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                                             26/5/05                    Ph 0411743613

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to express my concern with the actions of the Australian government, their
response and direction concerning infectious disease. I am an inventor and have made a
startling discovery about infectious disease and its presence within the country. I have
developed a patented good that was fully endorsed by the Australian Department of
Industry and the World Intellectual Property Organization in turn. The idea was only
accepted due to the fact that nowhere else in the world including Australia was there any
product which offered the same service. I created this product specifically to serve the
law, be it the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Australian Quarantine Act,
International Health Regulation or International Standardization Organization. I was
recognized by the grant of an Australian Patent No 737840 from June 2000 until 2020.
What my product offers is immediate disposable hygiene simply by creating a paper plate
from a cardboard box filled with food. The philosophy I used was that hygienic
receptacles used on a large enough scale would remove the actual transmission of
infectious disease from the population simply by removing a major mode of infectious
disease communication. In support of this fact are the Australian Occupational Health
and Safety Act and the state regulation whose full authority came into force September 3
2003. The Regulation under the Act states in Chapter 2 that notification of biological
organisms is required to satisfy the Act. If this requirement is not met it means exposure
of 8 million Australians to infectious biological organisms, these being the working
population of Australia. Exposing within set incubation periods of infectious disease
every man, woman and child within the country to the certainty of a horrifying infectious
disease. This is something that has happened every day for every day in human history
up to this moment.
Infectious disease is deadly under scientific law where one touch and the victim are
considered dead without appropriate aid from the state. This is something that can be
accounted for and referenced with statistics. I have found infectious disease has an
epicentre within the population somewhere obviously as it is a human problem. I have
also found that it has an epicentre within a number of the population, as it needs to start
somewhere. The larger the number that will possibly be creating a genesis that can
spread disease the larger the epicentre of disease. Infectious disease being human will
always be closely related to humans and the more humans that provide a host body the
harder the epicentre becomes to find as it becomes larger than any individual. Therefore
if government cannot provide preventatives in food outlets and workplaces around the
country, as these institutions serve such a high percentage of the population, they will
become the epicentre (and already have) of infectious disease within Australia. This is as
aforementioned accounted for under Australian law. Be it concerning biological
organisms or the International Health Regulation. The government needs to respond
according to their doctrine by law to prevent further action being taken, in the form of
complaints or legal action from those affected by disease. The extremely realistic
possibility that the government is doing itself internal injury due to lack of appropriate
technology points to an incredible mistake by government authorities, where failing to
respond is a crime by law. I need a response from your entity to prevent further action
being taken. Please respond as failure to do so could result in a criminal charge. Relative
to individual foreign policy a nations stance to infectious disease relates directly to
successful internal functions and trade liaisons with partners. Typical losses sustained by
any country to infectious disease are of a scale sufficient to undermine the national
economy and jeopardize the specific nation and its place in the international community.
I have dealt with the following state, national and international organizations that have
never in four years offered one acceptable response under their own national and
international doctrine. Article Seven of the International Health Regulations state a
response is required within 24 hours to prevent massive loss to infectious disease. Please
peruse this list, as every name is considered criminal by your own law, be it national or
international. Any appearance will be of interest to your entity;
The Director General and Mr Macfarlane             Westmead Hospital
NSW Department of Health                           Westmead Medical Institute
Mr Brown NSW State Emergency                       WHO Regional Training Centre for
Management Committee                               Health
Mr Watson NSW WorkCover                            Principal Mercy Catholic College
Mr Marks NSW Police                                Principal Our Lady of Mercy
Mr Matthews NSW State Coroner                      Principal Leichhardt High School
NSW State Ombudsman                                Principal American International High
Mr Sendt Auditor General NSW                       School Australia
Veterinary Institute University of                 Principal Al-Faisal College
Sydney                                             Principal St Edmunds School for Blind
Faculty of Nursing University of Sydney            and Visually Impaired
Mr Areni Department of Economics and               Shaun May Deutshe Bank Asset
Business University of Sydney                      Management
Department of Infectious Disease                   Iskan Finance Sydney
University of Sydney                               Deloitte Accountants
Dean Faculty of Law University of                  Deloitte Forensics
Sydney Sydney                                      BDO Accountants
The Director Viral Diagnostic and                  PriceWaterhouseCooper Accountants
Reference Laboratory North Ryde NSW                PriceWaterhouseCooper Legal
Biological Medicine Institute Bondi                Reynolds & Co Stockbrokers Sydney
NSW                                                Australia
Voluntary Euthanasia Society of NSW                Willis & Bowring Solicitors Sydney
Director Syntax Writing NSW                        Australia
Director of The ACCC                               Armstrong Legal Sydney Australia
Human Rights Commission                            AbbottTout Lawyers Sydney Australia
Prisoners Aid Assoc of NSW                         Cromwell Sullivan Lawyers Sydney
Private Hospitals Assoc of NSW                     Australia
Department of Community Services                   Schwieser & Co Sydney Australia
NSW                                                Taronga Zoo Sydney Australia
Public Health Units Camperdown &                   Stephen Berto Director BNP Paribas
Liverpool                                          Australia
South Western Sydney Public Health
Castle Harlan Australian Mezzanine        Food Standards Australia New Zealand
Partners Sydney Australia                 Principal Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
Executive Chairman Tempo Services         Enfield
NSW                                       Victorian Institute of Infectious Disease
Director All Risk Management Services     Research
Sydney Australia                          Monash Coronial Database
Financial & Corporate Relations Sydney    Independent Commissioner Against
Australia                                 Corruption NSW Sydney Australia             Director Australian Government
Allianz Insurance NSW                     Solicitor
Drager Australia NSW                      Complaints Australian Securities and
Pfizer Australia NSW                      Investment Commission
Rumore Associates Private Investigators   Mr Turnbull MP for Wentworth Sydney
Sydney Australia                          Mr Latham Leader of the Opposition
Islamic Youth Movement Lakemba            National Secretariat Australian Labor
NSW                                       Party Canberra
Islamic Information and Support           Mr Abbott Commonwealth Minister of
Network Victoria                          Health
Muslim Welfare Board of Victoria          Bernard Fraser Chairman of Members
Muslim World League Victoria              Equity
United Australian Islamic and Cultural    Ms Nagle Risk Management and
Centre Victoria                           Internal Audit Civil Aviation Safety
Bosnian Islamic Society Noble Park        Authority
Victoria                                  Director National Centre for
Islamic Society Victorian University of   Epidemiology and Population Health
Technology                                ANU
Islamic Medical Association of Victoria   Director CSIRO Corporate
Australian Islamic Association Victoria   Communications
Secretary Australian Muslim Public        Mr Prowse Australian Biosecurity CRC
Affairs Victoria                          Mr Wallach Institute for the
Australian Islamic Funeral Services       Biotechnology of Infectious Disease
Victoria                                  UTS
Mr Li Australian Republican Movement      Director Surveillance and Epidemiology
Chairman Communicable Diseases            Dept of Health and Aging
Network Australia                         Mr Head Preventative Health Flagship
Mr Doyle and Ms Crawford Australian       Program CSIRO
Commonwealth Ombudsman                    Mr Struik Regional Director Australian
Australian Banking Industry               Bureau of Statistics
Ombudsman                                 Executive Secretary Australian Academy
Australian Prudential Regulatory          of Science
Authority                                 Director Australian Institute of
Insurance Industry Complaints             Criminology
Financial Industry Complaints             Mr Wong Savoy Hotel Double Bay
Secretary Institute of Patent and         Secretary Inventors Assoc of Australia
Trademark Attorneys                       Mr Noble Complaints Australian
Commissioner of Patents Australia         Institute of Chartered Accountants
Amnesty International NSW                  Agence France Presse Sydney
Mr Drakulik Communications                 ANSA Italian Newsagency Sydney
Australian Red Cross                       Chinese Media Group Sydney
Director UN Information Centre             New Zealand Press Assoc Sydney
Australia                                  Reuters Press Sydney
Director UNICEF Australia                  Director Conde Naste Publications
Director General ASIO                      Sydney
Director General ASNO                      Asian Wall Street Journal Sydney
Attorney General Australia                 Asia Pacific Defence Reporter Sydney
Chief Justice Gleeson Australian High      Mr Cameron ABC News Australia
Court                                      Editor Nature and Health Magazine
Justice Haynes Australian High Court       Australia
Mr Templeman Director Australian           Head of Radio And TV SBS Australia
Emergency Management                       ABC Parliament House Canberra
Mr Lough Chief Defence Scientist           Packaging Magazine Sydney
Australian Department of Defence           Middle East Herald NSW
Mr Hermann Assistant Secretary SIER        Zaman Turkish News NSW
DSTO Dept of Defence                       Director Minhaj al Quran Pakistan
Mr Canning Director Business Office        Editor Islamic Voice India
DSTO                                       Commissioner of Police New Zealand
Head Chemical Weapons Convention           Director Occupational Health and Safety
Office ASNO Dept of Foreign Affairs        New Zealand
Mr Cowan Hungry Jacks Australia            Director Serious Fraud Office New
MR Howard Amcor Packaging Corp             Zealand
Australia                                  New Zealand Police and Customs
Commonwealth Dept of Health and            Sydney
Aging                                      Kate Lackey New Zealand High
Australian Federal Police                  Commissioner Australia
Minister of Health Brunei                  Ministry of Justice New Zealand
Prime Minister of Brunei                   Chief of the Defence Force New Zealand
Mr Oshitani of CSR within WIPRO of         Director of Enforcement Securities
WHO Philippines                            Commission New Zealand
Director US Centre for Disease Control     Mr Stevanovic Clinical Analysis HIMC
and Population Health GeorgiaUSA           New Zealand
Sorvino Asthma Foundation New York         Dept of Internal Affairs New Zealand
USA                                        Ministry of Consumer Affairs New
United States Army Medical Research        Zealand
Institute of Infectious Disease Maryland   Mr Ingram Trade Commissioner New
USA                                        Zealand Trade and Enterprise Australia
Central Intelligence Agency Virginia       Ambassadors to Australia from
USA                                        Belgium
Ms Mercios of CSR within Head Office       Brazil
of WHO Switzerland                         Canada
Head Office of ISO Switzerland             China
Interpol France                            Columbia
International Herald Tribune France        Cuba
New Zealand
Chemical and Biological Weapons Unit
Department of Defence Singapore
Minister of Health Singapore
Environment Agency Singapore
Secretariat Law Society Singapore
Secretariat Asia Pacific Society of
Infection Control
Mr Duncan Senior Vice President Credit
Suisse Private Bank Singapore


