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									     POSSIBILITIES. . .
     From NUTRITION COALITION, INC. ! Fargo, ND 58108-3001 ! 1-800-447-4793 (218-236-9783) ! ! August, 2004

      Vitamin E Linked to Lower Bladder Cancer
     People’s risk of bladder           proven, but some think the               year and is four times more         ever — the equivalent of a
cancer appears to be cut in             vitamin may be helpful, per-             common in men than women.           single daily serving of spinach
half by getting plenty of Vita-         haps by warding off the dam-                  The study was based on         or a handful of almonds.
min E in their diets…with               aging effects of oxygen.                 the questionnaires of the eat-           The research was funded
food like nuts and olive oil.                The strongest evidence of           ing habits of about 1,000           largely by the state of Texas.
     Bladder cancer is the              its help in fighting cancer so           Houston residents. Those            It was presented by John Rad-
fourth leading cancer killer            far has been against prostate            whose vitamin E intake was in       cliffe, a nutrition researcher
among men. The research was             cancer.                                  the top 25% had just half as        from Texas Woman’s Univer-
released at a cancer conference              The new study did offer a           much prostate cancer as those       sity, at a meeting of the
in late March of this year.             strong hint that dietary vitamin         in the lower quarter. The ac-       American Association for
     The researchers said               E may also protect against               tual difference in the amount       Cancer Research in Orlando.
whether Vitamin E does any-             bladder cancer, which kills              of vitamin-rich food the two             Editor: Our high quality
thing to stop cancer is still not       about 12,500 Americans every             extremes ate was small, how-        Vitamin E is Item No. J-14. !

 Vitamin C and Arthritis? Fish, Pregnancy, and Asthma
     Consuming large amounts of Vitamin C may protect                                  Pregnant women with           their mothers eat oily fish dur-
against rheumatoid arthritis. That’s the conclusion of a new                      asthma can reduce their risk of    ing pregnancy.
study conducted at the University of Manchester in the United                     having asthmatic children by            However, mothers who
Kingdom.                                                                          eating oily fish. That was the     ate fish sticks during preg-
     Researchers there studied 23,000 men and women between                       conclusion of a study pre-         nancy were twice as likely to
the ages of 45 and 74. The participants’ diets were assessed by                   sented at the American Tho-        have children with asthma,
using seven-day-food-intake diaries.                                              racic Society International        regardless of whether they had
     Researchers said 73 of the participants developed inflam-                    Conference in Orland Florida       asthma themselves.
mation in two or more joints for at least one month. Results                      in May, 2004.                           Frank Gilliland, M.D.,
showed participants who did not consume large amounts of                               However, the same study       Ph.D., from USC, says “Fish
vitamin C were three times more likely to develop rheumatoid                      found pregnant women who           sticks are deep-fried, and they
arthritis, which involved inflammation in the lining of the                       eat other types of fish may        contain omega-6 fatty acids,
joints and other internal organs.                                                 increase their risk of having      which encourage inflamma-
     Participants with a lower daily intake of fruits and vegeta-                 asthmatic children.                tion of the airways. Oily fish
bles had about double the risk of developing inflammatory ar-                          The researchers, from the     contain omega-3 fatty acids,
thritis than participants who consumed large amounts of fruits                    University of Southern Cali-       which appear to be anti-
and vegetables.                                                                   fornia in Lose Angeles, said       inflammatory and lead to the
     Researchers recommend patients consume about 40 milli-                       the results showed asthmatic       reduced potential for develop-
grams of Vitamin C daily.                                                         mothers who ate oily fish,         ing asthma and allergies.”
     The study authors concluded, “Low intake of fruit, particu-                  such as salmon and trout, dur-          Editor: A good source of
larly dietary vitamin C, is associated with an increased risk of                  ing pregnancy, were about          omega-3 fatty acids, short of
developing inflammatory polyarthritis. These results may have                     70% less likely to have chil-      consuming fish in your diet, is
implications for the primary prevention of inflammatory pol-                      dren with asthma. In fact,         our Item No. J-39 “EPA”.
yarthritis.”                                                                      the researchers said the more      Also, flax seed oil contains the
     Editor: We provide high quality, easily absorbed, Vitamin                    oily fish a woman consumed,        omega-3 fatty acids and is our
C in both a 500 mg and a 1,000 mg product—Items No. J-68                          the less likely her child was to   Item No. J-77. There have
and J-69, respectively. All natural health providers we know                      develop asthma. Children           been numerous other benefits
of suggest a minimum of 500 mg daily of Vitamin C, and many                       with non-asthmatic mothers         confirmed by researchers of
suggest thousands of milligrams a day.                           !                did not benefit from having        taking the omega-3’s.         !

