THE KEY THE FIGHT by yaohongm


									                                                                                       S P R I N G           2 0 0 8

T H E       Q U A R T E R L Y             N E W S L E T T E R                 O F      L I F E      F O U N D A T I O N

 ........                                                                                             TO
    Established in 1983,
     Life Foundation is a
   non-profit tax-exempt
      organization that is
   dedicated to stopping
the spread of HIV and to
assisting people who are
              living with
                               Life Foundation’s free and
    Anyone seeking HIV                                        IN HIS OWN WORDS:
                             anonymous HIV testing is
           information or
  assistance can call the
                             the cornerstone of our fight      GETTING TESTED FOR HIV
                             to prevent the spread of HIV
      Life Foundation at
                             in Hawai‘i.
                                                              “I recently came in twice for HIV testing while I was
           808-521-AIDS                                       back visiting the islands. I walked into your location
(521-2437). All services       Since staring the rapid
  are free and absolutely    HIV testing program in           extremely nervous, as taking an HIV test will make
             confidential.    September of 2007, Life          someone that way.
                             Foundation has administered
       Life Foundation       nearly 1,000 HIV tests to the    As soon as I entered, I was greeted with a smile.
   677 Ala Moana Blvd.       public.                          The service was quick, and I was seen by two help-
              Suite 226        With rapid testing, our        ful counselors, Mia and Keli’i. They made the 20
    Honolulu, HI 96813       HIV prevention specialists       minute waiting time much easier to deal with by
        (808) 521-2437       can give the results in less                                       just talking story with me. It really helped me relax.
                             than 20 minutes. Results for
                             older methods of HIV testing     They also did a very good job educating me on HIV
                             took one to two weeks, and       risk and prevention.”
                             because of this wait, nearly                                               - Anonymous
                             20 percent of the people Life
                             Foundation tested did not         Testing is available Monday
                             return to get their results.
                               In addition to providing
                                                             through Friday, 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m at         SO FAR
                                                                                                      IN 2008, LIFE
                                                             our office, or make an appointment
                             testing in our office, Life      after hours by calling 521-AIDS.
                             Foundation’s prevention                                                 FOUNDATION HAS
                             team goes out into the public   Pictured: Keli‘i Abordo, HIV           ADMINISTERED MORE
                             to offer remote testing at      prevention specialist, at Papakolea      THAN 400 HIV
                             public parks, beaches, bars,    Community Park where he does                 TESTS.
                             and clubs.                      outreach and remote HIV testing.
      . . . . . . . . A MESSAGE FROM
     2007-08                     OUR EXECUTIVE
     BOARD OF                    DIRECTOR
                                 Aloha,                               velopment as-
           President                                                  sistance to the
           HARRY BYERLY             As I write this, I am think-      Clint Spencer
    Vice President               ing of two things that happened      Clinic at
      BRUCE SHIRAMIZU            yesterday. I turned 58 years old     Leahi Hospital
        Hawai‘i AIDS Clinical    and I submitted a federal grant      and the Life
          Research Program       in partnership with the Clint        Foundation.
                                 Spencer Clinic.                      The clinic,
2nd Vice President
       MICHAEL GARCIA               The first item, while a per-       which cur-
         Oceanic Time Warner     sonal milestone, caused me to        rently serves
                                 think of HIV positive people         about 120 HIV
          Treasurer              I have met over the years and        patients, is a
             TRACY WOO
                                 their struggles to survive. In the   largely vol-
           Secretary             early years of the Life Founda-      unteer effort
      RON CANNERELLA             tion, most clients did not live to   of the Hawaii
         Department of Land      see 40. The quilt panels of those    AIDS Clini-
         & Natural Resources     days, like the Viet Nam Wall, are    cal Research                          tive relationship between Life
             Members             largely the stories of young men     Program.                              Foundation and the Spencer
         NATALIE ACZON           who left us too soon.                   For the past four years, a Life    Clinic in the future as many of
             Starbucks Coffee       In recent years, as I begin to    Foundation case manager has           the pioneering AIDS doctors in
                                 perceive 60 as a distinct possi-     visited the clinic at least twice a   Hawaii begin to retire. I’ll tell
          LEHUA BONGO            bility rather than a scary abyss,    month to meet with people who         you more as this develops.
     Juvenile Detention Center
                                 I found myself sending 50th and      are there for medical care.              In the meantime, Happy
       CLIFFORD CHANG            60th birthday greetings to Life         The case manager helps             Birthday to the three clients
               Pacific Islands    Foundation clients. Can 70 be        these clients with non-medical        who will turn 40 before the next
     Primary Care Association    far behind?                          issues that would tend to have        issue of Lifelines, and to the one
   FERNANDO DE HOYOS                Hawaii has one of the oldest      an impact on their healthcare,        who turns 50, the two who will
      Volunteer & Community      populations of people living         things like public and private
               Representative                                                                               pass the 60 mark and, speak-
                                 with AIDS and I guess we             health insurance and the ability      ing of 70, Happy Birthday to
      BABETTE GALANG             would like to keep it that way       to acquire the lifesaving AIDS        our client who crosses that line
             Papa Ola Lokahi     by helping people survive as         medications.                          before the end of June.
BALRAM GANGARAM, MD              long as possible and by keeping         The grant funds will help us
                  Pediatrician   younger people from joining the      evaluate and improve the medi-
        TRAVIS N. GRAY           group.                               cal and social services delivered
         University of Hawai‘i      The federal grant, if success-    at the clinic and will result in a    Paul Groesbeck
                   Foundation    ful, will provide capacity de-       more formalized and produc-           Executive Director