J Jeffares
Letter sent to Australian Federal Human Right Commissioner 25/5/05 regarding this

Dr Sev Ozdowski,

I am writing concerning the action and direction of the Australian government in
association with the government of New Zealand, Malaysia and the United States and
including the government of the United Kingdom in part and in full. Due to a specific
matter within the field of infectious disease. I am an inventor and in the year 2000 I
contracted a British national to sell or licence an idea that was being processed through
the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization and the Australian
Department of Industry. This idea was created to remove the spread of disease and
further the world wealthiest industry. This fact was communicated to the senior
management of the McDonalds Corporation to one Mr Macarthur in May 2000, under a
strict confidentiality agreement and in order to introduce an appropriate level of conduct
to an entity that could be proven to have failed the most basic of requirements. In the
year 2001 the Australian Department of Industry issued a Standard Patent to my name
detailing the inception of a device that removes the inherent capacity of the common
cardboard food container to communicate disease. This technical and scientific data can
be viewed upon the Australian Department of Industry Intellectual Property website
under patent number 737840. The WIPO specifically states that the specifications
stated in any patent are actual technical and scientific fact upon inception of the patent.
Therefore any device which is created to remove disease and further a specific product
and is in fact accorded the privilege of a patent as it can be found to contain the
scientific strength to do so which as aforementioned must be present in order to gain the
classification. This device, which is now introduced to the human civilisation through
approved means scientifically, proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the common
cardboard food container without this device possesses the inherent capacity to
communicate disease as stated by WIPO and member states. Putting this matter aside
for only a moment in order to notify the appropriate authorities which is demanded by
both the International Health Regulation Article Seven as well as the Australian
Quarantine Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act was the direction I took upon
completion of basic civilised requirements at an appropriate level of human existence in
relation to the parties responsible or whom could now be found responsible through
simple assimilation and assessment of publicly known and available information.
Namely the Australian food manufacturing and commercial supply organization which
seems to encompass both the Australian government and Australian industry at a variety
of levels and which the accompanying document(s) should be able to prove beyond any
reasonable doubt in a court of law at any level the unmentionable guilt of those parties,
entities and people described. Sequentially, from the grant of patent to notification of
this inception and now to actual contact with an entity that claims to be responsible for
the upkeep of international law which this matter is prone to due to the presence of the
United Nations sister organization WIPO. A trend can be found where it seems any and
every Human Right set out by the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights has been broken
by the entities concerned. This I expect you and your department to investigate as per
your charter with the citizens of earth to avoid total decimation of the global community
from various factions and threats which can be found within the world today, and which
will be specifically relative to the presence of patent 737840 which contains the
scientific evidence needed to promote application of authority. Secondly, I have
discovered more serious breaches of the Declaration of Human Rights which can be
listed as the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
which defines genocide as any of the following acts committed with the intent to
destroy in whole or in part a national, ethnical, racial or religious group as such; b)
causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group c) deliberately inflicting
on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in
whole or in part. Because this situation was not dealt with in the appropriate manner
according to law and because it can be proven to exist outright, genocide has resulted.
Along with this terrifying realisation is another doctrine which states as the Convention
Against Torture and other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
torture is: Article One; ‘intimidating or coercing him or a third person for any reason
based upon discrimination of any kind when such pain and suffering is inflicted by or at
the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or any person
acting in an official capacity’ and Article 16; ‘each state party shall undertake to prevent
in any territory under its jurisdiction other acts of cruel inhuman or degrading treatment
or punishment which do not amount to torture as defined by Article One’. The
appropriate authority must enforce the direct breaches, which can be found upon
appropriate assimilation, as without this authority the aforementioned governments and
corporate entities will commit further atrocities. There is definite scientific, factual and
technical ground to link this occurrence with the western ‘War on Iraq’ concerning
biological weaponry and the western ‘War on Terror’ implemented and promoted by
those very same entities and people under scrutiny by authority for the very crimes
mentioned in this correspondence, outside this specific and primary notification and
request. If properly managed this occurrence will serve as evidence when the accused
are brought to trial, I presume by the international authority as international law
demands. A copy of this letter including it demands and reasoning will also be sent to
the government of Israel attention to the Director of Mossad and the Secretary General
of the United Nations one Mr Annan. I expect a very prompt response and if necessary
liaison with the two other contacts in order to ascertain the involvement and constant
involvement of parties already known by authority after the Nuremberg Nazi War
Crimes Trials of the twentieth century.
Which evidence points undeniably.
Please respond, as this matter will continue to deteriorate.

J Jeffares

Letter sent to Director of the United Nations Counter Terrorism Committee 7/7/05
regarding the growth of this situation.


I am writing due to a matter of some concern to the United Nations. In late May I wrote
the local Human Rights Commissioner, Mr Ozdowski, due to gross criminal conduct
and negligence within Australian industry and government. He is yet to respond. The
matter concerned could be proven to be applicable to the UN Genocide Convention as
well as the UN Torture Convention and the UN War Crimes Convention. Along with
the above and sequentially the UN Human Rights Act and UN International Health
Regulation Article Seven were cited as proof along with an Australian Patent 737840.
That government and industry are creating and encouraging the intentional spread of
disease throughout Australia and the world, in order to further political, industrial,
corporate, financial and martial aims and goals. Which is to the detriment of the
international community and the success of their alliances with America, Britain,
Malaysia and New Zealand principally. This can be proven outright under the evidence
stated in accompanying correspondence by scientific, statistical and technical law. But
must be tried by the appropriate mechanism to fulfil international doctrine. I have
personally notified hundreds of effected entities but to no avail. The fallacy continues
to occur massively. The parties concerned unstoppable. The law states that notified
entities must respond to prevent disease pandemics and subsequent genocide. Which
simply has not happened. I request the appropriate authorities investigate the parties
involved. This is not the first request; I hope it will be the last. Your own charter states
under martial law of the Geneva Conventions: War Crimes are defined as;
a) Wilfully causing great suffering to or serious injury to body or health of a protected
b) Using prohibited weapons or methods of warfare.
Under legislation defining the western ‘War on Terror’, the crimes were committed and
continue to be committed in direct view of your organization proven by this specific
occurrence. Being prone to martial force you must act to avoid breach of your own
regulation. The crimes also feature your alliances and supporters at a certain level. The
Biological Weapons Convention 1972 Articles I –V demand the absence of biological
organisms, many of which are known as components of biological weapons outright.
These organisms are being fostered by entities whose best interests remain with failing
to comply with authority. Your own entity will resort to criminal action should you fail
to appropriately deal with this specific situation as stated by the Biological Weapons
Convention 1972 and every other international convention and regulation stated in this
correspondence. I have notified also the Secretary General of the United Nations and
the Director of the Israeli Mossad of this occurrence. They themselves will be affected
by your decision being parties notified which have not responded according to doctrine
stated. Being a Counter Terrorism agency you are directly responsible for the potential
and actual terrorist actions of parties stated from the New South Wales Australia Health
Department to the Director of Mossad whose terrorism can be directly linked to
outlawed political, financial and martial gain. A copy of this letter will be sent to the
Acting Executive Chairman of the United Nations Monitoring Verification and
Inspection Committee as well as an Executive party of the International Criminal Court
and finally the United Nations Security Council or select permanent member, at my
discretion. I sincerely hope between entities an appropriate solution can be reached.
Without upholding law the civilised state will deteriorate and make actual industrial
gain increasingly difficult. Circumventing further endorsement on my part at least.
I await your response.

J Jeffares
                                                     Po Box 378 Bondi 2022 Australia

Senior Management,

I am writing to inform your entity of difficulties encountered while building an
intellectual property portfolio within the perimeters established by WIPO and the
Australian Intellectual Property Organization. Accompanying correspondence denotes
a total and absolute failure on the part of governments throughout the western world.
To perform the most basic functions demanded by their employers, the population of
the industrialised world. The basic function being the containment and control of
infectious disease. I am now looking at a sixth year of inaction from these
governments. Not once has an acceptable reply found the correct people. Because of
this failure I have been forced to make hard decisions about the future of intellectual
property and its place in my possession. Daily such a massive amount of currency is
lost to the very problem which previous correspondence targets that any action
concerning these specific assets becomes prone and falls to influence outside authoritive
control. Which means preventatives cannot be implemented to save lives from
infectious disease. Proven by research into this field by any one of a number of
institutions. A vicious cycle is created where any action results in loss for the active
entity concerned. I have personally refused various agreements featuring assets listed to
circumvent this problem. The failing of this procedure is as aforementioned the
increased risk of participation in an increasingly vicious cycle. Besides which
unnotified containment of infectious disease is forbidden without appropriate standards.
These standards and authorities have not yet appeared. Subsequently I have discovered
this happening, found only by assessment of appropriate technology. To have definite
effect upon other intellectual property assets. For example; on July 21 2005 WIPO
published a patent application to my name, which details a device, which theoretically
and practically conserves up to seven litres of potable water per use whilst maintaining a
sanitised environment. That will not conceive nor conceal biological organisms that
communicate disease. Along with this development is the potential water conservation
with widespread use of the device. The predicted global water crisis of 2015 as well as
drought due to global warming and climate change. Simply will not be a concern for
state authority due to increased dam and reservoir levels which can be predicted now to
have the capacity through this device to retain up to ten million cubic metres of water
daily globally, within the industrialised world alone. The lack of resources can be
found now due to the absence of this device, at the top of any news bulletin. Let alone
in ten years time where it is already a concern to global authority. Continuing, I
calculated that to ensure potential use of the stated device IPN WO2005/066424A1 the
losses sustained to Australian Patent 737840 and its absence from the global market
cannot exist. Due to enormous failure and collapse of infrastructure and fluctuations
within the economy, any further authorative promotion and investment in WIPO, WHO,
WTO and the United Nations along with member states cannot be scientifically,
statistically or technically justified. This means without definitive input and a
productive solution being immediately found for my query and concern with the spread
of disease throughout the world. Your entity along with the government you represent
will need to resolve your infrastructure collapse from the constant spread of disease and
lack of vital resources without vital technology only I can provide. Your own entity
will inform you of your responsibilities to the state, your position and your population.
I myself am seeking prosecution by any and every available authority for every
individual and entity whom has failed thus far to remove the communication of disease
from the population. Also for any and every individual and entity whom fails to prevent
losses to vital resources such as water. There can be no question as to where and when
the appropriate decisions needed to be made. Until a time where I can be contented
with steps taken to minimise risk and ensure a stable business environment. There will
be no quarter whatsoever concerning assets listed as hygienic and sanitary devices.
Their inception through WIPO and use by the population of the world, to the detriment
of global government.

