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You and Your Wedding Vows

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                                      Matrimony In The Digital Age: Wedding Web Sites
                                                              By Kirsten Hawkins

   There’s a new method of keeping your wedding memories alive that is gaining popularity among the
young couples of today: the wedding web site. Wedding web sites are an online collection of images
and stories detailing every facet of a wedding. Everything from choosing bridesmaids’ dresses to
ordering the cake and hiring the band is recorded and included on the wedding web site. Many couples
keep their wedding web sites up and running after the wedding to serve as a sort of interactive online
wedding album, hosting pictures from the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon.

One of the nice things about creating a wedding web site for yourself is the flexibility that the process
offers. You can include as much or as little information about your wedding as you like. The site can be
used as an electronic go-between, keeping family and friends updated and informed about the tasks
you’re completing in preparation for your wedding day, informing your guests of any last minute
changes in planning, and letting everyone know details such as where you’re registered for wedding
gifts. The site can include a “blog” that you can update as often as you like, allowing you to share every
detail of your wedding experience if you so choose. You can also offer your guests the ability to
R.S.V.P. online, put up guest lists so everyone knows who’s coming to your special event, and post an
interesting history that describes how the two of you met, how long you dated, how he “popped the
question,” and any other amusing or romantic anecdotes you desire.

If you choose to create a wedding web site there are a number of ways you can go about it. There are
web hosting sites online that specialize in setting up and hosting wedding web sites. Most of these
offer easy to use do-it-yourself web site building tools. If you’re proficient in web design or own web
design software like Front Page or Dreamweaver, you can get even more flexibility by designing the
site yourself. You can also hire a professional web designer to create your wedding web site for you.

The wedding web site concept is just one more way that weddings are stepping out of the realm of
ancient traditionalism and into the information age. Modern technology has created a wonderful way for
you to be able to share your wedding memories anytime, anywhere with anyone that has a computer
and access to the Internet. Now you don’t have to worry about whether Aunt Edna in Sioux City will
ever be able to see your wedding photographs. You can just send her an email message and give her
the URL of your beautiful wedding web site. Your wedding web site is timeless too. As long as you
keep paying the hosting (prices for web hosting vary greatly, but can be very low for this type of site),
your wedding web site will remain online forever, allowing you to look back many years from now and

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remember your wedding like it all just happened yesterday.

Kirsten Hawkins is an event planner from Nashville, TN. Visit for more
event planning tips, strategies, and resources.

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                                               You and Your Wedding Vows
                                                  By George Meszaros

When the time comes to get married after months and months of careful preparation, it will be a very
climatic moment. You have to make sure that every single detail has been considered to have a great
wedding ceremony. Don’t forget that for the majority of people in the world, marriage will be a once in a
lifetime event and thus you have to make sure that everything is near perfect. However, one of the
most important aspects of your wedding ceremony is definitely the vows of matrimony.

 Your wedding vows are the most important of your wedding ceremony since they symbolize the holy
matrimony of a man and a woman for all eternity. In fact, it is the wedding vows that consecrate the
marriage and symbolize to the world the holy matrimony between the couple. Hence, the wedding
vows are usually chosen so that they reflect the deep love and the deep bond that the groom and the
bride feel for each other. In addition, a good wedding vow has to make sure that it reflects the deep
commitment that the man and the woman will have for each other. This is the reason why most
wedding vows will state that the marriage will be for all eternity (such as in sickness and in health, in
poorness and in richness, in happiness and in sadness, in good days and in bad days). So, as you can
see, there is just so much symbolism in your wedding vows.

 In fact, once your wedding vows have been recited, the wedding officiate will clearly announce to the
world and to the guests that he or she is joining the couple in a holy matrimony for all time to come.
Hence, the wedding vow is the secret ingredient that makes wedding become official. Of course, you
can find many wedding vows to say from the Internet or even your wedding officiate. In addition, you
can decide on your own wedding vow as you can writ an original one. In fact, although it is traditional
for the wedding vow to be the same for the groom and the bride, you may want to consider the fact that
the groom and the bride may recite different wedding vows.

 When you are constructing your own wedding vow, you have to make sure that it symbolizes your
love, faith and commitment to each other. This is very important since, your wedding vow symbolizes
all of the things above to each other and to every guest so that your wedding is finalized. It should
symbolize your emotion to each other. For example, here is a sample wedding vow that you can
change to use for your wedding:

 “I, take you to be my lifelong companion, to be my lover, and to be my (husband/wife). I will be there
for you, in times of sickness and in times of health, in times of happiness and in times of sadness, in
times of poorness and in times of richness. I promise to cherish and to love you, to care and to protect
you, to comfort and to encourage you for all eternity.”

Author: George Meszaros with

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