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									Physician Adds New Dimension to Hi Definition
Texas physician Dr. Michael Escobedo of Escobedo Esthetics of Austin, TX adds a new
dimension to his exclusive Hi Definition Lipo procedure with his new Ultra Dimensional
liposculpture procedure.

Austin tx, Dec 13, 2011 -- Imagine the difference between a painting and a sculpture.
Imagine the difference between seeing paint strokes and actually feeling the 3D
anatomy of a sculpture. Imagine being chiseled like a Michael Angelo's David while
you are AWAKE. Dr. Michael Escobedo of Escobedo Esthetics in Austin, TX is
bringing liposuction to LIFE with the world's first Ultra Dimensional Liposculpture

Liposculpture is a term used to describe the addition of "sculpted" contours to
traditional liposuction. Traditionally, most liposuction and liposculpture procedures
are performed using general anesthesia, meaning the patient was "knocked out"
during the procedure. However, Dr. Escobedo's new Ultra Dimensional
Liposculpture technique incorporates high definition body sculpting while the patient
is AWAKE. Ultra Dimensional Liposculpting takes into consideration the human
body's natural definition and contours through live movement while performing

"The key to achieving the most natural, and contoured results in liposculpting is
determined by the natural muscle movement of each person. Basically, when a
patient is fully knocked out, their muscles are at their most relaxed state, making it
harder for the surgeon to accurately create naturally contoured definition. While
definition can be "drawn onto" the patient prior to the surgery, I have found that
having patients move and flex during the procedures have had results that made them
look like they were sculpted like Michael Angelo himself."- Dr. Michael Escobedo

Why Ultra Dimensional?
"Ultra Dimensional" is a term that is used by Escobedo to refer to the drastically
defined contours that his patients see with his Ultra Dimensional Liposculpture.
Going past most "3D" lipos, Ultra Dimensional Liposculpture allows patients to see
such intense high definition on their bodies that it can appear to be from a further
dimensional scope.
For more information on Ultra Dimensional Liposculpture, please contact Dr.
Escobedo at 877-394-6615 or visit us online at!

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                                   Contact Information:
                                   Name: Michael Escobedo
                                   Company: Escobedo Esthetics
                                   Telephone: 877-394-6615

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