world indoor cham-      make excuses – it was not easy       fight ceremonies, recovered well     brothers after the decision, de-      Great Britain but he is not a
pionships in Istanbul. — REUTERS                 – but I saw every punch from         and rattled Klitschko with a solid   manding a rematch as the 12,000       gentleman.” — REUTERS


Contador’s tour absence unlikely to help Schleck
DJABAL AL AKHDHAR,                      Schleck, who was named 2010            the rain with Schleck unable to         tains. There will be 25 climbs          ter with the way Contador acted
Oman — Alberto Contador’s ab-           Tour de France champion after          follow on a tricky downhill.            against 23 in 2011,” he explained.      during the 2010 Tour. The Span-
sence will not make it easier for       Contador was stripped of the title         “I lost a minute when he at-            “I will try not to lose too much    iard beat him after attacking him
Andy Schleck to win the Tour de         two weeks ago, said at the Tour of     tacked in the descent to Gap. If it     time in the prologue. The               in the ascent to the Port de Bales
France this year, the Luxembourg        Oman.                                  wasn’t for Contador, Evans would        Besancon time trial (stage nine)        when Schleck’s chain had
rider said on Saturday.                     Contador’s 2011 results were       not have moved,” he said.               is tough and suits me well. I just      snapped.
    Spaniard Contador will miss         also wiped out after his ban was           Schleck is confident he has the     have to improve for the final time          “We are not friends, we just
this year’s race after being banned     backdated to January last year.        ability to win the race on the road     trial.”                                 say ‘hi’, talk a bit. That’s all. What
for failing a dope test in 2010 but     Hence Schleck believes that had        despite also losing out to Austra-          The final effort against the        he did on the Port de Bales, I will
his absence means that many rid-        Contador, who finished fifth over-     lian Evans last year.                   clock will be a 52km ride between       never forget it. It cost me the
ers will now be gunning for             all, missed the 2011 race, he              This year’s Tour will feature       Bonneval and Chartres where             Tour,” he said.
Schleck.                                would have won the Tour.               long time trials, a discipline          Schleck is expected to lose sig-            “Great champions have to show
    “Riders who were against us             Contador broke away in a de-       Schleck has struggled to master.        nificant ground on Evans and            fair play. He did not. He had the
will not just ride for a podium fin-    scent to Gap, prompting the pack           “The Tour will not be won in        Britain’s Bradley Wiggins.              right to do it but it’s something you
ish but they will ride against me,”     led by Cadel Evans to chase in         the time trials but in the moun-            Schleck added he was still bit-     just don’t do.” — REUTERS
     Vitali Klitschko                                                            Vieät Nam News
     outpoints Chisora                                                                                                                         Inside Today...
     to hang on to

                                                              SPORT                                                                               Favoured teams advance

     heavyweight title
                                                                                                                                                  in national premiere league
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Monday February 20, 2012                                              THE NATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE DAILY                                                                                PAGE 28


Arsenal slip, Chelsea draw in Cup
LONDON — Arsenal’s miserable               “We have to take the critics on board and stay together and face the critics.                                       the “unconditional” support of
week got worse on Saturday when                                                                                                                                owner Roman Abramovich.
they were knocked out of the FA           There is only one response in our job at the club – to stay united and fight and                                         “But it was an excellent per-
Cup in a 2-0 fifth round defeat at                                  focus on the next game.”                                                                   formance in the second half com-
Sunderland while beleaguered                                                                                                                                   pared to the first... 1-1 is not what
Chelsea fared only slightly better                                                                                                 ARSENE WENGER, COACH        we expected but it gives us another
by scraping a 1-1 draw against sec-                                                                                                                            chance at Birmingham to try to re-
ond tier Birmingham City.              manager Andre Villas-Boas.                kick, which Seb Larsson delivered      League leaders Manchester City         verse things,” he said.
    Three days after a 4-0 Champi-         While Chelsea at least stayed         only for Arsenal to half clear         by 17 points, Arsenal’s search for a       Chelsea went into their match
ons League defeat at AC Milan          in the competition, London rivals         straight into the path of Richardson   first trophy since they won the FA     on the back of a poor run of form in
that manager Arsene Wenger             Arsenal seem certain to finish with-      who blasted the ball into the back     Cup in 2005 is set to continue for     the league, where they have won
branded their “worst performance       out a trophy for the seventh year         of the net thanks to a deflection      another year.                          just two of their last 10 games, and
in Europe,” Arsenal’s sloppiness       in a row as their last realistic chance   off Squillaci.                             The picture is only marginally     came out of it with a chorus of boos
was back as Kieran Richardson’s        of silverware this season turned to           Wenger’s side, who last week-      more positive for 2010 winners         ringing in their ears.
strike and Alex Oxlade-                dust against hard-working                 end came from behind to beat the       Chelsea, who went behind to an             Villas-Boas, appointed in the
Chamberlain’s own goal sealed          Sunderland.                               same opponents 2-1 in the Premier      under-strength Birmingham team         close season to replace the sacked
their fate.                                Arsenal’s day at the Stadium of       League, allowed their hosts to go      when David Murphy scored before        Carlo Ancelotti who led the club
    Sunderland were joined in the      Light started badly when they lost        further ahead in the 78th minute       levelling when Sturridge climbed       to an FA Cup and Premier League
quarter-finals by Everton and          Francis Coquelin to a hamstring in-       when Oxlade-Chamberlain sent           to head in Branislav Ivanovic’s        double in 2010, said this week
Bolton Wanderers who recorded          jury with less than 10 minutes            the ball into his own net after        62nd-minute cross.                     there was no panic at the club and
2-0 wins over Championship (sec-       gone.                                     Larsson had hit the post.                  Chelsea squandered an earlier      that his position was not under
ond division) Blackpool and                Lacking any sort of attacking             “We have to take the critics on    chance to level straight after         threat.
Millwall respectively, while Nor-      spark while looking vulnerable at         board and stay together and face       Murphy’s opener when Juan                  Abramovich has shown no
wich City were upset 2-1 at home       the back, with Johan Djourou and          the critics. There is only one re-     Mata’s penalty was well saved by       mercy with managers who have
by second tier Leicester City.         substitute Sebastien Squillaci short      sponse in our job at the club – to     diving Birmingham keeper Colin         failed to deliver silverware and
    Chelsea needed Daniel              of confidence, Arsenal went be-           stay united and fight and focus on     Doyle and home fans expressed          while the team are still in the run-
Sturridge’s equaliser to force a re-   hind five minutes before halftime         the next game,” Wenger said.           their unhappiness by chanting ex-      ning for the Champions League,
play with Birmingham after a draw      after giving away a free kick.                But facing a mountain to climb     manager Jose Mourinho’s name.          the trophy he covets the most, this
at Stamford Bridge that did noth-          Djourou had pulled back Craig         to overturn their Champions                “It is a poor result of course,”   draw may not sit well with the Rus-
ing to alleviate the pressure on       Gardner needlessly to concede the         League deficit and trailing Premier    said Villas-Boas who added he had      sian. — REUTERS

