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10 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest

Pinterest is fast-becoming one of the largest social media sites on the web, with more and more
individual users and businesses joining everyday. The unique, image-based social network has
become a new addiction for users, which makes it a prime arena to market your business.

Pinterest has made it clear in the Terms of Service that direct sales content cannot be pinned.
However, with a little creativity, business owners can promote their products and boost their brand
power in order to generate more traffic and sales revenue.

Let's take a look at ten of the best ways you can use Pinterest as a new method of social media
marketing for your business.

1. QR Code Boards If your business has invested in QR codes, you can create a board just for
them so that they are easily accessible by users.

2. Coupon Boards Pinning all of your coupons can get them noticed- and used- by a wider range
of people.

3. Product Bundle Boards If you offer products that can be bundled together, pin it! People love to
get grouped items at a lower price. This would work really well for party supplies, games, books,

4. Targeted Pinboards Every business has a targeted audience, sometimes a lot more than one.
You can create a unique pinboard for each different group and pin it with items that are specific to
that audience.

5. Video Pinboards You might make how-to or educational videos on YouTube or your blog, so
why not pin them? This can help build more traffic to your site and broaden your audience.

6. Product Boards Sharing on Pinterest spreads faster than juicy gossip. You can create a board
of your products that will essentially market themselves. All it takes is one person to repin those
products and before you know it, hundreds of others will be sharing the items they love with their

7. Conduct Market Research Pinterest can be used as a free research tool. You can see what is
trending, what products people love, and how to market those products.

8. Hold Contests Contests are always a great way to generate some interest in your brand through
social media. On your blog or website, you can ask customers to pin a photo of themselves using
your product and give a prize to the best one.

9. Cross-promote Anything you post on your blog or other social media sites should be added to
your pinboards as well. If you hold a contest, it needs to be held, officially, on your own blog,
website or social media pages to avoid violating the Pinterest TOS.

10. Add the Buttons On your website or blog, you can add the "Follow Me on Pinterest" button as
well as the "Pin It" button. This makes it simple for readers to start following your boards and to pin
anything they see on your site. It only takes a few seconds to install each of the buttons and you
can start seeing the benefits!

Have you started using Pinterest, either for your personal use or for your business? How are you
liking it? What have you done to start marketing with Pinterest? Share with us!

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For great Pinterest tips check this out:

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