Trinity News by yaohongm


									Trinity News
         April 2007
        Volume LXIII    No. 4
           March 27, 2007

Great God, your love has called us here,
  as we, by love, for love were made.
   Your living likeness still we bear,
though marred, dishonored, disobeyed.
 We come, with all our heart and mind
  your call to hear, your love to find.
Great God, in Christ you call our name
   and then receive us as your own,
not through some merit, right, or claim,
    but by your gracious love alone.
 We strain to glimpse your mercy seat
   and find you kneeling at our feet.
  Great God, in Christ you set us free
  your life to live, your joy to share.
      Give us your Spirit’s liberty
  to turn from guilt and dull despair,
     and offer all that faith can do
  while love is making all things new.     (ELW #358)
             TRINITY CHURCH
  The nave of the church will be open from 9 a.m. through 4 p.m.,
       Monday – Friday, during Holy Week to allow time for
                   daily meditation and prayer.
              Take a break. Trinity is a place to pray.

           SUNDAY OF THE PASSION (Palm Sunday)
                 April 1 at 8 a.m. & 10 a.m.
             The Holy Eucharist with First Communion
                 (Education Hour at 8:50 a.m.)
       The Way of the Cross featuring Vox Triniti at 7 p.m.

                  Prayers at Noon in Christ Chapel

                     MAUNDY THURSDAY
               April 5 at Noon and 7 p.m. in the Nave
                          The Holy Eucharist
                       Foot Washing (optional)

                          GOOD FRIDAY
               April 6 at Noon and 7 p.m. in the Nave
                    The Adoration of the Crucified

                        April 7 at 7:30 p.m.
          (Gathering on the Green for the Service of Light)
           The First Holy Eucharist of the Easter Season
  Following the Vigil, there will be a festive reception in Jeppson Hall

                      April 8 at 8 a.m. & 10 a.m.
                        (No Education Hour)
The Great Three Days are the anchor of the Christian year. From sundown
on Maundy Thursday to sundown on Easter Day, the church retells the whole
story of salvation history. It’s a long and sweeping saga! It proclaims not
only how God loved the world and gave us life from the very beginning – but
also how God, in the end, loved the world to death so that we might be given
new life.

The first of the three days, Maundy Thursday, holds a dual focus. The first is
our Lord’s command “to love one another” (the Latin mandatum, from which
we get the word, Maundy, which means “command”). The second is our
Lord’s promise to be present in the Meal, whenever we “eat and drink in
remembrance of him.”

Good Friday brings us again to the cross of Christ and the story of the
passion and death of Jesus. Lifted high upon the tree, (a recollection of our
demise at the tree in Eden) God reverses the plight of our alienation,
transforms our existence and draws the whole world to himself.

And, at the great Vigil of Easter we arrive at the culmination of not only the
Great Three Days but of the church’s entire celebration of redemption. The
festivities last for fifty days (a week of weeks!).

In all of this, we are not merely commemorating events from the past; we are
participating in the very mystery at the center of our lives. Baptized into
Christ’s death and resurrection, the church journeys with Christ from
darkness to light, from sadness to joy, from death to life.

As the hymn printed on the cover of this newsletter reminds us: Great God
your love has called us here….”
                    Jessica Sutherland, President
At our March meeting, the Council heard a report from Nancy Person, chair of Trinity’s
Personnel Committee. This Committee was recently involved in the front office
reorganization and is working on job descriptions, performance evaluation practices, and
an Employee Handbook, among other tasks. The Council is grateful to this committee for
all of their important contributions to date.

We also heard updates on ongoing projects. These include: contacting potential recipients
for our remaining LBWs; waiting, along with the Pastoral Call Committee, for the New
England Synod to suggest possible candidates; reviewing the congregational Skills &
Interests sheets and determining next steps; organizing the team of Council and Finance
Commission members who now count our offerings on Sunday mornings; and planning
for the March 18 coffee hour, during which there will be a review of the 2006 Annual
Congregation Report.

Treasurer Paul Foster reported that WPI has agreed to lease several parking lot spaces
from us from March 13 to May 5, with an option to renew. The New England Synod
Convention will be held in Worcester at the DCU Center on June 7 – 9. Trinity may send
up to two lay delegates. Carolynn Mathisen volunteered to serve as one of the delegates;
anyone who would like to attend the Convention as Trinity’s second delegate may
contact me or one of the pastors.

Our Council has embarked on a stewardship study, using the book “Giving to God” by
Mark A. Powell as our guide. Pastor Nachtigal led us in a lively discussion of
stewardship as an act of worship and as an expression of faith. We wrestled with
questions of why we go to church, whether we view our place in the world as one of
ownership or of stewardship, why it is a “high privilege” to be called a steward of God,
and what would happen if God truly was in charge of our finances.

Our Parish Action plans call for us to grow significantly in stewardship of ourselves, our
time and our possessions, and also in our stewardship of Creation. To that end, we are
forming a Stewardship Team at Trinity that will learn more about what it means to be
good stewards and that will also identify ways to enable good stewardship practices at
Trinity. The overall focus of this team, as Powell states in his book, will be to
“understand stewardship as a way of life, indeed as the way of life for people who belong
to God.” If you are interested in being part of this exciting, potentially life-changing
group, contact me or one of the pastors.
We also discussed next steps for our Parish Action plans including the possibility of radio
and or television broadcasts of worship at Trinity, plans for liturgical education, Vacation
Bible School and the potential involvement of Camp Calumet staff, and heard the regular
reports (Pastors, Director of Music, Director of Youth, Treasurers, and Commissions).
We discussed a recommendation from the Worship Commission to hold one liturgy (in
the Nave at 9 a.m.) instead of 8 and 10 a.m. services during the summer, and decided
against it for the time being. We are interested in hearing your feedback regarding this
suggestion, and we also eagerly seek your input on any of the other matters brought
before the Council.
We hope that you will join us for worship and prayer during Holy Week and on
Easter, and we wish you a blessed and joyful Easter.