J Jeffares

The following departments, personnel, entities and nations have failed to comply with
authority established 4/8/05 and known as the Protocol on Water and Health to 1992
Convention on the Protection and Use of Trans-boundary Watercourses and
International Lakes. Under the World Health Organization and European Union
respectively. This is concerning statements in Articles 8-10 being principally 'take steps
to make available to the public such information that is held by public authorities and is
reasonably needed to inform public discussion of (see Article 10 No 1-5)'. Which
means the information contained in these files needs to be made public by the
appropriate authorities unless they are to be branded a threat to national security, public
safety or international relations. Due to this fact I believe the world media needs
desperately to show integrity and concern for the well being of the worlds population
and the conservation of badly needed resources including introduction of appropriate
prophylactic supplies.
These entities are:                          G Mirat Lazard France
N Osseiran Environmental Health                  Senior Management Euro Police
WHO                                              Senior Management Euro Central Bank
M Cheng Communicable Disease WHO                 Euro Ombudsman
Senior Management WTO                            Regional Adviser Water and Sanitation
E Geisinger Sustainable Healthcare -             WHO Europe
World Business Council for Sustainable           Director General Food and Agriculture
Development Switzerland                          UN
Minister of Foreign Affairs Japan                Public Safety & Emergency
Minister of Foreign Affairs China                Preparedness Canada
Minister of Defense France                       Senior Management TNO Corp
Senior Management NATO                           Netherlands
Senior Management International                  Directorate for Civil Protection &
Monetary Fund                                    Emergency Planning Norway                         Emergency Management Sweden                             Agency for Tech and Standards Korea
President of Brazil                              Prime Minister of Brunei
Chancellor of Germany                            Sir Bob Geldof UK
J Paxman Newsnight BBC                           Minister of Foreign Affairs Belgium
Senior Management UN Department of               Minister of Economy Trade and Science
Economic and Social Affairs                      Belgium
Minister of Health Finland             Editor Prague Watchdog Czech
President of Finland                   Republic
Chancellor of Switzerland              Editor Virtual Finland Finland
Minister of Defense Switzerland        Editor Finnish News Agency Finland
Senior Management Department of        Editor Dutch News Digest Netherlands
Political Affairs Switzerland          Editor NIS News Netherlands
Minister Department of Economics       Editor Budapest Sun Hungary
Switzerland                            Editor Hungarian News Agency
Minister of Defense Latvia             Hungary
Minister of Foreign Affairs Latvia     Editor Zuia Romania
Minister of Foreign Affairs Czech      Editor Evenimentul Romania
Republic                               Editor Nine Oclock Romania
Minister of Defense Czech Republic     Editor Leta Latvia
Minister of Health Czech Republic      Editor Baltic Times Latvia
President of Hungary                   Newsroom Radio Sweden Sweden
Minister of Health Hungary             Editor The Local Sweden
Minister of Defense Hungary            Newsroom Sami Radio Sweden
Minister of Defense Norway             Editor Aftenposten Norway
Minister of Health Norway              Editor Norway Post Norway
Prime Minister Norway                  Editor Neue Zurcher Zeitung
Minister of Foreign Affairs Romania    Switzerland
Minister of Defense Romania            Senior Management Council for Swiss
Minister of Health Romania             Scientific Academies Switzerland
Senior Management European Union       Secretariat ARAMIS Swiss Research
Agriculture Commission                 Information Centre Switzerland
Senior Management European Food        Mr Wenger Centre for Security Studies
Safety                                 Switzerland
Mr Bonde Europe of Democracies and     Editor Zeit Fragen Switzerland
Diversity Party                        Editor Le Temps Switzerland
K Sasmatzoglou Europe Peoples Party    Editor Tachles Switzerland
Senior Management ELDR Party           Editor News Press France
Senior Management Euro Greens          Editor Le Monde Diplomatique France
Station 95bFM Auckland New Zealand     Editor Journaux Officiels France
A Jacobson NBC5 Chicago USA            Editor Courrier International France
Prime Minister of Italy                Editor Public Senat France
Prime Minister of Canada               Editor Independente Portugal
Abridged 5/9/05 to include:            Editor Portuguese News Network
Editor Prague Monitor Czech Republic   Portugal
Senior Management Parliament of        Editor India Times India
Portugal                               Editor Financial Express India
President Portuguese Parliament        Editor Hindustan Times India
Portugal                               Editor News India Times India
Editor Tagesschau Germany              Editor Vancouver Sun Canada
Editor N24 Television Germany          Editor The Province Canada
Editor Financial Times Germany         Editor The Record Canada
Editor Die Welt Germany                Editor Canada Free Press Canada
Editor De Standaard Belgium            Editor CFCF Montreal Canada
Editor European Voice Belgium          Editor Toronto Star Canada
Editor Expatica Belgium                Editor CTV Online Canada
Editor European Union Observer         Deputy Editor Hill Times Canada
Europe                                 Editor Globe And Mail Canada
Newsroom Radio Free Europe Europe      Editor Newswire Toronto Canada
Editor Café Babel Europe               Abridged 16/9/05 to include:
Editor China Post Taiwan               Editor Miami Herald USA
Editor Radio Taiwan International      Editor Daily Business Review USA
Taiwan                                 Editor Orlando Sentinel USA
Editor Taipei Times Taiwan             Editor Palm Beach Daily News USA
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Taiwan     Editor Baton Rouge Advocate
Editor Far Eastern Economic Review     USA
Hong Kong                              Editor Jacksonville Advocate USA
Newsroom RTHK Radio Hong Kong          Editor Miami New Times USA
Editor South China Morning Post Hong   Editor World News ABC USA
Kong                                   Editor Good Morning America USA
Editor Jakarta Post Indonesia          Editor Berkeley Daily Planet USA
Editor Japan Indonesia Economic        Editor Laguna Journal USA
Forum Indonesia                        Editor LA Times USA
Editor Japan Times Japan               Editor San Francisco Chronicle USA
Editor Nippon News Japan               Editor Beirut Times USA
Editor Daily Yomiuri Japan             Editor New York Daily News USA
Editor Korean Morning Herald Korea     Editor New York Post USA
Editor Chosun Korea                    Editor New York Times USA
Editor Business Times Singapore        Editor Bronx Times USA
Editor Singapore   Editor Las Vegas Sun USA
Editor Straits Times Singapore         Editor Reno Gazette Journal USA
Editor Business Line India             Editor San Angelo Standard Times
Editor Business Standard India         USA
Editor Environment News USA             Senior Management Institute for
Editor Inman News USA                   International Economics USA
Editor Online Journal USA               Abridged 26/9/05 to include:
Editor Pacific News USA                 Newsroom Tonight Show ABC USA
Editor Starks News USA                  Newsroom Americas Most Wanted
Editor US Newswire USA                  USA
Editor United Press International USA   E Witcher EPA USA
Editor Wall Street Journal USA          Editor Project Syndicate Europe
Editor World News Daily USA             Senior Management Direct Relief
Mr Glendinning Reporter American        Charity USA
Medical News USA                        Senior Management National
Editor Defense News USA                 Consumers League USA
Editor Times Picayune USA               Senior Management American Civil
Secretariat Chair of Hydrology and      Liberties Union USA
Water Switzerland                       Management Young Democrats of
President of Portugal                   America USA
Senior Management Death With            Management Greens Party USA
Dignity USA                             Management Public Patent USA
Senior Management Water Education       Management Helsinki Federation for
Foundation USA                          Human Rights Finland
Senior Management WaterKeeper           Management International Water Assoc
Alliance USA                            UK
Senior Management Water Partners        Management Water and Sanitation
International USA                       Program USA
Senior Management Foreign Policy        Management Environmental Health
Institute USA                           Project USA
Senior Management National Institute    Management Medecins Sans Frontieres
for Health USA                          Belgium
Senior Management National              Management Global Impact Charity
Foundation for Infectious Diseases      USA
USA                                     Management Worldwatch Institute USA
Senior Management American Council      Management NAACP USA
for Science & Health USA                Management National Urban League
Senior Management American Red          USA
Cross USA                               Management Greenpeace Netherlands
Senior Management Arms Control          Management Division of Infectious
Association USA                         Disease Berkeley University USA
Management Health Environment and       Management Military Science Virginia
Development Berkeley University USA     State University USA
Management Centre for Study of Law      Management Epidemiologic Studies
and Society Berkeley University USA     Utah State University USA
Management New York Law School          Director Facilities Operations Utah
USA                                     State University USA
Management Molecular Biology            Management International Office for
Princeton University USA                Water and Science Utah State
Management Law and Public Affairs       University
Princeton University USA                Management Presidents Office Utah
Dean of Faculty Princeton University    State University USA
USA                                     Management Water Engineering Utah
Management Centre for Environmental     State University USA
Law Yale University USA                 Dean Jefferson Medical College USA
Management Chronic Disease              Management Presidents Office San
Epidemiology Yale University USA        Diego State University USA
Management Epidemiology of              Management Criminology and Criminal
Microbial Disease Yale University USA   Justice Portland State University USA
Management Global Health Yale           Management Presidents Office Portland
University USA                          State University USA
Dean of Public Health Yale University   Management Master of Public Health
USA                                     Portland State University USA
Management Genocide Studies Program     Management Law Review Pennsylvania
Yale University USA                     State University USA
Chairman Genocide Studies Yale          Management Emergency Management
University USA                          Pennsylvania State University USA
Management Human Rights and             Management Presidents Office Oregon
Developmental Law Journal Yale          State University USA
University USA                          Management Public Health Oregon
Management Public Affairs Yale          State University USA
University USA                          Management Presidents Office Ohio
Management Media Services Yale          State University USA
University USA                          Management Presidents Office Indiana
Management Office of the President      State University USA
Yale University USA                     Dean of Students Indiana State
Management Media Virginia State         University USA
University USA                          Chancellor UCLA USA
Management Black Law Students           Management Office of the President
Assoc Columbia Law USA                  Western University of Health and
Management Centre for Global Health     Science USA
Columbia University USA                 Assistant Professor Biotechnology
Management Centre for Sustainable       Western University of Health and
Development Columbia University         Science USA
USA                                     Management Chancellors Office
Management Amsterdam University         University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Press Netherlands                       USA
Management Indiana University Press     Webmaster Ecole Polytechnique France
USA                                     Laboratory Savoy University France
Management Iowa University Press        Management Picardie University France
USA                                     President Perpignan University France
Management Oregon University Press      Laboratory Nice University France
USA                                     Virology Joseph Fourier University
Management Ohio State University        France
