1 – The choice of colour for
                    1                                                       the ‘UK reviews’ box (red) is
                                                                            coherent with the rest of the
                                          3                                 article. White on red works
                                                                            effective for making the word
                                                                            ‘Reviews’ stand out. The box
                                                                            is quite long in length being
                                                                            1.7cm and has the female
  2                                                                         protagonists head over it
                                                                            slightly. The top half of the
                                                                            review page is black which
                                                                            makes the redness of the box
                                                                            stand out much more.

                                                                    2 – The picture of the main
                                                                    protagonist Alice (played by Milla
                                                                    Jovovich) in the movie is placed on
                                                                    the right side of the page. This is
                   4                                                one of the most effect aspects to this
                                                                    review page as the image of her was
                                                                    the first thing that caught my eye
                                                                    when turning to the page. I will
                   5                          6                     certainly use this same style in my
                                                                    own review. It is also inviting as the
                                                                    image of the actress makes it seem
                                                                    as though she, herself, is inside the
                                                                    review. A white glow is placed
                                                                   Hghghghthe Jovovich’s body and this
                                                                    makes her stand out more, while
                                                                    also hiding the leg of the other
                                                                    female protagonist (Captain Rain)
                                                                    on the films poster. The image cuts
                                                                    of her lower legs and a little of her
                                                                    right arm.

        7                                                           3 – Two images are used for the top
                                                                    half of the review and these depict
                                                                    scenes in the movie that don’t
4 – The title ‘Resident Evil’ is big and white. The white in        reveal any plot spoilers or character
the title stands out against the black and dark red                 deaths. The top picture is a shot
background. The title is placed in the top centre of the page       before several soldiers are killed by
and this is very eye – catching as it emphasises its                a laser whilst the second depicts
importance. The phrase ‘Dawn of the brain-dead’ hints at the        some zombie action in a sewer. The
zombie genre and is quite amusing as it plays on the famous         colour black in the two photos is
zombie movie ‘Dawn of the Dead’. The rating ‘15’ is placed          coherent with the black on the
in a red circle on the side of the title and this is a recurring    review page and both images have
theme for all movie titles in the review magazine. The size of      no captions. Having no captions is
the title is very large which is good as it makes the title         quite unusual however I think it can
memorable and ‘jump out’ at you.                                    be affective as it makes you focus
                                                                    more on what is going on in the
5 – The text within the information box which informs readers about the
‘price’ ‘director’ is in a smaller font size than the rest of the article’s text.
This makes it stand out as being the background information to the movie
and consequently draws our attention to it first.

                               6 – The article begins with an indentation and a large ‘W’; this style is reminiscent
                      jhjhjhjh of old tales in books or fairy tales where the first letter of the first word in the first
                               paragraph is enlarged. I really think this way of starting the paragraph is effective
                               as it draws our eyes in. The first paragraph is also made bold and this makes the
                               words stand out which is a good technique to attract attention.

  7 – The page number is placed on the right side along with the title of the magazine; this
  is a sensible location and construction of the review page. The page number is placed in
  bold to emphasise what page the review is on whilst the title of the magazine is not in
  bold font and this helps readers differentiate between the page number and title.

                                                                          8 – Another picture is placed
                                                                          onto the next page, without a
                                                                          caption, featuring Alive
                           8                                              (Milla Jovovich) at the end
                                                                          of the movie, when she
                                                                          reloads her shotgun. This
                                                                          photo is interesting as the
                                                                          setting behind Milla screams
                                                                          an apocalypse and horror.

           9                                                              9 – I really like the use of a
                                                                          ‘stand out’ box for a review
                                                                          page, where the editor
                                                                          chooses to highlight an
                                                                          interesting moment in the
                                                                          movie that some readers
                                                                          might like. This could be
                                                                          seen as the equivalent of a
                                                                          pull out quote as it arouses
                                                                          the interest of the reader in a
       11                                                                 different way. The entire
                                                                          review page coverage of this
                        10                                                magazine includes ‘stand out’
                                                                          moments and no pull quotes;
                                                                          I may adopt this same
                                                                          technique as I think it will
                                                                          make my review stand out
                                                                          from the rest.


11 – Another interesting concept to include in the review page –a
box that suggests another movie that the readers of this review
page may like. This adds a more inviting and helpful tone to the
review page whilst also advertising another review on another
film to readers. It’s slightly strange and unique that the photo
used for this contains a humorous caption that reads ‘Have I got
something on my teeth?’ When looking at this caption, I actually
think the use of captions works better than not using captions as
it can make the photos more entertaining and funny to look at.
12 - Another rectangular box is used at the end to border the words ‘Final Verdict’. The red is coherent
with the rest of the red used for other boxes and the rating starts are coherent with the white of the title.
Due to this review focusing on the DVD, the editors rate the picture, sound, entertainment level, extras
and value whilst my rating will focus on the film as a whole. A last impression of the film is also
placed above the overall rating which reads ‘Zombifying action on an eeevil disc.’ This is very
humorous and leaves readers with a positive feeling at the end of the review.

              Extra analysis
                  -   The review is only a page and a half in contrast to the usual two
                      page spread reviews. This structure is probably something that I will
                      not adopt when making my own review page as I want it to cover
                      two pages.
                  -   I love the photo structure of the review page; where the photos are
                      placed at the top of the review and the writing at the bottom. I think
                      this gives the review a good, orderly structure to fall back on.
                  -   The colour scheme of the review page is made up of red, white and
                      black colour codes which I think is really effective in connoting
                      zombie horror (from a simplistic interpretation red connotes blood,
                      white connotes good and black connotes evil). I am very excited to
                      also adopt this same colour scheme as I think it works well with my
                      movie also.

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