    Sunday, April 22, 2007 is Earth Day!
    Your gifts to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal support our trusted partners in
    their work to care for creation.
    Lutheran World Relief trains and supports farmers who practice sustainable
      and organic agriculture. Their crops include fair trade coffee, tea, cocoa,
      chocolate, sugar, and palm fronds. Visit to order.
    ELCA domestic hunger grant recipients are turning empty lots into urban
      gardens in Chicago, Baltimore, and Omaha; teaching kids how to take care
      of the environment in Fort Wayne and Washington, D.C.; and promoting
      locally produced food in Iowa, Missouri, and Louisiana. Learn more at
    The Lutheran World Federation ( supports
     communities worldwide in sustainable development efforts, including solar
     power, water conservation, biodiversity preservation, and reforestation
    The 2007 Farm Bill is a key area of focus for the ELCA Washington Office.
     The Farm Bill regulates domestic nutrition programs (such as food stamps)
     and crop subsidies, and it influences environmental topics such as land
     stewardship and renewable energy. Learn about the issues and become an e-
     advocate at

                                                           ELCA World Hunger

                     TRINITY EARTHKEEPERS
“God writes the Gospel, not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the
flowers, and clouds and stars.” – Martin Luther

As part of our renewed commitment to the stewardship of Creation, Trinity is
forming an Earthkeepers group. To quote Awakening to God’s Call to
Earthkeeping by Kim Winchell (,
“faithful earthkeeping involves extending the justice, peace, reconciliation,
hope, and love of Christ to all creation. In caring for the Earth, we also
deepen our relationship with God and with one another, making our faith
more alive and relevant, in and to a broken world.”

The Trinity Earthkeepers will seek ways to increase our stewardship of
Creation both locally and globally, through bible study, books and films,
activities, and worship. We will actively seek opportunities for advocacy with
other faith-based groups in Worcester. We will also encourage
environmental tithing – that is, the reduction of our use of non-renewable
resources by at least 10 percent).

Our first Earthkeeping event at Trinity will be the celebration of Stewardship
of Creation Sunday in our worship and Sunday School classes on April 22,
which also happens to be Earth Day. As part of our celebration, we will
collect a special offering for the ELCA World Hunger Appeal (see previous

If you would like to join the Trinity Earthkeepers, please email Jessica
Sutherland at

                               READINGS FOR APRIL

April 1    Isaiah 50:4-9a       Psalm 31:9-16          Phil. 2:5-11       Luke 22: 14 – 23:56
April 8    Acts 10:34-43        Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24   1 Cor. 15: 19-26   Luke 24:1-12
April 15   Acts 5:27-32         Psalm 150              Rev. 1:4-8         John 20:19-31
April 22   Acts 9:1-6 [7-20]    Psalm 30               Rev. 5:11-14       John 21:1-19
April 29   Acts 9:36-43         Psalm 23               Rev. 7:9-17        John 10:22-30
        Trinity Lutheran’s New Adult Forums
                8:50 – 9:50 a.m. Sunday mornings with coffee

TRACK 1 (Luther’s Answers): “How does Martin Luther answer our
religious questions, anxieties, and uncertainties?” Each Sunday, Bob Hill
leads a discussion of this question in the Golden Room drawing on
Luther’s Small and Large Catechisms and on the interpretation offered by
theologian Carl Braaten.

                               Track (Topical)

An Easter Interlude: Jerusalem now and then: How can its present
urban configuration help us to imagine the passion story of two millennia

Apr. 1 (Palm Sunday) “Where was the path that Jesus followed as He
went from His trial to His crucifixion?” A slide presentation by Pastor Paul
Goetting in the Church Library.

Apr. 8 (Easter) No meeting or Sunday School

Third Series: Art & Christian faith. What have the visual arts to do
with religion?

Apr. 15 “How can the visual arts enhance our faith?” Talk/discussion led
by Joanna Fuller in Jeppson Hall.

Apr. 22 “What role have the visual arts played throughout Christian
history?” Talk/discussion led by Joanna Fuller.

Apr. 29 “Is there a distinctly, but not uniquely, Lutheran form of visual
arts?” Talk/discussion led by Joanna Fuller.

Fourth series: Our church (the ELCA) and American politics. Should
the ELCA seek to influence the political process? If so, why and

May 6 “What answers would Martin Luther urge upon the ELCA?”
Talk/discussion in Jeppson Hall.
                          Track 3 (Parenting)

An Easter Interlude: Jerusalem now and then: How can its present
urban configuration help us to imagine the passion story of two millennia
Apr. 1 (Palm Sunday) “Where was the path that Jesus followed as He
went from His trial to His crucifixion?” A slide presentation by Pastor Paul
Goetting in the Church Library.

Apr. 8 (Easter) No meeting or Sunday School

Third Series: Art & Christian faith. What have the visual arts to do
with religion?

Apr. 15 “How can the visual arts enhance our faith?” Talk/discussion led by
Joanna Fuller in Jeppson Hall.

Apr. 22 “What visual symbols can we use to explain the seasons of the
church year to our children?” Meeting In the church library.

Apr. 29 “How should we pray with younger children?” Meeting in the
church library.

Fourth series: Our church (the ELCA) and American politics. Should
the ELCA seek to influence the political process? If so, why and

May 6 “What answers would Martin Luther urge upon the ELCA?”
Talk/discussion in Jeppson Hall.
                                       ELCA NEWS
                        Compiled from the ELCA News Service Website

            DARFUR, SUDAN
                               From the ELCA website

Darfur has been described as one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises in recent
times. Even with the presence of international peacekeeping forces from the
African Union, the general security and humanitarian aid situation throughout
Darfur continues to worsen, and fears persist that Arab militia groups, backed by
the Sudanese government, are waging a campaign of ethnic cleansing.
Despite mediation efforts by the United Nations, and attempts to place more
peacekeeping troops in the area, there have been systematic, arbitrary executions of
civilians, rape and torture, along with the looting and burning of entire villages.

Fighting between rebel groups and the Janjaweed, a government-backed militia,
has directly affected more than two million people. At least 1.2 million people
have been displaced since early 2003. In all, six million people in Darfur have been
affected to some degree. More than 200,000 people have taken refuge in the
neighboring country of Chad.