Press USA                               Research Pasteur Institute France
Management Yale University Press        Scientific Evaluation Inserm France
USA                                     Law European University Institute Italy
Management New York State               Economics European University
University Press USA                    Institute Italy
Management Princeton University Press   Presidents Office European University
USA                                     Institute Italy
Management Financial Action             Management Institute of Clinical
Taskforce on Money Laundering France    Pharmacology & Toxicology University
Senior Management OECD France           of Udine Italy
Senior Management United Nations        Administration Secretary Torino
International Atomic Energy Agency      Polytechnic Italy
Switzerland                             Management Safety Torino Polytechnic
Abridged 6/10/05 to include:            Italy
Management Safety University of         Management Administration Scuola
Phoenix USA                             Normale Superiore University Italy
Management Office of the President      Management Head Office University of
University of Phoenix USA               Trento Italy
Management Office of the President      Management National Research Office
University of Washington USA            Padova University Italy
                                        Management Administration Bocconi
                                        University Italy
Deputy Rector Bologna University Italy   Secretary HOD Medicine Basel
Rector Aachen University Germany         University Switzerland
Rector Academy of Media Arts             Professor Law Bern University
Germany                                  Switzerland
Rector Dortmund University Germany       Dean Medicine Bern University
Dr Schaffer European Business School     Switzerland
Germany                                  Rector University of Zurich Switzerland
President Frankfurt University Germany   Dean Law University of St Gallen
Management Biology Institute             Switzerland
Frankfurt University Germany             Rector University of Lucerne
Management Innovative Drugs Unit         Switzerland
Freie University Germany                 Dean University of Lucerne Switzerland
President Freie University Germany       Rector University of Geneva
Management Law Freie University          Switzerland
Germany                                  Dean Law University of Geneva
Management Research Humbolt              Switzerland
University Germany                       President Medicine University of
Chancellor Wurzburg University           Geneva Switzerland
Germany                                  Management Research and
Management IP Management Wurzburg        Development Liege University Belgium
University Germany                       Management Applied Economics
Management Health and Safety             Antwerp University Belgium
Wurzburg University Germany              Dean Law Antwerp University Belgium
Management Student Council Lubeck        Secretary Research Department Libre
University Germany                       Brussels University Belgium
Chancellor Technical University          Secretary Dept of Science Vrije
Dresden Germany                          Brussels University Belgium
Rector University of Leipzig Germany     Secretary Dept of Economics Vrije
Management Biomedicine University of     Brussels University Belgium
Leipzig Germany                          Dean Law Ghent University Belgium
Management Chemistry Laboratory          Rector Ghent University Belgium
University of Bremen Germany             Secretary Biomedical Science Ghent
Deputy Rector Administration             University Belgium
University of Bremen Germany             Rectors Secretary Dalarna University
Postmaster University of Stuttgart       Sweden
Germany                                  Management Dramatiska Institute
HOD Law Basel University Switzerland     Sweden
                                         President Karolinska Institute Sweden
Professor Medical Epidemiology            Management Water and Science
Karolinska Institute Sweden               University of Nijmegan Netherlands
HOD Public Health Sciences                Professor of Human Rights Law Utrech
Karolinska Institute Sweden               University Netherlands
Co-ordinator Dept for Health & Society    Governor of California California USA
Linkopings University Sweden              Rector UFMG University Brazil
Administration HOD Business Law           Management Espirito Santo University
Lunds University Sweden                   Brazil
Administration HOD Economics Lunds        Management Biological Science De
University Sweden                         Vicosa University Brazil
Senior Administration Officer Office of   Professor Molecular Biology De Vicosa
Health Lunds University Sweden            University Brazil
Administration HOD Law Lunds              Professor Microbiology De Vicosa
University Sweden                         University Brazil
HOD Toxicology Stockholm University       Rector Santa Catatina University Brazil
Sweden                                    Management Clinical Analysis Santa
Professor Public Law Stockholm            Catatina University Brazil
University Sweden                         Management Medicine Santa Catatina
Administration Health Science Vaxjo       University Brazil
University Sweden                         Vice Rector Parana University Brazil
Professor Health Science Vaxjo            Law Commission Parana University
University Sweden                         Brazil
Management University of Copenhagen       Rector Alagoas University Brazil
Denmark                                   Management University of Goa India
Management Institute of Immunology        Director National Law School of India
University of Copenhagen Denmark          Bangalore India
Professor Dept of Pharmacology            Management Forensic Science Punjabi
University of Copenhagen Denmark          University India
HOD Research and Innovation               Vice Chancellor Punjabi University
Technical University Denmark              India
Denmark                                   Vice Chancellor University of Calicut
Management Erasmus University             India
Rotterdam Netherlands                     Pro Vice Chancellor University of
Management Public Law University of       Mumbai India
Amsterdam Netherlands                     Management Personal Law University
Professor Business Law University of      of Rajasthan India
Nijmegan Netherlands                      Management International Law
                                          University of Rajasthan India
Vice Chancellor University of Burdwan   Management Rouen University Hospital
India                                   France
Vice Chancellor Jadavpur University     Management Haguenau Central
India                                   Hospital France
Professor Epidemiology Tokyo            Management Sainte-Marthe Clinic
University Japan                        France
Professor Department International      Management Diaconesses
Community Health Tokyo University       Establishment France
Japan                                   Management Director Medi Partenaires
Professor Environmental Health Tokyo    France
University Japan                        Management Bergonie Institute France
Management Biomedical Ethics and        Management Bagatelle Protestante
Law Tokyo University Japan              Hospital France
Management Doshisha University Japan    Management Esquirol Clinic France
Management Biotechnology Tokyo          Management St Hilaire Clinic France
Institute Technology Japan              Management Basque Central Hospital
Management Kyoto Research Institute     France
Kyoto Sangy University Japan            Management Lutte Coutre Cancer
Management Tokai University Japan       Centre France
Director Criminology Oslo University    Management St Brieuc Hospital France
Norway                                  Management De Bourges Hospital
Management Faculty University           France
Hospital Oslo University Norway         Management Loches Hospital France
Professor Centre for International      Management Tours University Hospital
Health Bergen University Norway         France
Professor Influenza Epidemiology        Management De Blois Polyclinic
Bergen University Norway                France
Director Law Bergen University          Management Public Hospital Paris
Norway                                  France
Management Medicine Bergen              Management Foch Hospital Paris
University Norway                       France
Management Council of Universities      Management St Louis Hospital Paris
Norway                                  France
Abridged 10/10/05 to include:           Management Vernes Institute France
Management Oppenheimer                  Management St Simon Foundation
Biotechnology Texas USA                 France
Management African Diamonds Dublin      Management Nemours Hospital France
Ireland                                 Management Versailles Hospital France
Director Versailles Hospital France    Director Europe Clinic France
Management Arpajon Hospital France     Director Yvetot Hospital France
Management Etampes Hospital France     Management St James Hospital France
Management Essonne Hospital France     Director St Isabelle Clinic France
Management Longjumeau Hospital         Management Picardie Clinic France
France                                 Director Bouchard Clinic France
Management Antony Private Hospital     Management Ambroise Pare Hospital
France                                 France
Management Garches Institute France    Management Vitrolles Clinic France
Management Poisons Ballanger           Management Chantoiseau Institute
Hospital France                        France
Management Lilas-Cepim Clinic France   Management Toulon Hospital France
Management Charles Foix Hospital       Management Laparisiere Clinic France
France                                 Management Tonkin Group France
Management Jean Rostand Hospital       Management Du Parc Clinic France
France                                 Management Leon Berard Institute
Director Du Vexin Hospital France      France
Management D’Ales Hospital France      Management Chambery Hospital
Management Beziers Hospital France     France
Management St Pierre Hospital France   Management Lamartine Clinic France
Management St Jean Clinic France       Abridged 20/10/05 to include:
Management St Roch Clinic France       Management German Heart Institute
Management Pasteur Polyclinic France   Germany
Management Ligue Bleue Polyclinic      Management Elisabeth Krankenhaus
France                                 Hospital Germany
Management Lourdes Hospital France     Management Franziskus Hospital
Management Laboratory Fourmies         Harderberg Germany
Hospital France                        Management Kerckhoff Clinic Hospital
Management Lambret Centre France       Germany
Management La Louviere Polyclinic      Management Princess Margaret Clinic
France                                 Germany
Management Roubaix Centre Hospital     Management Goethe University
France                                 Hospital Clinic Germany
Management Saint Amand Hospital        Management Krefeld Clinic Germany
France                                 Management Munich-Bogenhausen
Management Tourcoing Hospital          Hospital Germany
France                                 Management Golzheim Clinic
Director De Guerande Hospital France   Dusselsorf Germany
Management Prosper Hospital Germany     Management Reinier De Graaf Group
Management Anna Hospital Germany        Netherlands
Management St Elizabeth Hospital        Management St Antonius Hospital
Germany                                 Netherlands
Director St Josefs Clinic Germany       Management Vereniging Intensive Care
Management Marketing St Josefs          Netherlands
Hospital Germany                        Management Ziekenhuis Galdeuse
Management Gynaecology St Vincent       Vallei Hospital Netherlands
Eichsfeld Clinic Germany                Management St Jansdal Hospital
Management Hildesheim Clinic            Netherlands
Germany                                 Management Aker University Hospital
Management Hamburg University           Norway
Hospital Germany                        Management Harstad Sykehus Hospital
Management Heidelberg University        Norway
Hospital Germany                        Management Radium Hospital Cancer
Management Medicine Chante              Centre Norway
University Hospital Germany             Management Rikshospitalet University
Management Freiburg University Clinic   Clinic Norway
Germany                                 Management Rana Sentralsykehus
Management Tubingen University          Hospital Norway
Clinic Germany                          Management St Olavs Hospital Norway
Management Ulm University Clinic        Management Central Hospital de
Germany                                 Coimbra Portugal
Management Bergmannsheil University     Management University Hospital de
Clinic Germany                          Coimbra Portugal
Management Bonn University Faculty      Management Hospital de Nossa
of Medicine Germany                     Senhorade de Assuncao Portugal
Management San Raffaele Del Monte       Management Hospital San Sebastiao
Foundation Italy                        Portugal
Management San Giovanni Hospital        Management Hospital Sao Teotonio
Italy                                   Portugal
