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					                                     The        Tiger’s Tale                                                                       Vol. 91
                                                                                                                                   Issue No.1
                                                                                                                                   Sept. 25, 2009

Poll shows students have problems with self-esteem, handling depression
By Sara Whitley,                             “I personally have had friends        have reconstructive surgery, which        couldn’t let this disease take over
Megan Williamson                          who do drastic things because they       is usually recommended by a doctor        me. I strongly hate it, so please don’t
   A poll was taken here to survey        thought they were fat,” another          for the procedure to go through.          do it, it’s not worth it,” Yruegas
students with self-esteem issues and      student who wished to remain             When a person has reconstructive          said.
to see how others feel about them.        anonymous said.                          surgery, it is typically done                Ultimately many people felt
According to www.annecollins.                “There have always been self-         after an accident or birth defect,        everybody should be happy with the
htm, in the U.S., five to ten million     esteem issues with teens, I just think   although there are many people            body their given.
girls and women suffer from eating        the technology we have today makes       who will have it done for personal           “Everyone has different body
disorders. One million boys and men       it worse, thanks to PhotoShop,           gain. The various kinds of plastic        types… God made people to look
also suffer from eating disorders.        airbrushing, plastic surgery, etc.,”     surgery most commonly known are           different, not all the same.”
   These “disorders” are commonly         Jessica Jones said.                      Rhinoplasty (nose job), liposuction          “We all have flaws, but that’s what
referred to as diseases diagnosed by         Anorexia (anorexia nervosa) is        (tummy tuck), facelift and implants.      makes us beautiful and unique,”
doctors and need medical attention.       the most common form of eating           Plastic surgery is generally safe and     Makinzee Dingman said.
Common eating disorders include           disorders. It consists of not eating     successful, but any time someone             “Who really knows what the
anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa,        or eating very little in an extended     goes under the knife, they have a         ‘perfect body’ is?” Xalee Northcutt
binge eating, and extreme laxative        amount of time. As the condition         possibility of ending up worse than       said.
use.                                      persists, many people will have          before and spending more money to         Do you personally have is-
   Some people feel they have             yellowed skin, become weak, have         fix the mistakes.                         sues with low self esteem?
problems with low self esteem.            abdominal pains and constipation,           Another problem many people
   “I strongly believe I do with my       become dizzy, faint or have              see in this school or generation is                                    Yes
personality, because people think         headaches, and girls and women           cutting and depression. Cutting has                                    54%
I’m gay because of the way I act,”        will lose their menstrual cycle.         been around for years, but has only                                    No
Edward Yruegas said.                         Bulimia      (bulimia     nervosa)    gotten more common within the last                                     46%
   “The only thing I have a problem       consists of eating large amounts,        three or four years. Cutting, for most
with is my looks. I get compliments       then throwing it up shortly after or     people, is a secretive stress-reliever,
but I feel I am being lied to,” Malisa    taking laxatives. Oddly enough,          but different for different people.
Thompson said.                            bulimia is highly ineffective and can    For many, but not all, it can be due
   “As a child, I was always small        actually cause weight gain from the      to low self-esteem and problems
and awkward. I would get picked           enormous amount of food intake.          with family or friends. Problems
on or treated differently, even in        Many symptoms of bulimia are             that may occur range from infection
my first year of high school. My          permanent such as acid erosion on        to hemorrhaging (hitting a vein or
                                          the teeth, or a ruptured stomach or      artery) and, in some cases, death.        Do you think our students
personality would usually be shy
                                          esophagus. Others are weight gain,          A couple of people said they have      or generation has problems
around most people. My brother
is the academic one in the family         abdominal pains, constipation from       problems with bulimia, anorexia and       with low self-esteem?
and I’m athletic. Sometimes I think       the excessive laxative use, tooth        or cutting.
that’s all I’m good at, sports,” one      decay, and swelling of feet or hands.       “Last year I struggled with            Yes- 95%
anonymous student said.                   Girls and women will eventually          anorexia and cutting. I hated the way     No- 5%
   “I do but who doesn’t? Some            lose their menstrual cycle as well.      I looked and I wanted to change. I
people are better at controlling it,”        Plastic surgery is a common           realize that I went way too far, but
Gina Guenen said.                         procedure of which many people           then it didn’t matter,” an anonymous
     A few felt this school and           are aware. Most students said that       student said.
generation have problems with low         it would be a “waste of money and           “I was bulimic for a year and I
self-esteem.                              time.” Many people will resort to        strongly hope that no one would
   “Too many kids are cruel to            plastic surgery due to their low self-   ever be bulimic. I was anorexic for
others about their size, clothes, etc.”   esteem and dissatisfaction with their    six months and I felt great, but my
Samantha Keener said.                     features. A large number of people       friends stopped talking to me and I
                                                                                                          Sept. 25, 2009                                                                                                            2
People should move over, move on
to pick up/drop off in front of school
   Every year there is a problem with parking in the front of the school. People
should be able to drop students off and pick them up, but they shouldn’t park
behind the faculty and visitor cars waiting on their student.
   People have gotten tickets for pulling over to the side to drop off because it is a
no-parking zone. Others have been pulled over and asked to drop off at another
location. It shouldn’t be a problem if a person pulls over to the side for a few
seconds, allowing room for other drivers to pass. However, they shouldn’t be
allowed to take advantage of that and stay parked for an extended length of time.
   Also, people should not stop in the middle of the road to pick up or drop off. Pull
over out of the way of other cars.
   We understand that traffic before and after school, and during lunch is drastically
heavy, but a few seconds of waiting to pick up and drop off wouldn’t cause any
more problems than there already are. When a policeman pulls someone over
for parking, more problems are caused since that there are more vehicles in the
   Everyone gets frustrated when someone is parked in front of them and there’s
no other way around them. While driving, remember to be considerate of others.

                                                                   Roar of the Crowd
                            What should be done about picking up/dropping off on Austin Avenue?

 “I think the school should desig-                 “I think they should designate a place              “There should be a designated                    “You should get a form that says                “It would be nice if the students that
 nate an area for loading and un-                  to pick us up. The police stopped my                                                                                                                 are getting off would have everything
                                                                                                       area for loading and unload-                     you can pick up students from
 loading because some people have                  mom and told her that she needs                                                                                                                      together before they get out of the car.
                                                                                                       ing.”                                            school.”                                        Sometimes the students take their time
 no choice. If the school gave them                to pick me up at the parking lot by
                                                                                                                        Caleb Wilson                                 Joseph Hernandez                   getting off, they forget their school sup-
 a specific spot, like they do at the              the practice football field and if she                                                                                                               plies or money. People have to wait and
 elementary or junior high, there                  doesn’t, then she will get a ticket. ”                                        10th                                                 9th
                                                                                                                                                                                                        wait on them to retrieve their belong-
 would be fewer problems.”                                               Anna DeAngelo                                                                                                                  ings.”
                          Nikki Casey                                                  11th                                                                                                                                Mrs. Armanda Herrera
                                  12th                                                                                                                                                                                           Spanish Teacher

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                                                                       Sept. 25,2009                                                                      3
Sara’s Scoop
Country founded on Christianity; president needs history lesson
By Sara Whitley                   Obama gave a speech at a           many people in this country       to establish a nation that is    me when the president makes
   The start of a brand new       press conference in Turkey         also claim Christianity. Even     based on Christian values.       statements that contradict
year and that means an all        where he said, “One of the         still our president needs a bit   Where they could pray to         that. Statements like that,
new column. This year is          great strengths of the United      of work on his history. Our       God and read the Bible!!         I believe, are responsible
my senior year!!! But that        States,” the president said,       Constitution was created          That sounds like a Christian     for the fall of Christian
also means that this is my        “is ... we have a very large       by Christian men and those        nation to me.                    values in our nation. That
last, first column of the year.   Christian population -- we         values the president refers          I think what the president    may be harsh, and, I am not
So I will be trying to leave a    do not consider ourselves a        to are based on the BIBLE         should have said is no one       preaching, nor would I try,
mark on everybody’s mind,         Christian nation or a Jewish       and on Christian values! No,      is forced to be a Christian,     but it has to be said.
whether good or bad, of me        nation or a Muslim nation.         our country is not founded        Muslim, Jew or even
when I’m GRADUATED!               We consider ourselves a            on Jewish or Muslim or            Buddhist or Hindu for that           Those of you that also feel
   Well, as my first column,      nation of citizens who are         any other religions values,       matter. That is the beauty of    this way need to stand up for
I am going to start out with      bound by ideals and a set          except Christian. Although        this great nation. That we are   it! We can’t just sit back and
a bang, and I anticipate          of values.” Read more at:          there is a separation of          allowed to practice whatever     let people, especially the
some compliments and              http://www.huffingtonpost.         church and state, we all must     religion we prefer. But          president, forget what this
many arguments about this         com/2009/04/06/obama-us-           remember how our country          this country is a Christian      country was founded on.
issue. As some of you may         not-a-christian_n_183772.          got started. Many of the men      nation, founded on Christian         Have a great day and
know, in April President          html As Mr. President said,        and women that came to this       principles, and we need to       GOD BLESS ALL OF
                                                                     country from England came         not forget that. And it scares   YOU!

