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How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business

Social media changes on a regular basis and it can be difficult for small business owners to keep
up. You've got a Facebook page? Check. Your twitter feed is regularly updated? Check. Well
here's something else to keep you busy - Pinterest.

The issue with technology changing so swiftly is that you do not always understand what horse to
back. You may have wasted your dollars getting your MySpace site custom-designed, only to find
all your potential customers have moved onto Facebook. So when you read about a fresh social
media experience, you're right to pause and ask yourself, ought I be worrying with this? So, should
you be bothering to use Pinterest?

Pinterest (rhymes with interest) is an online virtual pinboard. Items which you stick on your
pinboard or freezer at home, you are able to stick on Pinterest. I'm not really speaking about a
piece of paper stating 'Buy Milk' - more beautiful/interesting/inspiring stuff. If you were getting
married and came across a great idea for bouquets you might stick that on the site, or if perhaps
you're a fashionista, you may use Pinterest to show a high-heeled shoe you love.

Whenever people 'pin' these pictures on Pinterest, other individuals will be able to comment. So
when you stick up the wedding flower design you believe will make your eyes look fabulous, your
bridesmaids can give their suggestions, as well as suggest alternatives.

Ideally, consumers link through their pin to the source, so high heeled shoe ought to link to the
company's webpage, or the style blog page you found it on, though not everyone does this.

Profiles on Pinterest may be public or private, and individuals can follow other people's boards. All
this is visually good, is intuitive to navigate round, and is filled with cool youngsters publishing stuff
other fashionable individuals have made. But do you need it?

The first thing you'll notice when you visit is it is visually stunning. The web page
has photos of beautiful food, clothes, architecture and everything else that's pleasing to the eye.
It's really a very visual social network website, which ought to offer you an idea of what sort of
business might benefit from a presence on Pinterest.

Aesthetically eye-catching merchandise will work well on Pinterest. If you're in an artistic niche, it's
worth investigating promoting your merchandise via the site. Unquestionably anyone who offers a
service for the wedding industry needs to look into it - brides looking to plan their special day
appear to be big consumers of the service in its early stages. The primary users of Pinterest at the
minute are women aged 25-44.
If you supply via eBay or Etsy then you definitely ought to be investigating what Pinterest could do
for you. Indeed Etsy recently added a 'Pin It' button to their item listings, allowing members to
effortlessly share their items in the social network.

If however you happen to be an accountant, solicitor or other skilled professional who is offering a
specialised service, you probably won't identify much of interest for you professionally. Focus
instead on working on your LinkedIn profile.

Should you feel Pinterest may be of interest to you, then the next issue is how may you use it to
PR your business? Pinterest is a social network site, thus rather than directly marketing your
products, the emphasis should be on encouraging visitors to share your items. Direct promoting of
your products won't go down well and will not boost your brand.

Should you be providing craft items or clothing, it will be straight-forward. Inspire your customers
to pin your items via your email list or Facebook account, and think about including follow and 'Pin
It' buttons to your results next to your other social networking buttons. You can do this by following
the instructions on the Pinterest website.

Some other industries will have to be a little more original about promoting their products. Should
you operate a cafe or catering service you might share some recipes on Pinterest. Ensure that
you've got a good, enticing photograph of the dish, post the recipe on your own website and add a
Pin It button. Hopefully customers will pin the shot on the site and others may click through to your

Don't forget - the key to being successful on Pinterest, and making it to the high traffic homepage,
is to always have appealing photos. Make sure that your visuals are first-rate and you will thrive.

A possible problem for you is that you are unable to easily join Pinterest at the time of producing
this article - it isn't open to the public. The fastest method of getting onto it is to ask a friend who is
on the website for an invitation. If not you should ask for an invitation from Pinterest and simply
wait patiently by the pc.

To conclude, creative people have to have a look at Pinterest. Get an invite today and have a play
around to see whether it will work for your enterprise. It's definitely going to grow in popularity
within the coming months, so by getting on the website nice and early you might with a little luck
manage to steal a march on your competition and grow a presence on the website.

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For great Pinterest tips check this out:

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