                                                                422                         661                      5,609
   The Queen’s Medical Center
            JIM JENNINGS
                                             THIS         People Tested  Number Of      Prevention
           DAN MOLNAR                                        For HIV    Active Clients Contacts Made
                                                                                          By Life
                                                                  20                          26
             AssistGuide, Inc.

          ROBZ YAMANE                STATS FROM            HIV-Positive  Number Of
           Cox Radio Hawaii         THIS QUARTER             People     Meals Served                                       14
               ALAN YUE                   AT LIFE          Registered   Through Life Clients Served
               PreNetSys, Inc.
                                     FOUNDATION              as Life
                                                                          Hot Meals
                                                                                        By Our New
                                                                                       Mental Health
                                                             Clients      Program        Program
   This year, Life Foundation is applying for CARF
(Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation
Facilities) accreditation, which will help us meet                                                           ........
the many challenges we face in achieving quality
outcomes for HIV-positive clients while maintaining
a healthy bottom line and ensuring long-term
organizational survival.
                                                                                                             With A
   CARF accrediation will give Life Foundation                                                               Purpose
a seal of approval that shows our services and
organizational structure are the best they can be.                                                           ... make your next event a Party
Other CARF accredited organizations in Hawaii
                                                                                                             With A Purpose by making
include the Salvation Army and Easter Seals.
                                                                                                             your birthday, anniversary or
What is accreditation?                                                                                       barbecue a fundraiser for Life
  Once an organization is CARF-accredited, it                                                                Foundation! Making a differ-
means it has passed an in-depth review. Further, it                                                          ence in the fights against HIV in
indicates that the organization has met rigorous CARF guidelines for service and quality -- a qualified       Hawaii & the Pacific couldn’t
endorsement that conforms to nationally and internationally recognized service standards and is focused
                                                                                                             get any easier! Contact Don
on delivering the most favorable results for clients.
                                                                                                             Bentz at (808) 521-2437, ext.
Why choose CARF?                                                                                             238, or dbentz@lifefoundation.
  Because accreditation is a seal of approval announcing to clients that an organization provides            org for details!
services focused on their unique needs. It is a sign of assurance to third-party payors and governmental
regulators that internationally recognized standards have been met. Moreover, it is a tool for quality
  The value of accreditation is more than a certificate hanging on the wall. It is evidence that an
organization strives to improve efficiency, fiscal health, and service delivery -- creating a foundation for
consumer satisfaction.                                                                                       ........
  The human service field, including all stakeholders, develops the standards that are applied on CARF
and CARF-CCAC surveys. The standards represent current and future thinking about quality.
  Organizations that have participated in an accreditation survey demonstrate:                               LifeLines is the quarterly
   • A higher degree of internal quality                                                                     newsletter of Life
   • Greater involvement of persons served in their services                                                 Foundation.
   • Increased cohesion among staff members at all levels within the organization
                                                                                                             Comments and questions
   • Enhanced status of the surveyed services within the community
                                                                                                             can be sent to:
  When an organization is accredited, the public can be assured that it is committed to continually
improving the quality of services and your organization’s focus is on service outcomes and customer          Life Foundation
feedback and satisfaction.                                                                                   Melanie Moore
                                                                                                             677 Ala Moana Blvd.
                                                                                                             Suite 226
What is CARF?
                                                                                                             Honolulu, HI 96813
  Founded in 1966, CARF is an international, independent, nonprofit accreditor of human service
                                                                                                             808-521-2437 ext. 252
providers and networks. Accreditation services are provided throughout the CARF family of          
organizations, which includes CARF International, CARF Canada, and CARF-CCAC.