Copyright 2004, NUTRITION C OALITION, INC., Fargo, ND 58108-3001 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
From 46%-65% Reduced Risk of                                                 Zinc for ADHD?
     High Blood Pressure                                         .Zinc supplements may increase the effectiveness of stimulants
                                                            for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, according
     Researchers in Tai-      study began in 1996.          to researchers from Iran.
wan discovered that peo-           Six hundred of the            The small study included children who had recently been diag-
ple who drank between         participants were regular     nosed with ADHD but who had never taken any medication for their
120 milliliters and 599       tea drinkers.                 condition. For six weeks, half of the children were given the stan-
milliliters of green or oo-        The investigators of-    dard treatment of stimulants along with zinc supplements and half
long tea a day for a year     fered a couple of possible    were given stimulants along with a placebo. Researchers say the
had a 46% decreased risk      explanations as to how tea    children taking zinc improved much faster than the others.
of developing hyperten-       affects blood pressure.            Doctors at Roozbeh Psychiatric Hospital in Tehran, Iran, say
sion than those who did            First, they point out    behavior improved in both groups of children, but the kids taking
not drink tea regularly.      tea contains theanine, a      zinc showed a more marked improvement in their condition after six
     People who consumed      substance found to signifi-   weeks. Kids taking zinc were three times more likely to complain
more than 600 milliliters a   cantly reduce blood pres-     of nausea, but the frequency of other side effects did not differ be-
day saw even better re-       sure in hypertensive rats.    tween the two groups. Nearly all of the kids taking zinc complained
sults. They reduced their          Second, they note tea    of the metallic taste of the supplements.
risk of getting high blood    also contains polyphenols,         The authors say “Zinc is basic for the production and modula-
pressure by 65%.              which are known to re-        tions of melatonin, which helps regulate dopamine function, sup-
     The findings held true   duce oxidative stress and     posed to be an important factor in ADHD and its treatment.” Scien-
even after researchers ad-    have beneficial effects on    tists say dopamine, a neurotransmittor , helps the brain register feel-
justed the data to take       the vascular system.          ings of reward and pleasure.
other factors that could           Given the high num-           Researchers concluded “ADHD children with a zinc deficiency
have led to high blood        ber of people around the      might benefit from a change in diet or from therapeutic trial with
pressure into account,        world who regularly drink     zinc supplementation.”
such as body mass index,      tea — the beverage is sec-         Zinc is a mineral that helps the body form proteins, and it assists
cigarette smoking, and        ond only to water in an-      in wound healing, blood formation, and growth and maintenance of
family history of the con-    nual consumption — the        all tissues. Oysters are known to be an excellent source of zinc.
dition.                       researchers believe the       Other sources include meat, seafood, and liver. Eggs and dairy
     The study, which ap-     findings in their study       products supply zinc, but in smaller amounts. Some vegetables also
peared in the July 2004       could have a significant      contain zinc, but nutritionists say it is not absorbed as well by the
issue of Archives of Inter-   public health benefit.        body. Since their study was quite small, the researchers say further
nal Medicine, was con-             How about a cup right    research is needed to confirm the positive effects of zinc supple-
ducted with around 1,500      now? It obviously won’t       ments on children with ADHD.
adults ages 20 or older       hurt you, and based on             Editor: Our Zinc is Item No. J-96. We’ve also had positive re-
who were free of high         this report, it just might    ports on PY-3, PY-4, and Real Willard Water and ADHD.                 !
blood pressure when the       help you considerably! !

                 Trivia & Tidbits . . .                                                              ON “THE WEB”!