The international community is keeping up the pressure on the Sudanese
government until it meets its commitments to disarm the militias who are accused
of committing atrocities against civilians in Darfur region, and to restore security
there so that those displaced people and refugees may return home.

The Sudanese government has limited access to the displaced people in Darfur,
complicating efforts by humanitarian organizations to alleviate their suffering. As a
result, very little help has reached the hundreds of thousands who need it.
Additionally, personnel from those relief agencies that are present in Darfur have
been threatened with violence. As a result, some agencies are actually withdrawing
from the region.
                     Refugees fleeing to neighboring Chad

Of the 213,000 refugees who have managed to cross into eastern Chad, over 75
percent are women and children. The refugees fled their homes with only a few
possessions as attacking militias looted and burned down their homes, stole
livestock, killed many people and raped women and young girls.

Even as the population in Darfur faces assaults and harassment, those fleeing to
Chad have also been subject to attacks by armed militias crossing over from
Sudan. The conflict has spilled into Chad, with cross-border raids that have also
killed Chadian civilians.

The border crossing between Chad and the Sudan is very           Thousands of refugees
fluid and in some cases only separated by shallow wadis          from Sudan have spilled
(dry river beds). The refugees are scattered along a 600-        into neighboring Chad,
kilometer border with the Sudan, not far from the Libyan         placing a further strain on
desert. This sparsely settled region is one of the most          communities already
remote and difficult to reach, with poor road conditions         stretched to the limit.
and limited or virtually non-existent communication links
and social services. Access to sufficient supplies of water
is an ongoing concern. With refugees in some cases
already outnumbering the local residents, the challenge is
to integrate them into these thinly populated and semi-arid
areas without further destabilizing local community life.

Basic needs not met
Most critical is the lack of food, water, food, shelter and
medicines. This particular region is beset by chronic food shortages, and the arrival
of thousand of Sudanese refugees has put additional pressure on a region suffering
from already limited resources, leaving the local populations highly vulnerable.
Limited access to food and inadequate distribution have mean that forty percent of
refugee children under the age of five suffer acute or chronic malnutrition, with a
20 percent mortality rate among those so affected.

Although water can be found 4 to 8 meters below the surface, it is accessible only
in small quantities. Water in some areas is abundant, but flooding makes these
areas completely inaccessible during the rainy season.
After malaria, acute respiratory infections, caused by harsh
weather conditions, are the second most frequent types of
diseases among refugees. A shortage of health care facilities,
services and trained health personnel in Chad has raised
infant mortality rates to more than one in every ten births.

HIV cases have doubled from 3.2 per cent of the population
in 1999 to 6.2 percent just one year later. According to
national statistics, HIV/AIDS left Chad with an estimated
72,000 orphans. In Sudan, approximately 500,000 cases have
been identified. Given reports of forced military recruitment
of minors, widespread rape and other forms of sexual
violence against girls and boys, the assumption is that armed
conflict and population movement both within Darfur and
into Chad has increased HIV infection rates.

The scarcity of pastureland for the significant numbers of
refugee cattle is another serious threat to both the animals
and an already overtaxed environment. If the local
populations are to reestablish themselves, the pastures must
not be allowed to become desert.

ELCA will accept donations for Darfur refugee relief
through its member congregations, or members may send
donations for relief efforts directly to the following address:

           ELCA International Disaster Response
                    P.O. Box 71764
                Chicago, IL 60694-1764

using the form printed on the next page. Please note “Darfur,
Sudan” or “International Disaster Response” on the check’s
memo line. To give by credit card, call (800) 638-3522, or
visit and click on “How You Can

More national church news is available through the
ELCA News Web log:
                   Together, we make a difference in
                       Darfur and all of Sudan
After years of conflict, described as one of the worst humanitarian crises
in modern times, there is hope for the people of Darfur, Sudan, with a new
peace accord mediated by the international community. Still, the situation
remains grave, as uncertainties persist. Fighting between rebel groups and
the militia groups, backed by the Sudanese government has affected more
than six million people. At least 1.2 million people have been displaced
within the region, and more than 200,000 have fled to neighboring Chad.
There have been systematic and arbitrary executions of civilians, rape,
torture, and the looting and burning of villages. The international
community is keeping up the pressure on the Sudanese government to
meet its commitments to disarm the militia accused of committing
atrocities and to restore security in the Darfur region.

The complexities of the crisis “can overwhelm and paralyze us, so that we
do nothing,” said ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson. “We must not let
this happen. Christ died and was raised so that we might be free. Free to
help our neighbor. Free to share God’s love with all creation. Free to love
one another. As children of this loving God, we are called to relieve
human suffering and work together for a just and lasting peace. Together
we can and do make a difference in Darfur and all of Sudan.”

ELCA International Disaster Response has committed $245,000 for work
in the Darfur region and Chad. Your generous contributions will help meet
critical needs—water, food, shelter, and medicines—and make a life-
saving difference.
Yes! I want to help!
! Darfur, Sudan $________ S9             ! All international disasters $________ D9


City___________________________________________________ State_____________ ZIP_____________

 Give through your congregation or directly to: ELCA International Disaster Response,
P.O. Box 71764, Chicago, IL 60694-1764. Note “Darfur, Sudan” or “International Disaster
       Response” on the check. To give by credit card, call (80) 638-3522, or visit
      and click on “How You Can Help.”
 Officers:                                  Other Council Members:
 Jessica Sutherland                              Ken Alderfer
      President                                  Lori Bradshaw            Elizabeth Conley
Joel Schur                                       Marilyn Hildick
      Vice-President                             Len Levin                    Carolynn Mathisen
Christina Short                                  Brian Mello
      Secretary                                  The Rev. Susan K. Nachtigal                    Amy Whitney
Paul Foster                                      Paula Wyble

To contact someone on the Council, e-mail and the
Parish Office will forward the messages or mail your note to Trinity Lutheran Church,
73 Lancaster Street, Worcester, MA 01609-3152.

