AIE Lesson Plan: Illustration by NX0nU3


									                          AIE Lesson Plan: Illustration

Title:          “What’s Your Favorite Season?”
Artworks:       “Can’t Sit Still”
                Written by Karen Lotz
                Illustrations by Colleen Browning

                “Autumn in the City”
                “Winter in the City”
                “Spring in the City”
                “Summer in the City”
Grade:          Kindergarten, 1 grade
PA Standards:             9.1.3 E: Demonstrate the ability to define objects, express
                           emotions, illustrate an action or relate an experience through the
                           creation of works in the arts.
                      9.2.3 H: Identify, describe, and analyze the work of Pennsylvania
                           artists in dance, music, theater, and the visual arts.
                      9.4.3 D: Recognize that choices made by artists regarding subject
                           matter and themes communicate ideas through works in the arts
                           and the humanities.
Objective       Students will become familiar with the process of book illustrating by
                viewing four watercolor paintings by Colleen Browning. Students will also
                produce a work of art that depicts their favorite season.
Overview:       After reading “Can’t Sit Still” by Karen Lotz, the presenter will facilitate a
                class discussion concerning the illustrations in the book by Colleen
                Browning, focusing on the role of illustrations in books, the technique and
                process of book illustrating, and the four seasons. After the discussion, the
                presenter will introduce a short hands-on activity in conjunction with “Can’t
                Sit Still.”
Materials:            Colored pencils
                      Crayons
                      Markers
                      White paper (9x12 or 12x18)
Procedure:           1. The presenter will pass out copies of “Can’t Sit Still” to the students.
                           Reading the book aloud, the presenter will encourage students to
                           follow along in their own copies.
                     2. After reading the book, lead a group discussion concerning the
                           illustrations in “Can’t Sit Still.”
                     3. Show the four Colleen Browning paintings of the four seasons that
                           can be found in the book. Encourage students to find these
                           paintings in their illustration from in their book. Point out how
                           Browning’s paintings become illustrations. Discuss the four
                           seasons and point out different aspects of Browning’s painting that
                           tell which season is being depicted.
                     4. Encourage students to share what their favorite season is and why.
                           What kinds of activities do they like to do in Winter? Fall?
                           Summer? Spring?
                     5. After the discussion, pass out the necessary materials to the
                     6. Instruct students to create a drawing of their favorite season.
                           Encourage the students to include activities they enjoy doing during
                           the season.
                     7. If time permits, encourage students to share their drawings with the
                           rest of the class.

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