1. Where in the U.S. will you find both Neon and Krypton?
                                                                                               (Note: “willardswater” is all one word,
2. How deep is Oregon’s Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the United States?                      all lower case with an “s” between
3. Whose bowlegs inspired a furniture style?                                                     “willard” and “water”—that’s how
4. What popular soft drink contained the drug lithium—now available only by                     people usually ask for it!) Come visit!
    prescription—when it was introduced in 1929?                                               Please Note: We are not health authorities
5. What singer, performing with the Blue Moon Boys, was turned down after                      of any kind. This newsletter represents
    auditioning for Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts TV show in 1955??                           our own views—presenting information
6. How many bee trips from flower to hive does it take to make a pound of honey?               we believe to be true and correct, but is
                                                                                               “opinion”, nonetheless. We also have a
7. How many pounds of fish can a pelican hold in its pouch?                                    vested interest in most of these topics, so
                                                                                               don’t claim to be impartial. This
                              AND THE ANSWER IS...                                             newsletter, or anything else we publish, is
    7. About twenty-five pounds.                                                               no substitute for a competent health
    6. Forty thousand.                                                                         professional. User reports, though
    5 Elvis Presley.                                                                           published here, don’t prove anything—we
    used to treat manic-depression, was eliminated from the formula in the mid-1940s.          pass them along because they certainly
                                                                                               are of interest to others using the same
                                                                                               products, or who have an interest in them.
    4. 7-Up, originally sold as “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime soda”. Lithium, now
    3. England’s Queen Anne.
    2. 1,932 feet deep. The lake is in the crater of Mount Mazama, an extinct volcano.         Reach Us At: 1-800-447-4793 (218-236-9783)
    1. In Kentucky. They’re small towns named after the two elements.                                NUTRITION COALITION, INC.
                                                                                                 P.O. Box 3001 Fargo, ND 58108-3001
                            PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS
                            & UPDATES FROM CHARLIE CHARLIE
                            Too Good to be True? And “Now that You Men-
                            tion It, I Realize I Don’t Have that Any More”…
                           Too Good to                customers, someone we know is not           days, and after a while we lost touch
  Be True? Over the last 23 years,                    regularly involved in flights of fancy,     until last week. We met for lunch. She
  my wife, Kolleen and I have sometimes               or ridiculous exaggerations, we would-      has never had another outbreak in all
  received testimonials and/or photos of              n't believe it ourselves.                   these years… I think there’s nothing
  such amazing results from using Real                     Because of that we weren’t even        that won’t improve on skin or mucous
  Willard Water, we’ve hesitated to share             going to print it. But then we started      membranes when Willard Water comes
  them with anyone, because they just                 thinking “What If”… what if it could        to the rescue! Blessings to you and for
  didn’t seem believable. Even to “true               help even one more person in the same       your efforts.”
  believers in Willard Water” like us.                situation? We certainly don’t know               Again, if we hadn’t known “S.C”
        Like the GIANT African Violet                 that it would ever help anyone else as it   for a long time, and developed a real
  photos we received from a wonderful                 apparently did this woman, but what if      respect for her knowledge in the nutri-
  lady out in Washington state… we                    it did? What if it just helped half as      tional area (she has worked profession-
  knew she wouldn’t make it up, but the               much? Do we really have the right not       ally in the field of natural health), even
  difference between her treated African              to relay it, if that was possible?          we would have trouble believing that
  Violet and the untreated ones was like                   And, again, it comes from someone      report. But we do know her. And we
  something you’d see in one of the                   we know to be a highly credible source.     believe her. That’s why we felt com-
  credibility-challenged tabloids. I mean                  So, here goes. Just as “S.C.” from     pelled to relay her report, even at the
  she had a MONSTER of an African                     Houston, TX, e-mailed it to us:             risk of our own credibility.