Pardóname mi francés
Writer advises readers to stop living by boundaries; embrace problems
By Megan Williamson                  The way I interpreted           Honestly, if someone were         just comply with it, you         strong. If you don’t know
    In our world, there is a      it was that if you live by         to bring out a book of mental     can work with it, and not        yourself, you can’t believe
separation of people. As          boundaries, what you can           issues (which everyone has),      feel afraid of yourself deep     in yourself. And if this is
black and white as it sounds,     and can’t do, you don’t learn      would you be able to see          down, which I think is a         true, how will our world
it is generally between           anything about yourself. If        the ones that relate to you       big problem in our world         succeed? It’s already been
liberal and conservative          you go with your emotions          in some shape or form? I          today. Too many people are       destroyed enough by the
views. Don’t get me wrong,        with everything, you will          know I could. Everyone has        afraid of what is really deep    ignorance of man, so stop
this isn’t always true. If you    find yourself therein.             problems; embrace them.           inside and it’s a tragedy that   ignoring yourself!
really put some thought into         For example: say your               With everything I’ve          people can’t accept their
it, though, it comes down to      boyfriend/girlfriend      of…      been through, I’ve learned        own personalities.                  Our generation needs to
that. Whether it is how to        one year breaks up with            SO much about myself. I              This denial can easily,       be strong and see the truth
raise a child, or something as    you.Your principles will tell      could go on about my co-          and usually does, result in      in ourselves. If we can’t do
simple as getting dressed in      you not to react harshly and       dependency, anxiety, bi-          terrible self-esteem issues.     that, we will never see the
the morning, our basic ways       move on. Your temperament,         polar disorder and manic          If you can’t accept yourself,    truth in our world. We are
of doing things are separated     though, your true being, will      depression. But instead of        you won’t allow society to       here for a reason; what it is,
by these means.                   tell you to be mad. It will tell   just a diagnosis, I understand    either. Compliments will be      I don’t know. While we’re
    A German philosopher,         you to cry all night; to eat all   my problems. I know how           ignored when you receive         here, let’s figure things out.
Friedrich Nietzsche, said in      day, then starve the next. In      to cope with them and live        them, and your own self-         Open your eyes to the things
one of his writings that the      doing this, we learn about         happily. I truly know myself.     image will be lower.             inside and around you.
better man will live by his       ourselves. The next time a         I am not a fake by any means.
temperament and not his           person hurts you, you know         I love my problems, odd as          Live by your tempera-             Thank you for your time,
principles. How true is this?     how your mind and body             it sounds.                        ment, guys! Find out how         guys! I appreciate all of the
It doesn’t get just a whole       will react and you can cope            Personally, I think this      your mind reacts to situations   readers and the feedback
lot more real than that right     with it.                           is the best way to go about       and stop resenting the truth.    I get (good or bad). I hope
there. And most commonly,            We need to stop living          things. There is no need                                           you all have a wonderful
you will find that the liberals   by “musts” and boundaries.         to deny your problems,              We as humans in this           day and truly take in what I
live by their temperament.        Learn      about     yourself!     mental or emotional. If you       point in time need to be         have said.
                                                                               Sept. 25,2009                                                                                    4
Shelby Shout-Out
Fir s t t i m e c o l u m n-writer introduces self to readers
By Shelby Rasco                        rallies, and there’s nothing          instruments, piano and                    As important as music and           (in fact, I think he can make
    Hey, everyone! My name             like hanging out with my              guitar. Every day before and           writing are to me though,              just about anyone laugh)
is Shelby Rasco, and I’m               buddies on road trips.                after school, if I’m not busy,         I wouldn’t be anywhere                 and with him, what you
going to be writing a column              As much fun as I have in           you can usually find me                without my family.                     see is what you get. Tobin
this year. Since this is my            band, it does take time and           with a guitar in my hands or              My parents, for starters,           always has my back, and I
first column, I’ll let you             effort. I have been working           sitting at the piano. I guess          are absolutely amazing!                can definitely count on him
know a little bit about me.            really hard to prepare for            it’s kind of like my hobby.            My mom is always goofing               for anything.
    I’m a sophomore this year          marching contest, which               For me, there is no greater            around, but she gives                     Last, but not least, is
and I’m loving every minute            includes going to Monday              sound than the strum of six            awesome advice, and my                 my best friend, Corie. I
of it. I don’t feel so out-of-         night class, Tuesday morn-            strings or the strike of a             dad… well, he’s his own                have known her since I
the-loop.                              ing sectionals, and playing           key.                                   character. The important               was five, and let’s just say
    A big part of my life              quizzes every week, not to                Besides music, I have a            thing, though, is they are             our personalities match up
right now is playing alto              mention fourth period class.          major passion for writing.             always there to pick me                perfectly. We love to goof
saxophone in band. I’ve                Even though band does                 My book shelf is packed with           up when I’m down, and as               off and have a good time.
been in band since sixth               require dedication, I believe         spirals and notebooks full of          much as they aggravate me              Honestly, Corie is like the
grade, so that pretty much             it will pay off in the end. I         stories and random thoughts            sometimes, I know they only            sister I never had.
makes me a band geek,                  think we have an excellent            I felt like writing down. I            want the best for me.
but there’s nothing wrong              show this year, “Robin                love writing poems and song               My brother, Tobin, is                   Now that you know a
with that. I mean I get free           Hood.”                                lyrics, and occasionally I’ll          probably the dorkiest – but            little bit about me, I should
access to football games, I               Other     than     playing         write a short story here and           coolest – guy you’ll ever              probably start wrapping
get to perform at all the pep          saxophone, I play two other           there.                                 meet. He is extremely funny,           things up. Until next time…