Management Santa Chiara University      Management Hospital Sobral Cid
Hospital Pisa Italy                     Portugal
Management Mesos Medical Centre         Management Hospital Santa Maria
Netherlands                             Lisbon Portugal
Management Leenwenhoek Cancer           Management Hudiksvalls Hospital
Institute Netherlands                   Sweden
Management Stockholm Landsting          President Interhospital Region
Hospital Sweden                         Infrastructure Belgium
Management Skaraborg Hospital           Management Centre Hospital Regional
Sweden                                  de Huy Belgium
Management St Goran Hospital Sweden     Management Interhospital Region
Management Bethesda Hospital Basel      Infrastructure Belgium
Switzerland                             Management Peltzer La Touvelle
Management La Tour Hospital             Hospital Belgium
Switzerland                             Senior Management LCR Rouge
Management Insel University Hospital    Socialist Party France
Switzerland                             Management Trinity Health
Management Kantonsspital Aaran          International USA
Hospital Switzerland                    Management Tenet Health USA
Management Kantonsspital Winterthur     D Waldmann Tenet Health USA
Hospital Switzerland                    Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Management Paracelsus Clinic            Clinic in the State of Arizona USA (12
Switzerland                             entities)
Management Uster Hospital               Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Switzerland                             Clinic in the State of California USA
Management Wil Hospital Switzerland     (36 entities)
Management Balgrist University Clinic   Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Switzerland                             Clinic in the State of New Jersey USA
Chairman Beaumont Hospital Ireland      (13 entities)
Management Beaumont Hospital            Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Ireland                                 Clinic in the State of New York USA
Management Rotunda Hospital Ireland     (31entities)
Management St James Hospital Ireland    Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Management Art de Guerir Hospital       Clinic in the State of Ohio USA (18
Belgium                                 entities)
Management Az Diest Belgium             Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Hospital Belgium                        Clinic in the State of Pennsylvania USA
Management Algemeen Ziekenhuis          (27 entities)
Clinic Klina Belgium                    Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Management Sint-Dimpna Hospital         Clinic in the State of Utah USA (3
Belgium                                 entities)
Management Sodexho Belgian Hospital     Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Assoc Belgium                           Clinic in the State of Washington USA
                                        (12 entities)
Every Hospital, Medical Facility and       Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Clinic in the State of Washington DC       Clinic in the State of Michigan USA (22
USA (1 entity)                             entities)
Every Hospital, Medical Facility and       Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Clinic in the State of Wisconsin USA (5    Clinic in the State of Minnesota USA
entities)                                  (11 entities)
Every Hospital, Medical Facility and       Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Clinic in the State of Oregon USA (13      Clinic in the State of Maine USA (12
entities)                                  entities)
Every Hospital, Medical Facility and       Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Clinic in the State of Rhode Island USA    Clinic in the State of Maryland USA (6
(5 entities)                               entities)
Every Hospital, Medical Facility and       Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Clinic in the State of Virginia USA (10    Clinic in the State of Nebraska USA (6
entities)                                  entities)
Every Hospital, Medical Facility and       Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Clinic in the State of West Virginia USA   Clinic in the State of Florida USA (20
(6 entities)                               entities)
Every Hospital, Medical Facility and       Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Clinic in the State of Wyoming USA (5      Clinic in the State of Hawaii USA (6
entities)                                  entities)
Every Hospital, Medical Facility and       Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Clinic in the State of New Mexico USA      Clinic in the State of Connecticut USA
(3 entities)                               (16 entities)
Every Hospital, Medical Facility and       Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Clinic in the State of New Hampshire       Clinic in the State of Delaware USA (2
USA (6 entities)                           entities)
Every Hospital, Medical Facility and       Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Clinic in the State of North Carolina      Clinic in the State of Illinois USA (5
USA (14 entities)                          entities)
Every Hospital, Medical Facility and       Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Clinic in the State of North Dakota USA    Clinic in the State of Indiana USA (11
(3 entities)                               entities)
Every Hospital, Medical Facility and       Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Clinic in the State of Massachusetts       Clinic in the State of Nevada USA (1
USA (19 entities)                          entity)
Every Hospital, Medical Facility and
Clinic in the State of Idaho USA (25   Rehabaid
Abridged 27/10/05 to include:          Haven of Hope
Management of                
Osaka University School of Medicine    United Christian         
Tokyo Medical University               Kwai Chung
College of Nursing/Medical             Kwong Wah
Technology University of Tsukuba            Our Lady of Maryknoll
University of Tsukuba        
China Hospitals                        TWGHs Wong Tai Sin     
Guang An Men                           Yan Chai        
Queen Mary Hong Kong                   AHML Nethersole            
Cheshire Home Chung Hom Kok            Bradbury      
Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern        Cheshire Home      
Ruttonjee                                            Shatin
St John                                       Tai Po
Tung Wah Eastern                            Siu Lam
Wong Chuk Hang                                      Tuen Mun
Grantham                               Brazil Hospitals       
Fung Yiu King                          Hospital Clinic University of Sao Paulo        
Tung Wah                               Hospital Clinic Unicamp         
Kowloon                                Hospital Clinic da Crianc Institute                       Canada Financial
Hospital Sao Rafael                            Cibc Ombudsman
Hospital University UFSC                       BMO Financial Group
Hospital Vera Cruz                                Canadian Western Bank
Rede Sarah Rehabilitation                First Nations Bank
Apollo Hospitals India                      Laurentian Bank of Canada
Dr U Mohan Rau Memorial                            National Bank of Canada
Escorts Heart Institute                              Pacific & Western Bank
King Edward Memorial                       TD Canada Trust
Sankara Nethralaya                     MTCorporateInformation@mapletrust.c              om
Sterling                               MT Corporate Information    
Vardaan                                Credit Union Central of Canada     
De Ninos Ricardo Gutierrez Argentina   Credit Union of British Columbia             
Dr Sulaiman al Habib Medical Saudi     Credit Union of Manitoba
Arabia                                               Credit Union of Nova Scotia
Abha Private                                          Credit Union Ontario
KK Womens And Childrens Singapore                   CompCorp Insurance
National University Hospital       Insurance Brokers of Canada
International Hospital Turkey               Alberta Securities Co
Meltem Birth and Childrens         
British Columbia Securities            Central Bank of Ireland
Commission                                      Bank of Latvia
Manitoba Securities Commission                      Bank of Sweden
Office of the Premier Newfoundland                         Euro Investment Bank
Govt of Newfoundland                              Bank of Libya
Nova Scotia Securities Commission                Bank of the Republic of Columbia
Ontario Securities Commission
renseignements-                        National bank of Denmark    
Industry Contact Quebec Securities     Central Bank of Egypt             
Financial Institutions Commission of   Governmental Bank of the Faroe
British Columbia                       Islands 
Financial Services Commission of       Bank of Ghana
Ontario                                           Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Investment Dealers of Canada 
World Banks                            Reserve Bank of India              
European Financial Management Assoc    Bank of Indonesia        
Documents Bank of France               Bank of Jamaica                  
National Bank of Belgium               Bank of Japan                  
Czech National Bank                    Bank of Lebanon             
Bank of Finland                        National Bank of Hungary  
Secretariat Bank of Greece             Central Bank of Malta
Bank of Norway                       Credit Industrial Commercial                      Assurances
State Bank of Pakistan                           COFIDIS Consumer Credit
Palestine Monetary Authority                   Lafayette Services
Central Bank of the Phillippines                     Marseillaise Credit Society
Saudi Investment Bank Saudi Arabia                      Deutsche Bundesbank Germany
Arab National Bank                               Westdeutsche Landesbank
Gulf Bank                                         Association of German Banks
Securities Industry Council of
Singapore                            Credit Italy Italy      
Bank of Korea                        Banco BBM Brazil                 
Swiss National Bank Switzerland      Banco Santos     
Arjil Groupe Altium Finance France   Bank of India India
Cortal Bank                          Bank of Baroda    
Picardie Bank                        Indian Bank   
AXA Bank                             Indian Overseas Bank    
Finama Bank                          Punjab National Bank            
BAREP Asset Management               State Bank of Indore              
C2C Financial Society                State Bank of Saurashta  
CCF Bank                             State Bank of Travancore
Venture Capital Private Equity
Europe                              Aqua Alta Belgium        
3i Finland Oy Finland               Arcadia Germany            
3ts Capital Partners Czech          Arcis Group      
Accent Equity Sweden                Argos Soditic France   
AccessTurkey Capital Group Turkey   Argos Soditic Italy             
ACT Venture Capital Ireland         Askembla Asset Management Sweden   
Activa Capital                      Astorg Partners France          
Access Capital Partners             Atria Capital Partners France            
Active Capital Partners Spain       ACTUS Management Germany           
AdAstra Venture Germany             Auriga Partners France
Advent International Germany        Austria Wirtsshaftservice Austria
Advent International France         Banexi Capital France
Advent International Italy          Barcelona Empren Spain  
Alpha Associates Switzerland        Bencis Capital Partners Netherlands 
Alpha Group Council France          BGL Investment Partners Luxembourg
Alpha Group Germany                 Big Bang Ventures Belgium        
Alto Partners Italy                 BMP Germany
Amanda Capital Finland              BPE Private Equity Germany          
Apax Partners France                Bridgepoint Capital France      
Brockhaus Private Equity Germany     Delta Private Equity Partners Russia             
BS Private Equity Group Italy        Diana Capital Spain         
CAM Private Equity Consulting        Dor Ventures Management Belgium
Germany                                        Dublin Business Innovation Centre
Capexit Austria                      Ireland          
Capiton Germany                      Deutsche Venture Capital Germany     
Capricorn Venture Partners Belgium   Dynamics Venture Capital Germany            
Capvis Equity Partners Switzerland   EarlyBird Germany    
Catalana Initiatives Spain           ECM Equity Capital Management              Germany
CGS Management Switzerland          ECOS Venture Capital Austria
Cipio Partners Germany                              Egeria Netherlands
Cita Gestion France                      EMBL Ventures Germany
Clessidra SGR Italy                         e-millenium Capital Germany
Co Investor Switzerland             Endeavour Switzerland
Cornerstone Capital Germany                    Eon Tech Ventures Luxembourg
Creandum Advisor Sweden                     EPS Value Plus Switzerland
Creathor Germany                     EQT Netherlands