                                                           “Hi Charlie. Here’s the story I told
  Violet!                                                                                           “I Don’t Have That Any
        And then there were the seedlings             you earlier today...A long-standing
                                                      friend of mine visited several years        More Either”… that’s what a few
  planted outside one of our earlier office                                                       customers told us when they called in
  buildings. There was a row of about 4               ago. Usually, she was dressed beauti-
                                                      fully, and made up, but that day she        after receiving last month’s issue and
  seedling trees. About a year after we’d                                                         reading about Kolleen’s experiences
  opened the office there, Kolleen was                looked awful, and wore a brown muu-
                                                      muu. When I asked what was wrong,           with her bad (painful) feet and bunions.
  looking out her office window one day                                                                What we discussed in that article
  and noticed how much larger one of                  she lifted her dress, saying ‘Help me’,
                                                      revealing what appeared to be one           was the fact that after using Real
  them was—so much larger, in fact, that                                                          Willard Water for some time, Kolleen’s
  she assumed it had been planted LONG                enormous lesion. Her skin was red,
                                                      raw and weeping from her neck to mid-       feet quit hurting… even her extremely
  before the rest, since its size made her                                                        bad bunions that had been scheduled to
  forget she’d seen them when they were               thighs. I could not maintain an unruf-
                                                      fled demeanor when I asked ‘What IS         be surgically removed before Willard
  all the same size. Turns out one of the                                                         Water came into our lives.
  young guys who worked in the ware-                  that?’ She blurted out ‘It’s herpes. I
                                                      hardly ever have it, but this is what it         One customer reported that her
  house there, would occasionally dump                                                            bunions had bothered her “all the time”
  some of his left-over Willard Water                 looks like when it happens.’ I said,
                                                      “Don’t touch anything, please!’ and         for years, but they haven’t bothered her
  drink on that one tree, “just to see if it                                                      now in years…. And she’s been drink-
  did anything”. Well, it certainly did.              though in a panic about how I could
                                                      help her without touching… then it          ing Willard Water for years now.
  But so much so, it just wasn’t believ-                                                          Could it be a connection?
  able.                                               dawned on me to try Willard Water.
                                                      There was some in a sprayer, so we               Another lady told us she’d had foot
        Not even to us. Kept thinking it                                                          pain for years, and that it had stopped
  must have been bigger when we moved                 sprayed her from her neck to her knees.
                                                      She said immediately that it helped her,    after she’d been drinking Willard Wa-
  in. But then we found some “moving                                                              ter for some time. Then, more recently
  in pictures”, and sure enough… there                so we waited for it to air-dry, and then
                                                      sprayed her again. We waited again,         they’d started hurting again and she
  were those little seedlings—all the                                                             couldn’t figure out why. Then she got
  same. Not any more!                                 and sprayed again, for a total of three
                                                      times. The redness had diminished to        last months’ issue. That article made
        And we’ve seen and heard other                                                            her realize she hadn’t been drinking the
  things that were equally as hard to be-             bright hot pink, and she was breathing
                                                      sighs of relief. I sent her home with a     water during the time they’d begun
  lieve. But I think the one that takes the                                                       hurting, so she mixed some up, and
  cake is one we received just last month.            bottle of Willard Water and instruc-
                                                      tions to drink, and suggestions to keep     within short time (days I believe) the
  If it didn’t come from one of our oldest                                                        pain was gone again…                  !
                                                      spraying. She had ‘new skin’ in a few
               This Area Is Intentionally Left Blank In the
                          Electronic Version —
         It Is For Mailing Information In The Printed Version

                   “It Seems to Be a Mystery…”                              “I had prayed to stay calm, everything will be alright”.
                                                                            Editor: We often hear of miraculous rescues, and
                    From “C.P.”
                                                                       unexplained helpers who appear at accident scenes and then
               “I had a car accident on September 6, 2003. Went
                                                                       can’t be found… some people feel they must be “actual
              to sleep and the car rolled over twice. I prayed
                                                                       angels” and others will argue until “the cows come home” that
           ’God, send someone to help me.
P OSSIBILITIES ... came running with a cell phone. He
        “A guy in a red t-shirt
                                                                       there’s no “proof” of that. We don’t think it matters.
PO BOX 3001husband even before the ambulance came. The                      C.P. prayed for calmness and for help. She received both,
   called my
FARGO, ND 58108-3001                                                   and likely her calmness helped to reduce the injuries she might
   ambulance was on another call two miles away where they
                                                                       have sustained as well. We believe her prayers were
   weren’t needed! They had to cut the steering wheel to get me
                                                                       answered, and whether the “guy in the red t-shirt” was an
                                                                       “actual angel” or a person God used as his messenger (the
        “We have not been able to locate the guy who called 911.