Dude, Buy Me a Coconut!
Random topics: from summer, to school’s back in session, to marching band
By Leslie Quinonez                        Well, I take that back. I did go   I’m pretty thrilled. I’m almost        to go to the Palo Duro football        I’m suppose to be in the right
    Wow. The summer has passed         on a college tour trip with Trio.     done with high school. I’m also        game. I realize that it was long       number of steps. I’m deciding
already. Here we are again,            We went to San Antonio and            worried about getting all the          trip, but high school bands            how big the steps should be. Or
sitting in the classroom, waiting      then to Austin. That was pretty       preparations for college done at       should go to the high school           maybe I have to take a small
for the bell to ring. Its seems like   fun. My absolute closest friends      the right time. I don’t want to        football games! It’s just not the      step. I could possibly have to
yesterday that I was wandering         Roy Mojica and Eric Overton           be behind and start out on the         same without the music.                march backwards. I could have to
around my house, longing for           went also, so I was never bored!      wrong foot. Then again, I don’t                                               slide. OR I could have to march
something to do yet enjoying not       We even made new friends from         even know what I want as to do             I don’t think people who are       backwards and slide at the same
having to worry about homework         different schools. I was a very       as a career. Maybe I’ll just be a      not in band realize how difficult      time. Then I have to remember
or projects.                           happy person.                         certified bum! Just kidding.           it can be. It’s not that simple. I’m   if the beat is in half time; so
    This summer was different.            I was supposed to get a job.                                              constantly thinking while I’m          would we be marching slower
Not much went on in my life.           I really could use the extra               In junior high, I wanted to be    marching. My brain never takes         that usual. Then I’m worrying
That’s pretty lame. Compared to        money. Shoot. Everyone could.         a writer. I was always writing         a break.                               about spacing. We have to stay
last summer, I don’t even know         I just don’t know where to go         little stories that were random                                               between two people at equal
what I was expecting. So much          to work. I get nervous easily.        and made up. I aspired to have             How about I explain what           distance. I’m worrying over not
excitement from the previous           I’m naturally shy, and I have a       one of those stories be published.     goes on at halftime. First of all,     getting too close to one person
summer still flooded my body.          soft voice. Not having a job          But that seems like so many years      I’m worrying about staying in          and letting them get too far away
I was thinking about what I did        makes me feel lazy. I feel like       ago. When I got into high school,      step with everyone else. Left,         from me. Then I’m counting in
last break, and before I knew it,      I’m not doing anything to help        I stopped writing. It was as if I      left, left right left. After I have    my head. “Remember on count 8
I was smiling from ear to ear.         my family out. I’m just sitting       had lost my inspiration. I just        the feel of the beat in my feet,       turn and backwards march.” And
Feeling giddy, I would sit and         around the house, watching dust       couldn’t get back into it. When I      I’m trying to picture the music        on top of all that, I’m focusing on
think and think and think. Then        pile up on everything. I know,        did, I had major writers block. I      in my head. We’re a small              marching with heel toe, rolling
I would realize that nothing that      I know. I should at least clean       couldn’t even remember how to          band. Everyone has to play.            the toe over the roll of toothpaste.
exciting would happen this year.       up the house and whatnot. I do,       start with an attention grabber. I     I’m remembering the notes,             AND watching the drum major.
It just broke my little heart. To      eventually. And that makes me         still love writing. I miss it a lot.   remembering not to play wrong          It’s a lot to be thinking. Like I
tell you the truth, I don’t even       feel even more lazier! Hurray for     I just don’t know how to bring it      notes, remembering to stay in          said, it’s not that easy.
recall what I did this summer! A       laziness!                             back into my life.                     the key. When I know that I can
whole bunch of nothing, that’s            Now school is back in session.          Moving on, I was pretty upset     play the music in my sleep, I’m            Well I’ll let you go now. Have
for sure.                              This year is my junior year.          about the band not being able          worrying about getting to where        a lovely day!
                                                                             Sept. 25,2009                                                                                     5
New teachers join faculty                                                  April is a junior at Angelo State     plan their high school career. My
                                                                           University and Jayson is a Junior     hope is that each student would get
                                                                           at Tarrelton State University.        to take the classes that really make
By Amanda Browning                   position: Coaching and teaching       Hobbies: Hunting and fishing          them tick.
                                     students to become better athletes                                          Favorite thing about SHS: SHS
                                     from the knowledge I have                                                   is my alma mater. I have great
                                     learned.                                                                    memories of high school and I get
                                     Favorite thing about SHS: The                                               to relive them as I walk the halls
                                     hard working athletes and faculty.                                          and watch the students do their
                                     Graduated from high school:                                                 thing.
                                     Richland High School                                                        Graduated from high school:
                                     Graduated from college: Tarleton                                            1991-SHS                                        Juan Rodriguez
                                     State University                                                            Graduated from college: 1996-          Position: Inclusion Aide/Special
           Trig Overbo               Spouse/children/family:        For               Vickie Adams               Abilene Christian University           Ed
Position: Assistant Principal        right now my two Boston Terriers,     Teaches: Algebra 1 and math           Bachelors in English/Teaching,         Favorite thing about your
Favorite thing about your            Shyner and Little Bit.                TAKS                                  2009- Angelo State University          position: I love working with
position: The privilege of working   Hobbies: Softball, sports and         Favorite thing about your             MEd Guidance and Counseling            students and the people around
with the faculty and students of     watching the Dallas Cowboys and       position: I enjoy teaching math       Spouse/children/family: Emma-          me.
SHS.                                 Texas Rangers.                        and I love teaching students that     5th grade, Nathan-1st grade and J.     Favorite thing about SHS: My
Favorite thing about SHS: The                                              are interested in learning.           Riley- 2nd grade                       favorite thing about SHS is the
positive atmosphere                                                        Favorite thing about SHS:             Hobbies: reading, writing, going       students, faculty and staff that I
Graduated high school: Viroqua                                             The friendliness of all the staff.    to plays and movies, spending time     work with. I also like SHS because
High School, Viroqua, WI- 1989                                             They have been so helpful and         with my sisters and watching my        this is where I graduated from.
Graduated college: University                                              supportive.                           kids’ activities.                      Class of 2003 baby!!!
of         Wisconsin-Whitewater,                                           Graduated from high school:                                                  Graduated from high school:
1994; major: education; minor:                                             Brady High School, Brady, TX                                                 I graduated from Snyder High
coaching;                                                                  Graduated from college: Tarleton                                             School
Abilene Christian University 2008,                                         State University with a Bachelor                                             Graduated from college: WTC/
educational leadership                                                     in Science in Mathematics and                                                UTPB online
                                                Ray Conner
Spouse/children/family: My wife                                            Business                                                                     Spouse/children/family: I am
                                     Position: Assistant principal
Ashley and a daughter Charlotte                                            Spouse/children/family:       My                                             single. My parents live in Snyder. I
                                     Favorite thing about your
Rose                                                                       husband is Kenneth Adams. We                                                 have two brothers and two sisters.
                                     position: Working with students
Hobbies/Interests: Spending time                                           have a daughter, Brooke, who is                                              My brothers are Jeremy, who is 21
                                     Favorite thing about SHS: It is
with my family and friends                                                 married and has identical twin                  Canita Rhodes                years old and attends WTC-UTPB
                                     large enough that it has almost
                                     everything yet small enough that      daughters who are two-years-old.      Position: District PEIMS/ Testing      and Jordan is 16 and a junior here.
                                     you can get to know everyone.         Hobbies: Playing with my              coordinator                            My sisters: Crystal is 28 and a
                                     Graduated from high school:           granddaughters, reading and doing     Favorite thing about your              teacher and Erma is attending the
                                     Plains High School                    crafts                                position: Coordinate with all          WTC nursing program
                                     Graduated        from      college:                                         campuses to insure student data is     Hobbies: I love all sports and
                                     Bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech                                           correct and testing is accurate and    playing the drums for my band
                                     University and a master’s degree                                            secure.
                                     from Sul Ross State University.                                             Favorite thing about SHS:
                                     Spouse/children/family: My wife,                                            Students, faculty and admin-
        Kristin Williams             Brenda Conner is a fifth grade                                              istration
Position: Head softball, JV          teacher. Four children: Calley is a                                         Graduated high school: Clint
volleyball and physical education    math teacher and coach at Forney                                            High School
teacher                              High School, Toby is attending                                              Graduated from college: Texas
Favorite thing about your            veterinarian school at Texas A&M,               Emily Beaver                Tech University, ACU
                                                                           Position: Freshman and sophomore      Spouse/children/family: Greg,
                                                                           counselor                             Cayelea, Brenon                        Toby Lopez signs up for a com-
                                                                           Favorite thing about your             Hobbies: Just work                     mittee at the first Student Coun-
                                                                           position: Getting to visit with the                                          cil meeting of the year. Photo by
                                                                           students and helping them as they                                            Taylor Tyrrell