Credit Agricole France                          EQT Partners Sweden
Delta Partners Ireland     
                                     Equinet Venture Partners Germany
Equinox Management Switzerland    GIMV Belgium
Eqitis France                     Global Equity Partners Austria
Eqvitec Partners Finland          Global Life Sciences Switzerland      
Eurazeo France                    Global Life Sciences Germany
Euroventures Hungary              Global Vision Germany
Explorer Investments Portugal     Go Equity Austria
Falcon Capital Lebanon            Greenfield Netherlands           
Fin.Co Belgium                    Hannover Finance Germany
First Ventury Germany             HBM Partners Switzerland
Food Equity Belgium               HealthCap Sweden             
Four Seasons Norway               Heidelburg Innovation Germany
Freshwater Netherlands            HG Capital Germany     
FSN Capital Norway                Horizon Capital Ukraine
Gamma Capital Partners Austria    Horizonte Venture Management Austria     
GED Group Spain                   Hypo Equity Austria
Genes Ventures Germany            IFE Counseil France    
Genevest Consultancy Group        Indofin Group Netherlands
Switzerland                                 Industries and Finance Partners France
GI Ventures Germany     
                                  Invest Equity Austria             
Invision Switzerland                   Proventis Germany        
IPO Management Austria                 Quadriga Capital Germany  
IRIS Capital France                    Quan Ventures Switzerland
LC Capital France                      Quartus Gestion France     
Leman Capital Switzerland              Quest Management Belgium               
Life Sciences Partners Netherlands     Reiten & Co Norway          
LogiSpring Switzerland                 Renpart Participate Netherlands          
Nord Deutsche Private Equity Germany   Sarsia Innovation Norway
Nordic Mezzanine Finland               Scandinavian Life Science Venture                Sweden
NORUM Finland                               SEED Germany
PME Capital Portugal                             Segulah Sweden
POD Holding Sweden           
jean-pierre.creange@pragma-            Seroba Ireland                  
Pragma Capital France                  Sete Advisory Switzerland            
Pricap Germany                         SHS Germany                 
Prime Technology Ventures              SIF Transylvania Romania
Netherlands                                      Sigma Bleyzer Ukraine
Privast Belgium                       Siparex France
Private Equity Partners Italy                         Sofinnova Partners France
Priveq Sweden           
Solutio Germany                     Value Partners Switzerland           
S-Refit Germany                     Ventizz Capital Partners Germany         
Steadfast Capital Germany           Von Braun and Schreiber Private Equity             Germany
Stonefund Belgium                               VTC Partners Germany
Suala Capital Partners Spain              Wamex Private Equity Mexico
SVM Star Ventures Germany                       Waterland Private Equity Netherlands
Talde Gestion Spain                     Wellington Partners Germany
Target Partners Germany                  Zernike Group Netherlands
TAT Capital Partners Switzerland                       Euro Venture Capital Assoc Belgium
Techno Venture Management Germany              Secretary General Euro Venture Capital
Techno Start Germany                Assoc Belgium        
Technet Austria                     J Loizaga Chairman Elect Euro Venture                Capital Assoc Belgium
Tec Venture Germany                 Abridged 3/11/05 to include:                Brazil Venture Capitalists
Transconnet Germany                  Ascet Investments
Triangle Venture Germany                          Bradespar
Trinity Venture Capital Ireland            Fir Capital
Truffle Venture France              GP Investments
Turenne Capital France                  Ideias Net
Unigestion Switzerland              
TMG Partners                          Singapore Venture Capital Assoc          Singapore
Angra Partners                               Swiss Private Equity & Corporate
BPE Investments                       Finance Assoc Switzerland                        USA Venture Capitalists
CRP Company Partners                              3i Westcoast
Darby Overseas Investments                    3i Eastcoast
Dynamo                              AM Pappas Associates
Geracao Future-Corretora de Valores                    AAVIN
Janos                                        ABS Capital Partners
Stratus Investments                     ABS Ventures
Trivella Investments                                Accel
Pavani & Deutscher                            a
Veirano Advogados                          Allegis Capital
Pinheiro Neto Advogados                      Alerion Partners
Verticals Capital                                Alloy Ventures
Orbe Investments               Alta Partners
Trinity Investments                           Altira Group
Platforma Capital                              American River Ventures
Gulf Venture Capital Assoc Bahrain
Arabian Gulf                          Ampersand Ventures
Antares Capital                  Eastcoast Blue Chip Investment               Company
Apax Partners                        BlueRun Ventures
Aperture Venture Partners           BoldCap Ventures
Arbor Partners                      Borealis Ventures
Arboretum Ventures             Boston Capital Ventures
Arete Corporation                Boston Millenia Partners
Ascension Health              Capital SouthWest Corp
Ascent Venture Partners        Cardinal Partners
ATA Ventures                     Castile Ventures
Atlas Venture                           CEI
Avansis Ventures           Cherry Tree Investments
Battelle Ventures               CHL Medical
Bay Partners                     INFO@CLEARSTONE.COM            ClearStone Venture Partners
Beringea                            Columbia Capital
Bessemer Venture Partners              Com Ventures
BioAdvance                 Core Capital Partners
BioVentures Investors                      m
Westcoast Blue Chip Investment   Cresendo Ventures
                                 Cross Atlantic Capital Partners   
Cross Bow Ventures                    Expansion Capital   
Cross Link Capital                    Fidelity Ventures         
Chevron                               First Round Capital
Cutlass Capital                       Flag Capital Management    
Cypress Ventures                      Fletcher Spaght Ventures         
De Novo Ventures                      Fly Wheel Ventures     
Docomo Capital                        Formative Ventures              
Doll Capital Management               Forward Ventures      
Dolphin Equity Partners               Foundation Capital            
Duchossois Technology Partners        Frazier Healthcare Ventures        
East Gate Capital                     Frontenac Company   
Edelson Technology                    G51 Venture Capital      
Edison Ventures                       Gabriel Venture Partners      
EGL Holdings                          Garage Technology Ventures       
El Dorado Ventures                    Gefinor Ventures   
Endeavor Capital                      Giv Venture Partners        
Enterprise Partners Venture Capital   GKM Ventures           
Entrepia                              EastCoast Globespan Capital         
EuclidSR Partners                     Grand Banks Capital           
Granite Global Ventures           Jato Tech Ventures
Great Hill Partners               Johnston Associates       
Greer Capital Advisors            Labrador Ventures
Grove Street Advisors             Lancet Capital            
GRP Partners                      Latterell Ventures      
GTCR Partners                     L Capital Partners  
Harbour Vest Partners             Legacy Ventures            
Highland Capital Partners         Legend Ventures        
HLM Venture Partners              Levensohn Ventures    
HMS Hawaii Management             PA Life Sciences Greenhouse
Housatonic Partners               Lighthouse Capital      
Hummer Winblad Venture Partners   Lightspeed Venture Partners    
Ignite Group                      Lilly Ventures       
In-Q-Tel                          Mediphase Venture Partners  
Inflection Point Ventures         Milestone Ventures      
InterWest Partners                Mission Ventures
INVESCO Partners                  Mobius Venture Capital
Ironside Ventures                 Mountaineer Capital 
Irwin Financial                   MPM Capital
NCT Ventures                      Pacific Horizon Ventures
New Capital Partners              Palomar Ventures        
New Enterprise Associates         Path4 Ventures   
New Leaf Ventures                 Peninsula Equity Partners         
New Venture Partners              Pfizer Strategic Investments   
Newton Technology Partners        POD Holding     
Next Point Partners               Polaris Ventures     
NIF Ventures USA                  Posco BioVentures         
NJTC Venture Fund                 Primus Ventures
North Atlantic Capital            Prolog Ventures
North Coast Venture Capital       Psilos Group Managers
North Wood Ventures               PureTech Ventures           
NorWest Mezzanine Partners        Quellos    
Novak Biddle Venture Partners     Radius       
North Power                       Red Hills   
OCA Ventures                      Research Corporation Technologies            
ONSET Ventures                    River West            
OVP Venture Partners              Rock Maple
PA Early Stage Partners           RRE 
Odyssey                             Tgap         
Saints Venture Capital              Techfarm                 info @
Sanderling                          Techno Venture Management
Sapient Capital                     TCV
Saugatuck Capital                   Technology Partners              Ventures @
Seaflower                           Techxas
Select Capital Ventures                      Telos
Sequel                               Angels Forum
Shepherd Ventures                      North Dakota Commerce Dept                      South Carolina       
Slater Fund                         Venture Capital Fund of New England        
Sofinnova                           Vertical Group                           TL Ventures
Storm Ventures                      Topspin Partners
Sun Bridge Partners                 Triathlon Medical            
SV Life Sciences                    Trident Capital                Trinity Ventures
TD Capital                
                                    Union Square            
UPS Strategic Enterprise         Aozora Investment
Vanguard                         Globis Capital      
Vantage Point                    Japan Private Equity Co
Venture Investors                Mobile Internet Capital    
VSP Capital                      NIF SMBC Ventures Co     
Vesbridge                        Sun Bridge Corp
Village                          Techno-Venture Co         
VIMAC                            Tsunami Network Partners       
Vista                            UFJ Tsubasa Hand-on Capital       
vSpring                          ACOM Co               KPMG AZSA & Co  
Wasatch Venture Capital          BDO Sanyu Accountants 
WestBridge Capital Partners      JMAC JMA Consultants
Weston Presido                   Mizuho Information & Research
Willowridge Inc                  Organisation for Small and Medium              Enterprises Japan
Windspeed                        Takara Printing
Washington Research Foundation
Japan Venture Capitalists        Hungarian Venture Capital Assoc                 Hungary Venture Capitalists
Yasuda Enterprise Development
                                 3TS Capital
m                                      Mezzanine Management
Advent International                       Mid Europa Partners
AIG CET Capital Management             zoltan.bruckner@primuscapitalpartners.     com
Argus Capital                          Primus Capital Partners        
Baring Corilius Private Equity         Raiffeisen Private Equity Management     
Beszallitoi Befekteto                  Wallis     
Central Europe Trust Co                Allen & Overy             
Corvinius International Investment     Berecz & Andreko Linklaters               
Covent Toke Befekteto                  CA IB Corporate Finance           
DBG Eastern Europe                     CIB Bank            
Eclipse                                Concorde       
Erste Bank Befektetesi                 Deloitte         
Europe                                 EBRD       
Euroventures Capital                   Gutmann Magyarorszag     
Fast Ventures                          Hayhurst Robinson         
Hungarian Development Bank             Invescom Corporate Finance                   
IBH Innovations                        InvestLife Europe           
iEurope Capital                        K&H Bank Corporate Finance                 
Kisvallalkozas-fejleszto Penzugyi      KPMG
Maganabankar Financial Advisory   AFT Allgemeine  
Magyar Innovations                AIG Private Equity
Oppenheim es Tarsi Freshfields    Alpha Associates
Bruckhaus                            Alta Berkeley Partners
OTP Bank                     Altis Investment Management
PCA Capital Advisors             Altium Capital
Price Waterhouse Coopers           AON Jauch & Hubener
Reczicza White & Case                 Apax Partners
Siegler Ugyvedi Iroda               Argos Soditic
Squarra & Partos Lovells                 Aventic Partners
