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Orlando 2012

               House of Delegates

S   Region 4 Service Project- 3 Square Food Bank in Las Vegas
    S   Dec 28, 2011
    S   Alicia

S   Voting on new logo

S   SOMA Insurance
    S   Guaranteed
    S   Premium: $1300-2100/yr
    S   Monthly- Great for rotations
    S   4th year students especially

S   ATSU scholarships

S   GL Advisor
    S   Medical School loans
    S   Consolidate after July 2012 to benefit from Obama’s new plan

S Reconsider amendment author requirements (to any number of
   authors, not 5)
   S Approved

S Language to change the unity campaign task force director position
   title to the unity campaign director
   S Approved

S BLS & first aid training in colleges of Osteopathic medicine
  S Recommends that all OMSI’s complete BLS as soon as possible in the
    beginning of the year
  S Approved

S Childhood and teenage sexual education
  S Approved

  Language to add the website director position to the SOMA constitution
   S   Approved

S National convention meeting attendance by SOMA chapters
   S   Every chapter is required to send at least ONE representative
   S   Failure will result in penalties by the BOT
   S   Approved

S Promotion of Fellowship….
   S   Approving the changes to these EDITS
   S   Approved

S Revision of the nomination committee
   S   Approved

S Reconsider resolution author requirements
   S   Approved
          House of Delegates

S Amendments

S AOA Bureau of Osteopathic Hx & Identity
  S $5000/3000/2000

S President Levin, AOA
  S Everypersoncounts website to write to Senator to fight cuts
  S DO Day on the Hill
             House of Delegates

John Gimpel, CEO of NBOME
  S   2012: Hi-lite & Strike-out Feature!
  S   Expanding seats
  S   Expanding National Center for Clinical Skills
  S   Working on electronic SOAP notes
  S   Pass rates 2011-2012
      S   Level 1: 92.6% pass 1st time
      S   Level 2: 90% pass 1st time
  S   COMSAE- Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Self-Assessment Exam
      S   $50
      S   Good indicator
               House of Delegates

S   Frederick P Ognibene, Director of Clinical Research Training Program, NIH
    S   Summer research opportunities at NIH Clinical Center & other Institutes
    S   Research Scholars Program
    S   Mentored basic, clinical or transitional research project
    S   Emphasis tailored
    S   OMS 2-4

    S   Check out OMT section
    S   Email Yvetter Wang Conference topics

S President: Samuel Rabor, Jr.

S VP & Speaker of House: Tracey Bastiaans

S Treasurer: Jennifer Luo

S Foundation Chairperson: Erin Murphy

S Foundation Director: Michael Favara

S Membership Coordinator: Brittany Grady

S Region 4 Trustee
  S Region 1: Robert Gesumaria
  S Region 2: Hope Harris
  S Region 3: Jonathan Wong
  S Region 4: Ian Schlieder
              Region Meeting

S Funding for Conferences

S Next 3 Conferences on West Coast

S Hurricane Katrina Rebuilding Service Projects
  S December 27-30, 2011
  S Fully paid by AOF
                 Mentor program

S Director: Lizzy Hart

S Similar to match database

S Over 6000 practicing D.O. mentor

S Twitter info

S Also accept creative youtube (academic or non-academic) from
  student submission
S Scholarship foundation
   NIH training opportunities

S Continuum from basic science, clinical research to public
  health policies

S Some 2010 projects include
  S Genotype all patients
  S Gene therapy/stem cell therapy

S 3rd or 4th year medical students may apply
  S Tip: good clinical skills first and foremost, solid preclinical
NIH training opportunities-II

S Components
   S NIH campus
   S NIH clinical center
   S NIH hospital
      S   240 beds, 2256 clinical staff, 1255 doctors, 1500 active protocols

S You will learn a lot in the 1 year research internship
   S Things you won’t learn else where
   S Set up and resources allow long term, high risk studies

S You will practice patient care, further your training, and
  advance science!
NIH training opportunities-III

S Pioneered in many medical advances
  S Chemotherapy for Hodgkin's
  S Understanding of AIDS
  S 1st gene therapy for ADA deficiency (SCID)

S Research type
  S Interventional 47%
  S History 47%
  S Screening 5%
  S Training 1%
NIH training opportunities-IV

S To apply
  S Complete 90% of clinical rotations (although do consider
    outstanding 3rd years)
  S Personal statement most important
                   NIH training opportunities-III
  S Stipend covers housing/living during intern year
  S Application cycle
     S   October opens
     S   Mid January closes
     S   Early march interview
     S   Mid July/August start intern year
        DO Care International

S 4-week international clerkship in Guatemala
   S Year round presence at the site, not just sporadic
   S Recently established permanent staff, taking DO student
      volunteers year round!

S Spanish speaking or Spanish-speaking peer required

S Clinical exposure and give back

S 15-20 other mission sites per year all over the world

                           Third year
S Rotations


S Choose specialty

S Plan applying for residency

S Special rotations
  S Institution specific
  S International/Research/Policy

S Letters of Recommendation
  S 4-5 strong letters, confidential
  S Get letters early
                  Fourth Year

S Elective rotations

S audition rotations, acting/sub-internships

S Do early
  S 6 months in advance
  S Contact programs/websites

S $50-250 per application
       Residency Application

S ERAS – Electronic Residency Application Service

S Do curriculum vitae (CV)
  S 2nd year

  S Take back to back, weeks or months apart – decide
  S Option: take USMLE first, study OMM then take COMLEX

S Selection factors:
  S Education – who is teaching, see year’s schedule
  S Stability – hospitals close, do research, financial situation
     S   How long program director there, people quit
  S Graduates – people lost jobs? First time pass rate on boards

S Opposed vs. unopposed residencies
  S unopposed: are the only residents in hospital, more reliance on
  S opposed: everything progressing toward this
Disney World
We’ll See you in Washington
  D.C. on March 8, 2012!

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