                           PARISH STAFF CONTACTS

The Rev. Susan K. Nachtigal, Pastor             Mrs. Karen Allen, Office Manager
           (508) 829-0740                                Ms. Jennifer Peck, Youth Director
  The Rev. Randall K. Wilburn,          
           Interim Pastor                              Mrs. Heather J. Stapel
           (413) 687-5568                             TLC Christian Preschool            
 The Rev. Robert G. Goehrig, Jr.              Mr. John Ostlund, Senior Custodian
          Visitation Pastor                  Call him at Trinity at (508) 753-2989 Ext 16
           (508) 853-8466                            Articles or information
      Mr. Donald R. Meineke                            for the Trinity News
        Director of Music                                Deadline for May issue is April 20, 2007.
The administration of the sacraments, visitation of the sick and homebound
and instruction of the faithful are among our principal pastoral concerns. To
serve the Trinity community as faithfully as possible the following schedule
is provided to help you in your planning.

The Sacrament            Classes preparing parents and sponsors for the Sacrament
of Holy Baptism          of Holy Baptism are held in the Pastors’ offices on the
                         first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. Baptisms are
                         included as a part of the liturgy of the whole
                         congregation. To arrange for a baptism contact one of the
                         Pastors well in advance.

Preparation for          Couples desiring to be married at Trinity should contact
Marriage                 the pastoral staff at least six months in advance. A
                         sequence of three preparatory classes is required, the
                         scheduling of which should be confirmed when the date
                         of the marriage is established.

New Parish               Persons interested in joining the parish should indicate
Members                  their desire to the pastoral staff, be regular at worship and
                         plan to attend a sequence of four New Member Classes
                         which meet at 9:00 AM on Sunday mornings as

Hospital & Home          Kindly contact the parish office when a family member or
Communion                friend is admitted to the hospital or when illness or injury
                         prevents church attendance and the Sacrament is desired.

                      TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH
                      73 Lancaster Street, Worcester, MA. 01609
                      (508) 753-2989        Fax (508) 799-4023
                     Serving for the MONTH of APRIL
                          April 1st            April 8th             April 15th
  Lector 8:00 AM       Marilyn Hildick        Joel Schur            Jacob Schur
Lector 10:00 AM         Ruth Johnson       Rebecca Blodgett        Amy Whitney
Assisting Minister      Beth Axelson        Beth Axelson         Dwight Hubbard
Communion              Katherine Duffy     Katherine Duffy         Judy Hubbard
Assistants              Judy Hubbard        Judy Hubbard         Joyce Danielson
                       Dwight Hubbard      Dwight Hubbard         Tim O’Connor
Ushers                  Marc Peterson         Carol Hartz        Keith Anderson
                        Gordon Wallat       Robyn Casati           Susan Brown
                       Bruce Anderson        Jeris Stewart      William Toombs, Sr.
                          Gary Oja          Warren Tuttle          Robert Burns
                        Dominic Pope         Ryan Mahan              Alex Burns
                       Jonathan Stapel      Trevor Olson
                        Heidi Peterson
Acolytes                 Ryan Mahan          Ryan Mahan          Lara Underkoffler
                        Trevor Olson         Trevor Olson           Alex Burns
Altar Guild              Altar Guild          Altar Guild         Maja Blodgett
Bread Baker             Hjordis West        Sarah Okerlund         Hjordis West
                                          Jennifer O’Connor
                                           Nancy Fontneau
                                            Amy Anderson
                          April 22nd           April 29th
Lector 8:00 AM          Richard Grusell   Inger-Lise Kilcoyne
Lector 10:00 AM          Dawn Bennett         Paula Wyble
Assisting Minister       Beth Axelson       Dwight Hubbard
Communion               Katherine Duffy      Judy Hubbard
Assistants                Edith Levin       Cynthia Moberg-
                         Roland Levin            Foster
                                            Joyce Danielson
Ushers                  Robert Evans         Marc Peterson
                        Priscilla Evans      Gordon Wallat
                       Kenneth Nystrom      Bruce Anderson
                        Gordon Wallat           Gary Oja
                        Morgan Enders        Dominic Pope
                         Bruce Person       Jonathan Stapel
                                             Heidi Peterson
Acolytes                Colleen Chaffin       Joseph Mello
                         Jillian Wilson       Alana Doyle
Altar Guild               Karen Short          Adam Keck
                        Patti Cummings       Elizabeth Keck
Bread Baker               Jim Blodgett      Cynthia Moberg-
                   ! PASTORAL ACTS !
                    Concetta “Connie” Macris - 15.March
                       Mildred Jacobsen – 24.March

                         Dorothy Freeland – 1.April
                           Ruth Johnson – 3.April
                           Eva Bjorkman – 4.April
                           A. Emily Fred – 4.April
                         Oscar Christenson – 9.April
                         Warren Huntoon – 9.April
                         Linnea Loiselle – 10.April
                         Ralph Soderman – 21.April
                           Doris Stirlen – 22.April
                          Doris Carlberg – 23.April
                          John Kilcoyne – 29.April

                      Stephen & Karen Morris – 8.April
                       Shelby & Doris Bisel – 12.April
                        Paul & Marie Leary – 19.April
                      Roger & Arline Wilder – 22.April

Birthdays and anniversaries are noted each month after persons have
reached the age of 80 or have been married for twenty-five years or more.
Thereafter anniversaries are noted in five year increments until couples
celebrate fifty years and then every year after fifty years is reached. If we
missed your special date, know that the error was unintentional and inform
the parish office so that the record may be corrected.
                    Music at Trinity Church
                               Concert Series

                     The Way
                      of the
                    with Dietrich Buxtehude’s
                    “Jesu, Membra Nostri”

              featuring Worcester’s only professional choir

                     Vox Triniti
                         (Voice of the Trinity)
                    Sunday, April 1 at 7 p.m.                         change
                       Trinity Lutheran Church
              73 Lancaster Street + Worcester, MA 01609

 Vox Triniti, upon its formation, has become the second professional choir in
residence in an American Lutheran parish. Its mission is to present the music
    of the North German Renaissance and Baroque composers alongside
                      contemporary American composers.