                                                                              Tiger         S
                                                                                              Joni’s M-F
                                                                            HaMburger, cHeeSeburger or paTTy MelT
                                                                                     wiTH FrieS & Drink                                                  2109 College Ave.
                                                                                                      4.99 pluS Tax                                           Snyder
                                                                                            Call in orders: 574-2407                                     574-EDGE (3343)
                                                                                              3809 College Ave.
                                                                             Sept. 25,2009                                                                                      6
New teachers join SHS faculty continued                                    Favorite thing about your              Houston, TX                          University of Texas at Austin.
                                                                           position:     Working      students    Graduated       from      college:   Spouse/children/family: None
                                    Teaches: BCIS and keyboarding                                                 Bachelor’s in 2002 at Wake Forest    Hobbies: Back in the day, I had
                                                                           focused on succeeding.
                                    Favorite thing about your                                                     University in Winston-Salem, NC.     lots of hobbies and pastimes, but
                                                                           Favorite thing about SHS:
                                    position: My favorite thing about                                             Master’s in 2007 at Texas State      now my hobby is driving back and
                                                                           Everyone is so friendly and willing
                                    my position is that I have the                                                University in San Marcos, TX.        forth from Sweetwater to SHS.
                                                                           to help no matter what I need.
                                    opportunity to influence the lives                                            Spouse/children/family: Michael
                                                                           Graduated from high school:
                                    of my students.                                                               Hall
                                                                           Wynnewood         High      School,
                                    Favorite thing about SHS: I love                                              Hobbies: Reading, traveling and
                                                                           Wynnewood, OK 1975
                                    all the school spirit!! I also feel                                           watching HGTV.
          Deborah Doak                                                     Graduated        from       college:
                                    blessed to get to work with such
Teaches: Spanish II/III                                                    Southern Nazarene University
                                    wonderful students, teachers and
Favorite thing about your                                                  1995 Bethany, OK
position: My windows, the                                                  Spouse/family/children: I have
                                    Graduated from high school:
enthusiastic students and the                                              two children, Misty is 29 and Teesa
                                    Sabino High School, Tucson, AZ
friendly teachers!                                                         is 32. I have 10 grandchildren.
                                    class of 2003
Favorite thing about SHS:                                                  Nine of them are biological and
                                    Graduated       from       college:                                                                                            Dan Hicks
Technology and the standard of                                             one step grandson.
                                    University of Arizona, (Tucson,                                                                                    Position: Corporal/school resource
excellence here.                                                           Hobbies: Country music and Farm
                                    AZ) graduated 2006 with a                                                                                          officer
Graduated from high school:                                                Town on Facebook
                                    Bachelors degree in Business                                                           Maria Duncan                Favorite thing about your
Spring Woods High School 1975,      Administration. Major in Finance                                              Position: Attendance - PEIMS         position: The ability to help the
Houston, TX                         Spouse/children/family:         My                                            clerk                                students with their problems and
Graduated from college: Wheaton     husband Russell Riggan who is                                                 Favorite thing about your            getting to interact with so many
College, Wheaton, Illinois          a financial advisor for Edward                                                position: Working with the           people; students, teachers, parents
Spouse/children/family:     Twin    Jones.                                                                        students                             and guests.
daughters, Mattie and Lauren who    Hobbies: Supporting my students,                                              Graduated from high school:          Favorite thing about SHS: SHS
are 21 and my husband Raymond.      watching      college      football,                                          Eldorado High School in 2000         just wouldn’t be the same without
Hobbies: Foreign mission trips to   exercising and shopping!                                                      Spouse/children/family: My hus-      all the great people and the laid-
Guatemala, Austria, Slovenia and                                                     Amanda Hall                  band, Sean and a son, Bryson         back, relaxed atmosphere.
the Czech Republic.                                                        Teaches: English III and IV            Hobbies: Photography, shopping,      Graduated high school: Barry
                                                                           Favorite thing about your              “watching” football with my          Goldwater High School 1989
                                                                           position: I enjoy working with         husband and son                      Spouse/children/family: Shane
                                                                           young adults.                                                               Hicks, senior and Nikki Hicks,
                                                                           Favorite thing about SHS: The                                               freshman
                                                                           people I work with. The students,                                           Hobbies: Carpentry and sports
                                                                           fellow teachers and administrators
                                                                           are awesome.
                                           Glenda Henning                  Graduated from high school:
        Kendall Riggan              Teaches: DECA Marketing                1998 Memorial High School in

                    Mr. G’eez
                                                                                                                              Beth Hall
                                                                                                                  Teaches: Math
                                                                                                                  Favorite thing about your
                                                                                                                  position: Recess… Oh, I forgot
                                                                                                                  that we don’t get recess anymore.
                                                                                                                  Favorite thing about SHS: My
                                                                                                                  Graduated from high school:                    Cathy Powell
                   • Senior Portraits •                                                                           Sweetwater High School
                                                                                                                  Graduated from college: Abilene
                                                                                                                                                       Position: Dyslexia teacher
                                                                                                                                                       Favorite thing about your
                                                                                                                  Christian University and the         position: Getting to see the
                 • Digital Photography •                                                                                                               students    reading
                                                                                                                                                       confidence improve.
                                                                                                                                                                               and     self

             • Graduation Announcements •                                                                               KNOWING CHRIST
                                                                                                                                                       Favorite thing about SHS:
                                                                                                                                                       Friendliness of students and staff
                                                                                                                                                       Graduated from high school:
                   • Tuxedo Rentals •                                                                                  MAKING HIM KNOWN                W.T. White High School in Dallas
                                                                                                                                                       Graduated from college: Mt.
                                                                                                                  First Baptist ChurCh                 Holyoke College in Massachusetts

           3809 College Ave. • Snyder                                                                                   Snyder, TexaS                  Spouse/children/family: I have
                                                                                                                                                       been married to my husband,
                                                                                                                         1701 27th St.                 Richard, for 29 years. I have three
                                                                                                                                                       boys who are 26, 25 and 24 and

                                                                                                                                                       two girls who are 22 and 20.
                                                                                                                            Hobbies: Reading, camping and
                                                                                                                                                       playing games
                                                                     Sept. 25,2009                                                                 7
Drop-out prevention program
begins on all campuses
By Jessica Jones                  period, without an excuse,
   This year, Snyder ISD          or 10 days in a six month
has named Melinda Owens           period, then you can have
as Drop-Out Prevention and        charges brought against you
Homebound Coordinator.            in a Justice of the Peace                                                                     Teachers Malinda McClung and
   So far, Owens has been “in                                                                                                   Richard Hester dressed up for
                                  court and be fined for non-                                                                   Nerd Day during Spirit Week
contact with the principals       attendance.”                                                                                  last week. McClung was Mis El-
at the various schools, who          To help prevent students                                                                   aneous and Jim Nasium. Photo
alert me if there are potential   from taking the truancy                                                                       by Amanda Browning
problems” regarding truancy       or drop-out path, Owens
and drop-outs. Owens also         suggests “being connected
works “with Judge Boyd,
who is our Justice of the
                                  to your school. You can
                                  connect through a teacher,       Drama to present ‘Wizard of Oz’
Peace… with the school            a class you like, joining an
                                                                   By Jessica Bell               Inky, Sadye Naizer; Blink,     Sydney Glass.
resource officers, STAR           extracurricular activity, (or)
                                                                      The drama department       Michael Redman; Slinky,           Cast     members       are
Boot Camp instructors, the        joining a club.”
                                                                   will perform “Wizard of Oz”   Devyn DeLoera; Amber,          lights, Kyra Lara; lighting
probation department, High           According to Owens, the
                                                                   Oct. 15 and 17 at 7:30 p.m.   Taylor     Drake;    Topaz,    technician/sound      design,
Sky, parents and students.”       most used excuse regarding
                                                                   and on Oct. 18 at 2 p.m.      Heather Crawford; Sapphire,    Devin Blackwell; sound
   “According to our local        dropping out and being
                                                                      Members of the cast are    Beth Oliver; Winkle, Taylor    technician, Carrie Harlan;
School Board Policy and the       truant is boredom. “I have
                                                                   Dorothy, Jessie Hibbitt;      Duzan; Wonkle, Nolan           stage manager, Maggie
laws set forth by the Texas       heard students say that they
                                                                   Toto, Taylor McClung;         Duzan; Glinda, Good Witch      Marshall; set design, Sydney
Legislature, any student who      are ‘bored’ with school.”
                                                                   Scarecrow, Logan Tabor;       of the South, Gina Guerrero;   Glass; and make-up, Taylor
is age six must be enrolled       Another excuse is “that the
                                                                   Tim Woodsman, Roylee          Ruby, Aly Alvarez; Garnet,     Reed.
in school. After enrollment,      ‘classes are too hard,’” but
                                                                   Sanchez; Cowardly Lion,       Faith Overton; the Wizard,        Admission is $5 for adults
(students) are required to        Owens advises that “there
                                                                   Chase Gaines; Melinda,        Alex Parsons; Dancing          and $3 for students.
be in class 90 percent of         is help for students who are
the time the class meets, or                                       Good Witch of the North,      Poppies: Sarah Parmer,
                                  struggling.”                                                                                    Director of the play is
(the student) will not receive                                     Brittany Read; Boq, Boomer    Mekayla Duzan, Hannah
                                     By graduating from                                                                         Katie Thornton.
credit for that class,” Owens                                      Fowler; Zoq, Mattie Drake;    Herring, Audrey Miller and
                                  high school, students “have
said.                                                              Noq, Tanner Spraberry;
                                  increased their monthly
   The consequences of                                             Verdo, Joseph Hernandez;
                                  income potential twice as
being truant can range from                                        Jade,     Jamie    Ramirez;
                                  much.” Attending college
D-hall to fines. “If you miss                                      Belinda, Wicked Witch of
                                  increases the income poten-
three days in a four-week                                          the West, Cassie Cochran;
                                  tial even more.