What is CARF’s mission?
  CARF’s mission is to promote the quality, value, and optimal outcomes of services through a
consultative accreditation process that centers on enhancing the lives of persons served.

Life Foundation is excited about this new step to ensure our services are the best they can be. We will
update you in a future newsletter about the process and our accrediation.
      HELP THE
 Life Foundation is proud
 to provide meals twice a
week to clients - lunch on
Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m.
   and dinners on Fridays
                                From left: Life Foundation founder Jack Law; Life Foundation founder Dr. David McEwan; and Life
at 6:30 p.m. These meals        Foundation Executive Director, Paul Groesbeck.
      provide a chance for
    clients to socialize, get
   a good meal, and learn
                                RECOGNIZING 15 YEARS OF LEADERSHIP
   about all the resources       Mahalo to everyone who made Paul’s 15th anniversary celebration a success! On January 19th, Life
Life Foundation provides.       Foundation honored its executive director, Paul Groesbeck, for his 15 years of service. The event was
         Life Foundation is     hosted by Life Foundation founders, Jack Law and Dr. David McEwan.
        currently in need of     More than 200 people attended the event, recognizing Paul’s achievement and raising funds to sup-
  volunteers to help make       port Life Foundation’s ongoing fight against AIDS.
         this great program
                                OAHU DINED!
        Make a difference         A big thanks to our restaurants
     by volunteering as a       who participated in Oahu Dines on
    server today! To sign       February 27th! Please patron these
   up, call Laarni at 521-      restaurants throughout the year
   2437 or email lflores@        to thank them for supporting Life      Foundation.
                                Downtown Honolulu:
                                 Brasserie Du Vin
                                 Chai’s Island Bistro
                                 Le Guignol Restaurant
                                 Soul de Cuba Café
                                                                      Staff from Chai’s Island Bistro during Oahu Dines.
                                 Baci Bistro                           Diamond Head Market and           Big City Diner - Ward
                                 Boots and Kimo’s                        Grill                           The Wedding Café
                                                                       India Café