                                                                       definition of an angel is “God’s messenger”) to call 911, it
   It seems to be a mystery.
                                                                       really doesn’t matter… the result was the same. And we
        “The accident was 60 miles from home; by the time my
                                                                       believe so was the message… we’re never alone, especially
   husband got there, they released me because X-rays showed
                                                                       when we ask for help.                                         !
   nothing broken! And when the EMT guys took my blood
   pressure they took it twice because they thought it should be       (Editor: We invite you, our readers to send us your own “unexplained
                                                                       help” stories, for publication in this newsletter, with or without being
   higher after a trauma!                                              identified.)

                   E-Mails, Mailbag & Phone Calls. . .
                                                                            No Swelling or Pain from
                 Irregular Heartbeat — “R.C.” tells us that
                 her irregular heartbeat is much better since she’s    Radiation Treatment — That’s what “D.S.” told us they
                 been using the Strauss Heartdrops. She’s not the      noticed when her son had his second radiation treatment… “He
  only person to report that, either. But it was one thing we didn’t   sprayed (with Willard Water) before and after and drank a glass
  expect to hear about that amazing product.                           of (the Willard) water last night. Totally different results from
                                                                       the fist radiation — no swelling and no pain this time.”
       Clicking Ankle No More — That’s what “A.S.” told
  us she noticed after using Real Willard Water. She has arthritis           Dental Surgery, No Problem — That’s how
  and she had developed a clicking sound in her ankles. But that       “F.S.” summarized her experience. She had surgery back in
  clicking sound has disappeared since she started using the           March of this year. They were taking off crowns and diseased
  Willard Water regularly. And she says, she also drinks more          pockets were found. She ended up with six hours of surgery.
  water when she has Willard Water available… almost like she          The only thing she took before and after the surgery was the
  craves it. Again, numerous people have said that over the years,     Strauss Heartdrops. She never took any pain medication or
  some of whom had never liked water before they got Willard           anything. In 3 days, it had healed “amazingly”.              !
                             More Product Highlights
                             & Updates from Charlie
                                    Weight Loss Benefits; Great Sounding Product for
                                      Many Reasons; 20+ Year Favorite; Eye Help
                                                                                                      very interesting brochure. That’s
 HOW IS THE WEIGHT LOSS                                     Another good thing . . The tablets        simply “written material”, of course, but
 PROJECT COMING?                                        have been improved . . They are smaller       written material from someone we
      I mentioned recently that I had                   and easier to swallow. Also can be            totally trust is something we pay
 acquired about ten unwanted pounds                     chewed . . Don’t taste bad at all!            attention to.
 right under my belt buckle and was
 beginning to use the METABOLIC                         Having seen some success, I’m trying               Considering what we’ve seen from
 FACTORS (Item J-78) to try to do                       harder to remember to take the full six       colostrum, we still aren’t 100% certain
 something about it. This product has                   each day . . Still have more “padding”        that beta glucan is even better, but the
 always been my first recommendation                    on my tummy than I want there.                information on it is certainly eye-
 when anyone asks us about weight-loss                                                                catching. Here are some bits and pieces
 products. The three ingredients (L-                         BETA GLUCAN — One of                     from the Daily brochure (we’ll send you
 Carnitine, choline and chromium                        Those Products With a Variety of              a copy of the brochure, at your request,
 picolinate) are items I would normally                 Apparent Benefits… Here’s another             when you place an order for the beta
 be taking anyway, for other good                       case in which we’ve fallen short in           glucan or anything else.)
 reasons, so taking them in combination                 bringing a really good thing to your
 to try to take off some weight becomes                 attention. We’ve heard of Beta-1, 3-D              “Beta glucan triggers an immune
 sort of a “no-brainer” . . Even if I don’t             Glucan (we’ll refer to it as simply “beta     response in the body, creating a system
 lose weight, I get the benefits of those               glucan”) for a number of years, but           of defense against viral, bacterial,
 three items.                                           really didn’t pay much attention ..           fungal, parasitic or neoplastic invaders .