Szecskay Ugyvedi Iroda             Banca dello Stato del Cantone Ticino
Zoltan Csaba & Tarsa Penzugi
Switzerland Venture Capitalists   Bank Julius Bar & Co     
3i                                Bank Vontobel
AAA Corporate Finance Advisers    Banque Benedict Hentsch & Cie
Abegglen Management Partners      BC Partners
Adbodmer                          BDO Visura
Adinvest                          Binder Corporate Finance             
Affentranger Associates           BioMedInvestor
AFINUM Management                 BridgeLink                    
BT&T Technology Holding                CTI Startup             
BV Holding                             de Pury Pictet Turrettini & Co         
AIM Group Zurich                       DB Consulting
m                                      Defi Gestion
ALSTOM Schweiz                                         Deloitte Touche
Barons Financial Service                  Die Schweizerische Post
Continuum                                     Dynavest
CPMi                                    Endeavor Advisors
Credit Suisse                   Equatis
Prager Dreifuss                        Glide Investment Management
Soleil Capitale                               Global Life Science Ventures
Tschopp Corporate Finance                          GloboFin
VCF                                          Graf & Tschopp
Capital Concepts International             HBM Partners
Capital Dynamics                          Helbling Corporate Finance
Capvis Equity Partners                         Hitz & Partner Corporate Finance
Cepax                                         Horizon21
CMS Corporate Management                      IDP Investments
Credit Suisse Asset Management
                                       Index Ventures        
Invision                             SWX Swiss Exchange         
JGP Invest                           TAT Capital Partners
Lardi & Partners                     Tendo Corporate Finance
Lenz & Staehelin                     The Corporate Finance Group   
LGT Capital Partners                 Unigestion     
Lombard Odier                        Vandebroek Ventures        
Luserve                              Venture Partners  
Lustenberger Glaus & Partner         Venture Valuation
Nextech Venture                      VI Partners          
Paguasca Holding                     Walder Wyss & Partners            
Palomar Capital Advisors             Wincor Nixdorf           
Patherm                              Wuersch & Gering       
Pictet                               Zurcher Kantonalbank                
Private Equity Holding               Zurmont Management                       USA Federal Government and Stock
PSM Management Service               Exchange 
Sustainable Asset Management         Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Santis Investment                    New York         
Swiss Capital Group                  Philadelphia
Swiss Innovation Net                 Richmond           
Office of Critical Infrastrusture
Corporate Secretary BOD NYSE       
Pacific Stock Exchange      
Listed Corporate Entities   
Danaher Companies                                                                                                                                                                                             Dow Jones                                    General Dynamics                        Harsco Corp                            RARE Hospitality                  Checkers         
Textron                          Summa Industries
Rogers Corp                      Nokia Business     
A.Schulman                       Hub Group       Iberia Bank          Q Logic
Amgen Ventures                          Advanced Energy
Bancorp South                  Westell
Bank Atlantic                           Parexel International
C-COR                               Vitran Corp
Synovus                                  Investors Bank and Trust
Cirrus                           Velocity Express Corp
Orbital Sciences Corp            First Mariner bank
First Merit                      Vignette         
II-IV                            Renaissance Learning        
Nabi Biopharmmaceuticals         VeriSign      
Novellus System                  Ladish Co
Valmont                              CoStar Group
APTAR Group            
OMI Corp                              Ensign Energy       
EastWestBancorp                       Ault Inc         
Interwoven                            Lingotes Especiales  
Alliance Data Systems                 First Marblehead 
Victorias Secret                      Electricite de Strasbourg                
Fishery Products International        Warren Equities            
Horizon Health Corp                   Xtra Mart             
United Microelectronics Corporation   Auburn Merchandise Distributors    
American Italian Pasta Company        Xcel Environmental       
PDI                                   Convenient Graphics           
Soft Bank Japan                       Media News Group
Walter Industries                     Alticor                
National RV Holdings                  UNICCO Integrated Facilities Services           
Atlas Air                             PA Consulting      
Cephalon                              5 & Diner Corp              
Telenor                               Medic Drug  
Boeing                                Conde Nast
Abridged 10/11/05 to include:
Management of:                        Flag Financial
Banque Audi Sal Lebanon               MGI Pharma      
Waters Instruments               AMB Property Corp  
Cohesant Technologies            Extended Systems
LeCroy Corp                      Slades Ferry Bank    
Fidelity Bank                    Archipelago Holdings     
Enpath Medical                   Redback Networks
Pro-Dex                          The Medicines Company      
Savannah Bancorp                 Form Factor    
Traffix Inc                      International Monetary Systems         
Oak Hill Financial               Obsidian Enterprises   
Tollgrade Communications         Force Protection   
Spectra Link Corp                ATS Medical     
Dime Community Bancshares        Affine Group
Provident Financial Holdings     Cardima 
Integrated BioPharma Chem        IOLtech Laboratories
International              AF Financial Group
Pacific Premier Bankcorp           Patapsco Bancorp
Community Capital Corp                     Connetics Corp
IONA Technologies                        Norsat International
Power Integrations     
                                 Camden National Corp     
NeoPharm                          Allianz Insurance      
Qualstar Corp                     Bank Mendes Gans
Schick Technology          Graphic Lease
Union State Bank               ING Financial Institutions Netherlands
Universal Property and Casualty
Insurance                         ING Lease Holding    Siemens
Richmont Mines          
Sagient Research Systems          Carrefour       
Riverbed Technology               Ahold
First Cherokee State    
Dundee Bancorp                    Sumitomo Corp        
Senesco Technology                Credit Suisse Group          
Z-Axis Corp             
LaSalle Hotels                 
Alanco Technologies     
Berkshire Hathaway      
Gates Foundation        
Shell Oil USA             
Shell Netherlands               BNP Paribas      BNP Paribas Lease Group                           
Deutsche Bank                           BNP Paribas Asset Management                                                                                                     BNP Paribas Cortal Consors                                              Gruppo Generali                                                   Aegon Insurance                                      Millea      
Scudder Deutsche Bank                   Swiss Re            
BNP Paribas Cardif                      George Weston                                          Celesio                 
Skanska                                SAS Group           Abridged 12/11/05 to include:                  Management of Australian entities:           
Bunge                                  ASIC          
Oji Paper                                       AAMI
UPM-Kymmene                                   ADI
Svenska Cellulosa                                     Alkane Exploration                                     AMCOR
Finmeccanica                           AMP          
Fresenius                              AMRAD        
Asahi Breweries                        ANZ         
Hannover Re                            Atlas Pacific 
InterBrew                              2DayFM            
Korea Exchange Bank                    Fox FM            
Orix                                   Triple M Melbourne               
Sumitomo Forestry                      Triple M Brisbane
relacionesconinversores.cormap@mapfr                                  Triple M Adelaide
Seguros Mapfre                         Mix 94.5
IFIL                                       92.9
Nylex                              Mirvac
Ballarat Goldfields                Mosiac Oil
Bendigo Bank                       NetComm
Bendigo Mining                     Newcrest Mining
Beyond International               Oil Search
Blackmores                         One Steel        
Brambles                           Orica
Bridgestone                        Oroton Group 
Burswood International             Pacific Brands
Carnavon Petroleum                 Patrick Corp
Carnegie Corp                      Prime TV        
Cochlear                           Rebel Sport    
Coles Myer                         Resolute Mining
CSR                                The Rock Building Society
David Jones                        Smorgon Steel Group
Ergon Energy                       SPC Ardmona
Jetset Travelworld                 Suncorp Metway    
Lakes Oil                          Telstra 
Leighton Holdings                  Transurban           Antares Energy
Victoria Petroleum       Arc Energy
Village Roadshow              Australian Worldwide Exploration
Wattyl                   Beach Petroleum
BHP Billiton           Empire Oil
Woodside                  Jervois Mining
Petaluma                        Kimberley Oil
Simeon                           Magellan Petroleum
Adelaide Brighton           Norwest Energy
Brickworks                      Sun Resources
Gunns Corp              TAP Oil
Oldfields                    Bliss Corp
PCH Group                Clough
Schaffer Corp                   Crane Group
STA Corp                   Korvest
ABI Group                     GRD Minproc
Astron Group                Dunn Air Multistack
Villa World                    Revetec
Amadeus Energy      
                              Scan Tech         
Bid Vest                                 Yilgarn Gold
m                                        Geographe Resources
Coca Cola Amatil                                   Giants Reef Mining
Farm Pride                                         Glengarry Resources
Frosty Boy                                          Golden Cross Resources
Tassal                                                Golden State Resources
Acacia Learning                           Gold Search
Adelaide Resources                                   Hampton Hill Mining
Alcaston Mining                                   Herald Resources
Anglo Australian Resources               Heron Resources
Beaconsfield Gold                                     Hillcrest Litigation Services
Cardia Technologies                                    Regis Resources
Durack Toastmasters                               Lake Resources
Croesus Mining                                      Lihir Gold
Dragon Mining                                 Lion Selection Group
Electrometals Technologies                      Northern Gold
Equigold                                     Oropa
Equinox Minerals                              Pathfinder Exploration
Gallery Gold                   
                                         Reefton Mining  
Resolute Mining                        Hills Industries     
Sedimentary Holdings                   Pacifica             
Sipa Resources                         Australian Stock Exchange
Sons of Gwalia                         Bourse Data       
St Barbera Mines                       Fleet Capital      
Tectonic Resources                     Garrats           
Amrad Corp                             Aspect Huntley        
Anadis                                 JB Were         
Aqua Carotene                          Pacific Capital        
Novogen                                Sino Securities International        
NSL Health                             Tag Pacific
Polartechnics                          Zircom
Sonic Healthcare                       APN News Media           
Virax                                  Becker Group               
Hastings Fund Management               HWW   
Energy Developments                    PMP
Envestra                               Swish Australia    
Pacific Hydro                          Alkane Exploration  
Transurban                             Anvil Mining               
Astro Diamonds                             Adsteam Marine         
AustIndo                                   Amlink Events               
BeMax Resources                            Ammtec                 
Buka Minerals                              Apollo Batteries    
Capral Aluminium                           Ariadne Australia             
Cluff Resources                            Arrowfield Group