                                 Cinnamon’s Restaurant
                                                                      Manoa:                            Oahu Dines 2008 was
                                                                       The Wedding Café                 sponsored by Honolulu
                                 12th Avenue Grill                                                      Magazine, Honolulu
                                                                      University Area:
                                 JJ Bistro and French Pastry                                            Weekly, Cox Radio,
                                                                       Los Chaparros Mexican
                                Kapolei:                                                                Communications Pacific,
                                 Hapa Grill                                                             and Oceanic Time Warner
                                Kapahulu:                             Ward:                             Cable.
                                 Dee Thai Restaurant                   Ben and Jerry’s
   The 17th annual Honolulu
AIDS Walk is scheduled
for Sunday, April 20th.
The Walk is an easy 5k
around Kapiolani Park.                                                                                 ........
Registration starts at 8:00
a.m., and the Walk starts
at 9:00 a.m., followed by                                                                              to our
entertainment, a health                                                                                Sponsors!
fair, and free coffee from
Starbucks.                                                                                             A big mahalo to the sponsors
   In its 17th year, the                                                                               of the 2008 Honolulu AIDS
Honolulu AIDS Walk                                                                                     Walk!
remains the largest AIDS
public awareness event                                                                                 Platinum Sponsors:
                                                                                                        Big Dogs
in Hawaii. Walkers ask                                                                                  Oceanic Time Warner Cable
friends and family to                                                                                   Starbucks Coffee
support their participation,                                                                            The Walking Company
raising funds for Life
Foundation. The Honolulu                                                                               Gold Sponsors:
                                                                                                        Cable Positive
AIDS Walk is a great way
                                                                                                        Hot 93.9
for the community to show                                                                               Island 98.5
their support for people                                                                                Kaiser Permanente
living with HIV and AIDS                                                                                Nordstrom
in Hawaii, as well as raise                                                                             Star 101.98
valuable public awareness
                                                                                                       Silver Sponsors:
about the importance of                                                                                 City and County of Honolulu
HIV testing.                                                                                            Hawaii Tourism Authority
   Last year, the Honolulu                                                                              Hawaiian Waters
AIDS Walk raised more                                                                                     Adventure Park
than $175,000 to support Life Foundation’s services, drawing more than 2,000 walkers and volunteers.    The Honolulu Advertiser
                                                                                                        Vacation Internationale
This year, Life Foundation hopes to raise more than $200,000. Teams remain an integral part of the
                                                                                                        Vacations Hawaii
Walk’s success. Participants can form teams with friends or co-workers, and create a team webpage
to promote their fundraising efforts. Teams registered for the 2008 Honolulu AIDS Walk include         Bronze Sponsors:
Starbucks, UH School of Social Work, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Friends, U.S. Army             Boehringer Ingelheim
Recruiting, and MAC Cosmetics.                                                                          Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand
   Individual and team walkers can register online at, call 521-AIDS, or
                                                                                                       Copper Sponsors:
pick up a registration brochure at any Starbucks or Kaiser Permanente location.                         808 Energy
                                                                                                        Aloha Care
                                                                                                        Argosy University
                                                                                                        Bank of Hawaii

                                                                                                        Procare Pharmacy
 The gay/straight student clubs at Hawaii Pacific University, Chaminade University, and University
of Hawaii Manoa are holding an event to spread awareness about the GLBT community and to