                                                        Mainly because I heard that it was            . In one study . . Beta glucan was
      Sales of this product have been                   “something to help the immune                 injected into . . Nodules of malignant
 increasing in recent months, anyway,                   system”.                                      melanoma. Subsequent biopsies of the
 but in July, they really took off, thanks                                                            sites found no evidence of melanoma. .
 to the mention in the newsletter. I feel                    Well, we’ve had access to                Other studies have shown effectiveness .
 bad that we really haven’t given it much               COLOSTRUM, and taken it, for over             . On a myriad of conditions, including
 attention over the several years we’ve                 twenty years. In that time, I’ve not          malignant ulcers following mastectomy,
 had access to it. So many of us would                  missed a day of work because of a cold        HIV infections, infectious complications
 like to lose some weight, easily and                   or flu, so of course I have such a level of   from severe trauma, and radiation
 safely, and this will obviously help at                belief in the colostrum, that I’m just not    exposure. . . Has been shown to increase
 least many of us.                                      much interested in something else, that       the effectiveness of antibiotics and
                                                        probably costs more, to seemingly do          antiviral medications. . . A Harvard
      How am I doing? Well, I got                       the same thing. We tend to rely VERY          study described that there is a cascade of
 concerned when I hit 160 pounds which,                 heavily on our own experience and that        events that is triggered because of beta
 for “a little skinny guy” was unknown                  of relatives and others close by, and         glucan, making the body into an ‘arsenal
 territory. Last night, I “weighed in” at               long-time customers whose judgment            of defense’.
 150, after probably a month and a half                 we trust. Written material is interesting,
 of more or less faithful use of the                    but our experience is that the written             “. . May be the only and first true
 product. I say “more or less” because                  material may tell you much more about         anti-aging supplement. It is a defense
 we are supposed to take three tablets                  the skill of the writer than the benefits     against the negative effects of
 twice a day. I always remember the                     of the product!                               infections, tumors, radiation exposure,
 morning three, but remember the other                                                                including UV radiation from the sun.
 three probably one third of the time, so                   However, two things have happened         ..Works by activating the macrophages,
 I’m certainly not getting the full                     recently: 1) A very good customer in          or immune cells, which trap and engulf
 amount. Also, I haven’t lost the full ten              Alaska, a very knowledgeable guy, has         foreign substances, similar to the way a
 pounds . . It was still back in the spring             been ordering beta glucan from us by          ‘Pac Man’ works. Also the activated
 when I weighed 160 and I was wearing                   the case, for use by various friends and      cells start a cascade of events that cause
 somewhat heavier clothing . . Didn’t                   associates. He has great things to say        the entire system to be alerted and
 think about using the J-78 until                       about what it has done for them. 2)           mobilized, in an entirely naturally
 somewhat later.                                        Daily’s have recently provided us with a      activated system. The result is an
amplified immune system response           to explain colostrum to me told about        to Symbiotics of Sedona, AZ) with
until the “invaders” are defeated.”        persons with Multiple Sclerosis doing a      much deeper pockets, began promoting
                                           lot better when they had access to           it. Suddenly we began finding
     “Who needs it? People with            colostrum. I think of it in connection       ourselves “selling more colostrum by
impaired immunity from any cause,          with any auto-immune condition. If a         accident than we used to on purpose”.
including those who are susceptible to     relative of mine had MS, or Type I           People had been reading our material
infectious diseases . . With HIV           diabetes, or rheumatoid arthritis, or        for years but until they heard a second
infection, . . Undergoing radiation or     lupus or scleroderma, I’d strongly           voice talking up colostrum, most were
chemotherapy, . . Geriatric patients . .   suggest that they give colostrum a try.      too skeptical to try it.
