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									                                                             Nursing Midwife
Certified Nurse Midwife

A certified Nurse Midwife
provides care to a women during
                                     Marlborough High
pregnancy, manages the labor,             School
delivers the baby, and cares for
the new born and mother. A
certified Nurse Midwife generally        431 Bolton St.
take patients who , after a pre-     Marlborough Ma. 01752
                                      Phone: 325.555.0125
screening , are not likely to have       E-mail address
complications .An obstetrician is
often used as a consult for
emergencies.                                                  My Works Program

                                                               Phone: 325.555.0125
Main Inside Heading

                                Salary & special Requirments         Physiology, Chemistry, Microbiology,
                                                                     Psychology and related courses. Health
                                The average salary for a             and wellness subjects are emphasized ,
                                certified nurse midwife is           such as nutrition and basic care as well
                                about 83,000. CNM’s are              as gynecological car. Certified Nurse
                                                                     Midwife are registered nurses with a
                                generally self-employed, and
                                                                     Bachelor’s degree who have completed
                                work in clinics, Hospitals, or       a certification program which usually
                                independent birthing centers.        involves approximately twelve months
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                                                                     of training. A master’s degree program
                                Education & Colleges                 is also available, taking about 16 to
                                High School students should study    24months of training . For those who
         Work                   Health , mathematics, Biology,       are not already registered nurses, a 3
                                                                     year combined RN/ master’s degree
Activities/Environment          Chemistry, Social Science and
                                related courses. Nursing education   program is available in some areas
A Nurse Midwife provides        includes classes in Anatomy,         where the nursing degree is obtained
                                                                     along        with      nurse-midwifery
education on nutrition,                                              certification.
breast feeding, child care,
and other information
needed for a healthy mother
                                                                                Colleges & Schools
and child. A Certified Nurse
Midwife supervises the labor,                                              ATI College of Health:
provides pain medication if                                                      Miami, Florida
needed , and performs the
delivery . The baby is                                                     Academy for practical
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                                                                            Nursing and Health
evaluated for its health and
then shortly thereafter
released to a pediatrician.                                                       West Palm Beach, Florida

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