                          BRIEFLY NOTED
There are many meaningful ways to serve as Trinity prepares for the liturgies
of Holy Week and Easter. Some of these tasks include: Palm branch
preparation/distribution and welcoming on the Trinity green; preparing for the
Easter Vigil fire; prepping the hand-held candles; preparing and carrying out
lighting adjustments; arranging and maintaining the Easter garden in the chancel
and around the font… and more. Sign up at the easel in the Jeppson Hallway
(there is still time!). “Doing church” is a wonderful way to learn and grow in
understanding our life of liturgy and worship. If you have any questions see
Pastor Nachtigal or Jessica Sutherland (chair of the Worship Commission).

Revisit the City of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, April 1. An Adult Forum led
by Pastor and Trudy Goetting will enable us to walk the streets of the Holy City
as Jesus did on his way to the Cross. We’ll view slides, showing archeological
discoveries and other illustrations of that time. The journey begins in the Trinity
Library at 9 a.m. sharp.

Easter Lily orders will be accepted at the Parish Office through Monday, April
2. The cost is $15 per plant. Please print the memorial notation on the envelope
so the office staff may include the information – and the correct spelling! – on
the memorial listing. Thanks in advance for meeting this deadline and request.

Trinity’s Wednesday Night Dinners roll merrily along, although with a
somewhat briefer schedule this month due to Eastertide activities and school
schedules, as noted below. All dinners take place in Fellowship Hall at 6:15
p.m. The cost is still only $3 per person, with a $12 maximum per family, and
advance reservations, while recommended, are not required. Hungry? Hop on
by! The menus:

            April 4:    Holy Week – No dinner
            April 11: Spaghetti and Meatballs
            April 18: School Spring Vacation – No dinner
            April 25: Baked Chicken (and the Monthly Birthday

Time for Tea: Set aside Saturday, May 5 for Tabitha Circle’s Annual Spring
Tea! All the women of Trinity are invited to join Circle members in Fellowship
Hall from 2 to 4 p.m. on that date for their fifth annual formal tea. Check the
Sunday morning service bulletin in the coming weeks for more details.
The Annual Report of the Congregation was the
subject of conversation over coffee on March 18 after the
close of the 10 a.m. service. The Congregation Council,
Pastors, staff, and Commission and Committee chairs
presented an overview and celebration of the parish’s
ministries over the past twelve months to parish
members, and shared an glimpse of what lies ahead in the
coming year.

“We are part of a great cloud of witnesses – the whole
communion of saints – and together God promises to make us more than the
sum of our individual parts,” Pastor Susan Nachtigal said in her report. If you
could not be present for the gathering, know that copies of the 50-page report
are available from the Church Office for the asking, and can provide an entry
point for greater conversation about and involvement in the faith life shared by
all of us at Trinity Lutheran Church.

TRINITY TRAVEL GROUP: The April trip on Thursday, April 19 will take
the group north for an all-you-can-eat baked Virginia ham luncheon at the Sugar
Shack in New Hampshire, with live entertainment provided by a one-man
country band. Participants will be able to see how maple syrup is made, and
shop in the Sugar Shack’s gift shop for maple-inspired souvenirs. The next
scheduled stop is at Calef’s Country Store (the oldest in America!) followed by
a stop at the Christmas Dove, where it’s Christmas 365 days a year. The cost of
this trip is $51. The bus will leave the church parking lot at 8:30 a.m. and return
at approximately 5 p.m. To sign up, or for more information, call Sharon
Lindholm at (508) 754-5628, or Judy Rogers at (508) 865-3612. Make checks
payable to “Trinity Travel Group” and mail to Sharon Lindholm, 1503A
Grafton Road, Millbury, MA 01527.

LSS President Edith Lohr sent the parish this note of thanks to the pastors and
congregation: “Thank you for your generous gift of $400 to Lutheran Social
Services of New England Refugee Resettlement Program. We deeply appreciate
your partnership in this ministry of support to newcomers to this country. The
Lutheran Church has been helping refugees and immigrants resettle in this
country for more than 100 years. We are proud to be able to continue that
tradition, but we could not do it without your help… I want you to know how
much your prayers and your support mean to our shared mission and ministry of
human care.”
                         COMMISSION NEWS
SERVING COMMISSION: The Carty Cupboard Food Pantry at Wesley
United Methodist Church has once again invited Trinity to participate in its
annual the Feinstein Challenge! For the past nine years, Cranston, Rhode
Island philanthropist Alan Feinstein has given away $1 million each year to
anti-hunger agencies throughout the country, divided in full proportion
among the agencies receiving donations toward the Challenge, which takes
place from now through April 30. Nancy Spencer of the Carty Cupboard has
invited us to participate in this Challenge. The more money raised or food
collected the greater the amount the agency will receive from the Challenge.
For donations made by check, please make them payable to Wesley United
Methodist Church, 114 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01608, and note on the
memo line that they are for the “Carty Cupboard Feinstein Challenge.” Food
items may also be brought to Carty Cupboard as usual, and will be counted
toward the challenge total at $1 each, or $1 per pound. Items needed for each
single three-day supply for a hungry person or family include hot or cold
cereal; breakfast bars; tomato sauce; canned fruit, applesauce or grape jelly;
canned corn, green beans, peas or carrots; 6 oz cans of water-packed tuna; 1
lb. boxes of pasta; 1 lb. bags or boxes of rice; peanut butter; macaroni and
cheese; hearty canned soups; meals-in-a can (hash, stew, small cans of baked
beans, or pasta); and boxed food items like pancake mix /syrup or meals-in-
A program for the Darfur Awareness effort, with guest speaker and television
anchor Liz Walker, will be held on Friday, Apr. 13 at 6:30 p.m. at the Chapel at the
Mill, 45 River Street, Millbury, MA. The $30 cost, $25 of which will go to the
Darfur Fund, includes dinner. Pastor Nachtigal will attend and you may join her by
letting her know your intentions by calling (508) 753-2989, ext. 12, or by email at Pastor Randy Wilburn will also hold a series of
information sessions on the crisis in Darfur and how we can help on Tuesday, Apr.
17 at 7 p.m.; Wednesday, Apr. 18 at 7:30 p.m.; and Sunday, May 6 at 11:30 a.m.
For more information on this crisis, see elsewhere in this issue.
Summer Clothing Drive: The Serving Commission is accepting your gifts of
clean used summer clothing items for the residents of Worcester’s Friendly House
and the PIP Shelter during May and June. Clean out your closets for Spring (yes, it
is here, snow or no snow!), bag up usable items that may not fit anymore or that
you’re otherwise ready to part with, and bring your donations to the Jeppson Hall
Walk the walk: The Central Mass. Housing Alliance will present its 22nd
annual Walk for the Homeless on Sunday, May 20 beginning at 2 p.m.
Registration for the event, which will feature live entertainment and a post-
walk cookout, will take place from 1 to 2 p.m. at Worcester City Hall Plaza.
Walkers will have the chance to win prizes as they raise scholarships. Watch
for details in the May issue of Trinity News and in the Sunday service
bulletins. For more information, to volunteer, or to register in advance, call
(508) 791-7265, ext. 31; email, or go to on the Web. Join others who dream of a world where
all have a home!

