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                                                             EAST-WEST CENTER
                                                           ASSOCIATION CHAPTERS

Over 45 East-West Center Association chapters are active throughout the Asia Pacific region and the United States. The goal of each chapter
is to support the Center by broadening its outreach throughout the region.

Chapters facilitate professional networking through a variety of activities, including informal get-togethers, seminars, lectures, and work-
shops. Chapters also support the East-West Center by helping recruit qualified participants for its programs, increasing awareness of the
Center, raising funds, and carrying out community service projects. Constituent chapters have recently been formed to bring together alumni
with special interests.

Please contact these chapter leaders or liaisons for information about how you can participate in their local activities:
EAST ASIA                                           Communication Liaison:                         SOUTHEAST ASIA
                                                    Mr. Fumio Teruya
Beijing                                             (ISI 63-65, ASSOC 06)                          Aceh
Ms. Xu Shi                                          E-mail: nanjokirabaru05@solid.ocn.ne.jp        Mr. Ari Palawi Jauhari
(COM 94-95)                                                                                        (IFP 06-09)
Senior Liaison Officer &                             Seoul                                          Lecturer
Chief of Foreign Experts Off.                       Dr. Ho-Jin Kim                                 University of Syiah Kuala
Foreign Affairs Bureau                              (CI 74-78)                                     Banda Aceh
Xinhua News Agency                                  Korea University                               Indonesia
57 Xuanwumen Xidajie                                Professor Emeritus                             Cell: +62-813-6030-6028
Beijing 100803, China                               #566-18, Suyu-4-dong                           E-mail: ari_aceh@yahoo.com
Phone: 86-10-630-73754                              Kangbuk-ku, Seoul 142-881
Fax: 86-10-630-73754                                Republic of Korea                              Bali
E-mail: shixu6391@yahoo.com.cn                      E-mail: drkim@korea.ac.kr                      Prof. Anak Agung Gde Muninjaya, MD, MPH
                                                                                                   (ICC 84-86, POP 94)
Hong Kong                                           Communication Liaison:                         Center for Health Services Management
Dr. Glenn Shive                                     Dr. Jeong Taik Lee                             Faculty of Medicine
Director                                            (ICC 84-87)                                    Udayana University
The Hong Kong-America Center Ltd.                   Senior Research Fellow                         P.B. Sudirman str. Denpasar
The Chinese University of Hong Kong                 Korea Research Institute for Vocational        Bali, Indonesia
5/F Ester Lee Bldg. 503                             Education and Training                         Phone: +62 361 262227
Shatin, N.T.                                        15-1, Chongdam2-dong, Kangnam-gu,              Fax: +62 361 226346
Hong Kong                                           Seoul 135-949                                  Cell: +62 361 81 138 5087
Phone:     852-2609-8749                            Republic of Korea                              E-mail: munin07@unud.ac.id
Fax:       852-2603-5797                            Phone: 82-2-3485-5005
E-mail:    glennshive@cuhk.edu.hk                   Fax: 82-2-3485-5227                            Bangkok
E-mail 2: hkac@cuhk.edu.hk                          E-mail: jtlee@krivet.re.kr                     Dr. Naris Chaiyasoot
                                                                                                   (PI 78-83, 85)
Kansai (Osaka/Kyoto)                                Shanghai                                       Director General of the Fiscal Policy Office
Professor Kiyoshi Hamano                            Communication Liaison:                         Ministry of Finance
(PI 86-92, POP 98)                                  Ms. Kun Chen                                   Bangkok, Thailand 10200
Kansai University                                   (APLP 02, EdAff 02-03)                         Phone: 2-273-9103-4
Faculty of Economics                                Easen International, Ltd.                      Fax: 2-273-9060
3-3-35 Yamatecho                                    Changning Road #988, Garden Bldg 5F
Suita-shi, Osaka 564-8680                           Changning District, Shanghai 200042            E-mail Contact: Michael Dean
Japan                                               PR China                                       mdean@alpha.tu.ac.th
Phone: 81-6-6368-0597                               Cell: 86-13585962300
Fax: 81-6-6339-7704                                 E-mail: chnkun@yahoo.com                       Dili
E-mail: hamano@kansai-u.ac.jp                                                                      Mr. Carlos Peloi dos Reis
                                                    Tokyo                                          (USET 02-05)
Nagoya                                              Takashi “Taka” Tsuchiya                        Monitoring and Evaluation Analyst
Professor Yasuo Hoshino                             (CLI 77-79)                                    United Nations Development Programme [UNDP],
(OG 70-71)                                          Director-General                               Timor-Leste
Professor Aichi University and                      Trade and Economic Cooperation Dept.           Obrigadu Barack, Caicoli
Professor Emeritus University of Tsukuba            JETRO                                          Dili