                        Joe C. Forsman, D.D.S., M.S.
                       Diplomate American Board of Orthodontics

 806-795-6415                                                               800-444-1482
 6400 Quaker Ave.                                                         Cogdell Center          1901 26th St.                       325-573-5441
 Lubbock, TX 79413                                                      Snyder, TX 79549          Snyder, TX 79549    
                                                                       Sept. 25,2009                                                                            8

Heather Crawford, Beth Oliver selected
to Texas Baptist All-State Choir/Band
By Leslie Quinonez                breakfast, worship, rehearsal,    two people there, then there
   This summer, junior            lunch, free time, rehearsal,      were big groups,” Oliver
Heather Crawford and              supper, rehearsal and sleep.      said.
sophomore Beth Oliver             The rest of the time they            “Everyone became one
were part of TBAS (Texas          performed concerts.               big choir and family. By
Baptist All-state Choir and          The choir sang several         the third day, everyone had
Band). The girls traveled to      different styles of songs.        forgotten that they were all
Marshall in East Texas to         “We      had    gospel     to     from different churches,”
participate. To become part       contemporary to hymns to          Crawford said about the
of this group, Crawford and       lullabies,” Crawford said.        choir groups. Oliver and
Oliver had to audition for a      With numerous different           Crawford were the only
spot, unless they had made        songs to be learned, many         people from Snyder.
all-region.                       rehearsals were in order.            This was Oliver’s and
   “We stayed on the                 Crawford didn’t mind.          Crawford’s first time to be
ETBU (East Texas Baptist          “They were a lot of fun,” she     in the TBAS choir and band.
University) campus. How-          said. “Our director, Monte        “But last year I did Master    Heather Crawford practices with the Texas Baptist All-State choir.
ever, we sang at various          Garett, made practice fun!”       Singers, which is a branch     Practices were held three times a day. Contributed photo
churches in the surrounding          Oliver didn’t mind either.     off of TBAS,” Crawford
towns,” Crawford said.            “They were fun. I don’t           said.
Oliver and Crawford stayed        remember looking at a                Crawford’s favorite part
at the school for one week.       clock waiting for a break to      of their trip was working
They were there July 7-14.        come.”                            with the kids at the Boys
   The days were planned             The students came from         and Girls’ club in Marshall.
out accordingly. For three        all over Texas. “There were       Crawford also enjoyed
days, the choir group had         some churches with one or         singing at Six Flags.

                                                                                                   Beth Oliver plays at Boys and Girls’ Club Day on a giant slip and
                                                                                                   slide. Working with the children at the club was just one of the activi-
                                                                                                   ties she and Heather Crawford took part in with the Texas Baptist
                                                                                                   all-state choir and band. Contributed photo

This is a group picture of the Texas Baptist All-State choir and band in which Heather Crawford
and Beth Oliver participated this summer in Marshall, Texas . contributed photo
                                                                     Sept. 25,2009                                                                            9
Spreading ‘God’s love across ocean’

Miller travels to Africa
on mission trip
By Eboni Thompson                like Lusaka, the capital, they    the educated village kids
   This past summer Audrey       had cars and buses on the         spoke English and most
Miller visited Africa with the   left side of the road, but in     of the billboards were in
Zambia Medical Missions          smaller places and villages,      English. Chitonga was
(ZMM). Her trip was from         they either walked or had a       the main language. If they
July 8-25. Seventeen hours       bike,” Miller said.               spoke English, they usually      Audrey Miller with the village chief’s three-year-old son, Salant.
after take-off, she and her         According to Miller, “the      spoke five to seven other        Contributed photo
group arrived. Miller said       girls can’t wear pants. The       languages,” Miller said.
she went to spread “God’s        girls who wore pants were             Miller’s favorite part
love across the ocean.”          known as ‘loose women.’           about the trip was seeing the
   The smell wasn’t very         The huts that their whole         little kids smile at her, even
nice down there. “As soon as     families live in are smaller      when they had nothing, and
I got off the plane, I smelled   than the size of my bedroom.      also hearing them call her
body odor,” Miller said.         The people are more open          name. Her least favorite part
   “It was a medical mission     with themselves. Like when        about the trip was not being
trip, but since I’m not          they’re nursing their babies,     able to take a shower. She
a doctor, I worked with          they don’t try to cover it up.    said she got to take a shower
the kids. We did a sort of       They’re also very grateful        maybe every three days.
Vacation Bible School thing      and thankful for what they        Miller’s uncle had to build
with translators and songs,      have.”                            showers for their group.
parades, puppets and short          In Zambia they traded          “The pipes connected to the
plays,” Miller said.             cows for a girl’s hand in         shower and were painted
   The people were very          marriage. Instead of talking      black so the pipes would
malnourished. “Some of their     to the parents, they asked        absorb the heat from the
stomachs were protruding.        permission from the uncle         sun to make the water even
Our group never ate in front     of the girl. While Miller was     warmer,” Miller said. She
of people because we didn’t      there, she said, “I got several   said the water wasn’t very
have enough for everyone         marriage offers. One boy          warm even then.
else to eat,” Miller said.       offered 1,000 cows for my             While she was there, she
   During Miller’s visit, it     hand in marriage,” she said.      tried mahao shake and a
was winter in Zambia but            “The people who were           mupanti worm. She said the       This lady carries her bundle as    A young mother holds her baby.
it was warm outside. The         my age looked younger than        worm “tasted like unsalted,      she dances to music. Contributed   On the ground are items that
people still wore their coats    they actually were,” Miller       unbuttered popcorn.” Other       photo                              were in a bundle that she carried
                                                                                                                                       on top of her head. Contributed
though, she said.                said.                             than that, they had a kitchen
   While she was there, she         Miller and the other           staff on their team from
and her group slept in tents.    people on her missionary          America, so she ate mostly
“They had electricity in nicer   team taught the kids how          American food.
homes, but the people in the     to play Tick-Tack-Toe, Red                                                                            One of the missionary workers
huts didn’t. Their electrical    Rover, Duck, Duck, Goose             If she ever had the chance,                                      blows bubbles for the children.
                                                                                                                                       Audrey Miller said they were
outlets were different from      and how to hit a ball like        she said she would go back
                                                                                                                                       amazed at the bubbles and had
ours,” Miller said.              a volleyball. Other than          because she misses it so                                            fun popping them. Contributed
   Most of the roads were        that, she said she didn’t         much but it probably won’t                                          photo
dirt and not gravel, according   see the children playing          be anytime soon, Miller
to Miller. “In bigger places     any other games. “Some of         said.
                                                                     Sept. 25,2009                                                                            10

                                                                   By Xalee Northcutt            By Shawn Burns
                                                                                                                     Speech              well as 71 USX competitors. He
                                                                                                     The speech team travels to          said he expects to reach quarter-
                                                                      FCCLA (Family, Career
                                                                                                 Texas Tech today and will stay          finals or semi-finals in LD and
                                                                   and Community Leaders of      through tomorrow to compete at          semi-finals or finals in USX.
                                                                   America) meets Wednesdays     their second speech tournament of           For the year, Hester said he
                                                                   at 3:45 in Room 103.          the year.                               expects a lot from his speech
                                                                                                     Students competing will be          students. He is predicted that five
                                                                                                 sophomores, Beto Jaimes, Cole           students will qualify for the Texas
                                                                      The officers for FCCLA                                             Forensics Association (TFA)
                                                                                                 Etheredge and Caleb Hester,
Labeth Carter, JessicaTorres, David Long, Kimberly Nolan and Sa-   are President Kimberly        junior Shawn Burns and senior           state competition in El Paso.
mantha Wampler measure material for the FCCLA homecoming           Nolan, Vice President of                                              He also predicted a UIL district
                                                                                                 Nirav Patel.
float. Contributed photo                                                                                                                 championship. On top of that, he
                                                                   Programs Kana Grimes,             Jaimes will be competing in
                                                                                                 Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)             expects three students to make