Book Collection: Parishioner Beverly Hobbs has brought to the attention of
Trinity News a letter from Meaghan Larsson, who works for “Teach for
America” (, a national nonprofit
organization that places teachers in the highest-need urban and rural schools
in the country. Ms. Larsson has been working since September with a class of
nineteen second graders at an inner-city school in the South Bronx that has no
money to purchase books for her students.

“My kids lead hard lives that no seven years old should have to experience,”
she writes. “They live in poverty and violence and have very little
opportunity to really act like kids. Most come to school at 7 a.m. and don't
leave again until 6 p.m. They have no recess, no gym, no arts program and
very little resources. And worst of all, they have no confidence… They
embrace the low expectations that have been set for them by society and
cannot imagine themselves succeeding,” she continues. “I look at them, and I
see something different. I see overwhelming potential.”

For these kids, education is the ticket out of poverty, she says, but because
the selection of books available in classroom library is so sparse, the children
must read the same books over and over again. So Ms. Larsson, with the help
of her students, compiled a “wish list” of books for her classroom, with an
emphasis on books promoting a multicultural environment and on dealing
constructively with their emotions, along with others “that are just fabulous
stories that I love and hope they will love too.”

“I have been telling my students that everyone knows how smart they are,
and are rooting for them to succeed, and I think that receiving donations of
books from people they don't even know could do wonders to reinforce that
attitude,” she says.
A list of the books the class would like may be found on the Trinity’s bulletin
board or online by going to the Amazon Books website (,
scrolling down to “Wish List,” and entering “” on the
field asking for a name or email address. Donors can either purchase the books at, and ship them to Ms. Larsson, or have them shipped directly to her
from the seller.

“We will take new books, used books, books from the list, books that you enjoy
that aren't on the list, any and every book that you would like to donate,” she says.
The school’s address is on the Amazon website, but books can also be shipped
directly to the class in care of Ms. Meaghan Larsson, P.S. 230, 275 Harlem River
Park Bridge, Bronx, NY 10453.

If your children have outgrown their books, consider passing them on to a group of
children who will appreciate them. “Even just one used book would benefit my
kids in huge ways by showing them that someone cares about them.” she writes.
“And please be sure to include an address where we can reach you and let you
know how very much we appreciate the books. I’ll be sure to send thank-you notes
and a picture of the kids, so you can see how excited they are!”

                      A Ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church

The Preschool Advisory Board is looking for new members. The seats that
will be vacated in June 2007 include a representative from the Learning
Commission, a representative from the Congregational Council, 2
congregation members, 1 veteran preschool parent and 1 new preschool
parent. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Preschool Advisory
Board or have questions regarding these positions, please contact Heather
Stapel at (508) 753-2989 ext. 17, or

A limited number of spaces remain for the 2007 - 2008 school year. If you
are interested in enrolling your child at TLC Christian Preschool, please
contact the preschool office for enrollment information.
                         TRINITY CIRCLES NEWS
EUNICE CIRCLE: The April meeting is the Holy Thursday Luncheon, to
take place in Jeppson Hall on April 5, following the noon Maundy Thursday
worship service.

TABITHA CIRCLE: This month’s meeting will take place over dinner on
Wednesday, April 11 at 5:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall where members will
finalize plans for the Spring Tea on May 5, and discuss plans for the rest of
spring into summer. Those interested in helping with the April Concordia
Dinner on Friday, April 27 should email Mary Olson at See you there!

RUTH CIRCLE: Ruth Circle will hold its next meeting on Tuesday, April
17 at 7 p.m. in the Golden Room, with Bible study immediately following at
8 p.m. Circle members will also walk on Sunday, April 29, to raise funds to
benefit the Worcester Rape Crisis Center. Contact a member to make a
pledge for this worthy cause.

  The Ruth Circle is always looking for new members to participate in cooking, friendship and
 togetherness! Members have collected items to ship over to the service people of Iraq, prepared
dinners and receptions for Trinity events, and have “dug in” each spring to beautify the church’s
grounds and gardens – as well as spending weekends “and then some” at Camp Calumet. Contact
    Loret Schur at (978) 368-8923 or at if you would like to become a

REBEKAH CIRCLE: The Rebekah Circle meets in the Golden Room
following the 10 a.m. service on the third Sunday of each month (on April 22
this month). Meetings open with a circle of prayer, followed by round-robin
discussions about the women of the Bible. Members also knit prayer shawls
or share a light lunch during their meetings, or a enjoy potluck dinners hosted
at a member’s home. This month the Circle will be going out together for
dinner and a play. New members are always welcome!