, Japan                                             Ark Mori Building 6F                           Timor-Leste
E-mail ewcnagoya@gmail.com                          12-32 Akasaka 1-chome,                         Phone: +670 3312 481
URL:                                                Minato-ku, Tokyo                               E-mail: cdosreis@gmail.com
http://leo.aichi-u.ac.jp/~hoshino/EWCEnglish.html   107-6006 Japan
                                                    Tel: 03-3582-5543                              Hanoi
Okinawa                                             Fax: 03-3585-1630                              Mr. Hoe Hoang
Mr. Choko Takayama                                  E-mail: Takashi_Tsuchiya@jetro.go.jp           (EAPI 92)
(ISI/ITI 62-64)                                             w/ copy to jewca_tokyo@yahoo.co.jp     Director
42-26-2 Nagata                                                                                     Center for Environment, Tourism &
Naha, Okinawa 902-0077                                                                             Development
Japan                                                                                              144 Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Cau Giay
Phone/Fax: 81-98-832-6400                                                                          Hanoi, Vietnam
E-mail: c-taka@aioros.ocn.ne.jp                                                                    Phone/Fax: 84-4-7560233
                                                                                                   E-mail: hoanghoe@fpt.vn
Communication Liaison:                           Singapore                                              Colombo
Dr. Le Trong Cuc                                 Dr. Seok-Hoon Seng                                     Mr. G.B.A. Fernando
(EAPI 87-92, ENV 92-96, 98, Rsch 99-00)          (CLI 77-82, ET 95)                                     (RSI 79, 80, 87)
Deputy Director, CRES                            Assoc. Professor                                       Director, Ministry of Power & Energy
Vietnam National University, Hanoi               National Institute of Education                        Energy Planning Division
Center for Natural Resources & Environ Studies   Nanyang Technological University                       P. O. Box 576
308/10 Minh Khai Street, Hai Ba                  1 Nanyang Walk                                         Colombo, Sri Lanka
Hanoi, Vietnam                                   637616                                                 Phone: 94-11-2697843
Phone: 84-4-6334266                              Singapore                                              E-mail: gbaelfer@sltnet.lk
Fax: 84-4-6334177                                Phone: 65-67903227
E-mail: lecuc2006@vnn.vn                         Fax: 65-68969410                                       Communication Liaison:
                                                 E-mail: seokhoon.seng@nie.edu.sg                       Mr. W.A. Siriwardena
Jakarta                                                                                                 (PI 89)
Dr. Purnawan Junadi                              Vientiane                                              No. 106/7, Mahabochi MW
(PI 86)                                          Mr. Chanthavong Saignasith                             Kadawatha 01
Director                                         (ISI 63-68)                                            Sri Lanka
University of Indonesia                          Lane Xang Avenue                                       Phone: 94-11-2925329
Jakarta, Indonesia                               Vientiane                                              Cell: 71-217575
E-mail: pije01@EWCA.EastWestCenter.org           Laos                                                   E-mail: wasiriwardena@sltnet.lk
                                                 Phone: 856-21-260981-3
Communication Liaison:                           Fax: 856-21-260984                                     Dhaka
Ms. Nasti Reksodiputro                           E-mail: chanthavong@lnmc.gov.la                        Dr. Ekramul Ahsan
E-mail: mardjono@cbn.net.id                      E-mail2: chanthavongsa@hotmail.com                     (ISI 67-69, FI 76-77, RSI 78-81)
                                                                                                        Flat 2A, Silicon Plaza, Block-A, 5/8 Lalmatia
Kuala Lumpur                                     Yangon                                                 Dhaka 1207
Datuk Mohamad Saleh Ghazali                      U Maung Maung                                          Bangladesh
(OG 68-71)                                       (ISI 62-64)                                            Phone: 880-2-9124870
Executive Director/Advisor                       G.P.O. Box 561                                         Email: ekramul_ahsan@yahoo.com
Bangunan Bank Kemajuan                           Yangon, Myanmar
10th Floor, Ming Building                        Phone: 95-1-562494                                     Faisalabad
Jalan Bukit Nanas                                                                                       Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim
Kuala Lumpur 50250                               Communication Liaison:                                 (OG 77-81)
Malaysia                                         U Chit Win Maung                                       Agricultural Chemist (Soils)
Phone: 603-20316516                              (Media 02)                                             Ayub Agricultural Research Institute
Fax: 603-20266646                                Yanantthit Magazine                                    Soil Chemistry Section
E-mail: salehghazali@yahoo.co.uk                 Chief Editor/Publisher                                 Faisalabad, Punjab
                                                 E-mail: ynt@yangon.net.mm                              Pakistan 38950