Student Council
                                                                   Vice President of Records
                                                                                                 for the first time. Etheredge will      it to the UIL state competition
                                                                   Samantha Wampler, Vice        be competing in United States           in May, as well as two state
                                                                   President of Community        Extemporaneous Speaking (USX).          champions in their respective
By Shanerica McGaha                Tabor, treasurer; and Kristi    Service Roy Mojica, Vice      Hester will be competing in LD          events.One thing he said will
                                                                   President of finance Jesica   and USX. Burns will be competing        help reach this goal is his team’s
   StuCo (Student Council)         Guerrero, reporter.                                                                                   senior leadership and experience.
                                                                                                 in USX and Original Oratory (OO).
meets in the Student Center           “We hope to create care      Kenly and Vice President                                              On the downside, he said that the
                                                                                                 Patel will be competing in Foreign
on Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m.         packages for U.S. soldiers      of Recreation Hayley Fry.     Extemp (FX) and OO.                     overall team inexperience could
   According to Charlotte          overseas to honor the           Sponsors are Labeth Carter,       Other students on the speech        be a weakness for the first few
                                                                   Carol Landfried and Carrie    team are sophomores Kayla Scott,        tournaments.The first tournament
Clifton, sponsor, “Anyone          memory of SHS graduate                                                                                was held at Odessa High School.
                                                                   Richardson.                   Corbin Holmesly, Maria Sanchez
can join. You just have to         Michael Murphrey,” Clifton                                    and senior Jonathan Kerr.               Patel and Hester were the only two
attend three meetings and          said. “We will go to a team                                       Speech sponsor Ron Hester was       competitors at this tournament. In
you are a member.”                 building ropes course in           According to Carter,       hesitant to share his predictions for   LD Debate, Patel earned second
   Officers   are    Taylor        the fall. We will attend        “Anyone who has ever          the upcoming tournament. “It’s          place and received the Outstanding
                                                                   taken a family and consumer   going to be a big tournament with       L-D Debater Award. Hester earned
Tyrrell, president; Raven          several functions of Texas                                                                            third place in LD. In FX, Patel
                                                                                                 a lot of tough competition,” Hester
Luna, vice president; Gina         Association of Student          sciences class and pays $15                                           placed third in finals and Hester
Guerrero, secretary; Alex          Councils this year,” Clifton    can be a member.”                 There are going to be two           made it to the semi-finals. In OO,
Parsons, secretary; Logan          said.                                                         speech-oriented Dallas schools          Patel placed sixth in finals. Hester
                                                                      Upcoming activities in-    competing at Tech. The tournament       also advanced to semi-finals in both
                                                                                                 will host over 50 LD debaters as        Prose and Poetry interpretation.
                                      StuCo is also responsible    clude leadership meetings,
   AmAzing Cuts                                                    community service projects,

                                   for homecoming activities
                                   every year.                     fundraisers and educational
       573-0189                                                    trips.
                                                                                                 By Xalee Northcutt
     Gina, Sandy,                                                                                    FCA (Fellowship of Chris-
 Mandy, Jessica, Amanda                                                                          tian Athletes) meets on Thursday
                                                                                                 mornings in the film room at 7:30.
                                                                                                     According to Dana Bailey,
  4109 College Ave.,                                                                             sponsor, “Anyone can join. You
   Suite B, Snyder                                                                               don’t have to be an athlete.”
 (Next door to Gebo’s)                                                                               Officers are Tye Holley, presi-
                                                                                                 dent; Heather Crawford, vice
                                                                                                 president; Gabby Arredondo, sec-        FCA member Taylor Tyrrell
                                                                                                 retary; Taylor Tyrrell, treasurer;      speaks at See You at the Pole,
Barbee Medical Supply                                                                            Nicole Molter and Tyler Sawyer,         where people met at the flag pole
  & Uniform Center                                                                               outreach.                               in front of the school to pray for
                                                                                                     Upcoming activities include         the country, their school and
                                                                                                 Field of Faith in Big Spring Oct.       their families and friends. Tay-
                                                                                                 14.                                     lor Drake is also pictured. Photo
                                                                                                     Labeth Carter is a sponsor, too.    by Natalie Kerry
     When you need a
   helping hand at home
 5109 College Ave. • Snyder
                                                                                                     Student Buffet & Drink
       325-573-3399                                                                                     $6 w/tax included
    FAX 325-573-6699                                                                               3907 College • 573-3542
     Insurance Medicare Medicaid
      Workman’s Comp Accepted                                                                           locally owned by
                                                                                                   Karen and Keith Herrley
                                                                     Sept. 25,2009                                                                  11

   School supplies: $40; textbook: $160; yearbook: priceless
              Purchasers explain importance of having yearbooks
By Shelby Rasco                  friends and all the fun we had    at what you used to look         be, yearbooks are bought for    said.
    In the past two years,       in high school,” sophomore        like,” junior Robert Munoz       different reasons.                 The 2010 Tiger’s Lair
yearbook       sales     have    Samantha Mitchell said.           said.                               “I do buy yearbooks if I     yearbook staff will begin
dropped. Several people say          “It’s important because the      “It’s fun to go back and      have the money because I        taking orders at the SHS
that they cannot afford a        yearbook is all the memories      look at it five, 10, 20, 30      like looking back to see what   Open House Oct. 7. For a
yearbook. But even though        of that year,” Ashtin Hand,       years after you’ve graduated     we did,” Owens said. “That      yearbook only, the price is
prices are increasing, there     sophomore, said. “(It’s also      and remember how you             way I don’t forget anyone.      currently $50. Other options
are still important aspects of   important) in case you need       dressed and wore your hair.      It’s like a memory for me.”     are available for additional
having a yearbook.               to know the date of when          You can remember what                                            cost. A deposit of $20-$30
    “Having a yearbook is        something happened or just        activities you were involved        “I buy a yearbook            may be made. Students and
priceless,” Diane Arnold         the usual thing – to look at      in. The yearbook helps you       because the books normally      their parents should have
said. “The yearbook is           old friends.”                     remember the good and not        have pretty cool designs,       received a letter and order
usually the only thing you           A major part of a yearbook    so good times of being a         and I want to remember my       form this week in the mail,
have from your high school       is the memories.                  teenager,” Arnold said.          high school years,” Mitchell    Arnold said.
years - you don’t usually            “It’s important because it       Another advantage to
keep programs, class notes,
experiments - but you keep
                                 helps us look back and have
                                 memories,” Richard Hester
                                                                   having a yearbook is for
                                                                                                                     Order your
that yearbook.”
    “It’s important because
it’s like a history book of
                                     “A yearbook is important
                                 because in the future, you
                                                                      “You can see the
                                                                   activities, teachers, (school)
                                                                   address, and phone number,”
                                                                                                         2010 Tiger’s Lair
your high school,” Lindsey
Urias, senior, said. “You can
                                 want to look back to see
                                 what happened that year,”
                                                                   Owens said.
                                                                      Yearbooks can also be
always go back and look at
all the cool (and not so cool)
                                 Crystal Owens, junior, said.
                                 “You can look back and
                                                                   useful for telling stories.
                                                                      “I can look at old friends,             beginning Oct. 7
things you and your friends      see who you went to school        and when I tell stories about
    The importance of a
yearbook also includes
                                     For some, an important
                                 aspect of a yearbook could
                                                                   people, and the person I’m
                                                                   telling doesn’t know who
                                                                   I’m talking about, I’ll just
                                                                                                           50 - book only
                                                                                                         extra options available additional cost
advantages.                      be for a flashback of their       whip out my yearbook and
    “The advantages of           appearance.                       show them who they are,”             Room 229, before/after school
having a yearbook is so              “(An advantage to having      Hand said.
we can remember our old          a yearbook is) looking back          Whatever the case may
                                   -                                  Sports
                           10                -                        Sept. 25,2009                                                                              12
Coach thinks freshmen                                                                                                                      Bollinger expects
will do well against Pecos                                                                                                                 JV to play hard
By Andrew Velasquez               be able to go into somebody                                                                              By David Kreher
   Results for the freshman       else’s stadium and take                                                                                      Last night the JV football team
football game against Pecos       control from the start,” Coach                                                                           took on Pecos. The results of the
last night were not available     Brogden said.                                                                                            game weren’t available at press
at press time.                       Coach Brogden said, “Our
                                                                                                                                               Before the game, Coach
   Before the game Coach          biggest weakness is that we                                                                              Charles Bollinger said, “I expect
Mike Brogden said, “The           have started off too slowly                                                                              us to play hard, execute well and
freshmen should do well           in all of our game except for                                                                            win the game.”
against Pecos if they will        one. We tend to try and feel                                                                                 “The biggest weakness is
work at improving this week.      the other team out before we                                                                             mental confidence and focus. These
                                                                    Jonathan Kerr causes the Estacado Matador to fumble during last        guys must learn how to win and
As long as the team shows         make up our minds to get
                                                                    Friday’s game. # 67 Daniel Escobedo runs in to assist. Photo by Mea-   make it a habit. We must get team
up ready to play and work on      after them.”                      gan Downing                                                            chemistry put together. Athletic
playing hard all four quarters,      “I think our size could be                                                                            ability: we have players with more
we should do well against         one of our biggest strengths if                                                                          ability than they realize.”
Pecos.”                           we would learn to use it to our                                                                              The coach said that his team
                                                                                                                                           will “take care of the ball, run