ANNA CIRCLE: Anna Circle will meet in the Golden Room at 10 a.m. on
Thursday, April 26. An auction will be held following coffee and the
business meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: The next W/E.L.C.A. meeting will be held on Sunday, April 15
at 9 a.m. A representative from each Trinity Circle is asked to attend. Jennifer
O'Connor will answer any questions – call her at (508) 799-4862.
                                  Women of the ELCA


            Central Massachusetts and Boston Metro Conferences
                          Saturday, April 28, 2007
                             8:45 am – 2:15 pm
                            Trinity Lutheran Church*
                               73 Lancaster Street
                            Worcester, Massachusetts
8:45 – 9:15 a.m.    Coffee and Registration ($10.00)
9:15 – 9:30         Opening Devotions
9:30 – 10:00        All about the New England W/ELCA
10:00 – 11:15       Pearls of Life Workshop: Create a beaded bracelet to be used in your
                    daily prayers. Afterwards, spend some time in quiet meditation.
11:15 – Noon        Business Meeting: Sarah Dorsch, NE W/ELCA President
Noon – 1:00 p.m.    Luncheon
1:00 – 1:30         Conclusion of Business
1:30 – 2:15         Worship
Please bring a donation of toiletries that might appeal to a teen-age girl. These will be
sent to the Antrim Girls Shelter, a program of LSS of Northern New England. Half our
worship offerings will be shared with the Shelter, the other half will be sent to the New
England Women of the ELCA.
           Come! Meet women from the Lutheran churches around you.
             ! Learn together, pray together, share your story! "
                       Questions? Need childcare?
     Contact Sarah Okerlund at (508) 854-4725 or
              *Directions available at:
                            Tear off and register by April 18, 2007

Name of Church: ____________________________________________________

Contact Person: ______________________ Contact Person Phone #: __________

Number Attending _____ @ $10.00 each            Total enclosed: ______________
Please list names of all women attending:         Make checks payable to: NE/WELCA

Number and age of children requiring childcare ($5 per child): ____________________
Send reservation and checks to: Sarah Okerlund, 409 Burncoat St., Worcester, MA 01606

                        LUTHERAN SOCIAL SERVICES NEWS
                               Compiled from the LSS Live newsletter

Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts, which promotes access to
medication safety information, studies the psychosocial impact of torture,
targets better access to mental health services for children and incorporates
physical activity into the elementary school curriculum, recently announced
grants totaling $278,300. LSS Refugee and Immigrant Services in Worcester
received $79,099 of that total for its research project on the psychosocial effects
on survivors of torture. The funding will permit LSS to conduct a project that
will result in a comprehensive assessment of 150 Worcester-area refugee
families who have survived torture. “The goal is to understand the impact of
torture on families and to develop more effective ways of helping them,” stated
Jozefina Lantz, director of the Worcester program of LSS.

252 CARS FOR GOOD NEWS GARAGE! Thinking about donating a car
to charity? If so, we’ve got the answer for you: GOOD NEWS GARAGE,
an affiliate program of Lutheran Social Services. Ten years ago, Good News
Garage actually started the practice of donating a car to charity in exchange
for a tax credit. Today, with dozens of charities offering a tax credit for your
used car, Good News Garage is still unique and can offer a bigger and better
tax break if the car that you donate is actually given to an LSS client,
someone who needs it in order to move from welfare to work. To find out
more, just go to, where you can also learn how to
donate your car online!
LSS hopes to collect one car from every congregation in New England.
That’s 252 cars repaired and given to folks who need affordable and reliable
transportation for their jobs and family. Congregation members who donate
an automobile are asked to let Good News Garage know that they’re
responding to the LSS appeal, so that Lutheran Social Services will get credit
for one car donation, and so Trinity can join the Honor Roll of Congregations
who have contributed to Good News Garage during the 135th anniversary
year of Lutheran Social Services.

                   FOR GOOD NEWS GARAGE!

Youth News . . .
           Service Mission, April 16 — April 20: This year, our youth are
           joining the LIPY group for a Spring Break Service Mission to
           Winthrop, Maine. We will be staying at Camp Mechuwana,
           working on service projects at the camp and in the local area. Our
           focus this year is on rural ministry and service, and it looks to be
           another formative experience for our youth. Please keep these
           five youth in your thoughts and prayers as they are out Living
Their Faith: Kylee Scanlon, Tobias Stiehl, Nate Blodgett, Alana Doyle,
Numen Enders.

Confirmation Camp: April 13 - 15! Attention all
    Confirmation students! You have an awesome
           weekend coming up at Camp Calumet.
           You’ll head up to camp with all your classmates and
          Pastor, and spend a weekend with other Confirmation youth
         from all over New England. The cost is $95 per person, and you
        can use your youth account funds toward this event.

Youth Group Schedule for April:
Sunday, April 1: Easter Egg Decorating and party! 4 to 6 p.m.
Easter Sunday, April 8: No Youth Group. Celebrate this holiday with your
Sunday, April 15: No Youth Group, because the Confirmation crowd is
returning from camp and the high school crowd is getting ready to depart on
their week of Service!
Monday, April 16 — Friday, April 20: Youth Service Mission in Maine!
Sunday, April 22: Earth Sunday! LIT from 2 to 4 p.m. (we’re planning for
our gaming event). Youth Group from 4 to 6 p.m.
Sunday, April 29: Gaming @ Youth Group, 3 to 7 p.m.! Note the time of
this event; we are extending youth group hours to have an all-out video-game
extravaganza. We’ll have multiple systems in multiple locations—Nintendo
Wii, Playstation, even Dance Dance Revolution! Come test your skills at
these games and be prepared to consider how role-playing and video games
relate to your life and faith! We’ll have pizza and a Bible study to top off this
awesome event! (This event is brought to you by your Leaders in Training!)

Youth Ministry training event: April 28, Westborough, MA. Saturday,
April 28 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Synod youth ministry team will be hosting
a day of training for any youth and adults involved in youth ministry
leadership. Youth Commission members and Leaders in Training are
encouraged to attend this event — registration fees will be covered by the
Youth budget. Any other interested congregation members can contact Jenny
to see if this might be a good fit for you at or
(508) 753-2989, ext. 15.

Looking Ahead . . .
Saturday, May 5: LIPY wants to help Bethesda Lutheran Church as they
continue to recover from the fire that took place there last fall. Sunday, May
6: LIPY heads to Crystal Caves for an afternoon of fun!
Mark your calendar with these dates
        for this summer….

             July 9 – 13, 2007

Camp will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church
  with staffing from Camp Calumet. This
      will be a great time of learning
    and growing in faith for all children
      ages 2 _ through 14 years old.

   There will be more details and
      the registration form in
     future bulletins and issues
          of Trinity News.

