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					Texting While Driving
      By Sarah Greene
(NETS Survey: Employers for Traffic
   32% of drivers surveyed read while driving
       3.4 times more likely to crash
   70% of drivers surveyed eat while driving
       2-3 times more likely to crash
   18% of drivers surveyed groom while driving
       3 times more likely to crash
   10% of drivers surveyed work while driving
   39% of drivers surveyed parent while driving
   51% of drivers surveyed are on their phones while driving
   4,000-8,000 accidents per day in the U.S. occur because of
    distracted driving
               Facts About Issue
   Studies show that those who text while driving are
    more likely to get into an accident than those who are
    not distracted on the road.
   In comparison to dialing, talking, listening, or grabbing
    for phones, texting caused the greatest risk.
   Senators are trying to ban texting while driving
   If the bill passes, states that do not enact the ban within
    two years would lose 25% of federal highway funds
   14 states have banned texting on the road (Washington
    is one of them)
          Discussion Questions
   Do you agree or disagree with the ban of texting
    while driving? Why?
   Do you think it’s fair that the government can
    take away funding if states don’t apply the ban
    within two years?
   Do you think it is fair to ban texting when
    drivers can be distracted by other things?

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