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Skin Care Tips For Pregnant Women

When a woman expects a bundle of joy, the hormones are kicked into high gear. Your body
adjusts to this wonderful experience that sometimes it can cause various changes on your skin.
Some women would often break out or some may experience hyper pigmentation. While this may
be a little disconcerting, there are still a lot of safe and easy methods that you can do to help
alleviate these problems.


1. Sudden Breakouts

Similar to puberty, your hormones are at a chaotic state because it is adjusting to a growing baby
inside your womb. Breakouts usually happen during the first trimester. Pregnant women should
especially be careful when choosing a particular product to combat acne. It is always best to
approach your doctor so that he or she can recommend treatments that will be safe for you and
your baby. Once you have given birth, rest assured that this will usually disappear.

2. Darker Skin

When pregnant, you may notice that certain areas of your body may have traces of hyper-
pigmentation. You may also see a dark line that starts from your navel down to your pubic area.
This line is called the linea nigra. This line is visible during pregnancy, but you don't have to worry
because it goes away once you give birth. Try to exfoliate your skin mildly in order to remove the
dead skin cells. As usual, always ask our doctor for any product that is safe to use.

3. Glowing Skin

I'm sure a lot of women may wish to get this kind of effect on their skin during pregnancy. This
"glowy" effect is attributed by the increase of blood flow into the vessels, thereby giving you a
pretty flush on the cheeks. Sometimes, hormones can cause the skin to emit oil glands, which may
make your skin appear shiny.

4. Melasma

Melasma is oftentimes called the "mask of pregnancy". It usually looks as if you got sunburned. As
with any pregnancy, this will disappear eventually after giving birth. In the meantime, protect your
face with a good hat before heading out. Use a sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful

Getting pregnant is a special event in one's life, especially for us women. The hormones that are
kicking into high gear are just signs that signify that a new life is being formed inside you. Enjoy
this moment of your life and always visit your doctor regularly.

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