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					◦ It then became available worldwide for general retail on
  October 22, 2009.Windows Seven was released for personal
  computers. It can also be used for business and home
  laptops, netbooks, desktops, tablet PCs, and media center
• Windows Seven has many new features compared to
  Windows Vista. It has better boot performance, kernel, and
  DirectAccess. It also advanced in handwriting and touch
  recognition. You can use your fingers to open files and
  folders, browse the internet, and flip photos on touchscreen
  computers. It also has improved multi-core processors
  performance and a better virtual hard disks support.
• The Windows Media Center also has a new version. It has
  better media features, and a Windows Media Center Gadget.
  Also included are Windows PowerShell and XPS Essentials
  Pack. It also has an advance calculator.
◦ Windows Seven is faster compared to the later versions of
  Windows. It has important improvements for performance.
  It consumes lesser memory. Background services will only
  run when needed. Programs can run faster, reconnect to
  wireless internet connections faster, and to sleep and
  continue quicker.
• Windows Action Center replaced the Windows Security
  Center in Windows Seven. The Windows Action Center
  includes both maintenance and security of the computer.
  Control on security and maintenance messages is much
  easier. You will be able to turn on and off the Windows
  Defender’s or User Account Control’s notifications. It will
  also give you notification if Windows needs some attention.
◦ The task bar also has big changes in Windows Seven.
  Pinning applications to the taskbar is now easier. Task
  buttons are incorporated with pinned applications buttons.
  A jump Lists is also provided to permit simple contact to
  the same tasks. You can also rearrange the taskbar buttons
  easily. Aero Peak, the Show desktop icon, makes all
  windows visible transparently at the desktop.
   Click this to minimize and restore all windows. Aero
    Snap is also a new feature included in Windows
    Seven. When a window is dragged on top of the
    screen, it will maximize the window automatically.
    Drag windows to the left or right corners of the
    screen will break documents or files on each side of
    the screen.
◦ Windows Seven also has better connection for wireless
  networking. On the task bar, a list of available networks
  will be given. You can just click on one network connection
  then connect. Windows will remember the network
  connection so you won’t have trouble connecting again in
  the future to the same network.
◦ Windows Seven also have better search. Results are
  grouped by category like documents, music, email,
  documents, and programs when you type something on the
  search box. You can also filter your search like date or file
  type. Use the preview window to look at the contents of the
  search results.
◦ Internet Explorer 9 is the default browser. It is better
  features and be able to open you favorite website quickly
  through its accelerated graphics.


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