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									Version 1                                                                                           Poole Ofsted Inspection Plan
Ofsted Recommended Actions                                                              Timeframe       Outcome LA
1.Ensure that records of visits to children and families record whether a child is      Immediate       All case recording
seen and whether they are spoken to alone. Ensure that children’s case files                            indicates wehther
record how child protection and children in need plans are explained to young                           the child is seen,
people and their carers where they are not in attendance at meetings. (cross                            and spoken to
reference to inspection report commentary: 14, 33, 45, 51)                                              alone and includes
                                                                                                        feedback to
                                                                                                        children and carers
                                                                                                        on significant
                                                                                                        meetings as

2. Ensure that there is effective communication amongst partner agencies of the        Within 3 months    Partner agencies
role and remit of the reconfigured teams within social care services, in particular in                    understand the re-
relation to thresholds to access their services. (cross reference to inspection report                    configured CYPSC
commentary: 21,42)                                                                                        Teams including

3. Ensure that core groups routinely review the plan of protection and that minutes Within 3 months       Clear and
of core group meetings are recorded. (cross reference to inspection report                                consistent
commentary: 14, 50)                                                                                       progression of
                                                                                                          effective child
                                                                                                          protection plans to
                                                                                                          reduce the child's

4. Ensure that case recording in children’s files sufficiently describes the purpose,   Within 3 months   Clear evidence of
interaction with, and impact of, social work contact with the child and their family                      purpose and
and that chronologies on children in need cases are updated. (cross reference to                          impact of social
inspection report commentary: 14, 53)                                                                     care intervention is
                                                                                                          recorded, icluding
                                                                                                          mainitaining up to
                                                                                                          date chronologies
                                                                                                          across all open
5. Ensure that social workers receive regular supervision and that this is clearly      Within 3 months   Regular formal
recorded. (cross reference to inspection report commentary: 14,70)                                        supervision is
                                                                                                          provided as per
                                                                                                          policy to ensure
                                                                                                          clear accountability
                                                                                                          for good
                                                                                                          practice and
                                                                                                          identification of

6. Ensure that the views of children and families, who have experienced              Within 6 months      Analysis of service
safeguarding intervention, are routinely captured to ensure the service consistently                      user experience to
learns from their experience. (cross reference to inspection report commentary:                           inform future
none )                                                                                                    service
                                                                                                          development in

7. Local health organisations, including GPs, should ensure all staff working with   Within 6 months      to be agreed with
children have access to the appropriate level of safeguarding training and its                            health
impact in raising standards of practice is evaluated. (cross reference to inspection
report commentary: 60)
8. Ensure that plans of protection include contingency planning and that staff are      Within 6 months   Good use of
suitably trained in the use of contracts of expectation to enable them to clearly set                     contingency
out for families what needs to change to reduce risk of future harm to children.                          planning and the
(cross reference to inspection report commentary:48)                                                      use of clwear
                                                                                                          contracts with
                                                                                                          families reduces
                                                                                                          the child's

Ensure that multi agency and single agency case audits are routinely undertaken         Within 6 months   Recommendations
and are of a consistently high quality to enable issues for development in                                for service
safeguarding practice to be identified and tackled. (cross reference to inspection                        improvements are
report commentary: 15, 79)                                                                                identified through
                                                                                                          quarterly multi-
                                                                                                          agency case
ole Ofsted Inspection Plan
                     Action LA        Evidence LA            Has Action Been Met?   Lead Officer      Outcome Health
                     Reinforcement RAISE reporting.                                 Principal Manager
                     of good practice                                               Family Support
                     in case                                                        and Safeguarding
                     recording                                                      Services
                     through team
                     meetings and
                     individual 1-1s.