Communication Liaison:                                                                                  Phone: 92-41-2657281-90 ext. 240
Dr. Siowck Lee Gan                               SOUTH ASIA                                             Fax: 92-41-265-3874
(OG 84-87, 90)                                                                                          E-mail (R): mibrahim1946@yaho.com
Specialist in Curriculum & Instruction           Chandigarh
Education Consultancy & Training Services        Dr. Rajesh Kumar Aggarwal                              Hyderabad
Kuala Lumpur                                     (POP 96)                                               Dr. Nageswara Rao
Malaysia                                         Associate Professor                                    (ISI 62-64)
Phone: 603-9130-9094                             Population Research Centre                             2-2-18/16/B Bagh Amberpet
E-mail: ganslee@EWCA.EastWestCenter.org          Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Develop-   Hyderabad
                                                 ment (CRRID)                                           Andhra Pradesh 500 013
Manila                                           Sector 19A, Madhya Marg                                India
Dr. Alex B. Brillantes, Jr.                      Chandigarh 160019 India                                Phone: 11-40-27424192
(ICC 80, RSI 85-86)                              Contact Mobile: 91-9417567573                          E-mail: nag1931@yahoo.co.in
19 Amsterdam Street                              E-mail: rajeshaggarwal_in@yahoo.com
Capital Park Homes                                                                                      Hyderabad
Quezon City 1101                                 Communication Liaison:                                 Dr. Kazi Suleman Memon
Philippines                                      Ms. Reena Singh                                        (RSI 75-80)
Phone: 63-2-931-2816                             (POP 93)                                               Associate Professor
E-mail: abrillantes2001@yahoo.com                Deputy Director                                        Sindh Agriculture University
                                                 Population Research Centre                             Department of Soil Science
Phnom Penh                                       Panjab University                                      Tandojam, Sindh
Mr. Sovath Bong                                  Chandigarh 160014                                      Pakistan
(Env 94-95, Educ 96-01, EdAff 02-03)             Phone: 91-172-2543921                                  Phone: 02233-253
Royal University of Fine Arts                    E-mail: reenasingh_99@yahoo.com                        E-mail: ksmemon@gmail.com
Faculty of Archeology
Phnom Penh                                       Chennai                                                Islamabad
Cambodia                                         Mr. Sonna Belliappa                                    Dr. Arjumand Faisel
E-mail: bongsovath@yahoo.com                     (RSI 78)                                               (OG 87-88)
                                                 President                                              Arjumand & Associates
                                                 Pemanda Monappa Foundation                             House 116, Street 20, F – 10/2
                                                 1A, Gee Gee Minar                                      Islamabad, Pakistan
                                                 23 College Road                                        Phone: 92-51-2101059
                                                 Tamil Nadu                                             Fax: 92-51-2296988
                                                 Chennai 600006                                         E-mail: arjumand.faisel@gmail.com
                                                 Phone: 91-44-2825-3241
                                                 E-mail: pmb@vsnl.com
                                                 E-mail2: belli@md3.vsnl.net.in
                                                 E-mail3: sonabel@eth.net
Karachi                                        PACIFIC                                            Northern California
Dr. Mehtab S. Karim                                                                               Ms. Barbara Stumph
(PI 75-78, 81-83)                              Brisbane                                           (ISI 65-66, OG 90)
Professor & Head Reproductive Health Program   Dr. Iraphne Childs                                 3084 Manzano Drive
Aga Khan University                            (CLI 77-79, JDI 82-84)                             Walnut Creek, CA 94598
P. O. Box 3500, Stadium Road                   Senior Lecturer                                    Phone: 925-933-8578
Karachi 74800                                  Queensland University of Technology                E-mail: bbornets@EWCA.EastWestCenter.org
Pakistan                                       Phone: 61-7-3138-4787
Phone: 9221-486-4825                           Preferred mailing address/email:                   Seattle, Washington
E-mail: mehtabkarim@yahoo.com                   226 Wilston Road, New Market                      TBA
                                                Brisbane, Queensland 4051
Communication Liaison:                          Australia                                         Southern California
Mr. Aziz Husain                                 E-mail: i.childs@qut.edu.au                       Ms. Jenny Miller Garmendia
(ISI 63-65, OEA 03)                                                                               (GDF, Poli Sci 99-03)
AZFAM Technologies (Private) Ltd               Port Moresby                                       Director
Karachi, Pakistan                              Mr. Solomon Kantha                                 Project AWARE Foundation
Phone: 92-21-3583-1000                         (USSP 05-07)                                       30151 Tomas St.