                                                                    Tigers travel to Pecos today
   “Our offensive strategy        advantage and get after other
                                                                                                                                           hard, block the right people and
will be to mix it up a little     people,” Coach Brogden
                                                                                                                                           score lots of points.”
bit,” Coach Brogden said.         said.                                                                                                        The players are Alec Hinojos,
   “We may come out and              Members of the freshman        By Alexandra Luevano               Dakota Carroll, Jimmy Holt,         Alex Pesina, Aaron Palacios,
run the ball right at them to     team are Chase Toland, Will          The varsity football team       Shade Roemisch, Chris Ward,         Domino Donaldson, Alex Rivera,
try and get the running game      Stephens, Kenner Escobedo,        will be traveling to Pecos         Blake Thompson, Scott
                                                                                                                                           Josh Sandoval, Robbie Rinehart,
going. If we need to back         Dakota Kinkinger, Andrew                                                                                 Kyler Billingsley, Gene Alarcon,
                                                                    tonight.                           Smith, Kelton Garcia, Jason         Isaiah Alvarado, John Muniz,
them off a bit, we will try and   Velasquez, Zach Harris,              Coach Chad Rodgers said         Mendoza, Zavier Malone,             Flavio Borrego, Emilio Felan,
pass. We want to be able to do    TJ Villa, Nick Hernandez,         he feels good about playing        Demetri Gunderson, Brandon          Darius Biggers, Caleb Hester,
many different things to help     Hector     Torres,     Spencer    Pecos. “We will win,” he said.     Medrano, Alex Torrez, Ricky         Jacob Whitley, Josh Whitley,
make us less predictable. We      Williams, Jesse Garza, Jeffrey    “The travel time is bonding        Esquivel, Dylan Early, Jordan       Ashton Lee, Deshay Smith, Tyler
need to mix it up a bit.”         Stewart, Kodee Simpson,           time.”                             Tippens, Jerry Robles, Daniel
                                                                                                                                           Redman, Lance Egan, Harley
   “The freshman team has         Larry Huddleston, Nathan                                                                                 Collins, Matt Martinez, Adam
                                                                       He said the team has            Escobedo, Roman Romero,             Moncibais, Marco Ramos and
improved as far as their          Villanueva, Hunter Wickline,      improved      on     working       Kris Leighton, David Kreher,        Beto Arellano.
aggressiveness over the last      Anthony Zamarippa, Drew           together.                          Alex Alcala, Nick Morin,
few weeks. I think we took        Moncevais, Fabian Gutierrez,         Seniors on the team are         William     Varela,    Taylor              Tiger Special
a step backwards against          Brandon Jaime, Hayden             Nick Zajicek, Blake Cates,         Carroll, C.J. Casas, Wesley                  #1 Combo
Estacado and allowed them to      Meek, John Lujan, Darren          Jose Ramirez, Tony Silva,          Anderson and Matt Smith.
                                                                                                                                                       4.99 with tax
outplay us. I think travelling    Escobedo, Zach Bowman,            Jonathan Kerr, Tye Holley,            Sophomores on the team
                                                                                                                                               11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. only
                                                                                                                                                     Mon.-Fri. only
may have had something to         Michael Bennett and Dalton        Seth Naizer, J.C. Arellano,        are Keenon Ward, Josh                 OR show your school ID and get that
do with that, but we have to      May.                              Alex Hernandez, Roylee             Sandoval, Chris Garza and                       deal anytime!

                                                                    Sanchez, Bryan Muniz and           Cody Chappell
                                                                    Tom Davis.
                                                                       Juniors on the team are           Freshmen on the team are
                                                                    Anthony Taylor, Garrett            Kydrick Reed and Brandon
                                                                                                                                               4308 College • 574-1400
                                                                    Smith,    Chance      Young,       Davis.                              10:30 a.m.-10 p.m. • 7 Days A Week

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                                                                       Sept. 25,2009                                                                  13
JV volleyball prepares for win against ‘biggest competition’
By Ashtin Hand                    anyone if we stay focused          district. The girls can win     Archuletta, Zoi Malone,         Aleya    Sharp,        Ryanna
   The JV volleyball team         and play our game,” Coach          every game if they keep         Lucero Espinoza, Taylor         Martinez    and         Tania
travels to Brownwood today        Kristen Williams said.             their confidence level up on    Garcia, Maranda Guynes,         Rodriguez.
for their first district game.         The JV’s last game            the court,” Coach Williams
   “Brownwood is pro-             against Lamesa Tuesday             said.
bably the team’s biggest          was a loss on their record.           The players on the
competition, along with           The team’s record is 15-7.         team are Ashtin Hand,
Wylie. However we can beat          “I am excited about              Ashley McGinnis, Celeste

Freshman volleyball team defeats Lamesa
By Michael Contreras              have defensive specialists.        said.
    Tomorrow the freshman         All in all, I feel pretty good        The freshman volleyball
volleyball team will play         about this year’s team.”“The       players are Loran Perry,
Brownwood at their home at        team       played      summer      Brooke Wilson, Courtney
5 p.m. On Tuesday the girls       league and they played             Pollard, Payton Gray, Jaeda
beat Lamesa, something that       club volleyball, which has         Jordan, Cailey Young,
hasn’t been done before,          made a huge difference in          Penny     Holdren,     Allie
according to their coach.         their play. The girls were         Hollingsworth and Samantha      Megan Vineyard succeeds in saving the ball in the Lamesa game.
    “I am hoping we can carry     allowed to gain valuable           Gonzales.                       Photo by Meagan Downing
that feeling with us going        experience with all of those
into district. I feel like our
chances are pretty good,”
                                  games. Plus, the girls were
                                  given great instruction and
                                                                     Varsity volleyball to face Brownwood;
Coach Robbie Braziel said.
“This year’s team is a good
                                  coaching from their junior
                                  high coaches,” Braziel said.
                                                                     team holds record of 24-6 going into district
mixture of players who can           “We play against freshman       By Stephen Kelley               24-6. “We are satisfied with    tumn Castillo, defensive
fill a variety of roles. I have   teams; therefore we are able          Today      the     varsity   our past games. We continue     specialist; Lindsey Urias,
players who can play all          to judge our competition on        volleyball team starts its      to improve from week to         libero; Megan Vineyard,
positions, players who just       an even level. We put out the      district   competition     in   week,” Davis said.              setter; Avery Ware, middle
play front row and I also         best product we can on every       Brownwood, beginning at 6          The last two games were      blocker; Jodi Hamilton, weak
                                  game we play. The girls            p.m.                            played here against Big         side; Gabby Arredondo,
                                  come early in the morning,            “We are going to compete     Spring and then against         defensive specialist; Laura
  Big Country                     stay late in the afternoon, lift   this year. It will be a good    Lamesa.                         Reigh, middle/setter; Ja-
    Electric                      weights, do jump training          match,” Coach Harold Davis         “Our team has been           coree Brooks, weak side;
  Cooperative,                    and they want to become the        said.                           improving over the season.      Shanerica McGaha, strong
                                  best volleyball players,” she         The girls have a record of   We are gaining more and         side; Kyla Freeman, weak
                                                                                                     more confidence each time       side; and Heather Medrano,
                                                                                                     we take the court,” Davis       defensive specialist.
                                                                                                     said.                              Managers are Taylor
                                                                                                        The line-up is Amanda        Tyrrell, Tara Holley and
                                                                                                     Ochoa, strong side; Au-         Amanda Luecke.