  For more information, contact Karen Allen
    at the Trinity Lutheran Church Office
         by calling 508-753-2989 or
 by e-mail at
            Sunday                         Monday                         Tuesday                           Wednesday                           Thursday                            Friday                         Saturday

1        Palm Sunday              2                            3
                                                                                    April 2007
                                                               8:30 – 12 PM TLC Preschool
                                                                                                                                       5     8:30–Noon
                                                                                                                                                                       6         Good Friday             7
      ** FOOD Sunday **           8:30 – 12 PM TLC                                                  8:30 – 12 PM TLC Preschool
   First Communion Sunday         Preschool                                    with Chapel               with Chapel                                                         NO TLC PRESCHOOL
8:00 & 10:00 AM Holy                                           8:30 – 10:00 AM Family Services of   Noon Prayers in Christ                                             9:30 – 11:00 AM Play Group
Eucharist                         Noon Prayers in Christ            Central MA Homecare Aids        Chapel                             TLC Preschool
                                                               Noon Prayers in Christ Chapel
8:50 AM Education Hour                     Chapel              1:00 PM Staff Meeting                                                                                   Noon Adoration of the Crucified
                                                                                                    4:00 PM Novice / Choristers                                                                          7:30 PM Service of Light on the
4:00-6:00 PM Youth Group          7:00 PM Adult Volleyball     7:00 PM Finance Commission                                                                                                                Green followed by festive
7:00 PM Vox Triniti Concert           **Deadline for Lily      7:00 PM Eucharistic Ministers        7 PM CODA                                                          7:00 PM Adoration of the          reception in Jeppson Hall
                                           orders**                                                                                                                    Crucified
8      EASTER DAY                 9** Council Reports Due **   10                                   11 8:30 – 12 PM TLC Preschool      1 2 with Chapel                 13                                14
8:00 & 10:00 AM Holy              8:30 – 12 PM TLC             8:30 – 12 PM TLC Preschool                           with Chapel        8:30 – 12 PM TLC                8:30 – 12 PM TLC Preschool
Eucharist                         Preschool                                                         5:30 PM Tabitha Circle             Preschool Circle                9:30 – 11:00 AM Play Group
                                                                                                    5:30 PM Confirmation Class         Noon Eunice
   Festival of the Resurrection                                Noon Serving Commission                                                                 with Foot
                                                                                                                                       Noon Holy Eucharist & Chapel
                                                                                                    6:15 PM Dinner
                                                               1:00 PM Staff Meeting                                                          Washing (optional)
                                                                                                    7 PM Contemplative Eucharist
      No Education Hour                                                                             7 PM CODA                          5:30 PM Worshipping
                                                                                                                                               followed by luncheon    4:00 PM Confirmation Retreat at
                                                               7:00 PM Adult Educ. Planning         7:30 PM Preschool Advisory Board   Comm.
                                                                                                                                       6:15 PM TOPS                               Calumet
                                                                                                                                       7:00 PM Trinity Quilters                                          Confirmation Retreat at Calumet
                                  7:00 PM Council Meeting                                                                              6:15 PM TOPS
                                  7:00 PM Adult Volleyball                                                                             7:00 PM Holy Eucharist & Foot
                                                                                                                                       7:00 PM Trinity Quilters
15 2nd Sunday of Easter           16                           17                                   18                                 19      Washing (optional       20                                21
8:00 & 10:00 AM Holy                                           1:00 PM Staff Meeting                7 PM Contemplative Eucharist       8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Trinity       9:30 –11:00 AM Play Group
Eucharist                                                                                           7 PM CODA                          Travel to Sugar Shack in NH                                       2:00 – 7:00 PM Refugees &
8:50 AM Education Hour                                         7:00 PM Darfur Awareness             7:30 PM Darfur Awareness                                                                                     Immigrants Festival
9:00 AM W./E.L.C.A. Meeting                                    7:00 PM Learning                      * NE W/ELCA Registration          6:15 PM TOPS
                                  7:00 PM Adult Volleyball     Commission                           Deadline for Spring                7:00 PM Trinity Quilters        ** Trinity News Deadline**
4:00 PM Returning from the                                     7:00 PM Ruth Circle                  Gathering*
Confirmation Retreat at            Spring Break -- NO PRESCHOOL … and … Mission Camp for Youth Group at Camp Mechuwana in Winthrop,
Calumet                            ME
22     3rd Sunday of Easter       23                           24                                   25 8:30 – 12 PM TLC                26                              27                                28
Stewardship of Creation Sunday    8:30 – 12 PM TLC             8:30 – 12 PM TLC Preschool               Preschool with Chapel          8:30 – 12 PM TLC                8:30 – 12 PM TLC Preschool        8:45 AM – 3:00 PM NE W/ELCA
8:00 & 10:00 AM Holy              Preschool                                                                                            Preschool                       9:30 – 11:00 AM Play Group                 Spring Gathering
Eucharist                                                                                           4:00 PM Novice Choir/Choristers                    with Chapel
8:50 AM Education Hour                                         1:00 PM Staff Meeting                5:30 PM Confirmation Class         10:00 AM Anna Circle                                              9:00 AM – 2:00 PM Synod
11:30 AM Rebekah Circle                                                                             6:15 PM Dinner                         followed by an auction                                          Youth Ministry Training in
2:00 – 4:00 PM LIT                                             6:30 PM Youth Commission             7 PM Contemplative Eucharist                                                                           Westborough, MA
4:00-6:00 PM Youth Group                                       7:00 PM Property Commission          7 PM CODA                          6:15 PM TOPS                        ** Trinity News Mailing **
    ** Earth Day for ELCA’s       7:00 PM Adult Volleyball     7:00 PM Personnel Committee                                             7:00 PM Trinity Quilters
    World Hunger Appeal **                                                                                                             7:00–9:30 PM Trinity Choir
29     4th Sunday of Easter       30
8:00 & 10:00 AM Holy              8:30 – 12 PM TLC                                                                         TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH
8:50 AM Education Hour
                                                                                                                 73 Lancaster Street, Worcester, MA 01609
11:30 AM Nurturing
Commission                                                                                                            508-753-2989 Fax 508-799-4023
                                  7:00 PM Adult Volleyball
3:00-7:00 PM Youth Group

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