Long Leather Skirt by Keanugee


									Long leather skirt
Leather skirts have dominated the fashion conscious people over decades. A woman’s body undergoes changes as she advances in her life. As a woman attains motherhood, her body will be transformed and she may no longer have the body that she once had as a teenager. However, there are many women who are conscious about their sex appeal and haven’t changed much even after having 2 kids. Classic example is Jennifer Lopez, who did much to shed the baby fat. However, not all of us can spend so much time and effort to lose weight and therefore, we have to change our preferences in cloths. For example, if you were once wearing leather mini skirt, or a pencil skirt, you can switch over to long leather skirt, so that you can look trendy even when you don’t have a perfect figure. There are many advantages of a long leather skirt. These are:  These skirts are a lot kinder and will hide some amount of your flab. This is not possible in case of a pencil skirt or a mini skirt.  Since it is a long length skirt, you can wear it on any occasion, formal, casual and even to your work place.  If you feel that long length skirt will not have sex appeal, then, we would differ from you. You can have a long slit at the back, which will show off your legs as you walk.  You can wear a fitted top to look sensual.  A long skirt made of leather will provide you protection in winter. Thus, you can create a sensuous image even with a long skirt. Tips for buying a long skirt:       If you are petite, then go for ankle length skirt. The slit at the back will expose your legs as you walk. Therefore, you need get your legs waxed, before you wear this skirt. High heeled ankle length shoes will match with these skirts. Check the seams and the stitching of the skirt before buying the skirt. You will have to bear extra cost for maintaining these skirts, as these have to be cleaned by a professional. It is a better idea to have the skirt conditioned at least once every season. If at all you are going to iron the skirt, it should be ironed at the lowest setting, else you will spoil the skirt. Do not use iron to dry the skirt.

You can wear long leather skirt for many years, therefore take good care of your skirt.

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