benefit local organizations, including the Life Foundation.
 The event is called “Night of Kings and Queens” and will include a belly-dancing show by the
Shakti Dance Movement, a performance by SINdustry, a DJ, and raffle prizes! Food is provided by
Big City Diner.
 The event is to be held at the Hawaiian Hut next to the Ala Moana Hotel on April 25, 2008, Friday,
from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. The tickets are $5 presale and $10 at the door. 18 and over, 21 to drink.
Tickets and more information are available at and or email nkqtickts@
     ........               Businesses & Organizations
         DONOR              A-1 Veterans Bicycles
                            A.H. Builders
                                                               Design Asylum
                                                                                                   Norman Home For Healing
                                                                                                   Odyssey Magazine
        PROFILE             Ala Wai Watermark Development      GUAHAN Project                      Pacific Bar Associates, LTD
                               Group                           Hawaii AIDS Education & Train-      Pfizer, Inc.
                            Aloha Care                            ing Center                       Punahou School
                            Aloha United Way                   Hawaii State Department of Health   Region IX Office of Women’s
                            Altres, Inc.                       Honolulu Theatre Center                Health
                            Asian & Pacific Islander American   Janra Enterprises                   Servco Foundation
                               Health Forum                    Kapolei High School                 Tenet Healthcare Foundation
                            Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness   Kumu Kahua Theatre                  The Imperial Court of Hawaii
                               Center                          Lifestyle Maui                      Tibotec Therapies
                            Association For LGBT Issues In     Macy’s West United Way Cam-         U.S. Centers For Disease Control
                               Counseling                         paign                               & Prevention
                            Boehringer Ingelheim               Ministries Foundation               U.S. Office of Minority Health
                            City & County of Honolulu          Manoa Valley Theatre                United Airlines Employee Giving
                            Claiborne Foundation               National Alliance of State & Ter-      Account
                            Clear Channel Radio                   ritories AIDS Directors          Watanabe Florist
          Natalie           Cox Radio Hawaii                   Nordstrom                           Xerox
           Years Of         Individuals
         Support: 12        Gregory Abbey              Leonard Carman            Kunane Dreier               William Haning, III &
               Why:         Natalie Aczon              Stephanie Castillo        Bill Duval                    Libby Char
“I have supported Life      Jean Adair-Leland          Kanoe Cazimero            Mitch Eddings               Jean Hankin
Foundation all these        Wanda A. Adams             Robert Cazimero           Jeffery Eldredge            Joyce Harbottle
 years because of the       Leslie Ah Sam              Kyle Chang                Kevin Esona                 Jean Harling
 work they do in AIDS       Richard Alhambra           Nani Chang                Timothy Falls               Scott S. Hashimoto
     awareness and the      Shelly & Jesse Andrews     Chai Chaowasaree          William Feltz               Ralph Heidenreich
                            Anonymous (17)             Helen Chaves              Charles Ferrell (In         Virginia Henderson
  support they give to
                            Andrea Armitage            Mario Chavez                 memory of Vincent        Lyle Herman, Psy.D.
      people living with
                            Catherine Au Hoy           Melissa Chee                 Souhichek)               Eduardo Hernandez
   AIDS, here in Hawaii.
                            Ernie & Alison Baclig      Alexander Cheng           Cynthia M. Fisher           Thomas L. Hilgers
 Through my 12 years
                            Wade Bahn & Monoiki        Geri Ching                Dr. Jennifer Frank          Paula Honda
with Life Foundation,
                              Ah Nee                   Stephen Chock             Marvin Fukuchi              James A. Hortelano
       the face of AIDS
                            Janet Bailey-Yoshino       Carol T. Chun             Lei Fukuhara                Elizabeth House
  has changed, from a       Barry Baker                Lawrence Conley           Carol Fukunaga              Barry Huebert
   disease with a death     Warren Banao               William F. Connolly       David K. Furtado            Dr. Robert Huey
    sentence to one of      Dr. Thomas Barlow          Paul & Betty Cool         Babette Galang              Harry & Nina E.
       ‘living and LIFE’.   Richard Barton             Carl Cordes               Balram Gangaram &             Huntington
                            Brooks Bays                Eugenio Corpuz               Marcus Gannan            Bernice Hwang
  I’ve lost my brother
                            Matt Bedard                Paul Cravath              Michael Garcia              Steven K. Idemoto
 and a number friends
                            Donald L. Bentz            Richard Criley            Robert Gardiner             Doris Inafuku
    to this disease and
                            Carl & Margaret Berger     Sharleen Cruz-Perez       Victor Geminiani            India Cafe
      feel that there is
                            Leah Bernstein             Richard & Myrna Cundy     Shinye & Pauline Gima       Kelly Irvine
       a lot more work
                            Mike Bredenbeck            Pamela Cunningham         Harvey Gochros              Gary James
         we need to do,     The Rev. John Breinich     Eleanora Dalton           Dr. Cyril K. Goshima &      Kate Janczyk
especially in the work      Tim Brown                  Dwight H Damon               Barry Baker              James Jensen
     of awareness and       Matt & Kristen Brummel     Felicia Davis             Scott Gossett & Randy       Dr. David John
 knowledge. Because         Jon Bryant                 Jeffrey Davis                Moorman                  Kandice L. Johns
         there are still    Arlene Buchholz            Fernando De Hoyos         Paul Gracie                 Susan Johnson
    pockets of people       Manuel Buenconsejo         Malia De Ramos            John Granville              Susan Johnston
  out there that think      Kathleen & Vernon C.       Charles Degala            Travis N. Gray & Jon        Freddie Jordan
     that the disease is

