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PowerPoint Presentation - Datexx


									Datexx UltraBattery

 Out of Power , Again ?
   Waiting for the important
         phone call…
• Cell phone battery running low…
          No More Worry!

• Datexx UltraBattery is like 4 cell phone
  batteries in one little box

• Keep Talking !
• Keep Playing !
     Precharge UltraBattery
• Overnight charging with provided
• Or Optional car charger
 Endless power in the pocket
• Connect your cell phone, MP3, iPod via
  USB cord and selected cell phone tip
• Talk away without worry!!!
         Music or Games?
• Ultra power like 4 iPod batteries
• Sony PSP or Ninendo games
• No need to buy more batteries!
         PDA, BlackBerry

• Non Stop Emails ! Always in service !
      Endless Connection
• USB cord and most popular cell phone
  tips (Motorola,Nokia,Samsung,LG,
  RazR tips), Charger all included.
• USB Twin cord - charges up to 2 cell
  phones at a time.
• More connection tips available!
             Travel Light
• Leave multiple chargers home !
• UltraBattery serve like a multi-task
  charger for USB devices
       Better for the Earth
• Easy on the pocketbook
• Win - Win Solution !

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