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									Crossword Puzzle Maker Guide

Step 1 (Nov 18):

Choose any 30 words from your Q1 Spanish III personal dictionary and create a list.
Number the terms 1-30 with the term on the left. Use a semi-colon after the term, then
give the clue. (This will save you time in the future as the program you will use to make
your puzzle requires that it be set up this way). Get rid of your images and your sample

1. correr; mover rápido usando los pies.
2. bailar; mover el cuerpo con la música.
3. rápido; como se mueve Road-Runner

Don’t have any spaces between your entries. Just hit ‘Enter’ one time after each clue.
Then, for this first draft, highlight your clues and use ‘format paragraph’ to double
space everything. This is so I can give you feedback. If you do it like this, you will save
yourself time since you cannot have more than one line of spaces on the crossword

* Do not include any pictures and do not underline anything!

Step 2 (Dec 9)
Step 2a:
Make the corrections on your clues according to the feedback given to you by Sr.
Pappalardo. Continue to get oral feedback until you have an approved copy of clues.

Step 3 (Dec 22)
Step 3a:
Once your clues are correct and clear enough, erase all the numbers, get rid of the double
spacing by going to edit and choosing ‘single space’. This is what you will eventually
cut and paste into the puzzle maker.

Step 3b:
Make a word bank. Re-save your document using Save As and save it as Word Bank.
Erase all the clues and numbers, then cut and paste your terms into Excel. Then
alphabetize your list. Print this word bank. It may NOT have your name on it.
Step 3c:
Go back to your original clues document. You need to go through the terms themselves
(not the clues) and get rid of any accents or tildes. The PuzzleMaker will not recognize
these letters, so you would have one too few boxes for any words that have the
tildes/accents included. You ALSO must get rid of the numbers on the left.

correr; mover rápido usando los pies.
bailar; mover el cuerpo con la música.
rapido; como se mueve Road-Runner
        * notice I got rid of my accent mark in the term “rápido”, but not in the clue itself.

Step 3d:
Cut and paste all your terms and clues into the crossword puzzle maker.

Use only your Spanish name and given last name for the title.
       ej) Daniel Pappalardo

a) Click “Create Puzzle”
b) Click “puzzle”
c) Right click, then select Print Preview
d) Go to the “Shrink to Fit” box and change it so your puzzle fits on one page. To do this
you have to change the “Shrink to Fit” to a percentage. Usually, 80% or 70% will work.
e) Print crossword puzzle.
f) Close out that page, then hit the “Go Back Arrow” once
g) Click “solution”
h) Print the solution

Step 3e:
Staple your 3 pages (Crossword with name as title, Word Bank with NO NAME Answer
key with name as title,) together with your Crossword puzzle and clues on top, your
word bank second, and your answer sheet third.

Step 4 (1/24 with Portfolio)
Step 4: You will receive somebody else’s crossword puzzle and word bank. Complete
that puzzle and then place that one and the one you created in your personal dictionary
section. These should be the first two items in your personal dictionary section so they
are easy to find. The third item should be your personal dictionary verbs 1-28, then your
nouns 1-28, then any Spanish I & II personal dictionaries you still have.

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