                              Bunch                    Ramon Del Barrio             Orque                    Mark Kadota
 over….and it is not….      Mark & Margaret            Gaylord Dela Cruz         Carsie Green                Jamie Kahale
    and that there are        Burgessporter            Geraldine Dela Pena       Christopher Gregory         The Rev. Abraham Kahu
 people living healthy      Billy Butchkavitz          John Desjardins           Paul S. Groesbeck             Akaka
        and productive      Harry Byerly               Kevin A. DeVera           Margaret & Tom Gulick       Yasuto Kaihara
  lives with it and Life    Thomas & Patricia          Weena & Gary Dietzman     Ottina Haight               Beverly Kaku
  Foundation is there         Cabrinha                 Xuan-Lan Doan             Dawn Hall                   Lori E. Kamemoto, MD,
               to help.”    James Cairl                Frederick A. Dodge        Staci Hanashiro               MPH
Individuals, con’t...
Marguerite Kapanui        Bob McClay               Johan Ronningen            Joy S. Torii              ........
Wayne Karimoto            John McComas &           Heather Ross               Ricardo D. Trimillos
Gabriele Kasper             Christine Kobayashi    Linda Rotness              Stephen Tschudi
Hisayo Katsumoto
Stacy Kawamura
                          Dr. David B. McEwan
                          Joseph McIlhone
                                                   Michael Rubin
                                                   Mary Delores Rupard
                                                                              Marian Tsukayama
                                                                              Pamela Tsuru              PROFILE
Donavan Kealoha           Keith McMillan           Genie & Bill Sakaguchi     Steven S. Tupper
Gardner Kealoha           Janice Meeker            Martha G. Samson           Elizabeth Turner
Deborah Mary K. Kelsey    Eric Mehmen              Max N. Sandoval            Roland Turner
Nancy S. Kern             Kenneth & Judith         Rocco Sansone              Richard Valasquez
Rick & Jesse Kiakona        Mehmen (In honor of    Charles W. Santiago, Jr.   Dionicio Valenzuela
Brian Kim                   Eric Mehmen)           Ray Sasaki                 Kody VanBuskirk
Kenneth and Mabel Kim     Peter Meredith           Christophe Sawai           Catherine Malia
Faye Kimura               Guy Merola & Mark        Richard Schmidt               Vandervoot
Milton Kimura               Wong                   Sylvia Schmidt             Jerry Vogler (In memory
Nathaniel Kinney          Daniel Sung Hoy Mew      Tom Schnell                   of Ted)
Mari Kishimoto            Kerry Mews               Albert J Schutz            Johnny Wandasan
Dr. Charles Kiyooka &     Stanton Michels          Barry & Renee Shain        The Waring/Ouellette
  Phatchara Ulomsin       Roger Mies               David Shaw & Dr.              Family
Kelly Knowles             Fred Mikawa                 Thomas Kane             Sean Watabayashi
Sanford Komatsu           Gregory Mills &          Thomas C. Sheeran &        Edward Watson & Paul
Cynthia Kubas               Yoshinori Otani           Michael Cheang             Garcia
Cynthia Kulin             Craig Mishina            Helene Shenkus             Jenifer Weaver
Donald Kyles              Patricia Miyake          Kristin Shigemura          Eldon L. Wegner           Carolyn
Summer J. La Croix        Shelley Miyasato         Jodi Shimabukuro           Rike Weiss                Quan
Kitty Lagaretta           Daniel A. Molnar         Arlene Shiraishi           Paul Wermager             The Quan
Yara Lamadrid-Rose        Melanie Moore            Dr. Carlton A. Shiraki     John Whalen               Gallery
Joyce Laport              Roy Morita               Dr. Bruce Shiramizu        Jill Wheatman
Arnold V. Latti           Ann Moriyasu             Gloria Shishido            Burton White              Years Of
Benita D. Lau             Michael & Carol Mork     Laura & Steven Short (In   Peter Whiticar            Support: 1
Rocco Laudadio            Donald Munro                memory of Chuck)        Charles Whitten           Why:
Renee Lavallee            Lane Muraoka             Peter Silva                Heather Williams          Giving back has
Jack Law                  William C. Musisk, II    Katja Silvervaa &          Keoni Williams            always been an
Baron B. Lee              Raegene T. Nakamura         Princeton Gapas         Mark Wilson               important aspect
Bryon Lee                 Denise Nakano            Jerry Simmons              Gary Wiseman & Earl       in my life. I have
Michael Lee               Robert Nathanson         Gwen E. Sinclair              Walker                 been blessed
Miki Lee                  Gregory E. Northrop      Gordon Smith               Wendell Wo                with a gift of
John Venizelos Levas      Dean Nushida             Aruturo Solis              Pamela Wolfe              creativity and
Alan Levy                 Alayne Ohta              Bronwen Solyom             Howard Wong               by giving of that
Mark Lierman              Kevin Okada              Adm. Poha                  Jerry P. G. Wong          gift and sharing
Manolo & Susan Lizaso     Wayne & Carolyn             Sonoda-Burgess          Tracy Timothy Woo         it with others, I
Micheleann Lospol           Okunaga                David Squeri               Annie Worth               feel that I am truly
The Rev. Julie Love (In   Marty Oliphant           Laura L. Staley            Pleonpit Wuttayagon       fulfilling my life’s
  memory of Kirk          Rep. Blake K. Oshiro     Scott Staub                Robz Yamane               purpose.
  Cashmere)               Russell Pang             Daniel Stumpf              Lee Yarbrough
Charles Lyden             Stacie Pascual           Travis Sutton              Corinne Yazawa
                                                                                                        The community
The Rev. Scott Mac-       Fred Pattachia           Tom Swedenburg             Mark Yee
                                                                                                        has been very
  Gowan                   Trudy Pedro              Christopher Sy             Tami Yorimoto
                                                                                                        supportive of me
Bob Madison               Pamela Peterson          Andrew Tabar               Melven Yoshimoto
Stephen Magan             Dr. Francis Pien         Fred & Lisa Tadda          Charlene Young
                                                                                                        as an artist and
Jeanette Magoon           Theodore Plaister        Mario Tadeo                Alan Yue
                                                                                                        of my work and
Susan Mah                 Wilfred D. Posten, Sr.   Karen Taira                Debra H. Yuen
                                                                                                        it is my heartfelt
Diedre T. Maika           Catherina Pudwill        Dane K. Takanishi          Leighton Yuen & Brian
                                                                                                        desire to support
 Malama Pono              Jesus Puerto             Tanna Takekawa Dang           White
                                                                                                        a foundation
Nolan Malone              William Pulaski          Tod-Casey Takeuchi                                   that supports
                                                                              Joseph Zaremba
                                                                                                        the wellness and

