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Decodeable Reader Word Sorts 1-15


									and          black   stop
mask         strap   plan
glad        stage     act
skit        strong   ask
prop         next    Reader# 3

Beginning    End      Both
Short a   Short e   Short i

Short o   Short u   Reader# 1

has       back      can
fast      rang      nap
mat       hand      pat
Ken        pet      bell
 tell    let  well
 red     bed   his
 six    quick big
 did     will  lick
 got     job   not
long     lot  fond
pup   Gus              fun
 run jump              tug
bunk hug              Reader # 2

 Long a,    Long i,    Long o,
sneaky e   sneaky e   sneaky e
 Long u,
sneaky e   make age
safe       cage Ace
game     ate    race
 face   made    fine
 nice   mice     Ike
wise    quite   bite
nose    poke     life
 rose   home    cute
             Adding     Adding
Reader # 4
               -s        –ed
 -ing        dropped    lifted

rested        lifting   wiped

grabbed      smiling    makes

smiled       yelled     added
Reader #5
              ch        tch
  sh         th      wh
 white      then     shrimp

 whale      splash    that

  fish      when     match

splashing    this     with

  ship      ships    Reader #6
  ar         or       ore
Darling’s     far     horses

  hard       sore     farm

 more       Darling   chores

  arm       before    barn

 porch       part     dark
Reader #7
  ‘ll   ‘m              I’m
didn’t isn’t           let’s
 it’ll      Reader#8
  ir    ur             first
Herb’s      shirt      bird
 third stirring       stir
 Herb turned          her
stirred   Reader #9
 -es      places      notes
puppies   things      races
bases     stands      lots
tunes     lunches    crafts
berries   classes   Reader #10

  a         ai         ay
main      raises play
waits     away days
stay      brain  tail
 pail     Reader #11
  ee        ea         y
reading  party clean
  easy Dena Lee
 readers even    read
teacher sweeping need
cleaning     treat
week         each
 Dee Steven we
sweet seats   be
please Danny Jean
 feel  cream       Reader #12
  o        oa       ow
croaked   most      boat
over      floated    so
slow      toad       old
cold      open      gold
stroll    hello     bold
birthday    strolled      go
mailbox     robot        row
driveway    Reader #13
weekend     backyard     road
riverbank   mailman      goat
bedroom     mailbag      cannot
teardrop   Reader #14
  ie        igh         y
bright     spider       fly
 finds     spiders      I’m
  sky      fright       my
 high      flying        I
  cry      child        I’ll
 cries      try        tiny
 flight   sight     Reader #15

 -er      -est
happier   tighter
harder happiest nicer
brightest   higher
saddest brighter
longer      faster

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