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                                         Wedding Rings: Choosing The Right Ones
                                                            By Melissa Burton

   Wedding rings have long been a part of the tradition of marriage. The highlight of every wedding
ceremony, wedding rings represent a couple's promise of remaining faithful and loyal to each other all
the time of their lives.

The use of wedding rings date as far back as the time of ancient Egypt, when Egyptians create rings
from reeds (and other plants that grow on the Nile River) for couples to exchange, symbolizing their
never-ending love for each other.

Today, conventional forms of wedding rings are those that consist of precious metals that are usually
worn on the ring finger (the 4th finger) of the left hand. This practice stemmed out from the belief of the
"hand-heart connection" - that a vein of blood from the 4th finger of the left hand goes directly to the
heart. Medical science, however, has already refuted this claim with their discovery of how the
circulatory system works, and although the tradition of wearing the ring on the 4th finger of the left
hand still prevails, some people now prefers to wear their wedding rings on their right hand.

Because wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of lifelong love and commitment, it is important that
you choose rings of a high quality - one that will last for a long time (perhaps as enduring as your

Below are some factors to consider when buying wedding rings:

1. Establish your budget. Going into a jewelry store with the idea of how much you are willing to spend
(and how much you can actually spend) for your wedding rings will save you a lot of time.

2. Choose the material. There are numerous wedding ring materials for you to choose from. Some of
them are the following:

· Gold - considered as the most traditional wedding ring material, gold comes in a variety of color
(yellow gold, pink gold, white gold, green gold) and quality (14k, 18k, and 24k).

· Platinum - considered as one of the finest, purest, and rarest precious metals. One of the strongest,
heaviest, and the most enduring of all metals, wedding rings made of platinum is ideal to wear

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everyday because it is hypoallergenic, it resists tarnish, and it shows little wear. It is, however, more
expensive than gold.

· Diamonds - the hardest substance known to man, diamonds are considered as one of the most
luxurious and sought-after gem and wedding ring material, with its beauty, purity and durability
symbolizing long-lasting love. Note that the value of a diamond is determined by the 4 Cs: Cut, Clarity,
Color, and Carat weight.

Other materials that are used for wedding rings include metals such as titanium, tungsten carbide, and
nickel silver; and precious gems such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, and topaz.

3. Choose the style. Wedding rings also come in different styles and designs, such as the following:

· Celtic/Irish design wedding rings · Antique and vintage rings · Designer wedding rings · Custom
wedding bands · Traditional plain bands · Beaded edges · Engraved rings · Matching rings · Tattoed
wedding rings

Depending on your personal preference, your wedding ring should be in a design and style that is
comfortable to wear and one that will reflect your personality.

4. Browse stores. Find the best deals by looking around the different jewelry stores to compare the
different styles and prices that they offer.

5. Consult an expert. Seek advice from a jeweler with a good reputation who can help you find the
perfect wedding ring.

Wedding rings are not merely pieces of jewelry. They are significant symbols of a couple's love and
commitment for each other, so be sure to find a wedding ring that you can treasure forever.

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                                               Wedding Rings Go Platinum
                                                      By Michelle Davis

 In the wedding market there is a trend that is leaving behind wedding traditions and going places
where weddings have never gone before. You can see dress styles changing faster than a super
model can fit into an elegant gown. Cakes are cutting loose, and brides are abandoning tradition for
the new and contemporary looks.

Wedding rings are no exception, and although most wedding rings were made of gold, according to
tradition, now wedding rings are getting a new look. Instead of the traditional gold wedding rings, there
are now more and more couples that are going platinum with their wedding ring choices. There are
various reasons that new brides and grooms are choosing platinum wedding rings.

Simple Elegance One reason that many couples are deciding to go with platinum wedding rings is
because of their modern, chic look that speak of simple elegance. These rings have a great sparkle to
them and they stay looking great for many years, as well. Platinum is a great choice in wedding rings
because it can easily withstand daily tasks like cleaning the house, being in water, and even some of
the more rough, rigorous jobs that men deal with. If you are marrying a man that does heavy labor with
his hands, platinum is a great choice.

Another reasons that many people choose platinum wedding rings is to avoid allergies. Some people
have allergies to metals such as gold and silver and may not be able to wear rings containing those
metals, but platinum rarely causes any allergic reaction in humans. If you want to avoid having allergy
problems with your wedding rings, then, once again, platinum is the best choice.

Go in Style While you may think that platinum wedding rings only come in a few styles, this is not true.
There are many different styles of platinum wedding rings that you can choose from. Whether you are
looking for wedding rings that are simple and elegant, or something that is a bit more elaborate, more
than likely, you can find what you want in a platinum ring.

Many women especially like platinum wedding rings because they look so wonderful with diamonds.
You can choose to have diamonds set in your wedding rings or you can just use them to look great
alongside your engagement ring. Either way hey make an excellent choice, and the color of this metal
plays up the beauty of a diamond. The only downside to buying platinum wedding rings with diamonds
is that they can be expensive, but when you consider that you will be wearing these rings for your
entire life, the price just may be worth it.

If you are getting married in the new future, you should consider platinum wedding rings for your big
day. They are the newest trend in wedding rings, and they provide a look that is elegant and timeless.
Platinum is a metal that will never go out of style, so make a great choice and choose platinum
wedding rings for you and your groom.

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