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Table of Sensations in Plant Remedies [Sankaran, Plants 525]

Family               Sensation                                     Passive Reaction        Active Reaction                               Compensation

Anacardiaceae        Caught                                        Paralyzed               Motion amel.                                  Always on move
                     Stiff                                         Immobile                Agg. In house
                     Tension                                                               Agg. Sitting
                     Stuck                                                                 First motion amel.
                     Cramps                                                                Restlessness
                     Pressing                                                              Sedentary Agg.
                                                                                           You are stuck and want to move continously.

Berberidaceae        Sudden, intense, rapid                        Confusion               Rapid changing in location and character      Easily adapatable to changing
                     changeability at mental as well as physical   Dullness                                                              situations.
                     level                                         Prostration of Mind                                                   Able to change quickly accordingly to
                                                                   Confusion of identity                                                 change.
                                                                   Confusion frm

Cactaceae            Constricted                                   Trapped                 Expansion, becoming bigger,                   Not afffected by contraction, and
                     Made smaller                                                          boundless and released                        oppression.
                     Bound, trapped, pressed
                     Weighted down

Compositae           Injured                                       Numb                    Touching                                      He is a tough guy.
                     Hurt or insulted                              Anesthetic              Hurting other                                 He can take all the beatings.
                     Shocked                                       Stupor                  Cruel                                         Protective of others to see they do not
                     Burnt or scolded                              Catalepsy               Violent                                       get hurt.
                     Fear to be touched, hurt,                                             Strikes

Conifers             Fragile                                       Indolence               Rigid                                         Strength
                     Borken                                        Fearful                 Hard                                          You become strong and protective of
                     Brittle                                       Weak                                                                  others who are brittle
                     Connected/disconnected                                                                                              and fragile.

Fungi                Burrowing                                     Wrinkled                Fright                                        Coruageous in danger.
                     Invading                                      Pities herself          Strength
                     Digging                                       Awkward                 Violent
                     Excoriating                                   Foolish                 Rage
                     Eroding                                       Delirium silent,        Egotism
                     Danger                                        Atonic, laxity.         Courageous
                     Strength                                      Passive Hemorrhage
                     Super human control

Euphorbiaceae        Tied and Untied, bound and                    Tied and cannnot do     Desire to break free                          A person who is free,
                     unbound.                                      anything                                                              unbound & not tiedup

Hamamelididae        Compressed                                    Flying                  Flying                                        Adapting to leaving within confined,
                     Heavy                                         Floating                Floating                                      limited space
                     pressing                                      Open-air amel.          Open-air amel.
                     Load                                          Motion amel.            Motion amel.
                     Limited dragging
                     Fixed confined
                     Opposite is,
Labiatae        Excititement, which can be vivid, pleasant,   Lack of excitability.    Industrious                                     Calmness
                tremulous,                                    Absent reaction to       Motion amel.
                excitment. Along with these there can be      external things.         Mirth
                perspiration,                                                          Freight/Anxiety
                Trembling, overwhelmed,                                                Unpleasant surprises
                passionate, etc.

Leguminosae     Splitting apart                               Feeling scattered and    Getting things together.                        Feeling together and unified.
                Coming apart                                  confusion.
                Scattered                                     Split up.
                Bound toghether                               Not toghether

Liliflorae      Forced out                                    Must hold on tight       He must move                                    Attrative behaviour
                Squeezed, Extruded                                                                                                     Belonging, being
                Opressed, constrained.Sonstricted.                                                                                     included, is being part of.
                Excluded, left out, they are
                not interested in me. I am neglected.