Comalco                                    Ausdoc         
Diamond Rose                               Ausmelt                 
Lion Ore Mining                            Berklee      
Mineral Deposits                           Biologic   
Minerals Corp                              Brandrill              
Oxiana                                     GUD Holdings         
Placer Dome                                Graincorp           
Rimfire Pacific Mining                     Grimwood Davies Drilling Contractors             
Straits Resources                          Grow Force Australia             
Sydney Gas                                 Hydromet Corp            
Ticor                                      Lemarne Corp      
Titan Resources                            Namoi Cotton Co-op                  
Adacel                                     National Hire  
Nautronix                        National Can Industries
VFJ Services                     Plaspak Group        
Orbital Engines        
Pinnacle VRB                     Centro Properties Group
Redflex Holdings          Peppers Retreats Resorts
Prophecy International                Stockland
pSivida                             Thakral Holdings
Quik Trak Networks                 Rio Tinto
SDS Corp                          Angus & Coote
Silex Systems                          Austin Group
MYOB                            Cash Converters
Speedy Wheels                        Coles Myer
Tandou                             Gazal
VoiceNet                            Gowings Retail
Wadepack                   Just Jeans Holdings
Waterco Pool & Spa               RM Williams
Zylotech                        Skansen Giftware
Sonacom                             TVSN
Evergreen Forests
Community Exchange                   Austock Group     
Vivid Group                          Berndale Securities    
Bill Peach Journeys                  BBY            
AWA                                  Burrell Stockbroking 
Club Crocodile                       Vianet Chartpac           Day Trader HQ            Deutsche Bank Asset Management      
Fleetwood Corp                             Fortrend Securities
Greyhound Australia           Gillon Securities
Hamilton Island PR Rep                    Goldman Sachs JB Were
Sky City NZ                                     Hartleys
Toll Group                             Hogan & Partners
Wridgways                                Joseph Palmer & Sons                Lewis Securities                Lonsdale                Shadforths  
Andrew West Stockbroking                Newcastle Stock Exchange
ANZ Stockbroking           
                                     Tolhurst Noall Sharebrokers 
Wilson HTM                        WaterCare
Abridged 26/11/05 to include:     MetroWater
NZ Government & Industry                      Palmerston North City Council
NZ Stock Exchange                   Christchurch City Council
NZ Securities Commission                Greater Wellington Regional Council
Daniel Silva                              Dunedin City Council
NZ Customs                        Wellington City Council     
Standards NZ                      Hastings District Council
Weta Workshop                     Wanganui District Council    
Weta Digital                      Water Industry Training
Designline Coaches                NZ Water and Wastes Assoc  
Hamilton Jet                      Institution of Professional Engineers   NZ
Organic pathways               National Institute of Water and                   Atmospheric Research
3e Energy                           NZ Hydrological Society
EcoInnovation                         Centre for Advanced Engineering Uni
Self Power                        of Canterbury  
Waitakere City Council            Faculty of Engineering Uni of Auckland 
EcoMatters                        Institute of technology and engineering
                                  Massey Uni            
Parliamentary Commissioner for the   Wellington Regional Chamber of
Environment                          Commerce     
Fisher and Paykel                    NZ Council of Trade Unions     
Real Beer                            Public Service Assoc      
Science and Engineering Uni of       Auckland International Airport
Waikato                                Blis Technologies
Kiwibank                                  Brookers Thomson
Reserve Bank of NZ                               Hubbard Foods
ANZ New Zealand                        Origin Pacific
Bank Ombudsman of New Zealand       Progressive Enterprises
Air New Zealand                         Toll NZ
Genesis Energy                         Funeral Service Training
Insurancelink                                 Hospitality Standards Institute
Bell Gully                                  NZ Local Government Organisation
Gillespie Young Watson                  NZ Seafood Industry Council
Simpson Grierson                        Pharmacy Industry Training
New Zealand Law Society              Organisation  
Uni of Auckland Business School      Aviation Tourism and Travel Training              
Sherwin Chan and Walsh               Business Information Zone      
New Zealand Business Roundtable      Business Mentor     
Department of Labour                    NZ Venture Capital Assoc          
Federation of Maori Authorities         Bio Pacific Ventures
Maori Innovation and Technology Dept    De Geest Ventures                   Endeavour Capital                               iGlobe
NZ Treasury                                      NZ Venture Investment Fund
Ministry of Research Science and
Technology                              NO 8 Ventures Management        
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade   Pioneer Capital              
Mine for Business Angels                West Coast Development Trust          
NZ Business Council for Sustainable     TMT Management
Development                                     Intellectual Capital Partners
NZ Federation of Business and 
Professional Women                      Investors Guarantee   
Sparkbox                                Pencarrow Private Equity           
Vcapital                                Pohutukawa Fund           
Ministry of Consumer Affairs            Rangatira         
Devonport Flagstaff                     West Coast Development Trust        
NZ Press Council                        Todd Capital
Australian Press Council                Anthony Harper               
International Press Council             Auckland Uni Services     Canturbury Innovation Incubator
BDO Spicers                           Creative HQ
Brookfields                        Global Tech Accelerator
Chapman Tripp                       Derek.Fairweather@innovationwaikato.
Deloitte                            Innovation Waikato      
Ernst and Young                     Bio Commerce
Falcon Private Equity               ICEHOUSE
Gosling Chapman                     T-up Victoria University  
Ignition Partner                    Auckland Institute of Technology   
Jones Young                             Wellington Institute of Technology
Lowndes Law                    
Northington                         Lincoln University    
NZ Bio                              Auckland University
Otago Innovation                    University of Waikato   
PriceWaterhouseCoopers              Victoria University       
bizAngels Manukau                   Waikato Institute of Technology
ICE Angels
AUT Technology Park

J Jeffares

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