Exposed to radiation from UV or            I’d say, “can’t hurt you, should be
electromagnetic fields . . In a chronic    helpful in many ways . . Might just help          Even now, selling what seems to us
disease state or have diabetes . . Under   you significantly with your particular       to be quite a bit of it, we’re still doing a
physical or emotional stress . . At high   problem . .and it doesn’t cost very          really lousy job of sharing it with
risk for cardiovascular disease.”          much . . Just try it for about two months    people. I recently took a look at our
     Well, now you know about as much      and you should know”.                        sales of the various colostrum products,
about it as we do! We haven’t even                                                      roughly calculated how many “person/
used it ourselves yet because we’re             We have four different colostrum        days” that represented and compared
dealing with no particular health issues   products in the line-up. By far the          that with the number of people who
and, of course, have our old friend,       cheapest is the bulk powder (H-6). At a      read these newsletters, and the answer
colostrum, to rely on. But from now        half teaspoon a day, it is a 20 month        is just embarrassing. We aren’t selling
on, we’re going to try to remember to      supply! However, it doesn’t go into          even close to 10% of the amount we
tell callers about it, when they are       solution very easily (I put mine in my       would reasonably think we should,
discussing some particular health issue    blender breakfast drink, which works         given what are to us its obvious
where it would seem particularly           fine, of course), it is a sizeable outlay    benefits, its harmlessness, and its
appropriate. And one could certainly       ($90) for trying something, and, since it    relatively low cost. If you don’t have
make a case for simply taking it every     has been heated, it isn’t as powerful as     any of our rather limited colostrum
day as a “preventive”. Not really          the liquid.                                  literature (all but the book are free),
inexpensive at $29.95 for what is                                                       please call us up and ask us to mail it to
normally a month’s supply, but then as          The capsules (H-5), have also been      you. Or if you have questions you want
customers often remind me, “being sick     heated, but they don’t cost much             to ask about it, call us up and ask.
isn’t cheap, either”. It’s Item No. J-95   ($15.35 for a month’s supply) and they       Please!
on our Order Form.                         are, of course, convenient. (However
                                           they don’t have quite as high an IgG              ANOTHER EYE HEALTH
    COLOSTRUM . . . Which we’ve            level as the liquid and powder products      PRODUCT. Daily’s have very
thought for years was the second most      do. IgG contains 80% of the antibodies       recently added an interesting eye health
important substance we were providing.     in colostrums and is therefore the           product to their line-up. Looking at
Many big-time fans of STRAUSS              ‘benchmark’ for checking its quality.        what is in it, and “reading between the
HEART DROPS and NATURAL                    Our capsules contain the highest IgG         lines”, I think this is a product that is
PROGESTERONE CRÈME will take               level of any colostrums capsules we’ve       aimed at trying to prevent macular
issue with that ranking, because they’ve   found, but are still less than that in our   degeneration. It includes GABA,
seen such huge benefits from those two     liquid and powder products.)                 Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Lycopene, Beta
products, but hey, we’re entitled to our                                                Carotene, Zinc, Vitamin E and Bilberry
opinion!                                        The liquids (H-1 and H-2) are the       Fruit Extract. The ingredients aren’t all
                                           premier products. Give them a 1-2            that much different from other Eye
    Kolleen and I take colostrum           month try, using fairly aggressive           products we offer or have offered in the
EVERY DAY, and have for over 20            amounts, (perhaps two-three teaspoons        past. But when Daily’s do something
years. Kolleen notices that she has        per day of H-1; one or more tsp. of H-       we KNOW it is done right! So we are
more energy when she’s taking it . . If    2), and you will almost certainly            highly interested in this and our initial
she misses a day, she knows it. Given      experience whatever noticeable benefits      supply is on its way to us as I draft this.
what it has done to keep me well, I        colostrum can provide. Once you have         It is called Eye-Vite, and comes in a 60
think of it as basically something to      determined what it does for you, then        capsule bottle, a normal one month
optimize the immune system. I’m            you can experiment to see what amount        supply. It’s Item No. J-115, but isn’t
certainly not the only colostrum user      you really need as “maintenance” ..          on the Order Form yet—just write it in
who believes that it helps keep us well!   Liquid or dry product.                       on form or in comments section of the
                                                                                        online form and tell us if you phone in
    It also seems to somehow keep the          We’ve been using colostrum and           your order.. The price is $32.95 per
immune system from “going nuts” and        “preaching” about it for a long time, but    bottle.
attacking body parts instead of invading   didn’t really sell much of it until a much
“bugs”. The first person who ever tried    larger firm (Here’s a big vote of thanks         That’s it for now. Take care!         !

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