Real go 13 clear after
easy win over Santander
MADRID — A Cristiano             73rd minute when he pow-          pean champions’ bid for a
Ronaldo header set Real          ered a left-foot strike past      fourth straight domestic
Madrid on their way to a 4-      goalkeeper Tono from just         title already appears a lost
0 win at home to 10-man          outside the area.                 cause.
Racing Santander on Satur-           Benzema’s deflected               Benzema said the com-
day that stretched their ad-     effort made it 4-0 a minute       fortable win was ideal
vantage over second-             from time to seal an 18th         preparation for the Cham-
placed Barcelona at the top      win for Jose Mourinho’s           pions League last-16 first
of La Liga to 13 points.         side in 19 league matches         leg at CSKA Moscow.
    Ronaldo’s sixth-minute       since the end of September            “It was a great game for
goal from a clever Kaka as-      and lift them to 61 points        us tonight and now we’ll try
sist was his 28th of the sea-    from 23 games.                    to do the same on Tues-
son in the league, putting           “The best thing is that       day,” the French interna-
the Portuguese forward five      we have three more points         tional said
clear of Barca’s World           and one less game to play,”           In the earlier kickoff,
Player of the Year Lionel        Mourinho told a news con-         Espanyol climbed above
Messi at the top of the scor-    ference.                          Levante into the fourth
ing chart.                           “We won without               Champions League qualifi-
    Santander, who are 18th      sparkle, but without much         cation place despite surren-
in the standings, were re-       effort,” the Portuguese           dering the lead in a 1-1 draw
duced to 10 men six min-         added.                            at Getafe.
utes before the break when           “At this stage of the sea-        Espanyol have 33
the referee ruled defender       son, winning without suffer-      points, one ahead of
Domingo Cisma had                ing and without much effort       Levante who hosted Rayo
handled the ball for a sec-      is the most positive thing.”      Vallecano yesterday.
ond time in the game and                                               Sevilla ended a run of
showed him a second yel-         Imperious form                    three straight defeats and
low card.                        Barca, who beat arch-rivals       eight games without a win
    Real doubled their lead      Real 3-1 at the Bernabeu in       when they beat Osasuna 2-
in added time when a             December but have other-          0, a first success for new
dinked Karim Benzema ef-         wise suffered patchy away         coach Michel.
fort was deflected over the      form, can trim the gap to 10          Gary Medel netted the
line by Santander defender       points with a win at home         opening goal in the 16th         Miles ahead: Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos (left) vies with Racing Santander defender
                                                                                                    Bernardo Espinosa (right) during their Spanish League match on Saturday at the Santiago Bernabeu
Bernardo under pressure          to third-placed Valencia on       minute at the Sanchez
                                                                                                    Stadium in Madrid. — AFP/VNA Photo
from Sergio Ramos.               Sunday.                           Pizjuan when he crashed a
    Substitute Angel Di              However, with Real in         low shot into the corner of      added time.                      get their bid to qualify for     Barca 3-2 at their Reyno de
Maria, back after injury,        such imperious form and           the net before substitute           The victory lifted the        Europe next season back          Navarra stadium last week-
netted the third goal and        unlikely to drop many             Piotr Trochowski turned in       Andalusian club to 10th on       on track.                        end, are eighth on 31
the best of the night in the     points, the world and Euro-       the second in second-half        29 points as they seek to            Osasuna, who beat            points. — REUTERS

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