A is for Ancient An Alphabet Study Guide for 3rd Grade by dandanhuanghuang


									A is for Ancient: An Alphabet
 Study Guide for 3rd Grade

  By Norview Elementary School 3rd
Grade classes of Mrs. Carrington, Mrs.
        Jones and Mrs. Harris
Mrs. Powders – Library Media Specialist
A is for Ancient Greece
• The Ancient Greeks
  built the Parthenon
  as a temple to
  Athena. It was built
  on the Acropolis.
• They were farmers
  and shipbuilders.
• They started the
B is for Bahamas and Barter
• That is where
  Christopher Columbus
  landed in 1492.

• B is for barter.
• Barter is another word
  for trade. People
  bartered before they
  had money.
C is for columns, Coliseum, Canada, Christopher
Newport, Jacques Cartier, Christopher
• The Coliseum was
  where the ancient
  Romans had fights.
• The 3 types of Greek
  columns are Ionic, Doric
  & Corinthian.
• Christopher Newport,
  Christopher Columbus
  and Jacques Cartier
  were all explorers.
• Cartier explored
D is for the Declaration of
Independence and Democracy
• Thomas Jefferson, our
  3rd president wrote the
  Declaration of
  Independence declaring
  our freedom from
• Our country is a
  and we vote for our
E is for Equal Rights for All, Equator,
Egypt, Eagle and Europe.
• Rosa Parks, Martin        • Egypt is in the Sahara
  Luther King, Jr., and       Desert and has
  Thurgood Marshall all       pyramids.
  fought for Equal Rights
  for African Americans.    • The bald EAGLE is our
                              national symbol.
• The Equator is an
  invisible line between    • Europe is a continent.
  the northern and            The explorers came
  southern hemispheres.lt     from Europe (Spain,
  is hot along the            England and France).
F is for Florida and Freedom
• Ponce de Leon landed in
  Florida in 1513. He was
  looking for the Fountain of

• Abraham Lincoln freed the
  slaves in 1863 during the
  Civil War.

• Harriet Tubman led slaves to

• Martin Luther King fought for
  freedom for all people.
G is for goods and services, gold mines, George
Washington and the Great Wall of China.
• George Washington was      • Gold mines are
  born in Virginia. He was     found in Mali which
  our first president. He
                               is in Africa. The
  led the Revolutionary
  War.                         people traded gold
• Goods are things you         and salt.
  buy. Services are things   • The Great Wall of
  that people do for you.      China was built to
  Goods and services are       keep invaders out.
  things we need and
H is for Human Resources and
• Human resources       • Hieroglyphics are
  means people            the ancient writing
  working to produce      found in Egypt. They
  goods and services,     can be found on the
  such as a farmer        walls of the
  and a teacher.          Pyramids.
I is for Interdependence and Indians
(First Americans)
• Interdependence      • Sioux Indians lived in
  occurs when 2          teepees in the
                         Midwest.They hunted
  people depend on
                         buffalo and bison.
  each other for goods
                       • Powhatans lived in the
  and services.          east in bark houses
                         • Pueblo Indians lived
                         • in the Southwest in
                           multistoried buildings.
J is for Jacques Cartier, Juan Ponce
de Leon, Justice and James River.
• Juan Ponce de Leon
  discovered Florida.    • Christopher Newport
                           sailed up the James
                           River near
                           Jamestown. He sailed
                           for England.
• Jacques Cartier
  discovered Canada.He
  explored the St.       • Thurgood Marshall was
  Lawrence River.          a Justice of the
                           Supreme Court. He
                           helped integrate the
K is for Helen Keller and Martin
Luther King, Jr.
• Helen Keller was        Martin Luther King, Jr.
                            fought for equal rights for all
  blind and deaf as a       people. He gave a famous
  result of a bad fever     speech called “I Have
                            Dream” about black and
  as a baby. She            white children playing
  overcame her              together. He won the Nobel
  disabilities to help      Peace Prize. He was
                            assassinated in 1968.
  other people with
L is for Lincoln and the Statue of
• Abraham Lincoln was        • The Statue of Liberty
  our 16th president. He       is in New York Harbor.
  was born in a log cabin.     She is green. She holds
  He was president during      a book and a torch. She
  the Civil War and freed      is very tall and stands
  the slaves before he         for liberty for all.
  was assasinated in
M is for Mali, Mississippi River and
Mediterranean Sea
• The empire of Mali had      • Mississippi River is the
  a king named Mansa            longest river in the United
                                States. It flows into the Gulf
  Musa. It had a city           of Mexico.
  named Timbuktu,
  where there was a
  university for learning.
  They traded gold and        • The Mediterranean Sea
  salt and had storytellers     touches Greece, Italy and
  named griots.                 Africa.
N is for Niger River, Nile River and
Natural Resources.
• The Niger River is        • Natural Resources
  located in Mali in          are found in nature,
  West Africa.                like wood, water,
                              trees, soil, sun, and
• The Nile River
  flows through Egypt.
  It is the longest river
  in the world.
O is for Olympics, Opportunity Cost
and Oceans.
• The Olympics          • There are 4 oceans.
  started in Ancient      They are the
                          Atlantic, Pacific, Indian
  Greece. Only men        and Arctic Oceans.
  could enter. The
  winner got a wreath
  made of olive
  leaves. The torch
  symbolized the        • Opportunity cost is a
                          choice that you made
  beginning of the        giving up something
  games.                  you couldn’t afford.
P is for Pyramids, Rosa Parks,
Parthenon and producers.
• Pyramids are in Egypt.    • Rosa Parks
  They are tombs where        refused to give up
  the Ancient Egyptians
  buried their kings.
                              her seat on the bus
                              and started a

