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					                                BUSINESS MEETING MINUTES
                                    Friday, April 24, 2009
                                       Farmington, NM
I.     Call to Order—President Reyes-Garcia called the meeting to order at 9:02 am

               UNM-UB, UNM-SSS; UNM-McNair; UNM Valencia-SSS; Attendance: Rod Chambers;
               Susan Cramp; Roland Salas; Reta Neal; Matthew Gordillo; Juan Rivas; Lyn White;
               Jacque Boyer; Sue Bracksieck; Sandra Reyes-Garcia; Tara Grant; Lacy Rivera; Carol
               Bartlett; Rob Carriaga

III.   Adoption of the Agenda—Tara Grant modified the agenda to change VIII. A. By-Laws
             Proposals to read information only, not action required.

Susan motioned to accept the agenda with the changes. Matt second the motion. Motion carried

IV.    Approval of Minutes

Reta motioned to accept the minutes. Susan second the motion. Motion Carried

V.     Officers’ Reports
       A.     President – Sandra Reyes-Garcia—Pointed out TRiO day activities and said the
                     treasurer would report on the profit of TRiO day in his report.
       B.     President-Elect – Rene Guillaume--Absent
                     Treasurer – Juan Rivas—Reported with new software. Explained that some
                     modifications needed to be made to categories ie. Travel/Vacation should just
                     read travel. Wire transfer from Bank of Las Vegas is pending, currently 3594.72
                     in Las Vegas account. Currently have $7744.73 in the Wells Fargo account.
                     There wiill be outstanding bills for this event. 4512.42 profit from TRiO Day
                     event. He is also a member of the SWASAP Student Leadership Conference
                     committee. He challenged NM to send 5 students.
       D.     Secretary – Tara Grant—Report will be addressed under New Business

Updated: 3/19/2012
VI.     Committee Reports
        A.   Executive Board: Sandra, Rene, Juan and Tara—No report
        B.   TRIO Achiever Selection Committee: Roland Salas reviewed our Achiever and
                    suggested we select our next achiever by July 1. He stepped down as chair but
                    volunteered to continue serving on the committee.
        C.   Scholarship Selection Committee: No report
        D.   COE Fair Share Committee: Susan Cramp—Explained Fair Share. Reviewed who were
                    non-members, expirations, and subscriptions. All reports include EPCC as West
                    Texas portion of NM/WT.
        E.   Ad Hoc Committees
             1.     By law Review: No report
             2.     Professional Development & Conference Committee: Rob expressed concern
                           about the lack of action by the committee. Sandra pointed out that we
                           need to have more opportunities for committee meetings. Rob expressed
                           a need for more contact or to disband the committee.
             3.     Public Relations/State Initiative: Sandra Reyes-Garcia was charged by President
                           Thomas to work to unify the states and have our strategic goals match up
                           with SWASAP
             4.     Finance Committee: No report Rosa asked if the committee charges could be
                           sent out on the listserv.

VII.    Unfinished Business
        A.     NMWT Logo—Sandra explained there was no intention or proposal to change the logo.
                      It was modified for the web site to make it more appealing. Examples of the logo
                      where posted. Other suggestions were made to review the web logo. Sandra
                      will contact the web master with those suggestions.
        B.     2009 SWASAP ELI – Information only—Jason Barela and Toni Dixon are the
                      representatives for NM.
        C.     Wells Fargo Bank – Information only—The switch is made and Wells Fargo works well
                      with the new accounting software.

VIII.   New Business
        A.   By Laws Proposals – action required—Tara reported that the SWASAP By Laws
                    committee has charged states to align their bylaws with those of SWASAP.
                    Currently our bylaws say we will have 2 meetings. As a result, the NM/WT Board
                    has decided to have the fall meeting be at SWASAP to help with budget issues.
                    Then the Spring meeting could be bigger and possibly include committee work
                    time. Jacque suggested that we might be able to use distance learning
                    equipment to assist with committee work and better participation in the spring
                    meetings without travel expenses. Andrew said UNM would volunteer to host the
                    Spring 2010 meeting.
        B.   COE Membership—As of July 1, Membership will increase to 3000 for the first program
                    and 200 more for each additional program. Sandra reminded that the dues
                    haven’t increased in 7 years. Sandra reminded the group of the numerous things
                    that COE has done, UB programs refunded, UB Evaluation suspended, Heather
                    on the Hill every day etc…
        C.   Payment of Bills – action required—Dinner at Los Hermitos=265.29 & San Juan
                    rooms=304.60. Total=569.89.

Carol motioned to pay bills. Al second the motion. Motion carried

Updated: 3/19/2012
IX.    Announcements

       A.     28th Annual COE Conference – September 9-12, 2009 – Grand Hyatt – San Antonio, TX
       B.     38th Annual SWASAP Conference – November 8-11, 2009 – Omni Corpus Christi Hotel
              Marina Tower – Corpus Christi, TX—Bayfront is the section and reservations are now
       Al asked if we need a committee to address the concerns brought up at the roundtable
              discussions from the previous day. Carol pointed out that was already established
              through the President of NM/WT.

X.     XI. Adjournment

Susan motioned to adjourn the meeting. Matt Second the motion. Motion carried. Meeting
      adjourned at 10:38 am.

NOTE: All proxy votes must be turned in to a board member prior to the start of the meeting.

Updated: 3/19/2012

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