Loganiaceae     Shocked.                                      Paralyzed, I cannot      Beside onself.                                  Composed.
                Shattered;.                                   move.                    Excitable                                       Calm
                Torn to peices.                               Sadness.                 Convulsions.
                Shock is so sudden as to paralyze the         Cannot weep
                person.                                       Grief
                Dissappointment                               Silent
                Ruined.                                       Faint

Magnolianae     Confusion, bewildered,                        Collaps                  Withdrawal.                                     Easily adjust,
                beclouded, stange. Because                    Stupefied                Creating his own world, which is familiar and   Adaptable to strange/new/
                outside is so bewildering and                 Fainting                 shutting out the world, which is strange.       Confusing/bewildering situation.
                confusiong, she feels isolated                Sleepy
                and not part of; and reacion of withdrawal.   Shut it out.
                                                              Let me live in my own
                                                              Floating, withdrawn,

Malvales        Attached and then detached.                   Estranged                Communicative                                   Independent
                Joint and then separeted.                     Indifferent              Affectioinate                                   Sefl-confident
                Together and then separated.                  Indifferent everything   Dream of falling in love.
                                                              to.                      Company desire for
                                                              Aversion husband to.

Papavaraceae    Pain, intense pain, pain of any sort but      Analgesia, coma,         Rage                                            ? Calm in situation where there is a
                with great intensity.                         anasthesia               Spasm, convulsions, colic.                      great pain.
                Torture, intense suffering                    FAinting                 Violent                                         No affected by pain and suffering.
                Punished                                      Catalepsy                Numbness alternating with paing
                War                                           Narcolepsy
                Murderer, excuted                             Painless and numb
                Fright and shock
                Agony and hel like state


Primulaceae     Unable to move because of                     Sluggishness             Motion amel.                                    I am happy in a small space.
                paralytic/pressure/ and lame sensation.       Aversion ot giong out    Continuous motion amel.
                                                              Amel. In house           Desire to travel
                                                              Confined                 Desire to move
                                                              Not moving               Activity
                                                                                       Increased Strength

Ranunculaceae   Vexed, excluded easily.                       Numbness                 Nervous tension                                 Equanimity
                Raw nervers.                                  Bluntness                Inner confilcts, many emotions exited
                Morbidly sensitive                                                     together,
                Electric shock                                                         one on top of the other.
                Irritability excessive, anger with grief,                              Somatisation,
                guilt, shock and annoyed,                                              somatopsychic.
                distress, harrassed
                Insulted, dreams vexatious
               Sharp, stiching, stabbing,
               and stinging pain.

Rubiaceae      Over-stimulation which agg.                  Fatigue                Plans                          Tranquility
               Many desires                                 Dull                   Sleeplessness with fancies     Meditation
               Many ideas                                   Catalepsy              Sleep amel.
               Fancies ideas                                Sleep amel.            Rest amel.
               Tobacco, alcohol, sex and other stimulants   Rest amel.
               Joy agg.

Solanaceae     Violence, sudden, splitting,                 Anaesthetic            Senses acute                   Courage in the face of danger
               bursting, exposure,                          Stupefied              Hurried
               spasmodic, jerking, shooting,                Lack of irritability   Shriecking
               sun studies apoplexy, violent                Sluggish               Startling
               terror, pursued, murder, life                Cowardice              Startling in sleep
               and death, killed, snakes                                           Starts in sleep
               ? Theme of black and white.                                         Spasm
                                                                                   Fight on flight reaction.

Violales       At physical level                            Prostation             Irritability when questioned   Quietness
                 Cutting                                    Morose                 Violence                       Calmness
                 Stabbing                                   Averse to being        Malicious
                 Lancinating                                disturbed              Rage
                 Sharp                                      Wants total rest       Restless
               At mental level
                 Main feeling is does not want
                 to be disturbed.

Umbelliferae   Sudden unexpected violence                   Sudden weakness        Violent                        Calm in a situation
               Accident                                     Regressed              Convulsion                     where there is sudden unexpected
               Blows                                        Paralysis              Mania                          violence attac.
               Riots                                        Relation               Furioius attack
               Slab                                                                Fits of emotion
               Topped by numbness,                                                 Escape
               stupefaction, dullness, sleep

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