Taryn M. Manoi            Shannon Putnam           Jim & Linda Tam            Deb Zeller
Ann Marten                Carolyn Quan             Alan Tamai                                           health of this
Watters Martin &          Robert Rainey            Jan M. Tamura                                        community and
                                                                              (Donations between Dec.
  Christina Hassell       Tom Ramsey & Zen         Steven & Amy Tatik         24, 2007 and April 1,
                                                                                                        others whose
Mark Mastro               Richard Reese & Jon      Alvin Toda                 2008; Honolulu AIDS
                                                                                                        lives are affected
Keevan Matsumoto          Darlene Reynon           Ed Toma                    Walk donors not in-
                                                                                                        by AIDS/HIV.
Jack Morton Mattice       Doug Rigg                Hannah Tomita              cluded.)
Terry Mauney              Marcia Roberts-Deutsch   Priscilla Tong
                                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE PAID
........                                                                           HONOLULU, HI
                                                                                   PERMIT NO 966
677 Ala Moana Blvd. Suite 226
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Phone: 808-521-2437
Fax: 808-521-1279


                         Join us for the 17th annual

                         HONOLULU AIDS WALK
                                    Sunday, April 20, 2008
                                    Kapiolani Park Bandstand
                                    Registration: 8 a.m. , walk starts: 9 a.m.
                                    Great prizes and entertainment!

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