Crossword-Puzzle by dandanhuanghuang


									Title:                     How Tia Lola Came to Visit Crossword Puzzle
Content Area:              Reading/Language Arts

NC SCOS Objective(s):      Competency Goal 1 : Objective 1.04

                           Increase reading and writing vocabulary through:
                           -wide reading.
                           -word study.
                           -knowledge of homophones, synonyms,
                                 antonyms, homonyms.
                           -knowledge of multiple meanings of words.
                           -writing process elements.
                           -writing as a tool for learning.
                           -book clubs.
                           -examining the author's craft.
Materials:                 Pencil
                           Book – How Tia Lola Came to Stay
                           Graph Paper
                           Access to Computer/Internet if chosen

Instructions/Procedures:   This book is rich in vocabulary; both English and
                           -As students read this book, have them keep a
                           running list of Spanish vocabulary words used
                           throughout. As the book is being read, make sure
                           to discuss the meanings of the words.
                           -After the reading of the book is finished, break
                           students up into pairs.
                           -Each pair of students will create a crossword
                           puzzle with the list of words created.
                              -Students will be responsible for the crossword
                                 puzzle and the clues given.
                           -Have students make the clues using the definition
                                 of the word in English. Use the Spanish
                                 version of the word in the crossword puzzle.
                              -This will help students make the connection
                                 between the English and the Spanish form of
                                 the words.

Additional Resources:      If you wish, you may have students publish their
                           crossword puzzles using the internet.

Reference:                 Alvarez, J. (2001). How Tia Lola came to (visit)
                               stay. New York, NY: Yearling.

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