• The Parthenon in
  Greece is the temple of   • Producers make
  Athena. It was built        products for
  over 2000 years ago.
                              consumers to buy.
Q is for Quebec and Queen Isabella
• Jacques Cartier      • Queen Isabella of
  explored Quebec,       Spain paid for
  Canada for France.     Columbus’ journey
                         to the New World.
                         Columbus was trying
                         to find a route to
                         India by traveling
R is for Rome, Representative
Democracy, Rocky Mountains.
• Ancient Romans         • Representative
                           democracy is where we
  were road builders.      elect representatives in
  They built aqueducts     Congress to make our laws.
                           Congress is made up of the
  that carried water.      Senate and the House of
  They are famous for      Representatives.
  building arches.       • The Rocky Mountains are
                           in the western part of the
                           United States.
S is for Scarcity, Susan B. Anthony,
Sahara Desert and salt mines.
• Susan B. Anthony         • The Sahara Desert
  fought for women to        covers the northern part
  get the right to vote.     of Africa. Egypt and
                             Mali are in the Sahara
                             Desert. Salt mines are
                             found in Mali. Salt was
                             traded and is now sold
• Scarcity is not being      at the markets in
  able to meet all wants     Timbuktu.
  at the same time.
  Goods and resources
  are limited.
T is for Trading, Thomas Jefferson,
Thurgood Marshall and Timbuktu.
• Trade is another   • Thomas Jefferson was our
                       3rd president. He wrote the
  word for barter.     Declaration of

                     • Thurgood Marshall was
Salt and gold were     the first African American
 traded in             Justice in the United States
                       Supreme Court.
U is for United States and university
• Timbuktu was          • The United States is made
                          up of many diverse people.
  famous for its          There are 50 states. Our first
  university and          flag was made by Betsy
                          Ross.Our flag now has 50
  libraries. It was a     stars and 13 stripes. George
  great city of           Washington was our first
  learning.               president. Our capital is
                          Washington D.C.
V is for Virginia and Veteran’s Day
•   Richmond is the capital of          • Veteran’s Day is when
    Virginia. The cardinal is our
    state bird. The dogwood is the        we honor those who
    state flower. Christopher             served in our military. It
    Newport landed here near              is celebrated with
    Jamestown. The James River
    runs through Virginia.                parades in November.
•   Virginia is a beautiful state and
    we have lots of VISITORS
    every year.
W is for Washington, D.C. and the
Washington Monument.
• Washington D.C.
  is the capital of the
  United States. It is
  where the president
  lives in the White
  House. It is where
  Congress makes our
                          • This is the Washington
X marks the spot. What continent
and what country is this?
Y is for Yemen, a country in this
Z is for Zeus and Zimbabwe
• Zimbabwe is a     • Zeus was the king of
  country in this     the gods in Greek
  continent:          mythology.

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