E-mail: aziz.husain@gmail.com                  National Programme Officer                          Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
                                               International Organization for Migration (IOM)     Tel: 949-429-8654 ext. 2439
Kathmandu                                      Port Moresby                                       Fax: 949-267-1221
Dr. Shankar Sharma                             Papua New Guinea                                   Email: genevra@hawaii.edu
(OG 79-83, RSI 83-86)                          E-mail: skantha05@hotmail.com                      www.projectaware.org
G.P.O. Box 3824
Kathmandu                                      Sydney                                             Washington, D.C.
Nepal                                          Ms. Laura Ramos                                    Dr. Anny Wong
Phone: 9771-4412361                            (EDUC 94-96)                                       (EDUC 91-96, ASSO 96, 98, REP 97-98, ET 98-99,
E-mail: shankarpsharma@gmail.com               Australia                                          EWSem 00)
                                               E-mail: ll_ramos@yahoo.com                         658-B 15th Street South
Communication Liaison:                                                                            Arlington, VA 22202
Mr. Nirendra Dhoj Maske                        UNITED STATES                                      Phone: 703-486-2851
(ISI 66-68)                                                                                       E-mail: wonkifer@hotmail.com
Senior Geologist, Ret.                         Arizona
Cha 2/713 Lazimpat,                            Ms. Michele Marion                                 OTHER AREAS
opposite Gangjong Hotel                        (ASDP 00)
Kathmandu, Nepal                               Director of the Center for International Studies   Ontario, Canada
Phone: 977-1-4415031                           Paradise Valley Community College                  Mr. Jonathan Jacobs
E-mail: ndmaske@hotmail.com                    18401 N. 32nd Street                               (APLP 03-04)
                                               Phoenix, AZ 85032                                  Attorney at Law
Lahore                                         Phone: 602-787-7296                                Canada
Dr. Arfa Syed Zehra                            E-mail: michele.marion@pvmail.maricopa.edu         E-mail: JonathanJacobs@EWCA.EastWestCenter.org
(OG 78-82, CLI 82, CWP 83)
B 16 Ghazi Road, Officers Colony                Chicago                                            CONSTITUENT CHAPTERS
Sarfaraz Rafiqi Road                            Ms. Pamela Drymiller
Lahore Cantt – 13                              (ISI 66-67)                                        APLP (Asia Pacific Leadership Program)
Pakistan                                       267 E. Railroad Ave, Unit 307                      Mr. Justin Liang
Phone: 92-42-5880177                           Bartlett, IL 60103                                 (APLP 02-03, 04, EP 06)
E-mail: arfazehra42@yahoo.com                  Phone: 773-206-9929                                Graduate Student
                                               E-mail (R): dpdrymiller@comcast.net                Massachusetts Institute of Tech.
