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Guide To Celtic Wedding Rings


									                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                         Celtic Wedding Rings
                                                           By Kirsten Hawkins

    A fairly new trend in wedding ring design has risen in popularity over the past few years and it’s
based on something that is anything but new. Celtic wedding rings, wedding bands and engagement
rings that are designed featuring classic Celtic knot work are adorning more and more matrimonial
fingers than ever before, perhaps since the days of the Celts themselves. At one time these rings could
only be special ordered from specific companies and were very costly. Today, however, with the rise in
popularity of ancient Celtic design, many jewelers are carrying Celtic wedding rings and jewelry of all
kinds on a regular basis.

The best and most beautiful Celtic wedding rings still come from companies that design the jewelry and
do all the work themselves. Special intricate designs can be custom ordered and there are companies
that will work your initials into a unique Celtic design for your wedding band... Purchasing your wedding
rings from one of these companies can result in your having a true one of a kind ring that is completely
unique to you. If you love the Celtic look but want to spend a bit less, however, you can simply go to
your closest jeweler and find a Celtic wedding ring that suits your tastes. The method you use is
entirely up to you.

Celtic wedding rings take their laced designs from the patterns of the ancient Celts, European peoples
in the areas of England and Ireland in the last few hundred years B.C. At one time the Celtic civilization
stretched across most of Europe, but it is from Ireland that most of the Celtic traditions and designs
have been gleaned. Celtic wedding rings incorporate the most recognizable of Celtic designs, the
interwoven lacework of basic shapes, entwined and overlapping in a distinct pattern.

Celtic jewelry, including Celtic wedding rings, first gained popularity with followers of neo-pagan
religions like Wicca, but are now worn by people of many faiths who simply like the look of the designs.
Influences of Celtic design can be seen in many cultures, traditions, and religions of today, most
notably in Roman Catholicism which has long since adopted the image of the Celtic Cross as one of
their own. It seems only natural that the intricate, ornate, and beautiful designs of the Celts would once
again find their way into popular culture. Celtic jewelry began appearing in mainstream America again
about ten years ago, although it has been around in one form or another for ages before that.

Celtic wedding rings and other Celtic jewelry make a statement about the person who wears them to
the rest of the world. Wearing it says that this is a unique and different person with their own style and
a different perspective. Having a Celtic wedding ring on your finger will let you hear some things as

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well. Most common is the comment, “Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous ring! Where did you get that?”

Kirsten Hawkins is an event planner from Nashville, TN. Visit for more
event planning tips, strategies, and resources.

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                          Celtic Wedding Bands: The Origin and the Craftsmanship
                                                         By Jem Jamey

There are many couples, even those who are not Irish, who prefer to have Celtic wedding bands. This
is probably because these wedding rings are not merely silver or gold bands but they carry with them a
long tradition and history as well as a wealth of symbolism. It is not surprising that there are a lot of
these couples who want to know what is really behind the silver or gold Celtic wedding bands that they
have chosen.

The Origin of the Celtic Wedding Bands

 Celtic wedding bands originate from Ireland. The Celts were people who lived in the country and other
parts of Central and Western Europe during the first millennium BC. Most of the Celtic wedding bands
get their designs from manuscripts belonging to the Irish, and the Book of Kells is a great example of
these. The influences that can be seen in the designs of Celtic wedding rings come from the Irish
church and partly from the Christian missionaries. This is because these were the main religious
influences that dominated the Celtic religion.

 Celtic wedding bands are known to be among the most traditional wedding rings and are quite popular
up to this day. In the early days though, these bands represented status and wealth as well as fidelity.
They have become family heirlooms because of their symbolism, grandeur and exquisite

The Craftsmanship That Comes with Celtic Wedding Bands

 Men and women can both have Celtic wedding bands. Most, if not all of them, are specially
handcrafted by craftsmen in Ireland before they are distributed around the world. Because silver or
gold Celtic wedding bands are characterized by intricate designs, they come with specific width and
sizes. As such, these wedding rings cannot be resized, so special care should be done in choosing

 There are different designs of the Celtic wedding ring and among the most well known are the
Claddagh, the Celtic Knot, and the Celtic Warrior Shield. There are particular symbolisms to these
designs. Thus they all come with different meanings. The Claddagh wedding bands for example, with
their design of two joined hands holding a heart with a crown on top, represents friendship, love, and
loyalty. Although most of the knot designs of the Celtic wedding bands come from the Irish, there are
also others that have Scottish or Welsh influences.

What to Look for in Celtic Wedding Bands

 Whether you are planning to buy gold or silver Celtic wedding bands, you should be aware that there
is a certain characteristic that you have to look for to ascertain that they are really Celtic in design.
Make sure that the designs are continuous because this is the traditional characteristic of Celtic
wedding bands that symbolizes eternity. Although silver and yellow gold Celtic wedding bands are
more common, ones made with platinum and white gold can also be bought. There are even those that
are set with precious stones along with all the handcrafted knotworks.

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 You can visit Irish Indeed! and take a look at their Celtic wedding bands. With their kind of prices and
designs, it won't be long before you have chosen the Celtic wedding ring that you will absolutely love.

This article on the craftsmanship of Irish jewelry presented by

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