                    Full brieifing to   Presentation                                Principal Manager
                    partner             material and                                Referral and
                    agencies to be      information                                 Assessment
                    given to partner    provided at
                    agencies as         Roadshow.
                    part of

                    Task and Finish Case file audit.                                Principal Manager
                    Group to                                                        Family Support
                    improve the                                                     and Safeguarding
                    effectiveness of                                                Services
                    child protection
                    planning and
                    contracts with
                    parents as well
                    as the
                    effectiveness of
                    core groups.

                    See action for      File audits,                                Principal Managers
                    1.                  management                                  in Social Care.
                                        oversight of case
                                        recording which is
                                        addressed in
Reinforcement Supervision audit        Principal Managers
of good practice outcomes.             in Social Care.
in supervision
policy through
SMT and
audit process.

Improve the use    Service user        SQI - to be
of exit            experience report   identified.
questionnaires     is included in
by developing      Quality Assurance
the analysis and   Framework
learning from      feedback into
the responses.     Senior

see action for 3. Case file audit.     Principal Manager
                                       Family Support
                                       and Safeguarding

Continue to        Recommendations     Quality Assurance
develop and        from multi agency   and Improvement
review the         case audits are     Advisor
existing multi     implemented.
agency case
Actions Health   Evidence Health   Health Lead   Health Reference   Monitoring Officer
Poole Ofsted Inspection Plan
Ofsted Recommended Actions                                            Timeframe         Outcome LA
1. Ensure appropriate representation of key partner agencies on the   Within 3 months   Achieve full
Corporate Parenting Board and establish direct links between the                        understanding and
Board and the Children in Care Council. (cross reference to                             ownership of
inspection report commentary: 87,92,134)                                                corporate
                                                                                        responsibilities by
                                                                                        all partner
                                                                                        agencies and
                                                                                        ensure views of
                                                                                        children in care
                                                                                        inform the work of
                                                                                        the Corporate
                                                                                        Parenting Board.

2. Ensure that looked after young people are made aware of the        Within 3 months   Maximise the use
availability of the access to leisure card. (cross reference to                         of the Access to
inspection report commentary: 112)                                                      Leisure Card.

3. The council and its health partners should demonstrate improved   Within 6 months    to be agreed with
outcomes for young people who are looked after who also misuse                          health
substances. (cross reference to inspection report commentary: 86,98)

4. Ensure that the use of bed and breakfast accommodation for         Within 6 months   Young people
looked after young people and care leavers is reduced to the absolute                   (16+) are placed in
minimum. (cross reference to inspection report commentary: 106)+A8                      safe and suitable
5. Ensure improved consistency in the quality of case file auditing.   Within 6 months   Soial Care Case
(cross reference to inspection report commentary: 140)                                   audits are
                                                                                         undertaken quality
                                                                                         assure practice
                                                                                         and recording.

6. Ensure that all members are aware of their roles as corporate       Within 6 months   All Members are
parents. (cross reference to inspection report commentary: 92)                           aware of their roles
                                                                                         as coprorate
Action LA         Evidence LA       Has Action Been Met?   Lead Officer      Outcome Health
Corporate         Corportae                                Social Care
Parenting Board   Parenting Board                          Service Unit Head
to review and     minutes.
ensure it has
and to agree a
programme of
contacts and
meetings with
between the
Board and the
Child in Care

Reminder to be check with Jane                             Principal Manager
sent to all      whether we know                           Children in Care.
children in care who has one.
and foster
carers about
the Access to
Leisure Card.

Review          Children in care                           Principal Manager
Principal       placement                                  Children in Care.
Management      monitoring data.
oversight of
decision making
ibn relation to
B&B placeents
for children in
care and care

of Homeless
Young People's
Multi Agency
and expansion
options for
young people
aged 16+).
Reinforcement Quality Assurance         Quality Assurance
of case audit   Reports to SMT.         and Improvement
requirements of                         Advisor
through senior

Incorporate        Materials used for   Social Care
briefing about     induction.           Service Unit Head.
in induction for
all new
Actions Health   Evidence Health   Health Lead   Health Reference   Monitoring Officer

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