Mumbai                                                                                            Cambridge, MA
Mr. Sarosh Bana                                Hawaii                                             Phone: 571-201-3829
(ICC 90, COM 92)                               Dr. Carl Hefner                                    E-mail: justinbliang@yahoo.com
Business India Group                           (ICC 79-84, ASDP 97)
Executive Editor                               3596 Loulu Street                                  ASDP (Asian Studies Development Program)
14th Floor, Nirmal Nariman Point               Honolulu, HI 96822-1120                            Dr. David E. Jones
Mumbai, India 400 021                          Phone: 808-988-3828                                (ASDP 95-96, 98, 00, 04)
Phone: 91-22-2288-3948                         E-mail (B): hefner@hawaii.edu                      Professor of Philosophy
E-mail: sarosh.bana@gmail.com                                                                     Kennesaw State University
                                               New York (Greater Area)                            Atlanta Center of Asian Studies
New Delhi                                      Dr. Manuel F. Montes (co-chair)                    1000 Chastain Road, #2206
Dr. Mala Kapur Shankardass                     (RSI 83, 86, PI 84, IEDP 89-91, WASH 06)           Kennesaw, Georgia 30144-5591
(POP 94)                                       Chief, Policy Analysis and Development             Phone: 770-423-6596
Villa 107 (S.F.) Block III, Eros Garden        Financing for Development Office, UNDESA            E-mail: djones7459@aol.com
Charmwood Village                              2 UN Plaza, Room DC2-2186, E 44th St. (near 1st
Suraj Kund Road                                Ave.)                                              Media Chapter
Faridabad, Haryana 121009 India                New York, NY 10017, USA                            Ms. Susan Kreifels (co-chair)
Phone: 91-129-2513270                          Phone: 917-367-3087                                (Jefferson Fellow 85, COM 92)
E-mail: mkshank2001@yahoo.co.in                E-mail: montes@un.org                              Media Programs Coordinator
                                                                                                  East-West Center
                                               Dr. Anthony Pennings (co-chair)                    1601 East-West Road
                                               (ICC 83-89, 91, CUL 91, 93-95)                     Honolulu, HI 96848
                                               New York University                                United States
                                               Paul McGhee Division                               Phone: 808-944-7176
                                               726 Broadway, Room 667                             E-mail: kreifels@EastWestCenter.org
                                               New York, NY 10003
                                               Phone: 212-998-7293
                                               E-mail: anthony.pennings@nyu.edu
Mr. Craig Gima (co-chair)                     Suva
(Jefferson Fellow 01, EWSem 08)               Mr. James McMaster
Assistant City Editor                         (PIDP 89)
Honolulu Star-Bulletin                        Director, Pacific Institute of
7 Waterfront Plaza, Suite 210                 Management and Development
500 Ala Moana Blvd.                           The University of South Pacific
Honolulu, HI 96813                            PO Box 1168
United States                                 Suva, Fiji
Phone: 808-529-4301                           Phone: 679-212-461
E-mail: cgima@starbulletin.com                Fax: 679-303-229
                                              E-mail: mcmaster_j@usp.ac.fj
Bangalore                                     Mr. Yu-Jen Kao
Mr. Velamur Narayanan                         (TDI 73)
(ICC 85)                                      E-mail: jurist.tw@gmail.com
Bhavan’s Journal                              Communication Liaison:
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan                        Dr. Tien-en Kao
Race Course Road                              (CLI 73-75, CI 78-81)
Bangalore 560 001                             Director
India                                         Language Training and Testing Center
Phone: 2280841                                170 Hsin-hai Road, Sec. 2
E-mail: vnnarayanan@yahoo.com                 Taipei, Taiwan 10663
                                              Phone: 02-33651500 ext. 200
Florida (Joint UHAA/EWCA)                     E-mail: tekao@ntu.edu.tw
Dr. Edward Schwerin                           E-mail2: dir@lttc.org.tw
(ASDP 99, 00)
Director, Interdisciplinary Studies           Wellington
Florida Atlantic University                   Mrs. Daphne Bell
Dept. of Political Science                    (ISI 61-63, OEA 03, ASSOC 06)
2912 College Avenue                           Councillor
Davie, FL 33314                               Hamilton City Council
Phone: 954-236-1132                           Hamilton
Fax: 954-236-1150                             New Zealand
E-mail: schwerin@fau.edu                      E-mail: daphne.bell@council.hcc.govt.nz

Dr. David Jones
(ASDP 95-96, 98, 00, 04)
Center for the Development of Asian Studies
Kennesaw State University
1000 Chastain Road, #2206
Kennesaw, Georgia 30144-5591
Phone: 770-423-6596
E-mail: djones7459@aol.com

Ho Chi Minh
Dr. Truong quang Tam
(RSCH 99)
Institute of Tropical Biology
85 Tran Quoc Toan, Quan 3
Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 84-8-9325831
Fax: 84-8-9320355
E-mail: moso05@yahoo.com

Dr. Aditi Apa Pant
(ISI 66-69)
University of Pune
Department of Botany
Pune 411 007
Maharashtra, India
Phone: 91-212-338234
E-mail: aditi.pant@vsnl.net

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