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                                                                      Sept. 25,2009                                                                      14
                                                                    Varsity tennis faces Seminole,
                                                                    Frenship here tomorrow
                                                                    By Kellie Sanders                was cancelled due to rain,        time.
                                                                        The varsity tennis team      according to Blazek.                 “I think it will be a close
                                                                    will play Seminole at 9 a.m.       Playing on the varsity are      match,” Coach Blazek said
                                                                    and Frenship at 3 p.m. here      Taylor McClung, Cody Lee,         about Thursday’s match.
                                                                    tomorrow.                        Robert Velasquez, Edward             On Sept. 12, the junior
                                                                        They played against Big      Yruegas, Lee Zalman,              varsity defeated Odessa 10-
                                                                    Spring on Tuesday for the        Logan Tabor, Alex Parsons,        8, but lost to Permian 8-11.
                                                                    second time this season. The     Chance Kelley, Jenee Payne,
                                                                    first time they played them      Taylor Reed, Carrie Harlan,         Playing on the junior
                                                                    it was really close, but they    Cassie Cochran, Melisa            varsity team are Jacinda
                                                                    ended up losing 9-10.            Chhuor, Alexis Guerrero,          Payne, Shauni Colvin,
                                                                        “It will be close again.     Lauren Bolinger, Amanda           Allison Downing, Mekayla
Melisa Chhuor returns the ball while playing doubles with Jenee     They are a good team,”           Ochoa and Tayla Wesson.           Duzan, Savannah Glasscock,
Payne against Big Spring. Photo by Natalie Kerry                    Coach Crystal Blazek said          The junior varsity team         Mattie Drake, Katlin Hestand
                                                                    about Tuesday’s match-up.        will play Graham Oct. 3 at        and Faith Overton.
                                                                        Last week the varsity        10 a.m. in Graham.
                                                                    played at Plainview, and           The JV played Sweetwater           Others     are    Megan
                                                                    they were down 3-4 after         on Thursday, but the scores       McWilliams, Hannah Herr-
                                                                    doubles, but the match           weren’t available at press        ing, Samantha Mitchell,
                                                                                                                                       Kim Hagins, Kellie Sanders,
                                                                                                                                       Bianca Silva, Macy Bilano
                                                                                                                                       and Kaitlin Stewart.

                                                                                                                                         Also Brady Williams,
                                                                                                                                       Nolan      Duzan,    Cole
                                                                                                                                       Etheredge, Austin Morris,
                                                                                                                                       Austin Forbes, Tim Hagins,
                                                                                                                                       Taylor Duzan and Aeric

Bob Velasquez and Taylor McClung watch for the ball while playing                                                                        And Logan Perry, Dillon
against Big Spring. Photo by Natalie Kerry                                                                                             Randolph, Mark Sosa,
                                                                                                                                       Brandon Elam, Robbie Luna,
                                                                                                                                       Chevy Wagner, Nelson
                                                                                                                                       Sears and Justin Torres.

                                                                                                                                          “They are becoming more
                                                                                                                                       consistent, but there is still
                                                                                                     Brady Williams returns the ball   room for improvement,”
                                                                                                     to Big Spring. The varsity ten-   Coach Blazek said about the
                                                                                                     nis team will play Seminole at    teams’ improvement.
                                                                                                     9 a.m. and Frenship at 3 p.m.
              1715 25th Street                                                                       tomorrow here. Photo by Natalie
             Snyder, TX 79549
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                                                                     Sept. 25,2009                                                                            15
Cross country runs fourth meet tomorrow,
team makes ‘great improvements’
By Leslie Rosas                  Brianne Perry placed fifth
    Tomorrow the cross           with a time of 13:31; Jessica
country team will be running     West, 15th, 13:47; Sammie
in Lubbock for their fourth      Medrano,       20th,     13:55;
meet.                            Ivana Valadez, 23 , 14:10;

    Coach Jennifer Young         Chelcea Roemisch. 24th,
thinks they will do very         14:11; Xalee Northcutt,
well in Lubbock. “It is the      27th,    14:17;      Courtney
toughest course we run, and      Pollard, 37th, 14:41; Jentri
will be a good test for us for   Diggers, 43rd, 14:50; Karyss
two reasons: it is the site      McCullar,      46th,     14:54;
of the regional meet which       Averey Wright, 54 , 15:14;

we want to be competing          Janell Espinoza, 56th, 15:15;
at this year, and Wylie,         Kimbrelee Benavides, 60th,
Breckenridge and Graham          15:21; Ashton Burton, 78th,
are supposed to be there, and    16:40; Ashten Wilkinson,          Cross country runners Karyss McCullar placed 46th, Jentri Driggers 43rd, Brianne Perry fifth, Chelcea
we can see how we measure        82nd, 17:00; Cortni Kiker,        Roemisch was 24th, Samatha Medrano 20th, Jessica West 15th and Ivana Valdez was 23rd at the Hardin-
up to our district opponents.    86th, 17:32; Karissa Medina,      Simmons meet. Contributed photo
So far we have only seen         87th, 17:37; Baylee Lewis,
Wylie,” Young said.              88th, 17:48; and Vanessa                                             Varsity golfers to compete in El Paso
    According to the coach,      Ornales, 89th, 17:52.                                                By Josh Kiker                        girls playing good, we are
the teams has improved              The boys run three                                                    The varsity golf team            going to be a good team.”
tremendously since their         miles each meet. Last week                                           will travel to El Paso Oct. 9-       Lancaster said.
first meet, and said she         Edward Yruegas placed                                                10 to compete in their first            The varsity girls’ team
only expects them to keep        ninth with a time of 17:50;                                          tournament of the year.              consists of Emma Nunley,
improving. “The majority of      Armando Monroy, 12th,             At the Hardin-Simmons cross            Varsity contenders are           Krysha Burleson, Aryn May,
them ran this summer and         17:56; Juan Estrada, 22nd,        country meet, Armando Monroy       Colby Barrera, Tanner Bragg,         Nicole Molter, Samantha
                                                                   placed 12th and Edward Yregas      Julio Villaneuva, Toby Lopez,        Villarreal and Brianne Perry.
on the first day of practice     18:53; and Antonio Estrada,       came in ninth. Contributed photo   Troy Henry and Zach Gafford.            Both JV teams consist
were already in pretty good      48th, 20:33.                                                         Kaden Seale is on the disabled       mostly of freshmen.
shape, and had a good base                                                                            list.                                   “Our freshmen are really
under them,” Young said.                                                                                  The El Paso tournament will      talented on the course. They
    Last    Saturday,      the                                                                        be a 54-hole tourney, 36 holes       can be better than they know
team traveled to Abilene                                                                              on day one and 18 holes on day       but it is going to take time,
running at Hardin-Simmons                                                                             two, according to Coach Andra        hard work plus lots of self
University. The Snyder                                                                                Lancaster.                           discipline,” Lancaster said.
girls’ A team placed second,                                                                              “It is a new tourney with           The JV boys’ players are
B team eighth and the C                                                                               new competition. It will be          Reid Pinson, Josh Kiker, Kaleb
team tenth.                                                                                           tough, but we have a good team       Presley, Bryce Eaton, Dylan
                                                                                                      this year,” Lancaster said. “We      Glover and Kelly Jones. Regan
     The girls run two miles
                                                                                                      will need to be physically and       Head is on the disabled list.
each meet. Last week Snyder                                                                           mentally ready for it.”                 On the girls’ JV team are
placed second overall.                                                                                    There are five returning         Samantha Edwards, Sabrina
                                                                                                      golfers on the varsity girls’        Castillo, Sydney Villarreal,
                                              Health Food Center                                      team. They will start their season   Chelsea Chaidez and Hayley
                                                1910 37th St. • 325-573-0251                          in Abilene with the Abilene          Crowley.
                                            9:30-5:30 Mon.-Fri. • 9:30-12:30 Sat.                     Halloween Invitational.
                                                   Flora Stephens, owner                                  “With all top five returning        The JV teams start their
                                                                                                      players plus the other varsity       season in late October.
    3903 College
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                                                         Photo Gallery
                                                                       Sept. 25,2009                                                                        16

                            Homecoming              Alex Parson
                                                    shows his school
                                                    spirt on Extreme
                                                    Black and Gold
                                                    Day. Photo by
                                                    Taylor Tyrrell

                                                                             Dressing up for Multiplicity Day for Spirit Week were, back row, Skylar Jones, Joseph
                                                                             Hernandez, Eric Overton, Trent Ruiz; middle row, Leslie Quinonez, Caleb Wilson, Luis
                                                                             Monrreal Roy Mojica; front row, Carlos Landa, Amanda Gibbens, Jamie Ramirez, Sa-
                                                                             mantha Mitchell. Photo by Meagan Downing

                                           Darvie Sei expresses
                                           her surprise when she
                                           is named homecom-
                                           ing queen. Photo by
                                           Meagan Downing

                                                                                       Homecoming Queen Darvie Sei and her court, Autumn Castillo, Chelcea Roemisch, Me-
                                                                                       gan Vineyard and Devyn DeLoera. Photo by Meagan Downing

Dressing as nerds for Nerd Day were front row, Keenon Ward, Kelton Garcia; back
row, Ricky Esquivel, Kydrick Reed, Anthony Taylor, Dakota Carroll, Tye Holley, Brit-
tany Read, Taylor Drake, Alex McClung. Photo by Lindsey Urias

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