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Choosing A Whole Grain Bread That Both Kids And Moms Can Love


Kids and parents have very different ideas when it comes to the type of bread they like. Kids like the taste of white bread, while parents prefer the nutrition from 100% whole wheat bread. Luckily, now they can compromise with a white bread with the nutrition of whole grains.

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									Choosing A Whole Grain Bread That Both Kids And Moms Can Love
Parents often struggle with balancing proper nutrition with foods their kids will eat. The list of
things kids eat willingly sometimes seem tiny when compared to what they won't even touch. If
you're worried about nutrition, but want to find foods your kids will enjoy, consider learning more
about whole grain bread that tastes like a white one.

What Kids Want

Kids' choices are ruled by taste. Many children dislike the taste of 100% whole wheat bread or
whole grain bread, which means parents purchase other types of breads just to get them to eat.
However, if your children insist on white breads, you can choose one like WONDER+
INVISIBLES that's rich in vitamins and minerals and free of artificial preservatives and other
added chemical additives. Read ingredients labels when shopping for bread so you can make
informed choices about ingredients and nutritional values.

What Moms Want: 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Moms want their children to eat well. For many, this means eating 100% whole wheat bread.
These breads can be packed full of fibre (2 slices can have as much as 5 grams!) and other
vitamins and nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin B12, folate, iron and more. The next time
you’re shopping for bread, take a moment to compare ingredient labels and nutritional information
– you may be surprised at the range of offerings available and how your usual bread stacks up.

How They Can Compromise

There are ways to make both moms and kids happy. If your children absolutely balk at eating a
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100% whole wheat bread, look for WONDER+ INVISIBLES bread – it’s a soft white bread
made with 14 finely ground whole grains so the course texture of the grains is masked. Grinding
up the flours doesn't change the nutritional content, which means moms and dads can rest
assured that their kids are getting the nutrients they want. Doing this is an easy way for parents to
help children get the fibre and other nutrients that they need and your children will never know the

Sandwiches and other foods made with breads are staples in most children's diets. If you want
your children to eat a more nutritious whole grain bread but they love the taste of a white loaf,
consider looking for one that tastes like white but offers the nutrition of whole wheat. By reading
food labels, you can easily determine what ingredients are in each loaf and whether there are any
artificial preservatives, colours or flavours or other added chemical additives. Don't give up -- with
a little bit of research, you can find a healthy option for your child's sandwiches.

Maria Noble is a Canadian mother and writer who likes writing about ways to improve her family's
health, including eating 100% whole wheat bread ( and other
whole grain bread ( A lot of her research comes from
analyzing one of her favourite products whole grain WONDER® bread (

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