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For great Pinterest tips check this out:

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Should Your Business Be Using Pinterest?

Pinterest, a site where users create and share virtual pin boards of what interest them, is definitely
a rising star this year in the social media field. While some of us may heard murmurs of the invite-
only site late last year, it has seen massive growth in just the last two months, and experts predict
this is just the beginning. Of course this has the attention of many social-savvy businesses online,
but is it appropriate for all of them? Here are a few things to consider before jumping in to

Does your business appeal to the visual mind?
Pinterest is all about pinning photos and snapshots that capture the interest of the user. This is a
difficult arena to get into for many service-based businesses with nothing tangible to add. Selling
tangible products makes it much easier for you to enter in to Pinterest, and in fact means you
should definitely be looking into this platform.

Service businesses are not left out in the cold, but will have to think creatively in order to meld with
the current Pinterest users. Creating boards and adding content of interest to your niche or
industry is a good place to start if possible!

How much time are you willing to spend?
Unlike most social media networks, activity on Pinterest cannot be automated (yet.) This means
that an actual person will have to add images, comment, and be involved in the social aspect of
the site. This is good and bad for most marketers. Bad mainly because it means you will either
need to spend time yourself on the site, or will need to hire out the work. However, it's great in
adding a level of authenticity to your brand and efforts: a desperately important aspect of online
marketing today.

Is your market on Pinterest?
For now, the largest demographic using Pinterest is women between the ages of 18 and 40. While
more and more men are coming around, there is still a heavy imbalance. Take note of your
business's primary market and consider it carefully before getting a Pinterest account. No one
wants to wast effort and resources on the wrong audience!

Finally, Pinterest is still only open to those who are invited. While no problems have been reported
thus far for businesses being approved,it is possible for the site to deny membership to anyone in
an attempt to keep spammers away. You must have a Facebook or Twitter account to sign up as
well, so be sure you are established on the "basic" social sites before venturing on to Pinterest.
You may even wish to use it on a personal basis for a few weeks before formulating a marketing
Chris is an online business coach creating short training videos and articles to help you learn the
ins and outs of all the practical applications you need to know for success online. By taking the
mystery out of online programs and systems, site creation, SEO, and marketing, Training Groundz
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For great Pinterest tips check this out:

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